Primetime: UNC Basketball with Kroeger and Omar Gaither; Hornets with Noah Coslov

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Monday, February 12th

Basketball talk rolls on as Omar Gaither joins the show. Noah Coslov also weighs in. 


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Always the big day because it was the next game last night. Get out of here Roy. There's no way on earth do you said that in the pregame speech. In the locker room and I know we are talking your guys today in the light practice of trouble tomorrow at shoot around you're not saying it's the next game it's NC state. You're gonna make you're going green into those guys since we're not losing twice this year. DNC state and especially not to a first year head coach Wright you're supposed to mean transition we're not gonna get swept by NC state and especially not off the TV studio. Absolutely not know what one music what do you know about that what. Absolutely nothing higher as that I thought. Hello little white right you are feeling right now you are. You are riding on just cloud nine Craig is looking mean the guys keep talking momma look meaning he tried to get in the business no notes is out. The second alone to clear out of the way bodily hold on before news pause it and we do all that big you build stuff we have favored the expression we do this sometimes we say things were not actually sure exactly where it came firmer what it means weak it demeaning. Has become a cliche itself Sarah it will were awarded the expression. I cloud nine you'll meaning you're you're here overjoyed right super happy super related where that come from can I. I I would venture to guess most people don't know what that means but we just say it because we know by Def by demeaning by the US is only comes from the song because it is a song they originate or I don't know we'll find out who posture then you go back to what you needed to art so. So the great week last week start on Sunday. My my my my former. Team that drafted me wanna Super Bowl all right. Philadelphia Eagles go birds more and more love more respect to youth. Did Tennessee's swept Kentucky in basketball two games Tennessee basketball ought to strike. Go balls. You don't get to be both by the way you've got it licked uncool I'll say this. I'm cool with the Tennessee. And I sales of basketball's. Vault. They understand my. I don't know if you wanna be of almost all they're good entry played football anyone assailant Carolina blue. That's I was raised in basketball uncool that UT the UT basketball talk it's just a decade happened okay whatever they wanted to put this on conducting OK it's great for the school under the other Islamabad under the other Thursday. I'm I'm I'm in Chapel Hill sort of for the Carolina due date awesome atmosphere in Carolina wins. Convincingly right where receipts bodily stops I was five row heights house viable five rows up behind the bench no wasn't hundred bits put on hold. Mike Jordan tonight but maybe America I'm not recruit I'm not gonna recruit meeting at 105 rows up on Thursday great great went. And and then negate the jam when you wanna know this weekend but election oh real yeah. Grandma what happens. Among get to a flight issue on which who'll put it off at the where rattling the nursing home. What kind of wasn't our fault those used to see said the lady had been bothered they're already fighting over that she's the lady had no no she said the many have been poked fun at her and she didn't bother. To voters who say I'm telling you email alone and it's got him from on I got an app I 89 years old. What arm behind and you've got to hear the. All over see your having so North Carolina just like North Carolina right now by the way to get ready for yet another game a third game it's five day stretch. Are unearthing. Notre Dame tonight about a way Notre Dame good win for them yesterday they strung together back to back wins all the sudden we met Earl coming back Joseph this is another big test for North Carolina tonight short turnaround which line item. Just is North Carolina keep stacking wins and a short time frame or more gators doing the equivalent in lab for to a vehicle that relies can't grow Molineaux alike. I'm not surprised so Billy what do you have the meaning more to cloud nine come from what does that mean we're which he origination of this in the 1950s. The Weather Bureau classified. Cloud nine has the fluffy. She knew oh new miss type that words are considered to be so attractive. So the big white fluffy that's a cloud nine. Yes I was I was climax in. And a okay soul but it. I didn't how did that get to rule. Had about a decade to be correlated to come fly you're right what is it flying among this who's I saw like someone's done and I think it was like no country song. Country western. Cloud nine I guess if it was if clicked as if it was depicted. You know bill I district than cloud nine was like Steve euphoria it's it it's a yes so way to put it that control. So that's the name of it but how did how did you get to be related to euphoria I guess is the next question right. I just compared to other clouds. Yemeni media aren't by the US Weather Bureau. But cloud nine was like the pretty perfect clout OK so that makes cents it's it's it's it's the it's just it's perfection are right there okay that's I'm Klein on that extra driving him buildings that are techs led the temptations. Bodily -- getting this wrong. A day and I think their original smooth. Dissident was an original or what his original Motown right. Are not necessarily to a lot of covers a motel a lot of covers on oil there's so we're twelve to meet us. Some taken bag. I think. I think I would go out there aren't so far okay there's what does devoid of Prada Myers park mr. Myers fought. Former eagle and former UT ball for football he's a heels homer for basketball. And I. Basketball OK so that's fine like he got to separate the deal allele once crystal ball once for vast volume all you saw it. I know I'm a grown man who can. Girls around here that's the way this thing work your begging promised on the on the completes every. Lasts for walks by never looks in great kid here it's sound proof that's don't want this hurry astute here banging on glass really wants a weird in here. He's still look at walks by just issued a run into advanced shoot him. Assume assuming there are huge what is it if I want to whatever you wanna do you wanna you wanna pantomime something you can do that that is up do you you can tweet us roundly jeweler sweater she got primetime WS fancy. We're only Jewelers recently named. One of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country about National Journal magazine in this Valentine's Day we'll save you a trip to the jewelry store spend at least 199 dollars get a beautiful dozen long stem roses for your sweetheart for free and enjoy discounts of fifty to 70% off on all time in silver and gold jewelry get a free dozen long stem roses. When any purchase over 199 dollars. Brownie Jewelers and Bradley Jewelers stock comes you know it's funny so Billy went out of a country actually technically didn't because Puerto Rico is America. And as a working group. Our country was still there working if you look at the world this -- CEO of continental USA video tonight can admit something about it OK if I didn't know that I went east. And inland west and you realize until I got home because I was so confused about the time change. You know what I mean I was like is that really immediately any time zones for some I've ever been India many times and Barrett let's OK look. Do you look at them out of the country's grid isn't just let's. Joseph and Mike and plus you pay a Weller. Turns out he's doing humanitarian work right calls so we're talking earlier about how the international it's the worst you go once you get unplugged you don't notice you yeah. Yeah it is okay you're not on Twitter. How much better your quality of life because you're not on socially I'm a trillion Sandra. Truly. Tonight a look I'm on social media because it's kind of a catch 22 for this business you kind of have to be in this job. And there are times it's really good I love interacting with some of our listeners. May be most of our listeners and there's other times you're just it is like your arguing with the with the with a C right there they're just feeling at the ocean like you just screaming at the clouds like that's just how it goes sometimes. And so it's funny because. I'm not lying about this the interview with Steve Clifford in Kyle and frank was awkward pilot frankly admit to it it was awkward because there were long pauses. They were very pointed questions I did say was a bad interview. I didn't say it was there's anything wrong with the interview it's just the reality comes debt at face value that's what happened. And it's great that's good radio I said it was good radio and is somebody wrote it on the text line saying that's because you would never ask those questions. You are so far off cliff first bully you're afraid of losing your job with the team so it's funny how people like this is why we are Nazi most awful place that guy behind its own Allard who we is if he'll never say that's in my face and that's fine because that's how did and that's how people work in 2018 you know it's funny it the opposite when I go to the arena how. People go to you reed as Ximian. Are you allowed to say some of the stuff you say on the air every day agrees Arianna I somebody's asked me yesterday. And I assume we talk about is who wouldn't as a team ever ask you do not say things like no big and why would they ever do that. Like what we used you know you can you've been your critical your very critical. Jump and that's my job. And and it's fair and it's deserved and justify the hornets are ten games under 500 with a roster that says they should be a playoff team. Agree or disagree on that ten games under 500 roster says at a minimum they should be seven or eight see the playoffs. So any criticism they get entirely justified. Era ten foot ten nothing yesterday were down by 36. At home. Wrap your head around that day that's inexcusable but there's not a big did you deserve every ounce a criticism that comes your way so it's funny I go to the Iranian people say man I can't believe you say some of the stuff do you sing like you know you really. And they mentioned the dog like have they ever said hey Tony down or hey you can keep saying this you won't we will you can't work here anymore no they haven't. It was funny is I come here people say man you reduce you kiss me you worry about your job it couldn't be further from the truth. Couldn't be further from the truth solemn manner despite what is what is so funny because everybody thinks that I IE. I suck up over there are momma needs that's embodies what this is what happens it's funny okay don't know explain this or second truly funny. So Kyle and frank as very pointed questions and and that's fine. They got the same exact answers that I've ever got from cliff. Tops out. Dolls and stuff so funny right what are people here from close today they can remember from. I speak to a home on the record for about 25 minutes a week well don't get on Thursday. And that doesn't include what I hear off the record okay so that's what they hear on the record. What are they are not criticizing them this is not about Kyle and right right it's not indicating this could be further less about them right now. What did you hear today from cliff that you didn't hear what I've talked to him at any point over the last two years what. Oh wait no always your like anyway that's half the tax money is open seven and our 7096 and I'll wait. Any answers this nothing. And you know why because the answers are the answers in this is why you can't win with the Internet it's why can't win with people who work you know texting in all the time and big illegal by different aliases it's not their real name change phones in the interests that all right. This is why you can never win with people because people don't actually care about what's said they just want a pound of flesh. Now. Agree or disagree is already know people just wanna hear somebody who feels like they are every bit as angry and upset. And they don't care about the results they care about how they care about you get to that result. So somebody yells and screams and asks a question that's framed differently even though the response in the answers the same. You don't care about the response of that class all you care about is frank asking hey isn't it but too many good. That's what you care about because you wanna ask that question but you're not if you don't have the ability Astec quite. We have to realize. You you when you come into every interview every conversation every everything with the perception already. You have to realize everybody does well yes so we'll learn I don't know but he's another word really as by every Saturday. I don't I'm saying to reschedule their perception abuse went on site so. Take those same exact answer a question. I just because I had the same exact passionate they do I want bonus to do it I cannot say you know I don't know. Why do people think I want the hornets to the average like I'm cool with that because somehow like I collect a small amount of money go another for smaller. The relative term but okay nobody is like got a I don't go to their for the money doing to maim and K I do because I love the hornet's and it's a lifelong dream for me to work for the NBA team that I grew up rooting for long before the painters were in town. Long before that. I don't do because I wanna go rob we think I go hang out with Kemba Walker asked. Campbell is go grab a beer what do you say they by the same ideal program. Mr. Choi what do you say after the game you're me let's go hang out of time camera you includes what are you doing ought to go to the U wanna you wanna go can I go to your house afterwards let's. The cavs Celtics game even younger sonics though there's always that he's he's. Genuinely confused. As to what people think happens they're. As do it to yourself made us a losing proposition. Stop you gonna be at times journal will in the second you know the people you talk to won't change. So what's the difference. Do it to look as you know deep down it and only inside the two doing your job to the best to your ability that's all a matter. No I don't and I don't see so I'm not on it's it's. It's funny because people I think people wanna hear. And again not an answer and they just want somebody to ask a question the very exact way. They would ask it that's only care about who knew if you get the same result in the same response you just care about that question which is if somebody were to say listen your team any good. It's you care you care about that question that's all you care about and Amylin and capture of course would actually honestly say yes or no. Or speak to why or why not his team is or is not any good. You can you feel like that me and I've been dying asset questioned you your direction actually always will relate to break away. It talks of pay enters college troops Omar Gaither Chris Kroger its prime time power any powered by ortho Carolina. SX line 704570. Yeah. Signs extent. Set aside thanks grossed an image in my head of value and Steve Clifford walking into a strip club in catching hit man shocking image in dancer that still aren't just out buildings that are techs like 704. 570. 916 and that's Omar Gaither former panther former eagle former fall always a heels homer and he's what is odd till six we got no Kozlov in less than ten minutes of talk little MBA with him serious sex MMD radio it was funny to detect eroding too he says. 51 question for cliff engineered show it would be what is the strategy for improving this team still overheard that and not sure there's an answer. But that's got to come from Michael Jordan model way. He owns the team. He signs off on every check in every decision whether. You know passively or actively right in whether decision crosses a crop up passes across his desk. Or one that he's in trusting people beneath him to to handle but it was forty hired those people correct so ultimately end all be Allstate belongs to Michael Jordan and that's until we we don't get to hear from Mike unfortunately and I don't think anything's gonna change and never guard anytime Sergey. Asking Neil again because I think some of the stuff what happens with fans is not get it I'm I'm is every bit as frustrated. As anybody I is putting a walked into the studio. During the game funnel like five minutes of the game yesterday. Because my what my job my Mike my batteries when out so I'd go swap out some batteries and a walk in their money and James anyone who does or scoreboard change goes are you okay. Mike we need is like you look he's like your brooding right now I'm like are you serious is like in Europe. The way you reason I'm watching you at the score still was like your seriously brooding right you walking strong. And that's so like I'm as frustrated as anybody about where this team is a ten games under 500. Entry is just one day I think you always wanna hear. The players. Your coaches your front office staff. Have that same care factor right OJ yes and you played I can't imagine what that's like but what's it like being on a team that under achieve your underperform. Service will not on purpose put knowing that lighting. Then how do you like. You walking around town in what you like what you say like the answer wonder what's wrong would you guys would have with a team. And there's no right like you guys make a lot of money so more than others like LSI Sony Batum driving editor reading yesterday are OK true and I would I legitimately thought in a week we think like if you could be in the car with and a click what do you think's going through says he's leaving the arena yesterday. In its. Interviewing him talking to limit and knowing where I think is that is enough 2.0 for ten from the field or for truth I can't wait to get home see my kids. You think he's feeling any remorse and I don't money may not at all what about human. He's feeling remorseful about the amount of money licks. Relative to how we perform you don't think there's any remorse from him. Not him no not him not right now why you're so now you're just why why not him because he's nicely because some guys doing guy hasn't to a big trend got you. Please pretty please put that out there would have free I don't know you're you're not a fairway a little bit of a culture that feeling that is that they. So disarming he's laid back anyway but it. There are some guys who led that aspect of there curry gets whom the army Christmas money SMB perform this way Kathy winters are so guys who. Well impossible is he like kemba after every game looks like he's been paid to seek he was he guilty was emotionally crushed left. The salmon that's not a it's not the same way for everybody and this is this just like dental bawling you know the guys who. These guys Bob and around the room okay can only be what can we get dressed can't wait to be at the club win lose or draw. But they're they're demeanor hadn't changed one bit and it's one this one school to talk to says you know use it. Used to be the same move on Bravo. But they ask the more you at least for an hour to write you would think that current. But some guys don't tenant in this what is it in and you can't make. Grow a dad and I agree Obama who can make him and you can't be upset if he does. Not is not your position. Why don't I know I'm not I'm kind of of that mindset right like. It's the again as the reality of the situation he's making a hundred million dollars and ten if you don't I think anything can you don't think he cares too little and that's the bottom line. It's not it's it's not his job to make you feel like Kiki but don't you think fans. Want to thank. They want him to feel worse everything that their field of course I wanna put that on him they wanna project that on him nick how you feel on right now manned more should be fans want him. To feel shame this is schema column when he made for that performance 2.0 of ten shooting. This is what's so great about this the Luke weeklies and Thomas Davis is of the world and that the guys who who aren't aware that. That were lost honestly does some tops. I don't think I think he goes back and forth right depend on a loss of whom and how well he actually played himself yet but that's why didn't just letting Hughes can't. For some guys it don't matter I don't care if I don't care if the move could TD had Tony tackles two sacks they loose to bad day. And that's what she does fan and I appreciate that has spent the soil was as a player but you can't expect every. Every athlete you sign they're reacting with a big deal manager do or a small deal to be that way. And I think the same with cliff like cliff does so matter of fact like again and I thought Kyle frank had a great interview with it was a candid interview I've never heard that interview with C Clifford. That's like a so I'm not I'm not making about them I literally have never heard that interview with him because he speaks candidly. He's a natural teacher which means it and this is a rare skill OGR you've played a lot of sports. Guys that can speak to you at a level where they meet you where you are and explain something that's really complex. Without dumbing it down where it also making its super understandable. Steve Clifford got that quality about the great teachers in sports in life. Have those qualities about a W that could teach you about computers. Something you could never understand on your own but somebody could break it down to you so simply. But also so deeply rethink their. While my mind is blown human understanding and usually you can do millions of Steve Clifford got that type of characteristic about mud never heard him give a bad interview what some of the stuff he said earlier today is some of the stuff he's always said which is he said it about Maliki was asked about one Maliki isn't playing more. It's the same thing he said with me for two months. Our lineups are good when he's on the floor. We lose when we when he's on the floor and he more than negative scoring differential when he's on the floor that's the answer it's always been. Arafat blank. People drive people want to pound the slash two tees to steal some sort of like they're angry. And why isn't horror of his top pick playing small because she's our work lottery pick playing maybe he's part of the answer I'll. I won an answer for that. Scutaro fast I don't like that our our lunch specials like the Jimmy both argument right I got it. We'll let them grow and grow into the lineup and grow into the game him sitting on a bit attain open until you have much OK but my legacy was his rare ground for us to run. Okay Al counter with a silk that you ready. I've heard that league mark is not a great practice player. That he doesn't that he's not. He's not engaged in practice some now on in this in this before I don't know OK I don't know things are now admittedly I see that wood is a disclaimer the credit amassing is about a worker. But within team practices I've heard he is not stadium is always Jewish Lichen so the guy is not practicing well. Do you justify minutes for guys not doing what he's doing when he games are the games of the pay off like that's that that's been in a plus world right that's right in a perfect world no two minutes. But in a perfect world but much movement subsequent on the other side. Anyway he would be a better practice diving into the game maybe so. Maybe so Demi coaching and the irony and got me out of practice since then there and I'm not buying. Have an overall pick one up all the friends although the guys who wanted to distract would apply I'm the only one not playing. Well. And you can. I think they did early on in the season he you can how long we durst about the first fifteen games or so he was getting decent and that's enough. Enough okay. OK I agree it's not enough to develop him truly long term but if you forcing her results when he was getting minutes early on and you were practicing and you're seeing what you wanted to see. I understand how what I'm saying is I understand amassing its right it's a philosophy thing. I undersea sounds good in 1985. Is sounds good in 1993 but in the year Tony eighteen when you pay these guys so much money when there's some injuries is not a bit out of there good good teams sort and so on and so forth these guys have to play and you have to try to develop that. That it's it's a practice ethic work ethic all that stuff has to be good. Out of the longer wait till this morning Eric. It's my you know my limited time has been a few years now abide limited timer on the NBA. The one thing that comes to the forefront more often than not in the great coaches will tell you miss the great ones well. The pops not the Rick Carlisle is the grace steaming dog he's the great coaches who've done this for consistent time in the NBA. The the coaches get too much credit for when I got develops they do. And they get too much criticism when it's their fault too if it did its appeal people say it's a players league. It's gotta start in stop would you what are you wanna be is a player. That's a want to think and I'm I don't know about bleak as the person I'm not around him individually to know that heat with picnic you'll hate it starts and stops with individually what are you wanted to come. It's speaking legal guidance given the Carrick then you have a terror. I mean it's not gonna play he knows that when he gets on he gets he gets warmed up these gonna ghost town residents say yesterday eight to ten games he said eight to ten games after the all star break report out where we need to be. On this our plane some of these younger guys so. Until he right now Malik monk how good you ready. The dinner with the enemy and the enemy is the Minnesota arm around me like this it's like this W. I don't know affect up and Illinois and then a minister meaningless but that's the way it goes you can have it both ways you if you're not part of it early on. If you're not contributing to the winning your minutes go away and when the winning doesn't come and you start to develop sorry you're gonna get garbage time minutes a night. Hey man we're 1115 this person as a starter. He was contributing to win now dividend that becomes a question of are you going to torpedo your whole season beat because you think league moss development is gonna say you torpedo it I'm just think you've got some more sharks it was more opportunities. Playing five to 85 to ten minutes a game is gonna talk you're seasons if you're not gonna it can't overcome that as that's a team as a franchise you're gonna do it anyway. It was go to segment come guess I would talk about some of the stuff the hornets are they're just a mess may have missed 43 and 3310. Games under 500 and I don't think it's on Reese a little say on paper at least I this team should have been a playoff team even if only resonates eagle on 500 they should have been a playoff team maybe they ultimately get there but it seems like it's gonna be hard to believe at this point no cost also with us. From Syria X Sirius XM. NBA radio no what do you make this team intercept your frustration around here right now. You're not happy at that aspect and attack on. Us now he's shoes next year. President that if we get to that statement. I thought coming and then be a BBA it I never thought they got off Lackey appeared and then that I don't even know who had been seen it. Or what this team as walker if that player that you're in trouble at the product that the problem there's. There's no there's no I didn't. And when they were when they're on the brink of doing something at least they're going to be that they're that there is bureau I didn't get it. And that's such a weird thing to say about a Steve cook for team is it not. But again you can only do and he got that spot about it a coat can only do so much and until we got big bet. You know most of the guys you know like they did take the majority of their guys. That's where your leader you know an endeavor like that but it is regarded I think you know what this guy is leading up in the right direction but it's it's very easy. To all and do not we've got a shot and built what they're doing you know giving. Epic and game that they ought to break that and I think being games left it and then you're gonna decide what only Mike isn't the Indians I think I think that's them there. Impact I kind of grief and north. Tragic as we did this. How often is it that is coming in apart from where you want a rookie who comes in as all right worst that they can eat he it's afternoon practice and so on and so forth but how. How often especially in his new day engagement with with these young guys coming and 181920 year old guys that. That worked at deaconess and that that want to win that know how and everything else has to be developed. As opposed to a code saying you know we're gonna play him because he doesn't work when one Norton breakfast. But that it is that it do different way to think about that guy I go back and think about Tyree. So wouldn't I read got in Cleveland other that you greatly talented. And they if they did not. And I agree. Credit LeBron and content whit Beck I mean I don't work I don't mean pot and that would that would app for four years. Think I've we've been number one thing but it took LeBron need to look at reader understand. Just gonna have to do it my body inside app you're gonna need it are up but work so unless and and Dunlap there are guys around. Malik muck around all the other guys that are. That want to show you get that one but he got it won the lead by apple it it'd. You would think that it needed it today aren't you mean they're probably went a bit of that yup yup. Bust your butt and ordered to do it you know I think guys need that example what you have the right guys around him. Put out about those young player and you're not gonna get there they'll be at stake. It'd it'd nodded in. And it and I think the they pick that. A bunch of these young it early. Kinda hurt their multi month that the world we didn't he used in the leak and you think. Well look at what it is stated he would you know grab a quick Galen brown is black you're in the will be doing year end according to an in year. But they're physically different right like that's that's the thing to me that I think fans it to you don't. You bet if you're if you leak in this has been a problem actually people talk about defense he doesn't and scoring and what he's been on the sport is if you're going to be that size and that's frame mainly about being trashy but every drop in fifteen points off the bench every night to those guys are physically belonging in the NBA with their frames right now. I'm about probably play in height quite caller of the pipe organ that ornament in Missouri and Annie played against you know they'll play against long Bilbao. And Molly drop it he eye on the ball so. And log. That it quadruple double with it yet caught on average and again all still is utterly antelope and when he won create metadata on the but it. That we can have anybody out there that anybody else out and I had I was thinking. You can't be is going to be a big help make MBA but yeah we go well. And then he got but he got the college and cal Perry in them if they don't do very often and that. Very good actors go they take the ball pick up in front that yes stopped by committee everything and the bought on the month. Did you been doing it used to that. And now. It's a completely different mind. But why in the NBA not about going there or write him off and if you want to have to get an opportunity and you have to put the work. One this is the interesting thing to know Casillas with a Cyrix serious XM NBA radio he's on Twitter. At no cost lobbies with us on the technique come get slights are talking about minutes in and things of that nature development and things of that nature. That's also what an organizational philosophy correctional the hornets are also I mean the wait their record is is a pretty good indicator. Of where they are is an organization where there's kind of got 141 foot out the door one foot in the door are they a veteran team that doesn't care about young players. Artery Tina doesn't use draft picks to they wanna develop players show when you've got that type a roster. It's hard to justify just turning a guy like Malik among blue skies that's not waive the way the rosters really built up at this point. And you have to understand that they aren't all about there was no. Get up to the playoff which I don't buy out yeah agreed I don't of the plateau I think we go to organized they'd been. Don't live in denial you actually they actually understand where they are at a typical pretty. Went organization where coverage don't bombing at the prospect belt that they're just they're so much uncertainty. Within the organization of the our doppler. No do you think we've read this is it seems like it right like to meet my reaction to the Willie hurting Gomez steal the other day was more than anything. Like that was the only deal which Joseph was allowed to make like without checking what do. It seems like he's on borrowed time at the end of this contract we what do you make of that what you hear it on that. Yeah I'd I don't I don't know why protect cabinet can't speak out. Do resort to adopt what. Mr. speaker is. That they need they need the ability and whether it where rich show or are putting out they need they need some sort of organizational ability to kind of thought that. What would you do what would you do 'cause it's been interesting no cost us where this against serious XM NBA radio. He's with us on the technique I'm just like Chris medics had saved her people talking that you if they make a move Mitch Kupchak the guy David Griffin's kinda hanging out there. I don't love the Mitch Kupchak fit from a market standpoint but obviously he's got the bonafide what what you make goes. Of the idea of Mitch Kupchak being it being a GM here in Charlotte if if that were to happen. What you were. In a bit I mean I had a and they I'd wanna get back in the league didn't Ed Abbott an avid dot because there are only thirty haven't been yeah. In every got it they quote unquote good dot they're they've done that are yet what started and others. Again and it Cambodia if kemba is your best player. Then and let here you're hitting home runs in the draft which have not. And you're you're cannot cannot lab with any sort the problem so I mean I thought there. I've thought about it if Kevin Love had in dot. I putted you know they would've been ice tea. At a lot of and maybe is it realistic aspect. You don't want it. I'd do something where they've where they did that book and it is then kemba and nick if you back equipment I don't do nothing to mix it up in order to get in order to get more money. And do really set a little bit. If it got to get bigger bite that apple and and that's the part in the it's got everything about where you're not. So. So you'd say you'd Jimmy ms. gut check your whomever the stain it and this organization this franchise's all over the place. What is the day one and and what's the first decision you make. Would this morning esteem and his organization to to getting going in the right direction. India assumes its ability. Tiller and at that. To allude to which peaked yet they've yet so many out there. Again and again you can't yet you have been here. But that also speaks to what you're talking about because again when is Michael Jordan having his pick once in a blue moon rich Cho have and is it wants a blue moon. You can you always keep missing because there's no consistency in the idea of how you're building a roster through the draft that's a big reason why they keep missing. Not being. Doubt this thing about where they were on I quit and I remember what it's not about that that. This bathroom a split between only market dot commit to a page haven't we haven't much to accommodate their op. Nom and we're frustrated we're just. Frustrated actually wanting more frustrated that we started when no Kozlov Sirius XM fixing NBA radio was with us on the technique can't get slide I instant analysis. Greatest trade great trade or greatest trade in NBA history for the cast it's a deadline after after yesterday. I agree greater greatest Neff. Then let live livid about that yeah yeah all. All ought not like I get Robert passion that if culprit for the law about that but yeah I mean. I think anything in May were you when you feel a broad smiling. It's good news that. Well I will leave you this you know we saw raptors up here in in person twice now and I've I've long been a fan of what the by the way speaking our roster building what beside you juries on their in the last year's spending as our credit there. He's he's one of the best in the NBA what he does so that's no coincidence but. I you know they quietly snuck to the top of the Eastern Conference standings and they are alone with Golden State as the only two teams to be top five in offense and defense in the NBA. I'm not gonna bet against LeBron even with all these moves could. The intro I mean would you be shocked if we wake up and it's an NBA finals a Golden State Toronto because I I don't think I'd be surprised by that. Yeah at eBay I'd be pretty surprised really. Yet I'd be pretty surprised. Because of the way that the backers of the one of the weapons that and put it. I don't even think Utley in out there because AA even though they're playing that's a different style about mother here but it still in the would you improve in the playoffs that. The bronze nodded your ad. Then yes I'd be I'd be the by the rapid on the spot added that it mattered not a good about it about why they would like it happened on top in the buyout yet and LeBron. We yearly in the. I know a couple of series six MMD radio is on Twitter at Noah Kozlov. How can people checking out a series sex amateur wanna listen Inoa. Yet they got the weekend. Up in front and the 11 before it can follow on Twitter. At knockout but you ability I appreciate it. Are no good to talk to buddy. They go thanks to make Canton north Kozlov hello we get a break. And now we've we've got our first awesome NASCAR story of the year. Which may mean we need to update which NASCAR drivers up by the Panthers Robby is up next to OG Crowe's we get into some college hoops and some Panthers to rockets ahead its prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina. Listening tub primetime with Chris Krueger powered by sports okay. Carolina. More likely it is day. His illness field again. Abu Dhabi. Feel this little cousin hurry the civil we're so he's a battering the lyrics cousin Dupree gang don't we do it actually maybe this is. This is it this song actually I don't know of every carefully here you're watching the Olympics. Limiting about a for a second know. Strongly feel you'll not see no not. Stick around America can't wait that's the question. What are you would not see what I mean that is a good quijano this bill was an eye on that one episode but I don't think that's possible okay so. Auditors the enemy in a box thirty teams the Mario chose may be it's the it's the brother sister do well from Michigan. Not better that are the ice dancing couple. Are younger they're younger ish I guess yeah and I want you to listen iced this so little water and it's a little bit of an odd dynamic for brother sister Thabeet. Is it doesn't have to be there are some my cousin lives in Argentina and India it is our economy right sensual. You know title of performance and it's a brother sister duo fur. Billy's cringing that's we've missed when you're in Puerto Rico Billy and this would this is that we started out the Olympics the love affair when America with a brother sister Wrighster ice dancing duo wasn't there a a movie about this. The movies at Gloria aren't they brother in salary guy. I have at a estimated there are so anyway on that note go read the lyrics because of debris if you want please all right 70457096. And I've just been told. By our steam boss Tony to hit man that we have two tickets for Carolina and Notre Dame tonight. And that we will take right now we're gonna open up the phone lines 7045709610. How I'm up we will take the fifth caller right now. To win these tickets to North Carolina Notre Dame which he got to get up third to 7 o'clock tomorrow. Attitude on the ball might get like literally pick up right now and and get to Chapel Hill. I still live color number five will do right now two tickets to Notre Dame north Carolina at the dean dome tonight at the Smith Center 7 o'clock tip off won the cold front WB TB is gonna get their 7 o'clock tonight because obviously we get three hours to go before tip off let's go to Robbie really quick he knows a thing or two about the yields Robby what's up buddy and Robbie. I don't know where Robby went Palmer a drop and Robby Robin what a hung up so we can win the tickets actually actually money Villa Robby was trying to do there are still by the way. NASCAR season starts on Sunday it's technically underway right now. I know that so I that your big big NASCAR fan OG yes how about about our boy is a great story man is an awesome story Alex moment and taken the poll. In his first ever race to replace the 88. So we we keyboard it was gonna happily Dale Junior junior was NASCAR like after junior I don't know maybe Alex Bowman turns into be some young stud that nobody knew about a couple years and we seller no less the cost him. And we seller like this old Julia yes it is a weird weird dynamic because I think what gets sold. For some of these younger guys in NASCAR announced. They actually play really well corporately who wasn't named we were we Kevin Harvick get radio row last week or two weeks ago. I talk about this and there but some guys who were. Or more outspoken about this how some of the older guys who like they've really they have they've been stays down right our sponsors aren't you know they really didn't want somebody who used to could boost to cookie cutter right they can put him on impose cereal boxes and we think about this okay so Carl Edwards I'm Carl Edwards route time I'm abusing your quotes here. Retired. Last year going into last year we musher to race. And he gets pushed out to have opted to have Dana swore as takeovers car ending this war has won the extra duty series Mexican born. I was an awesome story the year before. And dean a Suarez is all the sudden and we got nickel we got. We got a minority driver. That is not cookie cutter is all week. And let's put it in his car but what's funny is what you said that about Carl Edwards like fifteen years ago they listen could you gotta give that he was the outsider like here's this guy from the midwest. He's got this all shocks personalities who back flips off this car is the country boy he is but even if that's what's so funny it's like she was considered to be an outsider. And then like in the last ten to sixteen years now you're looking at him saying that I get him in a Major Wright and again you we need more than you. And then so doing you'll Soros comes in when it's so funny NASCAR because I think. Well NASCAR thought they were sent right they thought there were set Rihanna fans we have are based. But we don't need to branch out but it's funny because I think their servitude for masters right now because the TV audience. I think because what you're talking about he's not the same as the guest is an homage it does not have that polarizing figure that everybody sick and I can't wait to get him from my counsel wanna are from a TV at 1 o'clock. See these two guys mix it up but sponsors are as happy as they've ever been before because you got media savvy you owner. Vs goal. Energetic effervescent personalities in these young guys that are drivers and they're making money and I tweeted about it. Two at ten Ali and social media stuff they love the interaction with fans there are available all the time so like the sponsors are happy. But Joseph fantasy you're Santa you gotta give me more minutes right like cool who among all of my tuning in to see every Sunday at 1 o'clock. Joseph casual fan is that because of the drivers themselves have their base. Rent of a give and give it a guy like a driver he likes that driver he didn't care who what when where and how. But Joseph casual mood and have one driver that he can particularly say hey that's Smart guy yup that's a guy who who NASCAR is I think struggle. Speaking of NASCAR we're about to talk painters I think on this note we need to update our our our list were keeping a running list of Zambia and yes that are not not. Not going to by the Carolina painters we ask Kevin Harvick who person he said no. We asked Jeff Gordon the rainbow warrior who's who made millions upon millions of dollars in his racing to broadcast career. And I think we need to update the list is we going to this new workweek here. The Panthers don't have an owner. Apparently there were those fixated on a NASCAR driver buying that team. So far. Your prime time aren't going to give up. So here's today's. Watch NASCAR driver isn't owning the panther and radio James. Derrick cope. Derrick cope 59 year old Derrick cope but can police still racing. Never won a race itself one top ten. Pretty bad. Who's the sponsor Antilles in the truck series he said two wins in the inner in the monster energy series the Winston cup series. The Nextel series what every wanna call it 32 top tens or 11 poll. He's he's still hanging on he's got a team coming into this year and 59 he still racing. It's going to be really hard for him he should be retired by NASA's Johnson ray Roberts I think it's like site I don't even know the sponsors start come racing since team. OK okay. So he should be retired at the age of 59. Should be thinking about business ventures like out of my body Carolina fans true. Had he still on a car every Sunday so it's really hard to order Panthers team if we don't drive your racing every Sunday because you'll be racing in and they'll be. Point and the no Jericho. And he only made like fifty million dollars for such can be tough. Tough to Fandango that you know earnings with the whole many that do you know the debt to income ratio about America. Kind of thing this Peoria show you what he's the guy out of this thing.