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Thursday, February 22nd

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Jessica what was going through your mind or somebody reaches out to you like hey I wanna talk to you about that story you wrote eight years ago about some guy named David tepper is that had to be entirely random yesterday. Yeah I would ever and I didn't. One of my favorite rich guys like he's he's clinical that the fat rich guys that I Arafat in a fun way and me for not being quiet. You keep kind of like its old school profanity throughout the middle class than regular campaign itself. Act like you know he doesn't go in by a bunch of and he's he's been he had attitude and through high school and they elect liken them not on Ter it's. You like a diet diet you. Regular and he does these last few things every now and again that get people's attention that this. The bank cities doing that the Pampers makes kind of sense of fairness and character of ram and a lot of play. Nights we're talking to Jessica Pressler let's peel back the layers a little bit and Mabel what would you still like the last eight years of ABC he's. People were like which this is what happens right just a Pressler is what is your magazine it was her profile that we are we talking a little bit. About ready to be rich David tepper whose hedge funds whose hedge fund made him make killing during the crash but betting the government would let the big banks fail. It's coming out of the billionaire closet in his name's been thrown out there is a front runner to by the Panthers. For for some of these recent you're talking about put. You'll we're reading some of these details and you know I my reaction I read your whole piece I've thought a fascinating like this is an interstate due to me any kind of fits into the NFL's -- fraternity based off of what I can read about a what. What was the first thing work YouTube sat down in and not even talk to him Jessica be talked to somebody else in your life. Okay this is going to be a good story this guy's this guy's a little different and he's he's got the personality tool. Yeah I am it's definitely started with the wrath of parents brat off it. If you thought a couple of quick and I say yeah you can't you just did leave you can't yet. I can't. Yeah I started with that I would like that kind of like five he and and bring the end and it totally that income for math but. He like making kind of let me get. Why else kinda like that purse is minute within them is like that bank like. I'd go eat police turn a good thing that these deals and with the Panthers and definitely do think that this this situation for him where it kind of a crisis. He's he's like kind of the park and lake. Way to get people talking. That people like mark on the he's like excited with the best that they're that thank you had that the media treats you like. You know payment when you thought the house that this guy in the Hamptons that required him to golden that. For 59 dollars and rain hit the ground just kind of fight. You're right cheese and that that like Hewitt and then make these big. Purchases that he doesn't normally live like that super rich act like he lifted that's fun to Florida to avoid path for him. Thank you kind of got that cycle regular I you said that he can flatten that if that doesn't. Yeah could he called himself in your in your great weather actually end and you got to correct me on this site I can ever do was hammer somebody close to him one of his associates or friends called him. Quote the billionaire next door right like keeping Beatty talked about fat he drove a rusted through minivan to work what people are driving a Porsche is because heed of what people look. He's trying to hide his money so people wouldn't change the way they acted around him correct like he wants to be and I guess maybe he still lives that way he wanted to be the billionaire next door. Totally present he's not like Warren Buffett because because keeping things that are at it and then kind of creepy everywhere while. And if it's a little funny like and a little fighting I don't know how fun it would be. If he's at Panthers would be onsite at gotten. About the art and it doesn't actually left standing right here and stuff like that Saddam. You know yet if it's definitely character Brandon and I think you brick probably you know you enjoyable present somewhere. We're talking to Jessica Pressler from New York magazine and she's with this right now the technique on guess slide eight years old this featured still great though and so there's the Internet like we would. Hey we your name what's do some digging let's find this this could happen in depth profile. For 2010 and in the port you're talking about and read this this is your writing here. Temper as a pair of brass testicles. Cartoon actually huge and grotesquely Beatty they are affixed to a plaque. Inscribed with the words deemed most valuable set of all time. And are not at all out of place an apple looses offices is is ahead his hedge funds offices which resemble a high end sports bar all polished mahogany and flat screen TVs. And black and gold steer steeler paraphernalia. A poor wealthy frat house. We had this client they make breast implant a former employee says he left to keep them on his desk he left to throw them around. Apple Lucent is staffed almost entirely by that what's funny is I tweeted out and that's a funny little and I treated it is that. Jessica like I thought that was funny kind of ridiculous as you said a short somebody's personality. But also. We have people who said. You see we can't have bad that's the type of thing that got Jerry Richardson had trouble I didn't have that person that response to it right like can you explain that because I didn't interpret that as men this guys a sexist pig. But some people rhetoric of that little tit bit of thought here we go again it's Jerry Richardson 2.0. That's really interesting and in fat fat fat. It makes sense yes of course yes the guys in trouble for sexual harassment he hasn't got it. And I remember that player that plays say. Yankee fan government documents like this part of an apple with the flag falls is that is not a you want laughter by the way. Who set that off the ball back and thought he is like a diet guy in that area kind of old fashioned way I'm sure that he has like the lecture great ideas about women. I can't cure that. You know that says. You know he says that things have come out of it now that that that you would think twice about staying in the current environment. I put it that I've had conversations with you know reporters not wanting to know when you're a woman reports a whopping. You deal with a lot of inside and you talk to them. You talk about them what their life. And I can remember kind of my thing but yes he's actually affects far. Less. It can't think Farmar spent some believe that a lot of got some POP3. Which I mean that's a very low bar. But who took effect in LA you know he's he's he's not a terrible person I know I don't think he could have put Matt but there could come back on me. Butler but yet he's more like guys guys won't be you know a straight up with a. Well and I was reading some of the details to get Jessica Pressler is where this from New York magazine it was her feet tried David tepper potential owner of the Panthers he stopped to be a front runner. He's worth a lot of money and he's a minority owner currently. For the Pittsburgh Steelers are freaks of the other details about like beat the game in place in work dynamics that are office dynamics. About how you know some people are saying man he could be real jerk he's call people names some times but again like same thing because we could talk about the dynamics on Wall Street. Like that's just big money hedge funds right like I don't. The force and we see that he can you don't want that as an owner he's gonna be a jerk he's gonna micromanage. What is the actual dynamics of what type a bosses see when you talk to people that would that worked under him. Yeah I definitely and it definitely hurt that we have a lot of yelling I mean that is again not a new law firm bought it especially when. You're making Bard back on things that large sums of money and you know if it's very anxiety treatment delighted yet you yet kind of or format and that it's very much. You know how that culture operated for a long time thank you think now a lot of people are much more on guard about that kind of behavior especially in the hot. Few months. But yet definitely is like his. And it hit his offices are known for being I think than it is actually it's kind of like a check on high character like eight feet he get. Here it is very difficult things to keep adding these gigantic sums of money and it's stressful on particulate kind of act like an angry streak he gets very worked up. Do we talk about the debt for sec it is correct me if I'm wrong in my number I'm approximating some of these numbers when he left Goldman Sachs and started his hedge fund. It started with what about fifty million dollars what did it start at. Now cots that I was related question I cannot remember I hit it thank you fret that my ethic is right but I don't yeah I look at that right it what time they get. An and I think you know this kind of grew it that he would have you to lock it in between. Having these huge weapon over to always play. You huge win one year. Huge lots of bombing like got that worked out some that didn't but the ones that give work out worked out so well but I didn't meet up with a lot. Then his being invested in and I'm not for the things that are and the fact. It is it in you to Dirk appointee tells off of that word you'd be dead duck tale where I think one in particular uninteresting we're as he talked about and people around him his employees. Talked about how he's he it'll take gay. To take a micro situation. And it and been a tickle they'll take 88 different macro view from an entirely different situation. And then reinterpret that back down to that micro situation to make a decision. How different is that might set on Wall Street you're around a lot of these guys is it just his thought process. How different is the way he thinks about situations compared to other guys in his situation. I don't think it's that different and I think every piece is that it's so funny it was confusing and I like that but it oh I got hurt he had been in fact it's. I felt like his guy he was common. That was hit it it let you know what. I think it maybe the government and we cannot let all of the bank they'll let and I suspect that common sense attracted the government is not gonna let us know about you. But my place. You can but I think it would have been a mistake in keeping it feels like common sense saying. Without being more exciting than than some had he had. Well I that's what's interstate Jessica Pressler so this New York magazine we're gonna let her go to mall but he was he was her profile. I'm David tepper ready to be rich and dives for 2010 in New York magazine it's a great great article you can vote which we got the link you guys can check it out. But it is the thing that I found interesting like. Protect your okay how do we spin this to the NFL the Panthers you're talking about him using common sense of him seeing an opportunity to buy low and sell high. Everybody's talking about what's wrong with the NFL the NFL stale playing and it's on the downtrend. And yet it's making record revenue and the ratings are actually not suffering the same percentage losses is other ratings and other TV area so. But to me I look at this and I think David tepper saying you know what. Everybody else thinks the NFL's going down the toilet if he sees it going the other direction still and maybe that's another reason why he wants to get in on this. Yeah I'll that would just saying I think he liked the love football and I think even pumped up talking. Angela and again I got totaled classic diet guy anyway. What would love to think he's on the you know that with his friends like getting denied on who the fourteen nights you fat kind of guys. I think it is. You know it paid them popular as you know with that he thinks it doesn't it's going to work out but I often think he's just like hammer and I love football. Some of the diet. But I would get what you get that kind of money let's what you do right like that's our receivers earlier like what you run out of options of things to spend money on correct like cars homes. Boats. Eileen is like we'll see gonna buy at this point if you're worth tens of billions of dollars like a football teams the next step here. Yeah exactly exactly yes I think he kind of made for you think about before and and that is that good opportunities and get a much bigger feat that. All right Jessica Pressler for New York magazine she's on Twitter at. It's from 2010 but if if David tepper the guy or one of the guys he reportedly is. It's pretty good in depth feature on him ready to be rich and Jessica it's it's that this is good work and it takes for randomly coming out with a C years later to talk about. Thank the fine.