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Thursday, February 22nd

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All right so we're gonna go to the tech may come guess slide here. And we're we're gonna talk some important stuff with Christian Kirk wide receiver coming at a Texas San and we start with the most important thing which is what you heard in the open air. I was talking about this top fives necklace which is absolute trash from Colin Cowherd. And snacks Harrison where he says his top five snacks list is rice crispy treats ladies dill pickle chips Chester top Fries. Dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups it intermittent Jumbo iced honey bonds. At number one Christian Kirk I'm putting you on the spot which your top five sack list in order five through on your top five snacks what is it. Top five match. Well yeah so would he fit the number one. And I'll throw it what do you go to number two who. Through a chorus through vetoes the ball we. Good 45. The cup off work before. Talkies that they see out here owners don't know a year ago. And then. The mood here when my favorite in the courtroom open to order he had a number one there. People aren't there. That's preparedness crew that was our offense I don't know if I could come with five snacks read books right on the dole a man like hey. If you can answer these questions are gonna refine it to come by next week many are going to be fun. And pat pat how much are you prepared for those combat interviews because every year you know guys get in there and teen strata move guys off their spot make them think on their feet a little bit how much are you prepared for that part of the come by and as opposed to. You know train and for a forty and that sort of thing. Yet been you know you get a couple hours that we feel that prepare movement are used to another come up. The three people in that puts you through mock interviews in this country can do about. You know pretty simple question does and what nodded. Couple accused in the same situation that you're going to be enough to calm bunt. But it's not the typical not think. If you if you go in there and you you fear though that. Try to act out of character because the guys from the spokesman. Much different than you know that maybe taken the wrong way I think he's going their fears though fence. On at the end of the day you're talking football and no we we offer football. That's what we love what I love though on the feet before we talk about that though I'll call this you know on the field because there and and you particularly. We're talking to Christian Kirk wide receiver coming out at a Texas say that he played as full game right here in Charlotte it at Bank of America Stadium and you guys were on the wrong side of that one but. How fun was that game defense was optional and that game but how how fun just in terms of like maybe it was the biggest environment the biggest crowd. Obviously the stakes may not have been what you guys want for a ball game for the belt full put all things considered in terms of just fine. And get out there just played football and get up and down the field how fun was that game for you pointing its way to the helpful. About you know we've been anytime you hear it was that the corporate system known the schoolyard dispute that that's pretty fun. Paul the view through your thoughts and our public option you know just the whole week. That we have the freedom through February with that then there and on on a fee for Internet that you know it was thoughts on this to the theoretical there it is you know I think if you wanna you know my teammates who were not a the volatile. Allies who yet this did not do well with the with the department. Of becoming another back in the Walton fire but he had a comment doubted. You know we wanted to show up and you know that we not to show up in late now we're gonna put it all on the line and they thought their total and thought okay. He you know we hue a sure foot dispute through this is one that you know out that we remember. You know my life you know we became in the last few thing and then you know that the made about that one. That it it was to a chemical and put it is that we unity on the you know from the street. Christian as you go through this pre draft process one of the things you've probably already found out there it's not you will soon. There's nothing people like more than comparing college prospects to guys already in the league what's it like for you as a player. Goodling your own name in CN comps bill Beckum. You know you know I was that if you're not art school my name for it he was thought to be viewed on a heart that people want to it you know the taxes and who. See what not I mean luck note that this fleet you know if you compare to ballot photos this week that that you can I would have. You know with this first years of you know so it with the continued success that he's gonna happen. Song you'll with a great player like that you know it's just an honor to its appeal with the type your name mentioned and thanked them in the off. You know that it's it's no good obviously because. You know we have home think so far because they've going found what not so. You know it's pretty deep that it you know try to emulate the feat that he doesn't game but you know you have fun with the view that that the great filter the outcome of the month of each. You mentioned social media have you I've gone through. Your high school years of tweets are gone through the college years in major there's nothing embarrass and in the air the name I want to say. I was with Stewart about. You know offload more muscle media. You know never really had a fairly knowledgeable oh world you know treaty. You know stuff that shouldn't be on there and I use that in my thoughts immediately platforms. Palm notes for a cure him and as you know heart character guys. You know if you could all time though he's not I think we've from open anything controversial on there. On home soon to be a mama you're the daughter now. I'm a Christian Kirk's with a seaside joining us right now in the tech they come Kessler what. What's the thing that you heard from this is probably even during the year and now especially to go through the draft process we've heard from. Scalps and NFL people sand. Hey we know you're really good at this we wanna see you work on. This though we need to see we need to see makes improvement and his party are being so we should go through your individual workout stuff and try to get ready for the draft what what's the part of your craft right now the year trying to step up your game that. Well you know a lot of what a parent and you know the question mark is you know part to play. First you review true number one are you heard noted up front cover two that not a you know the first part of my him that I who worked in non throughout the season. You know thief you know you within its feet. New term practice promote figure that one on ones you want our first speaker not during practice them play and offer receiver. It's just you know whatever Q you've matched up against the other thought that you know much applies. Is that community and fluffy I would do it Norma the view and you know I never really had too much. So we'll be enough to perk but. Didn't really feel that much out to be thought of it as though it's you know an area of my game and I think as the first few very general they can always work on. To be two to try to get off Preston though because from the prospect. For those who don't see not that we working on his IQ which dot com buy new can run every route. Funeral. Well you work it out it with Texas right like how I would wonder. How old when you make those decisions of what you're gonna do an out of your who you're gonna work out where if and the people we're choosing to put around you. How tough was that that decision how important is it why why why make a decision for a place like XO stood. Hey out out this is wrong and expendable my time over the next few months is I lead up to my professional career. He's not figured the really important this and just because you're ready for the compound known that they get them to view your whole thought a lot of them. You go to for the people around you that are in the Q no conflict that you're going to be Oates is that the heated. Are you not had no talk to a a bunch of different people about that vote in their head up the poker I think the Fey and think you know popped out most about them at their feet insurance program and before the great and I know everything that they've done you know each week we've been getting better in the a lot of that the work you know they they give you the amount of former once upon that you need. Unity not let time you have when the other top talent to all the guys. That are here to view the foot she's so I think that the good thing you know you're not just isolated not a formal one turning. You know your round of the Gaza which you in the field the confused yet. You know every day as those that we may be better. And you know open the team around me to make sure they don't that's what become wanted and after that not be a fairly good job of perfect enough. Eric Christian Kirk wider series from 8 AM we're gonna let him go it is the most important question what's your forty time next week what are you gonna for what's the goal. It's gonna 443 right now you know what you know but then all of this known for a fan did. Notre just follow that for my attorneys to not know and I alert they're not the on the line. You know it does and at the end of the day just got to pull back U turn and enough for an offense defense but the iPhone won't shoot for now. If I could effort just experience what running a 4340 would be like Baghdad be it just one time what's at what six feeling like we like I know. I'm just faster than that dude like you line up on the other side like I'm going to. I'm just going to run past you you're not going to be able to stop me because of that much faster than you that's got to be a great feeling on the football field. So put it the really good feeling on any time do you think he within the inside ten yards for personal human rights the Christian current wide receiver from NMI Christian best of luck in Indy next week it's good document thanks to drop of 5%. Yet they experiment.