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Friday, September 22nd

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger, Geoff Schwartz, and Jamar Nesbit discuss this weekends College Football games. 


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BC's primetime. Powered by North Carolina and Kroger and as the game goes on I think Larson will probably find his footing you know there last week. If he was prepared and if he would attack the week prior to that like keep mine after the opportunity of playing. He would have been in and been ready to go he was like. Brian's here. The army at our hand in my test I only know they do testing we aren't coming there. I and in my intestine. I don't than that. You know get my in my free meal before the game and and social look it's a much different mindset when you're when you think you're not playing for. When you're playing them I've been a battle for for years. And there were games right to go in the first drive in your life sort of make your insurance open looks twelve to three million. Good Friday priced high powered by ortho Carolina Hasan did pizza company in the house in Dunning at two locations Matthews. And an uptown Charlotte fourth quarter write off of a trade street the Sante Politico dot com. And best pizza best swings in Charlotte that's not our opinion that's been voted on its back okay. The stats for that done Erica. That's until the santeria theorem is gonna. Is gonna detract against that on the Greco scientifically prove it is to go and buy our bellies go check it out the Sante pizza co dot com they're gonna be open on Sunday open every Sunday to get the ticket packages well so great spot to go watch games and I catch all the games. And great tailgate special in this might be the spot here you do if you're gonna go tailgate in uptown which you know we will be up on Sunday. You hit up the the Sante location on trade street if the tailgate special one topping cheap pizza fifty wings for just sixty bucks it's always a great deal that's Pete's in Owings and Charlotte who checking out online. The Sante pizza co dot com what's our finals out of vote for the up front Emery won a best of the best try what are we doing here it sees red Bernard James read very earlier that coming up at 545 we had a lot of fun with him. I yesterday. On on the show or the other day on the show and I you'll hear that sending us into the weekend Jeff Schwartz to mourn as to both with us. Are coming up up the rest of the show two hours down two to go we talk college football. A before do that Josh wants to jumping he's been trying to get in talking if there's a list were to do that really quickly Josh would somebody how you doing. Good match up I was going to definitely Greek. I try to strike out. So I was Specter about this this fear and I don't know while we have such an identity crisis. We know that if we rushed 460. Does that seem under a hundred we do to win the gay. So I don't see well will work wherever assists and identity crisis with his team while we've still like the need. The try to be like the patriots or any other team weren't. That's been. This didn't bring other distinctions Gerald been here you're part of radar executed change from person on the yard suggestion you want to get away. Don't think they do they're known. As far as the reds are colder talk about the red zone which although the day. And played that stood out Lamar words were we don't all the Joba got a pass interference into the ball back get updated so. Why don't wanna run cam there. Sort jails are foray. Extended to. Play in different first no one is slaves being in the Reyes drove part of the ball. Well what initial load coal running play for jailed. And it shall we are our boat in the game I think it was a third quarter we haven't heard it won't be called quarterback broad. That it makes people say is more important haven't run in the red zone is saved your quarterback. When you're at the safety and it is. You know the way he's running the ball we care about things we need to start try to be more jam oriented in the red zone what do you think. It just appreciate the call Edwards. You can't run the ball the quarterback was a bum shoulder in a situation where the team usual renewable like used Q do you to really be. Picky about when you run camp and I think it. In certain situations you wanna trust your offensive line and the running backs if you have you drafted running backs usually you have a full back now you have a tight end. He did lead them on the ball that's how most teams get rushing yards and don't look quarterback is not the full hope when I said this all season. The Panthers will have to adapt to king on the run the ball anymore. So this idea that started to just have camera mobile that is darned good to say that for the must have situations in football playoffs. Guess possibly who. Bowl but here's my thing. Lest we forget last year around the same time of the year was the third game of the season. Cam dilly dally and running into the end zone and got lit up yeah. Which kind of put him on a trajectory for a very bad season last year right trying to you know. He's they say he wasn't can Cust but woo movie we saw the remnants of that. So you know trying to to use his six foot 6260. Pound frame actually understand it. And had he not been injured I would have been on board with the caller. But again he's coming off a shoulder surgery are sold a shoulder injury. We're trying to get him back to a 100%. We're not going to. I'm umps are we should not put him in a position to to retard his his his his comeback. Yet and you don't like and I think of anything I took issue last week where he goes oh the ankle injury and then they run amok and a bootleg the very next play he went out for you got it got his ankle turned and comes off the field goes into the medical tent comes out and you run a bootleg right from the late. They're actually both those. Let's stretch it out would you want you to do any more judicious about it earlier because OK you didn't want arena run this out right don't do that so. I so I don't what was interesting well we just talked to Lance Moore by the way Jeff Schwartz to mourn as a witness. On this Friday it would get to Mac O Leo papers offensive tackle our coming up a tough 5 o'clock chillier James Gregory coming up at 550. But is as we're talking about this game Michael wheels out officially now on Sunday second straight week brought her career saying he does not expecting this everything moving forward hopefully that's true. Greg Olsen will not be out there obviously is going to be done for the next eight weeks put on IR until we could take can be taken off are after the bye week. When you talk about this ground game getting the ground game going forming an identity tried to develop this running game with less subject of cam Newton's legs involved Lance Moore was just telling us he think she need to see more Caffrey involved and I haven't seen all week. And Mick Nixon was saying what is the other day. Feels like you need to get back to finding. Jonathan Stewart's role in this offense because it feels like he's kind of been lost somewhere in translation too so I don't know what the answer is just you're right you wanna get cursor McCaffery all. You put humans in positions to succeed if feels like the more touches ultimately it's the better for him. And you know what she got a already in Jonathan Stewart feels like he hasn't been used enough in the running game. Also this about about running back rotation I don't like them I don't think they work for often however there are times it worked right double trouble were tear but you have to have guys and to see him running sulfur to work. And Jonathan Stewart Chris McCaffrey are running backs they need continual touches to get in a remote redeemed or not guys that are. Person one cutting tow guys are gonna read outside zone hiccup they're guiding these continual leaf the power on the brought the seriously look over and over again eventually the three yard run turns an eight yard run to a nine yard run they're not the type of back it's your -- break a one cut and be gone like John but what your land right where you can rotate those backs because they're close to what they do there's some very similar. So I don't like running back quotations are you guys take some 3% the rest Miller got a story the end the parent of the fund themselves this issue or they don't know how to use the running backs properly it's a Bengals have the same as you have three running backs are you can't. You can't use them. All properly because we need to get a rhythm of the game. Well let me ask you this if you start getting back did you choosing Stewart more sure true feature back in amassing 25 carries because that's unrealistic but I'm saying like eighteen to twenty range. Doesn't that ultimately if you're having success would that. Then you're plugging in Kershaw McCaffery doesn't that open yourself up for for McCaffery I didn't write it did it if I did I don't maybe a medium. Making way or simple but still having success was doing you just okay now go put McCaffery they're that's where the game change happens. But for the offense of evolution happens these guys out there doing some different things athletically. Also uses uses is it with the skinny on that aspect so. You can have them both in the game at the same time right but you you need to have discern how you want to use it right. Players no matter what they wanna say it urges like just like his right we want to have out of our responsibilities. Dealt out tools we want to know what were responsible for so Forrest do you know. I think I was making jokes about it. Earlier on in the pre season about it how you know how complimentary he was about you know Christian being here and on that. On the back his head he stake Amanda's diss on take a lot of my Carrey's awaited. And and make it did more difficult for me to accomplish my goal my personal goals. If they use them both at the same time you can hone in on one. Now they're has to be certain plays that are forced do certain plays that are four McCafferty. Things that are better suited for stews running style better suited for the time. And in the situation that we're in in the game. Better situation for what look we're trying to do it and I still portion of it. We haven't gotten to a point here at the Carolina Panthers that they dictate to the defense. What they want to have happen instead of him being a reactionary. Situation for them the entire time but by the way text already we've got to calm down guys who started this process would be understand this is gonna take time nauert tossing time out the window and freaking out nobody freaking out like I just it's Kenya first all I can kiss this has been going on a lot the last few days. That's exactly what we're doing work were were analyzing what's going on trying to figure out nobody's freaking out releasing this season's over this team is to know they've got a defense. It is given them the luxury to bring this thing along slowly like you said it was gonna happen months ago so. Nobody is freaking out like we're calm cool collected right now just trying to figure out what the answers are moving forward. I think Omar's point how he was stabbed to walk about McCaffery is that. We're funny out I think the McCaffery Stewart are basically. The same type of runner as far as between the tackles type guys. I think the Panthers thought the McCaffery would be more of an edge type player. Finally I think he's not an outside player. Police early all right can change of course that's what they see a milk comes involved. Did you see anyone balled on the edges and use him but the rams used table also last night on the and a run scored customer you can find ways to get him involved. And then McCaffery Stewart. Promote the middle. Up the middle Camilla don't you wanna toss every now and then I took a video to their brother ram set up a tossed her last night really nicely a despite motion in the you do see emotion across one was an inside zone woes a touch -- laws or walls of tossed the girl it was a long one right the rims don't want toss all the time too remote to your tackles. You're doing every now and then. But I think we're finding out the McCaffrey is when he was a steal for what is a between the tackles runner. All right Jeff shorts Jamar Nesbit art are Super Bowl champ virtual also deployment hanging out with a -- Friday chief medical Leo it's 5 o'clock I wanna talk college football will keep the pain at the start growing when I come back I will let you know who will not be playing for the New Orleans Saints on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers there injure reporters out its after this some primetime powered by ortho Carolina. 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Boston College absolutely austerity wanted to over the last 33 games and inclusive overall are this weekend here's the crazy stat about constant. They've won eighteen in a row in the Atlantic Division. So they're dominating in their own division limit dominating everybody right now they're the hottest team in college football. And Alabama's right up there with him over the last couple years and dump they got to dig into a pretty much of a lay up this week well let's let's be more accurate rocket and Alabama's been dominant for quite more hole yeah for all just a couple duck Clinton's of the yes I am a soccer on game covered Clinton is very hot these last couple a sucks her bodily speedier gamecocks it sucks that you guys lose Tebow Samuel for the rest of the year you get Louisiana Tech this weekend soul. Maybe a week to iron some things out but that's brutal and we've got a lot of irony true or false Jamar Nesbit is sincere silent Jamar this is so true master march 3 soft spoken Jamar is it gentle giant. He is Super Bowl champs you never know what about a Mikey did he just not Wear the ring every day I was there and all the watching C says amid a lot of money brits OK while all. Oscar. You've got your masters correct I do OK so we keep your masters to exactly you're you're stuck with us and got his masters done personally to duties she's eat he just grinds us on what. It was my MBA. Her Oscar. Two brilliant hundreds and others coming India very impressive I thought arguments Roman times I temperament is best studio right of not having kitty was just the greatest person ever any so soft spoken he's so humble and not in my line and so you view of the all of this in the studio we're having a conversation during the break. And what did what did he say so I went into the USC hall fit athletic softened my. And so he's like you just what you guys know it's not a big deal polite. As the winds up through holes they must it's whatever it was it was sort of heard it here and I don't. But we don't miss whatever they were again and for the for the people people listening first congratulations. We're it'll all those guys are Smart and know they closed their control of the appreciate it was more. I was telling a story about somebody that I made it. And I happen is enjoying its right it's just you tell about yourself you're talking about somebody else in just eight slipped out in Jiri three time. All SEC performer the one year you work you're SEC for offer assurance election and you play in the league for eleven years he won a Super Bowl and you would never know can we drafted and I wasn't drafted. Is that story to go really all all SEC for them well I'll tell you why because as South Carolina that my senior year we went one intent. Right soda Kyra kind of and I hope tarnished last left though. I mean how I lasted right blasted but yeah one Nintendo's while he saw me as a reminder I heard that l.'s second round draft do you think Greg. First round that is from the SEC for showing up and down the line he can do it all. I mean come on man goes through the sermon last night. You know what the good the bad thing is films I'm awaiting right you don't get to eat because just talks about you know doing so well congratulations being seriously I'm curious that's New York a little Josh you know but I got a very nice plaque in a picture reminding me of how old have gotten I think I think that they felt was invasion of figure anybody right in my head south from my my played. All of a whole lap and then as solid a solid how how old he got great debt picture out tweet that out if you don't mind horse won the oh good quote no this quote he says Jamar and as it 95 through 98 while being classed when he seventeen it says South Carolina gave me a foundation and a launching pad is I went out into the world to do that now there really has. Under a move to right now stop it. I'm did not get a little her clipped stopped when I don't mean Israel's tourism seriously what's up MBA from where not a actually my MBAs from universe in Miami. I'm the I'm gonna focus on earth is different. Yeah it's a great program I knew that I need to do you like to offering the heat for your educational players that we assemble them and within seven years he retire I know that get it done. And as well done man thank you congressional essentially unravel pause yeah he's on there right now this year he's ready and comfortable. All right so I wanna talk go to college football really quick I find these weekends in general. When you look at the schedule is sick and making them looked good her Hannah who wish that game was this week and said the next week. These are the weeks where the weird stuff happens and I'm telling you right now. I am I don't have the cajon is to gamble I don't do any of that stuff we just augment that the last thirty minutes yourself. And do you like which seems like a political marks for your. I think Purdue is gonna pull off an upset government to come plus time well I think they're gonna win this kid's not very close Michigan can't score here's the senator John producer set all you need to know. Michigan which is the best in in the Big Ten in total defense and scoring defense all that stuff that's all Welling good. They are one. For ten in red zone scoring this year about one touchdowns nine field goals per do best in the Big Ten how they are ten out of thirteen they scored ten TDs. On thirteen tries Purdue. Is he really good team inched in Jeff Brohm is a ridiculous I play caller an offense can score I think Michigan's gonna have some trouble get into the end zone. I think Michigan this I think Michigan is can be ugly game is gonna we're game it's in West Lafayette at 3 o'clock in the afternoon I wanna say exercise adding produce going to be Michigan this weekend. I think there's so he does a lot of interest in Big Ten games as we can have Iowa Penn State is going to be a low scoring battle. Iowa's favor are you there didn't torn up points. There's another. That's an outing on big does not always a Big Ten matchup but I think I mean this match just pretend. Com attempt Purdue game I mean produce. Historically had a lot of too short too slow guys are seeing right but they have a chip on their shoulder the size of a cinder block. And that's the way they play. I have a had a color mean drew is wind and he plays a huge chip. My god it is that is retired from the patriot. Ninkovich era Dario always an honor guard and there you have all got huge chip on his shoulder. Smalls on get outlet you know found a home with the patriots it's amazing how the saints get rid of guys and pitchers use and in weird how that works on. Who has she behind you buy is there another game like you said Penn State Iowa here's the weird one not this is why I'm worried about that I wanna say I believe that went is Iowa City seriously kick stadium under the lights on a Saturday night top ten team that's we're dreams go to die it's it weird places like opposites always happen there as Pullman Washington what could have happened two years are broke is they did it to Michigan's closures and state team can score like an a plus and by the way they forced nine turnovers their plus seven in turnover margin. Like I feel like I I I by eight. That also is more than Michigan's but you're right it's like Teamsters going there and a struggle every year under the lights and in and I can make it in Iowa City to. Things did you see this story with these Children's Hospital that was built behind the stadium Iowa. The book of Children's Hospital behind the scene in Iowa and desolate talk for the believed to decay is a recent observation decks all the kids get to Washington to wash a game and then my fourth corner alternative ways to kids like from the over the whole crowd does. Awesome Adam that it Cabrera repeating which reported through early and he that he watched the game last week with the kids and all also that is cool if you were up at 10:30 eastern on Saturday night or did Arizona State will have 800 points let's get to order do you wanna watch a lot of the a lot of points once again I. A gripe Ahmard so last week we had. Great and he's in college football all right we are great and you USC. Touches is there anything in Florida Tennessee and those were not good football game for 55 minutes and then usually Memphis was a brilliant I not a well played game all points were scored. The deal Saturday night everyone's like this what college football so much birth than NFL but. No not really they have better entertainment and the football games because. The clock situation. You can score a lot of points quickly and caught doesn't run and you have terrible coach and Tennessee I looked at Tennessee had nine guys. And ten yard line of scrimmage and hail Mary at the start listening to what he really hail Mary dollars in regular play worst dog act like you have to play with Jack gray got Israeli troll right like that's pork coaching in the NFL that doesn't happen she got you'll get an exciting ending because. But I put eleven guys all the way back had a goal and so I don't I just this idea that I get what cultural ball is entertaining at times over the NFL. But let's not downgrade NFL because you a couple of sunny and these are caught USC Texas was not a good game. For most of the night to know although last night Thursday night football very sorry I hate Thursday up a ball that was on last night you'll. Crystal ball or throw in a game like this every now and then between two toys are under a year and if they have no. At least once a one size and once the season once there's official night game Patrice has caused all the fishing games some teams know each other really well. And did you you begin Mike got there was to know super into the restaurant rooted and like they always do just reports crew. I was not offered to PI I mean I know it's ridiculous. Graham should blow the game but look I'll say what. Joseph or golf. Is usually my dealer was so much today as quarterbacks are wrote about it he looks he's going to be the real deal worth. When I love the direction there going god I left tackle protecting the got a senator announced outsold got her in the game what tends to do nothing buffalo looks amazing. Richard had to with a good OC. The rams are gonna be in contention. The couple years. Text or reading and game cock eyed Kate got whiz is gamecocks KGB's his luster less dog Smart as that he was my lifeguard at Columbia country club great guys a troop at it yet though my freshman I was let's start the amount. After my freshman year. Man mentality this realized he says well luckily. Nine but how it is that lifeguard certification test and no joke right no joke but he F 500 yards swim. Jeff to tread water first tournament in general I had a trailer for five minutes look. Yeah it was no joke come out so much it is no I listen back in the pools and I mean in its I don't know why it's okay so. Joseph our out of it is now you might look at me so you know you can flow now back then I had a little bit more muscle to a mouse thing it's your organs. All of us have ever thought you could sway in a pool. Wrong well and yet tech armor enough text are ready in and as in the SEC's is famous in trouble this week JD linebackers promised. Yet there's actually been a lot of smack talk. For the Vander real side I think sale we were gonna show I don't automatically real football they have nothing to lose and actually absolutely not a single Kindle and here's why this game is interesting because first of all cow Shermer isn't really good for Vanderbilt. Dickey sixth in a country in passing efficiency eight TDs no picks and at and India leads the SEC in scoring dating. In total day in passing defense and they've allowed just 3.4 four yards per play OK now I ask who they placed. Enemy of the Kansas State maybe to rank Kansas State team that's about as good as he gets right. I don't think they can do that obviously against Alabama but Alabama's this is the real question it's on the other side Alabama's defense has been glued. Not great for Colorado State move the ball on the almond on them early in the game last week and not only that. They are I think there were ten to seventeen on third down. That's how you beat Alabama. You go back a look at Clemson over the last few years teams that have won against Alabama if you've sustained drives by by getting in obviously it's favorable situations for it but but moving the chains on third downs if you keep that Alabama defense on a field they are human man. And here's another thing I McConnell I went and he's doing right because they're taking the fight to Alabama F. Half the reason that teens do pour league is out of bounds because they allow the intimidation factor to give it to them before they even get on the field. So you can talk yourself into a fervor before you even step on the field you're already playing with house money now you're not afraid you'd see like this and Alabama is on there on film they're not coming within thing crazy they'll all line up in their cars and our guys are bigger and better than your guys. Once you can get past that first 23 minutes of being surprised about how big he's strong he's journal. They're just saying eighteen to 21 year old. Guys that you are as as the team's well. And so what you can get past battles three minutes of all my god I can't believe they got all six foot 5330. Pound defense a lot of good. Does that just will be ordered to. I think you're good Alabama I think it is on pace right now for just twenty sacks all year but did their pass rush which is an expert but they never gave us access to all know last year they led the country and cents a gallon normal that. I've ever been speaks acting now there's no why it has been just a pass rush guy who knows where arm. But I did think I really generate more sacks because they're covered just so good like they're likely to tomorrow there's never been like a pass rusher from Alabama but you had to deem crammed for the just get sacks because they've played a job like John Allen last yours is better than anyone else's style like. He he was just amazing yummy in my pelican died or did you put. Why it would be interesting because if it's data broken hang around for a little while. I don't look Alabama hasn't played in Nashville since 2007 that's not good news. Yes I mean that's the off balance schedule the SEC we feel we are twelve does offer some off balance a little bit so miserable and Auburn this weekend it's the first time there either removed or even meeting of the regular season ever and it's the skin their series history before SEC player was the first SEC meeting ever only other time was two dozen fourteen when he met the SEC championship game. Ms. who's been in the league since 2012 and they get to play one another the SEC's really weird that way in terms of the unbalanced schedule. And people always like to claim Alabama's a one a benefits from that worn morn everybody else but I'm not even get into that. I think moves could be really interesting. Can she say Florida State noon kick off tomorrow the crowd's going to be ready because they're ready for football we back it's 21 day lay off on. Does the 21 day layoff help or help help or hurt James black men get ready making his debut true freshman. He ever played since week one against Alabama Francoise gone hey man we got a pile up some wins. That long playoff does that help hurt not matter what's. Lever for him so. I'm little so I know university Miami they didn't practice didn't coach richt sent them home told them help their families get everything situated so. You know they were able to practice I don't know Florida State did that. I don't know if they were able look were they able to practice those 21 days and not practice except for just this week leading up to the game. Because if he had an extra of you know seventeen games plus the week all four I think it would help his debut. You don't even it was just emerged as one actually not your prime week off they met a pattern then. The other I should be obvious got a hold on though I think I think the rest we afford to stay dole might start out a little bit slow and just like getting used to playing again and on but in my last three minutes we got glad that I live Lori Plato I football's going to be a lot different than you know practice and against year old teen. But NC state has been playing in the entire time or so there and fresh tonight sessions they freshen their sharper. And the admin and employment. Georgia college football talent eventually wins out a lot of games and even every game is tight for quarter to the more talented team at home especially these controlled game. Those probably Sara I say what really interest you want is what's gonna happen 7 o'clock in Athens on Saturday Mississippi State and Georgia. A one of these other ranked unranked games only to all all weekend long. Sony Michelle supposed to be back. Two to help spell on nick job with some some rest and not only that he got Georgia which has been stifling on defense give up like fourteen points. I think up right at 71 rushing yards per game nobody's run for a hundred yards in any game against him yet. To get nick FitzGerald who's averaging eighty rushing yards per game with a quarter expired for Mississippi State best offense and defense scoring wise in the SEC so far. And they used Ronald L issue made quick work of them last week so. I mean I wanna believe in Mississippi State I also wanna believe that Georgia is a legit you know dominate team had the SEC east so I'm I'm excited to watch out. More night and so on split right because Mississippi State you know and or Ron is my guy I love that dude is a coach wooden and as a character and as a person more anything else but what Mississippi State did their issue. Was you know 37 driven is I mean. There's no issue to write it odd nose so a lot of owners are gone out of the Eagles cal bills are already sense this is a solid solid order you know I'll talk to the site. You know what they were able to do against that offense and yes you know always run and no issue always gets. Criticizing criticism for the type offense that they run with all that speed that they have on LSU. Not being able to put their athletes in better position. But I would love to see that Mississippi State is an actual. Real continued Alabama in the in the SEC west. And then at the same Tom are really want four police say eight. Georgia to be a true carpet competitor in the SEC east somebody so something must change of I love Alabama but let's let's have somebody else. And fortune knowing how would I would think you jury be honest if you look at her you know raise the banner of the SEC you need. I think it serves better to have an elite team any other division as opposed another second strong team in the west it's just going to lose Taliban anyway for a soul. Florida no no disrespect. They're not there and help the author of society such a mess right now I wanna say this the real quick Florida Kentucky. It blows my mind every year here we are again thirty straight victories for Florida over Kentucky this year is it. It could be an honor it lasts forever they get these years it's got to go down. I'm on what year was a ruthless hail Mary one gamers can tell he was close and four on a merry one year I think eventually. Is ends and it's going to be ugly game or Florida is just. Your ducks went all the erroneous Washington until last year is dead and that was a mind boggling number to make it was even close we won like twelve by three toss the can you imagine thirty straight victories in a row because it doesn't feel like. Special frank heard that yet 3030 year old put us freeze for twelve or wealth while the row for your ducks not anymore artery is it's mine. It I suppose he's thirty years like forest quarterback misses the game here you have seven turnovers and you have a terrible special teams and I tights. This gives me a I was six under reported game's its longest losing streak in college football history thirty in a row once you have them I know I don't know why those other ones and Brennaman professing to see what those are. Yet Ed in this is the longest active losing streak goes about saying major college football we get a break come back we gotta tackle or drop them by fifteen minutes James Bradbury you'll hear him coming up. In an hour we continue would Jeff Schwartz. Jamar Nesbit keep talking Panthers and saints what's going on around the NFL and yet so we do have to get to this we come back the NFL maybe kind of soared admitting they made a big mistake his prime time powered by ortho Carolina. You're listening to a primetime with Chris Krueger powered by ortho Carolina. Whose scores another touchdown. Soon be opening quarter for Todd Gurley and student. So we have never had put up points like that since his martial him on the left. No word through very gritty win you know we'll take it. Things I never expected to say when I dinner. Opened the show on Friday that others apple bought actually good at actually entertaining. Actually fun to watch. Actually held my attention actually wanted to stay up late actually did wanna change the channel. Jerry golf actually score a bunch of points with the rams and sort of Brian Hoyer the 49ers these are things I never expected to say on this Friday. They're all true all those things happened last night it was a fun Thursday night football game. Here's one there's one was sent. Did the co way uniforms means pro highlights the rams color rush uniforms I like his it reminds me the I know the all yellow is an A old school look but that shade of yellow always the old brands colors that I like I don't like the new blue and gold use. Like one state you know of the year after the greatest show on turf when they became like. The only thing more needy and like traditional old I like the yellow mustard yellow in like royal blue colors. That's a little insurers of last night and I'm not mad at Atlanta take that. So the game the game over overwhelmed the fact that the cows are you know I don't know what the numbers go with the all black thing that makes no sense but whenever would you rather than we're already in the room. I actually I might take that over legal black is at least that's a cholera there's like black and the blacks not a color at all I take wasn't mad about the all black who's that. The office on all slow moving on I like had editorial why all the lights were brood all while your lungs aren't arm. Yes Alison Lacey and now I'm fasting all week the police are well why do you see Eddie lacy comments this week at UC saying basically coming out hey I I read in so all your track comments and a home early hurt like he really like he said I could pull my Twitter right now and there'd be a fact common in their somewhere like I could tweak. Today's a beautiful day and so be like oh yes you stat I sit there and wonder what you get out of that. He says. I mean. I I get it people don't feel sorry for millionaires and billionaires but it doesn't mean the dudes not a person is still sucks. As as. And I really can't say I mean you know. I don't have that that issue right you know but it. I eat well certainly not a social BI right I'm also ran what you are probably have such a positive disposition gonna decide here does read all the craziness that goes on social media but. You know. I understand where he's coming from he's a run him back he gets paid a lot of money to play that position and unfortunately he's not built nor does he look like. Others that have played he's not actually fat no no. Think Wright matter only relative scale but how old is already own music a regular person as walking on street people wouldn't said that you'd say wow that duty like yeah yes. I. And the sit behind. Adult on screen sinister tasks in it to his eighty threat there were nor ever say to his face. One thing is so she does tweet a while about food because Chinese food China sued. I talked on the article we just called China's food and so the model I like when he hasn't called Wayne's this year and he made it I tweet out saying like as you that the Chinese buffets derby and call tonight. And greet and Seattle I mean it's it's I'm a fact I've been fired 30 you're I think you're allowed to allow say god. On two dimensions are the don't go people are terrible man like to still read German I mean. Somebody did Texan earlier in the building sinner to excellence that people manned during the worst. A day and that Steve Troy State when you could ever Satan people man dare the worthless and social media. So we wrote in a moment ago on the Tex lines and Kroger your puppet for six stand for so I don't even know what that means at any. I wasn't a and and signaled that I mean and I think that's kind of my job because it works of his radio station here they pay me so. A look like fun. When that paid the station while some people are the other stuff testosterone in this all right let's help people save two point people say is Intel and also sort of paper under north Dallas people say a stuff all the time that they would never ever in their life whether it's email on this tax line on the phones went into radio called in earlier rink whenever sickness room and have a conversational way he talked to us on the phone the way he would if we were looking each other sure he'll face to face straight in the eyes right now. Would you talk to regulate though if you sit there I'd probably don't disrespect yourself when you're never sick I just ask your question I don't know. The best example this is is quite Travis who do suffer far he's obviously very polarizing guy I guess he gets a lot of hate tweets. He's never once gone stumbling to his face like that's just the way you don't want your system in your face because. They are just. As you sort your salary. The religious state. Our snow people they're the worst cup people man. Dot dot dot they're the worst it's the ditzy model for human beings on earth right now except that is the true statement people's ever said. Our real quickly here T shirt far juicy you alerted me this story this is obvious and I Yahoo! but it's actually really really. Actually you Don banks don't think used to write for Sports Illustrated for the longest time. I know he works for Nestle media and he also works for the athletic this new written site that everybody keeps. I you don't get more more writers are going to isn't as an employer that slowed you should senator Reid that what is really the content they got really great writers about a way to fox numbers from there. Going all these visual on going all video moved over in content. Well I think I think down people like to Reid's people on both our young people on all sorts of content news flashed. Contents is good all of one type of contents not good that sucker work for anybody you through TV or read yes yes I do both accurate and if I could do both at the same time we do that too so find a way to do that former soap. Don banks goes on the mighty 1090 out in San Diego it's as quote I painted a picture from people I've talked to that the league was sympathetic. I Deen spent those plate but he says feels like he's been a lead guy feels like he wanted done kind of waited his turn on the reallocation fraud. Thought he had the votes the year before. And says there are people in the league including the commissioner they did not want to see San Diego being forsaken. Other person includes Jerry Richardson who headed the relocation committee and his idea by the way it was eight why don't we I share a stadium Saint Louis U staple it. While it was fun way to make this whole thing happened and that never worked other he's saying that the NFL is considering. Going back to scene Diego. That the vessels thinking he said I think there's already level concerning how far south it's gone that they're released people talking about it I don't think it's a true tipping point's been reached. It's too early for that but I think there's enough concern of people are saying what's the best option perhaps among bad options what's what are the odds the NFL actually takes NL in midst they were wrong into you know what. Alex take our tail between our legs and go back to the city we just left claiming that we need down and they need us more than we needed them and in fact it's not actually true we do need them well how Linda. It's really not the NFL taking a loss rate is more of the owner that was trying to hold San Diego. Captive for a new stadium I wanted to move them correct. So they tried for twenty years to get some sort of public funding not the right both public fully and I producers you both for sale just wanna do it means that you see there seems dumped after correct then sold the owner was put in the position well I have talked this mess for so many years. Now I'll match a point to where I actually have to either put up or shut up I either have to move the team. Or I just looked like. There are no teeth behind my bark. So he moved and now they're currently me I know I moved. Blood. What do you say about getting back together last I saw this pretty girl on the other side early as she looked real enticing. The breath wasn't what I thought Iowa I just came in like I think you're right that it's not really the NFL saying hey we were wrong but the perception of the would be daft. When that the average person would say many are sole. Actually. Went somewhere realized it was a grass wasn't green or went missing that is the truth it would be so good I would I would like to see this happen I was out I would love to see the speed in which to NFL tries to distance themselves from this birdie. For made above 32 individually own private businesses and it was a cargo bay hill I wanted to instead. Do they you refund Philip Rivers for his mobile families you can like 300 grams force you can drive back and forth between San Diego and LA bureau without him. As a write off I'm not all that's happened for it and it looked pivot Tony 7000 seat stadium in Carson I thought that's a cool idea too. Try this new venue out they didn't sell out and I understand or don't they play the chiefs this weekend the chiefs will have 151000. Fans in the stadium. And I know and weren't they're charging a hundred dollars or Jessica duke and I know he was a one game thing it was Texas USC you can't beat you you lose an LA you've lived in LA Schwartz seek it's not a great sports town in general listen to Dodgers and lakers winning championship rests or USC for USC USC played Texas a US goes the first sell out of three agree that people have no idea they were data us up on the weekend that might be USC sells out aggressive and say yeah but people have a field day with putting. Chargers ran us all its combined vs USC attendants on Saturday and USC having a little bit more but you're right that's. Police just a windows or sports is like Miami in lesser teams are winning this what it's too nice here there's too much other stuff to do frost to be scored around with sports like. We live in paradise man who we and other stuff going on. Let's just fruit will call for it we shouldn't we into the top of our football fans LA they are rams raiders and understand to chargers have never had a stand this Los Angeles. Ever and they're not gonna gross fan base because there's forty fans they. Her art we're back in thirty seconds Peter wants to jump pitch where it tracked down Mac Khalili as well we'll keep throwing on final hour we Schwartz and now as its prime time powered by ortho Carolina.