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Thursday, May 18th

Mark Zinno fills in for Kroeger and kicks off hour 1 disussing how much longer Ron Rivera will be the head coach of the Carolina Panthers. 


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These c.'s primetime powered by Google Carolina Kroger. At all. I really. At least 35 comply with the moments in the NBA history. The latest we go. There's only 51 time sitting in for Kroger today here's marks you know. Chris Kroger Marciano in for Chris and they were always out on vacation pleasure to be with you guys. In Charlotte as we kick things off as you just heard Eastern Conference finals last night goes the way up the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston and rather easy fashion and we'll dive into that a lot later just watching LeBron right now is a level that I don't think we've ever seen any athlete in any sport reach. At this point in their career so there's lots to get to there. Jam packed show for you guys opposite with me till 6 o'clock tonight you can bomb on Twitter if you want app marginal MA RK ZINNOO. And wanna start this afternoon. With the idea that there's an old adage right. If it's not you get knocked down. It's if you get back up and how we get back up you know that's the true measure right but treasure so much character their fortitude and and how they're able to respond to adversity. North Carolina pet do you know after a historic season and a trip to Super Bowl two years ago missed two short seasons ago. But coach Ron Rivera is only challenge this year is to get up off the deck and make the playoffs. You see you can't go from fifteen in one time last year division and not have people question you. It just doesn't work that way. It's like in sales having a record setting quarter and and selling the most product or widgets whatever it is that you sold. And then following it up by missing your budget the next quarter. Everyone's going to wonder what the heck happened. And so when you look at. What Ron Rivera hasn't for a moment it is fair to wonder how long the leash for him it's. Well the average length of an NFL head coach's tenure with the team almost four years. And the median length is eight is less than four. Monitors now heading into year number seven. So he is exceeded the length of the average head coach. Any history tells you. That. Most non Super Bowl winning coaches because winning is several obviously get to a longer leash she you know for a lot of guys get to five years. In my rap when Tom Coughlin won a Super Bowl then. Four years later later they're ready to push a Latin boom all the giants went to miraculous run and win a Super Bowl again and then all of a sudden he's on for another five years. Before the non Super Bowl winning coaches when they have eight Aileen year. They don't respond well. And some of them don't respond at all. Pick Rex Ryan for example. Two years in back to back AFC championship games. And then boom eight nearly six in ten. And then fart. Doesn't respond well went to buffalo 887 and eight car. Former Carolina coach John Fox remember them. Look at image Chicago now. Is he look like he's going to recover. I'd be surprised at USC entire season. That's how bad it is for him there. Another example Ken Whisenhunt. Took the Arizona Cardinals. To the Super Bowl. After that. All he did was compiled sixteen wins in the next five total seasons. And now he's out of coach at least head coach. So it tell you that these guys don't respond well. It tells you that once these guys get down they don't usually get back up to the level that they work others that's not you know. They've written in stone obviously. But what a big news is it tells you that what he's up against. And quickly the NFC south has become more of a tougher division in football. Quick there's C south has become a division that is not. What used to be used to be the last place you go to first and last place you go to first. Not that anymore you have viable teams all of them. That legitimately could make an argument that won't make the post season next year. And the one thing that all these coaches having gone. Their coaches that rebound and the coaches that end up. Getting back on top. The quarterback. Ron other's future is directly tied to Cam Newton success on the field. And subsequently. As is. Mike shoeless. Without those two guys. Run a very confining some out of a job very very quick. We think about how important Oprah magazine and take John Fox for example go back to the Carolina days right. When they were winning games they were going to play also into the Super Bowl Jake DelHomme was playing well. Jake Malone didn't play well that team was bad. When John Fox went to Denver was winning 1213 games here is and Palin is pretty good was pretty good. It gets Chicago Jay Cutler look what happens. So Cam Newton will directly. Affect the coaching future run a bare and that's soreness for a lot of coaches obviously. So any different assigned an a but he doesn't know. But how quickly this team can recover. And get back to the top of the NFC south. Is tied the quarterback play but it's also tied to run a bare. And look the I I think dependent has made some fantastic moves this year and address. Obviously. They've put a focus on the running game as they should. There on the look much further south to figure out we're running game goes for quarterback who would have met Ryan. Drew Brees the other one the Super Bowl saints have the sixth best rushing attack in the NFL. As he ever had a running attack that good sense to know and choke. Why can't their team win games now what do they shrug. Orchestra recess to throw 55 times a game and a defense is on the field for 35 minutes again because there are mobile. The simple formula to win in the NFL so hard. Mean there's two maybe three quarterback you can just rely on. To win you games consists. Radian Rogers. An argument for a couple of guys here and there. Again today. What this all boils down to is. Giving your quarterback the tools to winning giving your quarterback the ability to win gates. Now cams a special player is it your return MVP form anonymous now. When he's gonna answer that question only answered over time. But of Ron Rivera is gonna last another year and and look. I think it's fair. If he they missed the post season. Penalty survives. And would anybody really be shocked. If he was fired. Advocate I'm not a fire the coach got interest him and I'm not advocating it by any stretch don't don't know it's my words here. But I'm just simply saying that that's the way it goes in the NFL coach desire to be fired. And so. If this team misses the post season. I can ABC situation where. If it's a down year in the NFC south for whatever reason the falcons struggle and if Tampa Bay's expected to be a lot better they don't do well. Misty send up back to be a seven in nineteen again and let's say. 88 or 97 wins the division and you get smoked in your first round playoff game. Can see happening here too because for a guy who's been to assume all the guys won multiple playoff games not enough to just get there. You raise the bar. And when you raise the bar you have to keep it up there you can't lower back down again. Is ownership won't do it. They're not going below the more than keyboardist. They're gonna expect this team to give back to and win a Super Bowl in the near future. How long is a leash around look for Ron Rivera only time will tell. 70457096. And that's a phone number 70457096. Tenants also building sooner Texan aren't. Because tunnels dug up on Twitter app marginal MA RKZ I NN oh in contact showed that way are we talked to Richard Dutch coming up. At 250 from SI dot com watch CNN to hit him. I'd he had missed this whole of our ball Kristy Lee from FAS one feud that went on yesterday it should get his thoughts on and how it's going to work out for both sides. I joined the wasserman will join us at 330 cover the NBA draft the rights for Bleacher Report. For the hornets gonna do I think there's only one where they're gonna go and I will tell you what that is coming up at 320 so. Lots to get to there ESPN ranked all the quarterback depth charts it seem to see where the Panthers ended up furthermore. There is one note about the NFC south that I think is unequivocal when it comes to quarterbacks we'll discuss that of course Eastern Conference finals game one. And the NBA playoffs wanted to do here again on the primetime. With Grover marginal in four. Chris grew rallies out on vacation. So when you look at. You have the NFC south and what this whole thing news is stacked up against. You'll get one of the toughest division of football that I. I think that in the AFC west of the two toughest divisions in football right now. And I got a tweet here from shed any says we missed the playoffs as to winning season seven years in a franchise quarterback rolled him. Can't be tolerate Iran ought to go. That's the whole world's not to because look. Even window for winning ultimately revolves around how healthy and how good your quarterback's gonna play what level they're gonna play at what period of time. And if it if cam he's going to have. A window for winning its now. But I think the one thing they need they need get a running game. They they absolutely need guaranteeing that to have him stopped taking hits and stop getting beat up. It stopped running the ball in his own. And used Christian McCaffery and the guys you drafted. To make your running game better and make your defense better. It ADE I've never met a team that runs the ball well and plays dead defense they just don't as a hero on the ball while he controlled the clock. Beekeeper defense off the field. You have to have great quarterback played you can run the ball well. When you play decent defense that's the formula Ford. Recite or easing the NFC south but it did this is a division that all of a sudden. You put up points like nobody's business. And furthermore. Gary it is it has to be division I can get after the quarterback just going to slow guys down. You've had now back to back MVP seasons in the NFC south. Tells you some. There was a lot. So I like to do I like the direction we're detectors are going it's just a question how mistaken exe cute. What what can they put on the field this year that is comparable with the rest of the division. And if Kim gets back to form. You know. They can be a very tough team. Tomorrow Astro wise this US atop division. Well. Chiefs made the playoffs. Raiders made the playoffs. Robbers were ten win team the year after they won the Super Bowl and the chargers which everybody forgets about oh by the way they are seven and nineteen last year. The reason they were 79 missed they played three teams that had double digit wins. Doors are bad. Our count there. They just plain ads in a division where. It stopped and two years ago when the Broncos on the Super Bowl three teams traded to the playoffs. So I mean it that's a really tough division went really list. At the AFC south that's for sure. No one team and where it's at. I don't even think it's the the Texans. It's a give the nod Andrew Luck Nicole to that it stays healthy Andrew Luck stays open for sixteen games. That's your B team that wins it. There are more talented team out offensively. Probably Houston Texans are solving anything with with Tom savage a quarterback that's for darn sure. Seven of 457096. And that's a fundamentals are building sooner or text line. A marginal in for Chris correct it is primetime powered by ortho Carolina are coming up next. We are gonna get into. The quarterback depth chart and who has the best depth at the position. That's all coming up again primetime Chris Kroger primetime Barbara org are Carolina marginal if your preschooler. Here on W a frenzy. Quarterback a primetime where Chris Kroger. Marciano in for purses are on vacation settle for five Simone on 610. That is our phone number also the building center text line you guys who maybe upon toward a gimme a follow there at marginal MA RK ZI and I know coming up. In about ten minutes the one conspiracy theory about the NBA that you logged a year. Let's say what that is here game. Ten minutes at 230 all sir miner Richard died to join us at 250 SI dot com DR. Lamar ball Christine Leahy feuded blew up yesterday and the fallout from that we'll see you discuss that as well. All the new kind of media programs that are going on out there and obviously the cut at ESP in the changing landscaper to die it's is always on top all that stuff. Also as well the 20162017. NBA teams came out the first team second team of thirteen good dusty coming up here. In ten minutes as well. Told before the break that ESPN throughout our 88 lists where they rank the depth charts of the quarterbacks who were they ranked all 32 teams according to the entire quarterback position. And this is a flawed listed. From the outset I mean I. The discussion about the backup quarterback. To me is laughable. I hated them at the back of quarterback is the most useless job in sports the backup quarterback to me is like the vice president they're only useful if the president. Gets killed removed from office. And at that point in time you're screwed anyway. Like if Cam Newton blows as he had in game two and I'm hoping doesn't happen and we do this isn't over it's over. Derek Derek Anderson is not gonna carry this team first thirteen games to a winning record. Amber is gonna come out would wreck. So it'd blow to the road. Oh. Yeah I'm bring up Tom Brady because it is the lone exception to every rule. But beyond that it's just your season's over. You can you can nitpick these little examples from here and there so I hate the backup quarterback discussion led to this list is essentially based off. Based off of the fact that you know. Your backup quarterback is is. Somewhat worthwhile and obviously to have New England at the top of the list would with Brady and prop Lois. In a Grupo loved to me is all the crazy I guess for like five games he's like Matt Flynn. But different I don't CO it's a much better. And at Huey as the packers' three the falcons in four reais the lions. And I guess I mean. I wouldn't even know who have these back up saarc is I just don't care for. And it all the way down number eleven to find the Panthers. And they're right up basically says that Derek Anderson seems now to keep the ship afloat when Newton cam play. But compared to supply Indian Seattle in the rankings does health concerns have Larkin balls in a projected while news and cam Newton's or current. Yes they're basically saying that they're games in a more likely to play but at five is a Steelers six is the same seven as the chargers eight is the giants on is a colts in tennis the Seahawks. And what I thought was a lot of interest and. Is that you have three of the NFC south teams right there in the top eleven. And I thought these Buccaneers or be ranked a lot higher they're hurt they're ranked the 21 according to its list. And so after you get to. In other three teams that are there you James Winston. And who is their backup I don't know shown either Sean ran for your Ryan Griffin. And ran free is a guided the dirt Carter knew in Atlanta when he was there. So a bored the NFC south. Ali is debatable is the best quarterback division football. I don't even think it's close to being debatable this point in time. You have three quarterbacks in that division over all one MVPs. Figure that out. Are all the top my head I don't think. There's another division has 3M VPs and even Humana division with multiple Super Bowl winning quarterbacks we are 3M VPs. And honestly right now I'm just looking down the list. There's not even another division with two. Super Bowl carts Super Bowl winning quarterbacks on their roster. NFC north only as one. And if she west only as one in the Seahawks. And nobody in the AFC south this jumps are reduced to in the AFC north this Pittsburgh Baltimore that's it. And obviously beast only has one. So. That's the challenge when you look at the NFC south and the quarterback play. Is some of the highest in the week. And maybe sell James once a little bit short on that list but again most of the space off the back up it was Winston has proven he's capable quarterback initially. And don't even go down the fantasy football road all 4000 yards as interceptions this. What's the dude play it dude can win games. The dude can absolutely win games. And that's why I think when you look at the NFC south you can making a legitimate argument that each of these teams could make the proceeds. I mean I don't know Rick. I don't think this saints could win the division I just don't I don't think they're built that way. Blight that is eighteen net. Could it. Given what they did in the draft that they if they get enough on defense and our Adrian Peterson and ends up providing the spark in the running game that I think he could. And to me that's a move by the way but I don't think people are paying enough attention to. Adrian Peterson. Could be game changer. Everybody could point to the hole always over thirty in the you know running back to downhill and a sip Adrian Peterson is another exceptional rules. All listed do all this dude did was after blowing out his knee come back and rushed for 2000 yards his last full season he played a down year for 12100 yards. Until I see major Peterson not look like Adrian Peterson and and I'm not using the three game sample set from last year. I'm not using that the game that he returned at the end of the season that test that was me and I'm not using any of that. That doesn't count for me. But until procedure Peterson not look or gauger Peterson that is a dynamite move for the saints. Now I think it's foolish of them to go get him in only use of part time I feed the rock to that point on your game as police's best. Our marketing room. Air back up. But that is a team that absolutely. Could scare you. If Adrian Peterson is he's even 75%. Of the Adrian Peterson that rush for 2000 yards fifteen and yards and a twelve or yours in three years. If he's that guy didn't been. There could be trouble. At team. Could win more games than expected as I said earlier you run the ball defense gets a lot better defense is bad no doubt about it. Would've been out on the field for thirty minutes a game. I'd be a lot better. Text your buildings and attacks on pats no doubt the deepest IQ BA degrees of all time Brady as back up and Rob Lowe. And even got a dumbed they're nurturing Michiko we knew refuse fax. How good is drop life and why we so certain how good he has. I for sure thought the patriots we're gonna dump him and watch him flame out somewhere else why not they did whatever what else. They're second round pick for Matt Cassel started. It traded Ryan now you stakes. I mean I've been the best backup quarterback to come out of New England. Since Tom Brady really took over the reins honestly Brian where he's like the most accomplished animal. So what on earth would make be believe that. Jimmy drop or is that much better than any of the other back ups that have come out of new ring. I mean what they do quarterbacks during these these guys they ship off. What the president says you choose. To can joke. They keep fleecing people for. I level picks in and everything else to give away a guy who stinks. I don't know why all of a sudden we we have anointed Jimmy drop way after watching old boy I don't know what 45 games. Was drop locally in his career. But it I just I don't know why everybody is so enamored by. I think he's already he's good. I think he's a guided it. You know can can can play eight. If we boarded get him or would she do when. A change in the course of that franchise. I'm looking at right now and I think he's played one. 04 full games in his career. And we think that this dude is. The next coming I don't buy it. Aren't the people overeat that so much so some. Prime time with Kroger Marciano in for Chris Corrigan primetime powered by. Ortho Carolina Richard Dutch dangerous coming up. At 2:50 Eastern Conference finals game one last night goes the cavaliers and boy. They even break a sweat like the cavaliers have what eight days off that even the rusty. In the main. As for darn sure. I think people need to stop and realize what we are witnessing. Right now with LeBron James. I am always a fan of al-Qaeda doesn't matter who your fan of as far as teams are concerned. If you can appreciate greatness in this whenever some people eat the patriots are much but you can't appreciate greatness I think that's EU problem. That's something you have to do that's insecurity or Euronet. When you watch. The patriots do what they do and how successful they are. You have to appreciate it in the U watch. LeBron James. Do what he does how can you not appreciate. We are simply. Looking at something so special. Think about this toward second put this in context. LeBron James is having the absolute best play offs of his entire. Career. In season number. Fourteen. Season fourteen he's playing at his. Best. There's not another athlete. Who's done that. Brady's still really good he's not having the best play offs ever. Derek Jeter wasn't having his best playoff since he's in fourteen Kobe Bryant wasn't having his best season. In the post season in your fourteenth Michael Jordan certainly wasn't Michael Jordan's shell of himself in your fourteenth. Was it close to the saint. Yury tegra last night Boston cannot guard LeBron James now with anybody. Now they tried to switch defenders early on they are trying to switched and toward different guys Adam and everything else that epic fail. There's not a guy wearing a green uniform. Beck Limbaugh give that can slow to a slowdown LeBron James is that there's maybe two or three guys near to our planet who can slow down a run games and none of them play for the Celtics. None of. The other take away at less than outside affected that'll be the biggest from the Celtics is is. Slowing down LeBron somehow. There's a dude shooting 54% are nevermind the fact that. He can do what he does ease you shooting 54%. LSI to go to Iraq a lot which you know which part of why he shot so well but again has been a whole playoff thing. But the ball movement Massa for the cavaliers was off the charts like it looks spurs ask statement. You watch a game is just touchpad not fastest mass all around the entire court. I'm sitting there going this Boston team looks so outclassed it's laughable. Now we're about fatigue district c'mon it's the plows put in an excuse. Oh what earlier there. We're being tired beat the wizards in five games at a seven. You know be less tired that you problem again. But the ball was fantastic I think the only way I'm the only way Boston. Can fight their way backers of the data chippy. You're gonna have to write it you could say it's dirty and I am not suggesting anybody get dirty turning injury but that's not what I'm saying is gonna get physically just a bang guys around. Disrupt the rhythm. Because they can't match Cleveland player the player. Who did they just don't think about the starting five. Tell me it Cleveland player who's better. Tristan Thompson owns Al or. You don't have two years ago when he was alana. A funny stat about Al Horford by the way Al Horford. These old thirteen in the post season against LeBron James has not won a single game against. So weird quirky little thing about those fine. But player for player but it doesn't have anybody gets better. Please take our bread and and then then. JR Smith. Even that is still an 80% clip for the caps. So it's me. I don't know that Boston has a shot in this series. Now of your conspiracy here. And you like that sort of thing and let me preface by saying I'm not. There was no second coming on the grassy Knoll and there was a refers an envelope Reynard I don't believe me this stuff. But it hurt disappears he peers. Watch the way to foul calls go. In both series. Watch the way to be the you know it is a foul calls may start to favor Boston and favor Senna Tony because the NBA. Does not want an eight day layoff between the finals games and the game one of the NBA finals these are tough as the Western Conference finals. If both of those series you are suites is an eight day layoff. Before they play game one. What the hell are we gonna do what what is anybody in the NBA world gonna do for eight days. I mean it. That is a that is 888 conundrum that Adam silver must be scratching his head that right now wondering. Wondering what we're gonna do. Mean there's a shot the spurs could win tonight. A shot maybe. Spurs to win game three. Dear lord. If that is just here. To order conspiracy theorists that's where your and oh by the way. I think I watch last night. Any pure basketball fans out there. Is anybody irritated. At. What the NBA has become. It's like chuck up threes all night. And when they miss it is so are aesthetically pleasing it is so ugly. It's the lights going up in the bar 2 AM like everything just gets ugly man. I it's it's it's basketball stopwatch on the shots faults grade school. Right there's threes arena forever wherein. Dame's high scoring in France go nuts and you have done it but anticipation when the shot pleases and a waiting for the ball to go American. Right. When a client get off the rim don't. Main. I've always been a college guy like you know I used to call cause vessel games and I loved it because. Everything you know all back in the 352 shot clock is all 35 seconds were used for the most part. Their coaches would lose their mind if there was a one pass and shot possession. But that's at the MBA has turned into resistor and on a court thrower over one guy and took up at three and you know it's it. And there are some other sides to a point. It was it's it was an aesthetically pleasing at times last night watch and again. I I I couldn't take much from other than to be. Enamored and certainly you know just drawn in by what LeBron is north. I just knew you were watching something that is so great. So great. And you see LeBron is now twelve and no. Since what was it they've went down 31 of the finals last year. And it's just unreal. He sees just the it. I don't wanna start the Jordan LeBron debate because to me there isn't much of one anymore left. And he Reynolds on the Jordan so much and as I'm talking to a Carolina audience but. From a guy doesn't have a as dog on either side in the fight doesn't really care who who you're annoying to me. It's LeBron. I I don't I don't see Howard couldn't be. When it's also and done he's gonna surpass him. In every statistical category with the exception championships and championships here on barometer. Mean Brady has for an hour right. And okay well. If LeBron has to gets it gives Chris Montana at four and India and Brazil used to a kitchen Montana. Certainly pass Montana and every statistical passing category. But if that's the agenda is that's the barometer for what the greatest is well. I don't think you're working hard enough. And attacks are on the dole and senator excellence is tracks when you can have been to file their shots from players shot run backwards while once they have carried us and goes in you know. You're 40% of the times of a bigger deal. It's crazy when that dude does it. There's releases and he knows he absolutely knows. And doesn't even hesitate. And while the deep chasm orders early on a collision course in the finals. And I do why Golden State is a favorite. But if you're a betting person had to bet against Clinton right now. And you legitimately bet against. Mr. Brady has five thank you appreciate that. Whatever as a matter. We lost to. That's one baby chip which of argument is weak. But nonetheless. Did he did what what is the benefit to what what what is the V. Realistic theory on why a. Golden State is the favor to as a betting person. I don't rein in the battle brought. I use this phrase and about all time I'd make about again if I feel so confident and I can bet on LeBron and watch him lose in the finals and say yeah I make about again because the level that he's that is just unreal. The level he's at his sued like I said earlier something we've never seen before. Memorable. Sit back watch and admire and enjoy it during every single second of it. Because simply put. We may never see again. And and that's something that. You know. We should all be thankful that we're watching. The sale least. Or Monday as a sister station WDT is heading to Fort Mill this Friday may nineteenth for its second hometown to work. Mean Botox and Scott FitzGerald John Hancock and Mark Garrison the discussing all the hot topics surrounding. Fort Mayo had to forgo this Friday and join. The conversation I am marginal gain for Chris career on prime time powered by ortho Carolina we come back. We will get into. The debate that went on between. Christine Leahy and no more ball and as well we're also gonna talk to Richard die each. Of SI dot com he's gonna join us as we got plenty left to do here. On prime time. Power bar or burger at Carolina on W and if Lindsay. What about the prime time we're Chris Carlin remarks generated Chris was on vacation 70457096. And that's a phone number or sore. Building senate tax lying. Coming up next hour we'll get to the Charlotte hornets and what they need to address in the NBA draft there is one need to. Unequivocally they have to do not say with that is coming up around 320. Joining us now. He is a writer for SI dot com has Sports Illustrated and proof that real men followed twins it is Richard died aged joining the program Richard welcome good talked again but. Now aren't. I'm door have a little ones and romance. Are there are important well at for those listen you don't know I have said the twins my own so rich and I have that in common let's get back to business. As normal so the deal of our ball Christine Leahy viewed happens. On TV for everyone to see let me ask you outside of the form that we zine or kind of those fights that happen. Good for programs as far as ratings are concerned. Well I mean listen I wouldn't say dissertation gauged by but I think you could bring up our ball and and that at a that's what has brought and then multiple on multiple shows. You know your brain him for re in your try to milk. Is being provocative that is being outrageous and and think something that can again take up. So it doesn't necessarily. It and it certainly bring a rating that date. A what you really hard to sort of compelled to listen to. What Bob ball at that time but what it doesn't it helps your social media traffic you don't shoot yet. Some Cottam viral videos it helps you and this is an important one don't you get some narratives. Over the next 2448 hour haven't checked at best one out today but I certainly in their social media keep. Especially Lavar ball is the story of the day. Or at best want to eat provided them with endless amount. Contact so it it may have a negligible impact on the ratings it except if he come back on and they promoted that would go up. But the birdie there are the reason they do this of course is. Trying to get some blood in the marketplace and that's what you bring look all bought it make that that's one and beyond that make ESPN another step. You stay with FAS one is coverage and I genocide dot com they announced a new morning show and writing Cris Carter in the lead in four. Collin cower showed the book the number and it FS one says the numbers bump up because of undisputed do you expect that same result happened for undisputed not a bad morning show. I think though it'll give me again where are you very relatively small numbers in the television universe but yet I think it will give. And this is a little bit of a bomb because it's more dramatically. In line with what undisputed that the votes do you. Funding between six and 930. And it is his court opinion that it is sports debate. That doesn't sort of you know go through the same general grounds. As. As undisputed at our show. Six Serra will say it is not respected tech writer our gross ardor. They have a very very hard job try to yet and each out of viewership. Aaron dig entering what you can argue be safe democratic competitors base which it morning television could not only compete against other sports entities. You're competing against cable news in here about trump. Which there's massive interest and pick a key issue traditional morning shares today Good Morning America if she's yet to show which there are always gonna draw. Big numbers and finally you're competing against ESPN machine which is going to market debt hack out of Mike Greenberg Misha. So like if you think you're inundated would have to get Baylor up heartburn yeah a playoff. Pictures now hole hold yourself because ESPN. Starting in December or whatever is going to inundate you with ads from Mike Greenberg new morning show. Starting in January so much. But the very top tour for nick right Chris Carter and I think it yet I guess is that they're almost there essentially to help the rest but a lot up. As opposed to it being expected to get there Auburn. He's richer diets of SN dot com Sports Illustrated joining us. It is prime time accrual marginal in for Chris this afternoon. You mention my Greenberg's new show you know did the break up of Mike in my case. Somewhat similar to Zack and Kelly on saved by the bell in certain ways but. What when Mike when Michael or was alluding to its not their story to tell or his story to tell what did you glean from that. Well I mean there's some traumatic in the air right now between Mike Ribery Michael future really stirred. A I believe I cleanup I coat pretty ticked off. And that's very obvious you is entire family basically went on a Twitter rant at age. The morning. That basically. Calling out ESPN management and what I keep saying. Is that he sure you know today. Abuses won't know this but there was. It did there was an announcement that I can like we're going to mood should be your Garamendi who you know certainty com. I guess the best way to describe this sort of war baked Good Morning America export show where they are going to use. ABC did these resources to get more entertainment tight gas and but basically what they're gonna do it they're gonna try to rebrand recalibrate the might get by and cage or creep hold you show. For this long running shall. And it pitched Greenberg Angola timetable clearly were handed excited about it and it management pulled that out from under the rug. So you're Michael if you think our right. That was what happened now I'm in Connecticut wit my longtime partner and head blown all of what happens Mike Greenberg. Goes off. And as he is certainly is right in the business goes off and get their own solo gig get paid a lot of money. I think having not talked to him. Directly I think Michael it is pretty kicked off but he feels like. You know I had this long running incredibly successful show and now everything is changing all that said. Peter first world problems. Mike Greenberg has been paid millions of dollars by ESPN during history should each get three side he's going to continue on a show we train we go. And is from Michael junior I needed enough landscape of you know sort of people's problems. You know that's why in the millions but would any ecosystem sports television. He's clearly ticked off and that was just injured exactly because. You really did not have to go that deep to sort of read through a lot out at. Is Richard I Richard SI joining us in his prime Tom crow were marginal in for Chris. You know as far as the the landscape of sports television is concerned it is you just mentioned. I wonder. It was ESPN. Prompted to change the format of Mike and Mike because. On the money situation or is it because they felt the program is getting stale because I mean. Okay eighteen years is a long long run put that that doesn't mean that they were losing ratings are losing revenue. I think Blatter I think there was a perception. Both among management. Maybe not as certainly among viewers but certainly maybe a ball. What mattered was reading it sort of anecdote that yet they show woods. Getting a little routine a little wrote. They had urban pitching forever you know here in this sex a ballplayer airs this nerdy guys that are under Garrett created and radically no cricket bat and a macho but I. I'll and so I think what they were thinking what we got a likes sort of we begin this new energy. Yeah we're going in a war against competition. That what did you traditional local local sports anymore but you don't stop on Syria whether it will. Sport specific about what and CEO Howard Stern so I think they I think they want to get to become like shock radio like it it just. They need eating do you. Come marketing that they can put out to. Listeners but not least waited outside on the opposite of course huge economic at eighteen years and incredibly successful brand. Whether even if they're not being. Local shows which generally speaking are not very good fortune 500 Billy. And so there in so many markets that they give the shirt still makes money you know they're still selling advertising you get it. And so it's a risk because there's no guarantee. Trailing bill and Michael junior comment and people are gonna want. Look for it I think mark your nose three radio amateur radio it. Name. Or were just Erik millions of Americans who have that happen attorney ESPN radio on in the morning expecting your Mike Greenberg and Mike. So now the question is will they maintain that habit or would a different voice are all different shell prompt them to. Change and I guess I guess we shut in cheek but it's it's a risk only and it's a bad. They're breaking up would have absolutely been a successful brand and there is no guarantee and I think it's actually a launch my own opinion that Mike Greenberg and hit it out a partnership. And our agreement the WFAN New York princess's face and same challenges and only going to be as successful as they walk away from that Richard died today aside joins us. On the NBA ratings on TV or are big this year over last year. Now if Adam silver is up with a situation where both these are conference finals are suites is an eight day lay off. To gain one of the NBA finals is that like a nightmare situation for the NBA. No not at its Cleveland all stay in fact I think it's. Will be their first he'll get. Look like if you were all much or get a data build up before. Game it was a we want her to quit or people let's say it you know it should not abroad not Golden State. Bottle but yeah I think that's a bad scenario you're never wanna wait a suite in the conference finals which. Because it happened so they're gonna get you to get sick and it's. Off on the play out if you're open for game seven even how to separate for up. Pretty dramatically but I don't think that impacted at all I think people are very excited about being Golden State. Verse is Cleveland again and particularly this year because of the way Lester Spanish you know cap coming back 31. That's that's a great narrative based and it worries it plants. So there it'll literally. It's what the final where it is literally like you know twenty story lines that are. Really really interest trying not to lump on I mean you literally could just went down the list. Four that theory you could find like twenty different things to focus so now I don't think it's an art and at all. I think the reverse what happened and I expect the rating be just as big as they work last year and texture raised Brady. Singular best and it bottle and Michael Jordan last bottle a 1990. Bomb on Twitter at Richard die check out the work on SI Sports Illustrated SI dot com is Richard dodged the best in the business sometimes it was brother appreciate it thank mark. One of our guys joined under a frenzy of supporting leukemia in the film society make a donation to our fund raising campaign we are part of a team working to raise as much as possible in a ten week period. All the nations greatly appreciated and tax deductible would not only support Ellis research for patient services advocacy. Public and professional education and community services as well please visit WF and C dot com slash LL ask for more information and to donate aren't we come back. There was only a matter of time before guy who spoke this much stuck his foot in his mouth that's next Marciano in for Chris congress for a Democrat over par but over Carolina -- W a frenzy.