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Tuesday, November 14th

In this hour of Primetime, Chris Kroeger and co-hosts Damione Lewis and Mushin Muhammad talk College Football with Phil Savage. 


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Powered by North Carolina. Kroger are you wearing your turn JCT what are you doing right now but he carried the court I got my third thing you know mentor to promote your. I do for Howard Kurtz of the no. I never came. Okay. He just tees subtle it's easy outs he's just he's not only did you diced her right what. What we commuted covered under appreciated. You're. BO series do. No 1 else there I am corner 010. The. Lewis we haven't even opened the Mike Shiite prime time Howard by ortho Carolina nice win for the Panthers last night that's an understatement 45 point one Muhsin Mohammed when this is well move. So. Maybe he's got to turn over me. Hollis at any slower he's making a broad season making demands Damian is not easy so easy work with I've never seen him make demands recent finding the tar over chainsaw and I need to turn over chainsaw got a bump that America. Gotta find the turn over chains on Billy's like is this it I don't know if this is the correct song to be playing here Billy's got the look on assays like. Yet just letting go home every time returns are. This jury can. Know what's on television and I don't know the strength and others. My favorite. After right now that's a plus sixty. And that's pretty much louis' final hurricanes. And four straight games and if they're forced four turnovers from what I told you last week I thought that she at first. Was a gimmick like you guys are trying too hard to try to get despite a back and now we're like yeah. No doubt the real deal. I broke you don't notice and about a you can only do is down south for Miami you got a big. Go home that is the largest Julie Chen MM machine in my life or does not like Hillary and bring you what is dole played it and you know it it'll go look. And when they put it all you've got 65000. People just absolutely lose and in my knees they normally you wanted to. Turnovers gained two canes with a chain has tried to OK with the jam on the IG onions degree and that that's clearly those are you so don't. Yeah. If the burnout doesn't know you're there right in the earnings are you have Ernie beauty can you buy you can buy your buy this social system. All all. Thing we eternal hope everybody understands what eternal journey to determine which they have nobody hole not oh loaded you're home uniform. Romo took a none zero. And the kids would say our on Saturdays of every rocket Berber Damione Lewis proud hurricane and also. Even in the face of defeat in man that was a seat on Saturday grabs already he's Muhsin Mohammed saw him play as Portland it's one half. And there are young team okay yeah we're we're young team that would play spoiler this year I mean we've you know we have our moments we've had our highlights we do we beat Penn State and expected them to bounce back catalog jays do right now I have two bad games and are. A look here we get to get into this so in his prime time powered by ortho Carolina last night was fun man and I agree would Jonathan Stewart looked 25 I get when people bring up 2015 that's the high watermark Jewish 51 you started fourteen ago you were the number one scoring offense in the NFL get a pretty pretty solid defense that speak to turnovers led the league in turnovers forced you led the league in turnover margin. This team playing different football the national metro I also agree with Stewart's a different team there but you gotta understand why when you win a game the way you won it last night on national TV. Don't really imposing your will Korea they sucks the will out of the dull the dolphins I wouldn't say they gave up after halftime. But they gave up after that touchdown after halftime us. This this this link this to me embodies. Building chemical got a good. Go to that I don't I. From atop a starting to top. I am I. So. Angry indeed the so called less just. Call this stylist Tuesday David said pretty isn't going to get 100 yards to the bank. You can book it and he got right yesterday he'll we can talk about the Panthers offense I think. Last week against the falcons guys and say well they were in for 38 times 201 yards you know they kind of got back on track it didn't feel like they really truly don't lined up in just ran the football yesterday was the first time in weeks ten all year long where they just lined up and said stop us are we do when I mean you can. Begging moves for them to do this lineup and stop us and they ran at the dolphins should not away from the they rant at the dolphins yesterday and Jonathan Stewart was the cornerstone of that last night. The matchup of the year. Mean obviously when you see the saints run for 300 rushed for 300 yards in the pair is they've got to prove they have a running game because when you can run a full ball like that episode demoralized I mean I solved. You know us Miami dolphins' walking on the field yes they did quit he quit in a third of recorded. After they capped out there. Total war binges just wait there's you know get on the sideline but. And there's got approved the Pickering of football they've got to prove that they can sustain drives. They're big you know Jon Stewart rained yesterday like he was completely pissed off I mean he was mad about number one who gets booed on their home field. You that was tough to stomach last week regarding falcons are so Alec and I get a car. Just off for two yeah I agree but I'd like he was weak it was a weird dynamic I never thought I'd see Jonathan Stewart booed in that stadium he was booed in that stadium walking off the field after second fumble against the falcons and what did I hear last night. He wasn't true it was true. All the old wanted to minster he said he was too old or over the hill wasn't good enough anymore you guys that today show still always gonna stand by that taped. The Jonathan Stewart's not the answer for this running game not. And rent a must. And a pin and tonight seventeen attempts. A president in your Russian. What does that say it is like six and a half yards for a audition and our doors for tootsie they absolutely dominated in the run game and meet everybody you know. He he had almost the lowest amount McCaffrey had the lowest Medicare are wasn't really care laws and a New York for forcing Georgia. We'll get there but they were effective to the media. He was stop maybe once or twice where you know the blue was so we got a line of scrimmage and that was it but don't. You know always thoroughly impressed. The way that Christian McCaffery hit the hole. The fearless I mean as undersized back young hit the hole fearlessly. Last night is in it reminded me a lot of gosh let me think here who can we compare discuss two palms. Tim folk who are big numbers you be careful you are. Armon say lessons they want you were Smart he reminded of whichever far he's a second third down Brett. He's going to be very efficient in the passing game. He can get donated to make things happen in the run game he's not going to be a big term in between the two are performer but would that be in say it can he get there and he'll hit hold Jeb what you know what I. I don't know if those big Berman or you can be blown you know pull those guys he's not big enough to start with a bug that does not mean he's not a good player. A good player. Without a doubt. I would take it all the way back to old Sparky. Going to grow your putting. Blakey Zore. Oh they've played pretty Houston. Oilers back a day it and that's Stetson that was all received the right Ulster hit the whole heart. We'll sell fewer and in Israel but I. You open he he. The TV show or something yesterday broke some tackles and made some plays in the passing game we ran the ball effectively. And proved to be a great changeup Ford Jonathan Stewart now in even. Artist playing yesterday. Has some effect of roads and so you know we looked at the Miami defense that I think. I had. Oh we'll imposed on the let's just say that and it and an offense that I was determined bound and determined. Not only Jonathan Stewart. Pure play pissed off the office of bluntly pissed off too off his line papers thought they came off the field energized after every single. Drop likely one of the guys it's an unsung hero to me last night Greg general and Greg and stepped in inferred for Tyler Larson a tower got back in the game we Greg Beirut stepped in and he started blowing these off the voice they started amid tag team. In Donna consume last night and just made a point to say come at a stand were there and we were just it would do we don't. We do guys can beat us we dare any of you other guys to do something to beat us and offensive line pitched a clean sheet last night of sex for Campo. And they imposed their will and can not only in the pass protection in the run blocking as well and a team that's an extradition to step last night which is awesome to see a Monday Night Football so we've got Muhsin Mohammed and Damian Lewis the guy in the building last night Phil savage and join us in about twenty minutes we'll talk to him Reese a Senior Bowl director former browns GM series sex and NFL radio you're number one thing though that you're walking away with most impressed with last night overall can be individually a guy could be a team saying. Doesn't matter 4521. They beat the dolphins we discussed it with moose in Damione Lewis. It's primetime powered by ortho Carolina. I don't know Carolina. It was great it was great he thought I can kinda sale or not just leave it. From the Gaza resistance in net you know he was cut them down and in the flow so for him to come out I think yeah hundred intends to fifteen yards as big for not only him but in a fair body else just giving. For him getting confidence in himself with the sort of people who never of that and think who never you know doubted his his his talisman is just good for him. You have to go all the way back to week fourteen of last year. Against the Redskins also aid. Monday night game Jonathan Stewart last 100 yard rushing and I don't under intense last night against the defense that finally came in top ten in the NFL in rush defense they were seventh in the NFL that was a good defense the Panthers took it to last night yes it won't make them tapped out and quit. Yes they did they absolutely want out of Florida in its auto dolphins Iran. But it was a beautiful thing to Lessig house call should follow the ball the way we were from the first or own double team them don't and so jar marked ball print for yours Beckett the runway it was beautiful is like or who wore what better team to do against right giving you gonna make a statement have a statement game. It at the statement on Monday night yup I guess one of the best rush defense is right what better way to prove. He's felt like mark if felt like last night Damione Lewis Muhsin Mohammed Chris Drury just primetime powered by ortho Carolina we will get Phil savage and here in ten minutes. He was that the game last night Reese a Senior Bowl director serious XM radio former brown GM soreness thoughts on the game to talk on a college ball within two gates felt like the gate and I think does the right mindset if Philly to painters walked into that stadium last night since first of all it's our house. First Osman a football sort I'm going down like this and second of all you guys are from Miami. Sure it was only like 41 last night wasn't that coach but he's felt coal that Steve you're in the stadium iso wind was kind of circling through things wherever. It was like they went into target saying guys are not about this man they read their lives are about six. That's I. They have been on the season who wants to make him quit bill what's the make it seems that now we're good let's just go back Coleman called the week called a week and really you don't Luke's looks pick change the dynamic of the game because ultimately it was 107 late in the second quarter and it felt like Peter what do you do to better in this way better than you could watch in my assigned seat you better than this team why you screw around with this team Luke makes them tick. Four plays later Dixon seven yard score going to have time come at a halftime Marshall right methodically down the field cane KM. Made the play ought to bowling tour that touchdown Dick a Dick to identify which is on the tunnel screen. And into that candidate and Sony went and all the sudden it's 24 to seven and you could see Miami like now we're good. The diner they are now. Yeah odds are in our shot you don't just gonna say that. Us a peek we have a lot of fun last night every there was one play in particular should be good if their man yet to Parker. Where I mean he's flyer from his linebacker spot. Pass was to Parker. On the sideline in front of the characters bitch. Parker's been defended by a couple of DBs put Luke came up underneath that in it was a part of the pass break up and you know the third down plays pretty critical. Luke is good for somebody to congratulate her. I ever has always thought that the UAW but it was so significant about this game that really jumped out at me was. You know when you go to games. You have a win. What is not really a a profound statement type win this questions right. You have a season where you really have it established certain aspects of your game there's questions. Art what better way to go to the bye week and answer those questions excellent case in point case in point thumb. What does this pair to team gonna look like in the absence of their first round pick the date to straightaway Kelvin Benjamin. Right a degree answered some of those questions right they eat you know nineteen a couple of drops we used to seeing some more wearing that Jersey number amicable drops but I thought tip did seek tech industry should immediately get. Shepard's original scope two geared to bonuses sheppard's body right. But I thought Devin fox is really stepped up what is to test programs are really extending the game out of reach. The running game. You know being able to go against you know four like Miami's pro would live by Ndamukong Suh. You know their athletic group who really know. Tenacious fly around type of group. In and then handily I think you know. Some we handling their specialty players on offense with our defense of backfield right you know we didn't get after Jay Cutler like I thought we were a little bit. British leg. You know after him like a ball we did. So that means that we had to defend. Extremely well and you look at their group of guys that vector you know. Bed did just that you know it because his talented group of guys that that that play in their specialty positions brutality gosh we held them under checks all these questions that's why to me this win was so profound yet they are you know terrible lackluster team this is one of those strange to. By the way. That is. Its the cat's game euros will strap gifts exactly what those are gainers Russia is because there are not. Good enough to get excited about playing in but the good enough to be. Chief bureau show I think you saw Miami coming to this game both teams play games like this painters were 41 games decided by a touchdown or less so the dolphins. Dolphins hadn't scored mourn seventeen points on the road all year long and got a garbage can get a couple garbage touchdowns in the second half. Are so they beat down like seven you're averaging nine points per game on the road they're averaging like I just over 200 yards per game on the road there were awful football team on the road. Get dignity and a lot of those games because they just kind of muddy it up and that's the thing like duke was ten sevenths right before halftime before cheaply made the pick and it turned into a touchdown. And you're thinking this is more Miami wants this might be wants to play the style game and it's like the Panthers woke up deal Lewin said. Now what are we doing wire like we're in a fog right now wire we screw around this team because we screw around with a met this is what they want in the papers found a way to just kind of turn the corner on that line. And let live off strategically army would you tell you remember cousins only covers if you don't every writing his own fund work. So he's looking he's drift into key reason quarterbacks if he breaks Obama perfectly. Plays it partially goals of fireworks in the would pick and that pick was a fourteen point swing. That's fourteen points or ahead don't abort because he steps up and make that big play in the end you talk about. What are we what are what are rod. No more and step up in head the game of the season. Last night where he lives were busing for touchdown passes as is actually play every game on Monday night I should just intellectually to play in a moment and I'd rather. Answers a bit but the question to be an answer because what are we gonna look look like without you know our calendar as well the ball is being spread around a feel you know what. Now Kim is bargain as receivers were dropping balls he's put expectations on gust the step up to make plays Jerry you're young so what. Get out there might play a draw you know borrow you opened all you got to do was catch it. I do all the work just run reps during your run in gets the ball he's holding guys accountable still had a erosion game we last week. Back in absolutely dominates the ball as much individual who doesn't pick the game 17400. Men are taught to do any Sunday. I thought maybe on Monday I thought the most impressive places they ran a screen past form I think the second half I forget it was it was I think late in the third quarter and and I mean can you sit in the stands I looked up and I'd looked like Dennis it was a courtesy set I can't tell you he's another. Jonathan Stewart really Beck I had an extra gear to a must think he's been rife with the one thing you can say about Stu I think all year he has run hard now. That's also been scouting report guys his legs are Chernin he's trying to fight for yardage because it's not happening right now in Keon O'Neal took advantage of that great. The whole ribbon at the aisle twice just tooth those two for their young two fumbles last week against the felt yeah. But the difference is this week is the dolphins Ramos grind and hold you so are. I'm telling you right now and they had a conversation dolphins are cultures and they told him straight up if we can warm blood. Are we got Google Schoen guys that curious most U vertical sakes don't know. You know that yeah his thoughts and right every this guy is only you'll and you'll all dark how lighting grew older alternates if you okay. I guess what you won't restart mode we comeback from a bar we that's right we don't go fire at some guys who won't get the job door and guess what they stepped up and got the door last night. Bush salesman tweeting and Bradley Jewish Twitter feed at prime time WS and zebra release celebrating their 81 year service to Charlotte fifty to 70% discounts off retail appraisal on diamond rings earrings and bracelets maybe turn over shooter too as well easy payment so credit checks 81 anniversary sale and all HR locations and online and brown lead Jewelers dot com he says stuff was fantastic seeing the dolphins stand in those old dirty eighties logo athletic jacket sleeping bag for America stadium last night I don't think I saw -- and there were few people. But some giving a percentage 95%. Of whatever dolphins fans were there and there weren't very many not to be anybody surprised last night. I don't think anybody was wearing dolphins gear that was manufactured in the last twenty years this and for more dolphins gear that was made in the seventies hurried. Is last night to do those Kubrick is like data over the I guess Dan Marino Jersey is. All over the place. To. I left a combined regular knows there's the first one of Bank of America against the dolphin over the season there's one team left on the hit list in the entire NFL they still yet to beat the titans at home in their history to this the last team in the NFL that yet to be your home. In on now what is 23 years in cantor spoke. A lot of tests more team on the Hitler. Some boxes yesterday and I thought they passed. You know a heck of a test answered a lot of questions just today but there's still a couple more things I think that they have yet to prove. And it and it's gonna happen normal 1 o'clock you'll can be a 1 o'clock game. Against an opponent that hey you know they're supposed to be or. It may be is a real competitive type of game here. And can they come out there and have a back to back performance. Where they're playing at the level that they played. On Monday night. The artwork to go to tech become just on this there was in the building last night we love talking to him he's such a bright football minds former browns general manager here must serious XM radio all the time and of course director of the recent Senior Bowl Phil savage make can sometimes force on the technique I'm guessing until gonna talk how you doing. I'm good guy totally this show actually called up I would say oh wait all horse this morning. After the game last I'm making my way to Virginia objects so yeah there's Q mountains between. Winston-Salem and Blacksburg. Your good right now you get great cell service or an organist agree what what the building last night we get wedge of Bank of America last night. Well I just sort of planned all year that they get that that particular Monday night game because I do that I would. These visiting these schools. The rest of their. The weeks. Enjoyed tied together well of course Mike Jen embalmed. The other president harder by the vice president or offshore that also earned a long time friend of mine and he. What my agent actually at one time before he took the dauphin jobs several years ago and then. The course Marty Murray and I work up there on the NFL insiders lookup all. Together so it's always get a check Jen what I have for elsewhere and then talk a little dear all what they're seeing him. Mayor. Get a player to on the radar that they may not know about or vice Versa that I may not go about. We're talking to Phil savage series sex M he recent Senior Bowl director of course it does sell off other gave free Alabama Crimson Tide radio network as well and I he was and a house let's not big for America stadium for the panthers' 4521 victory what would you make things less not focused. We went into that game expecting the Panthers to win but this offense has kind of been in hibernation. For about a year and a half now so they broke out in May join especially on the ground would what we takeaways last night. Actually yeah they really did courts this fast forward jug competitive adopted turning point of the game and obviously it was good. So they interception by Janet Blair. Right at the end of the first half that really was the turning point in the game. Because it let it would score and then of course the printers or renegade third quarter. Actually it was ballgame. And I thought at that point it dolphins also little bitter fight. In terms of trying to chip called up against that rushing attack the church saying it jumped out to may have our chair honest they're waging avenue there's on. He's really on a course. You know watched him closely image you want here in collagen that's always based trial career Brady does like to bridle all right you know by the Jen Jen. I peace seems to really respond. In that circumstance and then. You know I saw the idea. The concept just Christian McCaffery really being a big part of the offense last site as a channel order. Jonathan Stewart you know obviously it was a handful for the Dawson it to get there to get a handle on. What what do you make by the way Phil of of cam because we fad I mean he's been in this league now this is seven years you you saw on first and what he did in that comeback in 2010 in the Iron Bowl. And in winning the Heisman and just doing things that we've never really seen a quarterback do physically. At the college level and everybody's had a conversation a while can you do that the NFL he has to this point. He's also dealt with some nagging injuries and there's always the conversation of well Kim eventually is gonna have to change his game but it does appear over the last month or so as he's got more healthy more reps in practice. I mean Canas made a statement to say guys here here's who I am warts and all I'm going to play the position in a different way than any quarterbacks ever played in NFL history what do we make of this because I I think the idea of maybe changing her tweaking his game to fit more of a traditional style it's just at this point this is who came is any ease of player like we've never seen before the quarterbacks quarterback spot. Yeah I think if you try to truly meant a box so to speak I think it does take away from the low cost effective this at this game I think it G utilizing. And publisher has a rocker. Again just have that sort out what the other team mister chairperson quarterback or arms. You know last I do is fairly shellac just you know I have bootleg sure first down. Course or is that the long run. In the second half bad at putting that night side yard mark but you know I take it negotiate respect and he's a difficult player game plans for a picture our ears so big. He used so athletic and he's a rarity in the region with the first pick of the draft. He's never going to be a high percentage passer. There Howard street collapse until recent times early in the game when she. You know they were to draw cheer there they had a course that illustrated broke back to the military got away with what we're TJ McDonald could not. Make it diving interception. But sometimes it takes a look at the quarterback position look at our oil would I would stay in it she you know East Asia and they're handled it sure you have try get attached air. Out of respect like I can't believe that app like you how much that's 41% of the time because he's really cute yeah did you 0% passer. But that is good enough if it's a lecture incorporated into the office that you're rich Armitage just. A pocket track strongly then 575859%. Won't be good enough stretched. Because it is running ability I think that is good enough for the Panthers drove that a couple years ago when. Everything clicked and I made it to the Super Bowl. Or to drink that the chains of the is a county of a football game. Over the last seven years really plays to advance of our health care loony as a player in the style of football anyplace. She. You know there's there's no doubt the modern day linebacker. Any at all now wish all of these smaller man. In Camden across the board that's not intended to mention. At least a bit Albert beaten to backs with people try and you know nickel defense 60% of the time or more sometimes dying. These sense. I percentage of the time. And you drug that's factual sense trying to track called Chandra didn't. Inspiration. It's problematic. And that they're leaving it and do the interior line where you know most people are trying are willing to undersized rushers on the field. So at this speed aspect Devin I think it's an excellent point. I thank the other picture what is probably. Helps with his durability even though camp a little older now. You don't seem dictate associates as well as he did when you're younger player but. Well they're not going to be quite his position strong that you are twice Alltel linebacker. It would eventual five years ago guessed it 250. I felt like. Linebacker. That Phil com. As you look at the NFC south and it's you know this story is starting a plea itself file right. You've got the saints there. That have come into Bank of America Stadium. You know turn essentially turned their season around. Earlier this year. Ed and have continued to go on a tear our date for real and how do you see the saints. Eventually matching up with the Carolina pair them stores in the news. She did you know that's frustrating about look for answers when he last night there they're. They're almost there must win situation because of this of this story that the position the falcons. You know play a little bit better change outlay and you know I talked ball solid overall and Syria show extra that I thought the NFC south. It traps the AFC west so that hasn't developed is much out there but. This south division despite what's happened in Tampa. It's really a good division in its gonna take probably endorse the general. Should should keep getting currently swing and the decision and secure your spot. And the playoffs each other shapes are always they've always to lead this critical momentum change. Wouldn't do it they can play Furman has there a lot different gene that when they're playing from behind so. I think if they offer real they've made some personnel changes essentials that they've actually under these sort of backed former. Marshall allowed a more course. So yeah this is this achieve I think they maintain their health and it's going to be a real racial slurs which claimed that the captured the falcons and zoning. Or talk to Phil savage again out Reese's a Senior Bowl director and a former browns GM here my serious XM radio also on the Alabama crimson tied. Our radio network and may end that was a Houdini act on on Saturday night when when we're all holding our breath collectively feel we'd never seen in the regular season in any weekly college football 12 and three all go down on the same day and it took took a fourteen nothing wrong in this in the final ten minutes of that fourth quarter on Saturday for Alabama to make sure that record stays stays that case so well what would you make the comeback in and where they stand right now because a lot of football still left to be played but they seem to be able to do what would Georgia Notre Dame weren't able to do on Saturday. Action you know greater compliment their approach they've showed that you know and I just as a and it's DNA they know I'm a land and Mississippi State give them credit they had an excellent game plan also it's simply anti typically. They're very aggressive on both sides of the ball. But I know slash I minutes especially are all cents. They seem to global order a bit in the act gave Alabama just enough. I have an opportunity. To put it back to back scoring drives together. And control that game out I think they're good it's positive for Alabama as they have and how many games like that. What they have to come from behind the winner. So I would exist expected to be a big confidence boost. City and chart team than just the fact he Jalen Kurtz sophomore quarterback. Yeah he gets critiqued a lot in the staked out there about his passing ability. They each basically passing an arranged every single week in the record books. In Tuscaloosa and about wins Saturday night on the road into categories. I think they'll give them a big a big left because look their defense. Is now aren't as strong. As it was a year ago how could it be they lost five or six NFL draft picks they've lost the war linebackers for the year. Most teams would be decimated whitbeck China's. At the section defensively that. So I'm still gonna be very good on defense but they're not going to be dominant. It's so they need special teams in the also sensed it to pick up the slack if she actually what happens Saturday night especially in the fourth quarter. Our cameras off the board so if I give you one other team were your saying and Tim I can see when at all Phil but as you know you get to the playoff to give Jewish shot anything can happen in these games we saw Alabama lose it one of the semifinals a couple years ago Oklahoma might happen some time so I give me your premier team that you'd say I like what they're doing right now feel like they've got momentum and I think if they get into the playoffs they could they can make some noise is that team outside of Alabama fits that for you. Well honesty in the country right now is admired Eric changed our show I I would say there's camera club some. You know the winner of that game is at war at our bases teacher actually have earned their way. Just a playoff and I can't ideology to keep an honest there's spammers. Are final aren't actually Auburn Tigers offer. You know I people actually also you know on down there. About the fire ball I I don't even pay attention all urged until November because what they do if you in September and October. Is not going to be anything close to what they'll be. But it's on you get to the end of November that's been true this year big giant away. They're playing excellent football greats they really took Georgia to the woodshed Saturday and I think that was a bit surprised a lot of people. Right there you go fill us savage Reese a Senior Bowl director by the way his book fourth and goal every Saturday. You can get that wherever books are sold before to go every every day Alabama's relentless pursuit of perfection and of course or browns GM hear much serious sex -- Alabama Crimson Tide radio network and the recent Senior Bowl directors wealth on your super busy so thanks for making a couple moments forced you to talk. I appreciate it surely enjoy each other blight so well modeling and all the blows here and that's an oxymoron for. A young adult and I think there are big big movie star and have you back fields and by the way the looking right now. I did talk. So did Eric Taylor go to Detroit de facto you got it online ginger and yet they didn't really appreciated thank you. But look who's who's the quarterback. Those teams whether the NCA Derek Anderson let's got to deliver winning seasons are out of Cleveland Browns. When Phil was there. And may we talked to yesterday but I don't know if I'd like we make fun of the browns the idea that they tried to Trace for AJ McCarron did know they had to file the paperwork and get it in on time didn't do it. Before member that the do over present in my half ago. I think they've figured out what our. Knew he was very their quarterback does that transformed Boston deal you know idea together right now okay nevermind it and you get the story to the other day that leaked out about how they won at the trade deadline they were thinking about trading. For Terrelle Pryor. The same Terrell Pryor that had a thousand yards on their team last year but one thing that wall and they could assigned to a deal it was those little pricey but it wasn't out of it I mean it was. About the market price for Terrelle Pryor was cold brew is still ball it. This is where I don't know I think he's out it's all these it's only some money ball guys now I think investors are there Jason I guess that yes. Similar unlimited and we continue primetime powered by ortho Carolina to things on the other side won the the number one thing I love from the game last night for the Panthers went over the dolphins and not so good news on Kurdish Samuel it is next on primetime powered by ortho Carolina. I'm pretty Charlie's going to. Powered by Mort don't care. It's. And clay. Was so awesome last night. More than just a normal twenty yard score for Devin clutches he had one crew ferry had a thirty need four yarder I believe later on. As the Panthers reel off five straight touchdown drives. After they got going in the in the second quarter Luke tickle his interception kind of spurred only went into halftime came at a halftime we touchdowns. Book ended that and added three more on that really just ran up score on the dolphins and 45 point one generally indicate how lopsided that game was last night on Monday Night Football Damione Lewis Muhsin Mohammed with a us. On a Tuesday it is primetime powered by ortho Carolina you can tweet us. On the Bradley Jewelers where few celebrating their 81 your service to Charlotte fifty to 70% discounts off retail appraisal on diamond rings. Earrings and bracelets easy payments no credit checks 31 anniversary Celek all HR locations and online and Bradley jeweler stock comes I don't forget. I you can die go enjoy some great sky high sports action in pine hill two tickets for the price of one a savings of 60%. Just go to get my purse dot com to sign up for that right now is well Indo we will be once again. At the W offense he Coca-Cola doghouse for street Turkey's next Wednesday to join us the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Great tradition it's our fifteen day annual WS NC street turkeys and join us canned goods frozen turkeys. More money whenever you can donate or all three of you can afford to do that and you guys make that special and it's gonna benefit the second harvest food bank a metro wanna. Loaves and fishes through pitchers Adam shifter is reporting on the burly Jewelers Twitter feed odd that courtesy of the old suffered ligament damage in his ankle and is out for the season. So that is that's that's tough news. Firms for the rookie and other second round pick the fortieth overall pick from this year's draft class. For the painters and you all of a sudden start to look at this painters draft class. From 2017. And I'm looking at right now thinking. What is this a redshirt class like you because Christian got a lot of workload right we can all agree on that but when you look at -- the entire draft class is a whole first round pick Kershaw McCaffery. Fortieth with Samuel. 64 overall was Taylor mode and in winter really see much of Modi comes in as an extra man sometimes and certain announcer and heavy packages that's right on the offensive line Tayshaun hall. As. Has been put it was he put on our board station on. All and is he he's I can remember what's up additional additional hole is not played at all. Other third round pick at a Texas a and M the defensive end corn elders on IR. As a quarter the nickel corner at a Miami Alex Armas the playing sparingly as a sixth round pick. He's an all up and down on the active roster and then obviously hair some bunker in the seventh round pick is now the Kansas City GC rough was was post office box off the practice squad so. You're looking at this if this entire ought you know I'm looking at weird to some of the saints. Six go look at who deceit to pick to their draft and they're getting instant production from those guys. And I would guess that they struggled with their drafting over the last few years into degrees of other in the mess they were in coming into this year pitchers have gotten. A good amount of production from their draft class picks over the last few years into this year you'll Christians kind of carry in order for everybody but on the whole now with this news again at a show after seeing courtesy meal suffered ligament damage in his ankle. Out for the season the you know we didn't catch the touchdown in the back to the end zone got rolled up in it look like it might have been a severe high ankle sprain and now your finding out there's an actual real real damage other than what would've happened structurally soul. Odd that stinks in the painter shirt yeah I don't this is an older roster. Yeah this is a can can buy intentioned but this is an older roster make him make his stuff happened right now and I guess he'll wait to see if Jameer bird comes off IR I don't think that's a guarantee I think that's the hope. On the great comes off next week here and you can only take two guys off soul you know of Greg's the first guy you get one more guys gonna be on ire for eight weeks and you can bring him off. And I think Damir bird can provide some of that element put guilt Kaelin clay. You're in Europe manager your work what's probably doing increase somebody's writing in on the text like do you go after Philly brown again. I mean naming. Don't think so because I think in this offense art. Some you can we please so many guys you can only you know really fees so many guys in the in the got a role players right and I think. When you look at a guy like shepherd he's gonna be overly demanding for the ball I think DeVon fun just to meet. You know sort of coming out party the last couple weeks and really has proven that he can carry the workload and I actually saw little burst of oh speeds and yet yards they are good that to me was very impressive so so when you when you gift. Olson back you got fun just two guys that are really gonna command you know and you know. A certain amount of ball CEO's it's fortunate that does Samuels is not going to be included in this kind of conversation. Where I thought that and you heard. From a bear market hurting all he'll talk about eight yolk over Benjamin's exit was. For an opportunity for sandals were we we needed more speed on the field you know they lose SPX and in you watch Samuels played a mean he's a fast guy very fast guys. Maybe not as polished as Barbara she would we all know that place running back do but everything com slash utility type of player. But the speed is something that's very hard to duplicate you know coming in this absence of what Ted Ginn provider or just offer this drink. It is apart and that's the disappointing part is that element but you know from a production standpoint nearly hasn't been a part of this offense. You know because he caught up to me a very you know difficult pass what in traffic contested there got up and you really could see him sort of like hey our guy wore a cowboy you are finally got one right. An end you know some of the copper start to build hardware or in when you look at these younger guys you know worried about the first 89 games of the season you word about the banking and MC a make the transition. As you go to adjust to the speed of the game. Just into our you don't defend as a player and you know your store no adjusting get better. And being able to make that transition their season weren't there to an end. Here's a guy would look at the do big things the last four games in playoffs and then you don't have an opportunity Bogart jewels and not only is Eagles and his weasels and are the reps I cheers as. There are going to next year with almost sick after next year's draft so basically have almost you could argue most. What a class and a half of draft picks or worse actually rookies again. They bombarded journey I'll audibly chalkboard. You know let's start over the start from scratch here and let's stood he'll go back. And and build with the right way and I think here provides an option not to you know sort of say hey how do we take advantage of the occurred Samuels you know sort of loss of down time you know your book. I think it does give you an opportunity to really build this. Bill to come newly built this receiving or the way you really really want to end and. It also points to Leo Greg again and the ideas she's coming back against the jets he told us that you're gonna hear Greg Olsen coming up to get a little bit the 5 o'clock our big guilt he comes back against the jets and we talked a did you more two tight end sets. When you might have to add a necessity might have to have. No more that stuff witness we will wager on which are based off office read Dixon and can Gregor I don't feel the same time yeah and I knew what you're working his mother got a. We we can't underestimate the value. Of being able to stretch of football field you know if you can totally you know for safety that does a lot for the team and run game in in the passing game or start and they are rules in their ability. If they don't have organic and Runnels deep breaths a camera care Michael the which you know when you go 21 personnel right. I. 21 personnel and 21 personnel is that the two tight ends to rush him back in one right wide receiver. Right that dictates a certain defense of lineup would you even now I'll go to almost like a goal line OPEC is taken the deepest and let off the field where I imagine the matchup situations you know Mike Hsu going into its. Can I got messed up situation now. Where I've gotten it Dixon who can run routes on DBs in linebackers are got a great Gholston who could do the same. The Christian McCaffery oh by the way who's one of the two great backs in the game where he also can kind of hubris shelter Embraer one receiver usually a good and fun to snag you that ability to go from the trauma or agree to bear on offense to a spray it was crazy you can. So I feel all personal and official right so you can see it now where. You can really take advantage of the personnel that you have left now you know you don't have to worry about making a whole bunch of people I know what that means close is that that's the difference between you or does well I don't feel you're in heavy oil base defense. And now we're chicken to run past we hit. Oriented to bridge two out oh well I'll always do these big guns and exclusion. Second it is Damon. Hundreds Chris Krueger is primetime twenty minutes away for loser radioed to where powered by ortho Carolina.