Hornets Broadcaster Stephanie Ready: "This Hornets Team Is Going To Love Having Batum Back"

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Tuesday, November 14th

Hornets Broadcaster Stephaie Ready joins Garcia & Bailey to discuss everything regarding the Charlotte Hornets. 


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Ford brand new segment here on Garcia and Bailey called ready for launch their side about this misstep you're ready nor is broadcast crews fox sports southeast. He joins us now every single Tuesday. At 1230 talking Charlotte hornets basketball and got LeBron and the cavs at the high tomorrow night and a Stephanie we appreciated our yeah. I need I don't they're great aerial. How we're doing great Stephanie thanks for joining us for a ready for lunch and looking forward to this segment and one to know who's going to be the guy for the hornets the steps up to LeBron and what's his tail I don't. Last night for the bulls for the now. Well I guess that's what if I have the F exact question I'll be somewhere else. I wish I eat it up the great question I think it have made by committee yet there's always the key is gonna talk about LeBron James but. I will say I'm terribly excited that the aid expert Jim back in the hornets Jersey had actually weighing on the floor is gonna have a lot to do that. Well that's so I'm glad you brought that up because we've all sort of considerate sitting around wondering you know how NIC Batum changes this team like we we know what NIC Batum couldn't do was a player we know how was your we operated last year but now with Dwight Howard. And holy month conjoined bacon in the new faces you know what what does that do to try to change this team a little bit your month. You know last year we gave him the nickname the Swiss army because he had so many schools right there at his elbow but he can use to help his team and I think what you think your personnel you're gonna see that really come to light more than ever before. Because now it's more what I mean you mentioned that Dwight Howard is no dominating in the paint. He angered at a player who can ignite the entire outlook on it dock and the but Q is that correct passer out of pick and roll. Really get a rocketing well as he's not gonna happen any problems finding an open Dwight Howard by the grant. But opt out you have the young guys like. They and mom could shelve their ability to issued a pass the ball and can make a decision on the offensive and and they which image is gonna make them much better player I think. Excited because he's another playmaker I think you're much credit lies when you saw a lot he's been canned and but you know their together. Anybody can start the break anybody can start it off and it got to wept in backing boats escorted out the item number or what is. I mean it could script or how they act I think I'd like Christmas Eve. You know Stephanie what I watched resume play on the one thing last year I was hoping and almost wishing for is that. At times he'd be a little bit more selfish you know pass the basketball's greats of you know but if you're the best option to score next to kemba does sometimes you gotta be able to take that shot as well and that's one thing that I hope that you know maybe he has learned from watching on the outside looking in is that. You know kemba needs some help scorn the basketball. Yeah I totally agree I opt instead on the air last year. That I wished he would be marked selfish. You know I think about it but that's why because he is extremely unselfish player as we mentioned that it's the marketing ability. He awoke again his teammates involved and that is certainly equality you want that he made especially a perimeter player. But he also wants somebody who is Scott. A little copper and up yeah you want somebody who's not afraid to step on somebody when they're out. And really pile on the offense and he has the ability to get that he got the guilt that the score is so many different ways. I'm hoping that this season he'll be a little more aggressive in terms of finding his own shot. One of the things the horse to really use an insertion of down the stretch because you look at these last several games that tell you award they struggled isn't that last five minutes and we bought washed you know tons of NBA basketball obviously you have a bigger role in that the most just as bystanders innocent bystanders are fans watching is that the game really doesn't start for me in the regular season until the last three or four minutes of the half in the last three or four minutes of the end of the game. She you know how people say that I could see why you would get out especially watching it. You know I am from the outside but in and it probably the coaching me coming out. But I strongly believe that the game built on itself. And so yes that it's glaring when you make a mistake in the final possession of the final two it obvious but if you put yourself in better position. Throughout the game leading up to the last few possessions and you would be in that situation could again elect. I believe organization played a lot. And you know organization on defense not offense meaning. All the players are supposed to know terrible bar and what our job star Dwyane every situation comes up. And that's what you're targeting its Internet the game that comes from Phoenix the area and it comes charm being opened alerting. And that's the gaping it came at even now they haven't done exactly what they want it down the stretch in terms of coming up but all the way in the they wanted to. They're making the strides in the right direction there understating McCain battered happy young players that are earning valuable team I'm experienced says. All at the house and governor. And explain to us please I mean because you know I obviously have a different perspective as a coach you know and you're gonna you know obviously have a different message. The gloss of the leads in the last three or four minutes of the game. Yeah they're backed organization again because you're the liquor is quicker cocky about it. You know you'll say like oh are often with good hot models are gonna get the shot you want that's not a problem the problem that beat back. And that's my illegally a lot of people think you legally because I boring but the reality is if your opponent as not barring they catch up. You don't completely dry go out for ten from the field and only getting to the Carolina Barack. But if you're allowing your opponent to continue to score possession after possession. That's how they get back in the game and I always get back would be best for me and people know me know that I I really am I'm waving the lack of defense eternally. So how good a defense team is this. Metal grill. Kerry got yeah they could be very good they're not there yet obviously I mean and help and L are you able alone they'll acknowledge that the base the half what do you. You know because a lot of things that take a while the ground that chemistry have to be there. The truck passed it. Have to chop each other are you know and chuck comes. And hi how the current just given because you shelf but you're right looking Jersey it comes on every single day every act that when you find yourself but that position. You know that that person that can ever ever to help. Are you know that app but it's gonna try their best debate between their mean and the ball. You have got chuck there and that if they're all up on. The defense that you wanna see when you hear people talking about they're moving on a strain. That country time and chop there and they are on air and they are aired a principled and all the coaching staff that your record in that regard she. It does it take a little bit I mean and it's fill the lower Alec. Stephanie ready joining us on the sec become just like courtside analyst Charlotte hornets broadcast crew fox sports southeast. Of preparing for tomorrow night hornets tried to stop the skid and to be LeBron James in the gym Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow night at the. Rochester they talked about nick were Tim you know coming back in you know having the impact the one question that to you know I think has really had been under talked about the one person has really been under talking about is them KG and we had a personal issue we've kind of just all swept it under the rug in. Are you know that there was so I think maybe a death in the family with the grandmother you know but. Worst Fiat and still what shall we expect from him move in fort. I think usually expect to see the Alden JG pretty yeah you know I take awhile obviously mean. You know even though he's young and in great shape there's a thing like that call after Austria Italy on the back you know it takes time. We only think of it as being watched the army off and then. You know the ducks are not all laying in the cut your. And the liberal about the Bob Baskett are not where it used to be we call that luck. What about a lot on the defense at that felt and KG his whole scheme that's predicated on the geek but I did after all it activity in the passing lanes. They have not gonna caught gambling but. If I think he did acting in terms of where his opponent it's gonna go. Getting that deflection get into a whole lot about. And turning very deep and the possession won't be easy offensive opportunities on the transition and when MTV start to get back into that mode and that's frame of mind you're gonna be detained at elevated to hold a lot off. It's hard Stephanie ready joins us on the technique come just slide game tomorrow night you're right here on fire on those WS and he watched it on fox sports southeast until the game covers posters show the whole deal you guys do a tremendous job Stephanie love watching the broadcast we'll see you look tomorrow night. Think people actually don't forget tomorrow night and early on our part that's eight yeah but they can't get out there and and the chairman of the country knows that the chart art and artifacts Anthony India. Budget for the Al thank you step you'll steps which are. Sidestep and ready joining us on the second job just like.