Mac Attack: Panthers Option Topic; Bobby Hebert

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Friday, May 19th

The week wrapped up by discussing Mike Tanier's Bleacher Report piece on the Panthers needing to utilize the option attack in 2017 and Bobby Hebert joined us for the latest on the Saints off season 


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They're back it is the match itself. Lovable Panthers. Undrafted free agent linebacker a band bowl where said he was all my he was crying tears of joy I think maybe an exaggeration but he's a little crazy I'm not sure. But he said tears of joy because he got a care package from lunch tables. Bush also is the thing that my son begs me to buy him everytime we're in the grocery store together like this is like seven year old cracked for seven year old so I mean those little things. I'm like you don't just won a sandwich and real lunch meat. You just wanna put you know like this process lunch meat these little squares on a cracker I guess he does. But anyway then bowler got a care package from lunch tables. He is a lifelong luncheon bulls lover. And he said he was brought to tears of joy when he got his legible scare tactic so there's your update from cancer offseason workouts bump right there that. And Kelvin Benjamin says Ron Rivera's words of motivated me now that. That's great. Because that's what Ramos trying to do you just got to Baghdad up KB got to back them up man you can't just make those words or has the actions following those words we have once both here in the building and are bending area and I had one about a month ago. And I would say that might have banned. The worst decision ever made in my life some saying that I would rather chew does Tug of your show you would and that and I came in at. Why did kids love that stuff at least on good August abortion admitted to teeter man I don't understand like that's what kids go crazy over it. And they get a little candy bar and it will just I don't know. We have Kenny Boerse are all around the house trust me I find them every day. I'm silly don't like kids out of my kids' Easter baskets I'm not gonna lie Tebow and still don't and that thing every day when Nolan so probably how we can. That crap that they are worried and all that candy. Our sights on so let's jump into this. Or on death Bobbie bear watching may will be a track him down before the show is over if not we will progress here we haven't even talked about the pants are. Greg Olsen organized and and set up eighteen road trip. The other night to Raleigh if you haven't heard a story we'll tell you this hour. Why the Panthers including big names can go Lille Luke we're all make it seem road trip for Greg Olsen. We will discuss that but I wanna get into the situation of the panthers' offense next year. We have really not talk too much matter of fact I was almost at the point where I was kind of conceding another man scrambling. Cam Newton is probably done running and I shouldn't even really talk about it anymore. We've talked about the short quick passing game with these guys. And around with these guys running you plays with these guys miss direction reverses stuff like that would McCaffrey and Samuel. Then we're in an article yesterday from Bleacher Report by my two near. And again I told the headline is the Panthers have the weapons to conquer the NFL an option football. And he's got play diagrams and he gives you numerous different formations and types of plays that we can run different types of option plays. Then we can run now that we have not just champ. But but to. You know I cheaters like McCaffrey and Samuel. I mean he has us runner speed option play which we've never really run before but we've never had a similar McCaffrey to stretch to see in a run that speed option. He has this team bony running the wishbone and option out of the wishbone sat with all three running backs in the backfield including Samuel. As a running back with McCaffrey in stereo. And I read this article and I started to get cranked up. And just what I thought I was out and was conceding enact chance not really around the scrambles anymore I'm back. My juniors told me back to. That's at all top what I wanna know it is it's a one doll but what I wanna know is from panther fans effect where do you stand on this it is banned the age old debate about Camden. Do we run them how much do we Rodham do we stop Iran and them. The Panthers clearly are worried about his future and how long they're gonna have their franchise quarterback. I don't blame you know I don't blame them for that but to me. He's plays it my two nearest diagram ink we can't leave these false these. We can't leave these out but even if you run here's my proposal bone we run different types of read option. Triple option speed option. But the point is that cam only gets outside right. They can't does not run between the tackles they said last your camera and 32 times on designed runs between the guards that's the kind of stuff we have stopped doing. You don't know Sweeney and stop doing bound in the passing game letting Cam Newton get obliterated. The offensive line has to play better it's always been my belief that the biggest shots or jammed it takes are in adult pocket throwing the football. So running the option to meet Tony if you get them on the outside. He doesn't she did these two runners read option bone where he would say just do going outside he would she try to to gut. Don't running it that kind of stuff but stuff or she will be on the outside. Running an option down the line or just pitch your speed option out stuff like that if you get an outside where did dudes are mostly smaller than hand to me. That's where I think you can still make hay with the option. And let's just GM's versatility right you'll know what he's got to do with the ball you don't know what we're gonna do it McCaffrey and Samuel. I just think you've got to at least four or five times a game don't run some sort of option with this talent. Now do you think that sounds good at it's it's got to be tempting but do you think it's just not worth doing it's too real. I think it's tempting I love the way you set it up there it's hard to argue against against one gun offense could do but it also puts cannot risk. You don't mind compliment in as much risk gets him running. Between the tackles but came out in space is still a risk are they willing to do that Dave Barry said they probably are any more so. Yeah I'd love to see but will day. I don't know what's risky. It's weird it's risky I don't know how you are missed stir you or you're still worried this year about the Panthers style like your mr. Ehrlich apprehensive about the pain I just I don't jump ball I really don't get a -- don't wanna jump ball and on the offense I don't wanna run I don't wanna see cannon's face get hurt I think there's a risk with that but I don't think you re taking in my bay by that. It's still arrest on the last seen just guys with me on the tax line says he has hit the most in the pocket like if you run games better. You pass protections going to be better because you're not Colombian predictable passing situations as much your offensive line you adds improved it just by being healthy it's going to be better. So Kim's not gonna give his much in the pocket I feel strongly insane and that. So can we afford to run a few different sort of option plays so we teaching years something I mean don't they got to play where you are state game. A an option is Hillary hand off. Up to gut to McCaffery. And then come around the other side or just sleep is Samuel and Cameron's the other way to the backside and is run a little two man option out there we sandy. Like this stuff just gets me so freaking cranked up to read it. But I don't think you've got to be creative we said we want shall be creative to me it doesn't just involve using them in the pass game or just using them on end around and stuff like that. It's got to involve bony. Using Cam Newton to 'cause you don't just have a statue back there with these versatile guys you have a guy in his own right that is the most versatile quarterback in the game. So let's use his versatility and by the way I have stats because I know what's gonna happen I know that most of you or I anticipate. Most of you will say we can't run the option anymore. It wasn't working lancer what was ordered last year because cam was not moving as well it was not a threat to run and teams were not buying him as a zone read threat anymore. But now he's going to be back healthier he's in better shape he lost a bunch of weight. Think the shape he was in last year hurt him as well as terms a barometer. And it gives defense is bone something else to prepare for write something else they got to spend practice time on all these formations are Samuel McCaffery in the backfield Samuels run in. A jet sweep McCaffrey's in the backfield all these different formations it's practice time it makes it. Makes us a harder team to play against if we include the option or Mike Shula could do lists. And block the jotted Stewart. And that's always good. You will that we did you guys who don't forget the other only flat out running I don't forget the other guys exist on or about that that's a thing to like you take a shot at Shula for all the guys that say shall not create enough to use these guys. I'm giving you a way to use those guys and their quickness but also to use cams ability and versatility as well so all the Shula doubters. But this column gives shall creative offensive ideas. And what do we are best Boeing Greg cosell was coming on the show saying Mac you've got the most dynamic run game I've ever seen in the NFL. Inch in it there in Charlotte like when that's what we're playing our best I'm not saying GM's got a run it ten times a game. But five option plays camp keeps it three times cam. You know hands offer pitches a couple of times com are you guys in on this. Why do you do you like this idea or do you wanna get rid of the option give the guy these guys playmakers the ball differently. And not put jam master risk are you worry wart like bone or are you a 380 is beast like I answer that. Do you want to peak Charlotte you guys make the cult or ice like my tenure was an update I dot REM I data came out tonight. It follows a value fallen off the column because I was ready to quit you aren't home in the lap is still not what design I'd enjoy all these ball players Johnny Barclays. I thing is I've read it and the lightbulb went back on. Do not ignore the option Mac team is too special to nodding to to ignore the option so panther nation I want you all the way and and already. Emails not and then cheer for the senators emails already not good for me they're not good for me at all. Trevor says magna instigate camp killed he's on a million dollar quarterback shut up. Tony says Mac read a column written by somebody on track while he was doing track. Cam knew that I am a product anymore that's it so we can't scramble anymore wise guy but he's a lease got to be a scramble history scrambled six times that's it. And by the way Monique I wanna let you know the numbers when Cam Newton runs the football effectively. I think you need to know this GM meetings average quarterback rating in games where he runs for fifty yards or more is 101. His average quarterback rating overall about 8685. When cam knew or on Jordan Gross said this when he was a rookie when Cam Newton runs this dude starts feeling that man he's first downside and he's getting fired up any source make it plays in the passing game it loosens things up for the passing game but other stat I would tell you to bony and almost free cats out there. Freddie can't protect us. Oh what a tough guy you Cam Newton is I'm really tough on this thing dollar radio and a follow up outside the door somebody wants a punch me Allen out beats us. Are met please don't let Carolina is five and ten when cam runs less than five times in the game. It's more proof found that the team doesn't succeed the offense doesn't succeed she doesn't succeed. When he's not running so how do you run bone on scrambles. And on outside option place but you don't run amok to god no more quarterback. That's what I'm trying to go trying to meet until halfway on this I will say this to support the quarterback in our town I'm also running a blast it 20s70s. I wrote lesson number is that possible you're the Dan Marino. Brothers all right cash and a half and I ran I ran I ran into your house except we gotta double Arlo on the line I wanna hear from more panther fans on this yes I wanna hear from it depends a degree would make. But I'm curious are you guys all all you guys all out there like fearing the weighty dollars in bonus do you really wanna shut jams running down entirely. How do we run champ and are you down with a lease option ideas wishbone and all these jet sweep option audience. 704. 57096. Cent panther nation to option. Or not to option this year you all need to answer that question the Bobby gave their search continues Osborne's on a plane to New Orleans right now as we speak. You are go to phone lines it's tax tweets emails doing great all those 75% of the people disagree with me you don't want to run any option this year. Even though you have bigger threats to run the option whisking him more dangerous guys that you got to account for on the outside the navy makes camp keeping it. Not to you know maybe it's not the option makes you on this year maybe cam has more success running some option plays to the outside by the way we got a celebrity. Text her and she is our Tweeter and she is not happy with us she is not happy with my Panthers still run the option a little bit idea. We have the pleasant surprise and I. I'm wrestling on Jerry the ingenuity and muscles there's Gerald wouldn't run with sizzling no sense so much your cam down the street. This is Jerry engineer who had a tough I had take for us what is Arizona's got back he is a journey easier you're saying I that I am wrong of course I am. Are trying to show Jerry visit Israel. Thank you Jerry for White House and they are disastrous road wins punishing him. And I always got your Gerri Gerri new engineer Jerry engineers jokes are so cheesy that TET bone seems funny I guess we bring in Jared and I Montauk. I don't know that that's a shot at me for no reason Oregon has a lot of practice our Jerry Jarrett is not a microphones are easier getting everything set up the studio Kagan and out of. Now it's true NCA you've built its and done that's thank you are nice move to launch what is what I don't know and he all he's once it's on sports he thinks he did talk sports and Osama freaky here minutes and author doctor ordered aside let me go get a couple of calls and do use from my ten year. His article the Bleacher Report says the Panthers have the weapons to conquer the NFL with a option football. Five option plays a game champ always running the outside with a runner pitch option. Is that something you'd be interested in Charlotte or are you too afraid 704. 57096. Ron is up first up Ron what do you make of this. Hey good morning guys. It ought to put a ban this to be edited yet for things that have to happen. One of the capital and Danielle have to leave it. Till the offensive line yet to be improved and helping. From age. Can't had to be fully recovered from the multiple concussions that he received last year from all the illegal hit an edge in Kuala. And the shoulder is now well. That they shoulder and that got important that he can't go well any app the I don't know if I'm an independent pentagon straight big front who really notice it. I believe I believe I just funny wealthy and I think that's going to be part of this still I think he's going to be better because I think he was shell shocked last year. Robert yeah I did they had I had somebody. Who could make yet I'm Josh thank god that well that makes the game plan at the beginning of the ugly game. And then you know how the game is going he concluded that same game plan every other you know really make suggestions at halftime and make. So your saying they need to fire Ron Rivera before our seasons. Aren't somebody who aren't job. Well I think we I think you have those guys whose job it is to do that that's the coordinators right. I mean that Robert Baer might say hey I need more running her anymore they're sir I need more data are about more blitzing. But I think the real burden boatload of adjusting falls upon the coordinators and I listen I'm not saying it appears to be one of our stress on offense specifically. I don't feel like there's been a great adjustment game guys like Garcia will say were over blowing that. But I feel like there hasn't been degraded just in game made by Shula have to I think that needs to be better. Cam Newton shoulder does not need to be held because you can't throw I do not think is a good break down for the season. How about we get now we have some receivers can get open. May be Cam Newton get more success now we have some offensive linemen healthy and adds it seemed that can help out do their job may be Cam Newton to have more success because I'm pretty sure bone. When he had his best offensive line play in front of the member in 2015 he threw the hell out the damn ball. Sure he threw pretty well that your your docket to C news break your Sunita commanders have hired. Jolie McGee. Halftime adjustment to type it's just coordinator Jerry McGee is on board we'll talk to a direct attack on Monday by the way actually companies are therefore I don't know that was a myriad adjustments that highlight my favorite colors are the guys that Italian. Exactly how many points are gonna make gotta gotta anyone else yeah I'd say I've got five points the day that's a little sooner. That's a little Sioux ranch Danny B emails and Danny B says Mac has lost his mind. Ron Rivera has no interest in running Cam Newton anymore it's not gonna happen and it shouldn't happen. About a celebrity tweet the lovely and sounded Morgan Fogarty. From WC CB Boni. Says she I say this lovingly Mac but you're not us candy some place smarter. And not harder I'll put it. But that did the de running plays Bono and going all the power runs up to dot appoint the most far right short yardage runs let's get rid of those course you're gonna agree martyred by the sucked up of course you're go I also think he just wanted to read that they get what you know Morga voted those individual artistry to all thought that was critical to find out. Umpire let me go back to the phones can we get another female TV starlet who may be agrees with me. Who finds me to be on the cutting edge of offensive creativity is Laura how I can we get somebody out there how to calculate what our original accident silence. So they're not fought like a brother Teddy telly Barnicle aside. Just let cam he can't. Just a little bit not as much as before but will any he's got to scramble mourn six times in the season doesn't think that's a waste. But last year he was shattered quite honestly he's lost weight. And he was wounded concussions. Ankle injury in initial. 70457096. Stand do you like. Mike ten years I'd be in Bleacher Report selected camera on the option with McCaffrey and Samuel to make this thing more dynamic. We go to Charlie who is up next Charlie how do you view Camden running. One tweet from Brooklyn Decker and you think you're ladies' man unbelievable like our Decker more than Fogarty Meehan a day of text and all we outlaw Weis met. Man tiger you're under percent I think I think cam needs to Iran because that's part of his rhythm didn't go on in the game and he said an interview than you can tell admitted after the eyeball that's when he runs. If they're happy quarterback in this country on ready get to make him better at this than better decision. And you're right John when you said he'd taken the worst hit in the pocket I don't remember him ever to hit an ear hole. When he was running for a first down you know PG typically go down. On his own terms because he's such a critical free either slide there he runs over 3-D B and did our spotters do to stop. Now I guess I don't think this should the only time he really got hurt running. Was that play against New England when he had the ribs broken into pre season game that was really the only time I listen you get out there like Dag go and slide that's fine. I just think you're not being created you're not fully using your new arsenal of weapons if you don't do a little option like if we had. I don't know losing quarterback he can't move at all in the league right now bony. Who has a statue in this league Chad it's all right to summer tight you might and I think. Mike Glenn and you're not running the option with them your gonna run jets week's end around you to put sale McCaffery in the backfield and do different things. Bias. Plus I just love the thought but what's GM it gives you an opportunity to. Used to have dual threats there those guys in the backfield and Cam Newton who we gonna cover green gonna focus on extra practice time to stop those guys to. We go to my man Brandon 7045709. C senator listen if your panther fan this article comes from. The Bleacher Report is there anybody out there other demy man Charlie did does not find me clinically insane for wanting just five option plays a game. Use you know do use some creativity would you photo look creativity Brendan is up next on FNC what do you think Brandon. Back nine quick points. Edwards start with. Is there a bit who can't pass to running it's part of its. Wag what do you do about this it is first down science and it's not gonna happen. The man has to run. And what what you're saying exactly my concern that this scribble. I don't go out to the concert he didn't build upon good. But I wonder she knew it deliberate design on. But that's say he can't work that's crazy the last ever been an around the right. Everybody. Go over the pylon and you're out or rather the guys still got to brag like that I like forty. Yeah I went into you and listen it's weird he was hesitant last year and even on the zone reads last year about. We've been winning would keep that he would get outside and slide down really quick like it just. He was really hesitant or just wouldn't keep it as much and teams begin to know he's he's nice he's not gonna he's not gonna keep it. But he wasn't really listen come to find out about jobs about twenty pounds assault season. Bony you know he's going to be in better shape he's gonna be in better health when he gets back hopefully shoulders going to be okay. I just think there's some things you can do with Cheney might be a little more mobile on the outside Tommy emails and says Mac cam knew his days as a runner over. He's reached a point where my dad and the mayor hit an all mobile quarterbacks gifts. Seems pretty early for that Obama. My guy grant emails and it says breaking news here in the falcons have hired. Halftime adjustment coordinator Jerry McGee is. Oh no we lost missed out on him. Super Bowl they needed a half I would just like coordinator or maybe the caller makes sense maybe the caller himself can be the halftime adjustment coordinators he wants a big call back gamble give it again. I do want to mention this we're doing some good here and FAN's Zain and you guys always get involved when we do good things and asked NCA. I'm if you wanna support. Anything you do to help fight these that these these horrible diseases please help us out we're doing its ten week. Donation. Period as we continue to do a drive to raise funds to beat L to beat LL CS. And we want should be oh lead to leukemia lymphoma please help us out WS and Z dot com slash. LLS. Com to get involved. I'm what we come back. My trying to squeeze a colon and still were hoping we made concept would Bobby a barely believe he's trying to get out of bed in the by you right now we don't have Bobby may bear on against perspective on the saints. And it's almost email time right here on the Mac it's act one assume cy de BA. And mounting tide is turning on all forms of communication here. Tweets emails text people start to come alive now Cam Newton is not the same player unless he's not run. Com us is some people have questioned my sanity we got a little turnaround it's do you here's here's the point where a guitar man Bobby Hebert and secondly here's the point. It's just fascinating I'm just jacked up because there's gonna be creativity is going to be changes on offense is going to be dynamic weapons like McCaffery it's just can't wait to see the way or use. And everywhere you possibly use in my wanna see him use and that includes. You know a couple of option type place with tampering. Just something that dead saints defense and all the other defense have to prepare for by the way coming up before we get out of here in the next. Fifteen minutes. Your chance to win Coke 600 tickets right here on the Mack attack you wanna go to a big race. One of the crown jewels in NASCAR a week from Sunday. State soon it will tell you how to jump on board and win the tickets in the next fifteen minutes. Right now. Let's bring our guys Bobby Hebert got a bad feeling we are waking our guy Bobby Hebert but I guarantee you. He could wake up and ten seconds later we'll have a burst of that cajun energy he is known for. Bobby Hebert longtime radio host and a New Orleans one of their greatest QB's in saints history. So it's legend Bobby Hebert joins us here on FNC in Charlotte Bobby how you doing man. Well we're trying to add that you eat normally you don't vote in November early calls from people that I didn't have backroom you and so my clock they'll all Buddha go. Would that seven hour different. Actually without an hour and value that night our no so developmental problems. Well there you go you're on your agenda and if you're still on nine close to Europeans on that I don't feel so bad. On but this saints team let's start first with the saints defense because that's really just saying that you know we as rival fans are cynical loss. And you did not does appear some draft picks were made specially get that Lattimore to corner out of Ohio State the first round. There's a nice draft picks made but are they ready it helped to start turning this defense around this year how much can the defense improving your opinion. Well don't like that likely give with the saint don't have those type of players are just go to the New York Giants last season. They gave literally went from like dead last. One under a content type defense I don't see that. Really what happened with the same. They can say is get in the middle of the pack and somewhat held true reason offense. If you look at that same offense they still order second highest scoring offense behind the falcon didn't. What does that bode well when you look at the NFC south and the problem there's a lot of how. Well. How well the beavers as they'll play didn't. You talked about a little better division and no better cornerbacks. All the experience in and they're the hope to bring their franchises that are promissory you look at game that went in and you moved. Matt Ryan and Matt Ryan was that school a lot last year I think you have to have Lynda in the top pick half dozen right now at least Philip thumping gun he got group breeze. Where's there's like he had been that could be beat very similar the Tom Brady where eight is not a factor. Really living you do get better. So they it and kind of chewed out I think it's going to be. Like 04817. It's like it could be like I'm 3127. Tight games so when you look within in a few self but then Lattimore they who have been no operator based standard still Beijing because what about. But past flourish and can get through one operator they can't garden now can't get the production. By committee. Let the way people are common on. And Peter could and linebacker kind of a Tweeter. Could top. At least regular feel watch he's been he's led the nation in fact. But I don't know it could probably. Dream niece certainly our cricket he. Some of David W Murphy jarred with Carolina. Orwell would either conflict that it I'd better go unheard of until that's the kind of local because our. And you got to increase the Florida Atlantic. I mean. I don't they've got contracting no I produced here. He basically told a lot of guys leave the mom why now what some producers say drafted him is that the patriots. That there might be great white hope I'm I'm trying to think of the guy with the page and visit the comfortably. I think I don't look at that that kind of production they say is that I've put clear. But luckily he bit defense who lived there building that they'd. I don't know that you would be shoot outside game that I think Coco don't come and help linebacker might help that the situation. Are you is it current patriot you're talking in current Ninkovich. Broader group of guys probably want to give him at a time I got your back man you're still you're still in my eyes halfway in Europe right now Johnny get your back and a Matt com no problem. They've still got a good guy here can be hit and if they looked it up with a mandate condom. And Sean being fed outlook is worse mistake and a dozen years being you think coaches like he'd been Rob Ninkovich is obviously. You know I try to piece to the. There paid job Bobby bears win a saints were saints quarterback legend and just say an institution down there radio in New Orleans on the talk radio circuit for years. Bobby. Adrian Peterson what do you think you can really get out of him at his sage what is his role going to because you have a crowded backfield now being Gromit. Peterson and you've got Camara we just got in the draft what's Peterson's role what does he give you decent car. What they've all cleared. They're still there so obviously want to run the ball when they get past that we Camara that could be what short they've always been dating talent what you got in the cab route you know when you all the sudden you look how utilizing Reggie Bush should expect it very well he thinks he has bet. Income mare now they've got to realize Greg Moore gave them credit this year in the NFL our careers thus far. And it definitely heard from Billy he averaged five point one yards a carry. And and all the without the yard that would support that promote all the NFL running back so they look at that. Adrian Peterson they wanna give opportunity. You know a little bit of the Dubai committee I power now with the forty niners traded Peter and it's filling that role plus a what gave me to compare hyped out Adrian Peterson. Because over another in Vegas who is 900 yards. Well I like solid state. I would take over I think you could be about. The yard back yet you think about it. It appeared that we we called him even with Brett Favre is still Heidi you're bot you claim that they are putting eight in the box. They seek a way to complete data to help you ready to roll and it got a little effect is clearly had that triple racial overt. And I think it was this show the viking shelled NFL. That you know he's he's he's ready could be filled moat better trying to act like you're being vet who feel that the goal until he became weighty said that the way to look at it could be that there's not eight in the box improved reading it said the battle helped him. Hillary because we're knew who we run and they're running the ball that would be about the true breeder they're probably croak 80% of completion rate. So I think all of that dole would result bobbled the defense that we do. What about so I yes and that's our hope obviously be impaired her fans as mantle of those things defense still struggles and you know we didn't Camby still put up points and hoping is an art defense is. Improve with some of the moves that we made here. You guys at. US its head again. I know there's some cynical tether fans say he's serving good anywhere but here but. I have a feeling that Drew Brees can make him pretty good Michael Thomas looks like he's up and coming. You had Kobe fleeing her. But how much do you miss branding cooks what do you think about the pass catchers are they fine without branding coach would disturb the pass catchers. Yeah definitely going to be fine debate brought it in June it destroys the defense what is Peter like you then I truly believe he will be better playing with Drew Brees didn't do great at every game. He looked at least eight we feel that not a leather coat so where's that ring you can contribute. And now when you look like the concrete truly. That they ate we feel let me branding cook was always that could be everybody know what to. You know he's a little guy you know like season that he's not a couple of these Schmidt I could ever did anything like a reject week. Are you are you look my yard that they can't. Well they even a little he what he's not a big guided but he'll block a lot thought they would agree could send. Downgraded but if they don't always bought receivers. It is they volatile been in the top three if not number one guy is Jimmy Graham got here so what. Lance Moore probably get all over so what if Graham really neat. They never had a problem finding refused to put an end receivers. Hillary because the number nine Drew Brees so even though when they cook I think you do well the patriots I don't see that based I think gave a minute they're going to be. And now Michael Palmer he didn't like the rookies. Especially towards the latter part of the season. He played like a big number one even more clued in light market call the lightweight I think I'm the low side and and particularly in better. I'm good deal are less question really got thirty seconds so I got a folder I guess you just give me a quick little answer Bob being there on the defer honesty I know you're a saint slugger homered just like don't pay their love and homer phenomena for your honest answer. If I said Bob EA mayor you have to put a month's pay on the on the line today. And you got to pick the winner of the NFC south right now you can't wait any longer what team would you pick. I don't get out of the going to be there again I think political football. They don't let it going to be like Seattle I think that all of these bigotry that they get playing video well he would not necessarily what is doable or even get there. McKnight and let me ask you this real quick as a follow up now I'm I'm really short on time and got to ask this you played in New Orleans and Atlanta right. Like so right so when Atlanta old blows 25 point lead like I thought it was some of the best comedy TV I've seen since signed celled plant landlords won a five point lead. Or you like really enjoyed it because your saints geyser and troopers are part of you do have a bond with the falcons or did you enjoy them blow in that late. Well I could go fight hard luck is about to open at this dude but they spend their native group thought OK welcome. In the neighborhood. They're like that they don't want them to a bowl so this love and love how they gain and now it is that it could well and then in the pager put a crush them. That's a big debate still caller no show and wanna talk about how the golf until. They could get everybody. They drew a kind of felt the farm boy I don't want to even though he called an Atlanta one year ago. You don't want to miss greatly enjoyed the walk in the game they like torn them. And had a wedding gonna go party sees that they all of it built by the met that ended in May yeah. Just like that that there is unbelievable boat got there there Bill O'Reilly then how would you begin at peace now. Whether Carolina Atlanta. Carolina played falcons safeguards. As they carry it if it's only little people are not being physical group like college. I'm competition wouldn't have been there a few. No doubt the division improved quarterback he's great news division all that stuff it's looking up I think in the south are Bobbie you know mammal soft you are once football gets going thank you so much. Aren't here or there real Bobby a bear WWL radio in New Orleans for years down there. And he is a man he is just a street elicited occasion. Rapid fire chasing delivery element is restaurants called the cajun cannon downer pass that say they serve. Came cam bam bam points. He serves a waning out of my family naming your stuffit to cannot we always like duke. Are when we come back bone where written email. Inbox we got to do that. And Isiah Thomas made an interest in sports movie comparison. When he was trying to sell the world he's not scared of the cats you got here that sue for get out of here it's coming. Hi the zeppelin to bring in bringing home kids bring your home it is the thought a couple minutes of the Mac attack. Garcia barely coming up lives and a touchdown club they're out there were Dan Reeves he's a speaker today so off. I know they're going have a good show lined up Soria end just keep it right here would voice man they're gonna we're in check in with dammit. We had to push email segment back because the cajun cannon Bobby you there to the watched him awhile to get to get win us we had to shift around a little bit. But soaring new couple emails now find out what Garcia and Daley have coming up on the show. And then we will wrap this puppy up this week and all star race in Charlotte thanks Jeff Burton for talking about that when us. Thanks to Matt Carroll and Bobby Hebert for joining us still. Also this weekend Bohn 3M B big blowouts any three NBA games. Starting with tonight among the right first I thought he would slip not a bad. I Cleveland cavs tonight and tomorrow goalies and Boston and are yet. Cleveland and Boston the cavs and Celtics tonight does China sex and you got the west and yet he's again on Sunday west Saturday I'm all star race. And Don baseball my Orioles have won one game of the last seven since I've bragged on these Airways about having the best record in baseball. I'm gonna shut up Buck Showalter I'm not gonna say another word down here right snagged on wealth and Osborne. Went on Twitter talking about the Yankees pitcher last night. Jordan and dumber having a perfect a game after one inning and Tampa and then proceeded to give up five runs and asked for an X some good work Osborne Yahoo! and and I wanted to op boards baseball fan and is. Dad to me ask these cars have on your side you know what are your bandwagon lol hello in my posted just a guy go perfect through one and I acknowledge it. Think in my Elway got tailored classes iRows released two innings for you bring up a perfect game apparel. Obama aren't as good city emails it's wasted sacks all in one segment Bobby Hebert was he cars medics last call. Of today. Matt says I don't know if you got around to mentioning it but the falcons blow 25 point late now you got published instantly let did enjoy mentioning that. A few minutes ago. Ma oh yeah we are difficult religious. We'll do this and secondly a new cultural 600 giveaway for daddy here. Let's see here Mac to wish bone cells and a great idea to me I'd love to be on the set sincerely Barry Switzer so we got that offered on forests. Just says one semi dramatic Cuban for taken at the end of season cowboys tank every year I know it's man that's fair point. Cowboys to their best tanking when you hit January ads on the cowboys really who's better than anybody else. Let's see what else we have going on your bone to cheer wind controversy really led to some. Some really mean spirited comments from everybody it's out there listening. Let's see here hell yeah and 2620 wants ME two on Twitter you just confessed attacks of Asian. He's comparing us not ever drinking cheer wind attacks against it got a similar at the similar thing totally we're going to jail for Rodriguez Salisbury and now I will say there's Osborne for not gonna Waffle House and disliking wildlife should get him in prison in state north you're absolutely. Shear wind is not the same pantheon while blouse with a gun I North Carolina food in prison. Any it Waffle House easier shot Abbott just it's tweet shows alone the number of can't miss prospects in the NBA draft equals hornet's draft position minus one. That's pretty complex company Cooper adds very well played all right before we go again to you bone in your in your set up over there. Let's do it like this we'll do it easy on us more in honor of the man Dale Earnhardt senior god rest his soul. In honor of the intimidator whose pass in the grass was thirty years ago and it's Bill Elliott the all star race and I'll never forget it. The third caller right now or win a pair Coke 600 take it 70457096. Stand. Third caller to Osborne sticking hotline is going to win the Coke 600 tickets are bony what. Are real quick must have been brought to you by garage door guru never trip charged. Go garage door grew route dot com Alabama head coach Nick Saban was in a pro am on Wednesday hit his ball into a water hazard. His PR reps as some fans there couldn't find the ball. This Alabama fan that this holiday they pass through these these tools they had now while this Alabama saying goes into the creek gets all wet. Finds the ball for nick Sabin. In size about the whole. That you have a whole two holes later it says couch. I got the ball right here that is as David says I want that David says what the hell is that I got a four count all I want is an autograph. Do you polls wider roll them back oh my god it's there and you said Bohn said let's be fair here he didn't go any shark infested waters to get to install. Yes he would die out like some mammals and would go get the ball in shark infested waters they are that Corey east. I'd let so we got to wrap it up put your broadcast day is still in the early portion here on SN Zaid. Garcia and daily get ready do it up for a touchdown club down there in uptown Charlotte Dan Reeves what do you have coming up voice. August show coming up we have buck chuck our fox 46 were to talk about the old stories this weekend Dan Reeves of course. We'll stop by this is the incredible event the indeed solid auction runs for about fifty street your threw the ball some stuff. And that till 1 o'clock Rita talks a Major League Baseball Christa pillows so excited joy at. Are very cool fellas look forward to listen to its end you all should as well. And on then I think he does in a win against Barack probes I believe I'm not mistaken later on today although I could be messing that up I bony we got a rapid hours Garcia has it there. Yeah I'm here are my plans to make fun of Mac all day sorrow lots of great relay in. I think how you look nice and they wanted the ball earlier I waited on the handoff song I waited on the zone read handoff to these guys later than just a problem and your theory with. Met with that I can't lose he's gonna get smacked them out the march would you know what we only have always the blame because he Tex that'd nod 35 and so we're good to go so all you go to Joseph. What Basel Basel I jump on us every day that's kind sides to scapegoat and his radio show felt synagogues are what brought Carmelo Anthony of airtime once he gets in his hands go like I look at what the team may let me show that aren't as a Garcia's Cam Newton running mate I'm gonna take that they perhaps a return to show release Seles. And they get my card and to listen to frank makes fun that's what I'm gonna do. Are we cannot laugh as I usually don't threaten us and actually Laviolette luggage and brother are boys do do we just as we love each night and this is like an apple fan over how to. There's still throws everybody state soon units in US Lindsay we got to listen to the 600 tickets congratulations. We will talk to you guys on Monday enjoying the sports weekend.