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Friday, June 16th

Kroeger & Michael Felder kickoff the show talking Hornets draft. 


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BC primetime powered by ortho Carolina dot com. Kroger you guys are so angry man he's so angry but I don't I really don't understand you get irrationally angry he shouldn't be it's a Friday should kick back have a cold one. Have some fun that's awarded to. Tune out the when. Happy Friday primetime powered by ortho Carolina we have the mayor of Charlotte in on a Friday that it is officially. The church not on his business cards Michael Felder from the Bleacher Report buddy Al Lori demand. I am doing fantastic glad to hop back on there did you fund for really good time and there's a lot going on even our great calls this the stay here for sport is our favorite time a year I'd I'd just a genuinely mean that yeah I'm did where I'm geared up for obviously college football but we saw the final draft but there's. It is stuff going on Major League Baseball Astros. Esteem in baseball took your stress had always just to do the show it was on earlier taken it off to do the show I'm surprised by that I don't sweat OK I think at the Smart man. Smart man the lover of all things a Houston masters you've been a die hard fan and other rewarding you that that young group is just killing it right now absolutely of those funds seems to watching baseball so we're worried the most fun show Michael Felder and on a Friday whole crew with you guys still six and now we're going to be all over the place put in a good way I think we've got. I Tony Bradley is gonna drop by your Carolina guy. Is a Carolina guy he's done after a year and I'm making the jump to the NBA worked out the court its earlier today and your viewers say Menem's studied up on Tony is like. The Stew can go anywhere from like the teen star like later on in the first round and that's that's the vibe I think for Tony Bradley but. Don't think a lot of people are sand. I'm no way this kid comes out he's coming off the bench even though they're national championship team high caliber talent here coming out. I did a nice I don't know I commend Tony I think Tony made the right call I'd be shocked. If he's not going on at in the middle portion of this first round on Thursday night. I think he ends up Adam Miller right middle first round guy and I mean he's going to be able to. Sit sits settle a bit for somebody and they come in learn that NBA game but I mean it's not like we haven't seen this album before obviously Mormon Wimbledon of higher pick but. Guys can come off the bench and they'll make an impact because the NBA is so much is built on potential. He's got so much death lettuce system I mean he's 610 bodies I mean that guy's got two arms for days great wingspan can jump out of the gym so. I think god Tony Bradley is going to be an interest in cats are watching C a makes his MBA journey talked him at 330 timber and there's gonna join us to force fifteen ACC network. And also luck covers the big twelve to all the games for off fox sports on the football side so talk to him at 415. Rick and l.s gonna join us for thirty from the observer. And double talk total courted with him I was over the press conference earlier today for rich joke. I had a next Thursday's draft and in Lincoln Riley. Former TCU offensive coordinator who's just one of these rock star coaches in college football and he is one of these guys the older you've been around and a bunch she's talked to a bunch you hear him talk. And you just like get this guy's got it but he's got it and now he's been now given the keys to one of the most expensive cars and college football. Oh yeah this is going to be really exciting and still the question remains for Oklahoma we know that all for us is gonna go baker mayfield so. Is 35 hours of community sir there's as we found out yesterday was laid down by bad all things is gonna go the question is going to be on defense. Ruffin McNeill we know he's been hired what can he do that even the blind to help them out. It is called C goes to reunite you could ruff gave him that opportunity to kinda cut his teeth as an OC make his name known in college football he did it. And he goes to Oklahoma turns that offense around his people forget that offense was stuck in the blood. About three years ago. And now while Roth after giving like going ECU. Goes to Virginia free here. And that was back to go hang out with Lincoln in Oklahoma so that that's also will hear from him at 550 that'll be a prime time we won best of the best diamonds direct one airline at 530. 866 whiners 866944. 6377. As your number to jump in there and the number on the phones it would be all over the place today is going to be a fun show those 704. 57096. Stents seem number for the building center Tex lines you can tweet us. At prime time WS frenzy. Proudly Jewelers Twitter feed. Where they source third diamonds and mounting directly avoiding the middleman markup and you can choose from thousands of one of a kind designs. Press fifty to 70% less every day that's proudly Jewelers. Dot com email is still prime time it WS then C dot com. In the garage or guru. Email inbox and get it disappeared there's a lot of talks imported to talk a little NBA draft. Aboard an open the show we can get into this much yesterday accused guarantee it was in your lot of NFL talked yesterday. But Ali get your perspective as a guy that's played college sports. At a high level and a big time institution and a big time conference. This stuff was cool for your reaction to this is what you're laughing is that I is that your reaction. I did it to me I just I do think the totally seems a bit harsh now we talked about it pre show Brit. I don't know I no potatoes no Angel but to me if he makes a bad martyr right yeah I look at there's an. And if we're I didn't let's look at monetary or 5400 dollars. That's not something that you're vacating a sees her title for I ate it with in the last. It's because people are well this is an easy one for us we can do this and we look like the good guys which are some mean suitable has been known to do plenty of. Well and I mean what is you have a better feel on this than I -- like 5400 dollars. Does that fall into one of those categories were seeing this 6400 dollars in. Tattoos tattoos or 5400 dollars in wheels for your car. Or whatever it is a sound system whatever it is closing whatever it is. And there were some rumors about that would Alabama furlong but there were I mean Trenton was it Trent Richardson T tell what is it T town menswear and you have to get some search may Foreman he wasn't anyway he was not paying for those three they were being given to him. Hum 5400 dollars to me seems like an amount of this does that not fall into the category pay you pay this back you got to do your suspension or whatever which pay the money back or call today. Yeah it it's one of the I think it's odd too because the everyone that was involved would this is out of similar talent so they don't know how to fix it buy it. It just it's one of those things and had the new school this should have been a pay the money back in. Keep to move although with an assistant coach involve I think they are trying to they're trying to set an example obviously they are pretty clear. Well in the question I would ask is and this is pretty open ended and this is gonna be speculative but I mean that's that's how we got to go off here kick. Our question of the day today 7045709. C extent. Do you genuinely in your heart apart if you're college sports fan or even if you're not be your casual fan and you know you watch the BCS while the big college football national championship now excuse me. Still takes me time to do that. I did you know you watch some of the big bowl game should watch some SEC games on a Saturday afternoon. At 330 snag your life the culture is and everything for you but you like it you don't love it and and maybe do a lot of does anybody believe out there genuinely in our heart of hearts that everybody in major college sports which to me I think major college sports that's men's basketball. And football in particular is that those of the moneymakers. For almost every school revenues so there are some schools what they're making money off women's basketball Tennessee UConn Notre Dame Baylor there are schools like dad. But that's not that's not hard and fast rule from most women's college basketball programs are hemorrhaging cash. There are some College Baseball programs that maybe if they're lucky breakeven most are not your hemorrhaging cash. Men's basketball especially college football at the power five level. Not a degree amplified level as your losing money on the stuff too but the power five level. Do we believe that those schools any of them out there are truly running clean operations. In some way shape or form. When you put it that way when you women in my group I'm gonna say is actually not so I would say eight I would go navy. What's going. Air force the service academies I think very they've got hard and fast rules that they got to play by the Fed doesn't they don't have anything to do with the NCAA. But if we're looking at these power five programs. I think your vital bit dirty it's just a degree of. What did you see I don't know if you saw this the other day I met nor later tweeted the south from a CBS sports men nor later tweet attempt this list and mrs. I mean this puts some of the stuff into perspective Felder EP says daytime Calhoun Larry Brown Rick Pitino. All hall of famers also spent from coaching games by the NCAA over the past decade. Now do we think all those guys are inherently bad dudes I would I don't know. Like I do in fact I think you probably say the opposite I like those are good dudes they make mistakes Shia allies are some of these guys less likable than others yeah sure. But those guys are the best at what they do. And they've been hit by the NCAA in some way shape performer over the last decade for violations. So. The old adage if you ain't cheating you're not try enemy is that true. You gotta do it takes you backs a leg up in you see people lock. Even as we watched college sports and obviously I'm a college football guy he watched everybody is what wondering. What do they do what's actually they're doing that we're not doing. How can we do a little extra without him turning assay and I think that's the big thing work. You wonder what can we get away where if you floor with that line all the time and importing with the launch of thunder Carlson. Somebody Texan on the building senator text line 70457. Ninths extent they've already poked a hole in your service academy. Theory which I thought actually is a really good theory I'd even think Israel is out of his. Ought he actually says or she says army because they were part of the way WikiLeaks scandal up that's true tomorrow Matthew Russell funding information. In the from from where promoted for CF from from Elle brought you are touting the we're like wait force radio network got color analyst does that act. It's amazing how things move by the way how does not seem like there was a decade ago. Yeah that's scandals wings like he was a decade ago. So much at the same thing about the bigger mayfield suspension that. It felt like it was last summer so. Everything happened so quickly now got a book polar I've bothered me go at the Naval Academy prep. Other prep school which is where they know yeah I stash talent and then bring them a little bit later so. Yeah you're right I mean. Airport. Is anybody willing today to stand in dial on the hill which it is if I believe this program in this sport in major college sports. Men's basketball and football on talk and power five conferences here is doesn't count for group of five coups. I mean maybe under IE I'd like I'm putting on the uneven that night you know what I'm an upstate lump I love that state football we're doing something it it it. I don't know what it is Miller did some free meal somewhere but that's an impermissible benefit like there's got to be kids. This is reckless speculation but there's got to be kid on that nasty football team that knows a spot to go to when Boone and gets a free meal. There and every wants free drinks what every need man just go last so long until we want to take care of you Don't Ask Don't Tell tomorrow at the Merrill super discount. Yes and produce like the way I need you see the whole thing with our money Edwards where he cut his foot up. Are mowing the grass I never believe that for once second 'cause I thought that you should never be Mona is on grass. It's sluggish season college rightly puts money Edwards to a mole on his own lawn with a push mower there. Just keep missing any more Euro long before the season starts on the buy and every liked. Maybe he did maybe maybe is all about that grind it was all about the yard work are we got Michael filled for the Bleacher Report he's with us all showed Tony Bradley at 330 it will open things up there talk little NBA draft he worked out for the hornets today we'll talk to the former tar -- our question of the day. Do you believe that there is any program in major college sports power five sports. Running a truly Scot free clean program out there that's our question of the day 704570. 96 dead and this is what we get into when we return as we keep talking about this what was the thing that happened. In terms of college athletics scandals that changed it forever where we've now gone back and like all yet everybody's doing it. Everybody's cheating everything's dirty we can't look at it the same way anymore we answered after this some primetime powered by ortho Carolina. Listening to primetime which Chris Kroger yeah. Powered by ortho Carolina dot com. You know at 35 some ideas I've had a lot of faith in the NCAA. And have reacted that way accordingly as a head basketball coach in the belief that the rules. Thornton. In recent. Past they've made some group great adjustments. To the rules that have helped players along the way I feel metal like. Everybody he had not always there and just. Unfair us. Over the tops of severe. But I've lost personally have lost a lot of faith in the NCAA everything that stood for for less 35. We've what they just did. Consumer fatigue as an editorial content or to get through it Hillary. It's on the weekends over Michael's elders and on a Friday follow him on Twitter by the way it sat in the bleachers from a Bleacher Report. It's a Tony Bradley a little bit more than an hour he's been in town today working out with the hornets pre draft work out to get another one on Sunday. Her name that's going to be up there on Sunday I don't know if they have not announcing yet I think because some fans would like this name. Someone not but he is the name he is in play I believe that eleventh takes a lot keep you posted on that maybe it'll come apple for austere today. He's in with us today we're with you guys till six and don't forget our you can go to WS NC dot com click to get my perks. Pass to a buyer pass right now that you 2017 golf season pass and enjoy one round of golf. It's six Charlotte premier golf courses all for 95 bucks you can add to decode mobile seventeen to check out as well get an additional 10% off that sit duck. WS NC dot com or you can download to get my perch mobile app and also. I WS Antioch come find out about Father's Day right around the corner this weekend and live nation once Dubai three bring dad for free can get select shows now. In four packs that have WS Antioch console lodges click on that. Get the link there Tony Bradley 330 Tim Brando is gonna join us in the 4 o'clock hour Rick Bedell was well and that he ms. Lincoln Riley new head coach for the Oklahoma Sooners. That's gonna come up at 545 that'll be our prime time we won best of the best so Rick Pitino. Does not make the best martyr. It's like cage keep him being the guy affiliates as Seattle lost respect for the NCAA. I think there are some fans are literally screaming at the radios right now saying yeah I lost respect for you pitino yeah a long time ago based off the bus scenes from an Italian restaurant. Yes absolutely he's and he is he's not the guy to go on very. You know feel bad for me feel good. Guy can we do this who is sick guy that we would like to see take a principled stand against the at NCAA. And say I look under a wag my finger you. And you know what do you I'd just lost respect for you NCAA I don't know skin in the game but I've lost respect for you America stands for that's who we think god that everybody would rally behind this we believe that he's mostly cleaned. But he does things the right way. Gotta have a lot of waiting behind you to write. We don't Kenya model gone back to Britain coming out of the Kenya marked a low low since I consider again there's a good one at the door and dumb thing Ruffin McNeill. A rough would be a good one you know just. From the kind of they're cred that he's built not just here locally but across the coaching Phil and David Kirkwood is another one I think is that the name the keyboard kind of say no cut. I think he is I might put cuts are great when I think carmike go number one for me to go to war. It's a really good or he's got the Manning Brothers behind them. He's got all the winning he's ever done at every stop he's ever done gone along the way. And east he's honestly the thing I love about cut its kind in his favor he's just that can Jeannie old man yeah I think is that affable old brother figure now. He is he's not Paul Johnson and people just. Road rubs everyone the wrong but he's got that go on form as well in addition to this idea that and they run of relatively clean spot there and at duke. You know what am this is Tosca is our question of the day 70457096. That is do you believe that there's any. Coach or program in this country in major college sports a men's basketball. We're football power five conferences that are running a clean program that we could go through with a fine tooth comb and not find anything that the tiniest shred of anything going wrong. Maybe I'm naive but I. I actually wanna believe that coach cut is running one of those types of programs that I couldn't find anything not the slightest bit. I'm an NCAA violation if I tried to if I spent weeks looking over every detail the duke football program I would like to believe that they coach cut cliff is doing things. Just 100% correct. I don't know about that I think there I think there find something I think we'll buy something and that's not a initiated them at all I don't think the bears they're going to be something. You know whether it's even you know a bump in with a player a one of those a phone call that the date to earlier date to wade both there's going to be something. About the subtext deriding and Jay bill was would be the guy he's the NC double a.'s worst nightmare but. I'm already does. He already does and actually think it's still some people I think and to a small much smaller portion hitting a large majority of people all about. Think she's fight the good fight but also do think there are some people who think jagr just. Now you're just played a role. Like you just do your plane hits at this point you claim the tunes you're one of those guys. Guy I it was and I think he does great work and I just think there is one of those things where. And I've fallen too as well as someone that's been anti NCAA word people wanna hear from you know. People lol it if it's been a drama you've been beating for a long time it kind of people kind of continued out you know you know act of. About our boy not a he says Shaka Smart before he left and Brad Stevens to those are two guys are believed to clean. You know this is what we're doing though sick about this is what we do with this is were projecting this stuff on guys taste of how they look like the reputation they put off so brands like in them did he looks like did your coworker next door your Cuba. So you just think there's a way to do cheat but you're here before I get here every day you're leaving after I leave. And you bring your lunch to work every day and allied there's no way that guy's cheating and you do that also look I don't think you're actually doing that off of what we actually know Brad Stevens. Now and I I I just think it's one of those things where you got it. Say they cheered filthy you know you're covered up as Dublin among a little bit you have to that's why he. Are you get a room with some of these guys in terms of talking to a recruit you've got to do a little bit extra to be able to give just to get the room. Dexter says Bob Matilda Davidson EC I would agree obamacare don't but that's is that major college sports. Like another playing at a high level and only went to the lead eight and a staff curry went to Davidson might have another pick this year not. A we're gonna see a mod Goss an undrafted kid I inject Gibbs at a Davidson but. That's Atlantic ten basketball. Like that's not ACC basketball that's a big east basketball. Detecting these basketball is a big east basketball anymore now. Are we don't wanna hear from garner Simpson what about Margaret are down about. The weed killer creek like the doors are running jokes are like a decade that Mark Richt had lost control his program like that was a joking college sports for like a decade about Mark Richt. I think Mark Richt is a principal dude like there's an O'Reilly net I know. He is a pencil bold man. But he's got a staff full of guys that are going out there to get a dog plausible to liability meant exactly I think that's part I got to get that's part of how you have to do I think when you look at tableau. I spent too much time around recruits that are. Serbs be booed by his image against same is Rick he's a guy that has this firm stance by your staff for guys that are killers. Don't tell me I don't wanna know if we don't chicken again go back to square one right wants to say so to dissect the go back to squirrel with his pitino thinks. Isn't a part of it would pitino yeah. Like work look I don't I don't know I don't know man like I don't wanna know so I don't know because if I didn't know I know I'd be one more trouble so I don't don't don't come to me was. Like he suspended right now fire which is why he gonna have a show cause on an easy because he's got the guy he might the checker he didn't take money out of his ATM account you don't pay for these ladies. By the way apparently into does a lot of there was a small little scandal Butler about test scores so. Yeah ha ha ha ha I love it writers that you don't ever settle for all. I literally have Google's openness putting up like yes insert name of school there it is named Dolores and this handle it and notice outside this needs to be the show for a large portion of the show today is we're talking about the little thing and I just think it's it's part and parcel. This is college sports right now in yes all things are not equal were reasonable minds we can agree on this but. Also where you draw the line so like 5400 dollars worth of prostitution which is what was done it blue oval group. Is worth vacating a 2013 national championship over Domata arguing pitino yeah take your five games caught a day of art that's fine. But you're gonna vacated title that that's tough I used in Tibet's. That the 400 of those are big numbers don't decide you're given every single student as to Napoli a prostitute of their own to go do it you know I've rampant sex. At a moment's notice. Again it coaches have to many dead but I need a break and OK go taker go back global CO little while but that's not happening and every game. It was 5400 dollars of services rendered. Simply by just use that term end you're gonna vacated title over that so here's what we wanna know is there do you believe that there is a coach or program. Here's where we draw the lines power five conferences that. Notre Dame doesn't fit into that mix but you can throw them into. Notre Dame is a power power bustle there's a reason why women athletic directors group meets taxing more when you're there. Is is BYU we consider BYU as an independent they've had their own army we're tired Bjorn he's had their clearance and I would consider them to be power five's are they might now be competing on the same level but I consider than to be tower five US is an independent I would not. Sorry Mitt amend you do not count this conversation so do you believe there's a coach or program men's basketball or football power five conferences that are running a truly clean program where there's nothing. That the tiny shred of any wrongdoing you could ever find even if it only mania to pay something back or get suspended for half for a game or whatever if any 100 recycling program so Ryan's gonna fact check you on this have you tweeted in texted in or call in. We'll see you could see what happens not has already sent I hate you so much for fact checking their Butler wants to. But that's the thing you look at Bret Stephens like that guy looks the parties like an accountant he's fine he's not cheating. Except maybe Daytona word 2011 as we found that was test scores here's what I also won in 070457096. Stents. We Alter the point now where. We are not swearing off college sports do we all can come don't agree Bellwether these guys should be compensated Felder or not. Whether that's with money or you don't trust on down the road or whatever it is. That's stuff still up for debate it seems like we're still moving further and further down the road on that discussion of guys should be compensated but that's not universally. Understood. It does feel like it's universally understood that things are slimy college sports that this is more big business than it's ever been before absolutely. What I wanna know is Joyce your kids say stay woke right when we knew what did we become woke to the idea at a college sports. Isn't what used to be like dissing his dirty it is a dirty game. Does not get an answer I think I know when things turn and how we are at the same. I admire or like for me was when I got to school. I got to clear saw her close and personal until I realized OK but as a collective kind of population of fans I don't. And over it was the BCS deal would you believe that there's been a seminal moment like there's been one thing that's gonna change the tiger no I think it's been a slow build to the point where you cannot deny it anymore yeah. I think has been a slow build web whether it's the BCS or we look at these television rights contracts or its coach's contract. You start to look at all those little things where I remember for me one of the moments are kind of crystallized was the arm. You can have a bagel. Would you can't have spring you can edit for a decrease Jim put allergies aren't you a locks. If you're a lock that was one of the crystallize moments for me where you were light. Guys this is this is a joke. Bells to get. What in what was the story I don't know the exact details on this but this just came out the other day right. This is another one thanks Jay Gillis is beat the drum for discus again it makes cents. Our but it's. It's because of bringing a lot of jokes right now if but the this situation what was an edu UCF player football player he's got to do to charity here you know right Channel Tunnel followers just he's monetizing it right in the NCAA said. You either choose to play college football you choose to be you troops are now to wanna live to choose that like how ridiculous is it that I've to choose between the two of those things. Tennessee where do the same thing with the guy not YouTube terabyte is a male model our wide receiver for them preserves pressed the wall so I think. He went through the same thing oriental Jews are you gonna keep modeling or do you wanna play college football and elected to play college football bit. He had built his own modeling portfolio because he's a handsome male and not because of either because you wide receiver the UCF that was the kicker by the way. The guys to take on the kicker. Well you know how people love kickers and they're gonna start to get more of YouTube subscribers will make money off of bad. There's some of the most popular players in college football QB profiting off his life commencement obviously you're not allowed to do I just. It's it's all it's all too so. But that's one of those examples Wright was like what are we even doing here I think for you when you got to Carolina you're like yeah this is not this is adjusting amateurism anymore just the amount of stuff that we added. I mean why not living and I'm a little demon wrongdoing it was just like yes this is a stone dead like I had a friend for me there's a lot of guys have been I have friends from their school where winter. UNC but I had people from the inspector with the NC and people but I knew from Meyers Florida Villeneuve from Providence that would go. With the UNC and their days were super freak. Mean maybe it woke up there for us and then went to class that knew him and hung out and artists are at 5:30 in the morning and they didn't end until seven and I just think the amount of things that you have to do. It was very trump if they say it wasn't a job it was his third job like. About this once David Shaw is that somebody we believe is running it truly and I love David Shaw but I love them love them. We know they do not ray answering doing a fantastic job of a Ryan look look look now David I don't Senator Biden is. Don't but I think they UN. Outstanding job of who they target and how they give those guys who commit this. So we can this what I love could still there does all the recruiting stuff so like you know. You can't say but you can say but you know you know what's going on behind the scenes. Yeah there's little bears all there are a lot of mechanisms that word I'm missing Ryan smiling what do you apparently back in 2016. Indians double yelled at Stanford because a football player and a bicycle around. Yes a bicycle accounts so. All aboard thrown you can we've got dry erase board back Darrell Issa are keeping score. A case of right now where I don't know where we're at the were at least three or four deep in this thing and gallery regard Butler regrets there are firm got West Point. You've got. I was there and air force scared I there was an air force can we are very similar side John Allen on his own my domestic goes by the way it's just we did seriously LSU seriously don't even play TCU let the unpaid amateur student go this is flat out wrong so Jiang is. He's back at it many so he's he's alive on Twitter I felt. I saw that with Willie Allen trying to block him go to TCU it's. But the transfer that's another source another one right a dollar example the transfer thing where. It's all public now on I think that's the big part where we get to see this stuff where. It used to be you know in the ninety's all winter and early 2000 players and have a voice the players and say anything. So what got reported was what the coach told you what it was what the society and hold you what it was. But now. She. Hey dumb they're not let me go to school explains the right the letter I continue to twit pic on it com. This is what's happening social media issued to leverage anymore beyond the control they've lost control and they're still trying to put the genie back anabolic CeBIT. Eight there's nothing you can do when the players can say. Hey they're not letting me transfer XY and Z they're not letting me do this pay the NCAA. Once wanted to give up my YouTube channel hey this is happening. What kicker man it's a bit and US and tough kid and nobody cares about our football program cares about me. YouTube does why you hate mantech steroids and building center attacks on Felder 70457096. Doses. Crows I believe the majority of power thought coaches are attempting to run clean programs but I think Dora fuel is any programs were you wouldn't find players or someone connecting. Programs to committing punishable violation but I guess that's what I'm saying so what are we draw the line of flight stuff happens. And verses. I'm intentionally try to brick like every rule in the book it would cheating is cheating in breaking rules there are breaking rules and it. It just feels like there's been a ton of mental gymnastics with the NCAA. Over the last five to ten years especially words like. We go back to the Penn State scandal like how do you and I think we all agree to the time like this needs to be something needs to happen here should have a decades ago. But what do you even dual I'm not out how do you handle that if you're the NCAA boys are you don't grandstand in. One little thing I don't want them and I we saw people go to jail obviously and to me. When I called Taylor now Baylor in the same don't want being similar touch and I look at the NCAA like mall cops. Where they they're not very good at the job they have. I don't want them to be controlling anything where there are big domes where lulls or broken let me give the police committed Texas Rangers. You really the Pennsylvania state police in the FBI given the Department of Education. Give me all those things I think a lot of times when you talk about actual wall breaking scandals like Penn State like Baylor when you talk about those things. Everyone's minds are so dialed in on sports. That they forget that there are arbiters of wall that are. Or more important than sports and I think period. To say hey you can't general bowl game because you molested children. So I mean that's his that's an income group penalty. To the crime that actually was that was committed one how about this another text or writes in fact check this one right Mike MacIntyre at a Colorado great coach sonics are you mean the guy that hired Jim Leavitt who got fired from you that's left. And the guy who currently right now is an order is in trouble because he he promoted the deep into court later. Who whose girlfriend. Told him NB AD that he beat her yes absolutely not that's not the one case. Mike MacIntyre is a known vice gonna make sure we get that completely fact checked to do that I he gives us the thumbs up here's another one text or wants to know about Tom Izzo. There's got to be something what is right Jeremy just stands to reason he's been their long enough huge program they've done a bunch awaiting. National champions. But to a bunch of follow foresee like he's got to be simple it is its. Wesley digging kids up for an menu you gotta be you gotta be breaking Marmol was some groceries you gotta be doing something it's not it is not him that's an assistant coach somebody's gotta be doing something and as you stay right now and how water on the football side for. Black conquerors Blackwell who again impermissible is not a proposal benefit sexual assault so this is there's. Did Tony was a name. A year ago I would set him but I mean. We know Tony it does seem like amid assisting like these guys are bad guys like you. Funny hot but he's done something wrong he hired Blackwell to help get kids from Detroit he's got to do battle with Jim Harbaugh he hired a guy that has ties to Detroit. He went big I went out of his job description to try to help these kids who committed a crime and there's a scandal Harbaugh is one right but wait there's no way almost not got to something used. It hasn't happened yet I did that to mean the perception of Harbaugh has been very interesting to watch because. There is this tar ball that people see in the media. Then there's a horrible that recruits talk about and they're not the same no really are the same guy and it's not a negative thing at all mr. France calmed down without a negative thing. But there's stuff that he does dad think of other coaches did it people would be a little bit more of said the polling scholarships these. The offering scholarships they're telling kids they can't commit to those things which we get on Nick Saban about a million on we get on to both Fisher about to get on these other guys about that. Our balls play in the same game is all those other. Brian is scouring the Internet right now is amazing to watch as he runs the show text directs and some schools break their roles of some sort and they don't even know it yet simple because the NCAA rule book is so big the interpretation changes so much into hard to keep public every single rule. Earl. Every single rule of what we're talking head coach and we got even got to assist including you mentioned a couple times but what about the GA what about the staff member who's not technically coach but he's doing men's. Maybe he's talking to a kid announced oh now or in trouble we've got those big new rule it's been handed down about. You can't recruit a guy that's. Two years removed from a school you hired a high school football coach or something totally out this whole thing bears. There's like that like that like that Texas says they're the way abused. It's so miraculously vast that there's there's guys are breaking rules without even work yet to Harbaugh did dad Greg Harbaugh and. Hired me. Coach Kevin bush is bother right there and but he got in right before the rules change snow had no worries for him. Other text their ads I think Notre Dame runs a pretty clean program modest Lou Holtz but as a fan of the Irish. I'd give anything for them to look the other way and win more championships. And then another texture Antony the only thing dirty that David Doran is doing is still in the NC state coach that why you take. LM could store and a and why you taken shots at them notre Dame's not a school I think of of of a bastion of doing things the right way in college football I'm sorry I don't I was over those don't compute for me. I think what we I think we're also talking about that talks can only mean there's a there's two dead people under break I was watched. And I think that has to be in you can talk about the usually cheating with older. Real actual lives lost so I think it's tough to put them up. There are 7045709. C still can get into our question of the day which is do you believe anybody men's basketball or football in power five conference college basketball or football is running he truly absolutely 100% clean program what if you found right so Tom Izzo was suspended in 2011 for a trying to forgot this summer camp. How could we forget. I don't know because it happens all the time and we are because of things are and unbeknownst to him but again it's it's sort of falling in line with everything okay Tony Bradley 45 minutes he's done with college after your good for you big Fella he goes to the NBA draft worked for the hornets today so we'll talk to him at 330 Tim Brando on some of the stuff before fifteenth and I think I have some moments older we get to this whole we returners that I think I've got the moral distinct turn where we say yet because of this case right here I can never looking college sports the same way ever again what that is after this 1025 WS NC. Listening to primetime with Chris Krueger powered by ortho Carolina. So this is the show we're doing on Friday it's a lot of fun mortified to have Michael Silver into the Bleacher Report. I had in the bleachers great Twitter follow coliseum really big or on big. Coke in my head chefs a high turn do you like I'm term chef for another step I mean home code okay I am not is I. Home coach Gregg discovered chiropractor. And a fair amount of skill. If people need to go peek your cigarette account and they'll see this is no joke you take this seriously you're not a chef film you do not when he used that term. Oh I think we're gonna do this in a little bit more than an hour to 4 o'clock hour we'll find. What's on the menu would Michael Felder as he heads into the weekend you've told us you're not sure yet some we might. My creatively workshop this line on the air or down which is a fantastic idea here's what we're doing now. I in lieu of everything going on it'll hole I yesterday the NCAA dishing out a bunch of penalties. I actually I haven't seen officially is the 2013 title officially been vacated or is that just the thing that we were almost certain is gonna have. Happen they that's on the docket vacated title some scholarship reductions recruiting limitations for years probation and that's. Five games pitino suspend. Four ACC games by the way I wanted to believe it's four ACC dinner we can do it early in the year it's going to be for the ACC schedule. And you got guys like this might tweeting in app prime time WS fancy Bradley jeweler put her feet. So is up 5400 dollars is that a lot asking for Fred I'm not sure actually I mean doesn't seem like it that much. But you that's that's gonna be a big reason why tools in here with what they're doing so you were thrown out our question of the day do you believe anybody. In major men's college basketball or football is running it truly 100% clean program whether there were. Gill aware of it or not you believe that if you ran a fine tooth comb through their program nothing whatever happened and so we never thought you guys are tweeting and answers taxing and answers. And Brian right now is is firing back stacked deck in all of them. Our list includes this Stanford the other something with a bicycle I think right bicycle load OK a bicycle loan army navy air force the service academies. We found. Is she issues and all three of those schools so Lisa Brad Stevens of Butler we found some sort of test issue there wouldn't Tom Izzo and Michigan State we found an issue there. Mark Richt was drawn up but we finally Mark Richt are the which had a big effect or Brownback check Mark Richt if he can ride that was brought up see if you do that bomb. Would see what else is been discussed. Some recent Notre Dame. But I we have to fact check that went to a nut I'm not sure where we stand where that basically this show is this we're listing coaches in finding out if they've ever cheated. That's the show we're doing on a Friday here's all I know like. Things have changed Felder like we've gotten to a point where we all just degree college sports is slimy it's dirty we might not agree to guys need to be paid or compensated yet. Well if you found so apparently to does eleven Mark Richt was accused of paying his own staff out of his own pocket and take it didn't happen and I mean it seems ripe SES principle holds. I don't I'm not mad at you for try to do that you can't do you have Mark Richt so item to the list put a model like board got a running list right now on our studio. Here's what I think's changed. And I really believe this because it's I think is the perfect confluence. A everything coming together in just opening our eyes to the re the new reality of college sports. I guess the Nevin Shapiro case in Miami. The guy I think that case the timeframe public hasn't happened early two thousands but I'm too late in the two thousands. When it first started my knee was still a superpower in college sports. When it wouldn't win when what he was doing for us yes when he first started by the time it was lingering didn't matter definitely and at that point is actually kind of set. That never it's stupid for him Shapiro Miller got when they understand when they got caught the player who is not serious tennis sadly never why he still hanging on and the glory days are past flight was to do and it's no you're right heap. Because he was the guy that was talking about all the stopper he did he was going rising it yet it happened at a time where. Kind of Internet was starting to really come into bogus thing by the time it really was laid out the dead the Charles Robinson bombshell case yeah 2010. That's when social media really Lucille boils down to Twitter was a thing FaceBook was a major thing at that point. 24/7 news in 24/7 news radio Sports Radio is I think. It was everything coming together super powerful program. Happening while they were doing some waiting obviously we saw the backside after that he glamorized it. It was everywhere everybody's talking about it it was kind of the fall of the empire that was Miami football. And we're still waiting for it to get back. And I do you know whether it's right or wrong we pinpoint that story with the fall of mining football and I don't think the tour link but maybe they overlap a little bit. But that has everything it's got to sex it's got the money. It's got the big name players. It's got the big name program nightclubs nightclubs Miami of all places like eats everything that's swords in his home were like. He had tank like this is this stuff is real. I mean it was happening it's on a scale that I never thought was possible for how big was I think every point back to that for that story and think yeah Manhattan. This is this is big what's going on here triggered one. I think that's that's really good at and thought about that but yeah. That could be Edward it in 2010 as that happens you start to peel back layers and people are looking at and they are thinking. Okay oh way. Of those get those guys that I like OK this is happening that hopeful we will. There going OK okay yep we've got all this okay that's yeah okay this is the real thing is happening we can't there's no denying it there's no. He says she's saying tracks is like I think the biggest thing readable the way that that source Felder is how directly Nevin Shapiro was obtained. For access to the program bingo not giving guys benefits. Screw that stuff that's again that's stuff goes on. Whenever that stuff goes on and you can be mad kids were taken that stuff I'm sorry I just can I can't wrap my head around that but a grown man pain for accessed. To be around a much eighteen to 22 year old kids so we could stand on the sideline as the fog machines roll out. And you sort of think about. We're about to Brewster at Alabama and Brewster at Tennessee or your Brewster at USC and what they're paying for a lot of the same your domain for access I know it's endure it they thought he found ways to put parameters in place where it's like yeah you're not directly. Paying. One short one for access sir but you might as well be that. I mean you might as well be okay I'm gonna give you 500000 dollar donation that gets me so much access to. He suite during a during every home football game and an hour on the field before the game. And locker maxis after the game is special meet and greets with the coaches and the players. That was one of the things is that out of me UNC what is. You have to go to dinner with the people terrified me I got to go to dinner got to get a bit about it despite its scholarship they have got a dual carrier general them. There are good there. Cook a meal what would happen if you said no could you say no there's no ago. You Goran it is canola there's got to be a nose so laurel they're going to the dinner he got no choice and your little like him they're going to bear. Bittermann small farmers are able your door. Let's go to the phone 70457096. And I'll put my stake in the ground though I think that Miami case is the one we look Acker like get this. Things have changed in college sports and it ain't ever gonna go back to the way used to deal let's go to Michael real quick. Wants to jump in on the conversation what so Michael how are you. I'm doing very well thank you are a couple thing. Eight Q 22 year old alpha male. You can say it's. Good it. And that's basically what he's an athlete or anybody. Eighteen to 22. Big picture. Second of all the only other thing I had was dead in the lovable little bit today. You can back evolved. Our own no do we lose Mike we lost I took emblem who is Michael maybe Michael can call back in the second he gets back and a cell searches you do is get rid ask a question. Arms about this text or riding a 704570916. Buildings that are techs like our question of the day you believe anybody's running a truly 100% clean program major college sports that's men's basketball. And football to meet our five comforts Dexter writes in a Wisconsin. So faction Bo Ryan if you don't mind for for Wisconsin basketball you know currents and and Paul Crist did Ed tell Wisconsin now. And before him I guess she could've gone back to love Duma if Byrd B LaMont and you could go back to Barry Alvarez if you want to but just do. Actually want you to be LaMarcus that's probably -- it's as probably the best place to start with Wisconsin system below with Wisconsin are for football and then do Bo Ryan for basketball Siewert false. Text derisive bright here CNN Boise squeaky clean. Maybe that's some major economy to its close orders they also the big push for better troll for like guys were from a co author oh yeah Barack's. And that's the other thing too Lee's visit how much coaching change happens all the time yet. Governor Pete yet every two years were slight yellow Pearson. Might of just inherited some of the but he might not have been a guy that actually get signed off signed off monitor was aware that was going on in the first place. It's one of those things from me when I look impairment obviously did you had a stipulation about being in power five of their group of five but it. But don't close Sokaiya their closest then they were they've been closer but a bridge and watched them because they also our school it's recruiting kids Rahman overseas. Which that's always an interesting thing for me from a football standpoint because you don't see them here. I agree it would still listen to break top of the hour back on the other side Michael's back on only get his thoughts. When he was trying to ask just before 704. 57096. And I do was switch it up talk go to Olympia real quick I can't wait for this summer in the NBA it's like nothing beats MBA free agency and it's just gonna feed into the narrative of what starting gone on the major beef between LeBron james' injury among green it's going on after the finals. Involved in the celebrations yesterday now LeBron is going on podcasts. And clapped American dream on green I love it we talked about it we got some audio for its after the sub prime time powered by ortho Carolina.