Mac Attack: Spencer Percy And Ron Green Jr.

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Monday, June 19th

This hour featured a Hornets interview with Spencer Percy of the Queen City Hoops Blog and Ron Green Jr from Global Golf/Charlotte Observer recapped the U.S. Open as well 


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Talking hornets France today a bunch on the other Mac its act we will recap the US open Ron green. Junior he roads essential piece of the observer from Erin hills this weekend. And he is going to join us fresh also cover and that events we'll talk to him about the struggles of some of the big guns and golf. In the majors lately including yesterday will talk about Brooks can't go. And we'll talk about that course was just too easy for US open to play 23 any kind of feel like you did it. Hi let's go to detect become gas line and not always says premarket 920 today breakdown. Lobbies draft prospects right now we can't do EE can do a whole lot better talking draft. When it comes in order it's been doing it was Spencer Percy queen city hoops blog. And he's here to join us on the Mac its act talks and draft three days away Spencer are you ready man are you ready for draft night. Not think so I think it's ready it's it's big night for the hornets and they got to nail this one so. Under that almost a year. It is almost here and men and be nice to nail one it would be on sadly be changed but it would be nice to get this one. What do you think about this new I saw each week something about this last night aren't I tend to agree with words sounds like you're headed. What do you think of ballots the ban Matta by EO Tom surge here in Charlotte like we hadn't thought much about him as a possibility and eleven and now suddenly it's a work out as dust Iranians hit me up tell me how great he would. I don't see him is that skill like act I would not like depict eleven at all and I'm kind of surprised this has become a thing what do you think. Yeah I'm surprised it's become a thing to it seems like. It seems like bam is getting. Getting it favored on form here the us would give but it but it really hard to tell me I think it Bailey the physical specimens and any you know he does have. You watched him play he watched so he has to Dwight Howard asked. You know Rimmer are running ability. Finishing ability. Around the basket catching lobs. You know shot blocking ability of the opt out of that you know they have had a very very average feel for the game averages is probably being content that I that I have bad feel for the game really. You know not a passer out of the pick and roll. The object is not a very high IQ player at this point now you know there is a history of Kentucky big. I'm not being used to to their full potential. You know this gal I would appreciate it was it was the recent. By example that you call it in the town that you know obviously he didn't. You know showcase his outside shooting skill set to Kentucky but. Yeah I know I Baylor is not that kind of player he is he's much more raw and if so or estate in Atlanta I would be extremely disappointed in the strap for it looked almost certainly be a lot of that. It took you there. You're one of the things we've been asked advances you know who they pick someone to they do something Thursday night that would excite you as you well know Spencer it's like. Forest fans and excitement and they're not going hand in hand right now I mean we're just custom palms. That's the way the season went bombed at the fact that there's very little tap room very little flexibility on the roster. What do you what would Jew who should pitch in order stands in say if we get this guy you should be excited about. Well I would I would bring up a few names I think Donovan Mitchell is the first save and I think defense favored at this point I mean I think Mitchell. Yeah he checked. Is many boxes as the hornets need check. You know as currently constructed of Iraq serving really. Here's still put as they got their three huge music singing backup point guard they need wing death. And I think we need to back upset or some kind of a back up play around the rim. You know he checks to those boxes you know how much. Little quote point guard can play. He remains EC is seen especially in this in Turkey here. It can play next to kimbo especially defensively. Any any. He really helped that we debt. Here to give it to seat sixteen a wing span you can that bring in defense of president off the bench which. We're Jeremy lamb and Marco Belinelli have really struggled to do and I gonna be huge crater at this point but there are really promising catch and shoot prospects. That it really right away I think it in his performance. It's really one of the best. In this draft class he doesn't have been best shooting numbers but even that to do a lot Louisville last year Rick Pitino won in to beat a man. Offensively for their team something he was never asked to do armed and you also growing pains in that area which also saw some real flashes. A law that its effectiveness. That thinks something that is gonna continue to develop when he gets into the end the day I didn't name I would say is that power to mean if it's easier eleven I think the voters need you. They need to take a hard look at him and then that'll be a tough decision because it gave no need. Some debt at the back up center position and I think consular help there hasn't offenses. But he knew all of that area but he had small and potential. He plays without really really motor. It you know any similar to Zeller in terms. Not incredible measurements. How long we spend the night and in actual shot blocker but. Yeah he's Smart player he's in the right position a lot. Any any gay and you're not gonna play harder than NC gonna make it different somatic and you know they're contesting shots in the rebound excel. There that you guys that would be excited about. And as of right now then they could slip there but we really won't know that I think it's so we get this Thursday morning maybe Wednesday. Who do you root for we're talking no sense of Percy queen city hoops dot com please see who sports blog. Could you kind of root for to slip. Well I'm. It's funny. You know quality radio. But the show queen C news we knew we talked about this it extensively yesterday I think the league markets villain named B would you should keep an island for numerous reasons. You know it is measurements are. Leave a lot to be desired he's a little bit of a one trick pony in terms of the great great great shooter a great amount stranger what can be defensively though it is if you ball in order that you get to create offense so yeah I think. It is canard keeps. Gain esteemed media Beckett certainly helpless a guy like mode all. If Smith gained steamed out of the Mitchell Keith James Dean you know come Thursday night so the most obvious name I think hornets insult like this. That if she did just that junior fraud I don't think that's gonna happen actually have as well my best prospects in the entire draft and then. The other guy it would be award Markkanen. Not really how to him at all but I think he's been named who could potentially in that far into the horse or other desserts are really market market it would be my two guys to watch it. Maybe all come. First Spencer what do you think about Lou canard this one this one could lead sisters to costs. Between T bone in me and all that. Canard supporters in myself that could get ugly what where do you stand on Lou played he's the taken eleven are you look. Happy bombs just kinda Hattie how would you feel about that. Yeah if stand a little bit in the middle you know. I was not how Smart at all toward the end college basketball CU when I was trying to assert the leak out about him maybe without contact. That probably aren't actually artists or value four year guy at do you for the better part of lassie and I just. Physically defensively I just thought that was gonna limit him. I knew he was a good offense player news this year but once I really dug in on his respectively this offensively I was blown away. Actually did a piece of continues last week. If pegging down on the Mitchell against Le canard. And canard was sort of the most efficient offensive players to cut fastball last season and it wasn't close. I mean off the dribble creating for his teammates shooting the ball went off pick and roll sheet and ball and catch issued situations. I mean he's shooting splits were. Something like 44 or eighty alienated. 445488. Or something like that and it just incredible offensive numbers. A lot of the tricks that work to do you you're getting until laying using it reversed its eating his policy is all they I don't know if it's a way that's. That was us. We'll obviously see you bring that up and I don't get it could be helped by. But he does have a crafting this to create eight offense and we're not talking about shooting basketball everybody that you issued but he does have. A cracking is a feel for the game. Knowing this and how to read defense is. And IQ. That. I think it in in some ways will translate NBA action he's gonna have to slash more. Athleticism note Mac to truly reach his potential in the next level but all this if he's that sick. On Thursday night and I wouldn't be super upset I would be disappointed that happening Alex Mitchell Burkhardt. But Florida's gonna make any NBA offense. Better on day one I don't think there should be any any. Question about. Six you got it back to not. I Spencer that was good stuff by the way I am looking at a right now I need to read this piece I I you I'd seen you tweet about it and fraud forgotten didn't read it. I need you I checked his stuff out check it out queen city hoops dot com it's a great hornet's blog. Again they're loading would draft starts including that dumb stuff thereabouts. Canard and that Donovan Mitchell comparing to two and follow Spencer. Adds a mom which usually see you CA Spencer on Twitter us venture investment thanks so much for coming on. All right yeah directly and saying to you brother we appreciate digital radio digital podcast is really good as wells they do a great job. And get a lot of marketing emails all the sudden bone guys Sandler marketing and he's skilled but is he not is he finished frank. I do is he's that close he that much and up greater is he kind of just finish ranked we don't need to it's H I don't know. Seems possibly redundant to me Adaptec macd Charlotte Albert systems to amateur 73 degrees. 17100 dollars in rebates is available from what they say we'll talk dispenser one year from today about. Meet touting grace and Allen for the Charlotte or. Do got loose on Twitter says step uses those same tricks in the NBA now. Cilic is a little more buildings from stuff don't we just quickness to drive all the way to the basket. Honestly it just feels like canard doesn't get all the way to the basket a lot own past tell us open the pain got to connect do dials and under sweeping staff is going to be better than Magic Johnson could canard be better than staff so canard to be better than magic are large now we have now this unofficially it's time for the draft -- officially reached the boy it's only Monday a draft week I'll have that and we need time for our address our disabled people want me to be a homer and I think among hallmark I go full board homer on this. I don't do that but if you want me to go full full blown you could overhear you did very well there iMac at W doesn't he does junk email address. When we come back she Michael selves. Is I'm racing an animal. It's just really gonna happen. I've got a comment that didn't go over well on Twitter I stand by and I will look for radio support ticket called people are jumping into. 830 Ron green junior junior right down the US open as well. Are we are back cruising along go to Monday morning our Mac and WS Lindsay got county emails come it's weeks at magna the FN CA. Text number call in number same 70457096. And the only senate thanks MR find sex sponsor thanks to Hendrick Chrysler dodge Jeep brand. As our find email sponsor on this radio show okay we're goats and calls the second and we got. At least one guy there's been paying off for awhile talk draft we gotta get that we Ron green junior coming up and they thirties now cover ended golf at a global golf post wrote a special. Peace in the observers are often do during the majors are from Erin hills this weekend. So it's an added a third tee and then after that I telling cabinet started against. Helm tampering has done something else and I'm telling you was gonna make it harder for him. Designed to job. It's this kid has to be mentioned bunch. Former gets any of that before we go to the phones don't I did just wanna mention this. I sent out a sweet I got ripped for this week on Saturday. I completely stand by I believe this. Michael Phelps is going to race. Great white shark during shark week bound. Comes can be produced by NBC news peacock productions. It's dubbed it should sell Percy show aren't great gold hearse a straight fight to. Don't go down July 23 as part of the shark week which is the big Discovery Channel. A marathon shark related programming. I said bone that I am more looking forward to this race that I am the fight between Mayweather McGregor as I guess I start let me know beyond percent honest. There's two reasons why one is bone I don't know who's gonna win this race. I do know who's going to win the these sites number two is I don't have to pay a hundred dollars to watch. It's you rather watch our great Olympian get eaten by a shark oddity not recently released separate I don't know right next to each other I've got questions about this residents are dumb questions I apologize that's makes. And they see who I am. This is like a contained shark right out there that they're not out there try to talk I think they've got their own New Orleans where he can't start change that I don't worry it's. This is the shark that they have the white. Did trade or something right because how late this wild shark gets Lucy Getty Michael Phelps. I don't that you wanted to worry about that I'd like Dick an MP. At the shark can't get out up right yeah I'm a pretty good so I don't think that's what you guys need to take from this to tell because I don't think it is going to be all right they just drop Michael felt off above. And a day set for yourself I don't I don't. Then you have to be may have something here oh my gosh. We could see carted to Michael I'll see you just don't see entertaining so you're SE Michael cells die also and that would be better than Obama I don't know I. I wanna see you getting beat sharks who when he's he's always got an idea what's gonna happen what is the short no he's race and I think for you to pay gap over. Mayweather McGregor yeah does that tell you I claimant tiger is human like it you don't that is the most predictable sporting events since any Cleveland Browns game. Seriously thought maybe mother and McGregor there's no you guys only reason you're watching that known to see if something crazy happens. What what's crazy is gonna happen McGregor attacks them for McGregor takes some like I just what is going to make it worth a hundred. Dollars in because if they're at these days this month the small chance the slight chance that a miracle happens you wanna be able to say I saw a wide. I didn't read about a lot of social media site later on I saw life. I don't watch tiger watched emblem belts razor sharp later on I. Unless it's we said we're talking about great white to just about sharks or the court is strap. I don't know I swear I will watch this race I'm curious what happens what happens and there's the fight I have no curiosity over what so ever include is trying to go against a boxing artists we know boxing yes he Sony's did you are hard do you believe Mac's gonna hunkered at a watch just the shark race. I mean it's free he will. Mean go. It's free entertainment to tune in it's it's what's how longer it'll take one minute. What's curious what kind of discharge is the right now I thought that's that's how far they went I don't know looked at outlook does not matter what I would want as dubbed I know how long Mayweather McGregor fighting. Twelve rounds of complete boredom. Of Mayweather dancing like he's Michael Jackson and Greg Anderson and it doesn't I sincerely answer you guys are playing under bugs Godzilla rye NYP poor's a shark. There's a chance something happens to lock day. In my ass on the go on. So why you but the great Michael Phelps potentially Getty I don't think he's gonna Judas he's racing and open he's going to be all right. I'm undo it footer pulled out I would do its football CMA people with activity and only once they get. You would rather watch this but that's due to fight our and the goats in a solid 70457096. And Ron green junior. To talk US open here a few minutes let's get west's real quick he's been waiting through basketball hall and does shark talk for for west he deserves this it's a west. Well Doug and I helped my brother would say well let all of a lift to dominate your job. I think darn it everybody knows we could probably crap about that either position us and our point guard whatever thumb I've been playing. We've got the message on the roster the coach needs to figure out. I do think Daniel and need to get Tony Bobbitt boarded up and of the game and be treated like number like this story number true. You got she's got a improved and he did they did opportunity. I mean 866 just called him she did very body that golf is is he's not given the opportunity some Indian we need to move but so did a pretty. And Jim Gilchrist off the bench and got Kimba outlook adapt really cool about me but come a point or dislikes given curry didn't come into the league. In Indian coast McEnroe he can slash. Just like kimbo up in the Indian you've got Marco it back to do it that way you're not split minutes Marco Lampard. Second question can go you've got two quality guards. Just need to move but came over and you got the wins and then double digit Millsap and here to get more so well and I would. There the last party might be dream and on but no I think our group both talked about it months ago. And KG bring is energy off the bench to be a player that wouldn't it be better served to come off the bench you just have to find somebody can start on the wing and we don't have much cap money to find that we get on the main. So can you get that in the draft somehow. When is somebody going to be regular ones on limits are going to be ready to start and to guard does that happen probably not right a way that's. Only problem MKG's a small forward and say Mitchell's your two guard in a certain line up you've got a dynamic defensive due out there that could shut down. All the firmer options hopefully on the other team. If canard to two start we talk about his defense is canard that a lineup with MKG for example Karzai guarding the other team is desperate require. That's why am cage easier that's why your pain a big money that's why you're not registering you still divides it art of getting together the Fed does not abated a big concern was can aren't. True man we've got some people waiting in sharks. Swim speed up tax Boni has alluded to that later on on the show until you can see you can tweet does thaksin Mayweather McGregor is that much of a mismatch all right that's all we'll say to you. We come back Ron green junior joins us to talk about the US open deceased feel like I do that these top players in golf in the majors lately are hurting. The product it's the Mac attack. Check out the new did you hear that's for many delta and northwest corner Johnson wrote Valentine's comments from nexus. It's unbelievable error cannot tell treatment hot weather next shift. That was my only. Yeah. 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Hey guys back here when he RBC wealth management leader board updates this week and it was the US open and Aaron hill's first time ever. At Erin hills and bandit they set records Internet course apart Brooks gets good ties Rory McIlroy for the most under par ever. US open he shoots a sixteen under. Five under 67 on Sunday to win the US open by a robust four shots. The Jackie Matsuzaka messy on him Brian Harman were both tied for second four shots back Britain's Tommy Fleetwood of eleven under. And other notable names Rickie Fowler is among its eight for fifth at ten under par. Six shots back patch every did not finish strong at all the man they call Captain America with a two over 74 the final round. To end up tied for thirteenth and of course so many notables are great talk about this was Ron green junior. Missing the cut like Dustin Johnson Jason Day and Rory McIlroy RBC wealth management. Is there for you for more than a century they provide trusted advice and solutions. 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Barring survival tip number 54 leaders a new car shop and cheers in town and he's on your side 24/7 365. Don't give up the sport just logon to learn more at. How brilliant this day. So they knew we just don't hold that's ignorant again you regularly stole both tried to combat this global. And say stupid things I love Michigan. Tell us things about Obama absolutely no none other classified you there and Garcia and Bailey this morning at ten. 1025610. WFANZ. Hi we movement have in order strapped mania and then Michael Phelps races shark and that's got to be discussed for a few minutes and people are now tweeting me shark speed stats. We've got to talk I did back in the US open talked a bunch about an hour number one at. Who better in this city to hear from about golf and get analysis from golf. From that Ron green junior may be is dead baby is data might vote for but other than that I'm pretty sure. Charlotte wants to hear some Ron green junior comes to golfer on does a great job of covering golf for the global golf posts he wrote written great stuff in the observer this week as well he joins us here on the Mac attack Ron is a pleasure how you doing. I'm doing well. Look imported it back over a little while but the Detroit and it can wake up your Wisconsin. Erin hills quite a place. I bet I bet it was it it was very interesting for us first from this standpoint. US open course is usually don't get beat down like that by so many golfers it was a record number of golfers are finished under par. Throughout the week get a record but a number of golfers go one under par and each round itself like. What did you think you kind of touched on this in your column yesterday. I guess you kind of think can golf fans should embrace it I'm one of the guys you're kind of called out Ron I'm I'm wondering. And this is my US open I want carnage what you seem like UNG you enjoyed it a little more than that idea. Well I understand the whole thing about the US open and I think it was yet a scoring got much deeper than they imagine that. I mean they were very careful given what happened at chambers bay and bought a couple of thousand jobs and I think. Being it'd be placed the US GA it was very careful to make sure they didn't go overboard developed force in the set up. And they didn't. They knew how big this thing was I mean they constructed a thousand yards. They had big wide fairways and win it. The wind didn't blow that much into it yesterday and then like three likely got a overnight rain so it just softened it up like a couple of players so let me. Justin Thomas said give us good greens and in good condition and good weather we're gonna shoot good scores are where we go with so. So I think I think you're a little surprised that one of the course designer that before the tournament started. Rodham Clinton what do you think the winning score would be he said. If the wind blows foreigner wind that blows sixty member I'll. It'll be great source Saul says that then they don't have the slope like we see a lot of places like Woolsey quail hollow and couple months and that it's so I think that fed into it but as big as he did so farming. Justin Thomas Culpepper at 63 on Saturday 667. Yard par property is pretty slippery what. That's that's already been and the dictionary of golf before now think. That was amazing man when it's out he is and let's. What did you think let's let's talk first about Brooke skeptic you know I was watching the autos on golf channels watching their recap and they had the press there press coverage you can't go. And right there a moment of honesty he just said you know I feel like I've been under achiever up to this point he had been very disappointed in themselves and I'm going to be honest as I was watching his performance this weekend round I did find myself thinking have been hearing about this guy's talent for years fears now. I just saw him do everything you can do on a golf course he iron pudding. Com how do you view him as got to cover sports day in day out how does the golf community view him. Did you view him as an under achiever is he does he have the ability to rattle off more majors how do you view Brooks kept. Well I mean obviously he played as well this past week as he's ever played but I didn't think it was selectors and under achiever but just one of those guys. Yet you cannot oh why hasn't he won more liberal one wants a new European tour also the PGA tour. And he's you know he's Demi and at Jupiter Florida here with Rickie Fowler Dustin Johnson that. Although other stresses promises. These fees that Lennon and understand what do wonders why he had I think I would have thought maybe his short game putting and held him back some because. It got such power but yet he played well on the Ryder Cup and seen it he is his motor runs pretty low it seems like. Unless he's really had they you know as chase said sometimes you need to kick in the butt to get him started but. I think she has. I don't know his own daughter Cherie just dominate the game but he's capable of winning at any cap. And just got so much power and now he's got that confidence when you win one like those. Now he quit asking yourself the question of what am I gonna do it really begin in the position next and you think I do it again yeah I didn't first I'll. Yeah it does make you wandered does that happen mentally who want. Ron. You know what I really thought you know without tiger I've been one of the guys has said this in people's kind of fought me on written. I don't know maybe Amarillo so now I get a goal in my face I kind of thought the the grouping at the top guys Ly eight Rory and speeds. And I kind of thought that debt grouped together collectively might be able to maybe not still the whole tiger void. But it's innocent make a sport really compelling. Because just like tiger never had this had a rival in these guys might have young. Developing rivalries and I'll be darned if lately it feels like those golfers in the majors and you saw when most of them this week. Have struggled. How much does that hurt golf when those guys in the majors perform like they did this week as you know we're dying and deceit. Speech and Rory down the stretch and a major Jason Day and Rory what do you think. Al lot green you're gonna have a heck of a weekend doctor Bullock we got two missed cuts. 88 of the top twelve got missed the cut which. I can't ever bet ever had in debt and the property doesn't look so so. Yeah I mean which yapping doll. Is driven. From B entertainment epic about personalities and get Ricky were together probably probably over for the most this weekend because people just love Ricky for good reason but. I think. We need get dynasty type things that I think Agassi or freedoms sports and tiger will be open to all that and build that up there for awhile but. Rory looked like it. Jordan looked quite good Jason Bay throb now about seductive and what they're not there I think it you do. It's nice to get somebody. Leads Sergio victory was hugely popular Augusta. But you'd be built again that those are sort of the measured graphic gives it a pop capitals are perceived to be the best. Don't perform eat you kind of don't know where the bar and maybe your change in the bar with different people have a still think when we get to the open changeover to get the PGA all those guys are going to be but they just start up again but they need to do that they have not been that big a factor in the may. Here's now how would love to see analog see those guys door and out and makes an out. What do you think what's what's the deal with Rory specifically I know he's been dealing with injuries isn't as simple as injuries and hasn't been able to play a lot is that what's going on with him and I know we got called out by Steve Elkington. As you look at boarded a Dow a lot of money it's a good border Rory didn't take too kindly to that how do you view what breweries don't throw. Just broke already just played as well Erin hills was between did afterwards. Probably been and makes their security so they'll Steve Elkington pretty well that's yeah I I think it's. He's had this ripping it is that you can't let competitor Brooke but he really hasn't played that much golf but I do think he'd get into a real. I just don't ease. To me he's still the most talented of all these gas. And it's just. Hasn't happened and I think she's still a little frustrated east. You know he was the got a lot O had a great chance that aerials because it's so big and so a lot of power such. Could be rewarded so much and nobody usually dropped the ball better Rory does and you know made the comment about what race or cut some of the best you back what would you vote to do that isn't. He had that this look very good news or they are so I guess they asked us. You know karma the gulf but we know what it can be. They keep it got a little built so that. No idea it was unbelievable he lived that's asked you after sex and he called it he says if he can't keep that in these wide fairways. You don't pack your bags and sure enough he was. In his bag in his bags. No doubt about it. All right everybody signed Ron green junior as a senior writer for the global. Golf post contributor stills of the observers well our rob thanks for coming on we appreciate it. Under way this little ID go Ron green junior coming back to us Charlotte later today. Tom by the way Brooks kept can not only it was just amazing not only did he help me. Win some money would not fancy don't seem bound but he also made me feel better on Father's Day. I forgot to get my data Clark's. I'm that type a son this year I forgot to give my data Clark I was really thinking father's days my day and I kind of forgot now. Your dad also has a day as well so when minor Brooks got to say he forgot to get is that a car I kinda you know felt better now here's the difference. Ice and I will send the card to him don't get there on Thursday with a real cheap gift card right. Brooks Katherine got his dad. A US open championship for the family slightly different what's your making up for free. Adding regardless I'll send my dad anything either I'd do I'd just something odd coming for him. But here's what I'd tell now he likes us I'll say why he. Why do you need to give that Sunday should be honored every day of the year so your gift can arrive at any time to know a year honored in a grass pretty smooth again. I don't want you think it's only one day some descended on a random bag which is designed to be four days after Father's Day. And they don't proof that you every day is for you in my life bingo hey if he falls short RG about I don't like death. All right we're gonna take a breather here we come back. We got let's do some some football talk first of all. If you can hear about it and aunts and C south rival win a pretty big time injury and I could could could really hurt damp we'll tell you about that ended. Colin cabernet it's done it again on slit her. He did so this got people fired up I believe that it will make his chances of getting in the NFL even worse harsh. That beat K so I'm overreacting or people overreacting we'll talk about it when we come back right here. One of Tucson WA AF Lindsay. All right we're back are saints and a reveling in this and I'm simply let you know that I mean it's it's. It's something that could help. Other NFC south teams like. The Panthers and hurt the saints they're left tackle Toronto Armstead. Serious. Injury this weekend toward labor room. And this is going to be this goes take a long long time to recover now they did draft are right ram chip. In the first round so could be one where he gets stronger left side and things got escalate they're for him and but the guy day one enrollment season with a left tackle drama Armstead is out. Into this season at the very least into the middle season the very least so that happened this week and that's our civil loss. For a team that can't afford a lot of mass of no not at all also to those on and adults appear to Kelly story die die hard licences station. She was in Myrtle Beach this weekend. And she spelled out into the same and the falcons blew a 25 point lead in the super pac ten cents weighted picture out average weighted so that is. I'd sit Systemax detect metal bar type stuff there are you continue to spread that. So the Myrtle Beach chorus that's a beautiful thing everybody needs to know bone. Whether they're on vacation whether our workday they need to be reminded the falcons look 25 point lead I best describe her right now as a creative obsession. How many different ways to remind. Are you a hundred were when a fight and nothing you want to say to four get into this whole the latest cabernet guy issue. And by the way Seth Greenberg in ninth when he went right back to the NBA draft was set. From ESPN but Marty Smith did a really cool piece would rip control his two sons Austin a Blake Father's Day piece about how Ricky got out of coaching to be close your sons and it's good Gene Chizik were very similar article for USA today these coaches a lot of them have a a moment where they're like. Made my kids are growing up without me there and Rick dutrow had that moment it's a very cold video piece off five minutes long. From sports senator checked it out it It's awesome great job I'm Marty Smith also got a big year for UN seat if you're all law. All the losses on offensive as they're growing need him get what you might be the primary got they're gonna need him to step up big there's no doubt about a bone all those receivers have left. Our rights. So here's the deal on the college cabernet bone it. Is at it again. And I try I'm sure Chrysler try to be fair about cabernet and how serious this stuff is. Talk about a man's ability to work. And I know a lot of people think he's been black ball I kind of felt all along bone it's. People are weighing down okay is he gonna be more bad headache and it's worth very. Skill set but one of the things I also I honestly tried to look at is that hey Colin Capp critics sometimes we'll bring stuff on himself. Like I'm all for if you believe it that this cause. Of trying to get cops to stop shooting people specifically black folks. If you believe that causes more important in your NFL career god bless you I think the that is admirable. But I do think when you decide to do such a controversial method of a protest like kneeling for the anthem. I don't think you can be shocked bone when it ends up playing out this way. Well this weekend bone it got count up pretty did so again I'm telling you is going to make it harder for me get the league now many people jump dorm for. Other folks I'm believe what people are over the top to jump on for this. She compared police officers bone to slave catchers back into seventeen and eighteen hundreds on Twitter he put up a badge. Loves. Police match and it right next to it it's it's a mean that right next to it. Has. Eight badge Africa what's in a slave catchers back in like seventeen and eighteen are just says runaway slave patrol on it. And underneath the mean the tweet says a system that perpetually condones the killing of people without consequence does it need to be revised. It needs to be dismantled its. Now don't get me wrong don't I try to be fair about this issue I know it's an emotional issue and how would like to hear from folks you're about you know gets point five minutes half hour till Seth Greenberg comes on. I am very curious I do wanna hear from folks were all kind of different opinions and different backgrounds on the this common tapper extension. But some may bone it's just like when he wore the pig Sox. You know where the top story it was pigs wearing top outfits. Like we don't need our automobiles for I'll be the first to admit when I think see you see a video when something looks dead wrong. Looks like it was completely and I'm just shooting I'll be the first to admit and say yes that is not right. But secondly you know bone I don't like when Colin Caplan does this thing and it's at least the second time he's done it where you demonize police officers. To the point where you are basically saying they are all evil. That's a problem I have with this tweet is you're comparing every cop to every com slave catcher essentially. I mean you are creating a lot of young folks don't listen to cap Bernanke has something to say he has a purpose he has a pause and again. I commend him for having the courage don't who have a cause I do. But I just stinks it's dangerous when he jumps on what an absolute like this there is there is a hatred of fourth com. Opposite discs can fan the disc can increase bone and that's my worry was something like this and also maybe this is a moment where he shows everybody. Screw you NFL I don't really give a damn if they invite me back yet. But just cannot make it easier Chris here's the thing to bounce. He's unpredictability he may work Castro sure I don't get me wrong he does a lot of great stuff he's under a lot of great stuff this offseason. But things like this bones had teams scared I think because not only is it the protest he used to do. I think some folks think he's so unpredictable we don't know when he might do something like this again and we got to deal with it while wanted to you know. I'll say the whole time he was a B is signed here was a may be more than the protests but the flag that might be the pig socks that are current teams away. And they Castro of those things might be why teams are reluctant to sign covering as much as the flag. What he was getting some momentum here as the off season went along he saw after Seattle didn't sign on so more people can importance and okay. What's going on here why isn't this guy. Getting another chance in the leak in the more time goes by. The more backing momentum he got to get another chance in the league forty do something like this and he still wanna play football somebody's gotta give here. If you wanna be an activist a civil rights activists and this is your your second calling in your cause for wife. More power to yet like you said god bless you go out there and do some Morgan do what you feels fast but you can't right now you can develop these and let me do discuss guys sort of reroute. In an email from Michael let me Sosa I didn't tell the whole story the reason why cabinet was angry on Twitter this weekend is because of a police officer in Minnesota. That was acquitted. On a trial for shooting a black man's land no luck to steal. And the video watched it last night it's just so hard to watch the Weis started shooting video ball for a phone like right after it happened. Explain what happened you see the man they're essentially just in such pain screaming out she's screaming the copy screaming back inside a damn look. So Liz iso eight. Again I think she's got a close there although we know I never we never saw the dashboard video of the incident itself again the woman says he was reaching in to get his wallet. The cops said don't reach in their dizzy I guess he had done on the guy told the cop getting done. Please listen don't reach in there and he did so that he said he said situation. I completely think the clauses 1 that I am. Applaud him for Michael standing up for. What I am trying to say is though don't you think it hurts his ability to get a job when he does stuff like this. And don't you also think Michael if you're being fair and balanced is what I want to do was beat Farrell both sides in this. A that's that's what I want I don't want people to act like no cop has ever done wrong in shoot somebody. And I don't want people act like every copy is evil. I think somewhere in between both the truth lies but when Colin governing goes out there and equates to like he did and this week this weekend. Police officers. To slave patrols slave catchers. Like that is a message you're sending to young folks that really think a lot of you that every cup is evil he also said that ridiculous stop bone before the damn. Election that I didn't vote I'm not voting or after the election I didn't I didn't vote because they're both racist. And I it would just be like figured out a release racist it's really you couldn't do what would it educated opinion on that one. You couldn't try hard enough to differentiate between the two candidates when it comes to race. Like so I just think cabernet and I wonder what your three guys on this and I just wanna hear from folks that say Mac get off Catholics back like Michael did an email. I wanna hear from folks probably think you're right back don't tamper it's been doing stuff like just who hurt his cause all along. Because I don't I don't know I know it seems like a lot of people are crime for him bone but it doesn't look people point out that he does do things it's not just approach just or other things involved. Since then it on the flip side he's a tough guy to figure out. Just how much great stuff has he done this offseason about. An amazing with the charity work he's so so he isn't. There's a lot he's a complex man yes he's very complex but now we we can't act completely shocked like I god and pretty much stunned that a team gathered signed on. At this point though. You know it's not it's not stunning of why teams are missing my help and I just think just so you guys think just doesn't help him get a job you think this is a big deal between. Compared to police officers to slave catchers do you think I'm overreacting and our Mac at WFAZ dot com Marvin says an email. Thanks for having the Brothers and blues taxi here's the thing mount. I don't have all the good cop backs I don't have the into the cup the backs of the cops are beggars are bad ones. On the flip side I don't have the fat out of the backs of people ought to get shots and it's and it's and it's senseless violent sport semi. I don't are still why do we have to pick one side or another tablet is trying to drive a further wedge shear that's I don't like I. As Howard or he'll anyway want your thoughts on that Seth Greenburg get back to NBA draft and nine wanna it is an act it's.