Former Hornet Dell Curry: "You Got To Be Able To Score Down The Stretch, Charlotte Hasn't Been Able To Do That So Far" 

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Tuesday, November 14th

Former Charlotte Hornet Dell Curry joins Primetime to discuss this years Charlotte Hornets team as well as much more. 


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All right we go to the technique come gas line hornets back at home in May and they need to get back at home after that four game road trip and entered at four gamer troop winners at three in a row they come back home. Losers of four straight gonna try to put it into it with the of the welcome committee that is LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers we will go on. The all time leading score board its history and of course you seem on the broadcast each and every night on fox sports southeast the great Dell curry make into a force Dell hi you doing man welcome back to Charlotte. You're oh or greater and I'm glad it's. Ultimately corporate. Well real. Couple walker in the Belmont he'll. I know man I tried milky you know this we try to milk as much as we kick his sinking with a three point record it's like it's just common at a at a ridiculous clip right now but for now you still. You still hold that record and it's going to be fun Wednesday beyond you know it's always big LeBron and the cats come to town they'll bullet you know we get to see these pinstripe jerseys come back it's the first classic night will receive a throwback jerseys that you guys made popular and it it's gonna be fun I mean his brain has been back over for now this is for years but it's going to be different on Wednesday night I think it's gonna officially feel back in a way that may be hasn't before. Derek they can write a big crowd gonna be full circle. All new and old or expands. Giggled traceable like back in a workflow that these two look like. About village Jews did a wonderful job. Back in 88. Shorts were a little. Sure that that put out a little built built have a longer but I look reported that the current and the pre order a look like I'm sure the cover up front. And you know welcome to me like. They'll look more and then on to win the important step in on the right track a little portrait rowdy crowd. Got a much needed. Indices are really good at home so far the road is nothing kind to them right now again they've lost four in a row with a one in five overall in the year. On the road and they've been they've been five and one at home so they get a good fun waited to make things happen on on Wednesday night cabs or are gonna be in town 8 o'clock nationally televised game on ESP and Dell curry. With this right now. Are on the technique on guess slide like let's go back to we'll talk with the game and second let's go back to us go back to 88 so the first time. You saw those uniforms what on earth briefing beside the shorts being really short one on her pretty tricky when you saw teal in pinstripes on the back basketball uniform. It looked good values like we wanna did give her. Partners are. Silent walk and couldn't play at a brokered real government review or more. In the locker room to get a feel of what would it feel like I'll wait it out. Really excited expert he. You know. Removed it no one else in the league and in. Europe and in it former program and were excited. And it turned out better grew up with her go. Out. They're great going on here they literally what they go to the mobility Emma. It it was wild too delicate and we're gonna spend a lot of time over the next couple days you know kind of re living noted the fun hornet's memories with. You know going back I mean I remember growing up you you what you walked into that coliseum and no pun intended to mean there was just the buzz in there all the time did matter whose game boy and game 41 and game 82 movement if there was a playoff series there's just an energy and a building. And it's it's hard to fathom now in hindsight. Eight in arena that sat 24000 people every night in Charlotte, North Carolina being sold off for NBA basketball but that that was the case back dent. Absolutely you up he'll tell people. Talk about Thursday that the Arctic peak yet possible volatile crude oil don't want. You know they are. Eager. A great. We knew what record arena. We did have interviewed at. Every night. Again we do that you know winning games back it was really hard but they have that kind of support from day one. Knowing that you look sell out every game into a region where you. They're new team it was a great affiliate the player. Or shall complete your pastor. And I don't curse of this all time leading score board it's history of course you seem with Eric in Stephanie. On fox sports southeast on on the TV broadcaster reported its each and every game except for one stake is its nationally televised. On ESPN it's reported to cast throwback night pinstripe jerseys to be out on the floor for the first time. Offer the hornet's and so while we we gotta talk about this game of first we talk about. This road trip Dell mean eight I went into the structure of thinking now you go to win two we called at a pretty productive road trip overall had a great opportunity to open up and you want against San Antonio. Weren't able to make the place in the second half Minnesota I mean they just got blitzed in the second quarter Minnesota is a very impressive team. And then the knicks and Celtics kind of the same thing winnable games and in the fourth quarter. I mean it it it would got that on on Tuesday against the knicks got worse on Friday night the fourth quarter against the Celtics of the lord it's really took it on the chin on the short trip. Yeah bigger and broke corner and are you going to help you look at Antonio. There law for. Not on the built by eat it muted and notably at one quarter wrote that there are. At that time Nixon playing really great thing extravagantly tribe. Ultimately it. Ultimate game what is able to Spain because the crowd and then talk about how the crowd were the knicks are there any way when regular Dolan whipping at. It's in the conduct on the trip and then. You go to Boston the team that they've won back whoever wrote it are wired for a couple the quote. But it's always liked it in the NBA are gonna grow up with the other full order of merit. And not beat. Old and out environment I mean he needs to win. Yep you're right forty stress in the fourth quarter. And you don't we just didn't do that a week that look he may have gotten a student of Boston on nine days and only for easy it'll blow. But everybody gave no go through it and now you're primarily to a group of some other really well. Pretty routine of playing well room. Do we what are you thinking is that is the main cause for the offense kind of get stuck in the mud in the fourth quarter is I think XEQ should wise it it obviously has to be good I think to be in place to be made him an a look if kemba has been incredible but I'd even point to shots that I'd say accurate count off the top of my head 46 shots over the last two games in the fourth did. Kemba had gotten clean looks look she be happy to get after Steve Clifford any just flatly didn't make amend so I go to maker mislead sometimes but what do you attribute to the fourth quarter rose over the last couple games. Well they're the start allowed on the includes talk about that when he breaks the line open into the branch hill you have been split an error. Without it or didn't start for the home team gets that momentum. The starters come back here and there aren't quite a moment on the road aptly put that on Iran. Those urgent. Very rocker excuse that the doubtless they go to Italy or quarter with a bill that he does each. Well we're not put out a win like yet but that it demonstrates government dramatic shot target you don't just Kim every single night. Soccer will remember that for what do so what are the ball got real real and basketball. Activity that they load up on you. That your report though kind of excuse is played aren't side but got our anger or earlier they'll probably that little book is being. Pocketed Dell curry fox sports southeast again hornets in cabs on Wednesday night 8 o'clock at spectrum center at the high pinstripe jerseys are back it's a classic night against the cavs nationally televised game. On ESPN and I feel like delta we've seen this like to me what I watched in the fourth quarter the last couple games especially with kemba. Initiating everything on offense right now now since the two who's been out. This kind of feels like. Late bobcats early hornets basketball with Campbell where it was just. Him passing the ball around and him also getting the ball back with five seconds left on the shot clock in his teammates is kind of expecting him to do something like I feel like. The last 24 quarters of relief exposed where they mystic Purdue right now. Yeah you're you're pretty and erect I mean nick with the upper it was your right in recent years you need to pass the ball around you that our secure the oil worker out. Or come in and not. I. Now who brokered the ball back BQ mother lode appointment. Yes and it looked at the shop the oh we get nick back we'll take a lot of pressure the ball on a player if he does everything it. Got excited is the practice will be an open look. Smart guy. But you know that would bring a lot on both into the lord not to stop at least equal it you know keep those would be there when we're at Atlanta. Indoor mall will position Smart. And he's going to be eager to get back in the lineup he knows now that being eaten you want to get out this is going to be on ought to. Get a feel it too late you know and we've seen this with with two YE a delight I think a when he gets positioning deep in the post when he's able to obviously grown a lot Cecil does that better a bit as good as any big men in the NBA. He's he's a productive offensive player but when you see him outside the paint trying to take the ball off the dribble and a ball skids like dad. It's a different floated the often to feel a nick coming back helped with that too like I have a feeling he's gonna he's gonna develop a connection with Dwight that that's gonna help this offense still. Yeah I agree dipping to a developer connection that having missed the past. Albert it will happen overnight that the economy gained thirty. Will premiere nick once you do win back your your rhythm bat and that'll help the opposite and help. The players around him low rather in the dug up the guards do practice it's he made in the game to beat them at their. Are set an ally of the pick which you will weigh. Up on the way to combat that they quote you bet. But it politic term. The outlook is present at the White House impose. And it would take time to figure out where you get the ball you know were nick wants to balk. But. You can Smart guys in the airport have played with a built built the only thing patent and take a minute or the white and nick upon it out. Art what do what do we have with the cavs jokers there by the numbers serve there arguably the worst defensive team in the NBA and defense does matter but yet they've got LeBron I've got atomic tally got as much talent as any team in the NBA it's a little older pieces don't fit. I so what do we make a distinction they started I think it's like six or seven different they are even more mets' starting lineup so far in the year and they're they're just gonna hang around blood. I mean it's never reasonably LeBron the knicks saw that the other night so what what do we get on Wednesday. Yes you know I wouldn't hurt wherever. They were were there hang around you know let look on to take over the game winning form. Just that he made love them or rooted year. The way a lot smaller which has not been out now. They're better to write their old. What are you know how to win close games and Arnold. Last year on year growth they are out and close game so they wanna hang around. And duplicate of the sport we give our. Will let players play gave more time did not lead by weight eat them when pollute. Yeah and it you know we saw he lost point eight MSG lowest point in New York. He likes playing in front of Michael Jordan's team to right so that's oh and I hate saying that but that's street seems like it brings out the best day when he comes here. Oh absolutely he's put the remote base there are eager recurrent. Pinstripe and we are well. On a roll right now when he ink he. That any time now that you don't suddenly part of the corps in world where hopefully they'll order a leader as well they know. Look you are who are with Cleveland has to offer concur currently get ready. And Eric Berry got that Ireland for a road you know that Lilly that you focus. You have to get back home especially when you have. We do right back on the road in Chicago Egypt in real up couple wrote we don't all come back home port of a game don't know that the company. Our dilly got to end on a high no quickly here since it is a throwback night against the cap so the game winner corner three tell the story well as my favorite story you mug see Dick Carter what's the story from your game and kronor irony of the story. There are you there were dealt to India hard not to play. Him. Where an Apollo like really you've got to give it to young guy Greg book art the report oh. Lot of leaders say all the government. They like on the play in the corner and won't drive you may have go to hell will pitch to win the game I want every year approach or would it straight. Did that. I mean they play Knuble at all in the purpose mediated did both be looked at wrecks on the right side. Cross over drove into the hole my man helped who will be put to me and I shot the ball and on thank you well that's worked in a ball on and really didn't want. And we know. Though man and I'm sure soak it does coach take credit for that or know how to data that long ago. Pick it. Craig credit that we could play got beat this long to the right is all of our ports subject kicked out of the credit. And an all time leading scorer order its history fox sports southeast Dell curry and get ready for reported to cast throwback night pinstripe jerseys back on the floor and it's going to be fun Wednesday night against the cavs on ESPN at 8 o'clock Dell good to talk to you thanks to make in time force. Absolutely I got the political Google all of the work at become her right hand my go. He would not seek to audit we.