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Saturday, June 17th

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This is Doug Shafer baseball report and inside look at America's past time. Lead all the way to the big leagues taking your calls at 7045701960. And now you are your. All the Major League infielder Jeff Schafer and Tommy got beat by a lot. Alice Paul. Love good morning to you and now how do you do outcomes and issued abysmal report on a W a frenzy each and every Saturday. Right here in the queen city beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina as we talked about the world of baseball from Little League. To the big leagues the morning everybody time windows EU viola. And he's back in studio announced today injection every morning shapes on atomic good to have you back feels good to be back looks it is him and I think they fix these things and this X. Definitely got a new Viagra patent an eleven month and a dumb like hearing dollar started this out already had a bit. And the Jared do our biggest I don't know our shared needs some help in it's in these severe WD-40 years something in the air stays up. This call for 4000 more it needs to go see your doctor if it didn't affect their. Nolan thinks that's a dozen commercials that. Underneath that tough hole and I you know they tell us. And our ratings yeah. Oh boy good to have you back we've been talking Jim assault the last couple weeks so I know you've been. A busy in traveling in India here and there I mean he's he's been on the from places of the last couple weeks is. You know blue we have going on I mean I know this week he has the stuff going on to mean he's just get back in the town there. There we do actually our our all the teams are from New Jersey right now candidates who to seventeen and had gotten on the bus and want a time point with them because I saw Arizona bus stuff you're dead and I don't know a lot of unkempt I'm kind of glad and them not kind of glad it's really fun to be on the bus today as tonight if it turns into it it really it's it's it's an early trip that they at least federal found the Serafin I point. And we hybrid to work out at high point with our USA and yes trial I don't. Medical tests of that so that was my only leg of the bus from hit a high points a test and then I got back down and I drove back down after that. But the bus continued on one of two university Maryland Baltimore county and they were out this is our graduate and so 20182019. Sort recordable questions. And then they rolled into. Flowing to New Jersey determination to play at the the super seventeen. Highly recruited. I mean obviously we see it every week to test who was supposed to do you know I was an organization is get these kids gain exposure and implements met in front of as many college coaches as we possibly can and from different states different schools different. Academic levels. So the you know they're up they're now they're competing. I leave here twelve started jumper in the truck and head down limestone and coach out 120 group. Will play in an event down there for the next few days and and then you know just back on the other hand the wheel Monday mornings is gonna do all the admin stuff and everything that I. That I despise you know I mean shouldn't we had a dead skin you know and preparing and doing rashes and you know and just kind of you know planning out for bam you're planning already in 22000. I'm 201818. You know they can actually get all you know and he is that an armistice Williams is old. Now. So that's you know that's. That shall rule with. It's it's a lot it's it's enjoyable the USA baseball stuff taken off we did our our battle of the border this yes I'm golf. It was great anyway we sort of thirteen year old or fourteen Muslims are fourteen Olympic deals are middle school age kid now. And I love doing it every year because they get to see. The new talent that's coming through I mean we had you know we've had Richard Schaefer we've had greasy you we've had Alex would we've had Jack Ryan hammer I mean. We go down ballistic is a plea to that that event here showing its perimeter primarily. You know Charlotte based event you know his kids from the air from the surrounding areas are short sale of it. Some some really good talent coming through. And you see the young age are needed fourteen of fifteen think and I didn't get to hang out exactly the dugout and I'm. And and watch him do his thing he did well. It's it's it's it's it's a great steppingstone event for these kids you know a showcase circuit at some point what's interesting though is. You'll find organizations in the area. That won't let their kids go to. Although although scheduled practice yes and you know that yeah this is that all around title around other people that wanna run the other afraid they'll be expo moved yen. You know you wanted another opinion and you mentioned some some some really and using has agreed to Schaefer and Alex what announcement just pitched a really good enough for the Dodgers here on the or does she get greasy you're of course Emma down enemy in the room is all these kids they addressed at this past yeah good how are those guys mobile we'll get Dallas out into the draft because it was exciting the city. You know he you think about the draft years ago I mean it's certainly wasn't this. What it is now you know it wasn't wasn't televised and MLB network it wasn't you know in. It's so much more now like the NFL draft NBA draft is so much more emphasis now to meet on the Major League Baseball draft and it wasn't pass yours you know and now. You know these kids you know he's is if you watched him in college you see in high school he would give you keep in the ninety's guys so it is it's fun to watch and I got and so I was watching and I was enjoying it DC a lot of kids from the Carolinas being drafted and a good thing about that you have news ton of kids have played USA baseball yes how about that at and I was gonna ask about that that's an important part of these kids careers and you know you see kids from Abbott I mean three kids from the 49ers. Being dress in attire and around there overall at Davidson did have a kid drafted so congratulations and Davis and what Iran they've had only talked about that combo just exciting. To see. A lot of his local kids getting drafted now on the able to take the next step it's exciting process. You know it it is it's really exciting for the kids they got dressed and just it's it's heart wrenching it's and it's an issue or is this such highs and lows in this week because his kids that are sitting there. They have played this game their entire life and it just waiting and praying that the alien a phone call him. So. And they don't count so it's easy to be excited for the ones that did go especially losing your connected with. In you you know you I was excited for every single one of them have before because I know that feeling you know I know what I know what it means get a phone call go hey you know we we've drafted you and you know now the bed next leg of your baseball journey is about to begin in news in a move on to. You know new goals you have new goals set you know and new dreams now once your in the game you know you just wanna get drafted please draft me please draft me and we will dreaming of being dailies in reality the goal is the draft right says yes start to negotiate please you know your Jeff you know get into the system. And down. So once you're in the system now. No no you reevaluate everything and people you know and they have new people evaluating new. Tom and determining whether your prospect of not being you know you you set your sights on what's next and what's next is. Every level above you you know I that was I think I was good at doing that because there was realistic about my abilities as a player in this I was dressed I was just there's organizational. I was in a show Leno wasn't embarrass anybody may play for a little while but chances are amigos and they released. Not gonna happen rant so. I go ahead and and and I get dressed and then just a semi goes okay my name in connection that I wanna do as I wanna move on to. The you know wanted to be able to offer a lot of rookie ball Ramona you're able if we're gonna able. Then my next that is double interplay and then you know hopefully you know I hang around long enough and that mugs did on FaceBook right now. Modem you know an all time yeah and also and it's. Loyal blue cells and then gradually get there is now a common area like bath at. I believe all right guys just told us that the tough part the tough the tough part for me with some. But the draft is not the easy part is congratulating at least it and have done the tough part is. Trying to explain to the kids that that didn't get stressed that it doesn't mean that you're not a good player you know there's a lot of flaws in the system and Michael we gave she'll talk about talk about this he scouted. Now this gives it. Division to division three they'd never get the opportunities that everybody else gets some and and you know. Well let me ask you and and and you union make some good points there about you know when you get drafted. Just take it every level and continue to work hard and and and and the next step I mean. You know you get drafted you know that's your first now where you were reassigned to and he gets that low to get a rookie ball now you wanna work your your your your your talents and gets it a law. You wanna get to Heidi under the W wanna continue to keep just you know taken those steps are about a sure that's important part of it. But he is you will you work it now becomes your job yes you know before your student athlete right you know he had in and make sure you maintain your academics and now now you know this is your livelihood you get up every day with this only purpose of getting yourself better and turn them around trying to through the system and you know and you got to impress somebody every single day. And you know just trying to impress at this point. They a couple guys that you know are your coaches and you know on your college Oly high school level. Now you're trying to impressed not only the organizational guys that you've been drafted into. But you're trying to impress everybody in the game you know there's thirty teams out and I can tell these kids every time if they don't buy into it though it is it'll it'll leave tomorrow is that. You never know who's watching yet you never know who's watching you never know on what day somebody can change your life. And if you go about this game just to go about it and think that you're entitled in this game owes you something. It'll queue up those that you out. This game we say this this this game loves nobody we all love the game as game as a love us back it it has it I mean the greatest players in the game and gone. In the game he's going on right. So you know you eat you you approaching game with with respect for the game in this plane every inning but could you lastly get cars on fire you gotta go about it and yeah because you guys that are in the game making decisions and Michael Fey won when when we bring them on is that. You know they look at character as the you know these guys have to represented organization just like with the USA based all the you know the character has sort of present an organization you don't want some idiots out there. Tom you know you work ethic. Will override some people sometimes may have data tells you what you did for me you know I mean those. Number of guys that got left behind in Tripoli that they get captain again Bailey's just. You know I wanted to of one about it a different way you know I think I grind it might either I grind myself day in and they have an Emmy show when I got my opportunity get on the field. You know. That was in I played like this is Wes came who have been playing I wanna go out on top and so we don't this so much there's so much involved in this these kids are gonna go through so many different emotions right now especially the ones that didn't interest and those are ones in my heart bleeds for because. Life time of work in dreamland and all right now scum but I will say this to these guys out there that didn't get drafted. This game's prepared you. To be successful beyond the game is truly truly does parallel base budget and parallels life there's no doubt about it this this game. You learn to deal failure. He learned to deal successes you learn to deal with personal accomplishments team accomplishments. You understand what it takes to work or Al work somebody else. You know when his dog days in August and and and July September all those months when Hughes isn't. Brutal you know are you finding ways to get out there and you find new ways to do go ahead and produce now. So you know when you step out of this game and you start to have all these weird feelings Italian make decisions are life and my job and you know what am I gonna do with how the game I've played my entire life. You know what's what's next for me. Whatever of course you go man that you will fall back on all these lessons that life that that baseball is so much. And and you'll succeed you will have an opportunity to succeed because your skill set the most people don't have. You know you had to compete every single day is competing every single day even knowing how to put that uniform on ever again Humana sees you name and lineup ever again. You run you understand what it means throughout every day compete every inning every pitch everything he can't take anything off of that situation. So when you get into these these you know these. Life. Changing. You know situations as far as work goes of family goes and marriage goes he'll be better afford. Absolutely while our guest is on the line and really really excited to have him is that a little bit. Since we've talked to me as I see a new role since we've last talk to him shaved sides he always do a great job with the introduction Seles who we have on the line here today. Okay Bob yeah. I notice it now yes so now. That's get keyed up for the introductions. Look at it I've said it Michael tribe and on a show of force times yeah now right yeah and and I've known Michael since he was the clubhouse kid in in Charlotte when I first got here it's videos we have built a relationship. There's less and all these years from just Nestle baseball rat. Love the game you know do answered this so many good things in the community here Charlotte played in college. You know the interesting part about his journey in and then we say it every time is it. It in play professional baseball you know he found his way into the game because you love the game you wanna get to the highest levels and and and Michael look at it always is was. It was gonna test themselves to the to the limit Sissy. Can I do this and Kennedy good at. Finds his way and his as a scout and finds his way onto the field and find his way into the dugout confines is way. Managing and then all of a sudden you know. We turnaround we're looking to Wikipedia and make you have to scroll down because the list keeps us longer and longer and longer and longer I just so he's now the now on the third base coach. On the major leaking into the St. Louis Cardinals and you know I don't know that he probably know blasphemous even thought that would happen by the end this year but you know. I would I I would bet money I would that money right now that he's gonna manage in the big leagues of point if she wants to do so with that said Michael welcome back Michael show. In morning cyclical and all domino we're doing Brazil and mounted to have Ian thanks sheriff for joining us really that are absolutely audio. Who would love. At I don't know I never call him again I don't know. Just out there and as a shield to. To walk out in the first inning India be on the field and actually Greg do you bear involved. In the in the outcomes of games now it's it's got to be amazing few. You know do miss at the big league level and leave a great successes in the minor leagues and you know Walt. We're also proud of everything that you accomplished up to this point you know I think you'd even in your mind you might have even exceeded anything that you have thought it would. Would come away. Yes they do is bittersweet event that you know we had to make a change in. Yeah that's the nature of our business and Israel wouldn't it's just bad at the business so but were bought me an opportunity to get out at third and it's amazing it's good to really surreal. To be able to go out and do that like this could be a part of the game and you know be prepared to make a positive than. As scores of expectations go. Gosh I didn't expect to be sitting here in the third base dugout and seeing New York stalking you got a bucket there basically articles. You know it's going to be awesome and Anne and Mike obviously as a as a manager in the minor leagues you have opportunities to to coach third base are certainly not to the first time for you. Tom of what makes a good third base coach alleys like Yahoo! is one of that what what kind of things you have to deal with. I'm on a daily basis that does that play into other games Soria. Well I think ultimately what you get judges daughters you're just dumb no notre ever there. You know you've done your job well but on the other daughter preparation. You know dark blue is so much information now that. One you got to figure out what the week through and then used it makes practical sense than the competition though. There's video that the border and you know we look it up dorms. Help build positioning. Got to figure out does smooth. How they grow up look at your read other factors they all like kind of stuff in and then you. The potential of the stadium looked like we didn't know where the notes and very Gordon how big it is what it is always the then beyond that gets to be really the situation no so. You know this car that inventory of where we ordered game. Ed behind any outs. You know speedier broader. Based on their defense to do this thing it is you know you brought up. At a made a decision made prior to the ball being hit the really only reaction you need it's based on the speed of the ball but. You're struck repaired mr. cannon and then that it happens when you gotta make a decision based on their preparation restaurants and. Gasoline now also as part of your job it's also outfield defense tell us about what you're doing. Working with Al feelers. Well. Yeah it's similar but dealing you know it got some really not a diet and health bill that the Broward. Did the study probably than the regular right now. You know oh they look you know getting him into turn wouldn't the little hundred fail the bears but. About talking though does it mean the one thing that I want to make sure I was a little taken advantage of their experiences. So we communicated Paramount. We'll talk about what we see we don't clearly though again more video worked in doggy got a big get a bigger with a straight forward. Based on. Righty lefty whose pitch in that particular day back for the ball or the strength of your your outfielders and there was just communicate what we know and so that I give it up now that I helped position on and then during the course of the game. The other play in the game straight he's he can relate to this post is. You know you have. Mediocre movie based thought they might on all book. Some Kruup workers it's great but you know urinate opposition your play in the game UCL. Dot he's bitten off or other kind of pitching guy you have an instinct. Don't let you know if the race when given me and then during the course of the heat of battle you know because what you do and you know you feel like Lou and certain spot it. Think that's going to be very we need to be and then and get there and the we'll deal with it later. Michael had you off for early work in and flipped into the stands to make sure that you know he got that that move down the to file a foul ball comes over your way of I don't I'm working on that stuff for early. It looks as adults could add to end do you have a priority does it go kid who's a young kid did grandma. Good looking woman that's on there was at first at emily's first police say listen I think yeah. I guess is as good look a woman yes good looking woman and go look at a young kid again I get a ball. Actually appeared a bit you know above third there wrote an article that they got so Motorola over. And I don't let within government you audit audit them pick it up. So. I grab it and there's you know most people there another predetermined like I get a ball after their particular give it to look at the early with a kidney area. Sort of write what didn't. But I similar horrific unilaterally. Cornel attire you know you ought to make. So sunny and nice looking and put the brakes on what the cardinal and Jerry young yeah. You latex Libya. Win today that's where there was there. Nice young pretty blond haired female. But the court will serve on both. Sort Alter the the basic water board written and sure appreciate it. A phone number and room written on it yeah. And I'm definitely gonna. Because you know Lilly's look there. It goes down. An inning later goes. To put a number ought to. I don't you know is those little. Well yeah I've got to work a little bit. That's outstanding so. Com a lot of guys that are that are up there Michael you had your coach in the minor league and so they had to be had before you mean you've had a good relationship do you players long way and it's. Nebula realize it's difficult because. You know when you when you're coaching especially the triple A level. You know you guys coming up and down and go home back so it you know it's guys are leaving the game guys are bitter in the game you know but now he's you know for Scotty and and a few the other guys did that they had to be extremely excited for. Yeah I you know I've been able to the book now all you got him an up and they help the spring training and ought to help with. And you know I've got to sell much credibility like everybody does that game every day so you can't. Feel like you've done any thing really but the good news is governor spring training. You know Boris you are literally. It war whereas there are known pretty much the entire globe. So you know yet filtered relationship in some level of competence so yeah they got a very welcoming and they're Beriault supportive in. Very open the loop dialogue. They got a new era from where it came from or march artist Gorman and those little will bit you. But so what you do like. You know you're you're ready you're Kim in your journey. Out here in time is like 705. Oh yeah by the day so I'm equally at home you know at 7 o'clock BA uneasily at the ball or 11 o'clock. On. Then on the road I'm usually couple are headed up above on various states of our game got here. My 1130. You know first game of the series is in a little more wrong. Little more sense is doing a follow proper. That game. Did familiar with this book on the road the ball or a little bit walk around little slice. And just get ready for that that urged BP to that though the series. And then you know usually they do go a little more relaxed although all are doing. The thing about the front or in a lot of our or there's places we put Philadelphia on Tuesday it. After the call of start the prep work on on the abilities. So it is gonna. Little bit of a cycle is gonna keep score so. You know this the sort of video work a lot of well we both are bigger bodies that system so the mating you can pull up any situation and anything you wanna see it there. Now I go to earlier so much information out there that. Still trying to figure out it's out users don't practically without help you know get inundated with stuff it's just put it together doesn't make sense. I'm on my show dearly third base coach. Seeing those cardinals Charlotte NATO Mike. You know yet you look at that the team this year overall when you look at that division right now Milwaukee Brewers. The I think got to be a big surprise how well they've played. Cubs just a couple of games out cardinals in al-Qaeda right there it's been so did you sing divisions so far this year coming into this year earlier expectations. This cardinals team. Well you know just more consistency early than we've been sort of put together we would put it well and of every bet big game we just doesn't play well. It's similar time at all that the big day so we we basically. Have been. Over around a ball ordered more or six over at one point now work out a little under. It thankfully the central's you know still well prepared to it. Nobody really taken grand with a Milwaukee got nightclub. Oh lot of young position players. You know good saves them back in it together tonight here but don't them as well oak division they're they just don't. Like Michael always used way to give more markets this Leo all your big reject. Yeah and now it's honest and next thing the vision as as you said and it is it is open for a single out these divisions right now seem to be open now shares on our talk a little bit you know you got a couple those divisions where. Seems like used in there kind of runaway at the nationals went right now essential in. You know every minute the cubs did last year and really over the years it's been the cubs cardinals kind of you know battle and now it's interesting to see Milwaukee. Playing such good baseball. When you look at this team overall though might. You'll go sorry I mean we're about halfway not even little halfway through the season. What what are your expectations go for you think this team could compete for this tough spot here. Yeah absolutely I mean we've got the pieces in place like this data that is either you know being more. Selig won't feel like we we get them outstanding starting pitcher and had been in the year. Not always the deleted take full advantage of it we just weren't able the put together later on we'd like to and vegetables are on the you know there we start swinging the bat a little better. And the that you look back we're just a little bit so then you know sort of been the strong order called. You know trying to bottles bullpen has been it's been. Little bit of all issued some days and tornado reported better defensively and and so did on the basis we. We were we're makes mistakes you gotta Specter had about you know we're both otherwise you know the base we've been. Doing all the fundamental situation you'd expect correctly Burke to third second hole but you know it doesn't think that. No all of it is all over the base is that. You know we're still don't trust the queen and so and on and don't dissect it and it felt what but our innocence but could not altogether in. For not letting you know everyday. Gasoline. You know I just think saucy don't you think about. Tonight and when I get the ball for them but my cure enduring Camden yards he mentioned the breeze Cleveland I you know you you grew up in the Orioles organization that's got to be something special for you. You know Sid Sid be there where you know it did Baltimore Orioles a country incidents have been aired tonight and to be there for the series in an organization you grew up and. Yet this serial legit though the woods stood in the and production. And you know albeit a ball short is obviously an oil law. You know being secretariat and for it to the right hand woman. Bernie for years and so. But dead from Baltimore and proposal long and bill the world stadium and so. It feel like home to this you know it's it's early. In. So he embarked on disgruntled. It's something that I never really imagined or thought about. But here we are enjoyed in the first about it. Michael how how did. How does live. Take it when you told that you announce third base coach of the St. Louis Cardinals. If you choose to side and I mean you know beyond. Beyond excited and you know I had been announced yet she wants to be like Elena so the world's. That you roll right now but yes she just she's just girl in. You know happy and you know what sanctions bit you know what is doing its job and worked out well. So a lot of different emotions but overall it's the super excited well you know I'm happy that they announced. This either side about it. As we all are for you ask me in and an amazing journey Miki rate this story where we're probably here we've we follow every move. You know I usually when it comes in nationally are usually flick that MLB network off yet but now. Tom might get as my good gonna take a moment. And elegant sexy and Maggie you mean yeah. It's. Always get the sock Tia Mike. Really really happy for you had such. A great great things for you and and we're really really happy and so happy to have you on the show today as well. Maybe we'll catch up for you again real soon some good luck the rest of the year and thanks as always. Oh god appreciate got you the good work butterball can be you know we'll stay in touch. That's good Michael he's out. All right guys. There are areas might shell Charl on this third base coach for the St. Louis Cardinals and nine is mom live I mean she's just the best I mean are really as you know in Nam. You know you did you talk about someone who is so you know she. Watches everything you know she even keeps an eye and the Charlotte nice every day and I get emails from current news here on FaceBook all listening sent a birthday this week so. He is one of the women in the game a base she really does she really you know I'm in. Again just kind of the back the backside of everything and as you know there really gets out from you know. As she's she's just as important. Yeah absolutely one of the best and the happy belated birthday of Lynn were thinking of you Linda Michigan opportunity does seem like in Atlanta and into longer Assad must have been awesome special won five Olympic crier Theo should get truck tried to hold. You lived and it's a special moment of course talking here on the shape for baseball or Florida time and is he apologized she sure enough we'll be back and mourn next right here on WS fencing. I don't you ever see 1025610. WSJ it's now we have. Stereo vision is an amazing new technology that lets you hear 1025 WS pentium stereo on the MM dot. 10256. Hit WNBA and see. Good afternoon time in as Steve Allen and have a decent position every day is lower for an update companies were GMAC Chapman picked the perfect moment first first Major League hit. He delivered two run single he can get the gays a 76 win over the Yankees last night. 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Fireworks come celebrate the fourth of July the windows founding fathers want you to. This guy showed 2070. You receipts now head WS NG dot com fireworks start after a big US CQ. Box 46 yard got custody heating cooling corona premier and Charlotte tonight. Again. And. A new. Talk to Mack and Jeremy is hard court on W a frenzy each and every Saturday here in time in his Enola Jeff Schuster now is thanks to Mike Shields always in. A lot of fun talking to Mike can you know we need to get dimensions in all of baseball for life stuff that he does still mean just a great guy and you are really amazing mountain. Yeah that's. That's a great program and really just Waldman my candidacy here and Michael's that was given to actually you know he's got a huge heart and yes this is a Tommy's one of the best baseball minds yeah. Around I mean it's he's absorbed everything that he's ever. Been involved with it on any level of the game I mean I'm assume when I first got here Charlotte I mean this can follow me. Everywhere as are your shadow how Posey at that point is probably thirteen. You know when I was 22 and one torn to. And you know we've got a you know I was at the keys at the poker early I was generally to the poor guy yeah one that was implicit rather be was and I tall or so. And I brought during their early work and Michael come around generally work with me. You know many guild Jason file malls and you know and get how those two guys in the in the you know China issues do whatever but. You know you can just when he sat. He wasn't a kid that talks you know I mean he was one a setback and he just listen to everything that was going around. And and you look back on their time and you realize that he was just sucked in at all and you know he's he's he's a tremendous student of the game but he's also now. You know put himself in the position to be a professor at the game. You know we always learned you never stop learning in this game but you know he's been around every level. That you can possibly be around us from these baseball travel showcase baseball. High school coach scout. I'm. College you know played in college even coached in college. And you know was who was a coordinator spring training Corning you know tough that job is that is a nightmare. Of a job and nobody wants that. But that was his and you know that was his that was as entry level to really get on the field and get things go and then again the rookie multi. And he wins there was an able ones in double they wanted to play. And they see you know you know you know they they created position yeah created position friendly you know it's so much respect they have for Michael and and now and have to make a change like you said I knew that was coming out of his mouth you know it's bittersweet because we handle it but ago. That's the class that I can has you know I get a civic good for me you know you know tough tough tough trade body build he's not he's not that he's not that guy is. And I you know he's well spoken these are particularly sensitive he's you know he's tough. You know he's he's everything that. You know you'd want sitting in the cardinals uniform yeah right at the cardinal cardinal I am an arsonist. Tradition is history you know it's. You know there's this so much and he actually rewrote the the the manual. When when he first got when he first got the coordinator job they Essen to rewrite that entire manual. Yeah. Crazy and it's this that Louisiana on other cigarettes every situation it's everything that's involved you know in the game it's you know it's now it's just you know pitching locations what counts you know I mean and then you don't know what bonds defense is our you know ball down racial line men on second wizard is supposed to be. I mean this is detailed stuff. Authorities have to study. Exaggerate everything ran down tonight and he did forget them and let you know in that's a you're retain and so this and he's he's versed in the cardinal way he is a cardinal. We're proud of him yeah it's it's it's great when he's home but Oscar will have him in the studio let. He's he's he's he's. Uneven and we don't even know where this thing and Syrian in my generally could he really could be a movie. So you know my buddy maturity chief you listen bud we got a movie. We had a movie right now as Brendan. Is right in the united and sixteen out of. I doubt throughout the letters to rely on an island lighting it up and said yeah it's they got he is a matter in this grand dragon is a story a sit down elicited a bar stool on how great the whole story out Galileo and get some really dictating and now and then you know. Then call me a new book yeah. I think I just one another's was plain Jeff Schafer anomaly because you gotta be an ideal. Oh got to get in Seattle who knows young actors you know and it just wouldn't be America. I'll go. Yeah. I. Have said hey you are here whose liberal media's go to and thanks Rick Springfield expiration I got a guess you could turn around a little bit of a mullet and a not so again he's got to have a mullet that's as yet have a mullet I only got to support the mullet and the bad porn stash how hope can be good that yeah you can do that you're in good shape. Aldo and them on the go there's your leverage there. Are always good stop saying the mood like Michael. Death announced it would Justin Bieber just maybe to help. I. Heard a couple of Justin Bieber and let's keep data has since been. Men good stuff qualities that I enjoy talking baseball shape back in studio this league can always good to have you. Alongside here in nom just talking baseball on a good stuff going on our Major League Baseball. It was a big week for your for College Baseball in high school kids are getting drafted this weekend. You know we talked about I feel and and and and tell me again we will was askew and feeling you get that call. On the sky being you know on top five moments. So yeah it was it was refreshing you know I mean I knew I was gonna be dressed. Indeed. And obviously I knew it because I neglected my school work allows you to raise your regular probate as. I delegates rested and let dumb. You know I knew we all the information or want to all the work out so what's memorial stadium before with the draft them. By myself there was an individual worker with a big league team was pretty cool and if I had heard everything from rounds you know from Brown's three did 103 you know he ever has thrown these things that's in. You know scouts of call and then back then there were taught the bird dogs people that actually thought that they knew what was going on. In other that they were connected but never really connected into the year in that war room man and you know and although although DM. The scouting directors in the cross checkers in the regional guys are all sitting there. You know with fed board beyond yes no yes no yes no. So you know the first day of the draft combine wasn't televised or anything like that it wasn't like you know we I could sit there and and wait you just and we had a cell phones either. Most cellphones now cellphones and answered many heavily hang around how I had to get by that down. I have no idea to have myself hopefully five hours or so there I was Jones and and a yet TV backed NRA and allow yet just just just thought he had a scenario that we haven't cranked the phone mow layer Alia I forget the operator I'm but it usually waited you waited around and you hoped in that first day goes by nearly. That's that's aux and a you know and the second they came by and twelfth round came and they don't get a phone call from the scout that. That you know followed me I mean this guy I was old school scouts that blew it remember I mean it's just. And obviously has holds special place in my heart disease together you know believing in philosophy in distress because every can they get stressed discuss the fight for. In other so many kids out there that don't contrasted that you know people are really talent you know would. Triumph but. And I guess that call and it's he'd chase it's you know this is Dick Williams or say that the you know heroes taking into twelve round and welcome to the kind of and the whole thing uses. Moment and then you know the house goes crazy. You know would scheduling dinner out to celebrate that night and wasn't very long and stay home long because we had to get on the plane and try to Bluefield West Virginia in I was a journalist because right away less you know there was no money back and you know my you know there's no sense and and wanna sit down and negotiate and you know I just want to go just want to play just you know I did the money was never. Part of it obviously have played in the era when the money was just starting to be good round those are great it was a horrible you know it was good it was all relative but. Wasn't horrible and I just I just wanna get uniform and I want to go now I just want to go to C news. You know what it was and. Now and then and and now maybe a little differences it is a lot of our money you know lead sometimes guys don't get drafted because. The teams Lauren and I can really afford the sun. I mean you know you think about it have anything on the green in the first round because that's on sale so they there and then you get first rally and they it is you have to and instead Henry Louis and it's you know he can see using cheaper option ranked and you think about that in and a lot of times that teams are taken in the first round. Are the teams that you know haven't played well the last two years until maybe the low by the other team I don't have a lot of money so. It's tough so how does that you know it to me that's that's some sad part of the game is that that that. We'll take a team like meet the pirates are a team that babies and a small market that can't afford to draft that guy how those teams gonna get better if they you know they have to get away from those guys it's unfortunate accident that's one of the sub par. I think that that is definitely a flaw in the system and that's kind of you know it it is no. You know parallel rent in the league because of that and a in other is the rich get ranchers like puzzle on the draft picks fall down and they have the money to go ahead and do whatever they wanna do and and they also have the money that have to be addressed and to go ahead and trade players like that to get bigger number of players. I'm sure it's it's really attention might be you know it we're talking earlier you know the flaw in the system is now so much. Because of the higher levels again dressed in you know the kids that are going to major do you ones because all these all the biggest arms go major. You know the majority of the arms go to major. Yeah oh you mean get mortician on your rosters you know you need you need arms. So all the all the Skelton go to watch these big arms grow. And then they see what's off aside you know that shows up like Campbell's second base was pretty good. In other guys you know the day in the position guys and go down the that division to levels. And you don't have that depth and arms you don't have that big Norman that big you know that big marquee guy of its nine Vanderbilt or Clemson or. You know some of those schools like that. So the kids are the players down there that that very well and I and I would bet there's a number album there's there's a ton of them that are either better. Or as good as those kids again Dresser of the Vanderbilt rosters as position guys or the North Carolina Russ is only that they just as good they just. Don't get seen. You know and that's that's the that's the biggest flaw in that because there's so many kids and even at the mid major do you once you know I mean you know as kids I know right now and they sure when that they could win this draft. Do you fix that and we need you can't you can't because you cannot ending team's semi daily news and the cutting back on scouting. Yeah I got another question that's like that's just that's the stupidest thing that the game has ever. Done right is go ahead and start to. Don't think those guys out it's dump and a super in this in this game will pay for it through do we watch an announcer good pitching yes but. When you get these these these sailor mentored cougars these these nerds. That are out there. They never played today in the game and then trying to analyze video immature and addicted trying to think numbers to colleges aren't you know and and determined you know chemists can play and I think this can really get there's a good trip. Today we were worth and Dallas CBC and they didn't even the Carolina played. But the scale so I am they took the Cincinnati in the kid's lights a BP crystal balls all the all the stadium round. You know I mean it's is in big board actually is one of the best BP rounds are seeing is right he can't get on the field the duke ten. Missing as crazy you know so you know this is a monster power these guys he's going to be is dead gorilla pal and down. So. He doesn't you know he gets he gets that opportunity. Can go to Cincinnati and and and participate in this and gets drafted you know in the 22 round I think I'm like dad but he's in the system now go change room right. The best story. For us. And you know the story is Chris Singleton you know I don't bring it doesn't delivering an address where it comes out there and listen it's this is an emissary is announcing this. I'm serious just I'm very proud of you deserve a chance foundation okay. Chris Singleton was the recipient of our spirit of the game award. Especially. We get a tax get a text. Couple weeks ago. From Krista says I got this text from a scout the cubs would like me to come to Wrigley Field for pre draft work out. Awesome have before. I can't afford to do it. So you DA CS jumped in. He got his plane missed and his. And his and his room and some kind of money left and they went and then he got drafted. So you know I mean that's successful with that you know we took a UD CF user chance foundation. You know Chris Singleton never played today for CBC. I mean Chris and essentially to we gave him the award. Any blew the room away and you know and so those are the you know those are things we totally DH ESP. And only you know what does it do it takes a kid like that they want to. An unbelievable tragedy. You know. And it's a national thing you know. And we will do that you know we're able to do that we will do things in the united I just talk weather situation now because we took another draft went on about a good kid but also learn to let people know. That's what we do with you DC if you deserve a chance foundation you DE CF O'Donnell. You know so many other kids go through the USA baseball program. Think that can't afford those opportunities that we that we assist this is it can play and organizations or don't have I mean don't have. Money and a much in these gloves he's hazards are showcase levels. And the glows like a dead fish and you know they need those things aren't and so. We you know we we we jump to man that's you know. Are the only that as well as status you know it's but I assume before timing you know this you've been around me as much as anybody in the past couple years. That foundation means more to me. Than anything that I've ever done in the game now. And it means more to a lot of people that have gotten involved with it than anything they've ever done in the game now so it's it's pretty it's pretty special. You know we did Ellis eggs a real grant is another kid that you know from this area that was stresses got co books is another cool story about it got co host goes to UNC Asheville. Hum. As a left as an outfield left handed hitter. And has issues with the fuss is hitting so he decides that he wants to check out if he commits from then he goes down too good did you go on Florida. They put him on the bump he has stressed. And now he's not gonna sign these are all he's gonna go through go to coastal. And so you know I mean just just things like that it's it's really cool this every draft pick has a story you know there's nobody that went through this whole thing even if you're the 11. I don't know even if you're a hundred green and now everybody has a story. Now is as its and it's a great story I'm glad you shared that because I I didn't know that's a lot of national media attention this week on Chris Singleton in great stories that came out. Com and that's certainly is one on so. Continue doing what you're doing with these DCS because it is making a difference and a lot of people's lives and it's and it's a great great foundation and and as you said you DCF dot org for more information so. Great stuff there it was an exciting week for us for a lot of the kids in the draft then it's gonna really suddenly now I mean now you know you get drafted now. What's up next up good value assigned to a team and I think now you have to perform. That he would now I get thrown into the the meat grinder you know. You know this summer he's this you got to climb levels again and it's not you know hey. You know every year I'm in a play twelve you know Jim thirteen of thirteen 1415 you're now you're in a system where. You know I didn't get to Abel which is has now. The double A triple A you know I got to climb through these ranks I got to climb through bodies of people and I'm not only Clement two bodies of people. That are in my organization like you very high school like other guy's gonna start this year but I'm gonna start next here well the I had you and delay. May not be together some troubling nation because either traders normally do when they made a trade to bring somebody else and so you know you got to take care of yourself you know you gotta you gotta you gotta be prepared to go about every day getting you've got to get. Yourself mentally right because it is an absolute grind I mean at the end of the year. You know by the time two or three years into the game you understand how to take care of yourself physically you know how to endure long sea island. The mental part the mental grind it travels lack of sleep you know you know that the bad food I mean everything that's involved but. You know this is the stresses of haven't produced every single day. And and and and watching what's ahead you because you wanna be the next I called up. It doesn't it plays on and you become you become mentally drained. Yeah and Alan you know is totally mentally draining mean. Your season really just enemies your high school players season really just sending your college players teeth. Now I don't until another season and maybe another seven games in the same yet another NASA and that's and it's every single day rank and a breather and there's no breather to get on a crappy box yeah. Yeah you're a bad food yeah you know when you're wearing -- uniforms and you know he's come out of Vanderbilt might imagine coming out of Vanderbilt we got to go to a ball so you have any mall in a canal where where am I like you know. You know might buy uniforms that really white yeah yellow. Yeah south well how about the guys that you know the first round picks are guys that do go on a daily move quickly you know and it is a long I mean you know a pitcher I think that goes a single eight pitches two games as you know and then goes into double in Tripoli before you know when there's guys that you get to the majors in the same year. That they're drafted me it's. I'm not I'm you know we used to be because you know pink UV they get to the bigger he's really fast by pouring into the daily really fast Todd Graham powerful got to the big leagues did not do is denied that the user does and didn't belong at that level. This so much you gotta learn along the way you don't know Jack going into pro ball I really don't. You know you have your college your college guy Robert you know we going carry you go to school into the big man on campus and you get into that meat grinder man. You have no idea you know its its like it it is as it turned military you better be getting get yourself ready because it's it's it's it's a daily grind those guys they're dead. I send really fast I think the game. Is is indeed this is so much money ransom was running about the side Jeff peso we gotta get him that you know we will get the value added I would guess he was gonna happen but. You know it's it's it's not good it's not healthy for the game you know it's his bid that. If you talk to guys you know here we go again the other guys back to win him back then or whatever that you know you. You have to be. Dinner and you have parents these kids walking to big league clubhouse is like it was the TV cameraman you know I'm the token this guy or not a good time view we have signed this car that card. That part that's hard drives me up a wall. You know. Because. Regardless of what level you're at time which just came this it's a it's a freak and privileged to play this game Aslan the united titled this game owes you nothing in I mean when I was stepped out and you think you're God's gift to the game. Let's get to the game is Ken Griffey junior Babe Ruth you know Bob Gibson and you know it really made you know littlest all of those guys who in God's gifts now you're injured your draft pick. That you know because she got a little bit of money you and you send them until some better because I'm a bit. All you don't under your ideas are so I'm I'm just you know I'm happy for these guys are given money and move on looked in my fraternity there in the game. But the lack of respect for the game you know and and in the sense of entitlement Newsome these kids have it. Blows real. I'm an old it's in its immediate savings saved just in the knowledge of the game you know I think and and I think that's a big part of until is that. Maybe these guys don't take enough times to learn about the guys that that that paves the way for them I mean I think that's all they aren't seeing history as a seminal issue here at Tony's way year old when he Greer okay do you know who who Mickey Mantle or Bob Gibson rain these guys are you know what they did. Lot of guys don't forget and. The get go back out for just go to Philly is in no way out you know Briscoe I mean should people forget Jeter him you know in in in no time. You know learn about Roger Clemens about you know I mean these guys come and you know my guess is he just went into the hall of Anna now it's good you know I mean do they know by the steroid here or do they know buffalo ball earlier or do they know we know. You know do they know these did dwindling numbers of the African American players and who were the great African American players are in the game when they were there and you know it I mean these days it's if it's not only game and they can't hole and has a look at it. You know then that Google and hey what's this guy of history you know the game I say they don't collect baseball cards into Nigeria we got a lot of information as untitled or at least follow Fritz Peterson had no pulse through the end of the homeowners and I can't you all myself you know. He got to follow him because he puts a basal cause all the time election I forget what game was no that was later. Was a lighter wallet and keys and know it was Ron darling Keith Hernandez and then the Mets Dana. And they had a box of bull baseball and their titles or amount of time and hold them up the good. Talking about the guys and they worry they have on May thrown out the window undated an hour later it was fun plus Kelly's guard Dave Gallagher IOS and give them a key that says something about it is funny because he knows Galley or whatever yeah. And he flipped it into the stands in L and classic but. They don't do that's. Are guys in baseball card collecting was a was who was was big back and is not what it was just now and there's anymore as dramatic do we talk about that a lot but that was a way that I. Learn about baseball my dad and an in plane landed just inches differing you're right it is and it's unfortunate in in that sense but. Still a great game and it's too long of a game millions they feel enough time to get into that because. Yeah baseball is is is very long nowadays wise for our games we got discusses you're truly a guy governments thought about it but you know there's just. Too many pictures. Mean there really is there's there's mound. It's just too many pages over this two minute gadget I can now there's too many balls thrown some sand. Canister that is due to deep in the councils of the stuff because you guys don't they don't pitch you know they just throw yet. Reach backing go man lot of strikeouts a lot well there's a lot of strikeouts for the low long balls to right exercise so Olson you put a lot of guys on base yet. I mean you know you may punch out nine. You can walks and didn't yep absolutely no sauce and you know and infer for position guy you know that that's stressful but that's all know that's a whole other subject matures counseling and double play situations in double cut situations and now you know I did it it comes. You know little Boutros slim but. There they bring in these arms through. Because it's like it's a good paper towel right as we mentioned this last week and he gets his really good bounty paper towel and it's can absorb a laugh at yourself for early right. And then also does get a break down so what do you do the paper towel. If throat like you know and then he'll get a new one and we start recycling these arms to live through the big leagues and a and you're getting guys up there that have not don't have enough experience. To pitcher that love rap so that don't understand how to pitch they throw. Right now and it's relievers I mean relievers are more important than stars nowadays because there are you you're seeing more of on the you're seeing them into games earlier than ever before and there and that's the fourth inning when your your starters are you throw ninety pitches in the fourth and his my flustered when I manage in the big leagues I'm flipping it around and I'm gonna start my clothes and Yahoo! ID we re talking I start a little room next guy's gonna go three yup and then Ammon to go to Mike. My long guy yeah. And he's no longer stories consume a long guy may mean their lesson in and out you're six man rotations are I don't know I mean it's just there's something. Not right with the game when you have four hour and fifteen minute games. Consistently yeah I love baseball biggest baseball fan as anyone. But it's too long I think it's a beer vendor conspiracy he had his stated they wanna sell more obviously they figure out manager of the all get to the the only guy used to go to Dan and I think I think there's no news didn't. Yeah ten pages else they've got. Are cutting their office say hey there and thought. Maybe everybody leave the stadium can do that I'll guess that. Jane Hall is not a fun talking baseball as you so happy to have Mike Shields on the show we thank him for being a part of today's show of course. Already getting messages from live still does live oh for less real live Milan Villa and we hope everything is going well with you and she's. Back here next week in studio I will know. I later on tablets and that's a clear our cash and cash. Had a great weekend and now we'll talk to you next Saturday right here on the WS NC he's out.