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Friday, December 15th

In this hour of Garcia & Bailey, Frank and Kyle discuss the College Football bowl games with Barrett Sallee.


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Garcia. Story child really frank Garcia and Osborne still wants a lot to get into Rivera solely CBS for stock jumped college football reportable join us coming up a minute. In a minute excuse me you got chairs this Christmas to help a child with hey kid in Santa and kids first our sister station are part of news talk WBZ 111099. Point three and kids first of the Carolinas bring you. Patriot it's Santa this is George shares to make it child's Christmas wish come true that would not be possible without you in the detail and you'll help us who it was a young boy like Matthew is eleven years old his list is to Santa Claus was no socks and underwear and an MP3 player Legos or moral core to it you're talking about a donation of of roughly seven dollars and a lot of your doctor do revenue used to make that happen for just like Matthew eleven years older Christmas is still a very special time of his life so if you can do that head over to WS Lindsay dot com you'll find details on how you can help and how you can help the child had the a very Merry Christmas. This year 70457. Or 96 tend if I had a great show so far thanks to LeRoy Butler won the all time great safety using Green Bay Packers history he's once again on the docket for NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame induction in 2018. Took our fox 46 also swung by and don't forget tonight the hornets back in action at home Grover has pregame I've got the post game show live from the spectrum center as the hornets host the Miami right now we're talking. College football my favorite thing to there was some very silly CBS sports dot jolly joins us on the Texas John does sly and bury our you bought it. I. Man I just you know gearing up for my last little six or college football bowl seasons here and first of all he knows someone who covers the sport I can't imagine you're in the too many bowl games camp bright and you are you like me you just you watch as many as you can get or do you think there or actually too many respects. But there's no not a thing and people. Are you are in the year would be great game and all year long especially on a day we you know we do and another time throughout the year we wonder why a great game the only debt and bowl game are designed to be pretty enemy mat. I mean you look across the board on on on a get in and they get them. If only you'd double digit spread out there during bowl beaten. There there are low or player because there would be able ordered not a bit of eight broke these. They're home or a player you don't repeat enough puppet state in Iraq the court and beat him so my I think if they're not only that it. There are a lot of people up that it will get angry about a big debate or be as well about everything you can't see. Anti poll and croquet. Player because all eight players. They all might be gotta travel they get a lot of glad to get ignored they ate they get you don't want to call me. You fundamentally. New book is because they double life are predicting your belt in. These player but it that is there there's a dessert apple one and and both games are ought. I'm very dumb to be more of those angry guys I think there's way too many bulls especially when you get geysers start to pull out because they agreed they don't wanna play in these games the players themselves start to say I'm done. I am a go look and see if I can do much this somewhere else but I'm not subjected myself to the garbage bowled down in Mobile, Alabama. Well watt light not a well we know what why why does that make you can't Bible because there are 84 other guys on every rock or do love that and but what you are able app that it did not impact their future. Because I wanna see that I wanna see that I wanna see the best guys play and I don't wanna see. Who you talk stands out there was there's third string in an all in all the other guys that have gone on mission trips Ariza but the other alternative is not flying and play game and although I mean I guess it's absolutely. I always what I hear bears say is are you got these guys are gonna be back ups are guys who didn't get as much run during the season but it's still a game these guys get extra bowl practice time to leave new Nazis out and is valued their I think. Well a prototype one in here they like why. Why don't want player that idea that he. He's done and not the but it felt ridiculous to think about his future. Make the bowl game let relevant or need to copy it me or. The quiet other player on that being an opportunity you get better I mean. Not my my feeling on that is that. Letter Burnett and Rick McCaffrey envoy ribbon on Saturday and he's got that he would sit out often that ball game or are now. I got to celebrate not what they've done that it is they welcome well in Q are there future what should be the goal of any parent. Andy guardian any way error or any vote. That is all the college football so. There are many. That. Don't okay our celebration they built an element that they want if they hit it out they are about. Your gut out rape or courier that Ben read half hour on over the brought out. And they're back up this valuable time. And I'm able map. Did that and they'll but you you're the program there. I don't beat data and a typical. Are talking a very it's a lease CBS sports guy's job join a solid tiger come just like assortment coaching search stuff for just a second Jersey you think on paper because we somebody's doesn't play zero games. On the album paper who has made the best coaching hire them or do you just objectively the best coaching are so far this offseason. I think Willie Taggart. Order based. Because. You know me he would say. Yeah very creative all of mind that is. I think very rip that give you this days. I know but all and not going to work well being on a a group of player you. Already it hit and it might. Coat yet maybe in that this was fine spew don't orbit or they can but we this year. I did of well relentless recruiter with that people certainly help or not they really need it but certainly help. I am and then what are damned point you get away more what what it in order are running there. Permit Willy back I think that he is it. Well what faith in me a lot like nor there was the year ago. You got a lot of very bad draw there you've got a rocket that it would require our Allan you've got to that that recruited well. But they are you happy news that's coming yet. That's good up the recruiting even more it would be marketed orca and develop what anymore. Then the previous regime. Because you know go did not do a good job of helping out the last couple years now what were they go yet but the epic based. You gotta top managers from what Saddam your drivel and watch. I. Just entertainment value mean whether assessing your house stay you know I mean I'm in the final four what's mole game usually it'll be the most underrated fun game that everybody is going to be excited about the nobody's talked about. Victory. That would be Notre Dame we thought he'd be a plane and it got fourteen in the Music City Bowl. And I think the role all the work and that makes it and treat it did because of that game only they're gotten legitimate because they didn't ever go to a movie on. At Notre Dame. He would be mild readily get a lot that against the good uttered that he spent. Because obviously video negative and audit and now you you'll like it is that so what the future and died sort of help at all and it all and then. On the beat but that side of the ball our fighters. They got a lot better as the year went on every dongle into the heat and it played more if it went down the stretch. They've got to basically a month the sort of decompress and end. And sort of it at revisit what they did right what they do long iguana got lucky at bat that third and the speaker. You know quarterback what what went and got I don't. That would mean it is wildly intriguing to and I and I think both those speed. He's been legitimately be you know in and into next year. To make the playoffs. But I took an experiment a little bit mad about what you know going to be there particularly boat hoping that under understand that I did it this game can. If fed up we're gonna find out you know it or NATO we're gonna find out how good we we are. How much you can grouper or or allow marketed and then find out what we need to work on going practice because. There are a lot and all but that the. Eight Barrett I wish I was thinking about something a few minutes ago we had Dave close and in studio a couple of days ago waters of the boat pulls going to be here in Charlotte against Texas NN and we had a long conversation with him about his team and what he's built there has done some things very similar to what Jim grove didn't you know it's a school where you have to recruit some guys under the radar sites developed for a couple of years and every three or four years you've got a team pulled upperclassmen likened to really compete. And I'm so I'm surprised his name didn't come up more. It's some of these coaching searches and if you were Tennessee looking for established head coach too after some of the big kid you know just astronomical names they were aiming for pass through there you're talking about Dave dornin Jeff Brohm why not they've Claussen why Disney knock emote more. Well I don't know like it. Well where be it he certainly like that that there deputy out Saturday. I don't light it up at the ultimate bad but I don't like it is because the bank account and make it bill on rocket. Regulate it and whatnot in dirt on activity. Because they're they they're they want here did epic failure in terms of its that is important. Great that he's got hurt people and he remembered it all that they got about it built all the fire and and that can't bear but that. The truth and but well over eight days. That certainly would not sit well yeah I don't I don't agree with the I think that. Completely unfair that retaliated against the big thing. Well it would it went hip and other place that I'd been at the heat out and not happy about that don't Buick Open it and it didn't go over eight the better he still you know. That about outlet or not would it treaty not a higher of the Adobe and the. How are just are you watch in Louisville vs Mississippi State without Lamar Jackson. Well into what really miss it if they beat because. I want it see what. That all it will look like not in it dealt not whether I wanted to be what they what what what did nobody say all it does. Again a able local beat an edit an extremely Internet this year walked the or Nader and as a partner Arnie. They they really. Are. Heated up wanna go any where. You could see it seem like Mississippi State. I think supplied a lot of people because they're better be at a portable. I'm not gonna help Margaret don't rule all if it call it I think it culminate in about a massive. Changing of the guard there to be. Because you're gonna look at a whole lot different you're not a taxpayer out bigger obvious you know a lot of other but there doubted it. It's gonna be ready. Brain candidacy you're gonna have. You know you don't know a lot about who want to be there redundant and didn't have a lot of by the big play it well though walked into the offices to block the bill. A very quickly let's go here and I've got I've got so many things like to talk about a strike continues to be antagonistic to hold him questions of Cisco's is who is an and we love him what so let me ask you brought Nick Saban because a guy had this image of nick sitting back in his lair at home. Note taking blood transfusions from sixteen year old and you know teenagers to keep themselves young and vibrant so that he can George forever. On the as we know it doesn't always work and I'm curious how much longer you think Nick Saban is going to be terrorizing the rest of the SEC. I think you guys are on about a career went down and I think at the rear window. You know you're either going but I don't doubt we need to I don't know that there would be you gonna yeah the end of that I think. I do you look at about a three year window and if he won the national championship. Within that span maybe not this your committee after this year. There have been taken a look at they don't wanna light up but that they don't want the Mac Bear Bryant don't want. You know. The minute and open every possible way it about it now than it treated blood of a typical measure needed you to. But quantify that. You want to get a look at the epiphany what he does that well you know sort of pick up irk you were yet herculean book that we can. And I PPE I don't they go they'll work got it on I think he'll be done by. Outlook is based 41 get away. All right so and only does a two part question multiple touch a loose. Give me your national show the first what are the semifinal games and did you do you think when the national championship but also. Are our buddy Tim Brando came on the show last week and he. All guaranteed me that didn't didn't need to tell us football playoff would expand to sixteen not a Loretta this season as user you product is on between DeVon at guaranteed me on the they would expand to sixty servers your daughter play off first then you could address the expansion. Oh not the right into that. I think sort of be up all I think well and beat Alabama I thought and it had. Then I did not hit it there but you know what it would happen that people you know may I mean it occur that might get my gut the day. Or improve a lot offensively with their mom and I am over the next month. And die at some government and that bit and it over on this and confirmed the well no not and I it. It I think candidate done per shopper well well here Theo were here or right now. They can look and after the stick here within a couple of years. But there are three main happier where they are they understand that that well 41. Is the goal not grant a that's an anti spam and would be or you'd grant act the opera Indian. Which is not a thing they want to do nor are they politically they need to do because. What do you know over early to urban opera that not met Aetna barely meet your good at anything other than being. Good enough to give a game and win a game whether you deserve it or not. All right there we don't variously CBS sports dot job college football insider join us on the second job just like one of the best we appreciate your time to thank you so much I swear. Yeah did you fiercely joining us on the tech job just like a lot of liquid when you get that fired about a guest. Well I don't understand you know how one argument you can make that more is better. But then when you talk about the expansion no it's never gonna happen we're perfectly happy with where we're at Ford number two. You know we're gonna find out this quote who wants to be there and who doesn't according to his argument it was everybody wants to be there and everybody's so happy to be there. Don't when it comes to you know morgue at ball games. There's a lot of kids out there that can give a flying F about going to someplace in the middle of nowhere. That it's you know they don't care to be there because just needs more practice in the global swipe to the great Wednesday. Shins and that's is I don't do all that those bulls unedited. You wanna digital stragglers yeah let's do that we'll do that I'd never see their dead wrong about that most wireless is incredible it's always a little dog watch is not off we're likely in the even like it's your three Bulger getting great structure in order to do that 300 watch Oz well. Now how Albert Arnold so I'll bring it to you tomorrow because it's still in my closet 'cause nobody uses that nobody cares about it if these playstations. The same. He's looking enlisted doesn't have a PlayStation. Relief yeah. Tell you see gives you they take so you have a PlayStation Intel says it isn't a PlayStation you eternity and it turned out another place they torture not now. On the lawn at the the five and dime for five bucks well let's not also forget the some of these guys have been a lot of stories of these guys going on their shopping sprees for the bulls and by Christmas just for less fortunate kids so has logged in the sun news thinks there. Let's listen this is grown what is that they don't actually. I just cementing his ground and they just. Arrival I got some holidays guys to reduce the holiday season he's grown over everybody gets a trophy everybody gets a medal doesn't seem so lazy everybody gets us that authorities are sad no answer as all of these bowl games are owned by private companies meant they opera. She there in money Russia docile. Lowe's gross leverage on back and do stuff it's cursor in the early. Consider. Here in the third hour and hit us so we'd love to hear from to 7045709. Backers printers and so on this and she. You brought something earlier about. Panthers fans sort of mindset. Heading into this game. And then all of a sudden it became reality they're Rodgers who's coming back in. People are quick break shaker in the books little bit and not all on the most subtle but but but but vocal faction of printers failure sent a. Aaron Rodgers coming back Korean to. Why this is always the leader of donation goes out there and says he scared from six to 10 AM. It's gonna it's gonna cause concern for a lot of Charlotte's eons yeah right and I don't know if the press panic button is going to be pushed or not but. I just I don't usually react that way when we're talking about. You know another guy coming out there and face the team he feels pretty good. On borrowing them on the way that's a way I think me and may be a lot of other men act when it comes to the challenge that's ahead of us. Oh my gosh look at how big that is look at how strong that is I don't know is that and other things. Oh my gosh. Tell hotter than this other guys you haven't unnecessary. I'm going to walk that asks regardless of who's got an iron and who's coming and how big it is I don't care he's got to come through us and that's where I feel about this into team. Great you know let's play them let's see who is best let's lineup less stacked up let's. Yeah no I notions that I know exercise. I say that I don't know if you can say uttered on the Internet now. I don't know I hope Oz was similar about how we got to what's your calls coming has apparently we've we're we we must say never which touched a nerve I think you probably ten. We know mostly about last night soon and as this on this this ties back him. But I'm Angela Dunham was Colombia's next month the coach who baseball camp objection to scan just North Miami. And I need to any decision and decide and I've been out of the coaching game for several years now slated to sit with you for a couple hours as this have you get my head bright. Immigrants do and pick my brain on well. We greatness you would think you know what it's the attitude right because I just I've been more an observer for several years now without the coaching gave about five or six years so I think I need a few. And get my head right not to order form part of most things anyway but I didn't X ray and jump examination of those 1415 to sixteen Euro prison on coaching there are still went down. An idea and and did you know today do not run at all. I think come out and you know. This this is why did you get back into coaching this won't talk about if you don't get me back to the coaching chip called on a walk you know please don't whatever I just said. That's a totally different races from dishonesty that degrade it. What we're gonna start again because say this again our day here we go. I see you got so when I go down to coach these these 141516. Year old kids don't make sure there there are off there in the right mind sent to my right my third too we do it again I don't know. We wanted to are you guys. So I don't out of west palm breeze into oh she's 141516. Year old kids ought to make sure they're just really didn't after Hungary right away and make sure gunfire among. Didn't do that baseball. As the oldest is a little accessible that it's it's let's less of an emotional. You know sort of bomb approaches it is just a very stoic focus there's a drop their on the mound or something like that you do you know what kids love. Care about what the B yeah they do have can't can't but about a coach Georgia's most kids love about a coach. A guy that has no that no I don't yell got it has passion conditioning. No they all of conditioning quicker again you're you're you deathly he's a coach you've got to get my head right now the numbers definitely are yelling screaming and conditioning is that would just love the general arena robust polls say love and care they love the coast and has passion. Well polls laws out false. She's don't don't know and you don't need to remind. Anyway is listed back detectors trackers Aventis dot net let's stop it stop it stop our concerns of those kids with a bottle and by the way we're talking Carolina Panthers Packers right now and we just I think we just have like a full bone thrown to him banks for college football callers on it and on the head because variously it was an idiot. Oh. And let's take this opportunity to take a phone calls and we'll try this conversation again after that we'll go to bill first go so that. It took TARP but I'll play off. See previous. I have Percy had all their basically stated we're currently have a baby. If the championships very conferences says no meeting. So why don't we get rid of it packers' championship game. And Mac get an eighteen playoff. And is that we didn't play date based sport gate and today have nick they. You're championships and maybe they're right next year. Tech could watch the golf ball game at all they waited I was more questions literally tens of beating for ten well I think that the best eight teams. And let him play that we and then we go to new report from there but dresses this year. Alabama basically got a box. Think about it. Alabama ought to make this championship instead of Auburn and that he was probably could have they would have to walk is Auburn would have to law. They would have beaten Georgia and Alabama at it and they would be in the playoff instead of Alabama Alabama got there and play and Auburn got hurt because they play. Not its eight Oz is a good point build you are actually not appreciate the talks about a bill but I we're gonna fundamentally disagree on the one part of that I don't ever want to see the conference championship game goes I don't games go away. Because and Franken speak to this because you were pac twelve champ. There's something special about the conference champion there's something special about. Having that ring having got hardware and being a pac twelve champion and SEC champion and ACC champion if you really want to eliminate the game. Get rid of the mergers and the Citadel's and and and with all due respect to the water is now. That's where you go. Unfortunately you start talking about playing more physical games as the season goes on and in the same thing there was bare restart Internet you know more games in the injury factor sure if we do that now that factors into those things if I'm playing sixteen or fourteen or thirteen. You know super competitive games against big step big time schools the propensity for athletes get hurt is going to be greater. You know and you know when these other small schools command you know it is a bye week for luck these bigger schools. And they can only do you feel sometimes only at the plate you know two maybe three quarters and you know a lot of times did you get to develop some of your lower half your roster if you see some of those things so I. I like. Our satellite get the way it is right now and I'm not saying there are benefits of those companies' right to point that I just sometimes in -- forty point you need to third stringers and you can get the freshman and he gets a look and develop breast certainly understand subtle but look at it can tell there's another thing about the pac twelve Jolie doesn't championships because I think you make a good point there is that. You know with C championship games there's more value to it than just claimed that final for her and what happens is this let's say for example USC the problem or the pac twelve is a good example this year there have pledged one of those final four. Regardless of who wins a championship. But still keeps teams competitive person does towards the end stretch where I am having something to play for. Right I can win a championship I had double the national championship this year but we got a team full sophomores and juniors and that's that's the next step is going out there and winning a conference championship. And if I can do that even if it's a 93 record. I still feel pretty good about the direction of my program and it does great things for the momentum going into that next season to me that's the value for at least these back walls the Big Ten the SEC the ACC championship games that keeps those teams competitive so they're just not full intent and doing what we saw happen with Florida State and it's a big deal to become a Christian that's a big deal to be factual chicken and you had to have earned it and that's exactly right -- me in any form of expansion if we go down that road I don't see any form of experience in that doesn't involve using conference championships as the structure to get there because it just makes all the sense in the world so I don't think I don't think a limited John percentage of these fixes and I think I think we're gonna see myth if it does happen to expand your gonna have the conference championships. Where the conference champions and with say at large singing are group of five TB pneumonia like UC have to tell you has already on an at large to focus in my case that or some of the I guess young yet a structure of your dad's dog and that way you can still have. It'll say Alabama doesn't win. But they've that was only loss of the season they dominated everybody else of them pretty good schedule but they happen to lose. The wrong game and happen to be the SEC championship but the still better than everybody else you know conceivably then you look in these other conferences and is still gives them an opportunity to playback can with that at large team. No doubt about it armored takes more phone calls when we come back and we're gonna circle back around to is this Panthers. Fear as honest put on the call screener right there you know just. We scared off a near Rodgers is great we all know what the what are you afraid of you beaten him before he's been beaten before they don't have a great defense and although the great running game he's in the way he buckles is bill when he scores a touchdown. It's scary. Scary. I I don't get it it's Dorsey and they look. Yeah. FDR didn't say the only biggest fear is Aaron Rodgers. He didn't say the only thing that fear is the Green Bay Packers. He didn't say the only thing to fear does it discount double check. He says it's fear itself will likely go. Is Australia to communicate. I'm so we don't need to start communicating. Why they're so scared of a human being who puts his 500 dollar jeans on just like you put you on possible. To hear from dredges fans out there what does it lemonade or the phrase from frank Sacco for yet it. Wanna hear you're 7045. Cent or not the UC Santa as far as the same thing or a single phone calls are done about the missiles go to more Marvin Conner Jim both more daughters about what's up. Marat Marvin is ours is your daughter that for Arizona. Yes we got a body there. And everybody. They've got to my brother that's the only guys that got you talking about Pakistan about him up there it sure I have I'd. I had a stroke on the back are mine ban. Howdy out of it. That's pretty sure they do that yet the bulk on years. Mean the list goes on and on. And it's when in doubt and aren't rich junior owner and these. I Munich are gonna knock out and Benjamin. I mean and now out and the facts are yet to cut station based money back you are. Are great now we're not but thanks and I don't just obviously not Marvin gotta Jumbo ya I don't know if these are my best I think you mentioned something about Jumbo and when you talked about yeah would you estimate who has the best urging IRS don't genocidal tyrant to sort through a Florida since it is tiger clearly sought to. Did he gave Florida State credit for what Jim both Fisher had done because that was. A team that had all the talent there yeah no. Well I not only that we looked Jimoh does get credit for developing a lot of those players from engine doesn't get credit doesn't get all the credit for those players development and you talk about some of those guys are working defense like Georgia and secondary coach is mean obviously he was a big whistle but you know indeed Jimoh surges into the walker I'm beating yourself on the SS and god made dirt during ginger I'm I'm I don't know. He did a good are recruited them and Jim's job but Bob Joseph crooner Jim de Mayo worked you know to get the guy's last name errors in losing the last down route on the I think Jim both issues an average coach. That's my opinion average. I think he. He he's a very good recruiter but I think that his teams. In particular in the first half came out flat. Several times I am with you frank and honest in the same light most of us anytime you agree with me you never have that ask can I agree with you just agree. I don't agree with frank because I maintain that there are some programs. That you could put a blind to moos. In there and big big win there are some programs in college football there's a tear the tops our programs that are setup to win national championship. Almost regardless I can basketball as well Greg and Margaret do your kids just didn't take any coach put me just he has a chance to an ass in jail but Oz Jamison Winston. No but what I'm saying news is that and how uses a uses it. Take on OK to Dennis Erickson at Miami in the ninety's. Dennis Erickson went to Miami in the ninety's and won two national champs it is okay and may be late eighties but. At that point in time that program was set to win and you could put. It's it's not not a coach but it. Average coach in there and Metallica disaster disposal the ability to recruit in state if facilities that they have to factor on TV they're set up to win. Electrical bleary jokers there yeah. It's edgy that's a better example from Miami cult. Larry Coker Syria deal with that though I look at things I've frank saying that he's an average coach I mean that seems like you know fairly strong take identity ideal I would also say though that he is I don't consider him to be in the same class a Saint Bernard or dabble I don't personally. And SARS and hurt some feelings but I used to do a good football coach but I don't think you know he's one of the active for coaches to have won a national championship I don't think he's in the same classes those three are really don't I was back to the phone lines we as the Panthers fans now and you know what actually reduce this tweet fragile like this. JJ is red knots Twitter and box from Richard. The only thing labor than being afraid of Aaron Rodgers is FDR's legs. Social studies Jimmer you all about it. Oh how about that that's a shot too so when I know now. Donald yes fine relate our let's go to Augusta Brad and the most talked about her answers were so bright are you and Aaron Rodgers stop talking over news root. It's a decision that was our shot keeping it actually grew by congress which. That's also looked at. I. You know all she can't remember air Crocker. Well what do air rocker all boats broke my speech. RE. ELK. Acts. Pro lack. Goodyear brought I guess the other question is the last time I checked. Don't play on it you can't sit side of the ball and halfway point of the Packers about. Cleveland do. Tell our notebook the game you don't know. It you know tour for charities so much hearing number one guy that played on one side of the ball. Coming off shoulder injury on his girl and I'm just makes no sense to the at all. Debra and I appreciate the phone call and thank you so much for going slow with the spill and because it was hard for me to keep up their but I appreciate that but it's it's his left clavicle and a mistake it is it is a sort of thought you guys are a bit and we just lost the last told our bets and they live in the same point our David EL LA. Acts make yourself a real. Acts maybe so. Our guys so I joined the WS Lindsay for holiday on ice 2070 Charlotte's only outdoor ice skating rink on the NASCAR all the same plaza opened this week from Wednesday to Sunday with special date night adventures on Saturday get more details W us since he ducked out. I think guys don't forget tomorrow as well Joseph moss care for Chrysler Jeep dodge and ram of the family story over there off of independence boulevard is have a date toy drive you're gonna get an opportunity to meet a bunch of pampered players out there and all they're asking it to donate to the Joseph moss foundation that they're gonna give back to a bunch of kids around the areas are now an open unused toys that you could bring in stop by and I say hello Kirk almost going to be there Jack Thompson you're gonna have TD. You have a post may be just punches might be that you never talk to panther players out there from morning until 330 hanging out at independence boulevard. Right over there but they do a great job it's always. Great to have good giving people back. Actor in this community and the Kansas players they do a great job of that what is great to have. Stores and industries like Jennifer you know and the G store the family store the rams story out there. You really go out there and you know give back to the community is well. A mortgage francs tickle we come back and what he thinks are deciding factor in Sunday's game is going to be young did you might as well and we want your 70457. Or 96 symbol squeeze in as many as we can't what will be the deciding factor in the printers backer showdown on Sunday 1 o'clock we got into for the money picks 4115 Steve Merrill pro sports info ponson sources and they looked. Welcome home troops listen soon for special show on our sister station WBZ. And 1079. The link brought to you by the NASCAR hall of fame and of course. As I've been mentioning we want to know your worst holiday story here on Garcia and Bailey so. Go to WS Lindsay dot com slash contests as WS Lindsay dot com slash contests to tell your worst holiday story. And if you what it. Will give you a massage from both cement spot incredible place where we are taking care of a couple of weeks ago I couldn't recommend it highly enough so if you wanna a great gift for yourself four or for someone else in your life right now you're running out of time go to WS AZ dot com slash contests. Give assure worst holiday story and you'll be in it to win a free massage courtesy of bossi nose guard 70457. Or 96 to and we're talking about so. We're talking about the Packers Panthers on on Sunday and why there is this. This newfound fear among some that Aaron Rodgers going back and we got a voice or text with some good stuff on here Hillary coupled his text or rights and child deciding factor is. When time possession not run run run on an abandoned prevent defense and don't give Rodgers the ball last at his take on it. Different sects are right since Frankie says. The NFL brass and Roger Goodell want Green Bay to be relevant to rest of the season all you hear on ESPN and NFL network is canned Green Bay run the table they have this car Curtis this Carolina team won already. What's the total on north Carolina's pass interference calls my guess is at least four in the end zone what a sham this world. Did you get me fired up right now I'd so like. I'm getting ready going to coach mode here ya and you know give one of those please they'll win one for the gipper when it comes to you've taken on the Green Bay Packers I don't give a flying what what they have coming in here. But we don't play to their standard they have to play stars and it's usually there are large and Eric and thank you if you think they're largely to come out there and intimidate this Carolina panther team. You're smoke and cracked. Yeah up this team is gonna go out there on Sunday afternoon and their doors and meticulously Wear out the Green Bay Packers. My peace there will hit any. Continue to hit them harder and harder until they quit we will put them back where they can't slump. The full story today and not think oh lord about. Your ass home this is our house. Yeah there's. Pull it from the server. I'm gonna players from my team next month. The whole thing just gonna play formed under us and I don't got to do it does it play and I can listen to frank I love this fired up there's a difference extra pisses me off the so I AEA Iran is back to enrich and adjusted data they're Brothers roller Rogers Jimmie Rodgers doesn't matter not one bit. People act like little kids and they can the millionaires come across this weekend well guess what intonation did you show forgot we got our own William and he wears number 59. It's so. Some of that absolutely rights and other tax or rights and read about you actually back up now about a foot. This whole we do Dell and the NFL brass want to Green Bay to be good. Don't want him to be I don't judges I don't know what an ass and picked up off the floor and particular tees up off the ground they didn't. As they wanna see. But. No fun when the red has got the gun and it does have admitted on. Did you combine this conspiracy theory stuff to commissioners want certain teams to win so they have to do that I guess and say I'm like well I listen I mean. I think it's more herb. Relevant in the MBA that is in in the NFL I do think that they appreciate having big market teams in their what are the NFL great. Is that you have a team from nowhere that is as the ability to step up and go out there and it what is suitable. Still the same way in the MBA because it never happened right. I'd be a marvelous and did you or your loved only surtax on married couple these by the way did this this and of itself encapsulates the building surtax on back to back Tex at first when shut the hell up front. The next week. Also rich perhaps I'm not a duet mode. Still fresh. That I gave back to back to back somebody else writes in buildings that are taxed like I was almost in spaz inspired just now as when GB denounced doing when. Glad to hear that I'm still number one minute so that fires still burning strong don't you worry about that. A scenario says don't excellent excellent half franks is fired up my daughter just asked what's a flying yes actually I didn't do it first after the ethics. Your dad sort of exploit it and that's good Teradata is excellent dared to and I we got our before just around the corner we got into for the money pixel try to make some money this weekend including tonight. I try if they don't do it until it's Garcia and they look at.