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Monday, February 12th

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A final playoff spot he's for that's the hornets right now actually holder from WC CB actually what's up you Dolan. You know I'm not on the L well. Well you're here let's let's let's let's break down what what what's going on with this team you talk due to these players in the locker room on a regular basis and close them. And you could tell the body language yesterday on the court like these guys are tired to schedules part of it put. It just seems like these guys are so ready for a few days off the all star break to try and Muster anything they have left for this 125 games they got after the break. Yet you know how often like Arafat like exactly what he's an existing right out it will need this break because. You see how they are black side it there out there at that cannot believe I did that earlier in August but it is broke down I don't know exactly where it's coming from because. They have to challenge paired with a bite out but it just there. The best way to say there have been chip there are inconsistent is about but it. Do you think actually oldest us WC CD and now we're talking a little order they go down yesterday to the raptors won 23103 day led by ten it was early ten nothing. That would be the only lead change and done would Alter my trip by 36 before climbing back into it they can't it's somewhat respectable yesterday it do you think teeth. The chemistry that locker room is good I I've ever since that those guys don't get along or don't like each other for what would you what do you think about the buy in from that team overall on the roster right now. I mean what I could see them and got in to have very generous in their chemistry yet acting and really enjoyed playing with each other I think they don't know genuinely like each other. Special it is like they can't put up all four order togetherness you're not able to do that. And they're not going to be able to Wednesday despite what David if I could eat and what they make and Scott and they don't do the opposite of what would you get your act. By your by you know but so bad. You know you'll pretend from the ilk and barrel from what do I think on the free. But both things are not gonna be up for work. We're talking actually older W ccb she's with this right now on the technique I'm just lined. Talk a little corners trying to make sense of this and work word Iraq that he used you know Dwight decently well even before you came here and now we see here. He's had a Renaissance of the season and it's your 1480 still averaging a double double and and what what you may goes onto white and and where he's at right now and what he's impacted with on this team there's I think there's so many people say and it is today and the problem with Dwight throughout his career people always wanna poke holes and everything he's done but I think twice part of the night I was I was super skeptical when he came here. I think he's been one of the bright spots for this team but there's still people say ad's what's not really having an impact. Often I can imagine were missing would be when I came into light right now. Yeah it went out about the light went on it and it is another article though it would it would spend too. I mean you don't know what I like what they're thinking that the double double back on active in the league right now but. He he he told me that. He wanted what he got traded here that you want it to really be okay Eddie it ought to be. You know happy at all in the nation if anything else except our back bought a lot of people don't get computer because you know if you make that joke is all about Brett. Pat them on the head but he's very serious about kind of revamp his career if people are not given them their respective one of the best and definitely which can either bury. And I think you've got to lay out what how the white there'd be no way that we didn't have won three went right out well. He's in year fourteen so thirteen of the years he's been any NBA. He's been in the playoffs ten of those this is kind of unchartered territory for him to not and I asked him about that about a month ago and I think it really hadn't sunk in for him yet did. This could be a a possibility but I would wonder for him this is this is gotta be weird for him to have to be playing. Basketball this on your dad's really teetering on being not meaningful he used to playing meaningful basketball this time a year. Never you know ultimately the bat you know bouncing around about the lack. Looking back he's dead wet so LA and I didn't even if you would have it would and they were gonna go but I doubt about it tell. I think for him I think it's a. I'm really think this isn't about the eBay or career you know getting back the respect back in bulky that you think that you don't watch him kind of read op. That would let you know you know what should act or Christian because clip of the degree of why in his wedding here what now. We're talking Ashley older WC CB word what do you think of this roster overall do you do you think this team Clinton said he said it again earlier today right here on the station he said he thinks this is. You'll stand by that he most talented team he's added five years the results obviously amend their. I'd do you do you agree it would do you think this team actually is playoff caliber. You know I don't think so I think they have all the pieces in the world we get to the fire out they just again they can't but. You know awful fourth quarter together they have to be able to play defense they have to be able to change well I think I bet they're they hadn't been able to do that. I think they're when he bit about trying to get these young guys Reggie is well. Aren't actually older so there's WC CBC's what does right now are on the technique come guess lines of what do what do you think captains this offseason rich shows in the final a few months now it he's on his contract it was it was renewed picked up this offseason could still has a few more years left on his steal and obviously they tried to be active at the deadline and weren't really allude to make anything happen so what what what do what do you think happens this offseason what type of mix ups do you think we've wields the most a year. And carted well I think we're I think we don't make it to the playoffs I think what Joseph. Don't have to worry about not coming back is they're DM com I don't think that click on anywhere I think that they're big thing to think that perhaps the final way to. Revamp this game they have that left with a well. Ending the finally create yet Malik won't end the way they encounter ready and it either because not know at the bank is that we have this here you know. Do you have an issue with only to not getting enough minutes sands wanna I wanna see him out there obviously always RC lottery picks especially teams not one and do you do you think he should be getting more playing time now. At this point to get be getting more playing time because. We're out of impeccable work fairly close that you were by about eight games. Lock the back problems that we. In about five went on and on that eighth spot so I feel that what you kind of happen are developing the young guys. And ready and get you know some action there not been that it is easily get in what and then getting actually down there. I don't know what went on exactly what they weigh in and clip. I have heard that you know doing a little bit of a bad edit there will be building is a well I don't know are genetic and never thought about that. But arm. Heat you've been telling that they all the time a lot that I am doing it. Pretty up that when he doesn't get that played by at this point you need the play both Benedict are getting you know develop and then the next year but. I think believe my capital we want a movie I've gotten super long either really in you right now while you've got to get all of that organ donors yeah a bit out there and lately in the. Well it's it's really odd right because I know Maliki is to god and everybody wants the points on it to me I watched from a leak and it. He physically is not ready for consistent minutes in the NBA so I'm I'm okay went in there might conclusive yesterday there might come a time where and I think he said eight to ten games. He sit in in the next eight to ten games after the break a four out of this. It'll be time to start giving some minutes out to some younger guys for development. But did did swing thing is weird because he physically looks like he belongs and he was playing heavy minutes earlier when NIC Batum was injured earlier in the year so and so didn't. I am not the trying to instigate drummer anything but some weird happened there are also he's completely out of the rotation when he was there plays a decent minutes earlier in the year. Yeah at a plant now are really don't know what the oil on what that situation but I have heard it up there. If you the coaches that you know he's been young and haven't really under that you know they're not been a bit like that because we want people. I don't believe that they always been between them in a black. I'd get you there will be telling his base that when he doesn't play at issue they might bite and I agree with you I'm only my right out not let me back a bit bad about this place. Yeah it's just I mean it's hard to figure out how you get that guy consistent minutes other than here and there. With the right lineup on the floor just physically looks like he's done he's just doesn't belong in the NBA especially from a defensive standpoint so. Timmy interest in saving a one more game before the all star break it's gonna be in Orlando on Wednesday night we got pregame at 630 tipoff comes up at 7 o'clock and done notably the all star break Kim is gonna go out to LA and an award is gonna try to regroup for the second half of the year actually holder W ccb would sell out what state did in time bash for us forgot came out to people check that out every week on WCC big. Yet every Sunday at 1030. Channel AP news via regular cable at the spectrum it channel eleven. Com we don't stop being there's hornet you know a little bit and apps are out at art which is great because of things like if you can get and his. Health well what's what's the Twitter handle it how to be able check you out. Which yet on Twitter at ash now well peavy is speech and OT LO UK being asked to talk to you thanks to make it sound source. Our goods are the last hole there WC CDs.