Primetime: LeBron vs. Draymond Talk

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Friday, June 16th

Kroeger & Michael Felder weigh in on the LeBron vs. Draymond saga.


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BC's primetime. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Kroger during the break Shia need to go to the front desk anyway I'm official now but we mean. And you're walking in here and what you have. Got a badge that says anger comes Charlotte and it says dear against name on his side he's got one lose lay in your is that we're tracks and maybe even more official you're like a kid losing volume store is fun to play yeah. Then on another how you feel about brutal margins are brutal harsh. It's quite a while home. The good Lowell singer he's not Michael Jackson by any stretch and now nobody. Pretty big memories of Michael Jackson a few weeks ago I don't print guys thank you over Michael Barrett thank you by its course and they're they're both good and BioPharma dirt tomato to motto there goes a flavor thing. The warlords like this guy he's an entertainer to unveil its. He'll draw Dumars is cheesy music equivalent of just like a good actions like that you know this is gonna win an Oscar. It's it's gonna leave me feeling a little empty few hours from double while a minute. This is good this is this give me the good didn't give us a feel good season. Inferiority for me I feel like this is I was number of Mars another dance. Also it all again actually told me she was something we dare say OK I might be sore tomorrow okay from all advancing. But there's going to be some day it's and it's tough decision since bill when he comes on he's rewriting the musical world but now. You it would keep its its giving you everything needs and it's going to be it's gonna move make you feel good we need some of that on a Friday we got tough Michael Felder witness. From the Bleacher Report ad in the bleachers on Twitter. Tony Bradley in less than thirty minutes he worked out for the hornets today sort talked to an out a former tar heel he's a national champion not a bad way to spend your one year Carolina would do that at 330. And Tim Brando for fifteen Rick and Ellis for thirty talk Cortes was amp Lincoln Riley our best of the best so close out the show if you missed a new OU head coach earlier in the week. How about this text reading and Bobby Petrino global squeaky clean. Through there are Dexter did your text or Bo Ryan had a sex scandal yeah home forgot about that Europe. How could you forget about that because everybody sheets that tell you forget about it it's. Tums wondered on the merits and that does Gary Anderson had a recruitment scandal 2015. At Wisconsin another techsters adding in. I mean this stuff just everybody's got some that somebody saying Chris Peterson at Washington and Boise. That's there again that's the couch sleeping in that's under that was a Peterson thing up. You know a decent does look the part told a guy you'd cellular has gone to any cheating. Always talks in the NBA we think it's this amazing dream on green audio from yesterday I did you guys don't like him. But I'd like him for this. Like I like him for what he does and what he provides for me in my job in the sport in God's awesome. And so we're gonna get to this in the second first and go back to Michael that we got him I back it's better cell service with some Michael. Thanks for taking my call to close out those do not follow up on. They should take all that basketball money I know the first few rounds go to the conference. But all the money that they took it why don't they give it a scholarship money to Egypt toolbar that wanna go to school there. Because obviously some of those kids don't. And you know the whole they don't think it's really kind of bastard Isaac college basketball programs and I don't think there can be. A clean program in these days because like these kids that don't really care about the name on the front of their shirt no doubt. That dumping here. Michael appreciate the call and I this is with a thing again you saw people don't like coach cal did I not if you watched his thirty for thirty this thing not respect thing you walk away realizing his. What people think of him the general thought I think Felder is of coach cal Perry is this guy doesn't care about kids music kids. It's the exact opposite actually. Only cares about the kids he doesn't care about Kentucky exactly doesn't care about the NCAA. He still a touch of all the guys that Memphis and you mess and the story LaMarcus KB wanna come back in Marty's like. Mark genre got to go like you have to re doing you have to leave. Like you do you need this your mom you need this for your family need this for you you're not doing this your gold you're leaving here you're going to the NBA and I think you almost have to when someone iris and in most ways respect coach cal for that. Like you're not using the system. Allowing these kids to be not used your due not to be the guy that chews them up and spits him out. Or is my big thing and I think that this is often forgotten because it's not reported heavily but it. Those guns go back to school and I mean I've been at summer session in seem. Carolina basketball players that left early. Back at school are literally just got his degree couple years ago we stop we talk about Cam Newton couldn't do some good because he was. Back at school yet so I think maybe that's something the people think about that they don't care about but these schools have recognized that. Lifetime education is a big thing where. Whether you're darn you wanna do in the summer time but being able to go back to school that they that exists and in most shut down global tomorrow. The guys that leave early can go back to school and their welcome back and they love it. I was so Ryan right now stacked checking every coach was thrown his way he has. He's working very studiously back there a wanna do this right can you queue up our audio here we got amazing audio from dream on green how do you feel about drama building like him I'm. Okay. Why why not. I mean I mean come on in your due kicking guys in the jimmies Larry Kenney Dahlia he's a he's it is a piece addicted to kicking guys in the nuts in all along just super talent like basketball I mean in this is like never really got into it as a player. It's a game of finance and smooth menace and he just. If he you wanna play for your toilet break he was on a China shop throughput football and I see guys like Brad and I know the football not a thing for. Was so do you enjoy the circus said he creates do you like yeah element. Yeah the trash talking during mongering that's and it's it's an interest in part I like that I do enjoy that part but am I just need someone to get the best of them is all that's what I'm. OK so yesterday you he's on the celebration floats and then he gets to the stage and they're all grabbing the Mike and doing their thing he's wearing a shirt it's has quickie. And the Q it's if you can if people are aware of an unfamiliar with the Quicken Loans sip logo. Quicken Loans is obviously the east title sponsor of the cavs arena Dan Gilbert is actually. Or round or whatever of Quicken Loans so what you but he it's spelled quickie so it had the Quicken Loans Q. And then sit quickie with the troll the Larry O'Brien trophy behind it because he's making light of how quickly they got rid of the cavs up. In the NBA finals and so. I he breaks down this is on us CSN Bay Area this is dream on green breaking down why on earth he has that shirt off. Okay back. Here's a super G I don't display this as you were okay. I usually. I'll always. For which there's a new report. We're prejudice and so it's okay. Whatever the solution that's perfect. Art sets it straight months ago you shot a LeBron who just weeks earlier is that I've never done a super team it's different I've what I did Miami wasn't a super team. Yeah we have we had to come together we had to get rid of everybody else we just three guys it's always had. Which whatever you can in spirit are you want to capture let me LeBron you played on the super team. But he bodily I think to slim he's referring to Kevin direct indirect yep which by the way I look I've always loved the nickname slim reaper. Kevin Everett Saturday and a name that's the best part of the governor and I love that nickname. Also make mixers column slim as Suzanne thanks slim for come and making us. Super team or being on a super team enjoying a super team other then there's trim on also on talking about his shirt he breaks down his we don't have that cut right. But we added in there we have dug a dream I was talking about his quickie shirt it won't vote was on that shirt why he. Why he said why he was wearing that your put he also went on to say. We speed of thought a bunch of number one taxi starter Cohen out all the guys there on the cavs LeBron. Cairo Reid called all the students out and LeBron of course yesterday. Took the picture of blood drain on wearing a quickie sure posting an in his instruments and that's what she said. You're a dream on take any screen shuttle LeBron now bald yeah working out the gym that's. And all that needs I don't know ball on the ground ball as a mayor and that is. All quickly challenged. That's not bald my hairline is running as fast is the bronze. That's not ball super tight till it's tight and I that's elegant writer Eric. If that was ball don't mean I have no world Speedo yeah and I like to have that last option of actually being bald. As a place that I can go home. A dream months and look liquids and dubs did told finally made him go home and so he's taken shots in this is all funny to make outs of the it's pretty crazy that. This is going on these after the NBA championship and so LeBron. Still involves still interest it's still firing back straight months and yeah I wanna keep this rolling not like not be gone with few weeks we won I don't care anymore he's keeping a rowand series I just love them both of these guys. Our live and in each other said right now. Ratcheting up this rivalry and I think it is becoming a rivalry yet it seemed forced it first it seems less forced now don't go when you play it back to back finals. You start to become rival. And I I think it's great for the MBA I don't I mean here's the thing felt everybody say end. Looked at what's going on any NBA super teams not good for the MBA. All all the same three team the same two teams three years of growth for the first time ever in the finals not good for the NBA it's forty point four million people on average watch the NBA finals this year most since 98. It's the same is always in the NBA it was you know it was Celtics lakers it was. It was then we talk about the bulls and whoever else wanted to try and play against them. Though rockets we saw all this all these things have already happened in the NBA they keep happening we saw all the lakers and the lakers were just super dominant for the second time around. Was Shaq and with Kobe in the they got to moral framers and Gary Payton at the end of his run and call more at the end of his run. But I mean Robert Horry is on our team and they've got big. The idea of a super team isn't new it's not special and we're we're seeing the NBA war the way the MB is always worked. So these guys went on the up podcast for Richard Jefferson and Cheney try to get a podcast on not on erupted we choose. It is players draw and site yep through through is to be Ross I think they're doing girl totally out the glass reports anymore okay used to be so I'd put it in their run in this site and there's this podcast would Jefferson and Channing Frye and hum also the sideline reporter for are for the cats who Alley Clifton and they've been doing this all threat years actually really cool podcast and and dubbed. A team so whiz says no when he stomach Christ green super team comments via the city says no amino three lakers uncle my Karl Malone Payton Shaq and Colby. In 96 when Jordan retired. On the rockets joined Charles Barkley Hakeem Olajuwon Clyde Drexler on the same team. But I don't look at it is I just when it start to super team that's what he's trying to say but I just feel like that it's great on the day you're celebrating your championship. My likeness of my name is in your head I love that that's LeBron James on that podcast and race though does play in India. Still display of world yet all would all of our goals in Australia. Entering its endurance to shorter you know maybe he's closing because of the age difference a little bit but it's still bronze world and everybody's lemon in it. Oh yeah it's he's he's he's still the best now for them is there to get all members of armor. Give give the body ready for another year of of getting beat up because that's what the list can get some help but it's me I know so people like this idea. But I love the idea of what are the cat's gonna do there to try and reload they have to do some they need they need some help from the bench. Richard Jefferson can't keep being your own. Good to get defensive guy with can also give be at some toughness to you gotta be you've got to cultivate until it amonte Shumpert can't be your best two way player out subtle brought there and I'm sorry that's just not not against that team. Use in that same person. Money it's our governor yet he's up and down and you can go for point five sometimes and other times. Is he couldn't throw the ball on the ocean so he's up and down he you cannot I don't know that's the guy you wanna be say that you wanna say this is who were count. All right let's do this Tony Bradley in fifteen minutes former tar heel he's coming out of the NBA draft and I worked after the hornets today so we'll talk to him at 330 more with elder only keep the NBA talk rolling beautiful little hornet's as well ritual met with the media we get some comments on that. It's after the some primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Intel primetime which Chris Kroger powered by ortho Carolina dot com. So here. You don't all you got us on my entire coaching stuff Mike Brown. Thanks for doing OK you know them. It's all you guys thank you floor on the commitment to each other very easy. Oh and into the news and all I want you just Baltimore's. I had. There. Shut. The. Here's the thing I don't think that got the reaction from the crowd in the moment because I don't think the crowd really put two and two together. But if you're in on the joke that was a good joke from Steve Kerr yesterday was good and anywhere on the says someone asked him about it historic drill kind of one of the larger amounts of drugs. The Caribbean humble when you limit absence for those who are unaware LeBron James to his trolling last year Dennis. He did more subtly of was a really all that so nobody was more subtle. For a capital Kermit sipping the tea worthy you know they were with the Kermit I mean money hat. As he got off the plane to go back to Cleveland is celebrates. The also were sure to sit ultimate warrior. For the wrestler because they changed since the ultimate warriors the 73 when warriors in the this year. Steve Kerr calorie drain among green's firing back where you quickie shirt yesterday. Are saying LeBron you did start the super teams here's the other quote from a LeBron and company history on this job. This podcast from uninterrupted with Cheney tried to Richard Jefferson they've been doing this all year and then just magically LeBron decides to be a guest host yesterday when a it's. Wonder why that happened Jefferson said people forget you when you went to Miami a day just lost in the first round and you added a Chris Bosh. I just remember when people talk about super teams this and am putting people together would have been like if you join the Boston Celtics. After you had lost to them. According to Gerson ghosting worse we have been the best team last three years they broke the MBA records for the last three years and they added probably the second best talent in the NBA. And Dodd then James went on to speak glowingly about Kevin Durant he sees the talent of his own. I got this idea near seven feet handles the ball to wade does the athletic ability to eighty hasn't shooting the ability to shoot the ball from anywhere he's just a rare talent that our league hasn't seen. And Doug went on to talk a little bit more he says the other guys such a great guy and a gentleman and the general is like gentleman banner back and forth Fries said. I purposely not calling green by name LeBron replied oh yeah for sure. It's like this it's the greatest day you could hardly having your life and you're talking to us Channing Frye said that's cool though. Absolutely LeBron James said absolutely the one thing now say Jefferson said. Is that he's ugly fry interjected. He added added that please sell those guys are just having fun. Going after it and this is going to be a rivalry in the NBA for awhile and some meat some some you guys are going to be really mad about you already are. But the rating saying otherwise and I would like to think. The ratings are gonna continue to be this good. I mean if it's warriors cavs again for fourth straight year and say hypothetically. The cats find a way to add Paul George or Carmelo Anthony without giving anything up here's the thing Felder. Talked to a Brennan like five minutes everybody simply got to get ready Kevin Love you know you don't know that's that's so finally getting it right and that's actually the last thing you do what you wanna compete with a super team is remove one of your superstars. You'll find a way an adult there is a way did you find a way to leverage what are your other joked pieces to get Carmelo Anthony. Or Paul George or Chris Paul or something you'll find a way to left or Blake Griffin find a way to leverage one of those junk pieces. To get something or LaMarcus Aldridge so we all know that could be had Julia. You mean yeah and that's going to be the fund to Venus why I love the NBA but I watch the NBA for the stuff I watch the NBA because it's basically pro wrestling. But it's wrestling for guys that. Care to not watch pro wrestling because they think their order that our three right. This Israel pro wrestling there he'll turn their stars are guys were literally awesome on the Michael entry among green or guys troll and each other. You basically know what's gonna happen but it's the random stuff in between that's that's the part worth watching the exit with a steel chair who comes sliding out from underneath the ring. Why are you hiding there Carmelo a year there I didn't know you're there are you doing that. That's why I watch the NBA and it's been good the last three years like really really good really good. I think it's gonna be phenomenal next couple of years and not only this thing about this too. What's it gonna look like when net I don't know save the spurs realize. And what we got not enough fodder. What are we gonna go get to compete with the Golden State Warriors what's gonna look like when you get a team like Toronto who's got a bunch of pieces right now. And it's a lot of money and maybe they feel like they're still missing some guys but they can move guys around. They can let a guy walker they could trading guide to a sign and trade whatever Boston's got all these assets yup what is Boston somehow convince is Gordon Hayward and Paula George to go there. And they landmark health faults he turns out to be starred in the number one with this number one pick. Like people acting like the NBA's broken into in broken man most prominent or from Brooke this is what the NBA supposed to look. Is what it's now they're doing it the way they wanna get a dominates. When you're watching in you know I would work in the same initial relook at demos and we look at. Skewing the NBA is the only sport where fans are just getting older and aging out again and he's got young people are still interested. And they do a great job of that and people love this stuff and as more and more young people get on board. That's advertised is there more money pumped into him more money that's bumped into what the more you're gonna see on television. You know what's funny is we we'd literally just got done celebrating the Laker Celtic traveler from the eighties with a thirty for thirty or talk them and the good old days and it's like. Give us kind of happening right now like that you could say the competition is different now better. I jog dial mom would you I'd I love the waiting game is being played today I love the way these these guys are challenging themselves but to join in a different way and people like different sometimes but the general idea of stars on big teams that are consistently good couldn't drive the health of the NBA and that is exactly what's going on like take takes the warriors out of the picture. Take the cat's out of the picture slapped the knicks on the outside of one of those eaten rosters get slapped. The lakers on the outside one of those rosters in Southern California celebrating that men like we're we're Bert or like sit here like one to throw a parade and in demanding the NBA season doesn't end yet. It's it's wild how good I mean these guys it is their soak it. Are all so good and even that even the bad teams have good players and I think that's a move things that you've got to get with the draft coming up you've got its other. Always craziest thing about this and I think her delegates are say it is the other day and this is true of this puts it in context. This is working the NBA has just shift it like Kevin Durant live earth so LeBron. Exit again go back he can talk about what the lakers did what how they were able to. You don't put all that those guys were older I mean I'm sorry you were trying to keep the and Roy have a dynasty together and you just slap some other guys in there to come along for the ride that was different. The Celtics always guys still semi in their prime with. With god with Garnett in with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen and Rondo. Coming together that was a super team for sure it happened in a different way and then LeBron said none now. I'm changing the paradigm again all three of us on our own volition let's find a spot or we can all land Albie Max guys. We'll take a butcher random jimmies and Joes can win an NBA championship and they did it. And then the warriors chased apparent on again because they say you know what. We're going to be drafting really well we're gonna build from within and it always about a way we did that in our cap space is so good because we drafted well. Let's bring in the biggest ticket free agent in the NBA in the last five to ten years. So like he keeps like these teams keep one upping each other which I think is fantastic to watch it's great entertainment. But what happens next like Abbott disk dude sweeting in app prime time WS fancy rally jeweler Twitter feed. This is this generation hasn't had a good MBA rivals I mean what does this. I mean he Celtics was a good rivalry for me into the two thousands as LeBron was trying to get that thing rolled. There item. I mean just. Lakers Celtics when those guys rural in the mid 2000 who's heard me person's written spurs and mavericks spurs and pistons was good for a couple years were good I mean just there's. There are good ride he says I don't think Millen Paul George W championship pedigree helpful brought get past the worst. You were saying that same thing about derail it a year ago that he couldn't he was an all our. After the blue is the glue of the 31 lead I was in was in Seattle. Which. Which is funny because okay see now you're telling reveling in that but I was they won't they loved but I was in Seattle. As as they the series tied up just thinking and I'm a big west prepares you understand you come wanna do from our guys do it for my guy do upper west broke let's give. The under cavs finals in the now was for king he can't do all by himself somebody's gonna pay him at some point. With OK so what does what does quest for goes to San Antonio. Our director head around that are a thing LaMarcus YE coli ate Russell Westbrook Danny green light after. That's the fun to me and so I know it's like here's what sucks is Euro more insignificant. What had a lot of really good American you dressed well yep I'm sorry you know without a silver when he says look this should drive every team to get better what they need to get better and that's the market that's the that's capitalism in this country. I think there's a kid I think there's I look at it kind of to a baseball wins where there are some teams that can be buyers all the time through the Red Sox. The Yankees and in the NBA it's not a silly where you're located editor even your team's. His story is just who else is on your team because that can help make you a buyer and I think there's other teams have to drop format to build their team. Through the draft process and have to develop their talent I think born toward team has to do that. And here's the other thing Alaska's are gonna walk committee draft prospect right now I would like to think that there are guys who are watching this league right now is Aguirre did come in and think. I'll need to be appeared on Shuster this time. Among the media got it changes the balance all of us us guys undergone a wee team and change the balance again to where yeah it's not to be these teams running things for awhile so this stuff. Water has a way of finding level and it will be the worst are gonna have the run for a while they have the cavs are gonna keep doing it too but water's got to find a way of finding level and I think it's gonna happen and it's going to be fun to watch is why I love the NBA man stars tried everything in the NBA and we're seeing that right now don't go to detective come Kessler or to keep talking some NBA were gonna. Mix in all NBA draft talk with say on national champion. I'm going after here in North Carolina the good for him he gets to try to make his name any NBA in the NBA draft work now for the hornets earlier today Tony Bradley make in time forest Tony how are you man. Her and I'm doing well so how how was the work out this morning over here. A quick worker who oil sources told there most people who didn't know what do. If people that he didn't even thought overall what really well. Work answer you had over the last couple weeks. Bigger stroke what march 11 record or who are only. Tony that's that's a lot of work outs man that is a lot of work outs. They're clear they're internal order country charter. Just prove myself it will get on it would be directed by union. I'm into an apartment so far. We would work. It's like is that I hear a lot of people say are they don't matter all that much like you're not getting evaluated necessarily in terms don't allow you don't know on three on three drills as a lot of stuff that's unnatural to the weight of the way games played in the MBA five on five what. What does matter in terms of these work out is it the energy level is it that readiness just being mentally locked into should we do have to be. Every bit mentally drained as your physical drain with a leather work outs over the last couple weeks what's important for these things. All right our military grind but I know I need to. Do you work out there are so let there are very important. Showing you sort of the oracle of steel or third. The record there is still on the court it was you were so off the court is what keeps you in. Come close he knows that she's. It just you know so I collect. Up of course it is especially important. Our Tony talk about all the court for me when we we all look at these mock drafts and all this noise kind of coming from all the court sources. Do you block that out or is that some of that kind of fuels your fire senior lower in this one higher in this important. What are you do with all the mock draft information in the rumors that kind of swirl about what which team may end up picking. Most definitely are not block out well dressed you think I'll put our sought out last year out collections that are. Asking people. They're we'll go to it'd been didn't go first round also think anything's possible special is that this year almost all of the year. Destructive loaded with them a lot of talent. It hasn't that it. The best years it exploded solo did that looked air. Is it crazy you when you we can you when you start to go through the draft process and Tony Tony Bradley's with a former tar heel NBA draft prospect worked after the hornets earlier today. It was a crazy deal when you you know you kind of get to the end of the year and you guys are winning a national championship didn't you get a bunch of guys who have. Found redemption and you come in your wanna be a part of that and in a day and guys start talking about you is when you're the best pro player on this team. Your one and done player in your coming off the bench is key reserve put the talk about Tony Bradley is the best pro player. And a Carolina team last year was a kind of surreal for you just coming in as a freshman Eddie how did you got did you digest all that. Well. I really don't. Tackle good you are best cochlear routine you know our our political of that and those last auto social media stuff but. You've done it I didn't go. Not much harder to grip that much did you could go shuttle book out. All the stuff that I did what garlic stuff so also proceeded it you will really world movies so off we ordered that I'm sure that. You just need to be a little piece of a piece of that a part of that team to come just. Our Tony we've when you talk to a player and that just that one unit coming off the bench. How critical is it to you when you get into these worked out when you go as it would as were going through the draft process. To show everybody everything that you can do to show make you can handle the ball Shawmut you can shoot the three ball. How critical was it to you show everything that you got to do because he played a little bit more limited role than someone. Who would have been a starter on that. Oh yeah listeners who are critical. The sum up and working on the steps you can see try to improve on in the statement cooking though that. You know I'm on a could do much more so. Well definitely ears they're critical. Tony you think your setter in the NBA a true center. Oh those sura I play the floor in the far. Are cheap hotel that you pick and pop hit the ball. What Dirk crow. What do we look for you with his everything's about mismatch is right now are now in the MBA and Tony what what are those mismatches for you or both positions where if you're out there at the four you feel like it's going to be a mismatch in your favor if you're a 35 it's a mismatch we're happy what's the difference between power forward and center in your game and away. Well or we are empirical cool oh with that you are firmer and the no nobody who saw it sure a lot of most desolate it worked out. Oh they're couples that would out of certainty also that he making a couple of movements to New York. Concrete base it Primeau shut but like I can do that must go to others. The team that I hit you so that's what a lucky or shut the you know look who worked I'm also. So well all the solo. I'm still trying to say didn't grow some words draft with. What are teams seen in you Tony defensively or do they feel like your data can be out there enrollment kind of grim protect imbued the you know the centerpiece of their defense what are what are your thoughts on your defensive game. The Japanese literal murder though that. You know that came movement he blows thought that that those big debate you know after work out. It took on the old won't be so well you know it's a political opinion so like they think that I can be practical and what he Gartner group by the. You see you here in a rumor like well who's only course of stuff comes from a recent Hussein in this stuff about you. I just decided social media it is our battle scene more moral and don't disturb the state that. Well people talk I know you saw the total book output. Armed services they didn't know. How tough was that decision to leave after a year Tony tell how much did you weigh did you us struggle with that decision. Yeah yeah definitely a little tough decision though from so it's about. You know we look at that America can't our work alone. So like. He playing. Shooting Columbine in horses. Interviews teams they're sort of like being beat back a bit delicate here and from their audio out they must seek relief. What was that conversation like with with Coach Williams had had a deck go over. So costly so of course we're going to look at the world go a sort of by mark green was completely gave the go deeper you go. Whatever student grade. Oh you or are you try to mediate go to a CSI can't. So our final there's and our total as though he was happy. He said he was she would of course you sort of here but particulate that gave them did you watch and so big that this does support. Emma how much incursion has he given you over the last couple of weeks as we as we get ready for Thursday how much is he meant as much as he got involved. Well our Parker yesterday knows just checked it and they're classic it would be a ghost data's all coaches that are so. Yeah there certainly keeping such and just when you don't think you sort. They'll so. In word whether coaching staff or what are the things that you got to pick that we know your game week we know you're an athlete. What are some things you picked up from a coaching staff back UNC in that one year is it and help translate to a nightclub. Just. A light to go home. Especially go. Special he come up with it's lesser trailer that that that would be the folks know that I might be in this situation if you ate it rebel but. Actually director Larry your health. Talking to Tony Bradley former tar heel and I coming out in the NBA draft Thursday night what we're we're seeing the ranger expected to hear your name Tony a man offered anywhere slim. Mid teens all the way maybe till later on the twenties which would set ranger Specter right now. Yes sir are saying they're hurt. Mitt. This first round the early first round so they're seeing linking. Late 20s30s. So. Do you if you have gotten any any thought to maybe you'd be more of a French second round pick do you think he still has come out or or where you're going did that help drive that decision. This is yet to recruit that they're desperate to become barter this sort notes on. Probably out of Cuba postage and a lot of work that most people are a little quote there are competent but they go. Well I know you've probably heard all throughout the season and in leading off during your journey workouts get ready for the year. A man if we win this thing we're gonna be God's forever in this town like we're gonna hundreds Morgan this is going to be good this can be good so what do you new pro I thought yeah sure you guys just say in that. What was the thing that happened after the national championship game were like holy crap these guys were lie and I can do whatever I want this town now. What's the best thing you've gotten our reward some sort of some sort of accomplishment or achievement you got some good from a sand something orbit they're like Tony Bradley national champion come right in you can do whatever you want big Fella. Well I definitely think the difference Webb who want but I don't think we'll look to speak their goal order art got just more people. Noticed thus you know our people predicted success you know so but not a book see note. Let's go to let's look at what you've paid for less meals all right like we can do you have an pays for me on months right that's got to be true. Are there is a good answer Tony our advice pay its its a pleasure to talk to you enough. Who knows maybe things were got a certainly we'll see you know hornets uniform thanks thanks for dropping by as could talk to you. For a ruptured right there go Tony Bradley and you could follow Tony on Twitter by the way it's at TO Brad. A one you can follow him enough follow his journey to pay for every real good answer to Barack. They are at least at the first hour show talking about that is a very Smart until he gets introduced that and that drugstore a breakfast then I'd look at people there a couple people or sand they did this extra rights and should stay average what seven and a half points per game big mistake don't do I mean you can do that math all you want. Almost I don't I don't think it matters it doesn't matter. I only got I don't think failure. Just like come what is his name Ferguson did this come on from there it's Ferguson the only but he averaged four point two game yup but the fact is he got a little really experience a mess to begin the MBA is all about. Potential all about potential and he's got a ton of. Well and here's the thing too if you watch the college game. To watch the NBA game they're two different sports I mean they just are games played to differ way so if you wanna translates stats I mean that's a bad way to do it if all you are sit there and say all you played this many minutes scored this many points get this many rebounds. If you look at what Tony Brinks from eight. Surely talent stadium and it's raw. He's got size that you can't teach he's got a wing span you can't teach he's got an athletic schism that you can't teach. The footwork I think he's gonna be some in the lateral quickness is going to be something you have to watch this game especially the defense event. But a big man can step out and shoot the ball consistently in get out run the floor. Are always going to be indeed in the NBA and he's going in the first round I got as much as I can guarantee decades going in the first round any basically just said. Felder FO UNICEF around dial anatomy baseless and I don't I don't know if I would dumbest out. I'd I'd be back it's important now. I'd do servers as a player pick of games I spent I'm going to draft process because I've been told I'm going to be the first rounder. Art we're back we got done on the other side coming up in just a little bit Tim Brando joins us for fifteenth so thirty minutes away so that we'll get back to some of this global discussion remembered but now. In 45 minutes we just awesome hornets and the NBA draft because on they had their pre draft press conference earlier today and Elena talk supporters in the NBA draft record tenth. The one is OK but downloadable games are renowned man enough to grab a mavs fan so. Unload your jerk standing all right Dirk is mired clearly Dirk there's more that's my guy so. I but I I enjoy her I want them to win or they leave Goddard one when the ball games rank has its its woman there an implicit rock. Let's talk a little hornet's let's talk a little NBA draft we'll do after this some primetime powered by ortho Carolina. 1025 WS density. We'll Michael Felder and on a Friday we are so happy to have him we also have besides a pizza company also happy to have them and we finally get to announces I've had to keep this under wraps for a couple months which is not fun man I like keeping secrets. Our boys Jimmie and Steve over facilitator over Matthews in Harris teeter plaza offered chestnut lane they had an uptown location coming soon. They do working on that for once it's official they're hiring and all that stuff so that'll be ready to go sooner rather than later you can check about a month Sante pizza co. Dot com. It's CO dot com and we always appreciate them feed us great pizza is always voted best pizza in Charlotte best wings in Charlotte as well. And I true buffalo style pizza wings we always appreciate there's two guys hooking us up and I give more call 27048218003. And if you're looking to just put down a bunch of food I love their Chile's special. One topping sheep he'd sell fifty wings for sixty bucks in their wings are credible that's just the truth so. I'll always appreciate those guys you and I were I just talk dole hornet's memories but during the break which makes me happy and sad at the same time. Arm I was also tighten your big fruity. Yes your great cook we're gonna do this coming up in the 4 o'clock hour you tell us what's on the menu for you this week after outlook on the greens which I like this is going to be a fun little exercise. I was he reminded me this he saw today whole foods got bought did you see this assaulted by him is on the people. So think about this I don't know if you've seen this this is crazy. As we keep talking about the shifting landscape of sports on what everything's looking like him. You work for media partner Bleacher Report which is just drastically changed even in the last ten years alone absolutely and you know you've got so much stuff Amazon's gonna stream Thursday night football for the end zone now think about this. This is received wanna make sure give proper credit here this is a liberally Jewelers Twitter feed. This is a what are your coworkers Ian canyon for a firm covers the NFL beat. A for Bleacher Report so we just tweeted this out at primetime WS NC Bradley Jewelers Twitter feed. And dubbed don't forget the one of the top fifty retail jewelry chains in the country named by National Journal magazine. Building trust three generations friendly jeweler stuck console in tweets this. This is crazy context so Amazon just bought whole foods. He says the MBAs huge TV deal three years ago was nine years 24 billion which was crazy. They just give us the huge cap spike all that stuff. Massive massive new deals step Korea be the first got to get a super Max contract this summer in NBA history worth about 250 bill need a million dollars a quarter for Billy gets a quarter of a billion dollars this summer. He says apple right now has 257. Billion dollars in cash on hand. So think about that Amazon just bought a whole foods out of nowhere because why not we have a bunch of money to spend out iPhone they won't cast yeah. Good one not out there we're doing drone delivery wanna do the grocery stuff anyway and we are we also stream NFL games on Thursday nights now. And apple. Has 257. Billion on handing cash any TV deal for the NBA it was worth 24 billion overdue nearly a decade that was signed a few years ago. One of the earth is sports gonna look like in terms of like distribution of five or ten years. It's going to be very interest thing and that's one of those things but he's a week we talk about the as a lot because. For all the talk Amazon all they're doing is testing. This is a test for Amazon and it's funny money there I can assure what the heck Ted tennis lesson billions of dollars evidence Nortel is that this the rest are Amazon. I think mom who will distribute Verizon I think ball be international writes for the game. That's just the test that's a test for India for China for Japan to see if they if people won't even watch it. So they can expand into new markets this is all attest. And it's it's skirted nothing and I'm Anita chimera apple him to some this is what amounted to go look for talent amount. I mean it's crazy right a gorgeous stuff is going right now is just insane and follow the money. And the monies with with those companies Google Amazon apple right now and those might be your new. ABC NBC CBS yeah. Selling how crazy the world we live in eighties. ABC NBC CBS might now be Amazon Facebook's another or something like 90% of online advertising goes through boon for its. Griese. So just watching Kaczynski got people like Amazon right budget friendly by massive supermarket companies. Just I mean just keep keep your eye on the prize to what's gonna happen but that's. That that was interesting news today your your co worker here in canyon from Bleacher Report I just what is it that that out I thought that was an amazing thought so I appreciate him doing that and you're just looking at the the hornets are what they might do. With with the eleventh pick in your remark base and basically to be during the break was. They got to go big or they gonna go go artists that they can go either yeah it is so they're good Durham weird spot about six days away from the draft. That's a tough it's a tough spot to be and I think where. You can give you one which it opens things up but I think as we saw we see the NFL draft. Sometimes it helps to have a very central focus and we have when you have when you need so much. Being built attributed to be a buyer on our on all and sometimes creates a lot of questions on what's gonna happen with depending on who's on the border. Which show was talking a lot about trades today amid you're doing a drinking game to guard and how many times you said or trade and it was dropped every time he said they've been approached about multiple trades are ready. He said we've talked to teams about trades I asked him specifically what's your plan for this 41 pick he said. It's in all likelihood we're gonna keep it there and done their recently that senator offer cash considerations which. In most years not a bad idea right. I mean who care she AB item on your ideas guys are good attorney and anything former imam as well. Pay a couple of ten day contracts off along the way maybe you're running a business I don't care about that. This year though when your up against the cap you're only money to spend is on the mid level exception. Yet you better use both of these pics and it's it seems to be deeper draft so he was talking a lot about trade she said somebody offered him something for the fortieth 41 pick already today. Com which some Steele he's played a game to deal. Sure you know like he's you he's used the media to his advantage that's a that's a feather in his cap that he can use is upon so how much of that is true I don't know. But you're right this team. To me Felder I look right now and I think there are some guys that are there's there's a circle guys I think it's this look at this group right now and they might not all be there are eleven. But we're gonna walk away with one of these guys here eleven I think it starts with no particular order Lou canard group Donovan Mitchell. Sacked Collins at a Gonzaga. Lowey Markkanen out of Arizona and may be in this might be the slider here a guy like. So Donovan Mitchell did say Donovan Mitchell I'd say Dennis Smith junior at an NC state into if you believe the idea that he might fall or that he saw one guy who could bounce out. Maybe more league mark fits into that category too. I think those two guys or are or maybe could be that fifth option you could throw Terrence Ferguson who worked him out I think he's in play. I think that's more of the worst case scenario all those guys are gone. Which I don't see how that's possible territory so I think is in play and you know I think Rick instead. We're gonna talk to repel thirty minutes I think Richardson PM at a bio and Kentucky was another name that maybe could seek to sneak into the mix but I'm not I'm not sure I'd buy that that seems arguably for me. Well you've got two big men got two bigs you got a few guards are a couple of doing this and a couple point guards are. And and I ask you during a break you if you get a point are you pouring them with Kim are you playing there I'm behind I think you have to play him. Not exclusively with but he's got a he's got a catalog serious minutes. I is is not early on later on in the season. Alongside kemba that's why I think Donna Mitchell really interest ink is do you think she's a tool or Z but he simply combo guard Brett. But is he got a can play strictly the point guard position at times where he is your true backup point guard then he slides over to the tool. He's 62 he's got a 610 wing span like guys just everywhere when he's on the floor he's got a defensive mentality to which I think really works in the favor. Of sitting here with this coaching staff complain right away because it would seem Clifford wants. On the annual gala Dennis Smith junior you think. I thought people are talking about him is top five pick up how do you not take a guy like that in you might say well we already got our all star point guard. You can't have enough talented players is the MBA. And again and go look at Cleveland go look at Golden State go on until now try to power on power get more talent positions we'll figure that stuff off down the brought that down the road. Did the talent but I think there are a lot of people were going to be frustrated Felder if this team takes another big myth just inherently because they feel like they've got enough but I'm not sure that's actually true. It's just if that's a that's why the question where. If people want another week you have Kim we know people other people is is a start in the inside they've consistently taken some bigger guys. But none of those guys don't seem to be maybe what do you can get here with the one in this draft and I think that's the question your parents. Would you who mind you this team when Zach Collins. We're like Larry Markkanen that doesn't usually talk you know like market a lot I think period. I've heard people talk about the rescue flight with him I think he's a guy that she Tabasco is also big so. I like that I like that possibility. I think it's it I keep god in this probably isn't fair to him I keep seeing like Chris steps Porsche Hingis in him because of the frame right he's got the skills he can step out and hit the three he can post you up to we got some good works that good moves down low. But I think defensively is gonna stand up as the one thing that kills me about all the big middle lower its roster right now. How many of those guys do you trust to just stand and hold hold their ground defensively on the wrong yeah I just I mean I'm sorry Cody tries. And I think he's gotten better eSATA fifteen pounds away last summer we'll see what he had this year if any arm but it is certain point he's gonna reach a ceiling brought frank Kaminsky I think can get better. A defensively but how much better is he really gonna get and he got miles plum lake whose guys never gonna be more rotational big. I just I'm not hitch in my wanted to kick. You look at here's the thing I would say let's do this quick toss station ID were back in thirty seconds we'll continue this conversation. Tim Brando in fifteen minutes are gonna find out what's on the menu with Michael Felder to write your prime time. Powered by ortho Carolina.