Mac Attack: Reaction To Scott Fowler's Top 20 Panthers Ever

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Thursday, July 13th

We reacted to the piece done yesteday by Scott Fowler of  The Observer about the Top 20 Panthers players of all time 


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Nice to get back on the field tonight at home following the Tripoli all star break as we begin a series against the Gwinnett braves. Major League Baseball returns from their all star break tomorrow former Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams is without a team currently. Freeagent says he will not play for the Panthers cowboys rounded jaguars and help from NASCAR driver Erica morale returns this weekend for racing in the 43 car New Hampshire. After missing the past few months with a back injury. Men's top seed Andy Murray is out at Wimbledon with a hip injury he was slowed in Los to 24 seed Americans temporary and five cents. Second seed Novak Djokovic put an elbow injury had to retire from his match in the second set. Third seed Roger Federer advances under the semi finals. I'm Jim joking and that's the flash. It's WL I NK EDD. Five seeks to tell you after. Benzene. The total liar era. A mechanism act its act Thursday against Italy again we're didn't sit weekend we've got what we get two more weekends. Before the answer training camp and then after that. We just something football every weekend maybe think of it that way all right even if it just practices even if resist these five dollars and tell us where you have something. Every week and that's football related to moving forward after two more weekends and some get get through this one the next one. Well once a global Panthers here. Been a fun topic we've got to toss out Scott Ballard brought it up with his. Top Tony lists in the observer of all time Panthers I think there's multiple different conversations they can be had based on this ranking. That he did so get in the that is second. ACC voice. With fox sports west Durham joins us at 8 o'clock he's in town the for media day over there at the west and what's a don't. Macd Charlotte cover system's temperature is 75 degrees 72 months and 0% interest is available from what makes today is a sun screen. In Jean shorts table weathered or frank you for that Sony I could seven global war thank you for that breakdown right there bony. All right let's get candidate Scott Fowler ranks. The top twenty dancers of all time he says he did it as kind of an exercise to rank them and see how many are on this current team. He's had six of his top ten all timer on this current team which just goes to show the talent that is on this current team. And why did a deity many folks like me many panther fans believe this seems too talented to go through what they went through last year we'll find out of right or wrong but that that is the way I think a lot of us feel. This list I think kind of proves that point. And that's kind of what salary was looking to do an armed just breaking away. Sure we deal with your bony (%expletive) there's multiple different things going on in this list. May be see who people's top three wood they may be scenery christianity William holt topped one me. Maybe it's you can't handle a top ten maybe top fives too much but I think we can ask everybody your top three players in paying their history and how would you ordered them. Let me give you salas rankings and then we'll talk about this I'm curious to see where Panthers fans I'd go with this he's got Steve Smith number one. Cam Newton number 20. Which just shocked me Luke Heatley number three which surprised me. Julius Peppers doesn't come up on sellers list until number four. I'd dads that right there like I got to cry foul right there on that point Thomas Davis number five. Sam mills is number six now Sam mills a tough one to gauge 'cause he is. The greatest inspirational force in panther history mound but he only played three years senior tour Pro Bowl years. But the ball in his career was in New Orleans so do you put him as high as number six Jake DelHomme was number seven. I'm sure there's plenty of panther fans are missing for our what do you do a gigolo number seven right Khalil numbering rank clear spent 25 pro bowls. Right Khalili has played I believe seven full seasons all with the Panthers in terms of not having injuries he's gone in trouble and five mobile. I don't think people realize how good he has consistently. On the shortlist of best centers in the league when he's healthy. So ranked illegal is number eight Muhsin Mohammed number nine there is no doubt about he's the second best wide receiver in history to team inside and close Vallone. Com Greg Olsen number ten. That was just he is top ten a wild guess at some point this hour do the other ten you can check out the list at the Charlotte Observer dot com. I think it's I think it's a cool thing to do this time a year or start to get jacked up about the tea there's I love these old school pay answer debates old school vs new school stuff like dat. First of all in Julius Peppers and I saw my guy did any guy tweaked his Sabatini got former intern on his show he's deep just huge fans or not. He says if you dual list of the all time best panthers' Julius Peppers isn't and it's not until you'll scourge let's stop already. I'm not trying to hate on our love the idea and I think that what this does just get us arguing I think it's great I'd love to just debate disk. Julius Peppers to me is the best banter and history to enter football. I've said this. All the time year after year I understand it's not going to be the popular sentiment I understand some hideous to people's champ. It's not leg bone I can sit there when someone argues Steve Smith's best player banter history Mac you're an idiot it's not like a year making a horrible argument Sunni. C Smith is just absolutely amazing and if he's not a hall of Famer something is free can wrong in this country. But Julius Peppers to me should be a first ballot hall of Famer. First freak in ballad I don't think people in his own home state in this city where he played for eight years understand how good this dude is historically. He is number four all time in sacks. This student has long Gemini don't he has played fifteen seasons in fourteen of them Julius is a seven sacks are more. He's an absolute 100% complete freak of nature. And I feel like Charlotte never appreciated them. He was so free can't physically gifted that if he and put up twenty sacks bump Charlotte was gonna bitch about them. And listen I think there are moments zoo where I felt like come on pat. But don't focus on what you feel like he didn't do. Focus on what he did do he had an unbelievable career Tony went to five pro bowls in eight years with the Carolina Panthers five in eight years. He was. All pro. Two years out of those eight years here in Carolina he was. I mean he was an absolute wrecking ball some of the splash plays he would make game changing plays were on freaking believable. If Cam Newton not the greatest gasoline panther history Julius Peppers I would put peppers one. And some 82 love champion Luke how the heck are they above peppers a disk when their career I don't get that part of his list. Dugard who Swanson now where you have Christian I'm Chris plant where it's clearly our clearly time what you're not going to be haven't got a list now because I don't efforts in the top two. I've got these Smith number one. I've got Luke key goodly number two. I think if we're to talk about how do you look equally. Being may be the best ever his position when it's all said and done it I don't think it's wrong to put Heatley number two in Julius Peppers number three. While bullpen this year I'm pat and I just a debt that will key glee is a better football players enjoy his dapper. Wish you wouldn't put cam over him. Got a sense out ahead cam over him I would not put cam after six years. Over Julius I got so many 11 of two pats three cam number four OK I ads and we're looking for your top three I want I want to discuss your top three. We can debate to number one Granger and number five crewing your opinion is the best player in panther history I know most of the I I know the votes gonna go to so many. I've just always believe it's pat I believe pat. Let's go get that hole same quicker dismay he is a part of that is the position they play the part of that is just how. So and it actually it's our arguments I don't want to means mania making this argument. Icing Julius Peppers combines. The freakish athletic schism whereas his peak when he played his best he was ridiculous but he also did it for fifteen years on the and I think longevity has to be rewarded too. And he's played eight years decreased played five years old. That might be the one thing for me you know we're Luke's got to stay down there a little bit right now. But Luke's legally knock on wood. Good lord willing if he can stay healthy. I feel like Luke she played very well might be number one on this list when it's all said and done. Because he is the best middle linebacker football every year as greatest midi was it wasn't like every year you thought he was the best. He had a couple of years old five B one of them peppers it's like every year you felt like when he was on the Panthers he's the best. Certainly can't every year we don't think he's the best quarterback. But every year bone loop cheek Lisa vast middle linebacker without really any debate from anybody. You know so but I would still put him behind pat and so many just because of the long Javanese at this point in time. If someone on the street just stop me and they said hey bones he who's the greatest answer ever the first guy that comes to mind in my mind is Steve Smith. It's not peppers so that that to me right there at the it will I think of the Panthers and greatness if the first guy that comes to mind. Is 89 I'm gonna put a number one a mile west. Land and Mike SN we have we've had this debate numerous times most people are probably going go with you. I think I do think it's Julius Peppers and maybe just in my lifetime other Reggie White Bruce Smith I don't think there's better pass rush and the impact. Now Steve Smith in my lifetime I don't think there's what three or four maybe receivers veterans many so. It's a competitive saying. And I am curious to see it any other panther fans agree with me would anybody else put that number one. Or my completely outnumbered once I feel like maybe 7030 usually. 6733. But I'm not sure I don't know I was gonna go today in that discussion we're gonna put the Paul Latin WS frenzy. Of Smith eighty loop at. Or came in Seattle the best players all time all right so Graham says dear Izzo Williams and I. I'm just get a nasty Angela Angela yeah that the Angela told Scott Fowler he refused to the other way just sat out there anyway right at number eighteen wasn't both. I'm seventeen or seventeenth except one spot behind Stewart that's gonna drive De'Angelo crazy isn't it all right I want to have a little fun. And talk Panthers and end up bounced us around do you guys Scott Ballard did a really cool top forty list of all time banned their players. For you guys out there call us up email us tweet us with your top three panther players of all time in that order. Are you guys going gee are you angry that I went peppers over so many. Hasn't gotten some point or pat keeps playing year after year and you guys are starting to appreciate more now he's back here. Anybody think pat like god it was a bass player of all time. Hands on camera Luke on one of those guys in your top 370457096. And to jump in the air hit us up. Texas at the same number Hendrick dodge emails Mac it WS EC dot com. Your three best ads are players who's numero uno let us now talking Panthers right here 1025 WFANC. 102562. And yeah WFAN seen traffic. Got a water main break on the north side your traffic sponsored by Jersey Mike's subs are now it's going to be east and westbound David concert at west sugar creek. However your very slow here unless WT Harris and sugar creek about a block away from them. Also re paving 85 northbound trying to recover slow here from three to anyone until after McCann bill and your normal to construction Billy simply 77 southbound slow from eggs Tony Cornelius. So after Samper. 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Greens are prime time for all sorts of things but especially don't lie to which we cannot talk about on the radio. Things you can talk about on the radio. Primetime. Q1 0256. Dad WNBA season. Tonight on 1025610. WFAN season. Tonight and the fans CBS Sports Radio beginning at 7 o'clock Mathieu by garage door guru. We are back a very interesting developments in emails here moaning. Four people have said Julius Peppers is the best panther of all time hero thought I'd have to bow up and fight for respect for pat. Not that it's any you know huge insult for either guy. You know and he has joined us we're asking you rank your top three all time cancer Scott Ballard and it. Just a great idea really cool thing top twenty dancers of all time. He's got in his top fives midi wind. Can't sue Luke's three. And Don peppers and Thomas Davis his thought that is his top five we're looking for your top three and right now the majority of the Hendrick dodge emailers are saying peppers. Arm which is interesting to me that's respect is he just does he came back here. 'cause this is a do and I feel like it's been so disrespect it over the years I'm glad to see he's well yet respect you put up ten sacks. Over ten sacks over four forced fumbles a year for the Carolina Panthers 63% of the time don't. Was a pro bowler when he was high Carolina Anthony was afraid he was ridiculous and that's why he's got. Up there in my top story but let's remember though. There was a lot of people towards the end. That were clutching the Afro and desire of joy is pat you not remember you. In our old building in the hallway having to fight for preparers don't know I'm seeking a lot of families out there though and that's what himself no doubt he's the host this respected eighty and I boys at his back to you know that. I've always had his back but but we never we never questioned the desire. And I'll go willingness nastiest a dozen wide receive not at all not at all. And that's and that's where the blowback is gonna come is Steve Smith. Fought harder and anybody else and tempers are got a people thought we're lazy. I just staying moan the guy average over ten sacks this season that was with a disappointing Hansack season where I think there was some health issues a lot of people know about morneau what do. But it's. You see people never appreciate the good that they always want him more because he was such a physical freak mound he was from North Carolina he was this. You know to support athletes phenom UNC high draft pick I just think the expectations for him or unfair that's all I'm saying they can't be you could tell me tell me number. Arguably doesn't play a factor that. He has now. Then dog for as long as he played the always that now. But he played seven years what other teams say to seven years as a panther he does that factor into having him as a greatest and the ball doc I obviously played with another other franchises seem just as all and I don't think it's us. I mean played eight years here one like he played three here guys like Sam mills and Kevin Green they're hard to put real high on the list to sail and play three years your pet play eight. Can't play six and looks like five. So as of this minute right here abound. That's why put Julius Peppers over campaign and Luke because of the time he's played more than bullets you know he really here blue key glee. When it's all said and die and if I don't know how all these guys they'll be number one on this list or will have passed Julius Peppers and were less. Which of the putting a worry is underway we will see yet he's got a very good chance to be grace middle line matter of all time would you think would put him on this spot. I was go to phones no one here for me out I'll try to read these emails Texans weeks. I think it's a fun thing Ballard did I wanna get a wanna have a little you don't pay understand how well on this one. Jimmy in order your top three Panthers of all time. And man this is amazing so much pat loves to like just 1704. 57096. And your three best Panthers who wanted to go to Spencer who will start us off Spencer what do you think your brother. And we have which you can go the death. They'll okay they put Claybrook currently that won't. People who now where you would hear him and when he was up. With a little girls. Good day I know that they're you know they didn't because blow. The data do I think real glad glad to motivate. No matter who wins out of. Wish you good she is doing your top three. And amber are you are on trial in homer. You're not doing it clipped accurate and everybody I know you're right but here's the thing so too did so Williams at. We momentum being what you Ebert who. About a hundred of the regular political stroke I just I have a hard on the people thought peppers closed years old Williams was about 25. Pounds overweight. I. Meg click here that we thought we don't get it out. Don't let them take we have the all we call it they try to do that deliberately and we're is critical to the good. I think you know it's crazy idea I did not think. It's good things. Spencer's president of the Charlotte chapter of the did you always think he's also the only member. Of that club right now Spencer might media petroleum and there was still talk trash about us just a guy you try to report what an all time top three data to spot but that's why I wanna talk to a details about this back I'll everybody's gonna have their different opinion it's beautiful you're not gonna like this idea that I got a text message here in you know it's. If you're gonna go by stats and numbers. There's no chance he's higher but for what he went through what he needs to the team and what he stands for. Could you make a case that Thomas Davis should be higher on the west. And Julius Peppers Ballard power numbers and what I can't addicting peppers is the best players and played beautiful partner accounts to be made though Jay Julius Peppers how little while Julius Peppers is going to the whole thing first ballot bow. I don't think Thomas Davis on the whole fame I'm pretty sure he's not I know that but it aggravates the odds are squarely off talent in the west is different but for talking about for this organization what he means and what he's meant peppers is to make a case of Thomas Davis and be right. Are you one of these players it is not just talent but put up ten sacks a year in Carolina does that leap. For eight years that is a leaked production but guys like you think he should he didn't have fifteen a year guys like you weren't happy with them that's not fair man. That this I just think it's at this country so unfairly maybe change a little bit now he's back here but Thomas Davis can't hold pence jock I'm sorry here's my question okay. Who who deserve it who do you think. Former players deserve statutes. Thomas Davis earlier I don't see NID Smith right. You can't he would never again get a statue. Now he probably won't although we came back here that might help his case does talk in sheer football player bonanno talking any of this emotional leader stuff comes days when the greatest leaders. The city of Charlotte has ever seen on the field or in life but out of that Ford race TV is a leader but as a football player Julius Peppers. Is Sosa period the dude is an absolute freak in the dude produced three years here. He's producer fifteen years Bohn three men and history of football and more sacks and I just I know. It's absolutely absurd I started out by saying the numbers are on your side I get that but it these factory in the things you'll factory and emotion. Leadership. What he needs to do team that Thomas Davis certainly have to be in a disgusted reason you Ricky Bobby. Peppers isn't even top five for me. Give me chance many Luka TV and Jordan Gross all over red bomb peppers. So it's still out there there's still this resentment about. That is out there I let me go to phones I think it's good to get likely they'll hear about what I liked the fact it's that would get lively 704. 57096. And how do you order your top. Three Panthers and I got another guy same De'Angelo Diaz as the best running back we ever had we ran him out of town. He ran himself at a town might not running the same way right and becoming a liability because his salary was worth his salary and I got attacked Sarah says don't forget De'Angelo sincerely be Angela. Cops I've heard it didn't wanna be at our top three all time odds Lara. I'm gonna talk happens go to Tom who's up next Tom what would your top three Santa Blair's day. A plot to bring acute gout that I had a question. There was the best urban produced the most points for the Panthers all time got to be Casey right. With that. Out as being and it ended up thirty. He go to turn sounds three man I've got a teacher may be too much ticker. You know. Bigotry here. You know remain Tigger biased but I know. Why did you do that's no man I'm sorry got to make his case I want now we can't but Casey that I heard and I. I don't think we can line I don't think we candy I apologize but the gone had to be the only means of the diamond I didn't think you could either. I Casey was put on style. Is list at number term well Fred I Wesley walls Olson ten Wesley walls eleven JC twelve Jordan Gross thirteen Eddie Jordan process to be higher than that. Best left tackle franchise ever seen it's not even close to kind of dress for years on the gab I thought some actually done they're just say digger with a range I want to get hey you know what is your worthless bulk. You're ruthless with dad gum okay sometimes you are guilty nice let people say whatever. Com. And gone gone gone gone gaga gaga guy or girl like a truck may be 11. I'd Joseph says it Julius Peppers is one of the five best Panthers and humble line. I've seen fifteen panther players have more heart. And produced more than Julius Peppers the first part yes like I can understand if that's what your point is produce more than Julius Peppers. Five pro bowls and eight years. To all our first team all pros and eight years. Com was a member some great defense is average over ten sacks this season like. I just don't understand thirty forced fumbles when he was silly that you can't argue his production that's the problem I have with the anti pet. Vibes from some of yell Thomas not happy with you why would trawler Tom tell these guys just go and I would take advantage that I don't you say you've gone to me it's all on the only god because I need to dictate the. That's why do this or. I feel bad about that dog because I I big dog in mid sentence at all what that guy back in to make his case. But that's not a strong case WW we're gonna gonzo beat of a double dog don't tell he's. Let's go back into our make your eyes it what you were saying when you got down to the pressures on on this golf. I was just about a college student have not already called Michelle that's another concept I like to explore color right now view we have heard from you don't. Seller rank to stop twenty banter his top three was. So many cam. And she glee I can't believe that one in the top three who are your top three dancers of all time I'm start to get some support for AM. Number one what do you all think that 70457096. And having some funds are compared to football on F pansies. Fills a Super Bowl champion DP also analyst for the NFL on CBS Jordan describe always big question about Carolina who's perceived Parker and get after the quarterback. Mourners third through traffic with the Airpwn motive was 30000 or more. Hey you've got to have trailed 10 god they're just scared the offense according nobody here bought him worldwide that would be my bigger. Conferred about the pepper ball game right now. From previous stories. 5610. WNBA and C Charlotte sports leader bush. Diamonds directs multimillion dollar three day summer rains sales Friday through Sunday get sale prices on thousands of wedding and engagement ring Manning's attorney man's colored gemstone rings and rings included in this once a year since early Saturday and yes even open this time only get diamonds DURECT. 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At Wimbledon men's top seed and Amos and Andy Murray who was hobbled by a hip injury lost 224 seed American Sam query and five cents prairie not upset that he had broken the hearts of all the brits. There's one thing if if they had landed a champion and you know eight years we've we've lost good. I don't feel like I just. Ruin the hopes of every British person out there are there once he sickening chill pill that's fine. Second seed Novak Djokovic also gone with an elbow injury he retired in the second set of his match while third seed Roger Federer advanced under the semi finals. Soledad to back on the field tonight out of the Tripoli all star break it goes Wynette Major League Baseball returns tomorrow from their all star break. NASCAR driver Erica Amarillo returns this weekend for racing in the 43 car a New Hampshire after missing two months with a back injury. Houston Rockets reportedly working on a deal trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony from the next. The NBA has voted to reduce the maximum number of timeouts per game from eighteen to fourteen effort to speed up the game. Commissioner Adam silver said the league will not consider rebalancing conferences are altering the playoff format for now. Emily will also move up the trade deadline to ten days prior to the all star game. I'm Jim Sophia that's the flash. So just reminded me Jim's argument slash reminded me of some I wrote down wanted to toss in the show. Adam silver says they're they haven't even given any thought to seeding one through sixteen and having to play or else be the top sixteen records in the league. And ignored conference is because of the lack of balance from the east of the west as a hornets fan I say thank you can match. Please never changed since this is all we need is resorted sands we needed to stay east. And west and the travel the reason why is travel yet you could have team in Philly Clancy and LA first round play else go mistakenly played Washington I mean you just can't. You can't do that logistically and and that is I think what is going to save us and keep us competing against the east if you're reported stand. Let's see here we've got some juicy stuff going on it in the emails center dodge emails going Centex calls are going crazy so let's just a straight out of calls we'll sort threesome these emails and sex. This sort of be a movement now fans saying Camden is the greatest answer ever. And Carlos cam he can't even be in my time in the top three as far as I'm concerned Luke secret to mis about a football player and can't. But Luke is a better middle I'm going cam is back right. Combo will deal with that is second all the guys are back in Kansas and we're on now argue against cam bound some sort of bizarre world Swiss. I let's go to song 70457096. And it. Game Koch Evans and house Kevin what do you think rather. Look first of all mad almighty give me if you're limited and if you think that need to act on of that I would yeah yeah go ahead. Does borrowed well mortar sports talk radio at Charlotte not real quick. And the only caller that as a call in all went up call and I don't even have to say my name. The people and ask the following Obama boy so that tales you know when you I'll stop what you recall the book mega act the Scott Kevin. Great that's what I know now let me more from that match you say if someday it made me call this more. You'll stay at wind blew equally will be your career at all sitting dungy may be the best middle linebacker all you understand that yes. Have you ever heard Mike Singletary or Ray Lewis Matt you don't love Ray Lewis raised O'Donnell and I know you don't like at the end of the day man low key Connecticut has a concussion protocol also brought this. Classic if he stays healthy this day out understand what you say emblematic already lol it all all Mike's singled to think about what you spam may not a millennial brought. But I don't know what I'm saying they not realize this guy every year's best middle linebacker by far in the league every match here. Understand and I hear what you say and it was a differently and you know they are more physical whatever the case maybe that. Another argument for another it a high iso and give you my top three right. Julius Peppers. And armed Steve Schmidt in a change. Like if they both bring something but it table and opinion man always look NFC championship game against saint lawless the greatest show on turf. Which he Smith took a change our. At Ralph how to take a good Super Bowl day you did a moment that you remember about Steve Smith man the way he used to judge goes up. Oh you know elect wouldn't quit or win him and Jake when he quit it'll take a step well let me step back if they could go to ball right it's almost like collateral at the mideast is ready to get like fourteen of eighteen yard couple lateral. So. So get things when I think about Steve Smith manage comments come to come to mind now he did put clay. You know and so in this list is it from so many subjective things. It's got to take into account as I got three interchangeably. We'd be Julius Peppers geese they'll want to what they want to be happy you wanna do. Right number three to meet. That is as the meat right now we're going to be cam and the notoriety that he brings is speed and everything else makes him my number three now that I pledge. And not about such. Are the point what we talked about. I don't need to call out the opulent estate there's the debt side which you met the cadets won it may not like to that's what stalled when you hit it about three won't make it. All spoke for a it could you got out of talking about about bella. And baggage but oh please at least some happen. It's about the law but guess what not have a so gamble we gotta talk about to ask what abetted by the block grant still are not go to a state bans it. September 3. Bank of America Stadium. Did this all accommodated you better get demand right Google take a look stadium what oh what about all it did Matt. Different SEC Byrd and ATP itself we talk about out of town of two middle role. And point out not happy I got out of there are well it beat beat saint. Not got to stay I don't expect to win the AC three vertical Brad Wright baby regarded thought coordinate radio show get off the track no doubt again. And you ball and got called Michelle. My dear guys we got to drive that yeah we got a tractor blast here's a here's the thing I don't I'm torn on this game I think both teams surprise teams this year I think both teams are better than than a lot of experts realize. Yes the South Carolina offensive line don't. Is not up to the task a block in space front. He's probably wrapped its rally around goes on the other side of the ball I don't think south Carolina's defense. It is I still don't believe in the way they're defense always played the last few years south Carolina's got to give Bentley time up front they have to that's easier said and done. What did you front do you trust Dave door and to get the most out of his team now married to be sick I currently don't Ted's try to IRD Ross mustard and I've seen it before. For the most Ford defensively will get the most out of misty and oh by the way for the first time. Maybe ever and SEC ACC meetings meetings are happening and by the way. This season early in the season Aliyev CoreStates another one and the SEC is the second best conference in those matchups. The ACC is now the daddy knows match play with easy basic ACC. ACC. ACC take a DeVon take death. All right let's go to a man Al was up next Al what would be your top three of of all players of banter history. Course more legitimate cargo or the good did you doing. Of the world could do very level organism a couple on the Leslie you've got to meet our judicial. So I was almost not almost 1 o'clock that both Obama all lobbied post them why they're Bob. They got an idea I doubt no doubt bickering back absolute fluke. Brooks you've got the center of the net a little while playing. I took the puck took. A problem when you go to public they would not be an 802. Newspaper gummery it's an identity and dating they were considered to be there. Yeah disarm it doesn't matter by the way so somebody is asking me if I would say it's Thomas Dave's face eighth. I wouldn't be in a hurry to do that here's a thing now I. I don't wanna make it anti TV Octavia once you've fallen went I don't know brokered this horror players there's not there's not a a conversational talk more changed his Ratner and he's now the ball mama the ball Obama saying it's. All I like they're not like this I did not get that operate out there I go with all. Buddhists who are so maybe. And are currently right now volcano. Don't feel almost miss it took somebody who played. Good at old. Not a large likely suitor and Bob I thank constellation should be at least within the top ten list Jordan polls. It would include a position that didn't go live to be PS Bo Bo. Oh well that's all security. Ahead both bit their decision as good as we go to court they're lower court completely. You're not a doubt about it and you lack Jimmy's quintessential left tackle do you locked in at left tackle ten years. And you don't worry about the position at all you just don't even think about it and that's what gross laws and that is something special. You really as we've seen the last few years. That would play musical chairs over their left tackle the fact of Fowler had Sheila Jordan Gross at thirteen. I thought that was way too low I agree I also think colonials a daddy could be on the verge of top five when you look at him. Which side pro bowls out of seven full healthy seasons. Thank you got to look at it actually able to as being near that top five TD is number 51000 as he's in that area. At number sign area until you Kevin rebound is a guide it on sellers list until don't know stuffed ballot rank really cool concept ranked atop the only players in cancer history. And we're debate I don't you know it and I'm arguing is less relevant content to love the fact you did it. He's got Kevin Green fourteenth both Kevin Green averaged fourteen sacks a season industry season series of pro bowler twice once he was in the NFC title game in 96 and his team. I would argued Kevin green is at least a top ten player I know it's only three years would stand the heat produce what's up Tony. Our Scott Fowler forgot a guy in his eyes topped one either I don't know if he's aware that there's an Armani. He also. All of our balls and practice honor the bar bowl Texas and tell us where you're right. It's a cracked others' lives and if you missed it earlier by the way we talked about desk. Alonso ball puts up 36 points eleven assists and eight rebounds and five steals he plays amazing in the summer league last night. He wasn't wearing big bowler brand shoes he wore Nikes. It's the funniest damn thing ever read seriously those dogs must've been embarked in after two games and there's big dollars. And Matt what do you say it and our sport center after the game. We in the big Boller family don't need to Wear big Boller now he says they both bring you Wear whatever you want as a big a big Boller. A big brand you use taxi way I'm Sharon. And why you play so much better now geese. I let students we come back let's run through a bunch goals we come back is 8 o'clock we're checking in with Wes Durham one of the many media members in Charlotte. The two days ACC media days sources it talked ACC football they. Runs during your calls top three players and fans are history. Any scam deserved to be higher than Luke on the list I love you Cambodians is now. 102562. And WFAN sea traffic. There's a pretty serious accident in Belmont at this time highly T 73 you can find this at some point road which is 2783. Figure on canal road Gramm and Alan plant steam station looks like we have accident. Causing problems in both directions pretty series here on Armstrong wrote. Back in the Mecklenburg County nursing trouble here it's a Steele creek in 45 to rip through there. And then also problems with disabled vehicles causing trouble on the inbound sign of independents are going to be backed up round north Sharon Tammy to about Pryor creek. Still working its earlier accident the plaza an easterly and that water main break anything during in the barriers not existing only be forming east and westbound David conservator on west sugar creek. I'm pretty hammer and that's traffic on the fan. WM NC for six. The 62 reason you should listen to WS frenzy at 102 point five in high quality Afghans. So we. 560 MWM Lindsay. All right kids don't get down it's one of my all time saves a week and it. You know salmon destination for us in the McLane family is also great pre work destination you wanna get yourself dawn. Due to fuel up a little bit of coffee right now the ice coffees on the way to go against special summertime flavors coconut cream time. This Morse labor many other great flavors of ice coffee so's babysit to spot and it's so hot humid right now. 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Offer excludes four miles or so APR financing for six years he was thirteen 89 per month for 1000 finance for world qualified buyers regardless of dump him when finance depressed for capital. Not all buyers who qualified residency restrictions apply offering 731 cheek is a registered trademark have CA USA LLC. I'm definitely get some game doctor Evan backlash after he hiked himself up like he's kind of McGregor in Toronto last night game got McGregor yeah. Oh you judge says it doesn't get it never heard of them. Joseph says Dave guy Kevin doesn't need an introduction to you guys as calls for years. But he needs an introduction to the whole city of Charlotte I've never heard his duty in my life he might be. He might be one of the greatest scholars of all I know what he does call now he's gonna get called here's what happens gamecocks at the football skids and we never hear from again. Like once you get the late September our. It just scares sometimes he also dropped on us are in the basketball season he reached for duke is while national weird to get as and we are number of years. But as a passionate Colorado is actual phone calls. I think he's one of the very solid Verisign or its run through a few calls here we're gonna get Wes Durham on. He's live from the west and ACC media days mama Sox and ACC football. Is it to best conference in college football can we say that now we'll discuss that you o'clock hours well. HJ wants to weigh in on the Panthers your three best tea authorization inordinate. So what brought up real quick if we're talking until finally it did you thought were number one game I did this get any calls. Did being with Robertson. And it while. You know I kind of sitting on their own followers who will probably go down better. Our list though what they want to bet it's an uphill and yes look at the quartet I don't work. I don't know we'll all odds are we live and hear a lot about the importance. Quarterback that was about to explode more apparent thought they did vote all the pretty. Also all of you didn't get. It you don't. Operate well probably won't put forth an effort to defeat. They never thought about the weekly it's always pale but it's they're on board with C put forth not go vote there are among my you can. I can't argue that there's exposure loose kind of keep to himself type of guy right his national profile is just football player in Jesse it's not. A guy that but let's face it I honestly thought Cam Newton after seventeen and two season and during a seventeen to season was faced football. But he has that potential when he plays his best he has potentially the best player in the game and who literally meet or face a football. And if he gets back to that and he saw and he has more years close to that level. Then I think we have more conversation I will say this some guys are ticked at me about my key glee over KM for number three thing. John says cam Newton's a quarterback. Luke's a middle linebacker anytime you see a list of best players there about fifty quarterbacks over the first middle linebacker. I'm Jared says Cam Newton is what makes this franchise special quarterbacks run the league loop she glee is solid. Come on now let's not like unity you can prop up GM and say I would rank him hired and Luke on the list you don't have to then that's a good lead in salt Dellucci equally solid. Luke Heatley is there you don't have any weaknesses but Luke cheaply excels in coverage excels in run defense diagnosing plays pre snap post snapped. Armed he's getting better as a blitzer like Luke cheaply moan he's in contention for the best middle linebacker every team is not in contention for best quarterback rights. So we do a poll update. This is The Who is the greatest ever for the Panthers are at Tebow on W Athens he had W out Bengie so many right now 66%. Have been second at 16%. Canon thorax and and the Luke has eight its interest in 'cause 'cause. Get a lot of love on the airline eleven emails. But on the pole so midi is just Killen and that's kind of the way I expected indictment surprised how much slump that's been getting. You know what it is is 'cause he's come he's 'cause he's back here about people opened their hearts back to peppers because we did this now four years ago the greatest fan forever and I are you for peppers. And there were folks it literally wanted to run over me with their truck. In now I date they were not about it. It's change we also had to update the Paula do you believe do you believe Mac what he says he will not be buying it beat McGregor Mayweather does Erisa cost 70% say your totals. Now stay as strong a man of principle you are totally Desormeaux you are taking your neighbors when their lives and I doubt about it I'd Syracuse do you say we got thirty seconds bro what do you think top three Panthers. Well thought out there are so. Comparable to conversation they're a little cute some people put. So where. Accomplishment to our fight card up. But from nearly six can't there I think that works out of there witnessed food bank credit to the team. And I think we want our go to these met. True I'd go it can't do interest there didn't already you'd brought to the team is the only and BP let the left post and very it would probably shaped a lot of people. Take it clear that there are another player. Who'd been a part of that team who appreciate. It seemed to be more than any other player yeah look at. I don't argue with that that's the thing about Thomas Davis this guy John says Mac. You gotta give TD La TDs the best dancer ever because he is the best leader ever he has the heart and soul. Only Sam mills has ever inspired team like that and I I would say Samuelson greatest inspirational force in history of the franchise. I would say tedious second. My dad step hates it here is that strong that strong able force. But when you talk about best football players I don't think unique completely caught up in old romantic stuff you gotta just look at. Production and pet produce when he was here even though you are complained they didn't produce enough to need input at the top three so what's your pet getting low of the day by everybody. I when we come back. Wes Durham. One of the voices in the AC CEO fox sports joins us live in western and ACC media days is the ACC now the best conference in football coming up. Just compare yourself to professional absolutely not look. Look no I don't know Jack I'm trying to relate to the common man watching these athletes. That's what drives I don't you try to compare yourself to kill bad handle not a professional athletes and others inside and away I'd jump to make a catch last night I came down and showed people that I just jumped three phone book yes. I want to get a credit card. Garcia and really this morning at ten. 1025610. WFANZ. This is indeed everything apply. Oh my gosh yeah Tommy. Now that he had. He's me every town and yes I am I did you get recognized a lot that was pretty good ball player you were some people thought so. Sorry we recognize you from those eugenics commercial. Oh yeah that's great and Hispanics really work well yeah I really do feel a difference but work outs of better and I'm still a lot more energetic. It was my husband it's easy Janet it's so easy has started all you have to do is send you. And simple text text the word youth to.