Panthers Tight End Greg Olsen: "Last Night Was The Best This Team Has Played So Far"

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Tuesday, November 14th

Panthers Tight End Greg Olsen joins Primetime to discuss the Panthers big win last night. 


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Greg Olsen Panthers try to make in time for Greg are you doing man. Aren't there. And I'm doing well so. You heard I get it really conflict it is you are your youth through a true when you're the only guy you tweeted this out I think over the we can you're the only guy I think. In history to have played or be able to put on both uniforms at some point your college career right you can occupy weird space and is rivalry. Yeah I'm I'm I'm going with then took somebody else showed a beat somebody else I don't know. I'm just. I'm just assuming I can't imagine. That there's anybody else so it would guys are pretty cool but obviously played my entire career. Maybe it's just been fun you know CO coach Rick has done a wave where that program is common just to hear his image. I just finally nice state to feel like your programs at or below. This because you won't there's no love lost a note saying. We don't doubt and that's how. Have you what was the last time you were that excited about a gamer now come that you didn't play and just like man this is my school where this is my team Mosul some viewers excited ashore on Saturday night. How I'll probably reminded my kids she bolted and won a championship I don't know. I resign every song written for and Hillary are out. It would yeah I don't know last time I was I would bet passionate and I don't know. It would do to try and David Beckham though we get if we have a lot to get our rest our policy to go like that. Prussian Miami where did this (%expletive) We're talking to Greg Olsen Panthers tied and former hurricanes I wish to. He's not a former K what's urgent always are very good are Reynolds and we're still trying to ceremony got us our oh yes that's right sorry. Her Qaeda as well Greg Olsen on Twitter I Greg Olsen 88 he's got also announcement coming up we're gonna talk about that last night. I mean it I know everybody wants to go back to 2015 and instead was talking about this after the game Greg goes. You know this is 2017. It did feel like you guys last night. Bound found an identity early may be honed in even further on an identity from that falcons game could you guys put complete football last night. Yeah I think I terrorism what is probably the best to trade. So far this she's this she's statutory compliment very ball both offensively running pass defense at least special here it was really pretty. Well rounded effort and I anytime you can play yet there are a defense like that. Yeah especially the guys they have a try and brush for. Almost 300 yards and 550 yards of offense and 45 point Monday Night Football ads. There's not a lot of those games in the NFL so that ever do that with a special effort last night you guys deserve a lot of credit for it and I think it's nice to start kind of hit our stride yearly when he did a couple weeks going to be critical. We do during his meeting rooms Greg so what how close is a bank is you know a lot of guys have said that you know coach Shula should said that over the last couple weeks of you know I can feel that were on to something here you know speak with the running game just the offense in general a lot of people it's kind of scoffed at that so how. How close has it been we like man I know it hasn't all lined up but clearly did last night and he did a little bit of that against the falcons as well so at what what what has been going on you guys have this confidence of like guys this is gonna get six were were close to break through here. Yeah I think that's offensive football it's just you know it. If you can guys can do everything right and you know there's one great talent and I want to agree Ralph we just don't we don't complete derby gets factored that penalty if it doesn't take a lot so when when you virtual over the last couple weeks and guys over the last couple weeks sake. You know we're close we're close I think that's a little bit whatever and referred to it it's not a complete disasters just. Each clay geyser taken turns and you know just coming up to a short I think last night. What is the result of you know a lot of those times we we had things really executed well both rush and pass and and the result comps so it would you all around there it what more can you say that dispatch in the game kind of speaks for itself and number happy for a lot of guys you mention just two and and colleges and indeed it Peter guys you know I'm really happy for their starter really get their stride in. It's come at a great time. What what temple worker is Devin. I in the meeting rooms on practice he'll what temple workers he Greg. It's great practice habits he's really had good practice habits and she's got here as a rookie. You know practice just trash practice just archived issues that pretty catchy really. As always just naturally had good habits on the field he's I think he's really come into his own now is kind of the main leader of that group and you know a young group that we already have any real older veteran presence in that room so I think a lot of pressure and put up some of these young guys to grow up fast and some guys get a handle let some can't I think deputy BR it's really done a good job. And the thing that over especially the last couple weeks with we've Calvin economy whatnot so. I I'm not surprised to see your results on the field believe they are for him. I'm pretty much done as the CT nearly as a whole but the Odyssey last night. I'll be one of his better games so it was it was nice to see that. And that's how to catch is everything he done last night what I was most proud about. Is one. So our get him into the end zone that's just that's just remarkable to see a young men do that initials that leadership pitcher's turnaround and it wrong. Exactly or any any play earlier in the earlier in the game. We're Amarillo bunch he can't emotionally we rented a little cost the boundaries do this too and he came down and killed the defense and then I'm an. Head over heels flat on his back. Simply don't Devin really embraces a lot of those a lot of those rules then I think you get to wide receiver group as a whole has really embraced it downfield block hated it kind of mixing it up big safety delegate and boxes and and keep you know I don't the legs and back and not act. I'm not to attack what the end of the clay so I think they're you know you can see you guys have really it's not just impact the game with the ball in their head the other try to impact began. Com this off and every single ballot and there are trying to search the norm in this week's side I think collection and then Koch got a great job respect group I think those guys are really start to get it. We're talking a painter studying Greg Olsen it to that point I mean I was seeing on the on Devin tunnel screen that Tim audible to which is such a great great call great execution McCaffery from the slot. When he when he blocked not one but two dudes to kind of spring fun just to get into the end zone on that play. Yeah a couple of good ones that the one you're talking there are no on the screen a decade and checked to charge. He beat slice it guys go like that earlier in the game. Camera and a little quarterback draw accountability same direction he came through and slice the linebackers like down camp picked up the first down I mean. Again we have a lot of selfless guy just a lot of guys who are really buying intended to what it means to play offense of football and playing well rounded football and yeah I think we're starting to see a lot of those examples and that those are signs of good teams. Those are signs of good players in the end and players who understand what we're trying to get accomplished so it's. It's but that out there what that finds his touchdown to open up the third quarter miss. We're trying to stay next Indiana sideline and obviously DA knows the play calling and not get a great feel kind of what's going on and sometimes he can cut talks through play and increased happened. And camp started Chechen. And today was like oh no he can't. Don't take candy and can't move Christian over a PH kind of like get excited he'd like he had that we worked on this all week and made the perfect check. Her rapid data cannot be sued the good untouched for a touchdown so that got pitched to contact lists and a kind of talk back into a life and then cheat cam exe cute appropriately under on the field. I'm Greg Olsen what newspapers tied in knots footer Greg Olsen 88 is gonna also announce the coming up we're gonna talk about this with him endowed with this right now on the ticket come guess life speaking of Kim what is it with this guy Monday Night Football Greg how do you explain coach it because this isn't just got a couple of games it's seven games nor his career Andy's what six and one in those in those Monday night teams and is he's got fifteen TDs four picks ES foreign and no interceptions last night almost a hundred yards rushing how do you explain what my team is so good on Monday Night Football. Well actually I should go and down I shot that I didn't remember the last Monday night game we lost but right. I'm too. I had just think you played well what matters the most at Yankee pride and and I think he's drives didn't. And that type in competition that I did and our. To. I don't know I think some guys you have it and I think those sort of things are kind of hard to put your finger on the I've kind of been the story of his career we get the most you played well and I think last natives. As well you can play the quarterback position I mean the broad four touchdowns and no PX run for almost 200 yards and not a lot of guys take any day can really impact the game in the end both those you know manner so. It was special diet and what's left to be adding that we we've seen it now seven years. You know he didn't do a lot of things that they had met a lot of guys. It's football let alone that position I've been able to do. You know what year is a lot of people of course his leadership ability but I saw some things last night who they're really stood out. I saw Leo and they accidentally left to care more than just a little bit too lonely and I saw Embarq and at shepherd. Ohno on the drop pass and also would saw Embarq and at Samuel in there and they came to the south. And they showed him really get enough to separate and guys are run around and I should have made their excuse them are made to catch on my past is he not turn into that leader that you guys expected going to be. We have cash but again yeah this is something we've talked for years to make sure it never been a big issue without so I think that narrative has kind of been talked about a lot. You know when people say he'd be coming over here I mean he's really cute in that same personality in that same kind of figure. For years now so I just think he's had a way of doing it might be different from how guys around a leader people perceive game a little bit different than other people but. Others no mistake we can control out there whose courage you know running the show went you know there's not a player runner passionate doesn't go through and it. I irresponsibility. You know Odyssey in the passing game but his responsibility to get in and out or runs. Be involved in the running game the desired runner the read option stuff and propped scrambles. There later today right I'd be hard pressed to say there's other quarterbacks that have impact on every single play erotic passion as much as he. And I could agree Richard Moore was a bit and let me a lot of great when you nor do what you are with our Kurt Warner and those guys in a scene how he's worked hard he wasn't generals or the receivers in the running game again guys in and out of our calls and all accounts the source a lot of similarities there was our Cam Newton. Airline give a lot of credit you know run faster action and you know different different things before does that increase that. Do you really does a good job here liberation. He really sees things well he's got graded stakes. And you know what do you when he she didn't feel and obviously you're obviously pretty dangerous. Greg Olson's listing after studying you nervous for for next Sunday to call this vikings game on TV or no you you knew if you prepare how do you feel as security for this in a week. I'll be prepared and a lot of anxious you know how nervous scramble anxious to see little. Little bit different then you should never really done anything like that a lively environment I did kind of heard. Try out tight. Dry ironic not couple Summers ago around LA it would be stocked with the crew but not to order a locker broadcasted so it's done it's going to be got thrown into the fire all a bit here but can't look at harkat known -- and that was high school he. Do you still hear you grew up back in Jersey idea to kids used to our radio our games so obviously I've now. Gun control while and Charles is really good in the end I had gotten in over the years or so cultural begin with and then. You know hopefully culturally go to well all we'll find out. That's yet to water with you refund drinkable yeah. There's only. Aaron thought. Our talker Jew so they're at a glacier keep it short. You know big tat with the morning Jill PA guy for the hornets CC he does he's got like these ginger root beverage I mean it's disgusting but it war. It's pretty dazed I guess so if you wanna you know what I. Ordered him peninsula just giving you some tips right here Greg -- put the sendoff he he's gonna be on the call by the way has an if you have not heard vikings and can rams on fox and in this the other thing too Greg I mean this is I thought this was common knowledge but because some people make a mistake though wolf Greg's gonna play the vikings he's calling her game and he's gonna get access to info notably the golf course should not like you're not gonna get to go into the production meetings and talked to coaches there that are still act like no why would people even that would happen. I don't know people on our radar goes about I think all treasurer Gumbel that urgent and he's got no time they ever attending their practice facilities. That are being. I'm gonna go into the game. Whether it's good attitude towards them to go to their game in the stadium instead of the box up top they. Sit talk about what I see and I don't know I'm not gonna have a pretty giddy and excited and so market hit interview players and coaches and anyone that bet based. We order they would agreed that it is just that yeah that's just to get ridiculously young. Are you Greg Olsen chi. Try to get inside info from the vikings says we is that. There's an idea how ha ha ha I all right so what will let you go this this is the most important thing you've done such great work over the years with you receptions for research with the Hornish yard work it was Levine children's hospital and you you got a big announcement coming a bit later this afternoon right. Yet tonight where we're most a big announcement at 100 that would be Children's Hospital in over the last five years we've we've done a ton of fundraising and we've all candidates and hospital to develop pretty. You know first of its kind private duty beyond. Partly funded medical benefit program in that we concentrated on neo and agent and eighties in it that are really critical time of their lives and our very excited to to announce that we ever pretty significant extension or bring. A program to work immediate judicial orders hospital that doesn't exist anywhere in our region. We think it's gonna really BD changer for character he's cardiac stents so. We're excited about operating net to the public to say and and then watching it just it general for the first time and we hope people are excited about it we are. If people can always help right perception sure research dot org if they ever wanted to get involved or help or do anything right all they can always get plugged in receptions for research dot org right. Yes exactly right out early stages for people I'm not tore eventually support assay on output fundraising v.s and computer multimillion dollar. Type programs story we're taking under sought help ball helped adds up. Well Greg world we're proud of you for what you do you lost the feel government much every bit as much as no more than what you guys do on the field so keep up the great work and global CEO hopefully against the jets right that would say what's that look like you think that's our current. The plan. The thread I had been doing really well. Just. Keeper registered eight weeks from here there are bought that you could do so far and Fisher the next period for the weekend. And then hit the ground running and practiced on Monday when we get back so look at tortured just continually got. Progression and get back out there hopefully there's Dirk. Greg good luck man bag congrats to your tier chains and I have fun on call on Sunday okay good luck thanks to make it tough course. RC let it failure arson.