Panthers DB Captain Munnerlyn: "I Feel Like We Are Really Hitting Our Stride" 

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Tuesday, November 14th

Panthers DB Captain Munnerlyn joins Garcia & Bailey in studio to discuss the Panthers big win over Miami. 


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So we attempt to model we thought it might join us today we knew at some film was torture could make him not just to hear you are legible it. We weren't these the Communist. Towards the front. But I think that this. What's been the biggest difference cap over the last two games in and I think I don't think he's a symbol. Is allowing a guy to walk in sending the message with Kelvin Benjamin especially on the running game but I do so like it is opened up. And allow this offense to breathe a little bit with. You know some of the running lanes have been there you know the vertical running to the the passing game with the speed and also the lateral it opens up and allows the defense to the office to breathe a little bit I think that's been a big factor I. I don't think it has anything to do with all the only reason but I think a lot of other reasons to go along with that as well as Camby and a bigger impact in the game. Oh yeah most definitely if volatility it is three weeks ago without KB dolphins score. No 45 points and wish though that's. I sent us that is all right us citizen do a better offer it's listener is while there are about Gelman I could say you know I consider because he moved national weather on the morn down. Were at the receiver position so I couldn't see you good. Photos dazzle old topic apparel Ottoman to make decisions and the people and play slow forsee says that but the players employees. You know force says so. You know offense has been a window for the last hers two weeks you know Campbell get more involved in the running game in. Miller she's been doing a great job occasional bong and note in the separation from dvds and and make plays on a football man that's what they've been going in you know kept amendment and advertisers like the same guy. So where there was no more feeling the same as it receivers so bank account and similar or different match or when you got guys lead character Samuels in. Where Russell Shepard in new print Christian McCaffery initialized this Ghana Guinea defense is different looks and you know and org put Rose Garden. As opposed to you know break it down maybe little simpler you know just for you listeners caps and are you you understand this very well. If you want our basketball court play with fire power forwards how effectively going to be. Are not matter very right did you have little small guys are able to run around do you can hit outside shots I got my cab Somalia or. A slush you know you can. You need to have five pieces out there are sometimes you know maybe not as many now you know because other guys play multiple positions but. I think the same thing up and applies when you look at your receiving corps. Gotta have your speed guys could have still in possession guys and you gotta have you know guys are a lot during the great blockers I think the biggest difference from me. Is the willingness to go out there and blocked in space. And the efforts and I'm seeing on a consistent level with some of those other wide receiver. Yeah most definitely are received cordless man he's done a great job working those guys even though he no he got a young group of guys you know I think fudge is is the oldest guy. Well he's he's he's definitely work in those guys he's given. In and out of how to lose word there shrugged practice and you know my Eagles lost only coach and his tail off and those guys they've been shown up on each and every week. Now they've been making plays memo went off as planned where as often as is defense and we all got loses guard their Eskew the game plan that they'll keep US men's room. I was always over the defense is this is I don't underestimate them thought just overdid this guy. As a present economy lies always are some listeners texting or one or disaster bug DeVon too easy looks the part. A number one wide receiver Roy east have been a big charges stemming amid charm my. He was a guy when I first got in that you know we kind of nodes are more up clay from Minnesota united there's a word is about it but does see this guy working at practice. It is unbelievable man he worked his tail off their practice. He run routes hard reasonably guy they can get the NRA's cuts. You know like a small gap in his run out of her cure its ability has been fantastic last night he took a screen meant. Two bath house even though it was great block you can but what do say it's many no big guy like that take chemistry and thousands of little big town hall. To the back shoulder you'll come back and adjusting to the ball as well yes I can boot camp Quebec showed America. While I think you want to. It was par freelance executed to perfection and you know when those players' work is gonna make everybody seems smarter and especially the coach is you don't tablet talk. About the defense obviously you know you you had some high praise you know last week when he came in about Luke Q weekly. And I completely agree with you man I mean this guy is. You know he's he has the the physical ability that Brian Urlacher has he has the toughness that a guy like. You know Dick Butkus has any has the awareness in the leadership. You know that a guy like Greg Lewis as you combine all those in law. And the instincts though I mean this is things can't use that did get his instincts in this gas. You can't teach a man he's a sham Zaki and are you like I said many take a couple plays an affair mean. We see those homers and today he lets you know he led to all be pleasant note and he also went off as noted that current employer. And when they run it may make plays he capitalize on amendment. May try to embarrass lumber or we'll play we. The interception before half he's I'm supposed to be in that position he's playing in the middle of the field he sees some day and the instincts take over these film study takes over he jumps the route and nobody including Jay Cutler sought. No no and no idea you know even a coach came on assessing some on Twitter he's like. No he didn't he don't supposed to be here no rookie of the week on the play we knew the play it would be open book. No Luke made a play. No TD was in great position that he's positioned to run and try to make the play Luke beat TV could've should've spider made themselves in his life. Wow yeah why America that says the guy for us men they're gay offerings like the ball then we scored again. You scored right there before half you've got the ball in the second half and came out scored again. It's great it's a piece of art when you see you know everybody kind of doing their job yes that's a simple as that everybody do their job. You're gonna see more what we saw on Monday night. Oh yeah most definitely or reading or uses drug they're gonna step up and do their job like he says I can't guard them try to do Kurt Coleman's up. You know I got to do kept him on the job each and every place. You know saw that's what we've been. No China do for the last first couple weeks are leaving these defense and we got a lead it would gave us and third down up and it was almost like 2% which we way better than that you know we we wish rather be great so which owns his or Conan then. We got about we now Manso we have the rest of the largest amount bulk bags like gringo soon and human with a live can come back in and you know make this who Bora. It seems like there are a lot of dogs on the defensive side of the football one guy in particular kind of stood out to me in terms of that mentality is Mike Adams brings sort of a junkyard dog mentality to this defense that I think I think we noticed that maybe did it doesn't always good to doesn't always talked about enough or upon. Some gum pop and you can leave wherever men Mike is a very Minnesota we've. Has been doing as painful all time noon. No having them and Kurt Coleman back there's two guys there's been only foe while loud would these young corners and you know you have must have been the knicks. We do especially group and though we always say we just don't try to bush and back make plays on the football then Gardner to Peter Brown no. Frankly stalk about about a week earlier about how much momentum this team has right now as players. Like to Tom Walsh you wanna get rested you'll see some family a lot about definitely nervous care. Yeah they're busy part of your not like to because tiger play or actually Jim I'm actually to within minutes doesn't mean there is. I'm import of tees where we was very high. Then we take combined. And we lose like the Ramiro. Because Lauro right now and offensively playing well defense who play Iowa special is he's doing a job then. You know I was 73 right now we know everybody is no pretty much have the know so who got some guys has been hurt. But we roller now we feel like the team chemistry is there we can vary each and every week in to take a buyer we definitely need a body lies. But I don't know you know which you own. President I'd do if we can get them by we get an edit and guys play in the league for awhile can use that about a week every week right with the injuries and the way your body feels but what concerns me captor is you know the tryptophan yet it's the Helm. It's the it's the gravy. It's the other buttermilk biscuits are right aspartame does is the cost implied threats on my girlfriend guy that's NN. That is where I don't. I about flew for. You don't know where you go go go. The holidays yet you know it's a little hard to get back you have to sit on the couch and watch some football compared to going out there and do in football. Yeah most definitely most there along with your friend like a sound important themes there. There's been pretty good then as a buyer would lose two in a row sober now with this group gas man we are especially group may we are guys like me TD. No new pill. Cam knew or not there then want a real bad you know so I don't think we have a drop off at all. About the size town we got to let everybody know me know got to stay focused got to stay locked in over the week and don't take this time to really take care your body and at the same time be Smart. He's more about what you do. Jeff you're a great position on that last touchdown. Gonna ask you oh man 34 years ago. The cap I saw one of them elevate. And get a little bit hand on the ball much intercepted it taken to the house by the way he is the team's leading interception return for touchdown. I have had this cap regular artists didn't have that live. But it was a perfectly thrown pass in the you know not many guys are the guy that but does your great position here estimates put our ass and made her class. And made the play before one note on the third down when he to a seven around a guy when I am on the mall cynical in two hands though about Charlie. Poor hand of actually new ball kind of laid up to warn nano being. You almost can now with the kids live up with who has a buy into the drive toward their career as a man I'm awesome about this because then later didn't explain would be able to tell us that. That's why when you have opportunities to make a turnover own defense you have to make room you have to make your cousin actually it was a touchdown Larry says Goodyear's still. An additional explicit category over my head and I've only got that off the ground just yeah. When I see the replay of Larry blume I grew less. Are there Eric Eric Davis told this to some doubt listen to overhear the conversation is talking or young DB. Instead. You know to the DB. If you make every play the the other quarterback gives to you you're going to be you know in the in the global yes an amazing new. They're certainly the paths every now and then right in the 78910. A year you're gonna have an opportunity to make that play if you make every play this presented to you you're gonna decline in Honolulu also on yeah audience for the Pro Bowl. There is through this through because they're from the Truman and so. Our Canada I was gonna you know Obama is paying about their play elsewhere and if I just kiss the ball on the set morale is that crazy. They would have fourteen ports Patrick and even though a win and a dominant win the defense played well. You controlled most of the game the offense plays probably is best of the year. You're still look at what senior cells you have to go out there and contribute a little bit more when we got to stand the man whereas there are no defense. Outstanding is seventeen points and let us know we always say let's try to keep the teens seventeen points list. With that last us down a got to won't want points now go to seventeen points and less. And I went and its allies you know I didn't tell them I told the guys are right Amanda's mom fall. Because they shoot a never got the next play that knew who was the touchdown you know if I make that play on the says morale. You know they got fourteen point two mile loan goes we go home happy. But the same time and I got to make that play when I have a out of tune and make plays almost Obama gathered firm believer here when I have our automakers I gotta make plays and went to look at. That's a that's one of the things alone about this team. Is that I don't see guys making excuses so I'll see them point the finger is important thumb and is still causes lyme is under and you know that's one of the things are really respect about watch him you know these guys out there whether it's Adams you'll miss a tackle or I see you guys wanna come over. Over the sidelines and being be accountable the end they're not ever be held accountable they're stepping up saying that's my bad it's not gonna happen again and to me that's a sign of a great team. Yes most definitely most ever after that test our armor and I had to get Mike out of Holland my it's okay. Look at the score we still got a lot of full load of these I mean I gotta make that tackle I gotta make that happen like you said man you you see there are no defense easy and on offense and our guys are really noon. No held accountable for their own actions like guys like Thomas Davis who key we know Luke had a plea last night he's like Kampman is to have and then they do which units Almonte fall. Mike is okay he's right Kansas ally told coach coached it I kept the phone that is my fault I gotta get their faster and I'm like I you know. The newest member. You know he's too good immunity because you know we know but decide comment I was is ever a final defense man we going on there we just trying to compete I would preclude competing against ourselves and I and there's one thing we know and turned out there and make plays and in turn Wikipedia is announced we try to slide out there are you know me trying to yeah. So what happens you don't know landry's a gathered around and I'll wash or more all week you know. He's got and do demanded he be a list. It sure you know we had a gassing is a little extra shove after the U. Holds on a little longer it's trying to drive to. I'm players you know he's one of those guys and I'm a west take home all week and I knew what type of guy he was so I had to set the tone learn. I had to let him know weighs in on the alone my foot and a lot of guys additional bag down. Among our debtors will show we need is or anything like that so I didn't know is little nom here all night you know if you wanna go to those sixty minutes how we can go. And I try to tell them you know I'm here on my so he made a play only. I made a play wears a flag on the play and until I was like OK he made a play you know this and that about why is coming back. These elect bush is there and still remember there was a girl Rory. Yes I wanna make the way it is all. On the sale borrowed a lawsuit have picked off the and I told us that a social seminar that the group has breast. I'll all all of farming gangs and are great competition. But the same time I just had a little momentum here on my I can't imagine I can't imagine you talk smack now I'll. I was and is it your all and I won't like Glen what you know our daughter just like let him know white men right. I'm here it how many kids you got talent and knowledge because I simply isn't got a he's got a lot edged up on stimulant you guys you got a guy like him in a crib wreck on a guy is running you know China moment to tackle is when those guys so I let them know you're Julia Williams. Lucy when I seen AMOCO which sounds juicy meat counter and he kind of bag down I guess either realize how strong a word and then you know. He's down to fix these are definitely how to. Yeah there. Yeah. Ultimate judge and model compared to seven and three they've won three straight headed into the bye weekend bureau thanks to embark our own men hocker. There was an easy. It was a good we will try this. The friends aren't talking about these candy in its a great choice. I'll let Huff was it his legion this there's vice president.