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Tuesday, November 14th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Frank and Kyle do a segment called the World According to Frank. 


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But Garcia. Our number floor Garcia and railing at what point thought. Seriously this again is serious course and when there's a lot of chances to talk about the you know it man's going to be joining us here shortly. In the horns are in full swing there you obviously struggling a little bit. No plea to bounce back cut tomorrow night against Cleveland. But at what point do we start talking college basketball because my duke blue and a holes. Are ranked number one of the country and play the number two team in the country tonight Michigan State at what point do these two are you a college basketball guy. Knows so I've not done this show us. We united and as intelligent I know your huge college football I know you're lukewarm on the NFL like a lot of people are right now like the MBA but where do you stand when it comes to college basketball. Love it love it but let's say I'm actually contemplating moving mind which I don't know about it. I'm contemplating moving my bachelor party on next year's that I can go to Vegas during March Madness I've never been a little sport and our next October oh hole you'll beat up on us a lot of time over an hour removing don't we go to medicine march uber producer and that you know logs I learned. Trip. The feds don't let you didn't you tell us again I'm I'm Obama college basketball guy from a college basketball junkie a mellow I grew up on ACC basketball so on this and bomb is Hoosier team. A muscle. Did you tell them enough so now with some bright spots with Seth Greenberg. We're just you know kind of hard work you kind of just watch everybody else play college basketball pretty much and that's there for a while it which cheered for Dell curry for a little while they're today that's about it you know we had some symmetry bird teams are pretty good and then you know buzz is. It was a really nice job like they were on the and as a sweater vest it's it's not Carolinas so hot he has got to be so hot that vast BC's this wedding is the most and sweaty guy. It's sweaty little moss stadium and we've interviewed him before in his voice is as raspy sounds like he yells point four savvy trick these. Lotteries are great guy yeah. But he knows what it'll monster yeah he is a sort of little monster but you root for V tech in basketball where I went to school meant to encourage it to Washington over a slim and basketball why not because they suck okay. There are no not at all limits they're playing any other team it's our last year they did you know we. Hey this fall says the number one player in the MBA last year and you heard forum now. He's able to run against cal there was really much stood to root for look I'll. Don't mind wallowing in misery like I don't mind it did all right inside the misery right now good elect us again it's good at a slower than Masur a few. While Wall Street at all where we go in on me I Nebraska basketball 27 goals. And wallets of mystery leave my right sit right Latin. It's not Nebraska basketball and a drastic ball I do you seriously sugar I didn't hear. So so marketing guide Nebraska to do with through all the basic probably that's amateur basketball we're gonna use I got eight. We had three different conversations at once right now at I don't know Jimenez that came in there or did all the slow. For a rough rough but I thought about what I think about. Boyfriends or strides in Wake Forest route from becoming relevant with John Collins to him leaving for the NBA and us losing to Georgia southern all about six months that has electric I thought I. I we know that's like a oh loss to Mercer the tegra. Also won a national championship. Several I I did you say you know what it's like that road that would be five. God yeah five would not the defenders your fingers don't know Jack who has a betting messenger are getting a. On don't usually get to use this and I know you don't us I do you root for Virginia Tech you Marty said surely you don't get to throw. Other stuff like North Carolina and duke fans say yes I do know you don't yes I do. Because I'm doing and that's it's fun for kids you like to stir the way you like to kicked the hornet's nest. God forbid somebody else doesn't I didn't hear him you have never turn over Jane. Our guys Wear one tomorrow can I won last week great you know you were forced to Wear a are forced to do to VIR you got. How much is his game tonight will you be watching this ever clocked in Chicago all the more you most want to hold Kansas Kansas and where they're telling Kansas. This is blanket tucked into battling his mistake yeah I wanna blame lies and some miles bridges the alternates Iraq I don't see miles bridges and I'd bet that it's fun to watch. Frank doesn't fear but press now frank miles bridges a really good tee it. He he CE source Bernie NBA is going to be here is going to be a lottery pick went back to Michigan State and there's a big were. There's a big write up a young candidate I'm thinking right up I think ideally miscast I definitely not. I know my goodness ultimately don't guys lore as frustrated right initially thought. Eagle opportunity Don did you erupted may you jackass. I don't I'm not watching anybody but Marvin badly tore them all but dead zone if he's he's got. A he'll be bald bagging your. He's probably very soon in the Israeli and grace and Allen is Susie trip some here. I'm here your Virginia's go to Greg tallest academics and not. I was gonna triple mill team Bagram a new Baguio Bubba. I can always watch these games and I think we're gonna learn a lot about all for the is to you could think he'll be. You know there near the end well amid these are always agree that you look back on when you know when late February march rolls around and we're looking at resonates and you look back it's a way back when in the United Center Chicago a state farm classic duke beat Michigan State and that was one of the early great wins and say steak and again he's at least in state and it's our thoughts and that's a thought I heard I couldn't I guess wants affected always. This truth to back away immunity everybody. As their identity in the bill that you know each and every year and I love the fact. You know that these teams are shying away from some good competition early on in the U going to be able to make your adjustments and move on and on your refined out of Bagley can play against you know the kid from Michigan State. I don't know much about this team yet I didn't watch him play Ilan or whatever sister the fourteen they played you know to win by thirty but I will be watching tonight will be interest in the seat. You know where you know how al-Qaeda as these guys claim because. You'll Baddeley seems to be the real deal on a more overall you know number one overall prospect you picked in the MBA and potentially next year end you know Gracie Allen knows they're bringing that toughness and that grit always had to stay up pretty tough just love watching turner junior acknowledges that that. After I. A isn't Jefferson still there by the way now now he's gone he's finally home. Game in the Obama is a finally left as an assistant and living cannot. I get a graduated two assisted living community. He'll Jefferson and his like he went on course 25 times and came back to what is he Mormon that I thought they could I. God I'm just so glad college basketball seasons back I really am and I know there are people out there don't you don't have super pumped about it until loved attorney the year you'll tougher splits are are no one of those guys are not either I love America got some key nonconference matchups. Just dogs I think it's a blast committed ACC Big Ten challenge all day long I love that stuff of I'm excited that it's here really excited and plus I was gonna talk about this anyway united to throw for a couple of days or so to try to get out a little more. Only Alamo I'm just would go to the triangle block some games I'm not going Hokies Oki bill you know to watch Virginia Tech play why would ask you to do that I don't know that's not something. The did you did and I'm thankful. You being a jerk no no I just I mean I will go back to wash and play football game a good football wants us all look they were didn't deter cracked Satoru five the next I don't process what is little weasels sweat on this bloody little weasel on texting and right now to get him on the show on television economists are sweaty little relief but I'm also I'm looking for X look I'm not. I don't care what did you kiss for access for any reason why you do know I don't -- drama show don't but I said this a couple of times over I've covered the ACC. For going on six years now been a lot of press conference is with coach Terry it was Roy I love those guys the true they've always treated me like old those guys are on the cover I love going to college basketball games and the answer your questions after the fact to some youth football coaches. You turn this early either just as angry jerks after games those guys are funded talked to restaurant I want to talk to guarantee its you know his his top assistant James Johnson's body market which together cover the track a little bit and I wanna see Danny Manning in the Wake Forest Demon Deacons what are you showing me right I'm sure in your first place trophy for cover in the league for six years telling everybody how Smart you are with the ACC so here's a trophy. What decision what does any committee I'm observed your credentials there's gives you credibility that they're not. This list please please sign it yeah position and you signs with a million dollar got to thank you very much with that I attempt to assess which shows I get up early. Well I know Mack please I will. All get up early on no background to do this anymore but we'll come back and world according no no it's frank it's not on him NCR's wonder and it was a mice are no do right. Hello lawyer is just. How are you a guide our Chicago is great and had a great time little sister got married on Saturday. Had a blast in these 33. Degree. Weather basically every day so do you like the guy. There's great her husband Mike is phenomenal you don't care what he's doing here is your sister don't you really you. Your son appropriate process did you even know he had hurt a child a no jealousy had his child that's your opponents they've got three year old son seating is also OK great I saw him. Of course yes I've post showed me I did yeah we you fire and then regardless tomorrow. Or just where you feel shell is fired for awhile I was does that get to have you back to India to citizen yes he doesn't mean there's only distress that's what it was like food. It if you go to Rick it was so cold in that game last night off. It was blustery it was it was colder at that game last night upper deck but it was any of the 40000 Chicago and it was temperaturewise. The dual degrees cooler. To the wind was whipping in that stadium it was circling around. Color had to be miserable and are you people are all wind burned all the time if there are really trying. I want Steve astle and actually offload their two years ago in April I flew to Charlotte and it was 74 degrees I landed in Chicago's 31 analyst got blown off from the contrast. Well it's an awful. I don't know about you wouldn't buy for need to be a glass cutter you're so we know. I thought yeah. More and if so then. I'll call wasn't it there and if more people to welcome you decide it's Dorsey and they were. Her last week when you made sort of cyclists and that one cyclist got really Maddon yelled out a solid quarter that's a that's there's a really funny article million Ramel. It's us and the other heroes of the onion the website it's this study. 90% of bike accidents preventable by by your car like a normal person. Tests I guess I was driving down for a new study you make this guy Americans care okay did. I buy gas. I was driving down probably is rode it Saturday on Saturday morning. The middle of the day I did it wasn't like the main importer Providence Rhode it was like to wax all pork well there's like two lanes as to lose that he was a Smart idea to ride his bike unmet wrote. To play. My name's dawn Obama's doing so Felix 45 or 4515 foot hole I mean that's a dangerous road already because you know taped you guys are. You know gone pretty fast could does not look stoplights. And on top of that there's not a lot of room to pass or you're in your lane and you won a big trust coming over you get a little bit more in your lane to the right side on the other side and this dude was his right down the road all by himself. Just like you know the world revolves around them shows are ridiculous. I just how much you love cyclists Owen Burnett doesn't reveal all and I don't know where to go there are cards for me I was like doorway and all. And try to be respectful of the guy on the buy as is that it was a big problem format and know what to do. Are you asking what you should do next time you're just gonna wind I don't know because people's it is drum over and I would do that. An idea why hybrid. Okay just buy an electric car to be done with. But there's always fights he's bargain because he wants is so everybody is dogs in his cavs this. I can't stand. By closer look at both spenders so yeah I. I got us I saw a guy Dick cut off by car one time can use to like fifteen miles an hour and a 35 this is in Chapel Hill. And they get of course you know down there you gonna get a different kind of brief human beings. But it got ET like (%expletive) up on the guys like front window he says I will have you know. It bikes. Are motor vehicles and a state of North Carolina and I have as much right to the rhodesian you do your mile. I I mean he's like a lost his mind on this under and I know. I've seen by so hellfire and brimstone on going to be an Odyssey dawn downed. I was 51. Right there next to ray road. And rush hour traffic a biker was gone in and play an old lady can elect should know what to do come like that dilemma like Clinton. But should club bomb but she kind of you know dimple slide by. And the guy got so pissed off he took his water bottle through whatever. How to get out and beat the guy's ass and also just because special lady there and he's scared the hell are over but the guy one road rage on a bike. As a doomed ship as they call are you already you overt and she's elderly Welch was kind elders who probably are fifty. Tees now. Then that's an elder son elderly now. The issue is. Probably intimidated Dodson is so let's say you're right about that. All right we should probably talk sports at some point us towards my transport of god toward the front gotta submit has got him Chris Long almost robotic. Let's talk to Chris we want to hide absolute doctor is incursion made medalist I hope so. I actress what's out. There and arm first time caller. I'm really cute I understand what sort of occurred and it blasts last night. But of all barred conversation you know nuclear TimeCrawler doctor or call him on that's the pick there. A little under no word and term elected to go to school up view us. Now don't like talking on on an outside man I thought I got a set of updates for calm and it. Obvious oh boy we got a tough to buy talk about yourself what it does and I'll I'll you know I didn't do it Chris Chris I don't know what happened America. I'm. We appreciate it I appreciate it well you lose lose him always get a please call magazine ring you gotta come off a bike talk pal sorry. I know about it guys more three dimensional on this station but. I think that it kind of cycling because winner died why do we do wise all we talk about running marathons it's fought what I end. It was just a remote does in the vault or you can I digs up more important and by Jeanne I don't know. Back if you watch Chris Dodd really the damn. Mics. I saw the title on the street is said Mike's girlfriend all pregnant was slightly good general would tell you two ready how can I not have fire I'm Dana thank. Moral about a lot of the guy is gonna start you know and defending Michael eyes closed we're gonna tell them what they are. My cellular guy Doug grant thought about the likes of regret now you hit it will find ways and is on biking I great size delaying grin as well amusement every good man three and. Oh man you're gonna do you know of there as always all the lord god you are hey Bob good red car right directly in the road got Seiji. Our. They come lightsquared. All right Tariq saying the only problem. Let nobody out stop shouldn't wait to bite grownups and I thought I am. The road carrying. Web part auto loans and they do a damn that is similar to that boot then there are other. Ha ha ha. And the next that's also asked. That's also. We are not promoting violence here you know against buys clothes on W ovens are model ought to sort of sub go to through bush you've been away. A writer okay great your bicycle as you're all. All the same rules that we have as motorists on the road that doesn't give you right to be a motor cop all of a sudden or traffic Greg was really traffic cop got some. It was a good traffic the first guy was living Adrian you're the guy that was more than a decidedly traffic cop does the delight was growing number to go. It allows law. Well let's go the extra. Regular all that I did yield to the right. And they're asking citizens to protect. Back to my truck. I did you and testimonies. That is and we're gonna come three dimensional games in Cuba slightly sprained right off we have put the it should O'Sullivan mentioned in Atlanta. It's finally here like language is anti sent a clear telegram for just 25 to 35 or eighteen Wheeler finally had every station as a cause write some good habitat for humanity you know for others it might be joke public schools for us it's. It's anti psychiatrist and realize that Google or bicycles on the role did. As as long as there's traffic I cared you know they should have pads they have little by the most cities do most most towns south and a tubby up I did the bike lane before those roads aren't likely. My claim. That's great that foreign policy in the bike lane told zero alt. Outside the bike lane or my. Traffic I did my biggest question I've Charlie's right guys right there was like listening are amends in these guys are jerks in their asses right that's what the cards right now I don't really care. What you think. I really don't. But I wanna know this from you by guys how do you get to track how digitally to adapt the media outlets cyclist. We'll tell you know the biggest ranch to picture my chip away. I don't understand it I really care and you guys got to follow me. You top. Miles an hour now last week I have to say no and did I did a good pit spot via our leader. Other back dead lead follow or get out a way to assess. How do you get to lead the pack that's an. And I want an upstairs lit up. Who's the alpha cyclists in your urine recycling group and they meet they like there's a church to tell me that Tom. Elevation church right there everybody at like 7 it's 7 o'clock in the morning a Saturday morning. There's a touch of bikes it means there and they start traveling down wax I'll somewhere I don't know how they know they mapping out. What does it tell us mother dead there there are that they don't like Chevy Chase from vacation and your original Ernie as though you'll artistry and he's a map and attract all the world always map yeah lead boards of the night before they finally took. They they're. They mean they're my tax holiday day in order go Edwards they drink water to the right material available if those backpacks the water you know it yeah over your shoulder. So it sort of ideal thirsty again and our hits and lived off the keyboard the media to bite off to what the butted with a padded but right so they'll shoot. Yeah I mean we've not decided how do you determine that because there's not any options there. There's a there's an alpha cyclists many outlets are mostly he or she is the one extols its like being able. That may oh here's a threat right here Billy Sydor to excellent when your ratings tank you get fired frank did you care about a Sissy bikers against us frank and roads are to listen to podcasts about cycling anyway you listen to her it's good. I can't go leaders and I could cook. I was like ticket on a plus you're also listening to 236 side dudes you'll like this title was the most promising life I would be violated if I got a by Jonathan. A I know guys guys event I bought an hour about my size as much as I am a fifth at the exit only part of yeah. The government's ability secretary so I just got the door expecting printers or college basketball talk. Giving my talk. Latest sports happening in the air it's a good football doubt we'll ask two hours and forty minutes of straight answers they want last night when forty need to know there are good genetic really quickly we have to bring as a force rolled according to strike apparently Texas and enjoys Jim official really hard. Really allow that why would Jim official on leave Florida State and was he feels like it's going to be the ax and they're gonna maybe make no different decision a different choice in the future the near future I would you leave if you're Jumbo efficient at Texas NM. Because like every big time college football fan base they don't tolerate losing for very long and they have not won the ACC championship and a few years now and has won the last two so that they were bad this year Miami's coming Miami's common dearly missed field he right now if your Jimoh do you think well listen let's just trying to beat the ax is really no logical explanation to her way to put it be next because there's a thank if they have another sub par you're next year. People will want his job whereas if he goes to Texas say and they throw all that all money at him he's got 34 years guaranteed making great money to get things turned around their source frank said BT acts that's some coaches think that what Imus is Seth Greenburg earlier says Greenberg's thought about leaving you know Virginia Tech went out to go to saint John's. Wasn't a great job there were gonna pay a note to come back home he almost ran off because he was trying to beat the ax because he knew he was indeed believe he would be fired the next year. This may be a dumb question is that the division if you go Tuesday trying to beat the acts savings not gonna live forever I know he's not but he probably get a coaster for. I would say five more years don't you think. I don't know all I guess this is up from Patricia. All giver less memorable or up everyone takes turns being the lead back. Mean lead dog in the past it's cool when that was bite us is six freaks allies take terrorists now I'm kidding dude. Should skit they take turns sorry but always the greatest exodus to satellite parties were they were gonna do your house one night every you know I'm a son I would just like it is established I'm trying to talk football he still talk recycling it's always is gonna say somebody dissects it and Jim those buyout is forty million nodal and -- buyout is not forty million if he decides open leaf is miles forty million to just fire that's what Campbell can just explain a little while ago so that's something to keep in mind anyway it will come back to stop the world according to front. Time now. For the world according. To friends. By the way we're more text three Salter saw a salty cyclists. Alas those guys aren't the second and you're a different job what. If you were a Al slopes titlist. Of the match. Might put cycle would you ride isn't sure. And what is it a bite to eat a bite I got that second day bike it was I'd be okay. I was out. The bikes bikes and as does a brand as a revenue comes. It was I was twenty by the way it was there policies or in man man Bruce things on the blues bush who. Who was now all of these with the anonymity I think about some things you put on this folks who have they would like the money money took arts. All you can you do today. Strategists look. Easier these heavier ridden. On some his handlebars. No and neither of us human in a basket they'll supply I don't know I've lived the tires of pop. I have to be driving so if our ride a bike now. Are probably choose a beach cruiser because it'll big wide seats. You know and down Mumbai Mumbai is a different I mean one. Big wide seats and I did have a little tiny one phrase be to guide helped protests comfortable that would have the you don't sort of frostbite but the mountain bike tires that would be I don't understand these people. Because they're pretty good. That took their seats in the stir ups. And they lock command. You know as soon as I went and buys clothes shoes. And you live and you lock them into this thing but when it comes to stop signs they have the ability to balance was output the street now. Yes pretty crazy always wondered what happens if the eat crap. As you know typically you'd just like put your money out. Anybody peak travel news that was that was just or so Diana he crap. You guys I'd say they give you more power in the response be better if you need your seat don't slip you know etc. on those things are going damn thing about it. Well you never been a bike class because cycling class a sudden I was cycling club have you ever not lock your seat into those things. Those are different and others like Stratford than when you're talking about don't they like kind of led like a mechanism that literally blocks this they're like a little slow corner something on the issue that you slipped into it and I'm talking. OK okay emotional about I got your. Part of me China wants to turn the tables here during the segment like. Just today. I kind of won't do an emergency vote and change this to the world according to hit Manning grill him on all things you do when he was gone. But you know like for today just for today I felt my job and he's like a wanna ask you questions like how many like girls from year old neighborhood. Try to hit as you try to cholera to zero they're. Police they're all married a series one's eyes it all married now than never stop zero to ask don't tell somebody that I think that's a horrible season. That's and so is my second question for me. It is for most worthy entourage. I characters which character do you think all jobs I'd rather odd CFCs are drama the judge I was OK so you girls and probably yeah. During the day yesterday I was unaware take in his entourage with the you know order not. Up to these up to Minnesota for the Super Bowl oh we are yeah we are Baltic so you can sell that things and got the boss says I don't go anywhere. Another apple apple apple got okay who I'm talking nausea everybody we need we need our turtle over here he's turtle. See this is what I told you frank is did it hit me it is going to be very reluctant to take me anywhere call strategic never liked it tough for. Yeah I play got shot to hang out with our strategic web place you and America and the company's death. He's just there to Minnesota this is a credit to his people whereas what are covers a brass. Why Minnesota and his people. That means Nebraska you know I mean it's midwest guess that's like so far north from Nebraska that you'd like Brooke is Colleen North Carolina. And Amin Ty I'll have more in common bond leaps and bounds than me and anybody up there Minnesota the elevation binds us. We'll move but I don't wanna know bind because it gives him another question okay. How drugs you do what it. Oh wasted. A so so. That we got we've now when he did he get booted out of the of after borrowing to a two twin peaks we needed food selling. Anyway no. He's going to survive as a restaurant is mr. Edwards story strip club has about David McKinley. The body her own jobless are wondered is to keep golfers of what do you know about 1131 about an hour so cautious tree was twin peaks. Armed by establishment here's when here's Drake who want to Chicago was run like garbage we get there were an item belligerent or allowed but twenty of us walked in. Which is no read the Bob it's a little too. So opposite it won't work then so we pitched seed order you know alcohol. All on the table appetizers. Food to the drills to open date it was the worst service ever couple guys got belligerent complained. And I damn near went off because it was my sister's dame man and it was her night. And if you're gonna stop serving us because we are a little too loud there's nobody in the restaurant but us. Pedestal for RF. Then you get an issue because that you don't wanna work I imagine you wanna walk over and say you know what we're doing what you want a well. I never imagined this Giacomo as being just gazette. I'm more than happy to have to cooperate but it was from the get go it was a harassment. And it's why I let him out of loose he tried come over I'll let loose police and I don't live here anymore. Am glad I don't live here anymore and establish it sucks well and you all you all your man is like a PC you know one while you and I now I'm gonna call the public and told them. Yeah also. A night I meant to depression I know you don't wanna beat you wanna close plays early again at your side says still do. You still little to period. That's just what you do when a business house tops comes dual grip. This course house has ozark to do god yeah you hear the guys yes photos classes broadcasting class on Thursday for two hours enjoyed that just threw stuff harassing me on Twitter. Embraced by yeah he's so busy. And I think you've gone this week did you guys gonna fight now announced. Tool for that and OK next course we'll try to alternate it's an argument. No I got an argument you have against argument who's the one person you saw when you were there you had to avoid at all call well it was a if you're it was a buddy of mine from the blasted past. That I knew wasn't. Do real well because he's kind of a degenerate now. And Mikey that he has that job in ten years and I didn't hear punt concert he's. That in close combat easier to work to be been laid off so remove shoes off of people like you became a leech until he finds girls or women that make our money that he could just. Free load off. And everything I heard about him but that's the correct I call it when I saw this decision. Does that are good businesses and that's not good business college like Gaza we we got out I hear it was a rough I've literally sort. Why did you avoid it was the ask you for money he dodged him wanna be around that have to I'll just have graduated from that. You're too old for that bugs or Senator Obama does. The phase of life for you can't make a decision on your own you can't fend for yourself admitted abate it belonged on dole made a decision I moved here. Great question for hit man. Guy to girl ratio was what. At this wedding as pretty fit it allowed couples and couples I was really single on there actually you only single one has a lot of couples. Family and friends allowed their own merit mentality that's a lot of somebody else did you dance within it but I did. Well Mary people who trends Stanley. It's okay what kind of dancing did you do time. Right you're teasing us like well like why he's here either dancing don't have. There was a lot of like yeah a line dancing you know like beyond. All the as you outlined. And in his arms again an enemy plus another ten minutes. So to shtick is anti thank you page just smoke and and I eat that's always there didn't play that game please visit the traditional wedding is set. The clintons and besides didn't you see some better play the chickens all in the midwest and they give me the clothes what it was go cubs go. He's a big come home I nine that sounds terrible who's lost. Don't read into. That you're able guys to exit tables of the great great to have you back him take you back I video I'm telling these images because it's getting around that and that you don't feel you know that's up up up up up and coming people suggest a I still don't believe for a second that little 61 night there was a subject you went to high school now that was dropped like eighty pounds she showed up and she received broad Georgia though he's a product in my sister's friends never announce our friends I never knew. Called her friends are married in. A beat up happily married happily married Helena. And some races is twenty restaurant a Concord mills Chris and you get a really good yeah there's also another twenty cellphones. And some bulls are. Just quit the Tony Villanova to antiques. Ten days is a real resident arrested. Sound like it wasn't his show on Netflix to yes lust Willis shows show back in the day Jack and David on that gives you an idea from back communities based. Who's also wants her mystery as does not really bad really really that were to come back for food grows and moves right Dana Lewis is well know. Star started star studded. Let's go to next is the garage door guru handoff made his Garcia and it. Is this an adult is the equivalent of a quarterback Anderson takes a snapped or standard also there's no African body there. No WiMax is no one here battle I receivers and crows is a Damien assume moves. There wasn't hit intersect where he came back thank god just in the the next time they'll never leave you stranded. I welcome back just a handoff brought to my garage door guru with some Floyd's classic folks and to bolster. What's up until then we'll find out what you stand. May I remind you. We try to do good around here the WS Lindsay and we we we like. When you help us out so. Join us in the fifteenth annual WS Lindsay street Turkey's helping second harvest food bank of metro line up and loaves and fishes food pantry Wednesday November 22 6 AM to 7 PM. At TW Athens he Coca-Cola dog house. Important to stop by and donate it frozen Turkey canned goods or whatever you can monitor early are coming out with a whole WS Lindsay crude honey bees and you go from the Charlotte hornets are going to be there's a wealth of both dangles a servant breakfast tilted kilt serving lunch. And will be serving cold beverages all day special thanks to through sly and the WS Lindsay street Turkey's Wednesday November 22 at the WS Lindsay Coca-Cola doghouse crows who's number one. It is vote time boys most of his votes onto the sun was out last night and it was a blast my dad went to the game with me I signed my wife had to get up early this morning so she said. I'm to happen out take your dad sold my dad what with me last night and it was fun you would see it was a similar feeling not as bad but it was a similar feeling to last week frank. Where you're down ten nothing against the falcons you think and I know we're better than this right I know this team has more potential in this and you're sitting there at a 107 game. And then key actually makes them tick. Turns into four plays later I Dixon's touchdown and that was all she wrote and you know I heard Ron talk about this last week you know so I recently have decided to start deferring if we win the tossup like go two for one before and after to have them taken. You know. But everybody did that I got confused by that but it's like it's taken advantage of that the last couple games in May and when they got what was it five straight touchdown drives of one point go out from the second quarter all the way into the fourth quarter. The place was rocking last night it was. On and it was an hour I'm not sure you know Cruz have we seen the evolution or what that mean I. I don't think at the hospital corporation of of the evolution I just think did I. Guys are making places have different pieces out there and you know what there is more plays to be makes the draft a bunch of passes camps playing great he's become more. On air I know there's been spots that he Enron had a sit down and empower while where I have to be me and you know those type things but at the end of the day. That was good off center. Going in I would say that I can point to talk to a motion game they're going to be with me today and I can we do talk to them about this you know I I know we talked a lot about Tim's. Leadership. And some people like to wake him lead Turkey to immature little bit on the field I don't Keyon did some things last night that. It really does he's done this over on all throughout the years he doesn't always you know doesn't always draw the attention of it are but he did some things last night of courtesy you with a false start Russell Shepard with some drops you don't. At times being stern last night with guys but also at times going on the sidelines sit on the bench put his armor and you say it's okay I'm coming back duty did go back to Russell Shepard a couple of times less like Russell Shepard at some bad place also make some plays last night I thought I saw some of the leadership things that Kim did last night which you know I can read about the box score second seed in the box score I think kind of showed itself and look. We talked about yesterday frank this team goes is the quarterback goes. And when he's playing like that there's not a team in the NFL this beat the printer period. And imitate the other things that we're not missing the box store score or the efforts of the wide receivers blocking down the field in the intensity which they played in and I'm. And there was no complacency and I mean getting back in getting the play often at timely fashion you know there was execution now. Out there you don't have to be the best not to be the biggest you not to be the fastest to give that type of effort and that's to me the little things that this offense is doing now that it wasn't doing a couple weeks ago. No I agree and can you mentioned earlier in the show Kyle and I did to that point so KM. And showing his control he was a master of this actually I would say 2015 he did some things from from a quarterback staple your signature and that's rather wait to see duke moving defenders with his eyes on bowing out of play calls into play calls were he had the advantage to he did that last night on the ultimate on screen at the delay get more spirited and fun just perfect and the player that day to the player of that clay Timmy was Christian McCaffery getting to the outside he split up the slots even to the outside and blocked two dudes. Or two blocks and that's the stuff like all right guys helping other guys make plays and taking product that in this isn't to disparage Kelvin management but it does feel like this team is. Got some good vibes going other tuchman in the locker last week but I'm not all the proof was in the putting us. I don't know due to exaggerate a point even further in front toward the sodas and are watching them play again earlier you wanna sort William Patton doesn't back you know mentally ill have a kind of rusty let's give him a shot to use W talked to him getting out there cleaning up that play to a person to ever enter that block. McCaffery push push is the guy he holds an in place he gives the appearance that he's won all on the other corners coming. Understands the you know the the defense in this the coverage. And Matt clearly comes in cleans up the number every how about his touchdown catch it solid side to side boundary in the end zone on a little. Oden and it was a little things that demos running back tonight and they'll have the understanding and what he brings that you know sometimes people just don't talk yeah I understand. Walk for more explosive plays and so slicked up if you can't appreciate the consistency with which is this just doing his job right now I don't know I don't know what sort of tell you amid eat on mentally are you might be breaking a 275 orders and everybody wants to see but you know he's he's doing his job so anyway what's up today. We got Damione Lewis he struck in the turn over chain rightfully so we'll tell us to you know. Then they are they are rock and roll and right now down itself Florida an idea odd Damione Lewis moos is gonna slide through here to Greg Olsen it like right out of the shooting at 215 he's an awesome announcement. With Levine Children's Hospital talk ready to get back on the field the win last night don't courier 230. Phil savage was in the house last night I don't know why actually Reese a Senior Bowl director a former browns GM he'll join us at 330 and keep on Seymour we're we're expected to talk him at 430 and dubbed a lot of reaction Mann theater printers are good tiger's strength I thought despite we come and it was gonna come at a good time now Mike. We can point let's play Justine has a lot of transatlantic trips to Australia plus playing a lot of grit lets you play and that could affect. I've always embrace it does we're back tomorrow looking forward to with these guys are going to looks legitimate for the next four hours primetime is coming your way next four Osborne that may have frightened child this has been Garcia really W offensive. You just happen.