Primetime: Panthers-Saints Breakdown With Lance Moore

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Friday, September 22nd

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-hosts Geoff Schwartz & Jamar Nesbit bring in former Saints WR Lance Moore to discuss who will win this weeks Saints Panthers matchup. 


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Peace peace primetime. Powered by North Carolina and Kroger as the game goes on I think Larson will probably find his footing you know there last week. If he was prepared and if he would attack the week prior to that like you might have the opportunity of playing. He would have been in and been ready to go he was like I. Brian's here. The army and I'll hand in my test I only know they do testing beyond and coming on the I and in my intestines and other than that. You know give my in my free meal before the game and and social look it's a much different mindset when you're when you think you know playing for. When you're playing them I've been a battle for for years. And there were games right to do when the first drive in your life sort of make your insurance a couple of folks with a million. Right distract Jeff Schwartz food steer dad's hot dog JJ spread out who's here for Franken Tyler earlier we're waiting on our food that's going to be decided it was fetus on Fridays. Literally voted best pizza and wings and all Charlotte there's one in uptown Nelson that might be your spot on game day as you get ready for Panthers and saints on Sunday and Dodd they are just awesome induced Jimmie and Steve really great to Sante pizza could die become a good support those guys to get the ticket package over their joy to watch all the games. On Sundays to in Matthews and now an uptown and fourth ward. Our write things off. Our run off the tree tree over there should go check those guys up the Sante pizza coach doc concert just short to mourn as that are too offensive lineman witness. On this Friday get you set for Panthers and saints and don't forget will be over the WS Lindsay Coca-Cola doghouse starting at 10 AM. On Sunday get you ready for the game pregame starts eleven the bar be open at ten and will be there after the game as well so come join us it's the spot to be a Panthers game days and now we'll see there on Sunday which go to Jason wants to jumping he's been hanging on very patiently we appreciate it Jason what's up man. Hey good afternoon guys Good Friday at Ellis got a quick comments on where in reference tissue and the play Colin. Let's go to the live gains. Without their leadership was ultrasound ultra uncle Leo. I think there's more pressure on. Q1 and can't get the ball well and quicker. Tom you felt this guy there and didn't have enough time to get your checks and it seems like there's a lot more pressure on them choose not to so quick to joke comment got the appreciate it. If you super Chicago this is something that's been going on for college and how we would say just the last year plus I mean I actor or Revver situations even in 2015 were solid the Panthers. How were really street you know struggling to manage clock situations it was really bad at times last year and it's been bad already through two weeks with so what is that just. While the colleges cam or Shula right it's gonna be dead and that's gonna be a lot of people failing on that. Well I'll say this so unless it's a situation where it and the verbiage is soul long and complicated to get the play out. There shouldn't be an issue. Once that with the huddle mechanics right. Unless. Unless the coordinators having a difficult time trying to figure out what play he wants to run a mess it's in that situation if that's the case. That's all launch that's all on the OC. Can't judge just to get the club play call get you know call it a go from there. You know the whole leadership thing you know we're collegial and also not be or they don't have anything to do well how quickly the play gets in and get lined up. The only thing in the back can have any issue goes to to have anything to do with any thing about that is. If wide receivers or running backs are people are lining up in the wrong spot. Yeah right what just happened that our best knowledge of the pitchers generally. Take a slew. Time to get the playing gets so why should review shall other teams either. Are not don't huddle or the age sprint cell line independents just seeing the economy like it wanted all the they wanted to call the play clock that's what they wanna do and so I think that puts him in bad situations at times because. Other times it. Khamis audible plays or there's times where there's rotation and Ryan who is gonna change a line calls don't quit and so. Because it takes so much time either gain the plane in or camps during the play out. Or gave someone a scrimmage as is always moving parziale motion papers emotional law they shift and 82 work on getting out the huddle. With twenty seconds left Gillis who a lot of the British fifteen seconds. And that's just that's what introduces I don't think it's a lack of a nor would the players are can't try to figure things out of the engines all the mechanics. Are very slowly take her time in the huddle called the play. I may be sure does need to learn to have and that's quite ready I have was on the headset before when I've been injured have been matter euros in new York and the second to god. Was down and not due to the next plan. Like the coaches. Do those big play cards they have. The port deal lists for every situation situation gone there first and ten seconds seven normal down distance third fourth third and 637 and I have four plays a group so they just go to national its third seven okay earmark for players spokesperson turn here's my four runs in many users might and they do it by fueled by fuel position so. May be sure doesn't have a organize that way or mideast to him about what to do or is freeware to too much but. That's what I did I do think that if she did have a long delay games. While also citizen now the other policy you know possibility exists. There's a a train going on in the league and has been like this for the last 456 years right where people are trying to get the perfect play. Person defense. Instead though hey this is what we've played this group this is called that we've made. Go executes the best your ability then we'll line up go back into it again. Right so they can have a play and then along with this from his MVP you know season and last season. He is. He's. He's been giving more freedom. To audible. He did it again did the played a forty yard TD the only TV. A passing had a net in that first half against efforts Disco the other in week one was that forty are past the same that was just emotionally Russell Shepard that was inaudible he made Bronson that was an audible will correct so what. In order to be able to do that you have to be there on the line with enough time that he can make the identification to figure out what he wants to do. Right so I've watched. Too many times the ball he's standing back there with two seconds 12 clap and trying to get offers a line. Org secretly snapped the ball but here's the situation would get you major are double what you're not given us a chance to doggone make our calls to make sure block correctly it will either and I don't mean I don't know if there's hard fast rule on this because you're making an audible call how much time realistically needs to be on the play clock left where you could still play it time to execute a inaudible well it just depends on the type of cost maybe their business -- Roos -- mean you know you love to break up break huddle tweet saying isn't gonna have to go up there resist depends on what the situation as. Mark your seen him making an audible and it's like now you're talking like six to eight seconds left on the clock for your caught no man's land where and are caught and that's why all right time out right as offers on your caught right now you're caught. 32. All of a sudden he you know black whatever ready and he's stars clap and run the ball roll the second and you got to come off this side over here and you wanna get smacked the or do you wants the block. So I mean is it it's it's hard on both sides and so if they're able to be more efficient they don't have to be great but they just have to be more efficient. Go for that they don't have a lot of course our boys in the Charlotte similar club tweeting in app prime time WS NC brown leads back this month's zero interest five years no money down getter of the diamond ever dreams like a two carat cushion shape for so it was fifty bucks a month building trust for three generations it's proudly and rally jeweler stock comp. It's been three weeks they wanna talk about their goals are gonna talk college football next hour promise you it I think it's gonna be weird weakening college football these weekends in college football always produced the weirdest weekends the biggest upsets the didn't see coming this lady games maybe not the sexiest could actually think we got some interest in want to do that coming up. In the a 4 o'clock hour Lance Morse gonna join us in twenty minutes we'll talk to the Super Bowl champ Randy wants to jump in and talk printers witness what's up brandy. Hey dad you are doing great how are you. Great just. You know low. Paid back from cal have banned a great defense. I think they're over confident I'm in the first to have honest and opponent coming up combined record is what. For a further away for the Panthers you're talking about. We have our first two reported memoranda. I mean are you are on yeah I mean Ivins total the exact record since I was. 49ers are 13 now and then the deals are sitting there it's no I wanna once so yeah on the 124 after after a few games. Brian in their. Record last year those of parliament so that I wouldn't get too overconfident. Although the diners and a 39 and wade phillips' defense last night so I mean they're the Panthers. You're supposed to play this way if your defense like it's okay to dominate bad teams. Black planet and their lucky day they won last week they can easily. The prospect and okay and let us look at him and he I agree but OK if they easily could wanna buy more Christian McCaffery. Is given to get a great pass to walk Canadians and until the management hangs always popped Bjorn pull yourself but you completely a symbolic scheme both ways all day I mean that they won I mean I don't I don't know what yeah. With which I guess yeah yeah. If the body of work and actually act. McCain just haven't updated silver constant rain deal it looks chilly listening to worsen your talk about more than doubts than any of the confidence is we have which show even listen just the last hour or hated him brag about report they ever are still aren't nobody's talking now battery only all the mostly I want the first person to bring that up nobody wants a said that today and I don't want to hurt people on the bandwagon what's. Brady how are you listening. Like how all for Elizabeth the defense wants to know what you said that it's not a single person is for tomorrow I don't know how this incident export dependent secondary know definitively that they're talking about how could this could mean this is what these games where you gotta gotta watch out sell the a man typical troll they always exist you don't try to walk and her voice all of our. I want to dispel this thing is this thing about how. Are beating up on a bad team you're supposed to beat up on our team if you're good team like the raiders beat the jets that's supposed to happen. The Panthers you're good defense you crush the bills and you cross the miners if you're supposed to do that. But this idea of of they you're supposed to Basie played down into a bad team know you should be good to good team that's what great teams do they beat. Terrible teams really bad and really really ferociously look the Tampa did to the bears are supposed to do that. This idea that that doesn't count because it does tell that's the supposed to do. Well and die here here's the other thing to enjoy a dubious game in okay you can do that. In Atlanta barely hung on its okay gift. The bears catch a couple of passes in the end zone they win the first game against the falcons and then how the falcons looking as they go to the home opener against the Packers. On Sunday Night Football which you you don't make mistakes about winning in the NFL. And nobody using your dragon a with the Panthers are doing in the first hour but go ahead ready do you man when we come back. We got to get to discus in this is re seriously saints giants dangles colts all teams with legit playoff aspirations pre season. With their backs against the wall they lose you can guarantee they will not be playing. Come playoff time in January we talk about why whose most likely go down Josh wants the way and more panther stalking in dar re India's. I don't know maybe he'll join us again we get to him play it's more gonna join us coming up at 330 medical Leo at 5 o'clock more Schwartz and as his. On time powered by ortho Carolina. You're listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Pretty get a second serve the book chasing here in ten minutes away at some more tomorrow does this teammate from Super Bowl 44 I think he caught a two point conversion experience that we elect and checked the box to absolutely give credit where credit still talk to him 330 medical we'll for the Panthers at five. Our prime timer. Wonders what we shut down the Twitter poll what's the what's the ruling on this stand by. I don't get that momentarily don't forget you can find out how you can leave your legacy at the WS NC Coca-Cola doghouse go to get my perks dot com leave your legacy be more immortalized. Are the dog Cassidy could snag this great deals today get my perks stock comment also oh. Go to WS NC dot com for pigskin pick them pick every week the teams you think you're gonna win you'll be entered into a weekly contest. To win a gift card to the NFL shop to gear up for your favorite team to be entered in the running for 500 dollars. In the grand prize register right now WS NCR come what's the Twitter poll what's the results when they edit and print till 4 o'clock group the leader in the clubhouse has changed Fred -- Casey James Revver juror whirling Mario Addison right those are our options massacre Q partner OK keep on Seymour. Our I'm not keep monkeys he went would you say use team ranch yesterday deaths we see it looks he usually runs federal thank you don't be bought her rancher who choose neither. But he had Selig and yet mutant let me okay this the big topic on Twitter retreat reload and a fellow writers recently about mayonnaise or umbrella mayonnaise. These outgoing mails but it's my go to economy dump Soledad on issues from an ace miss. We had you pronounce it say it again menace minutes. Mean little cool when manes got a comment as to how do you say to save forming a mess of paper and asset. Men and men ace tennis you satellite would heartedly demanding ace Roy sort of meant to answer your mortgage your weird uncle angelenos are telling and I feel when you don't really is like that are used from movement. OK yes and you know on that my apologies all right. Are we getting into this really quick job before Lance calls us and bring it to Josh telephones and a second. So here's here's the number on this this is really really stark first of all teams federal into all time. I since 1990 that's when the wildcats format was up put in. 12% gonna make the playoffs. So he got a chance but basically someone intent wreck on an angry. And so you get teams right now we're sitting there there are a lot of teams are going to the person teams that you really would've said. OK I think these teams are going to be in playoff contention and in fact I guess they probably will be playoff teams. Arm saints may be in. Giants Bengals colts to me were 33 teams that. For sure you thought they'd be hang around the playoffs even if only a wild card team the Bengals have gone basically offered colts really. You look yeah things practice at all yeah but I guess my thing with like is I just thought he would come back at some point and if so the AFC south so bad they're gonna win it. But even at nine in seminary need I thought that could be to case mom either way. Teams literally three. Since 1993. For 132. It's a 2.3 percent chance of making the playoffs are on the last team to do with the ninety bills. And they then went on won five straight after an 03 start. Like David okay climb their way back into adult they hit like. Our rocket boost right and shot their way out of the basement so there the last seem to do it hasn't been done now in going on twenty years three for 132 all time if you lose this weekend saints giants dangles colds whatever changes you thought he had. And a band McEntee said the other day what we're not the first good team to go into. I don't know if you're good team and all New York. Arm and if you're 03 you definitely not make in a playoff so I ask you cults of browns giants and Eagles. Angles it Packers dangles verse the Packers. And those three teams we are the saints are gonna be here all whose whose most likely to come out with a win in stave off playoff elimination after weeks three. That's a tough ask for since he right in Green Bay and a. So I think it's going to be that sign offs right over the giants are gonna win but they have the best to chance to win our facility name's Eric Phillips for 1 o'clock kickoff on Sunday actually so. There since 2010. Their Owen deserves to refine and Philly. Mostly games have been pretty badly to lose we lost 27 nothing point 77 when maggert do but indeed game since 2000 is their 401 Philly. Well this is he like popular finally won 1 PM games international winner that is a weird stuff I think the jungle telegraph there right now kinda the and a bottle of wearing green bay lightning. What do you guys just. I think generally Shuster why do I know we're I think it's he's actually not but I. I got Ian I see how I see how would be that way much final I mean it's hard to evaluate Eli because also it's a line is so important how do you. Evaluates. His plays he's declines in Asia so hold on because of the stat. You just gave would you just saved Eliza five and one in Philly 1 PM games yes I'm hitting with a Donna Gregory and here you go Billy clay the Don McGrath Koran mad we win as a voodoo math you're doing right here. That the tiger in thirty whatever voodoo Matthew just did saying that Eli is five and 101 PM games that are in Philly at the link it is baseball star here you go play guess the dollar Greco rat may get away we hear there's voodoo math through the double right now. Can't stop it. These are all involved in July only 27. Our pleasure and I'm I'll Monday night's installment shortstop. Curry's gossip narrative that you Eagles pulled somebody else your eyeballs tell. Like Sox pitcher that's my stack up to us that you want Zimmerman yeah there's a yeah Michael cage opened Wednesday's death. Do you bring to Jordan Michael huge countdown peaceful and follow the staggering in the mirror and see. Reds and yeah. Or something. There are doing well on top. We'll talk with Larry this clip well the people that trust at all actually born here. People who listen to the staggering into your arms and people who sit characters ask if they only know Brittany can. National Geographic due to a staggering figure urgent action decent lie stuff. Yeah and blue what are the factors that are available from Russia for years. But the years. Opens on yeah there are awful and. Scoring twenty points. And 7778. Who went joke and so are frequent and could throw a sergeant should hold. Everything I hear him. Jill is sort cheeks and your armed. And it's unclear Fortis is Michael cage and a transition to the caller awarded go to he heard 5 to 5 o'clock and one mile is easy to an editorial Hosea could've made a really valid argument. If you didn't do loss from the rails. But that's a very good I just has a very baseball price group dodger fan nods installing but Ross Porter did games to an island day and then throughout stuff like. Beyond dale Nomo is 2221. To engage games against NL west on a Tuesday Allen Tuesday when it's 84 degrees and it's like. Ask what she's made a historic six theory. The judge off disappointed giants' offensive line is not a very good or as far as humor three sacks for the rest for game I guess he was fine in PF upgraded him like OK for the game room and I'm to go nuts and that's older sends us a giants fans are saying as well he didn't play that bad and then back. Hussein not in her flowers police said that and that's where this is coming from us I don't know where. So I don't know what though that's the problem. Because you know as a player you can allow people outside. To make excuses for you yeah when you start making excuses for yourself that's where we really have a price you remind yourself right. You as a player looking in the mirror if you can look at yourself and lie tears a he collided about. Price you've been lied to your I think looking go on and I like the stats but I also think you need stats for stats sometimes like to that point like. Okay putting Audi a staffer in tired of the game where it change you. Being better than you actually were ignores where how bad you actually were forgiven period not so you almost need like stats for specific stats. But we you stats and every other sport like it is weird to me that football the one sport it's been so resistant to like. Advanced stats in getting more info and more analysis. About what your watching did you get it in baseball and it's come around now in the NBA NBA because it has become an advance status league the NHL supposedly is really having him a big movement right now and hockey. Where they're trying to buy into advanced steadily as we like football the once with I like unless I actually you know I ask you that he recant that I don't even know does that that's usually I don't I don't even know the stats really help predict anything I just think it helps for gambling purposes helps for fantasy football especially don't tell you a picture last don't know well for poor people who don't play like him after the fact like I think well we'll play I think that's what I think the stats are important for that. But if you I mean. Forward O'Donnell Greco on the right now I've been out you had this position. Correct then you have your anti matter if there is no amount and type or for something hit us. It just as my son's listen to first talk to him not anti meth a second I'll get to work done but other than that isn't. The stats they tell a story but anybody who knows anything about stats you can you can mix them up and have them put pull out what ever you no longer promise a troop so there is it doesn't matter so it. It's truly. As the crazy man on the radio just a dollar and on the record at dollar Brecher who was yelling right you're. Eyes tell you what you need two things one. Your point about I used to when I write you stats by you should have backed up what I've seen on film right kind of used to stat to stand alone. And not wash a Fella because I think stats can I. I talked about Cam Newton and I said something about Howell cameras not throwing the ball well out of the numbers and yet she had a stat for everything you're exactly right chemist at Torrey north NFL could mean it Els and all of us what this Bill Clinton did was understand as well you can so stats to back up what you see on film. But PR stuff I'll give him IIRU two all time but. A horse I've gone one time for the organ spring game I got some of their fans status only in his defense from Torrey sixteen due date quite. This is that they sell to those teams like it's amazing quite how many times it's a team is gonna serve personally takes away the grunt work from that from that in turn out. Outing and chat the chart every time teams and a fortune 5416335. Or stats were doing business for teams. Artwork to disregard the technique on disarming I want Super Bowl champ in the studio we welcome in another his former teammate Jamar Nesbit. And now we will commit another offensive player Super Bowl 44 champ. Eleven year NFL that you can hear all over the place including series sex and NFL radio let's not make in time for slits are you doing man. Great merit different this year are about that mail are we how do you feel do you come down former player Lance Moore how do you come down on the on the stats argument in terms of sports is I I clearly did not slam a 140 pounds soaking wet and on a good day on a good day and I aide I really like what numbers can tell us sometimes about. About sports into me I want more info and no I'm not saying all info is created equal when it each paint just the best picture but. I also don't understand people who spoof flatly don't I'm not seen as your don't give me a look missed but people who are anti stats altogether so how do you feel about it does it feels like footballs the last four or their life that keep the advanced stats in the analytic stuff away from us we really want some of that stuff. Well I mean whether I'd like bitter about it kind of irrelevant topic that the league is going more toward the B analytic side. I'm just trying to gather as much information at all about. Creating some sort of edge. So you can create some sort of and by us you know whatever statistical analysis that you are using. And so be it I'm. Jill got obviously that's a very important to me. Well I agree that that was that was a zealous no. I'll go oh what a bat I had I agreements jet on the definitely do when you're watching film and things which are paying attention to you you want to use those that the kind of backed up which are seeing because. There's certain. You know you can look at disparate and that that defense is that sport. The Panthers so over the personally this seat and I mean they look like that you know one of the best because that it ever played well all but. You look at that you can't they play against the census reported cardinal but look built to achieve that really. Are that good on offense. You can't you can. Watch that film against against those gains for the Panthers and then they okay beast that makes sense because these guys are plow that field or make you need glaze so it makes sense though. If you just look at the numbers so all I don't think you can do it you know they don't really do too much jet that but it your putting that. Together with that though mr. watching that they figured that would benefit should. Okay so what how much stock do we put in these stats lies more with the southerly Super Bowl 44 champion teammate Jamar Jamar Nesbit with this right now on the technical and guess on how much stock do we put in the stats they basically tell us. On this saints' defense is the worst in the NFL of course who what do what do we make of the saints defense right now is such Carolina tries to gets it's off to its offense on track on Sunday afternoon John baseless. Yeah a lot to get it can literally bought the minute that the group within a budding mean that defense. It's given up over our party art became so if they ought to just something out quick they will keep going down that that historically awful defense that. Date they are creating turnovers so at least pictured it gonna be art and you can create some turnovers you give yourself a chance. But but you know Gordon playmaker a team on the road like Carolina that got you know things going well for them and they still quite I don't think they've beaten. Quite figured out exactly what they wanted to do offensively they've relied heavily on their defense. This saint separate themselves than any. A precarious situation you're a year recently where. The premium has been put up at the court order but when that defense can't stop anybody and you can see what happens. Restrict that and I didn't start the day and all that Cheryl since. Talking LAS mores with the trying to technical and assign your Lance on Sirius XM NFL radio Super Bowl 44 champ lots longtime NFL that. And with this right now as we get ready for Panthers and saints at 1 o'clock I I don't know Atlanta and you've got better expertise on this and you and as can speak to this but. I mean I'm okay I understand I never like to saints but to me I go back in you wrong that Super Bowl 44 team. And I can't remember in my lifetime a team that has gone from. In incredible hall of fame quarterback a once in a lifetime type of talent Drew Brees all this offensive talent around a defense it's it's good enough to play along with that. And yet it's been complete feels like it's been completely dismantled. And demolished and basically. I castrate your over the last 56 bush years like it's amazing it just feels like a giant waste of of of timing talent for Drew Brees and that quarterback spot looking at how averaged an awful this defense is gonna times. That salary cap decisions bad draft picks. Are maybe you can speak to that but it it just seems amazing to me how sideways this thing got no hurry for New Orleans over the last few years. Why Serbia comes down so so a couple different things that the first and foremost it's. Premium into war and has always been put on all sent Sean Payton got there larger breed got there office has been deep most important thing. When you. Kind of let the defense goes to the wayside it's gonna suffer as a result we were lucky enough to acquire some guy. In 20082009. Specifically jobs bill mind Darren Sharper debt try to help solidify our defense and do some things. Back there that we that we were able to do before then it and sent then like you said the missing Roger haptic. Look not necessarily fighting the right big name free agent Doug and it's got a couple gotten paid a lot of money are gonna mention any names butch. Those guys obviously did not cannot and not turn out to be good player and then they've. They let you guys that were really good all pro type player. Like Michael Jenkins just walk out the door got I don't really understand net. Decrepit and all agree here at the same color from the viper V you've got something. Or somebody that has worked out well for you and continues improving you just let him walk because you don't what they don't. But did you take somebody else more than you will say though. It's just I don't know perfect side they can always get right but but things like that are the reason why they think defense is in the situation that there are now. Lance if you were Mike Hsu earlier he offensive coordinator for the stance there seem it's been a slow go things through the first two weeks trying to get this offense on track how do you use Christian McCaffery what would you do with your call plays what would you do put a menace position to succeed. I give them the ball as many artists pop like getting amid state against this defense that is struggle against everybody. You can run a you can put about out of the backfield you can bottom up as a receiver would do as much as I can. Specifically getting meant all that happy there and almost order yard gain. He's that he's one of those guys that you can get bought some quick and he's gonna give you. More yards and then you know an average glare would if you not a god you have patrol. Big yard bomb outside Larry I think like that you can get a quick little agents grain but if he can make a lot of anyway out of those and you know I've been looking much doubt about that I mean whatever you wanna do that looked like it should work I mean it's seen as Lilly really battle third bell. I got there before they can't serve them they turn the ball over so. Monetary a lot of luck it ensure that it feeding themselves this week patients they should be playing OK our law. Should we be worried about this answers also mean if it did if things don't get off this week if he you know maybe if they still struggle again are in trouble running the ball. I'm should we start to worry about this Kantor's offense sir is it still wait and see mode with can't try to get the shoulder right. I would definitely say latency but if they want I would be worried about any minute there is no doubt about that well let's isn't isn't Gordon. The way that it should be going yet that's fine I mean if all they keep what do that they shouldn't matter. What do you think of cam when I say Cam Newton what it would what's your reaction to him Lance. You know Campbell one of those guys like. What I was playing that I always admired because so. It sure just typical actually because they make you big guy is gigantic. He can run out of that we know he is throw. He's one of the more competitive and on players to watch it go out you know play together and wanted him to do well is it well there are a lot of guys. Really good. You know short film I I pray that he. I can't help it he is the agency is to get more healthy because it's you know it's only right that they when you go up there to be your plan to get. You know when they're at their best. I'll but I think that you are a lot more talented guy when he gets credit for. An and it'll maybe it matter him. Reverting back to that let it sit and a little bit when he gets in trouble and how to. Continue to get in trouble but. I think that they didn't make sense so dynamic it is the way that he can run the football. Things break out. Guys are draped all over knicks can't get down on eager Ronnie get ditching big first down a big chunk yardage and and that something that the fact that a lot of I can account or so let that would make them so scary to me. And Lance hum. Talking about Drew Brees. The word on the street is he's past his prime. Do you think this will be his last year as a saint and if not. Coming more you think you as an. A lot of I don't think this that he actually I'm not a big deal he's one of those that it's managed to extend its crime because the minute you. If you watch him play even that either I mean he's he's still very accurate the ball they'll come out quickly even though he's got. To look at started upward to block it out another got way out of position. Billy still is able to put up those numbers in that he would put it up in our great game on the he's still the same type of fiery competitive got it all expanded. I I think. It's too early to say it if it did last year or I I assume that the state. Our Palo born to wait. And the other people played out before they make a bunch of decisions so I really don't know how to answer that question I know that. He would look at the end the war debate just career Al bared and obviously out of former C native did the body of its. I would feel weird to see them play anywhere else after he's at but look it's that the war. But I guess we just wait and be open that you liked it over the area and she. He can he didn't figure out what Mickey Loomis and everybody there out of out of its bid this contract so that body and until it is free agent deal after this season but. I'd feel reissues. Are you played on these games Lance so sometimes and you look at any Selma has going to be one side he can't see this happening. Odds are if they rarely go that way these games sir are weird sometimes. And just get down big against the saints in the Super Bowl last year and came storming back and almost won that game. I can barely hung on here on a Thursday night last year twos so always we think happens when it's all said and done divisional game first of these a beer for both of these teams what happens on Sunday between the Panthers and saints. I've definitely going to be a close game that's at a lot of them usually are but I think that these same defense won't make you play. But I just think that I think the Carolina defense the little bit too much and and especially what would say he's not really. Establishing. Of the real rhythm offensively I think that's such trouble I think shot it. They're not quite figured out how do you like being distributed present what they got the facts deal. Bombs you know this thing will meet still updated it a big deal where Giroux out there. But I don't think it will be a close game I don't know about what you're fuel terror let. I was sick look at it. Come on get off the fence give us so what are what are you can't get a certain it was a team it was team. Are ignored it quote. No love. Mob guy he knows her bread is buttered like a smaller Super Bowl champions the rule 44 team Itamar Jamar Nesbit unless it's great to talk to you man thanks for making time force. Got a Grammy RB good day feels like it's more we come back we do this week we debuted this last week it seemed to be a smash success. We pitted one listener pose day. Against Colin Cowherd. And a coin who could who's more effective at picking games against the spread a coin heads or tails soon. Joseph Sander Joseph broadcaster we've got the answer we'll find out of Jose did want us to come back for round number two would do it again and could the NFL actually admit the NFL never does this could the NFL would bit have admitted they made a monumental monstrous mistake we get to its prime time powered by ortho Carolina. You're listening top primetime with Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. I love their reaction like consumer. Offered like did sometimes like guys are coming here Nomar coming here this is true on the liar and and as a mechanism that the sanctions. There's literally just did this earlier knows he realized he did this he actually does did this we come back from break and as goes. Oh OK well a couple of all right you're not quite as stark still quite as I don't you are sometimes gross. You go you know some some oil was so funny about that is this is us that it. I was like oh. Up. Yeah I think I heard he didn't realize and you got to minority by nature to pass. OK all right so big guys are Super Bowl champ Geoff Schwartz got a two offensive lineman. Allred talked to another O lineman Matt Khalili concert comes on a tough 5 o'clock or primetime rewind still up until four right on the burly Jewish Twitter feed Kevin Rose leads me James red OK if you wanna vote last minute Mario Addison Darryl Worley James Frederick keep on Seymour are cancers players and a drop by throughout the week vote right now at prime time WS NC. It's back this month to borrow only five in five years Cyril interest no money down into the diamond ever dreams for as little as fifty bucks a month building trust for three generations. And Bradley Jewelers and Bradley jeweler stock Comex gonna be at the trailer house and Indian trail. Our college game of the week for duke Carolina tomorrow. Oz he's got a surprise all are gonna say. No well. For duke and Carolina fans that's I don't know what to make it happen to be there that's a that's my neck of the woods over in the Sun Valley area Straus and India travel trivia at halftime gift cards to devoid drink specials. And a whole lot more going out those guys Carolina duke. At 330 don't have that on the TVs go hang with those guys in coming up. In about thirty minutes to get tickets to see getting company in November at spectrum center told you're gonna get more you'll do that solicited. Up so that again they and company was there. As like the other grateful Belgrade clinic yes there aren't so it's our wasn't up to me now the roles were flipped right I would have little we flip the tables ever seconds and a firm would do that coming up enough about thirty minutes listen in for that what we did last week's show. Is we did some new casino I don't like to do to be prediction saying you know we just asked Lance Moore he thought I. We don't generally put a lot of stock and that in this shell Canada and I'm not much of a gambler now back to not a gambler at all so I decided we tried to do a social experiment last week where. Okay what if we pick games against the spread just a handful game's important games of people around here care about. And we see what the average fan could do the average listener and the average broadcaster. So we supposed to know these games for living the serious talking had these are my picks right. Crawl Manny I got a number so I did the info I do the homework on this. And then what could just fill what could a coin do you flip the coin like home for heads right. Are always for tales in flip the coin how could do it the coin do. Against the spread as well not sure you up against the spread. And we did this last week we pick it ACC game of the week of college as and an SEC game of the week top 45 college game of the week. NFL game of the week and then Panthers whoever their opponent is and our guy Jose called in last week. And he picked his games in what what's the what's the results is what we're doing this is is against the calling. Really want to see can you do better than a corn if you can you come back we'll keep building the prizes week by week. And more than anything would judge that against Joseph broadcaster week by week just to get an idea of how everybody really staples alternately. Were fighting the 5050 yes can you fight the coin that's so bad right it's a good social experiment I feel like pretty good so how'd we do right the coin out Jose do excuse me. I Jose went three until. Well Doug just does so it was a funny when content itself you know you're dressed note. Congratulation Kelly and suddenly got a coin went two and three in and our broadcasts and we compared to last week with Collin cower to what foreign. Now he picked other games he didn't mind you guys all I got to tell the broadcaster the switch and put those exact James Bond due to us that we are that we'll do that are so until would you say is. Coward didn't pick the exact games a weepy correct he's got to blaze in five and like some his other picks are gonna say easily here's what police since I am but takes down McCain's man. Antics. Are yet. Basher yeah that's my that's my personal dispute a moment to validates Jeff is as a full on broadcaster no longer a football player this is the moment this you know you right now. I mean I knew Europe retire this is out of step out into the light there was Eagles they backed NC. State clouded. You're going to go yeah. Like I was against the music really tired well hello there hello again we'll look like look like the aren't we welcome in Jose Jose congratulations by the ready Maria Lopez is back continue to talk to. There was the Manitoba public. Congratulations three into winning record in week one mullah flee to a nice. Price back OK we're working with promotions on that's based off the way networks around here you'll get an about six months. TI promised. So your back for weeks to go. You're going up against the Coleen and Jeff Schwartz she got to beat the going to be back for a third week next week so like here we go here's the game journey. All right ACC game doing duke. At North Carolina earliest regular season matchups in this series history. All time duke on the road to lying is now down to one they were closer I think a three or four points or other tuna. OK so yet they were close to feel both favored on the road now it's down to once a year getting him at a bad spot right now this is against the spread. Duca one point favorite on the road against Carolina what do you think. Follow it all encouraged to get a lot of double then I hate to his golf ball go to hell for saying that what I gathered I don't have a good on the. All right hoses going duke when he flipped the coin really quick don't get to Schwartz in flipping. And it says details so it is going would duke as well Schwartz he would have got. All right. Cross the border going duke across the board that seems troublesome hard to the next game. Our college football game that we got Cisco SEC first Mississippi State at Georgia went to rank done rankings this week in Georgia. A four point favored as they open up SEC play Mississippi State top scoring offense and defense in the SEC. There are four point underdog on the road between hedges and Athens tomorrow afternoon what are you what do you make of it we've taken. Follow what other plans all the different. This group. Okay Jose is going Georgia. And flip the coin again hold on there was me. They're tedious. Don't limit bond drop I caught its head so they're going with a Georgia as well for unanimous right now Schwartz who we got through points. Oaxaca is a sin to Paris Hilton points are the bull executable sources Mississippi State and Georgia bus and get the points doesn't match there both okay this not only did. I really go Mandela day. What we do it's it's a what we're doing things aren't they number three college game of the week. TCU and Oklahoma State the other ranked dumber and game Oklahoma State one of the top five scoring offense isn't total offenses in college football. But TCU. Off to a nice start eight TDs to picks for Kenny hill. Through the first three weeks both undefeated this game's in Stillwater tomorrow afternoon. Big number here thirteen point favorite. For the cowboys of Oklahoma State at home against TCU we've taken Jose. And Kim OK state we flip the coin. Again bear with me are gonna get it out of my pocket here for the back. It's open here. Caught an intense don't know why I thought this is in this critical case stems back. All right let's see your Schwartz I got ultra left and do the cowboys in the rumor but it did. To pounding homers and do we insist there was no return to degenerate. It's easier to lure you ringer on your hand so say all right here we go but NFL game of the week. It land up on the road as a favorite against the Detroit Lions two unbeaten team this year. Falcons a three point fair church put Jose we've taken here. Only get the pocket last week. We're gonna go get the docket this we're going to Britain. Right he is going Detroit. On coined a veneer and watch it. Just also now it is going. With the falcons sorry we gets a look at some dissent tear so. Just so I thought they did go against Jose at some point I mean I am I hedging your bet you so you are Guantanamo war. The largest in three points at home. To know America in general and picked up to do lions in case taken alliance. REG here are at last game here Panthers. In saints five and a half point favorites are the Panthers going up against the worst scoring defense. In total defense in the NFL five and a half point favorites at home pitchers try to make it three you know Jose we got. I'll expect thought I'll put Glover gave it still phony call Booker at this week but look at it okay we're gonna go to get into something else. Dead dead and then does it pointless difference. I was going double digit upset here a double digit win let's go to their club they're covering very a very easily he says on Sunday and we flip the coin again. I'm not agree toss that time holed up it goes tenths Cohen is seen heads at stake in the Panthers. I've been dependence on Monday. That's about 120 what does that mean that's like a lock you know I've been thinking twice about everything I know it's good you know this makes an elderly and it's my feeling. And since recovered a lot in India they recently it's a little worried about it but I think that does this say it's. I don't sworn in this game. OK so there you go census analysis or nine. Last week Jose best or among his congratulations on three into N dot. I think your first prize is a half eaten slice of pizza from Jeff Schwartz we'll get that momentarily okay good with the but I got our buddy good luck maybe we'll talk to you next week they're there's Jose and has no there was there was a healthy slice of pizza by mid term a lot of money it is our rights of three and two for numerous in short she does. We'll keep you updated next Friday we actually talked college football just wants to talk painters is well we're back at the moment thirty seconds were back medical Leland an hour to primetime powered by ortho Carolina.