SiriusXM's Phil Savage: "When Cam Newton Is On, He's Fun To Watch & Hard To Stop"

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Tuesday, November 14th

SiriusXM's Phil Savage joins Primetime to discuss last nights game, as well at the Senior Bowl.


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Where to go to tech become just on this there was in the building last night we love talking enemies such a bright football minds former browns general manager here must serious XM radio all the time and of course director of the recent Senior Bowl still savaged make it sometimes force on the technique come guess like Phil gonna talk how you doing. I'm good guy totally this show they go all out I would that weight all horse this morning. After the game last I'm making my way to Virginia objects so you know there's Q mountains between. Winston-Salem and Blacksburg. Your good right now you got a great cell service or it we're gonna stick boy you want what we don't of the building last night we get wedge of Bank of America last night. Well I just sort of planned all year that they get that that particular Monday night game because I do that I would. These visiting these schools. But the rest of the the weeks. And so it just tied together well of course Mike Jen embalmed. The other president they're so the vice president urged the offshore the dolphins a long time friend of mine he. What my agent actually at one time before he took the dauphin jobs several years ago and then. The course Marty Murray and I worked out there on the NFL insiders are cup ball. Together so it's always get a check in with by itself rather than talk a little dear all what they're seeing and mayor. Get a player to on the radar that they may not know about or vice Versa that I may not go about. We're talking to Phil savage series sex M he recent Senior Bowl director of course it does sell off other gave free Alabama Crimson Tide radio network as well and I he was and how sliced my big for America stadium for the cantor 4511 victory what would you make things less not focused. We went into that game expecting the Panthers to win but this offense has kind of been in hibernation. For about a year and a half now so they broke out a major way especially immigrant would what we takeaways last night. Actually yeah they really did courts so this chapel is so competitive out stopped a turning point of the game obviously was good. So they interception by Janet Blair. Right at the end of the first task that really was the turning point in the game. Because it led to a score and then of course the predators or renegade third quarter. Actually it was ballgame. And I thought at that point it dolphins also a little bit and try. In terms of trying to chip called up against that rushing attack the church saying it jumped out to may have archer airline has their went jam Newt says on. He's really on a course. You know watching closely image you want here in college and assault there's a stroke where Brady does like to bright light you know I see it Jen Jen. Peace seems to really respond. In that circumstance it and you know I saw that the idea. The concept of Christian McCaffery really being a big part of the offense the last site as a channel are. Jonathan Stewart you know obviously it was a handful for the Dawson did to get her to get a handle on. What what do you make by the way Phil of of cam because we fad I mean he's been in this league now this is seven years you you saw on first and what he did in that comeback in 2010 in the Iron Bowl. And in winning the Heisman and just doing things that we've never really seen a quarterback to physically. At the college level and everybody's had a conversation a while can you do that the NFL he has to this point. He's also dealt with some nagging injuries and there's always the conversation of well Kim eventually is gonna have to change his game but it does appear over the last month or so as he's got more healthy more reps in practice. I mean Canas made a statement to say guys here here's who I am warts and all I'm going to play the position in a different way than any quarterbacks ever played in NFL history what do we make of this because I I think the idea of maybe changing her tweaking his game to fit more of a traditional style it's just at this point this is who Kim is any -- player like we've never seen before the quarterbacks quarterback spot. Yeah I shake if you try to truly meant a box so to speak I think it does take away and they hope all aspect of this survey is gained I think it G utilizing in dozer. As a runner. And again just have that sort out what the other team that mr. structure air cushion quarterback or arms. You know last I do wish fairly shellac just you know I have bootleg sure first down. Course or is that the long run. In the second half bad at putting that nice side yard mark but you know I take it and go show respect to hand. He's a difficult player game plans for a technicality is so big. He used so athletic and he's a rarity and nurseries here with the first pick in the draft. He's never going to be a high percentage passer. There are cowards they collapse until recent times early in the game when she. If it were to draw cheer there they had a course that illustrated broke back to the military got away with what we're TJ McDonald could not. They can diving interception. But sometimes it takes a look at the quarterback position look at our oil would I would stake in it she you know East Asia and they're handled it sure you have China given match where. Out of respect like I can't believe that app like you know option that's 41% of the time because he's really particularly if you are present passer. But that is good enough if it's a leg or incorporated into the office that you try to manage just. A pocket cap strongly. Then city 7859%. Won't be good enough bench big truck that is running ability. I think that is good enough for the Panthers drew them a couple years ago when. Yeah everything clicked and I made it to the Super Bowl. Or two during that DR chains of the security of a football game. Over the last seven years really plays to advantage over our health care loony as a player in the stellar football anyplace. It's. You know what there's there's no doubt the modern day linebacker. In the air that's shall now wish all of these smaller man. In Camden across the board that's not intended to mention. At least in that Albert beaten to backs with people try and you know nickel defense 60% of the time or more sometimes dying. These sense. I percentage of the time. And eve struck that faction offense trying to track called Chandra Newton inspiration. It's problematic. And that they're leaving it and do the interior line where you know most people are trying are willing to undersized rushers on the field. So at this speed aspect Devin I think it's an excellent point and I thank the other stake Jim what is probably. Felt switches durability even though cam is a little older now you don't actually dictates so here it just well as he did when you're younger player but. Look they're not gonna because his position strong that you are twice Alltel linebacker. They would have there's 45 years ago I guess the 250. I felt like. Linebacker. That they'll come. As you look at the NFC south and it's you know this story is start to play itself out right. He's got the saints there. That have come into Bank of America Stadium. You know turn essentially turned your season around. Earlier this year. And have continued to gonna care are they for real and how do you see the saints. Eventually matching up with the Carolina pair them stores in the news. She did you know that's the thing about look for answers when he last night they're there. They're almost there must win situation because of that I have this straight that the position the falcons. You know play a little bit better exchange. Outlay and you know I talk ball solid overall and serious experiment I'd stop the NFC south. Perhaps the AFC west know that hasn't developed as much out there but. This shall division despite what happened in Tampa. Is really a good division and it's gonna take probably endorse the general. Attitude should keep getting currently swim that decision and secure your spot. And the playoffs each other shapes are always they've always made this a political momentum change. Wouldn't do it they can place firmer or is there a lot different team than what they're playing from behind so. I think that they are for real they've made some personnel changes these special rebate actually under these are the backs former. Marshall a lot more course. So yes this is that this achieve I think you're very maintain their health and it's going to be a real relationship flourish which claimed that the record the falcons and zoning and. There talking to Phil savage again and Reese is a Senior Bowl director and a former browns GM here my serious XM radio also on the Alabama crimson tied. Our radio network and may end that was a Houdini act on on Saturday night when when we're all holding our breath collectively feel we'd never seen in the regular season in any way to college football 12 and three all go down on the same day and it took took a fourteen nothing wrong in this in the final ten minutes of that fourth quarter on Saturday for Alabama to make sure that record stays stays that case so what what would you make the comeback in and where they stand right now because a lot of football still have to be played but they seem to be able to do what would Georgia in Notre Dame weren't able to do on Saturday. Action you know maybe commented our post game show that you know and I just hasn't and it's. DNA they know I'm a land and Mississippi State give them credit they had an actual game plan also it's simply anti ethically. There are areas correction column both sides of the ball. But I know slash I minutes especially are all cents. They seem to pull off more debt debt and that gave Alabama just enough. I have an opportunity. To put back to back scoring drives together. And control like game out I think they're good it's positive for Alabama as they have and how many games like that. What they've had to come from behind it went. So I would exist expect this to be a big confidence boost. Didian chart Chaman just the fact it Jalen Kurtz sophomore quarterback. Yeah he gets critiqued a lot in the state down there about his passing ability. They each basically passing the arranged every single week in the record books. In Tuscaloosa and about wins Saturday night on the road in back categories. I think they'll give them a big a big lift because look their defense. Is now audit strong. As it was a year ago how could it be they lost five or six or so drastic weight loss war linebackers for the year almost cease would be decimated would back China's. At the section defensively that. So much still gonna be very good on defense but they're not going to be dominant. It's so they need special teams in the also sensed that to pick up this blockage actually what happens Saturday night especially in the fourth quarter. Our dam is also board so if I give you one other team were your saying and some I can see when at all Phil but as you know you get to the playoff to give Jewish shot anything can happen in these games we saw Alabama lose it one of the semifinals a couple years ago Oklahoma might happen some time so I give me your premier team that you'd say I like what they're doing right now feel like they've got momentum and I think if they get into the playoffs they could they can make some noise is that team outside of Alabama that fits that for you. Well we are extremely country right now is admired Eric chain saw our show I I would say there's never Clemson. You know the winner of that game is quote I have heard there ACC Accenture will have earned there way. Just a playoff and I can't ideology to keep them honest is spammers. Are final aren't actually Auburn Tigers offered. You know I people actually also you know on down there. About the fire ball I I don't even pay attention to all urged until November because once they get you in September October. Is not going to be anything close to what they'll be. By the time you get to the end of November that's been true but this year they China way they're playing excellent football they stay really. Took Georgia to the woodshed shattered early and I think that was a bit surprised a lot of people. Right there you go fill us savage Reese a Senior Bowl director by the way his book fourth and goal every Saturday. You can get that wherever books are sold before to go every every day Alabama's relentless pursuit of perfection and of course former browns GM here much serious extent Alabama Crimson Tide radio network and the recent Senior Bowl directors wealth on your super busy so thanks for making a couple moments forced him to talk to. I appreciate Chris totally enjoy each had a bright so overall I'm sure all the blows here and that's an oxymoron browse. Another. I don't think there they may there be starving to have you back feels like the way the looking right now. I did talk to fill. Eric Taylor go to the glory day thank you to our 01 ginger and yet they eat really appreciated.