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Monday, June 19th

Kroeger & Geoff Schwartz discuss Nolan Arenado's cycle and the current state of baseball. They also discuss the US Open.


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Powered by Ford told Carolina dot com Kroger number two collected truffle Fries and in fact not only a troublesome ice so a bullet former is John troubles for. Those are basically palm tree it's okay like they do they season among the girl trouble in cultural forefront would be to serve palm tree you can dress from get a little parsley last night the goalie doesn't formula he saga some garlic parmesan truffle fry upon freaked if you will that's my number two. I'm I'm I'm I'm. Happy Monday Jeff Schwartz and all for the week. Primetime scoured by ortho Carolina we're gonna last. Might even cry gonna restore from the weakness I don't start to cry and it. I didn't get you to bite on our first and on our debut last week of up in the feels a look. In the world today it's so dark it's so heavy every time you look around something bad happening in the world. You turn on your nightly news. You still watch nightly news I don't know Pete why why why why why why is actually does want show she. David Muir so exterior and ABC we we have we taped it when no one else goes down the last two goes down. The tone early news like it. When it's on about them I'm not obviously around at a time right get to watch the nightly news so. Eight if you do you realize it's really heavy stuff we really believe that times are tough okay. We try to list GR OK we're a great weekend what are we ought to look at all the things that happened over the weekend blitz finding good. That's still happening in the world so our RJ deal last week didn't go well you didn't love the feel good Rockwell yeah I'm not a lot of you think it's nothing for me well okay maybe that is your honest. I am the leader yet you or your hater on the homer in the hader and this is gonna be a fun four hours of radio sort of seem like can crack that that stone cold hearted years. I'd later on the show will bring it back we'll try to take you all up in your feel celebrate woods' good in the world in the sports world over the weekend this looks pretty good I don't know to cry. But I think you get a little promotional single you get a little goosebumps going little hair raising. So when we got sim we have some fun to get into our over the over the next few hours we will talk some US open we're gonna start there today to open the show and I mean you look at the numbers. And they're pretty incredible sixteen under just kept guys who ties Rory McIlroy is record offer for lowest score under par for US open. Wins by four strokes went on a terror on the back nine I had down the stretch yesterday. First time major weary one other only one other event on on the PGA tour before this weekend. I feel like we should be celebrating this like any young gun and just a medium. Budding star perhaps in golf a great athlete and yet I'm I'm sitting their less than Mike. Yeah. And good for golf with these golf. Joe Buck tried to celebrate. And even the day you lost your celebration as well so what loss of good golf a lot of us you are not. Diehard fans Ahmet casual golf and you cannot be measured and when you're casual fearless sport. You light dominance as much as you wanna mid you don't like it. We love it we watch Alabama football loss of patriots lost a cowboy Terrell time to wash the Yankees right we we all the lakers are good orator. Sir I want to do my visceral Lavoy LA homer Jim Schwartz why did you dislike you deceive I think once you once did he didn't think I'd catch that when he said he lied but the lakers they're do you hear that. When they're okay if it would what NBA teams draw logs the warriors are cast in the two did the stars and our team. But he owned the lakers are good guys Italy resilient and for good and amp markets and I do some consultants are good we don't look we love that. So when you have the seven straight gold can do in football. Yeah sure those who try to destroy yeah giants and cowboys assumed at that game is by the way Saudi arms or two years obviously in the about a fourth time we've played MI said. Why do we Jesus always afternoon nineteen north yes but there's people who would never be I wanna car giant general security guards they're like 25 years like we play this game. Eight night. Or embryo afternoon and a resume time for the occasional Monday night game yeah it's and the other night or that or not only afternoon aren't we love dominance and then when you have December history major with a new winner ten analyzer T not excite me in and we keep saying well this next guy writes speeches and is the next tiger and that's a world war was compare people to want to we have another tiger essentially. And so it's just I don't think it's exciting for people or casual fans and also he'll sixteen under it is such so it was a weird quarter Psycho. By the way Ed do you you need to look up here in Wisconsin on the map. It is literally and exact square is really it's the acts 33000. It's there's a hundred people and Aron was hard to have two under incorporated towns in an era and essentially. It's just a golf course is not even like a town center. There's not even it's just outside Milwaukee and I don't know lockout I know guys were were getting lost driving their needs are middle nowhere so. Jenna is that the population is 4500 people are mine Yasuda said yes so amendment drop look at sort of square on the map just a complete square. Of the city so for the dot yeah it's just it's. Does it all old Julian Wright in little religious right and I just think for me and for most of us are casual fan to golf and I like playing golf I enjoy it used. If there was if I would remorse I'd watch Sunday if speakers and it's really worry ya distill still do it for you. While not a global tiger did but I think that it would draw more attention nationals play unit looked through all skipping it on Thursday drew more attention in the actual. Although oil and although. He got he got patted on the back. Gets away with a lot of crap can we agree honestly I don't medical gets away with bail out. Crap really among money wonder hilly and yeah. He usually money launder but it sure it's something like I had to pay off what it was like two million dollars in gambling guys. May god he made that diet. Teams are trading I'll stop him that he did it estimate about working California which I totally agree with as well the people. Do you like about the tax rate in California me if you if you are you a higher income individuals California you're giving 60% to chuck Kuwait two taxes pretty crazy. Which is which is insane people of Texas and Florida you're pro athlete in Tennessee now has no state tax. And so the other don't want them to actually look doesn't solidly for tax. A lot of entertainers and actors period the disorder in the wise Brothers as agent now. Or Mickelson you're talking about the owner who by the way goes by fig jam in if you wanted to I can't say would fig jam stands for on the radio but if you wanna Google play along right now just Google Phil Mickelson fig jam and you'll. You put two and two together and you'll. You can be up pretty industrious and find out what that means the tech guy gets a lot away with a lot and it even seem like over the week as he smiles and grab hands everybody and what are your all the judges. You know we didn't flatly cancel his round on Thursday and they rescheduled it for for later in the afternoon on Thursday showed up. Well just by happenstance it's the graduation would have gone over relatively quick and if the weather will cooperate this is germs when I started are still still could have made that's. I saw someone Tweeter unless my daughter but you know I'm gonna try. We don't we did his plane was still on the road tarmac regard for something new that you must get back guy and he gets away a little idea I. I think this is interesting to the debate there was debate earlier in the week about should do this school movie graduation I think have still not absolutely not no. I dusty not what I do that for any other parent. Oh today's Thursday at 10 AM those odd time for graduation is an on time but. If if one of those parents was a trial attorney and there are big trial date your they had court died today. The movie graduation. And I would bet there are other and I mean knowing what we know Phil Mickelson I doubt his daughter's just at some random school solely for. Those troubling though it's probably goes on to our players says edit and affluent scoring look to go to private school now would mean. It underscores it's like college it's it's expensive and a woman my friends pay country day for others for their seven year old affects. I know it's 8:8 this morning and I paid for my college why that's why I moved to a part of town or might the public schools that are Georgia I just wonder if you look horrible school what bull would vote would be the perfect scenario is I do feel conflict and on the Schwartz does for a while remember when tiger was in this what we do to like in the middle under this scenario I think this goal will call. Is declining to welcome Trevor on the golf is memberships to the corner on the country plays decliner on the country. Is the real sports. On HBO. Story in golf and they're trying to reinvented to where. Have a larger cup so you can score lower essentially a dumb idea. And so dealer trying to find where I Ain T I know what I wanna play nine I basically not only employers who do you do revolution course there's no iron holes takes an hour thirty minutes due out and I don't have time to put to twenty hours a day. I know they had those campaigns for awhile always Teach for America work it's like yeah if you soc which I do a golf. Don't be hidden from the championship tees just because she thinking you know like a play or the grants tees I'm not afraid. No problem and what does our piece I wrote in with talk golf people are choosing to go top golf wait three hours to play which is only a month. All it's crazy along the way this it's I mean I know my brother goes one intensity all time it's. Tune in half hour three hour wait. And you know one appear doping trial on the second one but it looks like it might not how it is a nor sure they're fun and it's a university gathered there trying to Dugard gather terrified so and those are all contribute factors to why golf. Is is not as exciting anymore and then. Obviously in the ratings ruin this or don't you think you fought since you grew trembling faux logs suck so I can we are right now other coverage can be relative to you like what I chartered on. I was weird hearing Joba to force a dollar was football baseball season. There's no it's a normal it's it's feels odd silk a motive for Jim Hansen soothing voice and just. This whisper. It is real bug just does do it for you I think Joseph is really very talented you just feel like he gets a lot of grief he should use a ton agrees I think part of it was all these guys do baseball he had McCarver and like McCarver calling that company to partner in the Carter did you. In an item as she and here's what I should say I didn't hate him but got people the issue I don't know I never had an issue and another was finalized job like Joe Buck and Troy can do great tell us. That's all. I would sing most of these guys go pretty good job with the play by play guys I think are are mostly a sort of produce an analyst who are very good but that's me in my home by this I think Chris Jones worth it's really really good color guard and while Michaels came out of what what was a couple Moscow city thought he was the greatest analyst of all time as -- -- turn -- high praise Don Mattingly is still my favorite I mean college worth at what's the issue within that he may -- comes across like beastie snooty yeah I think do and he's older and armor what do people he falls in love with like a very well on and on this means. It's a PF I think a little because he's he's a part owner Peter does your don't you be like so. Example how he's come stick some players so this you're among my brother plays for achieves that played the ball goes the first games on NBC special ball and he just all game was. My Brothers on the or every play that's only wanna talk about 24/7 I love my brother as well but just move on like. He owes it was just did you lose your focus on the on that. Matchup every single play they would let go of it no and eat the meat either way good or bad and sounds like OK there's more there's more to it. To talk about along here are so important move along we got Jeff Schwartz and on a Monday so Dennis Paulson Skinner join us in about 45 minutes openly showing him a three series sex and PGA tour radio former up PGA tour members well. Talked image three what do starts in the US open George Schultz is gonna join us for the Bleacher Report NBA silly season is underway I love this time a year man and there's somebody complaining on the text line on Friday that we talk too much NBA I would guess ready guess what we're in a talk on NBA again today and I don't know how you don't love this stuff. Like in sports we love the transaction we love the trade we love the rumours we love all the stuff swirling around it. And nobody's doing better than the MBA right now and I think this time a year. Who somebody is an MBA joked I think this actually better than the games ought to waste. But regular season was brutal yes so we should be celebrating their sort of talked to George Schultz. Big trade over the weekend first pick now go to Philly that's finalized this afternoon and double Paul George rumors out there are pretty fantastic as well also talked to him. That'll be a 330 and then are Powell. My broadcast partner voice of the hornet's Steve Martin he'll join us at 430. We'll get his thoughts and awarded strap meets Jeff Schwartz a with a solo show we're fixing golf we do it after this ready or propped up powered by ortho Carolina. You're listening to primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. This for the US open. And what I've done this ridges it is amazing to even be in the same category and and when those sentences those silly guys that are on this this trophy is there's normally won't might have zillow last year Dawson and you know is this this is really Jewish thus. Well we'll do we'll. So would you think that final call for Joe Buck and it was pretty simple. This. To be a major champion. Guess it's it seems. He's he's up by four strokes sort of see what's Joseph supposed them. The U I don't know I just it just didn't seem golfer you know forming to your point earlier just didn't see anyone like. And here stocks I don't know exciting news she loses it up to my age. And he draws practice partner and Knox who didn't play it again Billy re racked judge Joe Buck in he had what worst moments than that yesterday. For a number not much long after that as Shia confused too Brooks kept his. Our love interest once is he was walking off the eighteenth green and Erin hills yesterday he was the US open for stroke win. I he tore away in the back 916 under shot a 67 he's really good yesterday he's what 27. And he's the seventh straight first time major winner like we should be celebrating this in some way shape or form but I would you just feels like and and this is not don't know if you guys want something else on my golf even though it was incredible performance and it was an interesting US open because. You just don't see. Scores like dampened the courses though you'll Rory I think center before going into the weekend. Is why it is those fairways were if you're complaining about how deep the Ross Fisher doing a raw so you know you looked I think Brooks kept go what is. What 121. In greens in regulation on the year finished first on the weekend adding it's 6272. Greens in regulation so. Mean you would have planned on that going into the weekend but that's what he did in YouTube ran away with the US open yesterday but here you go Joe Buck on fox yesterday very simple. And Joe Buck like easy calls Brooks kept winning the US so. This for the US open. And and and I don't know is that there you go I mean it's it's cut it's it's not mince but it's like too far the other way they would love to complain around here already a streak to golf for a guy on the theater got a might be me today we got on the homer normally you're the hater today we might mix we got your 2017. Golf season past you can enjoy one round of golf at six Charlotte premier golf course is all for 95 bucks. And enter code models seventeen to check out you'll get an additional 10% off download to get my perch mobile app. And visit WFNC dot com and you can click my perks to buy your pass now. The garage door drew roof opening topic of the day all we look to draw on the question of the day this question of the day I threw on a rundown today Schwartz's. What's wrong with golf. But I think the better question really is is there anything wrong with golf but golf might not just be broken this is just golf like it's back to being kind of a niche sport. It needs a lot of things falling into the right place at the very right time. For word casual fans like you and me to be all about it and that was kinda tiger right. Tiger was the one thing that was a polarizing force like a lightning rod he was a minority. He was incredible athlete he was dominating he was consistent. Arm and then you know and he had a little bit of a foil for a while we still who was. Like he had the looks still always competitive with the runner was never really super competitive and. I think going when Phil finally broke through finally won his first major sort of do more competitive I don't think it's it's. It's not the talent that people don't like watching it. We love villains we love villains who were also very dominant in tiger was a diary through his club he swore. He didn't look like other golfers stay. You'll he would celebrate oh my god celebrate after a big yard to the highest pump. Mean during that that ship was in 2000. And for the sixteen to fifteen streamed to masters like we don't Australia now this celebration in the huge galleries and that he was an event and it's good a speech and Rory are. They don't make shots like that the end they're not he'll speak makes a good shot he just takes his cap off my tips who's not miss a motion and as much as. Golf once and you'll take emotion on again surely baseball are a lot of you we'd like in baseball. Doesn't show emotion Writely dot flipped the baseball wasn't like that clippers a number we'd do is France and we get attracted to guys. You'll Jose Batista hits a jacket Phillips is about halfway Yasuo pre does the same thing yeah all that stuff where attracted to that and golf has none of that. And so. Then they did they did they give a tiger. Even still when he won this first you'll meet a championship and he he jumped up we have a little meat to school credit card and if this is Bert right excitement. We don't just don't see that anymore so I think that's part of it and then gives seven straight. New champions and yes you better straight first time they don't untenable lets you see it would do any willing senses and where he what are you win the masters right over and done. He's done nothing right and I was thinking he should look at 84 when it gets crazy so you have these guys who win these these tournaments. Can you know that's worse this year could you name it. I armed and I'm dead serious I'm with you I don't like cold I couldn't tell you won the masters who won a masters this year Sergio Garcia all yesterday's rodeo community Margaret before my first time winner pretty pleased that we thought you were in 98. It's so it's a long talk on the PGA championship last year. That was two majors ago now. Who won the PGA championship last year. But these are things you should be around. Like a lot in that I'm with you I don't know but like if your golf that you scare you that the average being can't just say oh we had their guy won the PGA is here this year cracked yet to quell. So if you're a golfer loved your coolly looking forward to watching Regis will look reporter watching golf I mean I think there's not. Eight yards for tablets worth liking the if tiger was still playing I might try to find a way to make you get some poll and find a ticket somewhere all right I gotta be there and what I can wait to be don't know much I have no interest and I don't have one guy I gotta say I did go see this guy wanna be there to see the grounds it's right for Charlotte to host a major it is by comes in and that's that's what golf needs telling him. The person who would you can't wait to see you when you wanna go because you love Charlotte right eagle. That's really don't know what that club and also club you're necessarily going to see where you just mentioned everything but the players you mentioned diversity grounds wanna see what your Charlotte hosting a major love the golf course you can sell wanna see speeds are Rory O series hit the ball you'd mentioned anything that's due to get excited when I see them about the dog's chilly out if you go see if you go see a patriots game and there aren't saying aren't you would see Gillette Stadium. Piercing or what's kind of people right over again RC Johnson employed a joint decision and want an employee you producers don't say I can what you see the big pin there statue out front. Remember though like fifteen years ago even ten years ago shorts before tiger fell off because it was 2009 worst end and they came back people forgetting came back was still was number one golfer in the world again people forget about that that like this thing happened with his wife and then. He dropped off the map but he got really good golf again and any dropped off and get what you mean. The injuries amateurs can hit in the face of golf I. Were both there and it's clear that this is 25. I have nothing to do it I noticed terrified of my wife anyway so it's there would be. That's the would you like ten years or sing your same man I wish tiger had some competition. We need some more young guys coming in here and now we've got it and we're complaining about this right or more competition on the guys user. That same level teicher borrowing while we want speeds Ricky. Rory. I think those are done with Dustin Johnson have but I don't care Dustin L video below many. The only player out there but the daughter of the golf game needs but he is because we just don't have any you don't have any boomers now you're about us feel more secure about him. I guess girl I mean who knows where he sat out because his celebrity aspect eSATA and his wife and another kid write that or them the virtues Ellen's got a sweet. Yes now. Is that true I don't know about that but that's bad I don't know that the johnsons are girls I threw a big you came from touching a demoralized and you certainly don't worry there's a reason why I think to have an RX 7045709610. I guess the question is this too what's the ideal scenario because there are young talented guys but it's like OK Rory has run in and Rory got his running out. And it's beat that is dry and it's because right now they know it's like we thought Dustin Johnson broke through and we gonna see this run of dominance and it's like. Yeah understand good but I wanna see that consistently from the. Ideally. It would be better. Somebody wins two majors in a row and then someone's are talking about welcoming what can you reform wrote to me we're and 30 dots with the golf needs golf does not need. One time major how much this stuff into them the notes there what the winner yesterday 12 point one million dollar netted. Two point one million dollars. Richest single payday in golf history yesterday. It's crazy and I make money I never got that much at once did you see what does Steve Elkington was is it was total more territory over the weekend crushed arm to that point lane and do you think Steve and and for those who did not see this for those large majority you're a viewer not on Twitter. Rory McIlroy. Humble drew some fire from must Steve Elkington. It's at LPGA if you wanna follow him he Tweety said Rory so bored playing golf. Without tiger the threshold is probably four majors with 100 million dollars in the bank. And then Corey saw the tweet he responded and took a screen grab of his would compete in his own Wikipedia page. It's we get back to elkington said more like 200 million not bad free board 28 year old play more where that came from both. Which is fantastic and an L responded knew you were a money guy Jack won eighteen nevermind mention his total cash it was five mill bond away. And then roared responded that's why Jack designed hundreds of golf courses. In its new OK and EW cousy misspelled it he said must have on mustn't. Has taught grammar in the fifth fifties. But is that fair criticism for elkington of Rory in some of these young guys of you're making a lot of money now you don't have to play on tore all the time you can win a couple of big events. And use it in with the endorsement money with the commercials all that stuff you're just pad your bank account. Anyway there's criticism just like a Dustin Johnson not playing either of these shock he played Thursday or Friday mr. tuck there's a much that's the most greens I have put some thought I thought it historically testing really wasn't what I thought he wasn't I heard he wasn't playing because there is there are some doubts about him not purchased but how much I pay attention there's been a senator. I want yesterday and wants some Saturday but is it's just a fair criticism for Mike elkington of today's. Golfer in debt well if you look for you commit until money is always what what the older generation. He even took a mock among older generation of football player but I complain about the 22 year old now not caring enough about. They're craft and I think golf. Look I hate this stuff often times like I love Steve Kirsch response a couple weeks ago he said. We kind of mock the old heads and in the MBA who were saying get his warriors team couldn't play back then. His response was yeah you're right as time goes on we always get slower and less athletic and in the game never progressives like he was marking them you're throwing them. But I feel like in an individual sport like this with golf. There are legitimate arguments that it knocked it Roy doesn't want it's we're at war is not determined that Rory odd doesn't love golf. But it is easy to win a couple of really big event she just said what two point one million dollars was paid a very first time major winner Brooks kept yesterday. Like Dutch reality like Rory just doesn't play all the time we don't often times it's in Europe it's very rarely on the PG Laura. Retire without trial should be exactly so anything to soak it all a lot of people said well I go back to us about tell your right Gator lights. How old. Part of B wasn't the course and that's what we want we want custody if we want Maurice tear more river that is in May be caring more is screaming when he takes about charter. Costing our droppings clobber things like that. Right I think a lot of people when I say care and I don't think this is fair to equate to two again but it's the money that drives a lot of this I think for a lot of people. They want to care I mean beyond the war. Playing on the PGA tour over here in the states in this is sure Rory this is true George speech speech has taken a lot of time off for the last couple years to play more regularly on the PGA tour. You wanna grow the game and this is another this is where you get back to square one where you say. He's did their job to grow the game. Is it Rory McIlroy he's job to be on the PGA tour week in beat the saint Jude's open in Memphis is it is it his job to be at the Valero open. In Houston Texas or whatever is it got to be on the east on the east tour events are we cannot hurdle for this or not but. I think it's two things one. The guys before you did I mean so I think. What I had to write part of my responsibility though is it is a player was owner of the guys in the past right I mean. I act but I think due with what you mentioned the money so big now. You have to play every week you have to put you set to play every week we know he can win important wins two or three tournaments a year. He's set any endorsements are so hard now too as well. You know he doesn't have to play liked but the guys used to play. I think if we got to run. All of what 345. Years and gosh even that seems like such a long shot now of Jordan's peace and Rory McIlroy going at each other back and forth. Because of the dynamic goes OK here we have somebody we have a foreigner vs an American born player we have. Maybe they're both younger both in their prime they both have immense physical tools and they played a game in Detroit like George speaks. I mean to meet brilliance of his game more talk to Dennis Paulson about this at 3 o'clock. Is a short game like his putting is incredible. And it's in about is close to perfect as you can imagine for golfer so that element to like to play the game a slightly different style Rory by the way has gotten. He's going full tiger and do just Jack now. Com and so if you got data element of clothes that do that your doctor if you Jimmy's got her we will go there if he's got that like if you got that dynamic of like Rory vs speeds. For what 234 years where they're just trade majors are going back. Fortunately it looked about golf correct now we get people come back to watch golf unreal what people attacks are talking about just comes. The demographic of golfers welcome learned you know like with tiger like you mentioned minority. Are really help grow the game from that standpoint now just a bunch of its bureau looks kind of the same. ESP three key Rory and JRR the future this vortex direct him but damn man playing well that's what the sport's fallen off. Or an election year and this year. I mean the future of the sport dough should be guys who. I'm always right I mean like you wouldn't say that. Kind of a basketball player who's sometimes mean. There's a docile player who's. Sometimes good and EE. Joseph the face of the faces a broad and derail the stuff current right you are always there there always put numbers mean -- organized our gross not the face right I mean he held immediately please know he's he should never be a media like. Like I think you need to. You need guys who consistently win to be the face of your sports. But maybe I don't know are they related if if we're sitting here saying these guys don't play consistently enough on tour. Yet we're also saying they're not consistently when they are playing they're not consistently producing at a high level. It does two things are linked they are mean typically when you. When you. Practice and play more your sport and anything you'd better aren't. About this text are running at 70457. Or ninety extent building senator tax on problem with golf there's a polarizing figure like you said Tiger Woods. Was golf's version to Dale Earnhardt junior that's what won a text or writes in another text writes in a few ideas he says. Gholston remain in the market space for the wealthy middle aged guy who can afford to play regularly waste an entire day playing. And one economic recession like 2008 reduces the number of people that it can afford to play golf. Also some very frustrating game to play if you are good you have to play a ton. To get good golf as long in equated to expect to play regularly for the average person. You only get on the show me is that Derek Anderson talk about golf. Did she didn't do in a row over the ESP ironic he's either scratch golfer is he the best golf of NFL that's what article sent an enemies are and he shot. I think he he went to dust and shot 84 he was. Like three is pretty good he was three over through thirteen and kind of just fell apart brief shot. Are you Pinehurst to use five under me and he's a very good golfer he or she wants to try to qualify. For the US open I think so. Yeah so is the new Tony Romo on the yes that is she said that since word. These kind of things I don't know. Best thing was annoying to me for awhile now estimate that so he's offered when an annual pilgrimage during the summer of in the spring of of remote trying to you qualify for the US open it's auto. Lower deck out there done that got older and Derek actually he's shot part Pinehurst. Is it your goal it's what does that guessing itself doesn't who. No children here in my really here's something or know. My computers march and maybe I'm maybe on here knows let's all. Oh what's wrong OK I don't know what it is what appears muted all right no matter. Unchecked will go ahead rye would die cut you off on Sar or UNICEF mine is are rom. He he actually shot par at dot Pinehurst which is hosted the US open the PGA championship in Atlanta Derek Anderson showing off to dad what was I imagine so well who's on the what's my computer okay so that was fired I don't know what it was that it was done better it was a man usually those least in my hearing things what was that. You heard something. 70457096. Tenure numbered jumping and are also in the building setter Texas lined is well. I'd text deride sit in here let's see here I just added a second ago is as you all need a golf guy in there we have one Dennis Paulson former PGA tour member. He's gonna drop by coming up to three series except PGA tour radio we'll talk about some of this with him. It is just frustrating though because here we are. Kind of not celebrating. In overlooking the idea that a guy just went sixteen under. At the US open and I get the course set up for. But he's 27. He's young we've been waiting for him to break through he breaks three kills almost on the back nine yesterday he wins by four strokes going away. And he was did you see this stat. The only other two golfers in in in US open history. To shoot a 67 on a Sunday. And in win the US open or Hale Irwin and Tiger Woods like that's elite grouping and delete it leaked. A leaked company fur for books kept yesterday and yet Berber singer Mike Mahan a just didn't do reforming how over under how many hours of golf did you watch this weekend. And about setting in a four. I'm saying don't take any idea you're taking me under a on meet personally and everyone else I would say for everybody but the apps are in every cent this weekend. It was on me. In the playroom some guy wasn't it was all on for awhile animal fighting focused in for four hours TC that doesn't count as I do that a lot of time to stuff for all have something on in the back also slows things were you don't have to watch constantly. Even if it's good you're watching the ready used if it was closed on the stretch and one of the players that I liked her new. Was in our total watch morbid it's just it's at a weird time to move would too young kids with. You are 7 o'clock great it's right is bad times it's hard sometimes to watch by it. If it was someone I really might do was close and I would've found a way to try to watch it I mean I do know from a sports on Whittier and that's. Like that's the thing I I would say I'm definitely taking the under up on trying to pin a total amount of time that I watched the US open over the weekend it was all on Sunday. And it was probably hear about it's 202 and a half hours worth it was really just the back nine yesterday. On Father's Day do you celebrated your dog owner. Import noticed a weird cut god that's we're comfortable doing really frustrates me no I and I love my dog but that's weird you can do that your shirt on their debts you're you're an actual fodder I would never do belly estimate that smacks in the face of real dads out there. Close. Query it's a mind. I'm sure mr. Graham. Saying that the celebrated a dog collar no that's wrong okay that is really wrong at 70457. L a hot nights extent text or rights into we agree that does. Other than the drilling around turn in my kept yesterday was very boring US open I agree that's what was born on this like. I wanted to be enthralled by it I wanted to be entertained and yet. It just proves like what men's. Can we get this over with them I want to figure out what's in my Netflix Netflix queues on the birth or would you watch celebrities playing golf oh god no that's the worst image you like that no. Moon and let's go to job and she's been let's go to Nate really quick before hit the break Dennis Paulson is gonna join us at three won't get into some box some NBA some hornets and doll also little painters coming up. Later on the show what Sunday how are you man. Are there were quite whoever whoever posted at sure aren't there are dirt dog and well but it bothers there's. Just to verify that. Ever talked. Yes I agreed and unfortunately I I don't have that the choice is a good take. The words or. About about other adoptive or force the world got a bad call it. Got like. At their annual bothers you about the bit perverse. We do it it's just that it's all our other they both like golf courses quote ethnic days. Got a bit. The diet in the course our diet by aids but it would take it. Other good Democrat. It is. But I doubt it though until they thought they watch stuck with the state budget they don't look over what some are about what are you up is all about golf that. It is topic or ski. They don't know or weren't that hard that I would walk. Itself there for four hours watching that smoke. It's changed so good at it every single bit more on that. And it does support it I guess my question like it. CJ I I don't I think it or nurse. I that you started but assistant. Yeah I'd be can they appreciate the call that's me it's unlucky this is a sports is gonna dial. Like I can't go that far something's gonna happen something's gonna merge but as the game gonna grow like that's the real issue is the game growing. And I know I just look at some of those numbers but if what needs that is true we're you have one point five golf courses closing every day in this country if anything your game a shrinking. And you talked about earlier that's what people they've had done campaigns to T afford America. Play nine he saw he saw PSAs running yesterday to play ninth and I agree I mean who has time to go with takes four or five hours out of any random day. You don't my off day I wanna go kill fortified our. Golf so is funny so I I like playing golf and I don't I usually don't always so. This week my wife and in my some got to town mostly weekend might do you know what I'm gonna play golf this week I just look at my schedule or might not. What I just don't know what kind of apply to Julius like. I don't know where. Ever afraid to Barkley has a job reaching just. He can believe really whenever he wants in golf and I just don't idol and that's why you play non Moussa Tyler can get an employee at a completed. 10 o'clock can be done by 1130 how lunch go home I don't see 818 holes to me. It's just not that appetizing especially in the summer greens so hard right now that don't play eighteen so. Yeah I grew here and I'm totally retired I just can you find time to golf as well. Art 704570916. And Jeff Schwartz and on a Monday we're gonna do our power rankings are again are you ready hearing things today. What are we doing for ranking casual dining chains because there was a list that was circulating around Twitter the other day casual dining chains ranked one through five. Like food. And what what are we resume on this would be well whatever you want you to be atmosphere could be on the other celebrities is so he can put Georgia used in the same Bradley's casual dining chains like Austin lunches is Cheesecake Factory casualties in Athens Greece Chile S chain C a change Red Robin okay those are casual dining shots on the list I think Outback Steakhouse is number one the list I believe I agree with Russell the worst problem I so I think you did and I saw a number two which I think I don't know that police deserves to be in the top twenty. What was number two. You tell me some of those little after the break OK we come back I also need to hit you with a sad sad because your giants are trash right now a major little boy saw dude dude don't do it. Don't let's not go there are good human cry don't think that segment triads after this primetime powered by ortho Carolina Dennis Paulson and fifteen minutes of talk US open with him. Steve Martin George Schultz a talk support its NBA draft all that coming up after this 1025. WS NC. You're listening to primetime with Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina. Yeah. Okay. How dare you Billy. Well audio. And how would Joe Buck of called yeah how we're gonna call that. Primetime powered by ortho Carolina don't forget fourth of July's gonna be here before we know how was it almost fourth of July already. This summer just blows by almost are turning up the field the army special moment yesterday actually it was really cool watch Nolan or are not a go for the cycle he does a little walk off homer and you know for some people not only a walk off homer. He does it for I think didn't do what I solely sees the sixth player I believe ever to hit a walk off homer to complete the cycle. But he's the first one to ever do it to do it from. Not just tied to give you a game winner but from behind. To the lead to do the walk off home run tig to complete the cycle so. But baseball history yesterday Jeff Schwartz and on the Monday he's a giants fans usually disappointed really frustrated how. Say that in baseball or other sports when you take or you're really batter takes this pick to draft next year they the first group overall. Won't play her suffering years on the flight crazy. His crazy don't forget independent state coming up that means fireworks food and fun and sky shows can be on July 4 that meant an MLK. And now we're gonna a lot of fun at their succumb at 6 PM head over to BB NT ballpark watched team USA take on team Cuba. And then now we get to sky show afterwards and thank store sponsors community coffee Harris teeter. And tickets and details are found right now WS MCI come get to what Dennis Paulson of five minutes former PGA air and now is on Sirius XM. A PGA tour radio talk about kept a winning the US open yesterday shot a 67 on a Sunday. First time major winner sixteen under par. Won by four strokes we should be celebrating this yet it feels. Weird because he just didn't also seemed completely in throwing an entertaining TV yesterday and soreness talked to Dennis coming up. In five minutes George Schultz is gonna join us in about thirty we'll talk a little MBA within them are sixers and Celtics have completed. Trade calls to us swap one in three in this year's NBA draft. Also smother picks and there's well end up. It looks like we're gonna see Martell faults be in Philly and down their process is gonna continue so we'll talk to buy him coming up at 330 also talk about this Paul George situation so. Do NBA trades. Like for draft picks they actually don't happen to take as many right so do you usually I'm the rights essential to pay Kobe made. By. The bus Celtics and then they'll trade forced to the sixers are quite liked the sixers won't be on the clock to start right. One since it's finalized before the draft I think technically. They will but normally on draft night your swapping war draft rights so it is not as your true yeah that's why you see the guys put on the hat but I think since. A we guess Jordan had a 330 but I think since it's finalized before the trip before the draft and actually got on a on a caller finalize it. They will be able to us say yes number one to sit on this car is a Philadelphia 76ers you'll be able to put on a that's that you can do like NBA drafts. I think it's great made for TV product is its quick hits over just like Netflix I like that and tells takes a long time but when you talk about talent all this stuff is such a crapshoot you really have no idea what's going on so and so do lakers and you get a franchise player and of course under franchise that's gonna happen so talked to Jordan 330 Steve Martin voice of the lord it's gonna join us in about ninety minutes. And double talk to him at 430 now with the hornets are gonna do what their needs are. And going that 704570. 96 tenure numbered jumpin. Q up or sad stat of the day sound this is really well produced it always gets a snow moves so we can no place really sad stats that are about your giants today Schwartz. For that status this day really sad this like this serves are all saying you know what I saw it. This what we're doing I was. And I'm very pleased all right so this is all per the Elias Sports Bureau. Which by the way out alliance for sports bureau which does incredible stats work I just envision him like a pentagon asked building. I've always had this image of these guys what can we team we've by their stats or is that Patrick corporation company I think my company yesterday her it's like they're doing bead derby to be company's business to business. But I envision like a pentagon asking building where guys are just wearing like. Black pants whites you know starch shirt and a black tie like men in black style pocket protector yes pocket protectors with depends. And they do show up and they do stats then they'd leave like white walls white floors like they just sit at the desk I completely starched is that weird that I think better now. Porter how many humans are working there now just a bunch of computer system can so called answer your question. There to put a sweatshop for. For stats it's it's just let's just turn announces the overwhelmed section of Elvira did off so we just play the highlight Nolan are not yesterday. He was a home run shy of the cycle. In Julie wasn't. Because he got it in the Rockies won 75 over your giants yesterday appeared a six point are Major League history to you don't walk off home run in a game which he hit for the cycle. The others can boy or 61 for the cardinals. Cesar told Barnes 72 for the twins little Caesar until loved his game. Sure George Brett for the royals and 79. Enjoyed Evans for the Red Sox and 84 and then Carlos Gonzales in 2010 for the Iraqis as well but aren't auto the only one of the six to hit a walk off home run. In the most sensational way behind to ahead for victories we did that yesterday against your John it was my amend the summary duped. It's easier to mark crews are true blood season two of our end here. Anyway and also SR OK so lob Oakland Hills that is names is it's SR because he's a good mood to run its course so now the Rockies who were first place in the NL west and the giants nine straight times snow. Tying their longest ever winning streak against a particular Tony Colorado won nine straight games against the reds no wait no nine nationals in 08 or nine as well. And they now stands 46 and 2620. Games above 500 for only the second time in team history. It's funny how the giant B writers put it as the Russians have warned parents and her mom I just wanted to all the time around about this though. Rockies swept the giants in Colorado. Two improved to 4626. Over the weekend or produced all diva action Dodgers are just one game back a bit of other Iraqis as well. And this is the first time and history divisional play that since 1969 a Major League Baseball. Three teams in the same division are six what are your higher in terms of win percentage on Father's Day or later. Your giants. Nor to be found. Your. Only two and a half games better than the Phillies who were awful as well. In your nineteen games under 500 record easy worst for you guys since being twenty games under back in August 16 of 2008. Just don't know what I was the first year after bonds causes some fear. Before in these players you guys are good no in the writing the funny part is because normally when you're not doing you have no one plane while Buster Posey is quite a relief well. So to delete you know you don't see got by recruiting Brent conference play well Joseph parents to mean just it's just that their pitching has been. Horrendous social assembly giant tree sellers at the trade deadline but that's gonna happen this year right. Oh sellers I mean they stay they sold a net to be a Firestone yeah so what's his face last year from now more Matt Duffy but he was in play well you don't have to sell Brendan Bell he's gone. And then I think you have to. The promise that a lot of pieces that no one wants or don't have a lot of young players sitting there the people. I don't know that it just assuming there are a lot of veterans that people would want besides Hosea I mean. There's no one's that strikes me as a yoga is no like lefty in the bullpen that strikes me as a team wanting or needing to trade for. Are we come back Dennis Paulson on the other sovereign rhetorical US open was played our fancy closer to in this fantastic signature favored except when it's about your team and then also needed to real. That status. All right every comic hours and external front summer back in thirty seconds for powered by ortho Carolina.