Primetime: Greg Olsen & Dell Curry

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Tuesday, November 14th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger talks with Panthers DB Captain Munnerlyn, as well as former Charlotte Hornet Dell Curry. 


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Primetime powered by Ford. First McCaffrey also coach McCaffery I thought he was just out reacting on Sunday. This past game heated became seem to maybe slow down for him or will take a look I guess it three or four yard gain the ground game that's picking the NFL. Right box scores his right hold on here. They were my glasses today on the blind without my glasses I did not Wear my glasses today. That's a four and a five right beside each other that's what that is 45 points for the theaters. As they absolutely. Smashed the Miami Dolphins a Monday Night Football you you're a lot of times. In his prime time powered by ortho Carolina. Of eighteen taking homer taking away and other teams will another team's fight. In the Panthers did that last night in the especially in the second half right out of the gate to demoralizing touchdown that extended the lead to 24 to seven knock it off the dolphins that's three straight wins for the painters as they head into their bye week and that's quite showcase. On Monday Night Football we all saw that coming right 704570. Your non yes tonight's extend your number to jump at 7045709610. Same number on the building center text line 704570916. And loaded lines all day long I'm sure she'll jump in and Dow react. To the pay at the swing yesterday 4521. Knock it off the Miami Dolphins a Monday Night Football. Her third straight win to head into the bye week and now sitting just a half game back of the New Orleans Saints as they head into their bye week endowed that team will be waiting for him. In two weeks on the other side it's the jets after the bye then it's a showdown in New Orleans both of those games on the road for the painters get three straight home games in the month of December and they put themselves. In a great position right now at 703 Damien Lewis and Muhsin Mohammed going to be with me in the 3 o'clock hour go take us all the way until six. I'm a total fund today if there's Tuesday a taped her reaction Tuesday after the I get to win a Montana football last night Greg Olson's can join us in ten minutes right out of the gates would talk to him attack to fifteen and the Panthers might very well last night play their last game. Are on the your hopefully knock on wood without Greg Olsen Greg can come off by our our next week against the jets and sort talked to Greg in ten minutes we'll see where he stands with that how he's feeling. And does try to get into an offense that all of a sudden has now rushed. For 200 plus yards in back to back games first time in franchise history detectors have done that and that seems pretty impossible to believe. Would you think about where this Panthers running game was just three weeks ago four weeks ago coming into the last two games. Against the falcons and against the dolphins last night's we'll talk to Greg at 215. Rita Phil savage drop by 330 he was at the game last night Reese a Senior Bowl director. We just thoughts on this Kantor team crucial to cap for teeth may be sort of find his way a little bit. Are still putting up ridiculous prolific numbers. Up but he doesn't look like he's gaining more comfort out there each and every time is on the field especially the running game in receiving and rushing touchdown last night in the win over the dolphins self will talk to we'll talk to Phil savage former browns GM Reese a Senior Bowl Sirius XM radio that'll be a 330 keep on Seymour Panthers corner gonna join us at 430 we got loser radioed for toy he would Billy has promised me. It's full of extreme salt it's pretty good the guys on WQA and down to Miami so we've got out within about five minutes of just quality but hurt. From the dolphins radio network we do this if you're new around here when the Panthers win. We play the highlights as heard on the opposing team's radio network as they're just like us they're massive homers and get really upset. And so we enjoy that we take we take joy any other team's misery will do that coming up at 420 loser radio and Dell curry by the way would join us in the opening half hours while he stops by to thirty all time leading score poured its history is they take on the cast tomorrow night throwback night. As they get ready to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers on nationally televised matchup on ES TN. That's a great thing about school. You play a week and I'll give you. Play to win. The playoffs and we're talking about playing awesome are you kidding me body is all we can win a game. And okay. When a two scores for DeVon foot just less than we talk about it later on he had eight also. Awesome moment on the back end of that's scores that kind of open the floodgates for the panthers' 4047. It was 177. Going into the half last night the key Clady huge pick up. Going into half set up that touchdown from Ed Dickson a seven yard score made it 177. And then he was DeVon forges get a score. On the other other side of the halftime break and double talk about what he did in the end zone. After that touchdown pass. Yeah and that that was sort of flood gates early snapped through last night 317. Kearin artist paint found his way into the end zone. And the pitchers rushing attack got offered in a major major way 548. Total yards of offense to franchise record 294. On the ground that's five less than a franchise record last night. I guess the dolphins squad that was seventh in rush defense committed. And McCaffery got into the end zone last night rushing touchdowns for him 38 to seventh and then you'd. He also see him get in as a receiving touchdown as well when it two scores for him over on the night side Kerry's 43 yards on the ground and he had three receptions for 27 as well he touches overall sixty yards for him past George shouldered the load on the ground though seventeen carries 100 intent and we have to talk to Damione Lewis about this coming up in a little bit if I remember correctly Damione Lewis called a shot last week with a 100 yard performance for Jonathan Stewart. Among the national ball and that's exactly what he delivered last night. We just want to come out and impose our will you we had an extra day of preparation a little group we could practice. Above all manner when we come out of that principle must protect people bought through. A lackluster follow early early on that that things have been incomplete but you know for us. Coming out each and every play. You know and having that may tell them wanna maximize. Each and every our chimney with the kids and. It's came in after the game last night for touchdowns for him he's been prolific in his Monday night career improves to six he joined in his career Monday Night Football and that passed that tested. I don't know who was intended to but TJ McDonald looked like key leadership today gets to overturn and take him back to theaters. Would find a way. I to settle for three after that instead and then they'll be the first of seven out of eight drives in a row that would end in in scores for the pain after five straight touchdown drives won't want the kid knew it was locked in last night 120 quarterback rating for touchdowns for him yet. 95 yards on the ground as well including that long 69 yarder quarry just couldn't outrun the dolphins defense last night. I was not sure. Last night. Last week you know obviously news. Prayer characteristic. So I had no opportunity. How much do it. People still wanting Jonathan Stewart street benched after after last I mean I'm we're reviewing. Career crickets on that today I wonder how people are feeling about Jonathan Stewart today again a 110 carries for him once a 110 yards on seventeen carries. Six and a half yards per touch for Jonathan Stewart he had some big holes to run three took advantage of last night was running hard and appears there's ground game. Two weeks in a broader efforts here to stay but it looks like they found some stuff that were considered a big win last night on Monday Night Football over the Miami Dolphins 704. 570. Nine seeks to an and I agree was shaggy two media offensive line played incredible. Maybe you would have noticed last night if you were at the game that. I Tyler Larson went out of the game he would go back given Gregory and wrote in the got it snuck in on the active 53 at the end of trading Kim Michael shoulders boy Greg Julian rodent. Was going after huge lesson they would net in Donna consumer may or double team into last night to talk to David Lewis about that moos is gonna jump in as well the 3 o'clock hour and your papers reactions. It's four games now really that was the fourth opportunity we'd say he prove it. They failed in the previous three games. And all of those were all losses earlier in the year they proved they're a big way last not a month and a football national stage 4521. And up prove that they're. In the conversation maybe with teams like the vikings. And he goals in the seats in the NFC maybe among the best in the NFL overall met in Greensboro wants to jump in. We talked to Greg Olsen first after this it is prime time we are powered by ortho Carolina. Carolina. Astaro 45 point one knock off the dolphins don't forget street turkeys is a week from tomorrow best thing we do all yearlong did you guys make it that way to join us our fifteenth annual street Turkey's benefiting second harvest food bank commit Carolina close in fish is true patriots well November 22 six to seven Max could be after the morning will carry all the way through the night at the WS Lindsay Coca-Cola doghouse so frozen turkeys canned goods. Anything you can donate voluntarily doesn't matter could be solution changed few spare but she got you wanna write a check to do that too that's fine we'll see jewel up provide some drinks doctors well and doubled jingles tilted kilt food line all benefiting and I helping with that symmetry joining us it's a week from Wednesday at the WS antique Coca-Cola dog house. Opening topic of the day I'll. My youngest like Damien Lewis and studio this it is prime time powered by ortho Carolina and from 11 round NFL draft pick out of the you to another Greg Olsen after try to make in time for Greg are you doing man. Aren't there. I'm Tom doing well so. You heard I get a really conflict it is you are you are used through a true when you're the only guy you tweeted this out I think over the we can you're the only guy I think in history to have played or be able to put on both uniforms at some point your college career right you can occupy weird space and is rivalry. Yeah I'm I'm going with then took somebody else showed he's somebody else I don't know agree and I'm just. I'll just assume air I can't imagine. That there's anybody else so it was is pretty cool but obviously played my entire career. Miami had just been trodden you know still coach Rick has done a wave where that program has come in just two years image. I just finally nice state to feel like your programs at or below. Did this out of your there's no low miles from noted saying. We don't want out. How have you won't the last time you were that excited about a game were now come that you didn't play and just like man this is my school this is my team Mosul some viewers excited ashore on Saturday night. How I'll probably reminded my kids people all Chileans won a championship I don't know. I do or die every song we had a friend Hillary are out. It was yeah I don't know last time I was I would bet passionate advocate and I don't know. It would do to find David Beckham though we get if we have a lot we get our rest are bookkeeping go like that. Brush in Miami where did appreciate. We're talking to Greg Olsen Panthers tied and former hurricane we spoke. He's not a former Q what's her killers are very general and we're still trying to exact amount that is our yes that's right sorry. He's hurt Qaeda as well Greg Olsen on Twitter I Greg Olsen 88 he's got also announcement coming up we're gonna talk about that last night. I mean it I know everybody wants to go back to 4015 and instead was talking about this after the game Greg goes. You know this is 2017. It did feel like you guys last night. Bound found an identity early may be honed in even further on an identity from that falcons game could you guys fully complete football last night. Yeah I think I terrorism what is probably the best to trade. So far this she's this she's statutory complimentary ball both offensively running pass defense at least special here it was really a pretty. Well rounded effort and I anytime you can play yet they're a defense like that. Yeah especially the guys they have are trying to and brush for. Almost 300 yards and 550 yards of offense and 45 point Monday Night Football that's. There's not a lot of those games in the NFL so that ever do that with a special effort last night you guys deserve a lot of credit for it and I think it's nice to start trying to hit our stride here we need the next couple weeks going to be critical. We do during his meeting rooms Greg so what how close is a bank is you know a lot of guys who said that you know coach solution at said that over the last couple weeks of you know I can feel that we were onto something here you know speak with the running game just the offense in general a lot of people it's kind of scoffed at that so how. How close has it been we like man I know it hasn't all lined up but clearly did last night and he did a little bit of that against the falcons as well so at what what what has been going on you guys have this confidence of like guys this is gonna get six were were close to break through here. Yeah I think that's offensive football it's just you know it. You can guys can do everything right and you know there's one breakdown and I wondered Gregory Brown we just don't we don't completed or we get factored that penalty doesn't take a lot so when when you virtual over the last couple weeks and guys are the last couple weeks say. If we're close we're close I think that's a little bit of whatever and refer to do it it's not a complete disasters just. Each clay geyser taken turns. You know just coming up to a short I think last night. What is the result of you know a lot of those times we we had things really executed well both run and pass and and the result comps so it was a you know all around here what more can you say that dispatch in the game kind of speaks for itself and number happy for a lot of guys you mention just two and and hunch is an immediate Peter guys you know I'm really happy for their starter really get their stride in. It's come at a great time. What what temple worker is Devin. I in the meeting rooms on practice he'll what temple workers he Greg. It's a great practice habits he's really had good practice habits and she's got here as a rookie. You know practice just trash practices hardship issue that pretty catchy really. As always just naturally had good habits on the field he's I think he's really come into his own now is kind of the main leader of that group and you know a young group that we already have any real older veteran presence in that room so I think a lot of pressure and put up some of these young guys to grow up fast and some guys can handle let some can't I think deputy BR it's really done a good job. And the thing that over especially the last couple weeks with we've Calvin the economy whatnot so. Hamas. I'm not surprised this year results on the field believe they are for him pretty much done as the CT theory as a whole but they brought you last night. I'll be one of his better games so it was done it was nice to see that. And that's how to catch is everything he done last night what I was most proud about. Is one. Target KM into the end zone that's just that's just remarkable to see a young men do that and has shown that leadership which are talking right and it wrong. She can't hear any entity that play earlier in the earlier in the game. We ran a little bug she can't emotionally we ran it a little cost 200 to pursue and he came down and killed the defense and an empty him. Head over heels flat on his back. So beyond that didn't really embraces a lot of those a lot of those rules and I think you could see the wide receiver group as a whole has really embraced it downfield block hated it kind of mixing it up into safety validate and boxes and and keep those guys got the legs of the back and not act not to tackle at the end of the place though. I think they're you know you can see you guys have really it's not just impacting your game with the ball in their head the other trying to impact began com all out every single bound and there are trying to search the norm in this week's side I think collection and then Koch got a great job respect group I think those guys are really started to get a. Are talking to pay interest cutting Greg Olsen it to that point I mean I was seeing on the un dead ends tunnel screen became audible to which is such a great great call great execution McCaffery from the slot. When he when he blocked not one but two dudes to kind of spring fun just to get into the end zone on that play. Yeah a couple of good ones that the one you're talking Darren on the screen that they can't check to charge. He beat slice it guys Greg Barrett earlier in the game. Camera and little quarterback draw corridor in the same direction he came through and slice the linebackers like down camp picked up first down I mean. Again we have a lot of self was just a lot of guys who are really buying intended to what it means to play offensive football and Ed playing well rounded football and yeah I think start to see a lot of those examples and those are signs of good schemes. Those are signs of good players in the end and players who understand what we're trying to get accomplished so it's. It's but back out there what that finds his touchdown to open up the third quarter miss. Would try out standing next to DA on the sideline and obviously DA knows the play calling and obviously had a great feel kind of what's go on and sometimes he can kind of talks through play and priest kept. And camp started Chechen. And today was I don't know he can't. Don't take candy and can't move Christian overreach PH kind of like get excited you'd like he had that we worked on this all week he made the perfect check. Throughout the dead and cannot be sued the U untouched for a touchdown so that would kind of actually got that list in a gotta talk back in to a life and anti cam exe cute appropriately under on the field. I'm Greg Olson's what newspapers tied in knots footer Greg Olsen 88 is gonna also announce the coming of gonna talk about this with him and dealt with this right now on the technique come guess life speaking of Kim what is it with this guy Monday Night Football Greg how do you explain coach it because this isn't just dots a couple of games it's seven games nor his career and he's what six and one in those in those Monday night teams and is he's a fifteen TDs four picks ES foreign and no interceptions last night almost a hundred yards rushing how do you explain what my team is so good on Monday Night Football. Well actually I should go and down I shot at bat I couldn't remember the last Monday night game with us but right. I'm too. No I don't think you played well what matters the most at Yankee pride no environment I think he's drives didn't. And that heightened competition that high end and our. To. Oh I think some guys you have in I think those sort of things are kind of hard to put your finger on. I've kind of been the story of his career we need them the most you played well and yeah I think last natives. As well you can play the quarterback position I mean the broad four touchdowns and no PX run for almost 200 yards and a not a lot of guys take any egg can really impact the game and in both those you know manner some. If your special diet and what's left to be dead that we we've seen it now seven years. You know he didn't do a lot of things that there has a lot of guys. It's football let alone deposition have been able to do. You know what year is a lot of people question his leadership ability but I saw some things last night who they're really stood out. A salt dome they accidentally left to care more than just a little bit too lonely and I saw Embarq and at shepherd. Ohno on the drop pass and also would saw Embarq and its annual in there when they came to the south land they showed him really get enough to separate and guys are run around and I should've made to execute them Almeida gets on my past is he not turn into that leader that you guys expected going to be. Had cash but again yeah this is something we've talked about for years you may actually never been did issue a faction I think that narrative has kind of been talked about a lot. You know when people say you'd be coming out here I mean he's really he's been that same personality in that same kind of figure. For years now so I just think he's had a way of doing it that might be different from how guys around though we do better people person. Game a little bit different than other people but. Others no mistake really in control out there whose courage you know running the show went you know there's not a player runner passionate doesn't go through and at is a responsibility. You are seeing the passing game but his responsibility to get in and out or runs. Be involved in the run and the desired runner the read option stuff came propped scrambles. LA there I could be hard pressed to say there's other quarterbacks better have an impact on every single play erotic passion as much as he. And I could agree to more absorbent lock me a lot of great when you know I've been fortunate with our Kurt Warner and those guys in a scene how he's worked hard he was a general store the receivers in the running game again guys in and out of our calls and all accounts the source a lot of similarities there was our Kim who. Airline did a lot of great you know run faster action and you know different different faced before the champ Kris cap com. And he really does a good job here liberation that you really she's staying well he's got graded stakes. And you know what do you when he she didn't feel I'm VCR is pretty dangerous. Greg Olson's listing of the study and you nervous for for next Sunday to call this vikings game on TV or no you you you if you prepare already feel as security for this in a week. I'll be prepared and a lot of anxious you're not nervous I'm a little anxious to see little. Little bit different then you should never really done anything like that a lively environment then it kind of heard. Try out Terry. Dry Iran is not couple Summers ago around LA it would be stocked with the crew but not to want to live broadcasted so it's it's gonna be got thrown into the fire off a bit here but can't look at hard Chad know Kevin and that was high school he. He's still here he grew up back I injured the idea to kids used to do our radio our games so obviously I know. And drew loud and Charles is really good in the end I had gotten in over the years or so cultural being with them and you know hopefully culturally goes well all we'll find out. Not yet to water with you refund drinkable water and it's then only. Aaron thought. Our talker do so they're at a glacier keep it short. You know big pat with all morning Joseph PA guy for the hornets cease he does he's got like these ginger root beverage I mean it's disgusting but it war. Works pretty amazed that yes so if you wanna you know what I don't get him peninsula just giving you some tips right here Greg Olsen put the sendoff he he's going to be on the call by the way has an if you have not heard vikings and can rams on fox and this the other thing too Greg I mean this is I thought this was common knowledge but because some people make a mistake though wolf Greg's gonna play the vikings and he's calling her game and he's gonna get access to info notably the golf course should not like you're not gonna get to go into the production meetings and talked to coaches the players that are still battling that why would people even sat -- and captain. I don't know people Lowery an article about I think culture and surely Gumbel Matt. In and you had no time they ever attending their practice facilities. That are being. I'm gonna go into the game. Whether it's good or bad it is sort of come to go to their game in the stadium instead of the box up top eight. Sit talk about what I see and I don't know I'm not gonna have a pretty steady inside info market hit interview players and coaches and anyone that they face. We order they would agreed that it is just that yeah that's just a bit ridiculous you know. Are you Greg Olsen chi. Try to get inside info for the vikings says we get is that. There's a good time yeah ha ha ha I all right so what will let you go this this is the most important thing you've done such great work over the years we have few receptions for researcher with the Hornish yard work with Levine children's hospital and you you got a big announcement coming a bit later this afternoon right. Yet tonight where we're most a big announcement at 100 Levine Children's Hospital over the last five years we've we've done how to fundraising and we've worked candidate and hospital to develop pretty. You know first of its kind come private treaty beyond. Privately funded medical. Chip program and that we concentrated on neo and agent and ladies and adapt are really critical time of their lives and our very excited to to announce that we ever pretty significant extension or bring. A program tore community judicial orders hospital that that doesn't exist anywhere in our region and we think it's gonna really upbeat game changer for character he's cardiac did so. We're excited about operating net to the public to say and and that. Watching it just it general for the first time in the hope people are excited about it we are. If people can always help right perception shall research dot org if they ever wanted to get involved or helper joining thing right all they can always get plugged in receptions for research dot org right. Yes exactly right hours which is certain to come out toward sanctions for gosh I can't help us hungry these countries are multimillion dollar. Type programs or any overtaking under sought to help both helped. Well Greg world we're proud of you for what you do off the field every minute mark every bit as much as no more than what you guys do on the fields of keep up the great work and wolf we'll see hopefully against the jets right that would say what's that look like you think that's our current. The plan. That's the plan I had been doing really well. Just. Keep progression as a big week from here you know but that you could do so far and finish up the next period for the weekend and and then hit the ground running and practiced on Monday we get back so look at tortured just continually got. Progression and get back out there outrageous New York. Greg good luck man bag congrats to your tier chains and I have fun on call on Sunday okay good luck thanks a McIntyre course. Our -- and later Carlson after study Emeka time force and a again receptions for research dot org that's going to be huge announcement tonight with what they're doing with Levine children's hospital and would put his whole family's gone through what they views status as a vehicle is is a way to go into effect and help other families is awesome so very practical Greg Olsen Carolina tea during a hit him be able to call Charlotte home that's awesome teammate Lewis withers Muhsin thirty minutes. Dell Curry's next it is primetime powered by ortho Carolina. I Orleans born. Powered by Mort don't care. Are we go to the technique come guess line hornets back at home and may have may need to get back at home after that four game road trip through and answer that for gamer truth winners of three in a row they come back home losers of four straight gonna try to put it into it with the other welcome committee that is LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers we won't go on the all time leading score board its history and of course you seem on broadcast each and every night on fox sports southeast the great Dell curry make into force don't you do and then welcome back to Charlotte. I cure or greater and I'm glad it apparently corporate battle or how Long Will we are they that couple walker in the Belmont field. I know man I tried milky you know this we try to milk it as much as we can't receiving with a three point record it's like it's just common at a at a ridiculous clip right now but for now you still. You still hold that record and it's going to be fun Wednesday beyond you don't it's always big when LeBron of the cats come to town Dell blade. You know we get to see these pinstripe jerseys come back it's the first classic night or see the throwback jerseys that you guys made popular and it it's gonna be fun I mean his brain has been back for her for now this is for years but it's going to be different on Wednesday night I think it's gonna officially field backing away they may be hasn't before. There they can write a big crowd gonna be full circle with all. You're an old order stands. Again a little taste of what it was like back in both workload due to cook like. About village Jews do a wonderful job. Back in 88. Shorts were a little short especially the part and don't don't don't have a longer but I look reported that the current current. And the creek there will look like absurd got corrupt violent. And you know the way agree like. Although all the local guru who go out there and try to try to win the important step in you're gonna write checks loop or took. Rowdy crowd and harper got a much needed win. Indices are really good at home so far the road is nothing kind to them right now again they've lost four erode the one in five overall in the year. On the road and they've been given five and one at home so they get a good fun to waited to make things happen on a Wednesday night cabs or are going to be in town 8 o'clock nationally televised game on ESP and Dell curry. With this right now. Are on the technique come guess slide like let's go back to one talk with the game in the second let's go back to do was go back to 88 so the first time. You sold those uniforms what on earth rethink beside the shorting really short one on her frequent can we saw teal in pinstripes on back basketball uniform. It regret a prelude felt like remember on rapid terrorists opened. Mr. mayor I would really excited to unlock them. Couldn't play the game at a brokered real but I remember putting the uniform more. In the locker room to get a feel of what it would sit still like mildly little boy by the dugout. We're really excited expert team room. And no we knew that no one else. Tech in the league had anything like what about the will go out and then it former incur about bank so we're excited. Error occurred up everywhere we're optimistic when we heard bill pollutants out. New York they say what's going on here practically do they really want the solitude and put him more ability to run. It was wild too delicate and we're gonna spend a lot of time over the next couple days you know kind of reliving noted the fun hornet's memories but. You know going back I mean I remember growing up you you what you walked into that coliseum and no pun intended I mean there was just a buzz in there all the time that matters is game one game 41 and game 82 real quick if there was a playoff series. There's just an energy and a building. It's it's hard to fathom now in hindsight. In arena that sat 24000 people every night in Charlotte, North Carolina being sold left for NBA basketball but that that was the case back then. Absolutely you out he'll tell people that talk about those statement with the Arctic peak yet possible volatile group opponent was. You don't think there are rare camera and see their treaty. And they look we knew once we got shooters arena. We will have interviewed a pair or in every single night. Again we knew that you know winning games like it was really hard but they have that kind of support from day one. Knowing that you don't sell out every game you've spent going to be juniper duke. They're new team it was a great affiliate the player to teach or show up complete your pastor. Large incursion this all time leading score board it's history of course you see him with American Stephanie. On fox sports southeast stuff on on the TV broadcaster reported its each and every game except for one stake is its nationally televised. And ESP and it's can be deported to cast throwback night pinstripe jerseys to be out on the floor for the first time off for the hornets and so while we we gotta talk about this game of first we talk about. This road trip Dell mean eight I went into the short trips thinking man you go to into we'd call that a pretty productive road trip overall had a great opportunity to open opens you want against San Antonio. Weren't able to make plays in the second half Minnesota I mean they just publics in the second quarter Minnesota is a very impressive team. And then the knicks and Celtics kind of the same thing winnable games and then the fourth quarter. I mean it did what got bad on on Tuesday against the knicks got worse on Friday night in the fourth quarter against the Celtics of the lord it's really took it on the chin on the short trip. You have a beer and broke corner in our route going to come on you can look at Antonio. They're law for over and incremental program can go back eat it you adamant that they are one quarter wrote yet. There are our team. At that time knicks were playing really great speeches trying to get people try to. Alterman your career. Up the next game what I am able to Spain to become the crowd even been thought about double or crowd where the knicks are doing way when regular Doha Round of whipping of the Quebec just down the stretch and then. You go to Boston Fatima that won back to underwrote they lose a star player for couple minutes gobbled up up that there are up up. But it's a way of life isn't in the NBA Europe I don't know growth that the put together a full quarter hurt. You don't beat. Build and hostile environments happy BP to win. Yet state your article ordered are expressly in the fourth quarter. Men you know we just didn't do that I think that most BP may have gotten through often on nine days and only four easy little low. But everybody gave got to go through it and now you got to primarily to recruit but that's another really tough pretty routine of playing world around. Don't what are you what are you thinking is that is the main cause for the offense kind of get stuck in the mud in the fourth quarter is I think execs usually wise. It it obviously has any good I think have been placed he made him an a look if kemba has been incredible but I'd even pointed shots I'd say accurate count all the top of my head 46 shots over the last two games in the fourth bid. Kemba had gotten clean looks look she'd be happy to get after Steve Clifford Cheney just flatly didn't make amend so I know it's a make or mislead some times but what do you attribute to the fourth quarter rose over the last couple games. Well I think you could start a lot of downed it includes talk about that though when he breaks the lineup and enters the branch or else he would have been split you know prepared. Or without this there's been a start for the home team gets that momentum. The starters come back here and cargo quite a moment on the road typically perfect pass Obama in part Iran. Boat yard and record. It may call her excuses to be absolutely going to release all quota with a double digit speed just no excuse. Well we're not put out a win like Depp would you sit down the stretch government government shut out if you don't shut secure and every single night with. Our current real murderer that sport what do so much curb the ball stops moving a little bird you'll handle the basketball. Admittedly it's been able to to load up on you. They didn't report go kind of excuse to play hard side but. That apartment where they're older who grew up by the way it 20 go to speech. Talkative Dell curry fox sports southeast again hornets in cabs on Wednesday night 8 o'clock at spectrum center at the high pinstripe jerseys are back it's a classic night against the cavs nationally televised game. On ESPN and a Philly delta we've seen this like Timmy what I watched in the fourth quarter last couple games especially with kemba. Initiating everything on offense right now now since the two who's been out. This kind of feels like. Late bobcats early hornets basketball with Campbell where it was just. Him passing the ball around and him also getting the ball back with five seconds left on the shot clock misty may just kind of expecting him to do something like I feel like. The last 24 quarters of relief Expos were they missing Purdue right now. Yeah you're you're seeing it right there coming nick with a little out virtual image you're right in recent years you'd need to pass the ball we don't give a by the Cameron put a worker out. Or gun or not he. Ridicule them. Now who brokered the ball marker but BQ mother load up on them. Yes some good looks he dismissed those shops that oh we get nick back we'll take a lot of pressure the ball blew out kind of player nick if he does everything it. Got excited just to practice what we knew it opened look. Smart. But you know nick would operate a lot on both into the sport not just stop potentially he's going it you know keep those would be apparently will regret that only a indoor mall will position Smart guy. And he's going to be eager to get back no line up he he knows how bad has been neat to you he want to get out this is going to be fun to watch about it. You know feeling to it you know and we've seen this with with two YE a delight I think a when he gets positioning deep in the post when he's able to obviously drill logs he still does that better a bit as good as any big men in the NBA. He's he's a productive offensive player but when you see him outside the paint trying to take the ball off the dribble on a balls can slight debt. It's a different floated the also it's a feeling it coming back helps with that too but I have a feeling he's gonna he's gonna develop a connection would Dwight that that's gonna help this offense still. There and I agree you definite or developer connection but having missed the mark parent. Europe are warmer it'll it'll happen overnight they'll look they are McCain thirty. Quote premier nick want you to win back your peers rhythm back and that'll help the op meant to help. The players around him float better and they got talked about you could do practice your teammates were in the game get deep into their. Our debt and allied to pick which you would go away. Yep on the way to to combat that nick we'll do that. That's what they're parent who he put a guy with the present at the white house on approach. And it's what take time to figure out where you get the ball and no word nick wants a balk. But. Nick is a Smart guy who can go to port kava played with a built so you don't think pages will take a minute or the white and nick upon it out. Dart what do what do we have with the cavs they'll consider by the numbers serve there arguably the worst defensive team in the NBA end. Defense does matter but yet they've got LeBron I've got atomic talented as much count as any team in the NBA it's a little older pieces don't fit. I so what do we make it distinct as they started. I think it's like six or seven different they are even more Mets starting line of so foreign here and they're they're just gonna hang around but I mean it's every should be LeBron and excelled at the other night so what what do we get on Wednesday. Jack you know I would merit whatever record they were or were there hang around. And then let LeBron take take over the game and win that form. He's just let teammates love them are really good year the playing a lot smaller with just opted out now. So they're veteran Jane right they're old. About you know how to win close games and Arnold. The last premiere of rock or Vladimir Guerrero they girl I don't Wear clothes he so I wanna hang around. And there's two delegates who support we give herbs and the rest players play any more time did not eat I'm late we view them went over little. Yes and you know we saw he lost point and MSG lowest point in New York. He likes playing in front of Michael Jordan's team to right so that's O and I hate saying that but that's true it seems like it brings out the best thing when he comes here. Oh absolutely you look at remote base and there are buried her preterm birth. Pinstripes. You know we are well and don't ignore roll right now winning game on T. But it turned her now that you know superstars when we fired up the court we're all broke. Hope will order a leader as well they know they're going to prepare the report on what could you have off recruit her currently got ready. It would have been better got that kind of lose or wrote that you know that there really that you focus. You have to get back home especially when you have. They're right back on the road in ink in Chicago he could do real hot couple in a row we don't all come back home ports of home games doing a little opportunity that. All right Juliette and I know quickly here since it is a throwback night against the cap so we need the game winner corner three tell the story one is my favorite story you mugs he did Carter what's the stores from your game winning car owner really discordant. Yeah where are you there were held to an art. Chapman. The word ho we like really you're gonna give it to young guy Greg look at art that would break the huddle. But what sort of leaders say don't Obama and the equate. I wanna pick like overrun the play he's been in the quorum to drive you may have going to help I'm approach to win the game how a parent you are rich or whatever he's very. Did that. I mean it the play couldn't live without any purpose mediated did they both be looked at wrecks on the right side. Crossed over drove through the hole my main help this will be put to me and I shot the ball and I'm thinking wow this work in that ball go on and really didn't want. Oh you know. Own man and I'm sure soak it would just coach take credit for that or know how did at a level ago. Pick it takes credit that we could play got to be this long to the right as I was we had also worked with Jack picked up the credit. Oh man all time leading scorer order its history fox sports southeast Dell curry and get ready for reported to cast throw back nine pinstripe jerseys back on the floor and it's going to be fun Wednesday night against the Tanzania's community 8 o'clock till good to talk to you thanks for making time force. Absolutely our government political Google all the work at become her right hand myself. He would not seek your own audits only great.