Mac Attack: Osborne Slams The Sandlot

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Friday, May 19th

This show is of course about sports but people reacted with anger this morning when Osborne ripped the movie "The Sandlot" 


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It's time for the Mac attack. On sixteen and that 102 point five not bad. Now here's your hopes to. Chris Buckley. All right tell you start of Friday's show maybe that's a star Friday show no Herman Munster. Don't know why evidence warranty bones favorites all time you got to let him play Lerman. It is time to roll may be on the show we do not. Have an MBA playoffs blowout from last night to talk about we should one we could have won. Tomorrow as we like drink are costly and our own homes we could have won the talk about. MBA back in action tonight. Game 20 of Celtics and cavs Isiah Thomas is not scared of the cavs I don't know if that matters I do not think that matters. We got cancer stuff to discuss on today's radio show Kelvin Benjamin speaks. On his weight since physical shape and all that good stuff the Panthers continued to raid the Minnesota Vikings are players. Every for every person we lose to the bills we go grab the viking and seems to be the way we're doing thanks we'll tell you about that we claimed a vikings. Paul Molly also went off waivers. ACC John's offer talk Jesse for awhile with the media and ACC meeting ACC network is still common despite ESPN's. Situation. ESPN will still produce CA CC network beginning in 2019. RNC state loses another player. And at the NC state loses players who say they're going pro who just Shockey. I mean just a dead dizzy and they get another one tend to Peta will talk about bad. As well. We got much more into a lot of different little NFL stories to throw in Cinemax. All star race is coming up tomorrow night at the speedway always enjoyed. Watching the all star race Jeff Burton joins us is 730 to talk about that and much much more in our final. Segment in the know your enemy after the drafts a series here on the Mac attack by BA there. Representing a New Orleans Saints as he has for years he's there is a player to broadcaster he joins us at 845 today. Matt Carroll at 8 o'clock to talk a little bit about the hornets in where we're at with this eleventh pick going into the off season. All that and more coming up on today's Mac attack radio show the whole crew is ready to go today. Bony looks ready to go to day even though he appears to be relevant sleep out of his eyes what some don't you committing an act. Good morning good sir how are you today you can make you don't want to show because my job when I signed up fur. Our broadcasting glasses I came through these. These Friday's in the Aggies are that these other days. Make your mark right here may sort of define this is where you do signed you know lies didn't get it done or not. Maybe this is where you decide you want to do is force talked after a football games or after an event. Today's the day that separates the men from the Max. Something like is that though that's not gotten bad results are doing are supposed to see one guy then you would try and I I Al. I'll try to rephrase out later this year my height man I just don't try not still air China and that's a terrible I don't know why I've played urban monster to start this year. I woke up this morning ousting Iraq Herman mosques there. And that's what to get what they were about when I think about some did probably get a get it on the sure you go ahead and think about loaning you go pens his. That's that's a rare move for years ego and keep saying can. Com are so we had no NBA playoffs last night's. We did have. Deal all NBA teams come out and because of new roles and a new CBA. For the first time ever we care about the all MBA TNW let me rephrase for the second time ever because would Al Jefferson may third team all NBA cares about it. But it's the second time ever gonna care about the all NBA teams. Because if you make an all NBA team then you're eligible for this snooze super Max deal. Which could chew over 200 million dollars and full contract with your current team. And which means you can make 75. Million dollars more than you can anywhere else. Now also Paul George and Gordon Hayward missed out on this Gordon Hayward missed out on this guys like staff party and John Walsh. Russell west for all those guys are eligible for F five year Max super Max contract to whatever. The reason they did just moaning. Is tied into what we are talking about yes announce interest saying because you cited yesterday as something that. Hurts when the big teams are signing like the warriors are signing their guys back right like stats and stuff. They have done this as an attempt. To make. Guys not once you leave their currency may go to a super team. So there there there motivate the league's motivation for this is pure or it's what we talked about yesterday which is how do we get other teams around the league to be batter. Rather than just two teams that are five laps ahead of everybody else in the race. So you know that that's that that was a design. You know the Paul George's is a Gordon Hayward say won't want to go anywhere else can't they can't muzzle what he's up Campbell when he's up because he makes 75 million more than anybody else. Although you bring up a good point if the super teams already put together they can use tried to their advantage. So I don't know we'll CEO this thing plays out the way I like the fact that their intentions are noble they're trying to do something about it too. Helped the markets that you don't want to desirable ones or help the teams aren't the ones already have got the stars are trying to get a third of here's a sitcom I have with this stuff you're tying it into a media vote. Thanks so the media is deciding something this important. I mean literally you know I mean like Danny on who they vote into an all NBA team. Is basically deciding right now the feeling is all Paul George going to be traded. Whereas if you made even third team need to get semi five million mourn anywhere else the feeling was in Seattle sign it. But now I feel like he could only make about thirty or something million more. Ellis just trade him. So that I just got a problem bone philosophically. With people the media voting for something and that. You know shaping the league's delay guys. Ice is a little odd and you mentioned it is trying to help markets keep their star players. In this case it may take two players out of markets that don't have necessarily the ability to bring in stars and have a draft around Utah has a star. In Gordon Hayward. It's probably go leave Indiana's Paul George he's probably gonna leave so this theory now this new what is new way to doing things here that theory about their new method. It's gonna backfire and that's gonna hurt to their markets back take it start wires the markets they're trying to help well now be affected by this this new thing. Nico because it only protects you if you have it all NBA play it. See exactly you gotta be one of fifteen best players here's another thing though Boni is not Hayward may go to Boston. Paul George regular the lakers three eventually may help your bigger markets but the smaller markets one we hop artists. Unless you guys all NBA yes that lets the act as some things should they just say if you have a seven year because a rose seven year vet. All NBA one of the teams I think is in any pulling their contract I think it is right yes so that's the thing is it'll change the hours and Paul George would make. You know wondering any porn it was contracts and the singer was in effect before. If he'd be super Max lawyer. Because. Indeed these super Max doesn't his superhero name Max access super Max protect zero for the big markets and AM today. So that's the thing too is we literally only have one season to go off of right now for some of these guys so that'll change it that'll protect more people as well. It's worth watching and I just I just have a problem west. You know the Indiana Pacers pacers franchise is affected by how guys vote and there's nothing to. If you're gonna tied enlighten us let do we say to position affiliations out. To where we don't need like a senator on all three teams because. Is that the way to do it now are my mistake yet again they don't like dat right there's always one senator on all three and NBA candidate garden for that think it's. Obviously to engage in Boise just me vote for your I don't know both for three front court and sue backcourt or just literally vote for your five best for playing a game here not just for the five best player at all we have five bass and X five best the next odd that such a three NBA TO I don't data center might take team here because in this day and age doesn't with a dearth of centers the third all NBA senator. Is he better poll Georgia Gordon Hayward. You know most cheers and chances are now. All the actual fairness who the heck is a third team all NBA center about over the all NBA center is I go bear. The Andre jordin and not the war growing. Eddie Davis was first team. Any day was the first to look at so ago bear DR Andre Jordan or the other to death they're not better players and Paul George. Now so in the spirit of the rule is safe here and one of the top fifteen players. And you can get a super Max deal to send me five million more for your current team and somewhere else to help protect these teams. But yet. It's not really working that way man so I think. It was one thing though when they when he sings really do mean squat diddly but now these things are huge in terms of teens being able to keep their own players they don't make a change I don't know. I thought that story was gonna get married got to go bare second team and DeAndre Jordan thirty. I thought that story was uninteresting yes there's going to be interesting to watch them moving forward. And and it would affect kemba he would may ever makes and on VH. But how can you name votes I don't think bounds he did not know at the for sale for a how many votes he got. I didn't see about how we Shockey didn't get one or two votes for third team at least rights. Yeah anybody you don't have at least one vote two years he had may be bone if you were allowed to do any position and you weren't you know. In only had two guards for changes as they see six daughters right you're voting for. Maybe if it allowed you just pick fifteen best player she money got some votes. So anyway we'll monitor that move forward Campbell won't be. He won't be viewed as super Max unless he makes all NBA some point so that hurts you know the hornets because he's our story still real valuable to us even if he does makes third team all NBA at some point right. But he's not going to be able to get debt 200 million dollar plus when he's open a couple years to be more like don't 175 million dollars when that's. Can be interesting conversation and a couple of years 'cause kemba right now it's 27 years old. His contract expires in 2019. So B 29 years old. When his contract is up what is kemba gonna want he's a smallish point guard is kemba gets five years then your signing on to that. Cam was gonna idea that contract would be 3334. Years old. There's going to be a very interesting cod are a discussion soon about the future of Kemba Walker I just feel that's come. That's why if you're Osborne and you just see you know blow up everything right now. You know you gotta worry about that I don't know he's he's dynamite in their eyes and I was a once in their eyes are once to trade it. Hugo I believe did you do is are you keep you go. 21 got to just to stay over there Gordon you supporting and Hugo get to snag I haven't disappeared just like you know of the morning. Whoa whoa whoa whoa nice now does he had trouble I put up a lot of bombs and wanna golf with a year. That right there he got I've met him numerous times more of the great guys I ever met my wife I've never heard you the same damn word that any actually never heard of Sendai one guy does his job he does well hiding. What's he hiding I know I don't know what day for me I made it read the boardwalk and the mascot is ever given don't break on the board before other things you go man. I was born I was once for a guy that's been in this state. How long you been as they were somebody earlier. 45 year point five do all they're a lot of things that are like institutions. Around here that you just DOS you are like the rabble with. I don't know yet because I really don't Oz no no no major cause yet. Searching for one daily though anyone dale how dare you question if you don't like Hugo war do you feel about Serb part I want to hikes are par. I lap I I you know throwing a dual Carolina and I boxy green heat we get sixteen ounce gloves that we just the last as far as my life easier Nance I'm mascot I don't like mascots well what are they hiding but I don't think it just be yourself well I don't think mascots are made for use. Intimate for kids I know when I was at an item like a done deal I use saying I don't like any of their characters on Disney junior he's not exactly you know you're not exactly in the demo anymore at this point I was at a wedding three years ago silk purse showed up that it. They hired sir birdie there does it re talking on our justifying your crappy Tootsie Roll Freud it is very. Zero or does your wife has a crush on server was a Euro when it was not a seat she was right after our wedding so. She's questioning why I couldn't get server roaring I'm tired people. People want surfer might talk about some white dancing. Once sir Paul got out there it was on anything about. Think about the stuff that Osborne 25 years in this state without those 28 years alive in this state that about things Osborne has shown on the radio show. Allah Waffle House yet don't like it mount server and you go I don't like them and what was the other 100. Andy Griffith. Yeah I'm not really gaining Griffith I'm like I'm not I'm tired of cedars be like eighty Griffith is ahead. It's just fifty years old and I donors in its appeal to me. I'm not I'm not gonna rarely obviously you and I went out a little from your previous I don't know that point one was an ingredient that is terror. I mean it's terrible. Because it's old. Baby if you think of life in a simpler time in Andy Griffith is right down your Alley. I just. I would you're now what he had to promote when he seventeen point if you think about what it was when they came out appealed that grow but that. 304050. Years you're he had a white it's a news show why it just came out fight you'll also group Rudolph the red nosed reindeer recently like it's OTS Steven Spielberg. And EA is cleared the way things designed for kids you just ripped like that you're not supposed to I mean I don't know I anyway obvious interest saying it. I will say this though there will be something that will come up later that is in North Carolina institutions that aren't bad I'm not on board Al west really myself either I will make an admission. But I will not be as bad as Osborne I want all the north Caroline needs to know that's. And it does board also commits the North Carolina sin of liking Carolina and duke a lot of minutes a lot of North Carolina State so in this state that's a sin. There's been men in jail for less than that in his state North Carolina. Causes rip everything North Carolina but Dean Smith Eric recently. Well I'm afraid actually are gonna do they love Steve Smith bench coach guy. That's also something I have to do in this I don't I don't think I can go home of our repeated my dad absolutely loves being undone you would even make it home as he tried someone would get you wanna play. I might be may actually died when we come back we got they're the stuff to get into what is Kelvin Benjamin say about his weight situation. And who has the latest Minnesota viking the Panthers have added this is not quite of phenomenon it is the Mac it's act one O two side WFNC. All right so I get myself logged in on all the communication and you know systems rise of nasty email up. Matthew WF concede that comic it to Twitter up Matt Mack WF Wednesday. I get to text line up right pull up to text line. And what do I see it as we have got to Texas morning techsters your your your finger not working let's get a don't maybe. But now I see the last Texan was sent last night six so one at night bounce. Latest shot male and I'm not looking to chair shot them back and and what I'm not this is why we never showed you detect Florida. If Mac has a chance when Brooklyn Decker then I have a chance and beyoncé. I. This guy taking a shot when I'm not here to be around city least haven't read to be by Osborne arena myself. Only thing that's got to wait and attach command during the show. What on earth metal that I understand now understands the necessity during the show. Six so one last night why is some job Brody coming after me I'm not claiming to have a chance of Brooklyn Decker I don't wanna chance of Brooklyn Decker she's married unmarried -- smitten with my wife what I do want everybody to know is. That in the fashion world among the models. I have a little bit of thought cash yet. I saw one on each of belief by the white now. Just a guess here on this breaking news of you get a grip on it that's fine I'm guessing they died at San daddy and has no chance of beyoncé. I'm just gonna just I seen that before. I'm just guessing that guy's got I think that was point you know me knows that OPEC guy knows that I think I know Greg guy company are in doubt was the point man don't lay weighs just downloaded the beta diverse that would adult. The day lover sometimes debate hi definitely. And you've got a window that does I thought I don't know that go re not email had a real quick question for possible. He doesn't like Osborne's a movie and pop culture takes because he wants to know. Know what you think of the movie the sand water if you don't like it. He wants you had to dress like a donkey with more from Estonia. Well that's not gonna happen is I'm not losing a bet. I will say this. I I don't arm I've Gionta got to remember anything about the San. I'm harm I've never seen a sale on my life I don't remember a single method he asked you know other than that big dog it wasn't big. Exit there's bound walking out on its vote is walking out on us right now I al-Qaeda these guys are back I haven't seen the highlights. How old was I when the movie came up. I don't know why not this I was minimally I haven't seen Mighty Ducks at all. I ask that the whole GM but I don't think I told bonus before I don't know why he's walking down the shame but. His generation of these sports movies I was like in college at that little giants I lied and now it's not a good move I'm not gonna watch little giants like I'm old I'm older I'm not if I was a kid I'd be all in the sand lot. I can tell them what year did sandlot come out by the way we had to get the answer. 1892. Or 93. Dominant college she died other. Hell you gonna get my natural gas its house in university Baltimore Maryland just watch that millions and a lot errors like 75 times a year I don't on TV any. I go to guy any moment find this and there's no excuse for you in your life. Not to have seen the Sansa your drums and Osborne not Mickey Gallagher yeah you're college debt write him though I don't under the I was always for years. Had he not had time in the last 47 years to watch the movie I'm sorry it's not really I am mile per hour as I listen as let's jump Osborne's back here for at least a segment. By the way buys it before I do that bugs called Osborne a sick pervert how dare you show on May married. I listed incident Panthers. Kelvin Benjamin. Talked would bills. Both Panthers dot com and he talked about Speedo the weight situation and what shape he's in and all that. And he did concede I've got to be in the best shape my life right now he he knows the pressures on mean knows he is on them. He said he won't years Ron Rivera's words as motivation. And we talked about this after Rivera did dad found. You know a matter of fact when people were jumping on us because you're being mean to tell port Kelvin Benjamin a member we got a couple of those. Your make him fat jokes about Kelvin Benjamin. And what we said was bound let's be honest the public shaming part of this. Is part of the reason why Ron Rivera put it out there right. One is Ron Rivera wanted him neat to hear his head coach. Put it out there are all front straight but he was indeed overweight. The second part of it bony is that this is what's gonna happen the public is going to start doing this to KB. And it's going to serve as motivation if he has parked right it's is any competitor in part inside there this is gonna (%expletive) them off and it's gonna motivate him. And I know actions speak louder words but if you believe those words and I again I don't know what to believe would tell men's America I he's not exactly. You know the most trustworthy individual. But you just hope this is how it works out that Ron by put input mom blast. Motivates him at least for now he says that's the case bony gotta we gotta motivated Kelvin Benjamin. He still has a lot of other flaws on the field bowels. But there's no excuse for lack of motivation. Off the field. You know in terms of getting yourself in shape there's not. And Kelvin Benjamin as we said during the whole. The holes he needs 280 pound saying that. Not only is the way to problem worse still not sure how the guy he is as a football player so even a guy that comes in in shape tell them that it could have been in the vegetable was light. I still don't know how good he is as a natural wide receiver because there's something missing there with football savvy. In playing the position the brand to be out of shape. Is our problem and it's a twofold problem can I don't know how good the guy is an earlier right it's not like he's Mike Evans. When he plays though he's out of shape candy Mike don't I'm glad he's getting in shape and that's fine but now not going to be like Al now Sonny's Cris Carter out there. I still don't know how he is out the football player. You know I mean I I'd. It's great that he's getting AJR yeah isn't stable seeing that matter is not easy so recommends. I mean that's the Brothers a lot of problems women comes just fundamentals ads are receiving position hopefully is Samuel McCaffery editions don't. Make us less Benjamin just depended. Right and hopefully also they free him up less attention from the defense as well hopefully that is part of it. I'm by the way your girl Jane this is Jane wants to talk about say a lot of Olympic team started aging guy. Felt that this Camelot is such a fabulous movie. Where you. I need to take like to inspect I would only we started back in abandoned at the off or they watch them up over and over it and I never watched that a couple years ago I watch I'm like oh my god it's just so heartwarming. OK see you still serve well now yeah you're actually now now this is appealing to me there's couple things Billy me first of all I need to know this is a parent of two young once. Did your kids watch the movie and not act up in the car. Oh my goodness I need to get this movie immediately stay at this hour. Secondly I didn't even you know dumb me what a selfish parent I am I didn't McNeill my son loves baseball. Like why do I not watch it with him moan instead of worried about me and hey I was too old for it. Right I got crap watch it I guess I gotta do that now I'm glad you called out I don't hopefully I don't we help Osborne a Jane. But I'm glad to good point Chris you know what they love is spaceship. But what I told you bum months ago I'd miss seeing Stacy and we went to the same thing yes I said Hal is certain age and spacing and came out I didn't really I am uneasy spaced him once that's not what I thought that was what are your jam job on an arsenal what. I we got the movies for eight and he's freaking loved it man. He just loves it so yes I probably have to do this was a singer and luckily I gotta get that as a bargain bin somewhere forming. And because the movie takes place in the 1960s it's one they never really gets old you don't say its okay coming of age movie to date but as in 1960s so it you know. Our borders and all the movie that's about the 1960s while it applies so today the story that itself OK all right elicits two by the way just a follow up on this because I teased earlier. On the can't there's an added Toby Johnson mound he is a defensive tackle they claimed him off waivers. From the Minnesota Vikings got placed center for the hornets this year. Nobody ideals in next your talent like Toby millions I don't know man by his own legacy Tyrese Rice art they release a Greg Craig's. And I mean. It's released so he won't make it to training camp as kind of like a son of a form cancer story that won't be there. But so be give Jewell defensive tackle another defensive tackle not on my take a shot at gentlemen can't resist given this guy shot. But the crazy thing about this bonus this is before why can't we have added this off season. Mentally ill captain marlin. What are we just start playing that game is now about like that when they catch growls it'll be followed up with a horn. Is that what's gonna happen. What little they really do around that he'll blow his Horne well we have a big black people are gonna be good if you are out of the country during the offseason wire the bills. Playing stand and cheer and fired up at the planet are divided aren't. I'm telling you for almost every guy that goes above float from organization we just don't take one from Minnesota. I will it will show you we'll go to another bite game. Any kind of tally their vikings is all season there are very few in game things go as annoying at the biking though it's really ought to get sued Simpson just on TV varieties like dyed their Bennett before just on TV it's been knowing saying here there's no doubt about it. Did want to mention comment but you can join Jeff Lindsay we would lobby he didn't supporting leukemia lymphoma society LLS. We're doing a ten week fund raising campaign and we want you guys to help balance. They're greatly appreciate your tax deductible WF Lindsay dot com slash LL as any media spare. Would be awesome when we come back are two things I got to mention we got more sand lot scholars come and in bouncy which got don't want to really get this. But we got a couple things we have to jump to instill. A stats about the importance in Panthers it is just depressing when you think about it I will on forcefully to press she'll. And on Fox News just in case someone from the sports world here on Fox News. Is this a sign that the world is ending IP is it possible we will deal with those stories. All understand what calls are pouring in it is the Mac it's act. On one or two side WFNC it's angry guy today we are in suite from somebody is Stephen Smith is currently on Fox News getting fired up about politics. The world is short and that was Steve today and Ted Nugent. Adding a political discussion asteroids I'd Delis and I just knew that they were long and and they were gay don't get into with each I didn't know what any of it sounded like. Sadly I am now amusement and are now MM amused and I am interest and I'm curious to buy it does he start going deceased scream at any point like full launch eight. I just say a whole thing I just saw some clips I don't know he did a one point just rarely yell out though is weird. The only other Ted Nugent you know Mario it's obvious that aspect did you that I that is that you don't know Mario it's almost. A solid lead but they got it. I just don't get what you need for that what is the need for that I also wonder what the meat is trim to be on ESPN. But what is the need for him to be on their talking politics I know Ted Nugent is one these celebs and fancies himself as you know really into it and stuff I mean. Really on you know one side but really you know really into it. I just don't have Stephen A wind up on there isn't sports. Is this scream and a screen about sports announced do we really need like real things that matter in life a man like that getting in so I just don't know at all that's probably play the audio of skip Bayless of Wolf Blitzer yesterday at a loss I. I'm scared noted that in that. Is located right out Islam more bold going to tell Stephen A to stay in his own life goes out and and so I don't see staged a sports although here I am saying stick to sports I hate when people tell me just sports I was gonna say I don't know but we want CNET is that the sportsman and this is the way out that there. I guess what I want is no news networks to put him off I think it IDC I'm not mad at him for doing it a minute news network saying that would be great. We took the first take guy and got him on here talking drop. I just this is a weird idea did you imagine how it would go over the Fox News audience who by the way. I can't imagine that's the demo he hits that demo man. Mac ads against Lindsay got down due to tweets coming up Max W Athens say. And sex you know the number same numbers don't want to call sort Texas 70457096. And are there was O'Leary was yesterday. Sex anticipate and expect that and there's gonna be our first take this morning talk a sports. Is that is that part of the deal. Aren't we're gonna get sued me. Hornets slash Panthers depressing stat of the day. In a man it's I did not realize how bad they didn't. Combining close games and you they're both bad when Jeter the number bone but Malcolm is the latest saline saying. Jewel. Malcolm did not hold on there the talks saying a lot when us. I thought Bo would have been primed and ready during a break man of science dry dock on the rise Osborne didn't massage that Colorado are Zorn didn't want him to come onto weakening Osborne dun wanna be told how great the same line as he was a live in his world bow windows sand lot is Sam allowed free zone. By the way Kevin says in an email. The little giants was influenced one of the greatest cancer plays up her. And cipher he was what was called again bonus is gonna break of around the annexation of port yes yes that's right. Ritchie Rocco. Involved against the Houston Texans have so yeah that's a good point man so that movie I we should I should watch just to see that plank who ran a better. The little giants team. Or the Panthers. Do I want Lance I worked for both teams you know remains were from both I'm not even get out. And I am gonna ask Osborne will giants I'm not up to the point now right I've seen Little John father daughter of course Fiat which you don't like it was signed. I just don't like any of these movies that are just like so I deal lake in their childhood dream decent you were a kid know when you watched it. Yeah I know tennis cynical kid Lori how was cynical it was just like let. This isn't real but that you were cynical I mean again. That's the doctor Laura Osborne lights a realistic films like. Star Wars and more of the rain and sir sir I don't know about it quite pleasant. The actual production value of those movies is one billion times better than a sand lot and little giants. Little low budget little piece of crap O lord our I really shocked out for us to bring shock collar back to show mounting memories to have a far. A long long ago for a producer JR Gump who deserved it might need to bring him back for us here I believe on the show. Oh please Rick room. At least do that at. Are about to stab wound he can't there's an hornet's last year we know what they're both standing close games we know that was a thing and it was part of this. Back to back season football basketball just nightmare that we just lipped. After the previous back to back football basketball seasons were so which rock or so far on an awesome both teams went did same thing just completely flopped. Close games a huge reason why when you look at them both coming up next year this coming year it's gonna be the same thing we're gonna have to look at can you win some close games. The Panthers and hornets were combined oh and fifteen in games decided by three points or less the host. And 31050. I don't not a saint not a single wing neither one of these teams could win any three pointer less games. The Panthers row and six we've document analyzed the hornets were Owen nine. I mean the year before the courts for six and five windows XSI go in now so thank you see that. Thank you for that did did it checkers when close can't get anyone in this town when a close game last year analysts doubt about the nice to do an in close games somebody resource that could have serious slate we believe we are close loss. Cindy Mann vessel remand this past football and hoops season. Oh yeah we shall we do is a lose lose lose a really early climb back out no matter what. And nobody gets out of Charlotte wins no way and that. By more than three points I do that I think. We're gonna give you a fight worries me to meet DNA we're gonna give you a daily flights and animal not happen in this next season I guarantee you this. How we will win a close game in this tense and amazing predicts way to close game and just an amazing prediction you just made their bony I gotta give you credit on that. All right well we come back. We've got to Lama listed as spam Mark Cuban. Said something about tanking the other day to people I don't know kind of made people Austria for a mountain tops let her money no. Is it really that big of a deal and is taking really this evil horrible thing we gotta get into that discussion. TJ keep all the communication common Mac to WS Lindsay does job. Meg WF Lindsay on Twitter keep the sex gum a 704. 57096. And I got a sand lot fan that wants to hit Tebow what are hit by Osborne baseball bat to. Clint Clinton wants to hit a lack win baseball classic saint Clair. I don't know do you have a history does dialogue you have history with this guy we're Clint was like make a funny I don't think is a guy he's a danger on Twitter says that he and Osborne can never be France to Kent. You don't know that I'm a pretty good guy just like Sam well apparently it's a prerequisite for this guy's friends here now. I we come back Mark Cuban on tanking and is it really that big a deal it is the Mac attack. Now what we were eliminated from the at the playoffs we did everything possible lose games. And so if we get it up front if we knew that this is the rebuild these and we just did a font. Then you know you you know you kind of know what kind of team you have. And if you could get eliminated early in the Serb building momentum you could finish you know your season. Thirty and 105 at that and then they'll with a boat load of it Bob ball. How did you tanked. How do you do you tell your young players. That was Mark Cuban owner Dan Patrick show couple days ago and died admitting hey we tank where we're out of playoff contention. They are they lost nine of their last twelve games. But if if what he's saying is true and they didn't start tanking until they're mathematically eliminated there were two and five. Once they started I'm going nuts ankle to a five. But you don't say this because a little bit of a star. Not a huge stark. But a little bit of a stir you usually don't hear executives admit to tanking your owners admit to it out. You know teams are doing yet. But you don't often have them come out and tell you you know we're doing it's kind of like rebuilding it can't really get to team to tell you were rebuilding right now. You know they just seeing it yet they're Dylan and everybody can say is this is it's not a word they like to use tank is also not a word they like to use. The NBA news tanking is evil they view is so evil bone that we have this stupid lottery system which is ridiculous. Do you think it's that lake should should sports leagues try. Their darnedest to eliminate tanking like I just don't care about tanking in the team wants to go that route and that sure strategy. I don't have any problem with it. Our first of all did you hear about mark Cuban's new show come and ABC. Artest and off from shark tank it's called season tank. Anybody there that's I mean the guys there and I noted that they could someone did someone collateral offer some. I had not mine around. And I mean this is just the most embarrassing the Internet. Anyway now that I think it's embarrassing. The world league of its entire season of tanking amputated tire as he thinks the process is embarrassing. Above my nine point Izzo like if you're intentionally losing games for an entire season it might be a problem while Mark Cuban did was got to the end. In a pretty much just threw in the towel. The last whatever seven at ten games which is Smart because we see in a lottery system. If you win a couple extra games in Mike milieu getting a great player the next for example. One games at the end against Philadelphia. If they lost those games they might get to pick six or seven and not eight there are certain teams that you probably lose towards get a real donor who else won some games it really didn't seem to matter in the end beyond China's low hornets I see over the lakers headed to LA lakers always kill themselves I waited for five games at the end I could get to the end. You kind of know where you rank it's more to what Data Domain if we could just get to this record right here yeah we can get this statement. Let's take a look at young guys can have some more times he would you have with some your young players I just don't get why tanking so evil I guess it's because. Of the you know competitive integrity of the game right like teams that are tanking are going in schemes that are battling for playoff spots in seat. And I guess that bothers and some people think it's a bad look for deleted for example. Remember when everybody was arrested there at the end of the season mound and you're in a lot of people freaking out this is messing with the playoff race. In Eastern Conference. My you know with the bulls and heat all listen people were outraged by it. I mean if you bone if you're on the spot and if there's some things here first of all you have to make decisions for your own team. Whatever is best for your own team I solar wind and that's arresting guys again that your I don't get that but we shouldn't be dependent on the Brooklyn nets is like compartment first part was. That you should be able to make decisions for your own team whatever is in the best interest your team. Number two is if you are in your Liguori team's current per conference make the playoffs and you're dependent on help from the nets or something. I'm sorry it's like when you are on the bubble in college basketball you'll make determined. A you have put yourself in that position. I don't feel bad for you I just do not even if it happens it'll warrants I swear I wouldn't cry about and Monique I don't think teams oh. Anybody else. In June 2 to play guys and not played I don't think that's owed to the league and by the way. Who shared that Dallas was tank it could anybody notice. They lost nine of their last twelve bald and only seven of those days or ten games. And so is it. It's this mortar it's a smarter message towards the end is actually smarter it's at now Mark Cuban admitting I don't know that's the right way to go about it but it's a smarter method. Then winning games at the end. There they were really is because look rabid that gets all fine and Danny to address the wins a major record a better. One those ping pong balls on draft lottery nice bounce around. You don't don't do those wins matter. Herald says in an email that he thinks tanking is evil it diminishes a league's product. And I think that any team that deliberately tank should lose their first round picks. As hard as how do you prevent well when the owner says they did well that's a way to go to that I just needed general doll like. Teams simply can't make got is that the arrest they what you know making guys playing games teams can play whoever they want white NBA can't mandate that you have to play. Dirk Nowitzki because he's just barbed wire yeah do whatever he wanted it or get it. It's like for example when the mavericks are playing young guys if they say there's this veteran has this injury designer and has essentially giving about you and assess. So what's it guitars are angry and for those got a hamstring he's out for three yards what do what do you do dogs is that why they do that's why they do these lottery. But I think he lotteries absurd I have no way someone is willing to sacrifice. A season distinct. And they draft first I don't have a huge problem when I know people think you're rewarding someone who's not trying. But that is a strategy. Matter of fact it's a strategy to young Osborne. I guess so given the shot in about five or ten minutes. We'll try to say keep the horse should use and he wool and people are will be on this side because people are Alston on this side. Of the hornets not taking it to end the season long but just starting over the whales Lawrence tried to do before. With very little success I do you feel about taking entire decade of the knicks have done. If you don't I'd if you want to admit that but how good this season but ten years of things that might be a little extreme. More when we wanna tank as a radio show. We go to march from Estonia we put him in the Dana marquee jedi what's going on man. We know so many had to send you on Twitter last night some hater was saying he's never gone listen to show again if we keep put you on I said mark. Dizzy Charlotte institution brother I had your back on once you know that. Well thank you and I can appreciate it I got yelled back to lose like this. Don't you want to have not been done previously is that what it is. Oh that was another guy yet another guy there's such a fan of yours he thinks it would be entertaining to watch you goof off a tree and I told me as a torme it's worth. The price of admission. Don't think he did so giving him a dynamic personality and then asks. No one. Yeah hey let us. Noticed potatoes and I think I'm I'm let the record about the turnaround. In this picture not a mortgage let me pick your name here in the immediate opening oh my god they're really good deeds to win the east next year. I don't live Ali this women and will be detailed either. Simmons hasn't played an NBA game now. Why isn't there going to be a period of adjustment form and he's element talent. And I mean look we are looking into that they don't know we are right. Also worries that they should be the favorites in the east. I think what I can only eat it's. There you go maybe. It takes our pipe and high. Morning and I and I get a matter Oregon. Come on that the lights are pipe you know you know Bard ballad like Nomar from Gaza into this what I mean where was added and camera where it was headed right. Well all right so Osborne the first Osborne's case has just been made by march from Estonia he beats you soon. Don't hornets should stay go on purpose because. Sixers are ready to win the east next year is Simmons and NB a healthy by the way would you Mechel would you bet anything substantial and indeed being healthy. How when I don't wish any harm sold on you gets you guys it has a very young age. Has this decrease health problems so it is a tanking working and they've already had to get rid of players don't have it worked out. You know they've already got the guys on their that they have drafted an analog telling you these tanking and sucking on purpose sounds good in theory. It's tempting as the hornets stand to say let's just rebuild again. But it's it's not full truth man it's not without holes you showed a sixers point guard is gonna be next your right to possess. And Simmons and Simmons is they're right they're gonna run a point guard are glad they're talking about and that and I think Soledad that's at Eastern Conference Sox. It's easier covers championship point Garvey Benson in scoring mark audit never played a game any NBA unbelievable man Marky Mark he's takes our hot every morning piping hot takes man grabber when your way to work. All right well we when we come back we got to get into it. Osborne will try to make a little more mental here in case for why the hornets should just try to blow it up and start over this offseason and the most important thing is. You warn its nation. Have you reached that point where you know believe this is the right way to go it is a Mac attack.