Panthers DB Kevon Seymour: "We Hate Giving Up Those Big Plays, But The Win Is Most Important"

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Tuesday, November 14th

Panthers DB Kevon Seymour joins Primetime to discuss the Panthers big win on Monday Night Football. 


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We go to the segment come guess on big win for the Panthers last night 4541. And death that's three year old for the Panthers. As they think they'll head into their bye week and sit at 73 we welcome in not corner kibo Seymour keep on you don't make good to talk dia. He told great permanent portfolio. So while last night you guys kinda came out with a purpose it seemed of you know it wasn't necessarily a runaway in the in the first task weekly made that they pick before halftime the also it's turned it into points and then. The other route was kind of on after halftime in the second half last night. You know man and a great player. Great linebacker even better curriculum at the thought that it has in my in my little corner of the let go bring it does that it's on its coastline so. Can you walk us through that play when Luke is doing what he's doing there and he diagnosis things as well as any player Italy what's what's going on your walk us through that play what he did bearish because he broke off of his coverage right he kind of free Lance there understanding he was able to do and and that and that's when play was going right so walk us through what he did on the uptick. A little watch a lot of little. Just Zanardi and he'll tell you what you are got to let the unit but. Moving to a lot of Serbs studied both you know look covered so it is a matter of you know thought it have to make enough but it you don't have the opportunity. Team policy immoral this tape to score how much better does that make your how much easier does that make your job when you're out there and he's he's not only do we differ berth for himself and he's helping you guys out he's pulling out covered here where plays going right so what what's how how much better in any easier does that make your job out there. Then make it may get everybody down what do you do you know our regular bill. Back on their best offense with a lot of them voted the other you know the fact that a lot of nobody in the together. And the vulnerability caught up but it before you know before either stop the both both are merely we are go ahead and then go. I'm have a dollar down a bit and I got that if you made everything so much leave it. Art turner co. And today our producer him and moved pretty much run that shield system with a Rex ever. Are you did definitely been a lot of comfort there Kurt there who was Marleau a safety. Very you know great. Well yeah here are. Oh well. Colquitt a closet. When it occurred on me I couldn't bring everything you could total oil farmers have occurred but they're. But what if all you know like the Brady you know I don't reflect that are dealt their cause they. Army but Arafat of this that we talked about couldn't communicate with just one about it coming up who go about there. They keep on it its music James bread bury. Is drawing and you know I say good. The better matchup or maybe it's a tougher match up you know when you guys play against Atlanta he's getting Julio Jones and Miriam around the field you're in my experience. That other corner is the most important position on the field because you probably don't get a lot of work. How do you approach that and you will consult electorate. You got a goal in my you know the Balkan no way. You know used to become technically you know it could be. Great corner of the developer of this spirit you know then there wanna go vote because the content like they've gone about our public order. And but I mark victory Arrigo I don't know if that we've taken away for the best receivers there. You know they have looked you know denied that they cover Hibbert second or third period but they that there outside us throughout the it was not a better place. Yeah obviously give. Lot of work still to me he'll give. Even affected you know. Bread beer is going to be on the no more guiding me try to go away from that to me you. Are you looking forward to really give the workload on the team as the there's there's it's a court earlier the sonic. Well you definitely give it more certainly play politicized and so it Pete do you think political. Obama mistake and I'm an opportunity when the ball enough football to detail we'll get blown out. We're talking to keep on simmer pitchers quarter also win last night 4521. I I think it's interesting to keep on because we talked about this we talked to Darryl about this fear you guys some weeks it's you shoulder a lot of the load on the snap count other weeks Tim Russell was Q last week you you had 75% of the snaps on defense last week against the falcons and then I think you were like 37% last night so I don't summit in coach says some let's matchup oriented but that's not easy right word when we got to you know you're gonna play a lot more snaps and -- -- not mean from. Mental standpoint right so how do you guys cutting guys handle that you guys seemed to be doing a pretty good job of it not just your doctor Orly to. Did you already you've got to be right mentally and what I do not proper to go where it got to be ready like a lot of bodyguards they get there the work. Those bloody not a good day of work. If you look odd the American registry to. It's called ought to give Mike Modano are organized this but it. Yeah he's not out there are volume what he's not a blue book eclipse but it didn't work so you're about oh. They kick off event like so we got quite a file on it is to make certain wants or to order. If you don't play it is not a good day. That's an interesting dynamic so write to you guys semi near one week it's you won't week gets him in. I mean do we see with the running back group to Stew was talking about Alaska crucial star Malick we just roots reach other right we just won at team's success so there's a dynamic. The border whenever the ultimate vote but when it does though no Democrat who won or whoever planned voter whoever. No in the boat caught again but you know the B player who. I'm not lose continuity thing I can hopefully win. I don't wanna do holds major game plan stuff here keep on Seymour would just hit the corner but what's what are the match ups that would dictate maybe you being after more than him what what are the matchups that say hey this is a better fit for you to be the second quarter vs Darryl why why is that flipped over the last two weeks. Follow up. Come home to try not to look forward yeah really prepared to unload the glory days but whoever's the better. Whoever they can you know let there though there. There's going to be out there more active well. Are there like that we've got to be alert and be ready you know that. They don't come Kamal I would put left no matter I don't blame. A lot about the when not that there are pop like well. VW right now. So who's going each week he can't think you know hundreds of but you don't a couple of did it live up liquidity. Hold it down. Well I know you guys are still number one in in told these cents after after last night but it did you give 121 points and for most teams that prod the site. That's a decent knighted the authors for you guys gave us some late touchdowns in the game where you mean you had them and vice grip so what was it what was the mood for that for the defensive player please could you want anyone big budget. I would say that's probably not up to your standard right you guys are probably not happy with how that went the second at times. It is that there are a lot of prosperity devote bow low or. But really play good these authorities have taught my. Before like it was rather my eleven yard. It. Well all of our though. A little regular run like it is definite bomber but how many of you guys go by the defendant is directed it and we'll quite so loudly that. But not a good night well it's not enough to put my foot there's not a lot of people are qualified to put a pinpoint elected are so utterly confident. Career. But we coming at a good time are you wish you guys to get to play next week. Well it really go being targeted in Tom that you could have put that I would definitely. You know comment had book. Folks to get out by the fact and everything. You seal and right now as your body tree years ago and a box. We have a robotic that I go to that this mine that they've you know the corner netbook. Inevitable about it low cost but it won't fit. What's what's the bite we played you delay lower you got you can get out of town first few days we don't know what you don't buy we are. Almost they lost ground than it sound off soundly until spell out there on the futility about deficits to watch elected fair and you get ready for next week. It was funny we were we were talking about the sort of have to keep on Seymour where this Panthers quarter of the trade where you come here are some Kaelin clay in exchange for Kaelin clay from from buffalo last time if at an indicator now you guys are back on the same here that's crazy right who would have thought that two months ago. Did that last brokerage unit there wrote but I actually broke a prayer we knew some of the order solo flute Lucas ArvinMeritor. Where did. You both GQ you played your high school what are far from each other right Southern California and aren't. Why people won't be tough opponent without went up about thirty minutes away. I don't know brought in that state like that it dead it's very good content there you know do what you follow Timothy political every year so. Not a particularly here. That's funny what's your what's your. At which your nickname what's came given you is your nickname on the team. Good critter cam doesn't make made for everybody those people could occur when he called the other. He called the pogo. And typically I came in the new. Put some put out story. Yeah well it was certainly an element. Top young loop process it's clear. Not cricket but yeah both Burkle are handled her heard Obama say. Life partner with his own you have a better time to do you domino. Under our law is most proud of my hair out fit so. Civilian objects of under my position as they hear about how far more complicated. What did you call your vote. Program what's it what's the best thing to name on the defense what else what else is drawn around of that defense of sub ball the other nicknames are. This is totally negative. He believed the possibility to talk they would enough to go well. Our legal rights SARS started like Alan Beer beer cup would go. Chicken isn't easily. Historically. That's got to raise further everybody. Is currently very. And can't imagine you have a problem Obama has chosen candidates are due out. This man come I don't how I have fought. So you got. They keep on because it's good to talk to him in a good job going into the bye week on a high note does so enjoy the week reported in what was talked too soon okay. There earlier where card begin.