Mac Attack: Cavs-Celtics, Giselle, Mac Goes National

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Thursday, May 18th

The guys recapped the Celtics getting drilled by the Cavs in game 1, the news of Giselle outing Tom Brady for possible concussions, and Mac made national websites yesterday for a twitter exchange with Brooklyn Decker 


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It's time for the Mac attack. On sixteen and that 102 point five the fan now here's your host Chris McLean. From the clock struck six hit man woman thing. All right it's go time maybe it is goat so I'm on a Thursday Mac attack right here on the fan another night's NBA playoff action in the books another round another blow out. Go to saving Cleveland you must put on one of the greatest. Sporting. Series ever played the pressure is on yelled to do that and I think they might be able to pull it off. Because just when you think Golden State looks freaking amazing. LeBron James and the whole Cleveland Cavaliers team comes out all the bunch arrests we can have stressed and does that. To the Celtics on the road last night how impressive was that. How impressive was LeBron just take it over to game from the jump just attacking Iraq. We will talk about its. I it's hard for me to tell who the better team I mean I guess I would lean lawyers better team just because. How much they have as accurate a seven game series last year with a without deranged and now they have to rants. But LeBron James I swear this student may be playing his best basketball and that is not supposed to happen. At his age with all the Wear and tear on his body that's nostrils sap and it's it's just remarkable really is. We'll talk about that some we will discuss. Sweetness and paint yourself to get into the story of how Tre Boston decided to become a Los Angeles charger is just amazing. You have not heard about a ball sending at a gas station in Charlotte speaking to a homeless man it's just amazing. And we will tell you about that one. We had development. On DR guy too and so on Twitter Brian tunes we had a development. Biogen angles last night brought us about thirty something but a very biscuits deserving night last night doesn't really help us out bound. But bodes angles is very aware of appalled that they are getting. Because one of our listeners on Twitter made this promise that if you reach week Meehan a cornerstone of the top five pick you'll get a vote very mr. Daniel get above where does it. And the other seven are 38 people Leo's though very biscuits does that bode angles nosed man. They targets on their radar. We've got some NFL stuff to get into Gisele Bundchen. Did she unveil. So more patriots secrets Kemba Walker was knee surgery sounds like precautionary nothing to be. That's fired up abouts PJ Hairston is in trouble again is that really gonna surprise us is sad man to second surprise us. And the highlight of my day yesterday may be the highlight of my 2017. Doughnut and the falcons voted 25 point lead. Brooklyn Decker an eye on Twitter talk in sports fashion. And the next thing you know bona blows up it's on It's on ESPN it's in the observer. Man what a day that was above you left the simple man. Dissident dissing guy try to do a four hour radio show on a daily basis he came back eight Twitter and fashion icon I made me. A room in your bed sheets man like me now look it's always Gary Phelan at all yeah million followers. I'm surprised bureau to stick your head in the door this. I really unbelievable development. But I'd but I got to talk to Darren get yesterday so all winners here on Larry hey that's big for you to a man and we will talk to there again today at 730 on this radio shows so. Make sure you're listening for that. Com 9 o'clock there's a get a dose is Steve cliff are we had yes they earlier in the show 730 so get the 9 o'clock as a chance to hear that on the show today. And yeah all because bony you and I went out to store in the latter arcane. And tried on the can do now since that's the only reason why I was able to help around she literally Brooklyn Decker Charlotte native. Model she literally wants to get the Cam Newton she goes around Breyer also had to explain to return to peace and out of romper a lot of people make that mistake nowadays. They're tying cams outfit in this mail romper. This robbed him trend. No that was not know came more simple two piece everybody got to do the Obama you are so knowledgeable I am this is what I don't have many areas that I'm done more knowledgeable than most stand. But this gym knew announced and I feel like we've done our research on and have tried it on it's it my stupid Twitter my wife said that picture needs to be your Twitter avatar site putting up now look like more limited than usual what they'll. But this is like she found my area of expertise. And dust that's got to be described the back and forth all the other people to jump in on the Panthers on Twitter jumped in on a while you brought it got involved Andy Roddick or I was already got a ball I thought he got a body got a little bit. Worried is what I thought he saw the interaction between you and our Andy Roddick said you know what. I don't know this guy is but I see that photo. I don't I don't like I I need to jump in here that's the funniest thing is as I'm tweeting her and as these other places are embedding like my tweets. Like NFL I comedy ESPN. The picture and avatar pictures meet in the stupid ass and I was about Smart honest. But anyway so we'll explain that whole back and forth that was rather amusing for a man. I. Musings remain afternoon bound and you know it said that was Alex and the sad thing is how big a news becomes. I mean it's Dantzler rat in May for NFL news although I will admit. A supermodel. Or Ramallah I grew wanna define her swimsuit model model similar to a caller a model trying to Wear an NFL quarterbacks. The same clothes and and so quarterback award is I believe the first. Might even when I can't even when Joseph name is what pain he goes don't I don't think there was a model back then the in the seventies in 66 I got to get a hold it. A jump and Amos altitude he wore that mean Tony board the other night I got aware that I don't think that I have been yeah I don't think Kate up dental recently was trying to Wear. Peyton Manning's dad needs now this these come about this is rich territory literally Cam Newton will give himself. Involved in I was trying to where Russell Wilson's outfits. Now this Wednesday at his those ads he's always trying to put those babies on I mean nobody even China drinking is anti fashion water we're gonna nano bubbles out. All right let's see here I guess we started out with deep the NBA game last night. It was impressive I got home you're Wi richer every night at so wild wings cafe and a great show every night we we got home so. What I did is around though much time I got home so watch your heels finish up. And then I went to DVR and I Mason why. The first after the game by getting feel like there was any knees pretty much around the always throw and on the first half of the game was just. Amazing LeBron James and against 43 to pass and number 389. And eight's. He just went all so we thought there would be some rust potentially bound for the first quarter quarter past asked. There was nothing of the sort they came out and jumped all over the Celtics. We need to fast towards controls the skating Cleveland I'll say it again for the 100 times. I was gonna say yesterday but we didn't really previewed game a whole lot that I wouldn't be shocked if the cavaliers come out a little bit like the warriors dead. In game one against the spurs did struggle out of the gate so much time off may be too much time off and I think that theory Mac was dispelled probably. Two possessions at a basketball game back I told you a trivia. As a man look at the balance Cleveland that there is no rust there they look like they are a well oiled machine and it carried through. For the entire game us no doubt about it they might deal with the. Rested for the finals is well now here's the difference though gold state on Friday rest of the final still because those finals is start date I don't know exactly what it is bone probably early June. Looked in a BC would start date of files of the day don't Alter that. That is set in stone so with these series and quick like it looks like a very well could. Both those teams will rest but there was Tom have a show did a piece yesterday about LeBron james' stats after getting restless he's gotten. He's a he's he's unbelievable as you would expect he's freaking unbelievable. That's instead did not stop when he's a bony ones over June 1 of major or no questions about a June for gas so Sony doesn't matter if they finish up quick both teams could end up with breast thank you very dolby will get. It didn't stop the most in January disingenuous man and sports do you guys you know actually sniff his jockey every day I. It does that did you not stop him from yesterday from saying something so absurdly disingenuous and if anybody wants to know. Why LeBron James still annoys me this much later asked a decision is just stuff like this he says bonnet ask him. How much difference is it makes for you in any and you guys to have. Rest like that the second straight time you guys have brass and he says that. I feel worse when I don't play. So don't help me at all I feel worse when I don't plug it looked like it get to hell out of here then why do you sit out all the time and a regular season. Just play every game then because apparently when you sit out the regular season makes you feel bad. He is so full of crap and so disingenuous. That it bothers the hell out of me. And no one else calls analogous or he's given up on loan amount on stuff like. Many annoys me but he's unbelievable and obviously mount he may be playing the best hoops of his career probably has to say and that's a scary statement at his age cheeks. Matt price now odd Brad Stevens might be the best x.s and o.s coach in basketball I'm not saying he's the best overall coached but drawing up plays out of bounds plays. And of shop and of but I kind of game twice rats seem as does an unbelievable job coaching the game. I thought he got work last night. Now all that might be due LeBron James on the other side by a match up wise Cleveland did whatever they wanted to do. And of the game are you probably are long gone that Isiah Thomas was guarding LeBron James. It was an ugly site next possession Isiah Thomas Goetz would sonic haven't want underneath the basket. It was like that all night while Brad Stevens got a warped by Tyrod Lou and the cavaliers last. What well I don't really know Tyrone Lue did much of anything that's that's where does that match up wise. Fabric that was Brad Stevens switch so much defensively. That in the first Zamboni was the bigs ending up on LeBron. And he went there he just welcome to interact constantly. Then you answers straight possessions were Marcus Moore ends up on Kevin Love they feed into the post Cleveland found a mismatch they attacked it. Boston continued to provide them with mismatches they've got to do something different defense. I'm not same bona turns the series around but you might be able to keep within 25. If you should you'd have to change your defense so approach because you're right from someone is supposed to be yellow duck. So is it a young basketball merged version of free can Belichick and that town from what I hear he's amazing but that was terrible. I agree a 100% that was terror and I are related a Celtics note Isiah Thomas according to ESPN metrics. Our Tom had Castro said yesterday Isiah Thomas ranks as the worst offender. In all basketball we can you can you can be the size of a nine year old in the NBA and not have trouble on defense. And whoever guards it's a mismatch you know that's the downside to all he's still getting at is 200 million dollars bite isn't gonna get it from Boston that's a question or no costing gonna students trade him that lets you got left one year left after I have to walk I think sorrow or does Boston now is that now is is he up this year we checked as Boston and a well I heard talk about the trading and couldn't trade him if he was up now are a sign and trade initiative right guaranteed sign him for morning train them. And there's still folks talking in Boston about. Well they dram mark Dell faults he runs a team. You trade Isiah Thomas bring in some other vets. One more year like he's got one of a year ago but that's I don't know what they're gonna do it at all I mean it's a decision you and beat the have a number or pick in the draft the have a guy. That was the orphanage in the top five of the MBP race but still though when he got it you got it. That's what they're gonna do their. Is Isiah Thomas worked two at a million dollars I don't. I don't know if he is now here's a here's C are saying about it that makes me all smiles over your bonus. Just yesterday I was lamenting the fact of my jealousy. Towards. Much towards. The Celtics. Because it was. Is that LeBron I think it riddle a burglar who echo house LeBron talk I don't know the product to get rid of it and I literally don't know why he thought where's that coming front. I'll I'll work on is he goatee keep doing a radio just Terry I got to figure out where McCain is aren't hooked up are not all right let's see here's what I was saying is. Yes and as extremely jealous of the Celtics they're in the finals. Club Eastern Conference and they got the number one pick. And dash here today bony like remember the whole thing yes thank Celtics are real close analogous to number one pick. Actually they're really not that close. Why do they might be the second best team in the east but they are still five laps behind. They Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA has a problem here like. It's a problem. It's weird because having the warriors and cabs in the finals every year is great so that. It creates a lakers Celtics type thing. But. The lack of resistance those teams are getting is a serious problem right last year Oklahoma City pushed a hell out of Golden State. That's what they need right these teams pushed in the conference finals at least we've in the rafter is what the was there are dead rapper sister in six games last year pay I. I will disagree though the Celtics were closed last night until around 8:30 PM eastern time and they were so close anymore. Once the game started it was not those are supposedly thought it was. And that that that theory it pretty quickly there yeah I just I think that I think what last year what happened last year's what the league needs. They need at least one series for those teams are push those teams either finals I think is great for the game. But this whole thing away and then and here's another one soon could somebody played them close. It's just too many blowouts with these teams by the way route seem Bruce scatter every comes in to get the bronze back and has to try that. Didn't take it to still get too serious about this is is LeBron sports writer is sports for some drives me crazy. Root says it's hard hey don't do it sends kids to college opens up the school stands up for social issues so moves got to come in right and his real life stuff. I'm Lisa LeBron James do a lot of great realize stuff. But the sport's first son of LeBron James drives me crazy little quotes like gals alone saying hi I'm not saying he's at the worst human being in a world I'm sick as an athlete that her son Austin. Annoys me all I'm saying you dislike plenty of athletes away from their sport I don't think we'll broads on a hobby or waste of guys you dislike away from the game. I'll give you that'll alleys just stood yet cystic ego when he talks like how they you don't blame runs so there's a football player or Russell from the Russell Wilson does a lot of disaster it is possible though in this sport's world. Oh that's right or wrong to have the sport safer guy like Russell Wilson but concede Russell Wilson's in hospitals nailing your time. You don't say so I it's an interesting thing here it's like. It's not like man this guy is filled this guy's a horrible human being there are guys like data sports still. But it's just like this guy just Bosnia so maybe I have to throw sports in front of the hate. For guys like LeBron. Guys like Russell Wilson maybe I need to throw sports in front of the hate all the important balls aren't although Tony just emailed and I really hate Russell wells becoming asset. So I don't know maybe it's not sports or from make some real Oslo we come back from breaking new poll of the American League east Danny's army reports that when he. I would love OK just you don't do it now we gonna you know always usually a one game leaders other one lands are running away with the division could easily right now became and a half hour yeah I don't you be excited about that go ahead go ahead all right. We're gonna take all we do is win win win Osborne. No matter white. Money our mind we can never get enough. It's and I just say this Osborne items and going by the way Osborne and I was born is a cowboys stand when they were 111 last year begin italics and he did Jimmy Yankee stand this year when they were in first place. And he is against LeBron thing and Nestor character set to begin to LeBron and deadly gases is biggest session bandwagon to jump this is I'm not even listen I have. I have to cheer. For LeBron because I refuse to cheer for Golden State trademark green Zaza Pachulia that dirty. Dirt ball team lord writers aren't gondola will soon not share for a bike a seal wrap up mental wrap upside appearing in my head. Are when we come back Mac and WF and Xeon Thomas you don't wanna jump in when we come back or the patriots in trouble with the NFL again Gisele Bundchen if you haven't heard yet said something USA on national TV. Did she get the patriots in trouble with the NFL. You want him to retire he said that not me. Her husband said the other day. That you want him to retire. He said that not me you know this Kenya's and then he was gonna play as long as he felt as good as he does yeah you're trying to get him to retire. You know I just have to say as a wise I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like unknowns. Let's see an aggressive sport great football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions for myself and me and talk about making it does have concussions in his I don't think it's a healthy thing for invited to go to like. You know and that kind of aggression like all the time that cannot be healthy for you write me and I'm planning on having him. Mean how the into a lot of fun things and like hundred I hope. You think caught again patriots you're going in early sombre he's been caught. Well where the other that is the lovely and talented Giselle but she and I guess today which Charlie Rose on CBS this morning. I'm not talking about her hubby Tom Brady. And yes she used the C word bony she used to deceive or not Jesse or not more I would enemy like that not well well what does he wears are talking about concussions a target electing 'cause this is BioWare we just move along as where we move along. That or to get a mankind RI I'm convinced of that is no worse work. In a world. I don't know what kinds of that Florida did you kill but anyway what Carolina game 'cause you know Carolina as a concussion. And she dropped it. I mean this interview and then she also did something very interesting there. She said he had a concussion last year he gets concussions almost every year issue's about to say and then she said but we don't talk about. And then she moved on to something else. Very interesting the way so we don't talk about that is like almost did you discover undermine. I said too much here I'm the NFL is. Checks you know to see. With folks in New England doctors and stuff like that to check the records he never is bent on. Any injury report to serve and can Kutcher authorities are gonna the protocol bald and her. So if he's had concussions. You start wonder in his NBA and hated it is it being hit. So he doesn't go in the protocol so he can keep playing he hasn't missed a game since knee injury either bone so he's got concussions every year is he planned right on through them. The NFL and the NFL PA are gonna continue looking into this we could have a situation evolved where Tom Brady. Is it possibly think to Tom Brady. Felt a little weird maybe went to a personal doctor doctor told him. You got a concussion. Minor you deal with some like that and Tom Brady didn't tell anybody with the matrix. X is that possible. I yet if you look at all the patriots scandals they got in so deep bonds by gay. And a flight data could get themselves out of date try to cover things up they got in deep they got in trouble on this one. There could be had out here. Or the patriots say we we had no doubt be we he was nonetheless because we had no knowledge needed tells us that we are never so we'll see a thing what don't we didn't. We had no idea so I thought this would be a big deal yesterday a massive news story. But the more you break it down. You can see ways where the patriots could find themselves not getting in trouble. Oh I thought they were in their next scandal I thought we acting crashing gate on our hands Dionne I really did because he is important is safety is in this league right now. And then the PR you know sense of of safety mean people were on the Panthers investigate the Panthers bound for keeping Cam Newton in that game. With Denver and they test them on silence the people still thought how LG keep me in there wolf they're just now investigate like him was in the Tampa Bay game also a I should definitely be investigating that was you know is on golf I love your round and how did that one and all but he is far as this race OK so one possibility is. Brady. Went students and doctor knew we had concussions. Didn't really pass along busy want to keep playing him. The other one Monique is that Gisele Bundchen just misspoke they weren't concussions. But he got his bell wrong or something but they weren't officially concussions. That's something else they could be used as a defense at some point from Tom Brady. When the patriots are both. Well she you know it wasn't it they want to touch teach a Smart shots but Ceres the word there it's incorrect. Gisele puts out a statement I misspoke they weren't concussions but I was worried about him right. And then they move all but he doesn't look like there's going to be anything concrete on the passed through this thing although it is a mystery what does it mean what really happened with him. Can I give you so my favorite theories I heard yesterday from other media members or their analyze in this a set number one was. That Gisele is trying to manipulate the end of Brady's career through the media. Remember the end of last season she arrogance abortions that she wanted Tom to retire. So they feel that Gisele did this on purpose as a way to start the end. Of Tom Brady's great career as she wants him out she knows he's got problems he wants them home. In this was the way she starts right now. By saying he's got medical problems go out that's one theory going on number two is that the patriots know. There's been some things going on with Tom Brady and that's why it can't Jimmy drop or. That's why did not trade and during the offseason as they know is that the issues and they didn't wanna get stuck with them with the back of core body and trust and that's why. All the trade speculation the offseason they didn't move Jimmy drop. Yeah. Oh but let's start looking can can we say this though under all the possibilities let's we can't rule out the possibility when disorganization. That day all male and they agreed to gather organ that plane and administrative right and end you know your droplet thing would tie into that they knew Brady had these concussions. But no one else knows. So I don't know it's all speculation. I it's crazy blue ocean is one evil Betty if I didn't if she did some sort of plans some sort of seemed planned moaning. To like passive aggressive thing to get Brady out of football some that's add. That is bad but Tom Brady himself has admitted that she is said she would prefer he for top. But you know Tom Brady wants keep playing until he's 45 was continue to torturing almost non patriot fans. It's at least 45 years old that's why I stayed away from supermodels aroused more Rouse single. I don't wanna I don't know why the bad news I don't wanna mess there right away RS they're dangerous they're dangerous side Matt's interview. And Lindsay dad Thomas. If you want to if you wanna email our email note tweet us email and MacKey did yes indeed I Don tweet us at Matt WF Lindsey I'm on top of my game early this morning I think it's a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee. I mean that's that's Tom when we come back if you haven't heard this news I didn't see in so late last night. PJ Hairston in trouble again as a sad story just it's got potential and he can't get out of his own way we'll tell you about that. And the Panthers all season. Gets rave reviews. Do they deserve it wasn't really that good will talk about that a little bit as well. And does the story of me canyons Coachella ousted Brooklyn Decker and Twitter I must explain that whole things everybody. A before too long this hour's well and in a 7 o'clock hour Lamar ball street strikes again he is he was the most likable he's unlike boys ever Ben yesterday. So all that's coming up. It is the Mac it's act right here 1025 to the F. Hi we are bad TV news the magnets I'm glad you're hanging out whereas we got some people get after early. Emails text sample up to each week's. It's tweets you're somewhere and that's where I'm getting that's where every Dugan state fan under the sun has set me to PJ Hairston story. Basically if you wanna find out benders about a Sar real or former tar heel just hang out on your Twitter hit refresh. And see if any of the duke of state fans engage you up and I understand how rivalries work and I got it PJ Hairston mount arrested Wednesday afternoon right still beach for outstanding warrants. On the right so beach police chief said it. That Hairston was arrested for outstanding warrants in Orange County for harassing communications. Ramos seen here there was a guy Kevin Poteat was driving a car registered Hairston was stopped mouse deserves. Following a disturbance at a beach where store. OT was arrested for driving while intoxicated how many drunk guys don't drive PJ scars by the way. An ad that won a thing of the past yeah I feel I have heard this story before. Me after running attack in the car finding out paerson was the owner had an outstanding warrant officers asked for Hairston location they arrests and them. So PJ Hairston in trouble again mounting. May. And so many people in Charlotte we're so optimistic what it was drafted. Former co host additional one Jim Slaney I was just the biggest PJ fan in the world I think even Bohn was in NTIA I got I touted the young man turning his life around I was I was lukewarm on I just I didn't know if you trust and plus I gotta be honest bound. Was he really that good apply here. I forgot it was Sosa be a dead eye shooter he really didn't shoot the ball that well when he was here but he's biggest problem no doubt is he off the court stuff it's sad. And it's another sword in their way too many stories of dudes that have ability have a shot and they just below it. Whether it's who they hang around winter weather is just stuff they get involved with immaturity whatever and expect. It's freaking sad I'll tell you what's not lukewarm Mac is that temperature outside right now. These Charlie cover system's temperature 69 degrees ten years of parts and labor coverage is available for free. At Charlotte copper systems Mac. Back to you with sports figures that don't you did a heck of a segue there man that was broadcasting classes at Carolina school broadcast of paid off for years they have paid off. Our let's talk about Gil Brandt Gil Brandt was the architect of a great cowboy teams with Tom Landry. Back in the day. And he's with NFL network he's great with animal on the show Asia so wise. Just a wise sage guy when it comes to. You know personnel stuff like that. He did his ranking Jesse they've known of the best all seasons the five best offseason it's. Of 2017. I clicked on it. Never before in the Dave get a minera have I clicked on an article like this thinking. Maybe the Panthers are in the top has never happened. Humans ever trying to and the top five all sees right he's been in the past trying to get cap in order. Not trying to overextend east unreal ridiculous thing I did Josh Norman thing where you get on the bottom five all seasons. But never has he had an all season until this one mound where he gets mentioned on a list like this they had the Panthers third best in the league this offseason. Patriots are number one I mean the adding cooks. He only gets put on the list of good things they added I. Bill Belichick is surely deity if you can get some at a Tonioli. Consistently Apple's. Dwayne Allen they added bone Stephon Gilmore Leann Birch heading jealously versatile running backs. Com Cleveland Browns number sue. Because let's just face it the brownstone. Had a zillion dollars in free agency spent and a zillion graphics. So if they could not acquire players in this offseason and they are truly the threw in global they had wins the well I think it's a do it all comes back to their quarterback is right there I think I think they had a pretty good offseason and Jason look forty corner Kenny Britt. The site blur and JC Trent are on the offensive line I thought they had pretty good draft. Although I'm Chris I'm skeptical Kaiser and then the Panthers are in the third spot bony they get praise from Gil Brandt for McCaffrey and Samuel. And and he says I have and I'm confident the rookies will help Cam Newton return MVP form. And then he gives them love for pat purse and Marlon. Locking up KK short he likes to Sean hauled in the draft day Sean on the draft. Alikes Mac O Leo until remotely as offensive tackle additions so I think this is pretty sweet man because I do firmly believe. This was one hell of an all season game Gelman had it was different. Then the pass game Gelman all seasons where he was anything in ink I mean he was not even in the gained. He was playing a single a game zone of all seasons but get this veterans for cheap here that veterans achieve there. This offseason had a purpose man and I am glad to see him get a little love for. What this ranking though depend largely on the performance of one man and has -- we'll know when you add McCaffery to draft and those guys but in terms of the free agents in the money. In Mecca will Mecca wheeled doesn't and now. Dan will be a top three all season. If Mac to a plays late in Minnesota. Might be a totally different story if magical we'll plays at a high level but were he was drafted and that they and that rank he's probably accurate so I think this ranking in the in the long run. We'll depend on how the new left tackle play. Is mentally ill placed terrible like he did at times in Minnesota we got a problem obviously. There will be top three and then then we have a problem on our hands is mentally ill can play as good as Michael Moore did in the fifteen to one season more all right. And Michael Oher was solid. And that's all we need to get. That debt trying to Leo or Mac solely on them to see it happen all isn't me get Michael wheels croissants are yanked it's gonna happen all freaky physically ill I know he's good at all of us. Tom bucks. It's mentally ill. Yet that's actually about was injured. Knee problems hip problems. If he's truly healthy now I think we get a better version and again. I don't think it's I don't think it's asking too much to say just be as good as Michael Oher was. In that he is the season here in Carolina when he was healthy I think that's what. He needs to do but if we end up getting the bad version of collegial Mack Matt Ryan anemic real strength. And obviously it's a problem because it what do you do is or healthy. He replace him with a or do you just deal would dance and I'm sure that money you just let. Implied right. A Mac illegals gonna start every game he's healthy for yes I even if he struggled. Our guys are getting removed for when that contract and he's there right. I just it's just how is he gonna play while he's I still would argue the bar's not set high near mount any that'd be better Michael Emerson left tackle. The leading candidate Bally's health think. Don't think the bar is set that high. I do agree with Joseph ranks number one I did the patriots are prime for maybe their best offensive season. Since the great Randy Moss Wes Welker years when they were. Terror in the legal par I think that offense you add coats. They go with cattlemen. Grunt coming back Dwayne Allen but it of patriots have never had great running backs. And their recent bronze now you add Gillis sleek and Birkhead. When James White in Dion Lewis that team not act. I feel this hatred he was prime for. Fourteen into it or fifteen in wall act as an amazing you're out on a limb all that is an amazing production that you guys that are out I don't want people hold that against me delegates it's wrong like. I know you probably they get on the way UN but. That they may have themselves to. Earlier this year I do it's it's crazy you're out there and I think you may be right on this one man does bold predictions have finally started over here on the show. I know I can't wait and I was this year it's seen to be a special year it seems that. Because of what they that it's it's it's safe to be especially here. They have not in it in the last ten years there's never been higher over under total set by Vegas and they're twelve and half this year. So even my patriots standards it's expected eager years is that not that good you know I wanna vomit further and that probably deserve to have around here. Speed so insistent on I wanna I wanna light my son and Ireland but I will say I don't for a day be important for the patriots is very sleek. It really was Atlanta Falcons fan guys are today sorry Cody and I mean that what happened in this liberal thought it I believe that believe that in doing the money come back from what creates a three down I believe I gotta look it up don't get to specifics on how winds come racing I'm a little hazy on the specifics. All right here's the deal we come back. I've got people are asking what to have academy in Brooklyn Decker on Twitter last night's dead involves cam Newton's Coachella outfit. And outweighs. Chip did the whole story is just absurd the fact that this thing became a big deal nationally known is absurd but you've got to hear the absurdity and enjoy it. And we also I gotta make a musical request still. Com when we come back is well the music world lost some money that I can tell police what the blisters brought a mop. And now right in my wheel house in terms of my generation of music we got to give him a little tribute. And play a little bit of him we come back we'll tell you about that it is the Mac attack and it's 7 o'clock Lamar ball. Even topped himself what a jerk he was Jesse again heard about all this us coming up right here. One it's inside WFANC. It's your child of the rock music in the ninety's like myself. This news is getting itchy man's got a good response right now listen that song knowing. What is happened on that sound garden their lead singer Chris Cornell. Died overnight at the age of 52 man 52 freaking years old. I don't know what was in balls I don't know any of that stuff don't tell me about it that's first place I heard than had a couple bodies text me about it. But some you know that's the Seattle grunge music scene and and some of you will roll your eyes. Anti Seattle grunge music scene you know we wore a flannel and college all the time. We were angry are the rock stars are angry even though they are millionaires. An and I understand you know they'd they eat they think he's not taking showers and that there are so many of you to depending on your musical aaron's chase will be gigantic. What really into that. Charley Eaton requests and here's some audio slave sound garden or tempt the dog is. Saying on all those groups and there's a little before you chart a little more later in the show. But some I mean here's here's the give certain factions are Ager to the audience it's that's gonna register went big time on soul rest in peace Chris Cornell. I'm not saying I was out of the job the grunge scene but I just got savage started it sound garden can kind of you're a player that's not a good look if you want to play seven yarder to Chris Cornell tribute portion of the show that would've really that would not even for us that would be I'll go play golf more for coming to say be governor can I had. Truly madly deeply flying generalize that might not be done. Are fortunate guy that I has died on and then you have Savage Garden fans all two of you out there that would be saying it. Cousins have a garden pass away like it would have been that would have been good enough for us that with Arizona also out. Great group when I know you and one other guy right now say you attorney did manners and ride out the heavy seven start that. Our Ike rests in peace Chris Cornell mom would see her get a lot of different emails in. Let's see here. Ruben says my son just rolled his eyes when you mentioned PJ Hairston. When my son was in the fifth grade useless interview TJ for a school paper PJ got in trouble the day before the interview was cancels. Even young Jens Elijah DJ is a mask. Let's see here what else we're getting into let's let's get into this situation would Brooklyn Decker I tell you this. First of all because I'm very proud that I and a Twitter back and forth with Brooklyn Decker yesterday I am very excited they don't hurt yourself patty. That is good I Tommy John surgery about him Lucia I also think the stories amusing on so many levels it became a national story just winner back and forth and it's just it shows where our societies and an absurd point you really as. So anyway Brooklyn Decker tweets out just generally I didn't follow or start followed arrested as I had not folder to the point. And seriously doubt generally bound does anybody know where I can get cams Coachella outfit and I'd like to buy one and where one myself. It's just it is just funny in its own right and a model was learn and some quarterbacks closing. So then the I think it was I'm a juicy sports report on Twitter die hard listener ECU got beat Charles sports fans. And dom he sent it to me like hey Mack my deal to help you out. Because of course we went to the source score in Lan arcade and uptown Charlotte. So I of course I'd jump right in I see in a damsel in distress right like Brooklyn Decker and I got to come in a meeting hero before anybody else can tell her right. So I tell her hey Brooklyn it is school or in. In uptown Charlotte is inflation combined that and I just wanna let you know it's not a robber she is calling it a romper. It's not romper 22 piece ensemble writes I told her that. And he would be your team gun policy. Yeah and I don't know too many things that well I try Wii Sports but this Camden like outfit like this is our realize we went and tried it on life you know we know JJ's been lesser series owner score. And I should reject it someone find out did Brooklyn call when did she call him up so anyway I'm rooted anger says thank you and then she sends me its way to says. Oh my god you own it in capital letters OWN. It's so great. So I didn't MR MIA iams avatar Baum a Twitter Antarctic is me Indy in the goofy outfit. So I was I figure out odds you know our time and that's what did she does she think I only else. Now I don't think than what you say I don't I suppose that almighty god girl you own it. Like the way I own my clothes when I come in here I I own Nebraska shirt you own. Each piece floral. Patter whatever that too only because she because she saw me wearing only avatar did I just she thinks I think I think what she's saying is she saw you wearing them forever to your tour just. Started harassing think she looked good and we just got an embarrassing details hot models saw me in an altitude apparently she likes guys and Altoona which is weird. But you don't camp you go so anyway we fast forward to later in the day doughnut pat myself on the Twitter backed. I move dawn I thought it was a flat tonight John you regard to end this thing it's the national web sites. Derek bell. Does it's does a thing where he shows our whole Twitter exchange talking about what happened. Would Brooklyn libertarians Alvin shows my tweet on there one point four million followers for their rebel then we give to They read an article about this sat back and Indy article this is kind of funny is part of the whole thing. In the article. They include my two weeks after including Brooklyn's weeks but they describe me by calling me they saying Brooklyn was in need of the Al did you know where to get it. But a suspiciously knowledgeable observer stepped in with some help I. That's great food assistance to sleep put symbol ser. About this student wrote he does like how this guy knows so much about just Cam Newton Alfred crap. So anyway so that's it you know I don't Andy Roddick got involved and it opt for you finally made a date involves dressing. In a two piece by. That's a very regular for forty years of probably just got it going to score on ESP NWA women's side had much we don't have. I'll support dot. I was totally anti Lamar boulevard mall yesterday. Angered women got a idols sudden became a champion for women's. Yesterday because in this fashion thing but anyway the Panthers got a bald on Twitter you know they mapped to say some. They said Mac do you look great and had to be a perfect out there for training camp when you come down here don't have the and they Wear that they're on their training camp. I kind of where my outfit that I wore at the latter Arcadia where that one right side let's talk a guy yeah cut off flannel there that Larry table guided. Are so anyway this thing somehow became national it's crazy weeks it's the most national club that we got. Since Cam Newton came on the show with us and said the dad is dead but the stories that make it into the national news or the silliest things government. Just silly is that never gets gets the attention but now the question data exploded yes traded to this came as cam aware of this might need to go investigate us camps week Hanson video tour our cab cabinet Kim sent videos or last night. Said Brooklyn you may know the place it's place in Charlotte's the only place she can get it you may know displace he lets it is a big mystery. And everybody each week back tonight Kim Jordan found out. So anyways a jam was got a little laser party on that one man but Toms I don't know that was fun bound that was sponsored today I don't know my gonna go after today. Pollution the emblem snag on each week about Tommy's discussions but that's a ultra you know Bob the orders of Orioles are playing the tigers maybe get into our. A scrub with Kate Upton on social media all I should go after hours early intervention. No it's not Zimmerman Al qaeda's Verlander is pitching I would totally go after Kate Upton. She is also sensitive matter man. Our let me get branding your breads wading through me. Humble bragging about you know the Brooklyn Decker conversation stay on slaughter was even humble it's really cool it's that it's article because are more I wore the stupid I ER I mean like outfits do you know Warren parallel and maybe fiscal. Let's see your Brad is up next though he won in China wants a brat. And embarked. Great odor martyred thank out of luck out about the master let my backing game. You know what are they know me they got that Jake you guys are getting better word let me get a vote last night look. Our old tired in the end our past the vote solidly ye that's already trying to do suffered. Until this is just as nobody on the play. And outgunned ordered stayed out there and you. LeBron guy who play the best air act the ball may be other fourteen year career. I know it's scary dude it's scary and for people to people in writing articles about how he's got to slow down here at some point meant I'm convinced it's doing human because he might be speed not. And here's a Ding brat I can sit here and tell you well I guess sports April brown LeBron drives me crazy. The dude deserves is props I swear he's a second best player other than have ever seen in my life. And I am not counting it out I get an email earlier that said. And I wants to debt 500 dollars. Then Golden State wins the championship it's a done deal. I'm not saying I'm getting involved in that. But. I would not baloney I would not bad either side 500 dollars like I feel like to sting is up in the air. Both teams are playing Dominique and both teams are going to be rested it's going to be an awesome finals and it better be F to a DM BA has put us throughout. For these three rounds of playoffs but I think it's going to be awesome finals are really do. Not only does is LeBron playing the best ever played. He's never looked more comfortable and at ease playing the game as he does right now. He's never looked more he's always been a confident guy obviously but right now I've never seen the abroad flight this free and loose before. And that's a scary thought to it no doubt treasurer of that championship getting to Cleveland is gone now. And now it's just it's all just basketball now for king JN. Earth to Brad Stevens you got to find a way I see you're not switch in little dudes like Isaiah Thomas on him and you're not switch in big dudes like a limit on them. Like crowd or someone like that bone has to guard him like all the time you might had to double him off speaking roles or something live with the shots from the outside any. I don't know there's no good answer how to daughter but I know last night since it was not a good. The answer I know that's LeBron the highest paid player in the league this year. Mike Conley it in another player are tied for second you know he's tied for second as the highest paid player in basketball. Al or Horford. May you talk about some guys are pretty good player there by his contract. Good battle where he played well last series. But Al Horford has like a 127 million dollar contracts and saying man our hard wire I wouldn't say he's a great but then again Wear the proud owners of of the two minutes normally deal it. I'm sick and I don't throw stones or anything here when we come back. I I can't help myself out anger anger and I've ever met Lamar ball well Barlow came off as a sexist dig on the Colin Cowherd show. But some of you will probably defend Campbell played the audio you decide next it is the match it's.