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Saturday, July 15th

Jeff Schaefer and Tommy Viola talk about the world of baseball with special guest Jack McDowell.


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This is better shape for baseball reports and inside look at America's past time. Lead all the way to the big leagues taking your calls at 7045701960. And now you're you're. Former Major League infielder Jeff Schafer and Tommy got beat. I love it Alan Ball. An assault that's. Well good morning to you and now how do you deal welcomed addition remains or report on WS NZ each and every Saturday a lie and Freddie are the queen city beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina. As we talked about the world baseball from Little League to the big leagues good morning everybody touting New Zealand via a lot of lives in studio. And alongside myself here in studio Lincoln injuries Cy Young award winner. The head baseball coach or queen's university and Jack McDowell the more exact Palin hey what's going on there and did good to have you in studio and joining us now on the phone. From a baseball field somewhere in Alaska Leary is he's done none other than Jeff Schafer to my shift. There SME got Jeff. But I have great data guys or do you on. Your round. Tell us where young. Right now sitting outside of you changed all the school. Somewhere in there are so. We'll all bring Georgia out how shall like every big. The perfect game trouble all over so shall it doesn't play well aware of sodium and I just for the GPS does not here I'm here. Let me get let me guess it was an hour from the hotel. Let's. Quote it doesn't it doesn't matter where your hotel is your games all will be one hour from the hotel. There doesn't know what coat well we have a complex. Complex and everything else is just scattered across. Oh Delilah. It's true with the masks as place there are some really. Some of our gut turning anti PGA. Oh well once. Until they went the other fun thing about as I was down their last week as you know. Listening audience is not known up Leo we we can high five me and shave he's got. The 20/20 group and have the 2019 group of CBC and we kinda I found on the way. In and out of Charlotte is Atlanta. And it's. Yes perfect game while it's great ha you know what the best thing about this is when you have. 300 in however many teams and they're all playing every day that it. You know you're dipping into very lowest levels of umpiring is well put it up. And which is which is always fun. That's listen you guys got some guys you know. But I think your debt this goal. Opposite brutal but yeah and it Java was heavily before before Jack alert for the aging group. And they inject we're recording nineteen dot governor of the forty Cornish. It's three weeks and a citizen and as a little weak would probably go to the web site object as to whether or shoot well. You know the trying to manage 300 teens. Are blue note was in the days of torrential rainstorms. It's just. I'm just. This is that overrated event it is overrated overpaid for. 1850. Dollars will be down here that appellate court agents say yes to such lengths. And then love you know Disney's animal into the pool boy it certainly is still leave everything. So it's it's a very very expensive. Grant and it's just. I felt I think we'll get into the port for the organization we're gonna read about it. And and you know do we really need to be dealt here. I don't think so because of globalization and Jack can access this we do a good job of promoting our players. Well from our facility and rightfully eventually do in North Carolina and they didn't reject ever. You know I haven't got down here and it's a mixed bag and outspend you don't know who it's wild watching getting. Eleven hours biggest biggest peeve about this is. Yeah of these seemed to come down here and like they rolled through armor other that you know they're they're gonna what event except as saying last that they sort of the subway. You know because of their hard done judicially Milosevic accused of thirteen different stage. They're better specification does have an event like that you know. Mud but you know we do if you are they're based corporate content from all over the place you know that's that's one thing that you get all of those immigrants. And you're trying to figure out what really who's the best. Oh really need to do a better job what organization what better let you don't go out and make so little last start. That they have to live by. By the first of June or some sort professors. I don't know I'm I'm bitter I'm I just don't like to build them into what their objective is involved clearly you know really good they project on these deals. He goes ball hawk in the woods comes out about fifteen doesn't teach. There are good in the field. Put others in all the until. As brutal overlook them yesterday. And the actual third base. Orion. Some burgers band called play was a trough. And it did rain you can probably go fishing and I think. Yet the one time the U wanna rendered as wider on the based there were we we are nowhere to feel like forget what the high school was but. The base itself. Was. It was pointing upwards unless you know how to explain this but it. It was like four inches so if you're gonna hit the inside of the base to go like from third home you're gonna break your ankle. Outside I'm actually in this is no joke we got we got rained out on that but I told the other coach on the other team listen listen. Let's just just have our guys is close to the based do not touch at bases someone's gonna get killed. So I'm not you know what. I won't I won't I won't appeal. Many missile base on your guys you don't impede on my guys just get him close and let's play the game so no one answered that's a ridiculous it was. What felt Jack so so so foolishly and yeah. You're want to create first base dugout. It. We we play and we know he played a team proved and actually after in talking with a couple other teams that we played them they were even. The same amount of jerks to the other teams discussed just disrespectful kids. Coaches that thought that there. Defecation was brilliant and perfume me. Two to try to cut to the chase. But. We we pull into the third base dugout because our guys were all sitting there and apparently they one of the third base dugout so their kids start coming in from the batting cages throwing their equipment in the dugout. Or rely on. An ongoing bull or it's gone on that's kind of where would of these guys there when you know. And then they proceed to go start playing on lower to playing catch in left field line will they start playing catch like in the middle of our guys. And then their coaches walk in and put their coaching gear in our charity got my clipboard everything's up. Don't go on lake what is is this like it like to stand up they're gonna see if they can like. Believe a sudden so. Finally I just said you know one. Disco guy in all the kids you know it's all there were talking about there were folks on the dangerously won't lose your resume like you know what we need to focus on the games can add your old school the first base dugout. And then hand turned out that the first base coach was a coach every pitch guy. And for your your parents out there a coach every pitch guy is a guy that doesn't shut up the entire game. He will coach every pitch he will tell you what the town is how you're supposed to approach it what what your swing was and he will not stop the entire game. I tell my family is. And I told them very loudly. So everyone could hear the dead if I ever do this you guys can come out there and officially punched me in the face. Says that's not how you coach is not what you're supposed to do it's ridiculous all your trying to dial. All of that is showing you know trying to show how much you know about baseball. It's like color unlike what do we color commentator eerie coaching to just shut up now but. So anyway yet known I think in that game says she if they really really started to get under our and our nerves a little bit so. Yeah we come. We're able day they they won their cool and they want our pool which is great they got to move months so bigoted thing you know those coaches good dance in their closet with a little trophy. But you know we didn't beat them and I made sure at the end of the game that we and we got together as a team and you know. We did the 123 usual we do 123 CBC. We did 1231. Base dugout to. As we owned it and their guys were there weren't there armory have too loose at the end but you know one. They're outstanding I got a delegate districts probably from Jacqueline. You miss a class you should've been here for their trauma go bear Buick that's sort of civil. That's what's so good you know that is up to go down you know if there's. Across the board to get this ready guys here and and you know people. Need this stuff for their identity. And I think is that call for you know we judge ourselves job quote I cannot just imagine crossfire Douglas pension well played a Great Lakes. Just yellow baseball people out here that the deal with the U Leo's all. I guess accept it's it's a matter of you guys have to be loud and out so they think everybody in the talks thanks well this guy really knows what he's doing all talking about. And then there's you know you have visited code or there's photos words result so that was so that's. The majority of parents set it down here don't understand the game to begin work so they're big buy into this garbage. I'm should look a little uncertain underneath. The stands up and interspersed are just clearly what school. And and what are what the premier organization. Is playing. But it is their you know their fifteen quarter being vacated bracket they're in now from the north south east west whatever and this father is shouldn't have any respect probability that the the other team that's from a you know. I don't even know some other states but other employment base all the gala the soon just not good and and knew it wasn't. Seeing that there's bad subtle Obama's premier organization. That as you know way across the country and the guys tell me that Chris didn't tell those guys out 47 players from the organization. We're stressed that. This cashier and I'm like OK great get on the school that's good quote this guy's solid on the mound. And he sort of like government says probably shouldn't be crew. And these. Folks and this and and just didn't after the well. The very very big power but could borrow is that he's so delusional. Pregnant saying that. Because there's so this uniform on that he has great free tickets that are certain to pro baseball. It's amazing and I'm looking. I give the credit that sort of organization because as free enterprise and Warren street out. Just like perfect game mystery about how to collect as much money as you possibly can. From every piece of this you know organizational standpoint. So we have our uniforms that grant them and I wanted to go to this guy and the other 47 guys will address that. Your song paper about credible. Because it goes on wall in front of all the way. They never really Clinton met organization. But the lower premiums. Are paying for. Supporters of the national level seen purely to get in and limit his elbow popped me in that organization organization so look that. Don't pay to play they just everybody else. It's brought Dan and he's got good person years ago this was all model. And you know so wishing them the same saying hello exert. I putted good those sports where prize Graham you know it's risky business you know go make it much what are you possibly can say that tell you you know that's that you. Feel like you should Gilbert. Go. I'm just sum up a blown out of my mind like I guess I'm shout them down here through you very much a little molecule blizzard they'll love being around with kids. And client of the in the dugout but the whole event and knowing that we have funded part of this side. That Bob must. The it in the game after we had a crazy game when we're it was a little a little well a lot chippy. The next day I was talking to did the coach. That we were playing against the he's like did you play these 'cause they were idiocy you would claim last night told mall store and he told me the story of some of the stuff they didn't earn his game. And you know by about the fifth inning. As I'm pretty I'm pretty easy go on a man I'm all his left and in making jokes and the other coach and other team you know guys like that a bomb coach and third in front of the other team's dugout usually engage kids and we. Like how bad the umpires are still thought it. Could dump is guys like you know and so I tell you this is how it's supposed to be. You know you're supposed to play you know we both fun when you're not out here like an idiot you some fun in teaching the kids Lama again OK and I think it's crazy in the some of these guys that they just you know but these parents. They since then that the final game that we play that's stupid we lost or won this this one pitcher super good dude they were this team is from Wisconsin. And the coach. I hope this is his kid but I'm not sure because he was the only other kids during the big game two but mid ending okayed. They had bases loaded and I've brought in relief pitcher he struck out two guys get one of the guys struck out was a shortstop who went out there in the next inning inning made and there. In the first batter remain and there you know coach pulls him. Mid inning. Puts another guy in India starts oh unload none of just or scream and are you single handedly killed a stray can on the bringing it to the field and make him an air like on this this kids is sophomore gonna student's junior year. Republican gun you know you never made an error before over their near and you never missed the meal leader who. I was. It's just everything's got its parent definitely you know army the greatest if they lose. Ellison losses bother secure competitor and a loss bother you. I walk around all like oh god you know people of color point let me go to you know he caliber game in your. You is going to do that tracking care less about apple would think guys. I mean it's it's it's a little jobs and theories and you know I mean really there's very little on this that. You know it's it's it's so important and the considering look at sort of last week to me Jack about it you don't you can. CA enabled this Ford jerseys that a kid wears the type who during his college surely. Major League Jersey and a national and USA Jersey doesn't afford Jersey you're fortunate to win all four of those man. What O'Donnell than some good games and it goes public security that people you know they did it's it's. It's not important it's what the guy that on the bench that torture isn't there that are doing. Well you organizational and better at doing for the kids. These guys start being built relations because it's so bad. Their identity you know there are gonna get screwed they should lay it all leaders JV player but they're coached group. So now another you know another bidder and they get a redeem themselves over the over the next you know. Course of a lifetime you know and you travel showcase based all. Yeah and they and they know just enough it is ruin kids. Well yeah I do like we we do we we we start ruining careers from as early as age six. And so we do a bird CBC. Are rare so idea I mean I find myself a lot of times quietly because I don't wanna be that guy bit you like. Actually coaching the other team during the game to play good guy and make the play non payment. You know would you shoot the ministers they look for this you know that's that's what you're supposed to you know I'd just like just this from a baseball standpoint I just CIA does want baseball to be good. What you're down a while watching the situation and he's not holding the first great run our elected. And it's like you know good or really timeout c'mon there at third circuit you know we're like you know court you know look this guy should war. He's turned thirty. It can't run and they are still out and you're playing a lot you know he's not gonna Barbara brush I'm not given him the. I'd tell led the third base load Tom lamb like to listen. Number one number when the scanner pulls the ball on number two and allow anybody to bunt so he's not gonna bloodied and his back up the latest. It's an advance on take an amount of the game so once is skip back there and you know they're neck and killed if he turns on one. It just glad to elude all the last week it was a are they gonna hit it well we have. Out of it in the studio chuck his great. Energy use on the recruiting recruiting system recruiting server side but you know and you've got. But no big problems you know these parents are putting their kids to meet environments you know one. You know there's there's always been delusional parents that just banks that probably deal with this group. I've got every opportunity I'm gonna get bigger get acoustical problems in this I'm gonna go to North Carolina I'm really at a club some of those delegates are. You have got to put the other day where's where's you know let's talk bring a lot of and then there's uncovering truth. And if you get the target place. More times than not they're gonna go to a couple of lies that's yeah that's of them are now we're so connected to play here we'll get ditching that school rejects why you need. And I don't worry about it and then you go do your research and give to those you know from the organization or progressive. You know we can imply. You know he can do some things. He's pushing anti Jew he probably is deeply kids. You know you want a place the next level which. You know what I'm glad and they can't help they can't help our troops. So what ends up happening is conditional status on Sunday. Of everything that we do this general is a status part. You know I want them there recordable. Guy like Jack was so wasn't touted a record I walked basically. But all of called the marathon instead. He can run he can well he can feel you know not the bad service and the first year. You know. And not all played it well figures don't get rejects and not pushing it until they needed for school so they're recruited I got an opportunity to go there. I had no idea what the Haitian people as yet if she was you know I have no idea what I've ever heard me that I'd want to go play baseball. Illinois Caldwell going and all the play baseball. I think they're grown as a DQD 3-D one had no idea what affiliation you can't facility in the know what are watched. All in jail or so bands aren't playing at a certain level that they would guess that they enjoyed the play of the game until it goes like. You know they've gone particularly singled Barry. And I load the play that game I love the bit of survey stopped suddenly you know rejected the same way everywhere you know we get a look at programs usually go Edward you know we're trying to do best and what would kids. But for me you know I actually a great I know what you should get regular amount mustered just. Meltdown and we get good players good fortune because essentially yes simple wall at a level better than what is down here and your opportunity. And as you know until and is going out and enjoy little all of us and do it just goes to do and player one game Kabul original. You know we don't. There's this this is environment that perfect game and showcase based on travel baseball has built this this is invisible monsters says. If you're not at this level you know. The rest of the experience or that Germany and atmospheric and shock if you're not that you want to play our dribble that well. You can go to would be true or do you three that's going to be horrible it's not going to be horrible. Well as shape I'll tell you this my second year with the Dodgers the dumb first got to make the big leagues off of that team was a and there were d.s three guys there were any IA and there were non drafted guys that they just found of the Kate came in and move the organization. There is that it this is this whole. It's tightened up it's tightened up big time because people are realizing that you know what they're there are your a leaked and full dudes. And then there are eight Honda guys are in the same level. Honig. And its ends so it depends on the coaching they're gonna get the environment they're going to be around. Whether they're gonna progress at a different level I mean I've. I've got I get up a scenes footage of fees coming into queens scenes footage of the final yesterday got to go throw penned with them. And I have no idea how they didn't you'll like this this kid. Yeah the University of Cincinnati. And thrown with a Eminem is gone. And me and I'm getting chills and are talking about because I threw the kid and I'm looking gone okay that's pretty good. And then we started messing wheel stuff in it was a joke. How did this kids can have it yet I'm looking good okay it's boy this can be fun this will be on. There are so many good. Baseball players of the division two level and image especially in the south that didn't choose in the south. All actual religion part of that book you know what they weren't in it for me it's always been kept the ball straight and that's good at either level at this. That's the issue sheet yes initiate the dike and all that. All those guys as there is it's how do you go big thoughts. After that the position guys across the board. They're everywhere and they're good position guys and ballots at the same site and a diamond in the rough so that some of these coaches get that. Don't have the experience or don't have the other and into recruit kids. Until scalp kids. I mean it's regularly regularly level of art side. You have to get used you know it's such as anybody can go out there and textbook can check watcher watcher watcher Balkans as a solution guys dressed like that the look great approach work out there once they cross a line but it all caught. So you know it is we couldn't what you're doing their object your. A lot of going to be engaged. At that level targeted traffic and you know but I didn't completely somebody who argued that you know that there are outside the convention which opened a mix of what happened. Quickly look you know more you know as a division to play pretty good career aren't you might play it like very short you know oh Womack. Total Womack was a division don't play pretty good player right. Jose daily downloads with the Dodgers and Manny he was he was a thumb in sub raptors shot into Marley is the big leagues. Outlook Paul. The middle of nowhere. You're gonna jump but what happened Charlotte. Been in North Carolina let people think go through June goes disclose whether it's not and it's it's actually a good thing because a lot and they go to the issue goes they get on the field right away. And they get the opportunity to play right away sort of go yeah it will not consider the Carolina battle when it quite glad that you went into that go to this scene here. Okay oh console where you're gonna go away you're not watching you performed before years. You want that is that what you want just legal lawful Elliott has this terrible war cool go look at me like some big Carolina is pretty good control cart car. Yeah this string catcher based. You know put your official formula should playing baseball and you know. So I don't know that we've we've got this thing go big and strong pretty good program. It's it's inching Cecil won with the one thing now listen up this college program at queens that. I don't wanna be that guys that is gonna have to cut guys loose but it's it's it's inevitable. To an extent because realistically. I'm gonna have to have Blake if full. Pitching staff. By a Tony nineteen when we jump in the league. Now we're not gonna have four years of kids there so you know you don't have anyone graduating. Out of that so realistically when I bring in pitchers to that next year a couple of guys are probably gonna get knocked out and that's that I just kind of figured that out recently on God's darnit I on wanted to do it piece it together. So we can build the roster and not have that happen but it's gonna have to happen and that is going to be a minuscule number of kids that are gonna get say beat out. Where as every. 25 kids like that. And that's that's a shame. It is it is good conditions. It's it's a circle like in our game. You know I like it or are numbered 800 guys to play in the big league. Chose trouble all along the way the bush finished getting people out there are you know there's video that we we because there's there's this. Chairman of the round to get for the top. And you know you just you can't keep everybody and do everything and that's not a part of this perfect game I think is just came down here. If you look at these guys you go home got. You know like who's telling you what Michael I think you coming in here don't you know you got it just that's what you relative. Six straight game or below are some of the Cutler had you know what that's what they're bad dream of well. Because. That part right there I think discourages more kids from the game. And again we're not always looking to keep players around it and we're trying to keep transit to gain ground you know what keep people and eventually will be held approach. And kitchen a certain level. And then you know and they just completely maintain a database. Without discouraging people have been given a bad pension amount because. Some guy doesn't have a Trojan horse somewhere in all of them up and say look we need doctor warriors. Natick albums you know step down that road. Bill bill paid tastes Sunday should take two years often quit. I. Voted best judgment dealt. Actors so in my eyes still has the answer Allison Spencer does Spencer's line elect I was like that's that's a good one. You know just take a couple years often quit. Arrogance sound sock in baseball this morning I Shays some are coming up on the top of the hour here before launching go I know there is another thing you wanted to hit on real quickly. Gathered there is. You know. These baseball academy showcase. Travel organizations ensure all are extremely competitive. And you know contrary to popular belief not everybody hates everybody. Oh competitive yet we fighter battle Clarendon and market share things like that but there are generally. Some good people doing. Things for the right reasons are one of those albums of all that sort of around back. And it's definitely eluded the patriarch preferably as Gary L and people don't realize. Gary hill is Sri ensure all of based all the all the way back to what does that come in Little League World Series American legion. All American legion post nine around the agents took him. The port side I mean it's no. You know. Garrett is there it is in is a classy man. We gonna evolve without. It's in the past or organizations come together and we we pillow which would go to horse all business. And but carriers is battling. I know right now and you know. The baseball community should keep minister prayers and and and and the whole family and our prayers and and just hope that you know is. A quality of life that lives there that's in the balance and and maybe some longevity to it but. One cared to know that everybody. As she DeShea. Thinks about them and then and you know what though Brothers you know and and his grandchildren. You know we're we're. We're we're both walk and and I'm. Fortunate. Just say that I got to know Gary. On a bit below that most people have that's in this. And this city is a great baseball guy and injured break dead and a great grandfather and great husband and just wishing you know bush and the best. Don't sit there and you can tell me now. Should saga of the talks he asked leaving on that note thanks very for coming on saying and enjoy the rest is a year your weekend and wolf will be we'll talk to again next week. Aren't there is Jeff Schafer we'll come back and mourn next right here machine for baseball report on WF and Z. And don't you ever is CEO of 102560. At WSJ it's now we have. He's an amazing new technology that lets you hear 1025 WS pentium stereo on the of them die. 10256. Hit WS busy. Good afternoon time in India violent obvious and he studios this year for baseball report update down 43 in the ninth inning last night Boston Red Sox stormed back. The downing yankees and 54 walk off win on a walk. Drawn by injured and and Jenny gets a rose Chapman yankees fall a seven in nineteen since June 13. Gas still fleeing Jack two home runs including a game winning walk off bomb the ninth inning of the Dodgers to a 64 win over the Miami Marlins last night. And nobody in the in the National League tonight Neitzel become the Charlotte Pitt masters. As the host of an braves in 0:5 PM first pitch from BAT and T ballpark gates open at 6 PM. This year based lawyer toward brought here by North Carolina you triple as a baseball and fast pitch. Visit their website at and see you triple as a sports. Dot com that's what's happening on time and don't be violent. In a WFMC studios. This is Brad go to the mortgage planner with the elements funding. 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Think it's twenty dollars on your next purchase when he's been a hundred dollars and more demands out of parts. Let's get you back on the road and CNN's team member of those beepers dot com to sign up. Yeah and. And. While there's one play at a little that this is some good stuff Freddie OC CR's we come back on the shape for baseball report. Nice to have you aboard here each and every Saturday of course this year baseboard Fortis powered by North Carolina you triple SA baseball and fast pitch. Can visit their website and and CU triple SE sports staff Tom nice to have them on board. And thanks to to Jeff Schafer for joining us this morning he'll hopefully be back on the the next week in studio so long hopefully have him here but alongside me this morning. Is is none Jack we talent and good to have Jack and your first time for you. In this studio in the new studio he had been. Busy every Saturday just say hey gonna come in the semi am out of town again and again and again and yeah finally I was in town was good to have him we had done a phone you're a few weeks back in I know you're you're busy guy and on the recruiting Jonas and I was on the phone and coaching third base floor of the autumn Finland and the eight year old fire balls down there Harrisburg trinity a Little League staff. How do you manage your time I mean you got some what's going on with all that's often and of course the recruiting I mean there's there's Los opponent yes that's like ever real John nothing crazy. And it's admitted. Slot I'm Pamela blouse with a come. But it absolutely can't wait to get on the field yet in my face out of a computer MIA you know they sound of NCA paperwork and get on the field and do baseball yeah. No I don't know obviously and talk about the Queen's University obviously a startup that program Jack and it's going to be an exciting thing for you. To really get it from the ground up. Yeah it's fun it's fun in the no action destruction where where and under armour sponsored university so's I'm talking with them about uniforms. And they're doing a big turn over in their uniforms so some models won't be. You know available after this year or number they can. Are you I'm trying to build tradition here and I don't want like change uniforms every two years are gonna pick somebody and that's that's what I'm thinking I'm thinking OK agony and the Olympics that it's gonna last yes I look at. Stanford's uniforms are the same for forty years I can ever change and I kinda like a us to establish some that's. Going to be there and that's going to be your look in your field everyone knows absolutely some new entitlement uniforms and all it. There's so many things are involved now for a oh yeah I just it made my first big order our bar budget turned over July 1 right now boom were starting in. Well let's just think about this you're starting a baseball program we've got a field what do you need. We screens. Everything he needs screens for the field. You need bases you need balls you need pitching machines you need bongos you need a Middle East are gone you forget that usually you're walking and he got all that stuff right in the come Thompson rewrite everything down going there's a lot of gear that we need out there while yes and I find you squad that I can have about their it'd dregs filled with so many what anyone got a quad for sale. Somewhere in the Charlotte area let me know on the over a gum it'll give chase a cell number last time we did Douby and a call immediately sell. A cricket that's always on a fund Jackie was. Now say a busy week for me usually based on CD all star break but you know it was the the all star game in this past week in Miami of course enough. You know you played in three all surnames you 199119921993. Let's let's start with this first when your name is an all star what does that what would that mean for you it's awesome I mean he'd. You don't really know NC in that dugout it's like there's there's a special feeling when you walking your very first big league clubhouse. Could you watch him in you're looking around you on a round Kate number on I don't belong here. And number two I've got to do its card and got that he's got a Packers coach. But then when you go to your first all star game your rock community and yet here's a bunch of hall of fame to it's. You're walking in the player with all the guys that is top guys in the league and once again near the and I shouldn't be in this clubhouse I don't know why I'm here. And it's it's it's it's fun and the the interesting thing that we're talking about before launch in the show today was. You know baseball as a sport you can't. Faked it. You know you can't it's not going to be the basketball star game where you can like play three quarters. Speed defense. And they're gonna score 150 points right it's not football we're not gonna you know you don't want your currency not really going quite as hard. Baseball's baseball and you wanna be the dude did gives up a home run. You know onions in you don't wanna be the guy who strikes out three times it's it's my only mono and for them to. You know the wind when. Way back you know and all those years ago when they made it okay now we're gonna do it for home field so we know it means something now crap I just laughed some like on you know what we earned those clubhouse is are you wanna lose yeah we're their way and Matt Hauser to battle my butt off to win with a three you know. Yeah ends in in on now there went completely. Opposite now they made it like whoa let's just make him an event in on that to me why in the world. Would you make that 180. Degree turn and of you know oh we really wanted it to look like it meant something even though you didn't have to fake that it always did and still does. And then this year seem like they just tried to turn into a celebrity event and you know the bunches of its lucky things that it kind of and I don't and it's kind of takes away from the game yeah I'd also it's united and in fact and had to say is I turned off I mean I thought it was up. You know it's a meal was you right I mean you know you remember those MTV rock and jocks softly say it it just had to feel like the guys who can sell these guys in my stop in the field. It's immediately right it was a complete you know turn suggest. I Aussie show but it was it it it just to me. I didn't enjoy it I didn't mean I'm not expecting you know a teaching tool or anything like dampening the Max Scherzer goes one inning I mean that that he has historic when you're still as a starter in the acting normal couple things right I mean. Yeah you speak to take two or 32 or three depending on these to be an add in allows a cool thing about stardom but it yeah I mean elegant and out. I mean I'd do I'd won the game in 1993. And threw a complete game on Sunday. Before that guy you know and it's like I will monument made the Elster general let me play because you know I pitched on Sunday yeah just things have changed so much and it's that all data is a god they sent somebody he's not pitching in the also need and none not even the night it's Friday that yeah twice about other insurers in my pitched I think Saturday Israel the one inning but dust we'll leave before you into this year it's ideals are a little bit about this year is let's talk about thirty a your years. 91 that that first one in the sky dome the first one for youth. Looking at some of these names on onion is done a ton hall of famers Ripken and you know Griffey and all these guys were teenage viewers. As the first time for you being around all those guys it will be able to just kind of absorb all that and and talk to these guys and and enjoy it. There was it was a shill like you said it's it's intimidating going into that because in it was a hard core competitor friends. Now you're walking in here on the same team as these dudes but you know they're looking to you thinking you know. As has a little crazy and homeland was announced little little low little jacked up the it's led the don't I was out of the computers are they couldn't on the win and we all did. Now in it was important enough so it was fun but yet you read down that roster is pretty amazing there really isn't to your teammates are not done a year Ozzie Guillen called fair scruples than that though that all star game and I mean look at these guys are mean. Yes that's started starters in river on March 2 BC he's a hall of Famer Griffey in the Al field Ripken that shortstop Ricky Henderson in the Al field. Common and had some some really good pitchers in that as well that was in 1991. In the sky dome. Does that no doubt experience overall for yet. The dad when you when you heard you gonna be named a second year. Where you I am looking forward to doing anything differently your conscious goal Mac to the whale was just a first here in Islam. Did just was like while cool coast and San Diego so he knows kinda. Close to homes those kind of need to do and com. Yeah I mean it was fun it was it was fun and we had we. Kicked their booties that. Game two of you did it was around hitter around in the first inning off eleven they get it checked nagging got an at bat yes because they hit around I was like you and expect and then write down my I was gone back to my first year. Own instinct part about that is seen on my first year first all star game you're kind of hoping you get in the game and Tony numerous. Who was our you know big. In lead in in division rival yeah. I had read a pitched two innings that and I was like oh I was those big deal that was that was. Camera makers leave. Commenting he got he got the save our that he actually said of the mole McDonald threw two pretty good innings there. That really held the sounds like him and you know you're gonna you know they don't pay me as much I thought maybe when you're on the same team. In nature that they let me ask you guys after that. You talked about the second woman to many feel of course a thirteen to six. A Winfrey America only scored more runs in the first inning for the American League in the of course it's that last one for you in 1993. You know that was the most on the one uninteresting game he does morning and he said he went through entering knowing all American and also earnings. Pretty cool experience there are numb. You know in the 1993 wanted to Camden yards in and all the excitement there. Out of the three of them which one stands out to the most. Probably the first 11 I absolutely just because the the level at sounded being the first all star game in the fourth. The funny thing about it was it was in Toronto and we did just I was charged once in my career. And it was by mark Witten of the Toronto blue Jack and that was about two weeks prior to the Ulster hall so. I'm introduced for that game in an American League park which usually there that are going to be nice to endless list of 40000 people blowing it was an -- I hope it's us and I mean nobody gets booted the all star game I was booed they had the all star game in my very persona was like and yes that's about par for me. Perfect unless carry I didn't realize that to you booed at the all star game man you gotta be one of handful you know I don't I am I can't I can't imagine haven't heard it you don't hear guys can brood now now it was great that's all true and you'll love this and terrorism and yes that's also mine now and and that they look he also examined and gone back to your years there and and now currently. It seems like they're always trying to somebody else again they're always trying to change and they change it with the home field advantage. Now are changing it back to earth you know. Does it mean something doesn't mean some that I mean there's there's there's too many. To me I think there's just too many thought processes going on just what to game play itself out you and that's kind of the way Major League baseball's gone with the everything you know how qui speed up the game what rules can be changed what we do this net. I I'd she just don't Janet it's a special game it always has been ranked why not market the game as. The game being a special game rather than trying to change it. To. You know. Turn into something that they think is going to be better right. If you know four people and it's not you can't change the game you're not gonna change baseball if you do you're gonna ruin it up you know ends and day why not just marketed as look at this games especially game. Says America's pastime in and it's still the same thing it always was and there's town to dudes and here we go yeah that's and I honestly mark absolutely as exactly how should be marketed. You know the cell feast off than them might dumps off me all these different things that work. Going on. And I even got the home run derby channels he had a chance to watch that mean anatomy just the other the commentators. Yellen and scream in that theater though really this well is just. Timmy is a little over the top yes well they you know the moment contest is it's always kind of been a little bit that which which is fine yeah you know and out of a problem when that. When he hits of the game let's just make the game now it is in now and I'm Tanya nine. I can't imagine harper was. Thrilled about being Mike de employees on the field and a but I'll tell you this a bump kitchen. And he doesn't get a jump on a ball because he's talking to somebody as a pitch is coming and like it was. I'm I'm I'm up in that Booth some number ripping someone's head phones off pompous and that 'cause like I'm out there when you're out there playing hard and RBIs in just see you know you know harper wants to do well right. You know I think he's a competitor man they don't care and in some thump they can. That wasn't thrilled and I I think it's weird when they go down to the dugout and talk to managers. In the middle again it is always there because and it did did the focus is on the gaming that's like it's uncomfortable and I'm looking gone OK and I know other donors. Line anyway guy has an opinion I deviate its active pitching could stand there in the second well you know he's he's he's gonna head he's doing a state district aren't given any thing. That means anything right now like you tell me why is. You know he's a journalist who has really struggled the slider cracked we don't want anybody to know that you know I can tell now what's going on they're gonna give you pat answers you know you know and lord willing we're gonna win the game. It's always operative because you have that you talking that goes all the sudden. In Alex's I don't it is it's a scoreless game in nice talking at pitching coaching you got home runs all these things are going on and you there's no focus on the it's on talk in the way he's got to say. And Timmy just takes away from it it's. Too many non baseball people. Are in the game at every level and a there they've. They've taken out the baseball players coming in and being part of baseball. It's all these people who are in their now at either haven't played. Haven't been a big fan and they're just trying to figure out how they can change things and I'm hoping. That this gives the saturation here pretty soon and it goes back to where it should be. And it is is getting so bad. At every level now that you know with the it would does Saber metrics in the front office and all of the of that other stuff it's gonna turn back it's gonna. London and Dublin the bad I mean did did the that is. Yeah a lot of injuries to his more injuries now than there ever were before. Games are waiting longer and an ever were before. There there's there's just you know there's there's so many different things going on that didn't happen back there and and I stress on the injuries because. You know here we go again now among Michael I need is gonna Tommy John all these guys undergone in the Tommy John style and there's there's so many guys won Harley said that the velocity in the all star game. Obviously was up two miles per hour and a wasn't preen issues velocity is up across the board. And it's all about these guys that does throw hard at it a hundred tolerate it and everybody's looking at the radar gun to me that's a big part of this this change is under is just too much focus on well the and it's it's two levels because number one. You have those arms and so those arms are guys that didn't want swings and misses. And so that's why the games or longer Zach no one stone to contact everyone wants is to swing and miss every pitch. Make every pitch perfect and we're gonna try to. You know just blow it by everybody. Ands the art of pitching is going away but the thing is folks take a look at it. Our batting average is going down because Iran's thrown harder now are erred the home runs going down our. Teams scoring lesson though. You know it's actually going up a little bit homer hasn't gone up in it's the cycle then so what are we doing this for you know what can we have guys that did attack the strike zone. And just know how to pitch right change speeds and move the ball around and stuff like that and you know I could care less what your exit velocity is. If you know I'd rather our on what to do is gonna get jammed insular some over second base a lot yeah. It hits I want execution I don't want numbers though it's all it's all home runs it's all strikeouts and two walks I mean there's Sony Pictures. Do it seems like every time you come to the plate do your your your enough an awful counter I mean there's there's so much going on there with them. And and obviously every pitcher is monitored by how many pitchers they throw me and that's the other thing you know and we settings and a number of times and where is that hundred page. Linda putts where I become the most the most non scientific. Thing passes science and history of the world. I didn't climate change. Instead unit to yell me folks for months had no limit your right I mean where that comes from where did and when that starred when the GA mean when when you were pitching and who was really looking at your pitch count I know it had nothing or you genuinely don't the other team like you know when you're done yeah. They are simple as that and now it's you know guys come into the sixth inning he's got ninety pitches he's. And it's too bad it's too bad that same thing hopefully. You know a volume reached saturation people start figuring out. It's been limit limit limit since then more and more injuries so when we get a certain trigger in the salad and figure out there were not doing it right right something's not right yet it's not a and it it's it's a shame for the did to people and I know. You know as I said but he also again they're trying to get the young people involved and you wanna get these people thought you want the young people to watch the game and you want to gain the continued that had to drive. But he changed so much you're really fast dancing you know the whole first part of the show we're talking about mood the use baseball and how bad can get ugly in turn a lot of people away from it too. That's where the focus needs to be not on the big game big league game we'll take care result but he got somebody you build a kids love for baseball. He's going to be a fan of baseball you know if you make it miserable. And ridiculous like a hard disk as duke you're gonna turn and run away from that it's no fun and I know you're mostly right. Looking around a Major League Baseball Jack wanna get your opinion on a couple things on earth. You look at some of these teams are now a team like the Astros and you know some of these young teams that are playing some really really good baseball the Astros to me you know what 61 wins right now. Is that ever surprise we have a young team like that that's got off to this great start has been able to continue that. Any surprises or you can you can kind of sell all the green you're gonna get to this point well no surprises there it's it's the way it should be. Right because the way the draft set up is that the teams that are at the bottom get the high pick right you look at the cubs and you look at the Astros for a few years of being in last place. You know. They get a high draft pick in their right down right so you know if it's comes back to discounting it comes back to all that stuff you know you couldn't. Sabre all you want but you gotta have eyes and you can't mess up that opportunity. Of having a high draft pick with the quality of players out there and getting it right rep Houston's got a right. You know they've got to write think you know one of the dudes hasn't made it up yet yet. And Powell as a mated a right yeah from Stamford and ends but everybody else has and in a star cubs same thing. Altered to consider a pics of come up and they've been stars. And that's how you win and you build your organization through the draft and develop those students yet not I had to. Completely agree with you on that you know you look at him like if there's any and they talk about the more than the small market teams the pirates for instance right the pirates have done well they've drafted well they've stayed out of gas but then they get to a certain point when some of these guys now start getting older. And now a star now you know have to pay these guys gets a lot harder for them it gets harder but you know what that's that's kind of an excuse. Because all these organizations don't sign their guys all of they're gonna spread you look at a few if any team doesn't matter big market small market. Media market. When they get to the point where. There out of playoff contention for that year. All the rumors are sworn who were they gonna move they're gonna move them because their day you know why we were gonna try to rebuild we're gonna try to and a few more pieces. It's not like these these. Big market teams are just holding on the other guys for cover. Everyone else doesn't get a chance to and that's why baseball changes who wins every year yes there are dynasties there aren't you know everyone change you know. Everyone has a shot. And everyone. You know it's probably. The blood is how the winners of any of the sports you know. No you're right and it's funny you say dynasty I mean people coming off of last year with the way the cubs you know has such a great year they won the World Series people start saying no this could be a dynasty. They struggled this year they've had they've had some built Smart chips and and it could be a dynasty but it's baseball and paying health works outside powers do it on the field you can't just you can't just. You know. Basketball football you can put more talent on the field and you're pretty much guaranteed to win right. Put more town on the field put more town on the court and you're gonna win baseball does not play out that way at any level. And still got to go out there and you can. Because you can execute everything right from an individual standpoint in baseball and still get beat Anna. I can make the exact pitch that Taiwan. In the exact location at the dude maximum speed that I can throw it. And you know what there's a do over there with a bat who might just throws that out there has doubled on the line and ends that can happen. And if it does and that's why baseball such a magical sport is you have a chance to win. Doesn't matter you go to college team against big leaguers. 'cause teams got to chances absolutely clears my hit balls right at people aren't you know yeah there there more talented but guess what banning the way baseball works. Right now you're exactly right no such a good point because the only NFL and you look at the patriots new look at what they do every year and you look at the NBA in its elect to team sport I mean that the cavaliers and that the warriors every year announcers like. But baseball you're right every year we know the Milwaukee Brewers came into this year. You didn't know what to expect look how good they've been just 51 wins right now. Lead in that division and you look at that position with the cubs and the pirates and the cardinals. That's impressive that they've they came into this year just like every thirteen came into this year that you start out 00. And you see where it takes (%expletive) and that you play every day. Yes you're doing you know they're playing everything. Play hard every day you get on rolls some things go your way and once once things start going your way in you start getting that role cone. You're you're clubhouse comes together and I'm sorry mister Saber dudes good. Use you're gonna win games when you get that buzz gone and you get the the clubhouse gone yeah no I totally agree with yes. You looking looking ahead here says to somebody sees as we always wrap up your just. The Red Sox. Publicist and the volume then they file let him goals 4849. Million dollars still left this country had to eat that. And and he can he may have beaten to put Eddie 49 million dollars it's that's that's a lot of money you think. And that's very good teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees and those teams could get away welding get away with a bit you know lead if they got away with you know. Make them bad deal on the front and as their that's their fault right absolutely you know I mean when you have a team that is winning. Just about you know Illinois every other year like the giants word and you're seeing that they still wanna hear listed in the world the rule book what was going on yeah. Take that into account in south. It doesn't Melanie in gone there are gonna pay and that and that was a team that was built around the clubhouse yeah they were talented but they weren't more talented than anyone else they were built around clubhouse. And baseball and he didn't fit in that mall right giants are great example on massive bomb garner Buster Posey come guys that wanna compete and you're right. Jack always on us on how avenue in Syria allows a quick half hour in the second half of the show. Good luck but everything I know the Queen's University sauces. It's been all you know a lot of stuff going on for him were real happy for yet and we know you're gonna succeed I mean it's going to be a lot of lot of fun for you but a lot a lot of hard work sale. I thoughts on makes it fun yeah Johnson makes the phone work communion veteran. Got a great group of kids come and I'm fired up there and there's. Bunch of personalities on that time it's going to be a fun team to be worth asking as can be fun to it's a place for you I'm sure. They're gonna enjoy it yeah I hope so I don't it's got there will say this it will be different than any college program. I know that from what I've heard from around what goes on we're gonna have a likable more fun and get a lot more accomplish all that's good and we'll we'll keep an Iron Man and and certainly keep an eye on everything you're doing then now we appreciate you coming in today thanks so much for for doing that I was could finally get in here you have a good to have you always good talk in baseball Tim was seemingly a deviancy mall parking and one of these days soon sounds good slim you know are there is Jack McDowell thanks feud Jeff Schafer of course on the phone today of course thanks to our sponsor. North Carolina you triple SA baseball and fast pitch visit their website and CU triple SE sports buzz com. We'll be back next Saturday 1138 at 1230 in each and every Saturday here on WS NCM Tommy does feel viola thanks so listen and it's at a shaver baseball report. Talk to you next week.