Mac Attack: Bam To Hornets Heats Up

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Monday, June 19th

The guys discuss the news that Hornets have interest in Bam Adebayo from Kentucky at 11 and we asked who the Hornets fans most want in this draft 


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Yeah. That and bloggers welcomes and among them Maggie is actually. We had some golf discussing to grants to Brooks can't go com but come on come on top American guns in the world. Yeah on the security is going and I just a matter of guns Roy Mack groceries and their two day speeds and Dustin Johnson Yost had a com. And bring it the British Open for God's sakes we talked supported straps. Panthers a dimension you gotta check out CM Newton. The players should be in Camden and put up great video pianist son together chosen is pretty cool for Father's Day contrition McCaffery we got a great picture of him. And his dad back when his dad was with the Broncos and he had on his dad's Jersey. The only 87 Broncos Jersey very cool stuff from those guys. And I didn't wanna mention Ron Turner was brought on as an assistant to salt and insistence of the coaching staffs. Our Ron Turner's offensive guy. And he was whisked Rivera. In Chicago he's actually on the stance in Chicago went Olson was there. And they didn't even really pay attention to. And I think that was Mike Martz is Paul not Ron Turner is also Ron Turner brought aboard Ron's son is on staff and an assistant quarterbacks coach. I'm so anyway that was awesome painters whose life taint their news but that was some of it right there. But this week is going to be about the more it's it's draft week. And hornets fans are dying for some tend to get excited about. Do you guys believe in this draft there is something they can get you excited can they do something Thursday night. That would fire you up here involves a trade up I mean anything's in place here. Short on the line I don't know short of Marco faults dropping its. At that might not be you know realistic way to say this would excite me. But this is there's something they can have been in the draft. On Thursday night it would buy your does awards and is there a player that you wanna get news stressed enough to be pumped up. Is there a guide your open falls to us if he falls to us she'd be jacked up the battle hornets went up trade a couple spots and got some money. What would it take to get you guys excited and and and another thing I just wanted to do and don't put a poll on line. Com on Twitter. Mat he don't WFNC check it out and do your idea civic duty and vote on that day be a just four players canard that. Donovan Mitchell. Damn I buy you worked out yesterday was canard and also exact count towards trying to get a gauge of hornets fans want it feels like they're all over the place in the strapped owner it's hard to get. A consensus. With the cancer she kind of knew how she'd been out yet McCaffery corral yet afford that crowd you can start to figure out what the bulk of the fans wanted. One of those running backs each was a big movement with the hornets fans what is. The Pete would lose people's champ Patrick emails and tweets me. And says Donovan Mitchell's the people's champ Donovan did Mitchell is definitely the guy I want the most in this draft if we sit their bone and eleven N draft. I get a bug guys I think might be there again if we get a Dennis marathoner don't fall down if you get a you know stuff French for French franc. You get on him falling down I understand the value of taking someone like that. The guys it just feels like him the best chance of being on the board and eleven Donovan Mitchell is a guy out once I watched the lawyers succeed bone two way players. And that's what Donovan Mitchell is he's explosive and a big goal lead he's got a big goal wingspan. Armed improved three point shot last year as a step back jumper pull up jumper. I feel like bone he's good on offense but I think she can be great on defense and that's what I like about him is the versatility that he brings you. The question is Al. Would that excite people like you see I I don't really sense bum Arafat doesn't Twitter debate was somebody yesterday about Donovan Mitchell somebody thinks he's overrated. And thinks you'll be horrible if we would take and I can't. I can't get a gauge bonus he the most popular guy among hornets fans were as they're literally know most popular guy among born and stay. Here's what I think the upside might be for Donovan Mitchell I think he's going to be a star. I don't know about that but could he be Avery Bradley like. That can get to twenty on a given night they can defend his luck if we got Avery Bradley panel whether that's not a Mitchell that's pretty good. Well later Bradley does this all day is how we complements Isaiah Thomas if that's really turns out debate. I'm OK with that and he's got an all star that's fine but he can be a two way player but in any given night can get to 225. Or shut down. The best perimeter guy on the other team. You got to take that on eleven. I think calm and that's a player and he compared himself to when he was all of us when he did an interview he's very impressive interviewed. Is a high character kid by all accounts great kid. Sharp kid and so that's part of this is well you're going to get somebody you trust also as a person in addition to as a player. I think scarce. And that goes on that legacy superstar. I think there's some upside there with him though bone that's forty plus inch vertical leap biggest vertical to Columbine. Right when you watch backe is highlights on drafting error what is a draft express does highlight phone. Think it is right ASEAN does all the video packages you can actually trying to Mac DX content on Twitter it's a great dot. Twitter followers are your are awesome and watch the weakness is a ban on bio tell me that that would not frighten you if they take him. But anyway about. I look at him and I think the way he can Georgia it's attacked the basket get up in the air like. The way he could I think he could you could get away with him playing with Campbell. Being your gear to guard because he's got a big wingspan and he's got just being vertical like thinking to make up for being only 63. That way but you know some people question what is it. Point guard shooting glories between her and stuff like I feel like an today's NBA you're seeing more guys because they're shoeless more guys on there just basketball players. You find a spot for him I think you seem more comp combo guards play. But my question is is anybody with me if I try to get this Mitchell mobile cranked up this morning to have Patrick on Twitter and that's it. I can is anybody else feel this way about a student because I. I really am at a loss bone to find out. Who hornets fans want like what do you think understands what the most well do you not have any are you like mania no idea. It it differs from person to person now some people want bam. Although I got not a single tweet phone call email or building center tax until this weekend of fans wanted bam. They read while Rick read pursuing his job or not it's not a knock on Rick but the fans in the listeners. All of a sudden are all in for bam when not a single person mentioned Bandar and all processed quiet I would look at it why here's a problem here's a good of that band. 69 at three force around 245. So who's got a great body EC potential where you grow into something. Here's the issue though you don't take our role playing energy big panel Levin there's still developing you can find energy bade. Somewhere in the free agent market. For cheap. I have a veteran air that can do that he's got questions about rebounding right so how is it going to be an enzyme that he's not a great defense and we're gonna rock he's got questions about rebounding. Questions about defense. Questions about scoring so outside of offense defense and rebounding he's your guy. He's 69245. But outside of the three biggest areas Baxter director. If you read a very that's what I don't get at least energy big millions don't tell you what it is defense or rebounding numbers they are great. And then you watch the draft express video and you'll see all the defense of issues he has a great shot blocker response being energy meg. I I just don't even know if he does what are you supposed to do that well. And for the record he wanted to come back to school and it John cal Perry did is routinely sent walk. You wanna come back go crawl go pro but we wanted to come back and develop more and cal Perry said don't go pro. But he did one of those routines as well I just don't. I'm just flummoxed about an hour we're talking bam I didn't ideas it is when coming at all if you work. Eighteen or nineteen or you traded back from Aladdin usually and you could trade back here it's still get damp five or six spots. I don't really know how he got here either and I do I realized Joseph says at a buyers got offensive skills MacKey and thirteen are threes last night in the work out. He did he surgically Bob and also which shocks me because I don't even though he took a break. But he won three in college loan he hits three of thirteen from outside the paint is one year Kentucky. I am I just remembered Cody Zeller work elbow where he was nail an NBA threes had I don't know if he's done it how many times he done and the NBA. One slice. I don't even know I mean I don't know it it doesn't do it so. I'm just leery of these work outs when no one's guarding somebody in jumping to conclusions off them to myself for that trip with Cody Zeller I felt sort. But here's the but here's what I want on messier says he's all in on Mitchell. Let's see here not many fans can sit on your Mitchell mopeds. We got nick so it's. The man I asked the actual mobile is a big old party boss and I'm trying to get people longer someone said no one wants on board the canard clunker and technology. Who has not sure according to the poll right now can cards out. Could aren't winning the pole by a wide margin would canard really excite hornets fans you wouldn't be worried about his defense and athletic issues like about lettuce isn't that what excites. All right here's a question I wanna hear. From hornet's nation and I don't know the answer to a man and I know it sucks were dressed in eleven we're not up in the next seven or something like this. But is there a player you guys look at three days away from the draft and say man I hope the hornets get him. That would be great is there any answer to that question because we need some excitement in our lives. Donovan Mitchell may as a two way player I think would be exciting is an elite athlete I think will be exciting 704. 57096. Stand if you don't wanna jump in here Mac it's a BS and he got dumb toll does that meg WFNC text us. At the same number as the on their number one player do you want the most we're trying to figure out what the heck hornets fans are thinking. But in all honesty bound the draft discussion we've had as a resolves around revolver on canard. As revolved around Justin Jackson and that's about it. Right like other than that we haven't really heard from sports to an Al hornets fans. Our call the show cap wise I definitely want to hear which don't think I will talk about that would come back. It is the Mac attack just getting going right here 125 W answer. We're back we're just didn't go and we're trying to kick off Florida stressed weeks here on the Mac tech once we got done once we might dump the drool from Osborne bone over holly Saunders once we did that. It's not a bad down woman drew lover but now we have moved on. With our day at least for the time being and we're trying to find out who reported stands want in the draft bones got to pull up to between outlook state that's what are poll. Easy is it now even now moaning the Twitter poll. Yet seems like Matsui can are now jockeying for position here as the other two lead dogs. What's what we're at right now and I got I got all the poll they're out there are trying to stall efforts and it is. Who 38% canard 36 Mitchell seventy ban them rubble and 90% Zach counts. I got there you go I exact Collins until Muzak towns would not be a bad paper because he's a big white dude hornets fans would lose their mind if we picked up. It's big wide Judaism and its alive and well in Charlotte best golf fans understand it. Bites. Like I think marketing is a guy would look at like if he Seles also what email and about Larry market and I see him as just as as snappy maybe a better version of it but I seem is very similar to frank. I think Zach Collins is way more polished offensively in terms of post moves a jump hook then Dan Cody Zeller is. I think she is a better shot blocker in Cody Zeller Molly I think there's a definite improvement if you draft. Zach Collins Larry marketers are huge improvement over frank some people say yes. You know I just don't know if there is I give a shout out of the great effort horns fans this morning really great effort on the front part of the problem and we're getting emails text Leach don't kill it on those areas some guy sent out a picture. Of he says the Mitchell moped pepper fan talk when Mac runs rubs up the Mitchell mopeds. And it's like two punching guys hanging on the same Mo bad about. That but I got to reads we Dennis pretty damn funny. But here's here's a deal. When I say that I don't know who hornets fans wanted to draft and I re we really need one distressing call up and tell us who you won in the draft. I wean I need to hear award stands we needed actual discussion on this or is this the point lower people given. Like our our hornets fans so freaking depressed but you just don't care. But you just feel like we are in the NBA quicksand in order one nowhere. And we're picking eleven and none of the players and Goodling is that the feeling Baltimore's thing and that's the question do you and that's not who do you want do you care and I get somebody that cares about this draft but it has a vested interest in if we get that guy. I I think that begun. Or have you completely. Just mentally checked out on the hornets because of all those factors and I must say and that's the wrong way to beat I don't blame. A bowling isn't stealing hornets. Anger and frustration I don't blame them all back one of the problems you can get a good basketball player here's the catch up. You got to draft well you've got to make a shrewd move. A lot of hornets fans appeared to be in the emails just so negative about a Jeremy in a text bounce. Building senate sex when you know the hornets to draft the right guy. A lot of hornets fans don't even wanna try to figure out who they think the right guy is because they just throw their hands up there and say the hordes of picked the wrong guys. Here and I understand that feeling Sulu. Here's the here's the problem. Eat when you passed on guys in the in previous drafts like Bradley Bil Devin Booker Klay Thompson. Did that that's why the franchise is Fort Worth that right now you've passed on great players does it ban metal Levin. Feel like they're passing on great players that possibly ray players again they would if canard goes to the heat. Might be a problem down a lot of Donovan Mitchell went to the heat or the pistons in become something again will look back years down don't you know what. We took banned but we passed on. Zach Collins or Mitchell or canard that's a big reason why the team is what are right now. Am seems to me like he's a guy you take him and eleven and you'll end up with a dude comes off the bench. Is Ambac got big man comes in bumps bangs in Grimes for about eleven minutes a game. Like you'll get eleven minutes a game eventually out of the eleventh overall pick. That's not the kind of ratio I'm looking forward looking for someone was starter upside I think Mitchell has sent some of you disagree because of his Sox. Tony B says get off the Mitchell hiked hype train Mac. He is 6263. Without point guard skills. Good luck with that which you do have a wingspan you do have a vertical you have some other things to make up for that. I let me go to assaults on the news there's somebody to draft you gotta investor best interest into the hornets or do you give up at she'd just given out. Will hornets in the draft 704. 57096. And I Rick wants to talk about this what do you think Rick. Told you when you go just big big like Mo we know they're around you know I'm pretty sure well it's like okay. Oh yeah random amount that's exec Steve Amar my gamer archive ten seconds Steve was. I think get some more plan that we seem like he might want to actually go 122 allowed here so I terrace is something else he had gone on there I want it now I've been criticized. I've been lampoon. I've been hard earned even about my defense. Right there on the yacht in Seattle problem appears in an Arizona to Nazi like is this day I guess Deion Sanders had to get on the lineup to begin west and so are you could have just said is that now did you just said your ten seconds steam get out of here. But here's the deal now Osborne is on record saying he like stands at receives calls. So he's gonna continue to program the way the way he wants do and put ten seconds Stephen marks and Estonia on air like eight times like that's his idea of great radio ball. I Macs it's got your life that are all gonna get fired senator Carl flight back all right let's see here Mac it W a to Z dot com Troy says. I don't orders so take good canard they're passing up an all star talent. This dude has more basketball skill that any money we can get and number lesson he's very skilled offensively there's no doubt about it. But it's UW we watch the finals bound how many guys are skilled offensively. On the cavaliers. But we're complete liabilities because the other end of the floor. And this hornets team bone was so bad on defense last year and they're supposed to be a defense first team under a defense of money coach. You're tickets he knows already ban on the perimeter on defense and you to tell him the ghost same front of people while we couldn't stay in front of people last year led to drives and kicks. That's my fear right there by the way the kinds of. Questions and the athletic ability questions come up a lot to go back to. Previous drafts with shooting guard becomes couple walked for a lot of guys that are going to be pretty gut. Like staff curry. And clay Thompson had questions about. Athletic ability no ads so now we get the next flash brother are you kidding me you know compare him to those guys you're taking a risk if you pass bottomed out and tell me you're taking a risk. That ended though the way good game is played right now if you pass on a guy that has that it Leach shooting skill like an hour does. Right he may he may point out I don't know. Well you're taking a risk. That that dude becomes a three point. Specialist in the NBA I don't know if you battled. I'm surely hit some threes in the NBA but how much can you play him on the floor at the other would to what he does at the other end. Or is he just a guy bone it comes and and gives you quick offensive volume microwave type player off the bench on offense don't get me wrong there's a place for that in this league is a place for in this league. But I feel like there's more ups I would Mitchell. Mitchell improve something Tony Mitchell can shoot he improved just three point shot by ten percentage points from freshman year assault or hear there's a big jump there's room for him to improve his shot even. I'm good I'm good on the Mitchell moped Ehrlich and our crews are got mom I want to Roger I'm fine with that I'm just on the the anti damn thing right now mourn anything a guy that's would you stand for resigned as another so it's no conversation to who has a dude in the drafts ditch you absolutely want no part I'll for the hornets. Damn fits the description three Harry Giles still. Terry Giles seems like it is gay. Absolute swings and offenses longshot that doesn't have. It's it's like your utility infielder swing for the fences like what are the percentage point you actually hit a home run up Terry Giles there's a lot of questions with him right now physically and that there's one thing we also can't discount here with we talked about it before. And this morning we did. When MJ wants something and it's gonna get what he wants there's also. The possibility and daylights dosage that's. Well that day comes down senatorial Justin Jack I don't want to act that's not a crazy thought right densely soured on Justin Jackson partially let's see your LaMont is up next Lamar what's going on. Well because no man in that order of our lord it did end at what do you think anybody distress would look at excite you know. Eight and actually I liked the guy even our great news for the guys that are sure that it got it right here. CEO. For the current treaty pickle cart that has occurred either have or are deadly. Yet there are problems but didn't ask. Think though maybe got kicked out because we bell. He can score on Carolina the little trouble but no it is clear we got it got sucked kill one of -- Dick dole of he could be a need we need I think we need some mighty. We need a good car maybe so much that you know he's being called the all clear only doors there it is it's called. Cruel. Mean Lola quite cool though deeply felt. So you are going to maybe somehow I live eat out or they're athletic skills. But the course got. Oh I kid you know he could be good go to local local or program. But you are an outside player you want a perimeter type player PJ don't usually you know we gave him more doubt he's not a bad thought maybe in the second round. In Bradley's there late second round I really wonder if he's a got a can protect the rim for US this level. As a guy you take in as was etc. I know is a lot of guys that think Frank Jackson. Could be an interesting name if he's on the board there's a second round I think there's mention names Tyler Dorsey is a guy that's interest thing is forest Ferguson goes. I there's a lot of their season a lot of personal this guy John says you talk us wonderful offense is how about the kid Ferguson tons upside. Lola problem is bone every scouting report I read about him is he's going to be a three indeed player. Why how much upside is there and a guy that even even that dude called up admitted he's not great off the dribble he doesn't have this great explosion attacking the basket. How much upside is there's a guy's gonna shoot threes and play defense that's definitely a very important person on the wing in today's NBA but is it worth eleven is what I'm Josh. In tweets in today you need two way players in the NBA and that's what Donna Mitchell as and I agree with that the problem this though. How many two way players as of today. Are in this draft they may get better defensively but a lot of guys are projected high. Because they have great offensive skill even the guys towards a toppled the draft one Zo ball in Jason to aid jump in John tonight a lot of those guys are not. Projected high because there. Great defensive players there's very few of those guys in the draft Donna Mitchell could he want but go ahead by the other guys that you re read the scattered reports its ads. This guy's gonna be a great defenders are still locked it's not just sick and ours not athletic. It's sent to some of the scouts say they do it doesn't try on defense. Doesn't have tossed snaps on defense like dad's. Those it's if it's an effort thing bone that's a problem he's the war he's a worker though no health fixed value works on his offense there's no doubt about that feel warm and now get a you're trapped in. Korver or JJ Redick and 118 and canard has that type a career. That's pretty good. Did get ready when the great defender when he came and had a good career out of court or make the most out of his career if you're getting out of eleven. At that's pretty good in my opinion. Kyle Korver and total other how did you want to write just look at corporate just a shooter Kyle Korver every damn good career he's more he's more. Offensively personal account or that are immaculate and did what he's done a very white shooters the white shooter to us we do jets says Mac in his anti white duke guys. Saying isn't knowing Mac isn't Doug Gottlieb of Charlotte radio. Annie Duke players not athletic enough heated sold I'd duke fans what are rebel against me I guess I'm just trying to look at what's best hornets. 70457096. Stand. We'll rolling your calls we come back. And I still up until I got is that we do this do we come back LeBron James at one of his son's birthday parties this weekend shameless LeBron just freaking shamelessly tell you. Still argue about JJ rented during the breaks still argue that I mean is what is he bound how does he rank among two guards. I even if the canard is JJ Redick how good are we had to guard and my point was though team under he's seven years and has started every day had up. That is a pretty good court that it whenever we only got better as he went along we got to Orlando's cannot reality got to bend. In May the most out of midnight media superstar no. Walking RB superstar I don't think so. But it pretty solid gridlock and did you erratic still going today will be highly sought after free agent this year or teams trying to win a championship. I just I like to stay clippers or coach. Defense Stosur the most port thing on this team defense was embarrassing it was the worst three point shooting defensively did last year from 83 pointers given up per game situation. And the reason why was this does contain off the ballots and guys who drive and kick and boom rotate and boom there's an open three. I just stink Mitchell gives Jews that a Billy Mitchell sex sat there in an interview bow with this show and sent. Kemba Walker won't have to guard the best player gonna uses energy on doing that he can focus on score 'cause I'm gonna come to town and do that. He said there are so that you got all excited about. And then you still come with this album can art stuff and that's what drives me to. I saw this guy on Twitter calls me a homer I stump for PJ Hairston like three years ago. I want all went on PJ Hairston I want Tony Bradley in the second round this year. I do have the ability believer or not to separate my cells from the time I guess I can do that just happens to be this year I want canard. Played a dude I think he its thorn now don't come home or just say he's it's he doesn't neglect is what it is the defense of neglect is what bone is doing by way distract them may have been off on my. Let's just a bit. Smack kids WF Lindsay got Tom Stephens says the hornets franchise is where NBA players' careers go to die stupid things pick me up on a Monday morning that might feel better. Play and well the sad thing is that many doors says he's right he's right. I was a Dunkin' Donuts Stevie in her system let me go to the phones lewd act in order expect to lift up your spirits steer slide back. An opponent's Canada I supposed to be Donovan missile like Denard guys 704. 5709. Success rights go to a GM Joseph Joseph what do you say. Hey give bid values that you work toward that I'm glad I don't care who they were picked. Up until all there before the strict. Is Donovan the joke and the second look bigger guards. Because the corner of their backcourt is not a problem you could give edited twelve to employers. I know it until they did what the day and when you look at the court. The dead of Mongolia then to the eleven point as calling it here then continued you know import the day it. You need to upgrade. Your hard court. And the just and definitely the available when bulk. A bad Colin that you're available because we go broke the duo yet Justin Jackson. Revenue at the coo woo hoo attitude woken guard to a group solutions. And it could continue to look into what have you looked good quote that looks bad and you go Marvin. All all contingency. Book you blew different guys learn the food though we unconditional but you have a good literary and David. Then you're gonna get better go to go to that body to the goal again this you know you have to group that can guard to a group religions. You can put that took a three or you could just into the great. Then what do you regard the big guard Donovan is very practical symbolic event took a while guards. But you can bet Collins. The blue new. Got. In being good that you couldn't pick the best total stallion that garden. You know the old car loans and played Kaminsky a cold. Detroit to bet you don't start out that you didn't you know because I Debbie it would culpable we got better. He didn't bed. He has seen as no doubt I think plus and I think it's a pretty good breakdown I think that's a quality breakdown I just. Justin Jackson to me Boni is there is there anything that's a leak Darryl on him the more I think about it. Like his jump shot was good literally stayed late the seizes a second better last year to really say legacies and he ended up. 37% he was up over forty for much of the season. Defense we do like his lens on the way he played defense in the NCAA tournament so I like got versatility. But he's not really gonna take people off the bounce bone he ran you ran off a lot of ball ball screens to get opening get shots again and Carolina. Our team's gonna wanna run all these screens around you know for Justin Jackson. Bill I I don't know. Is there gonna want to add so I it's easy three Indy players he shoot the three well at this level most of the questions. I have about Justin Jackson Trent says Max Justin Jackson doesn't get more support on his radio show I'm more be angry I may even punch Osborne. The fact. I'm torn got a bonus time benefactor is he's a complete player Mack wants to weigh players he's complete. Yeah but there's not like Mitchell's complete Mitchell's two way player and get a smaller but he's got a league level as what a system. Like bone the I did drills that he did at the com mine athletically delete these sprints and stuff like that. A key was a lead at those things Jesse Jackson don't appear to be elite athlete to make. Yeah you know that's different is you could tell me Justin Jackson is going to be a consistent knock down shooter from three like he was a part of the season. Then I think Justin Jackson is clearly implied here's what you choose up it is shots not falling. And he's not explosive enough to get by guys to go to the Iraq then it's gonna be all the mid range stuff is gonna be all and we're riding on the the stubby does in the mid to floaters all that sort of stuff if he could. Shoot from the outside better or get by guys and have a couple days ago to I'd be all over it but just the mid range that war is me a little bit yeah. Com how about you blow looks at you bring up this LeBron thing is I saw stumble momma my awaits us. LeBron James this weekend but one of his sons had a birthday party there's video online of him competing in all sports that the kids are playing and dominating. Kind of lets see what could dominate on the court. LeBron James so sad you can't beat a lawyers say you take it all out. A bunch of little kids I seal LeBron James it's a sad moment and very sad moment for you how about the screech out war they're having a water boy in final bronze laughing. He just did some then what he thought was really good. There's a kid in the background holding is our McGee's injured. That's that's LeBron don't give a damn man these take no prisoners he's got to win some demand to what the lawyers as it is time. Our Mac it W a to Z got down 70457096. Standard. We come back we'll get to song goes and see you're up next jump bunnies so lies got a couple open. Is there a player your hearing not mention and I would love to have seen emails tweets. So don't call up and explain to me why people want bam. Other bio on this team I honestly don't think he does anything really well bulk I don't understand it any bales and explain to make. It is a Mac attack coming up an 8 o'clock Spencer Percy queen city new slot. And by the way Seth Greenberg joining us at 920 to data break distress down as well. And I we're back shot not on the Mac it Zach what a suicide ABA a frenzy draft week here for the hornets we're trying to see. If there's anything they can crank you up today mom and get some bam emails or that there's some dam fans out there Ronald says and just wanna yell bam every time he scores. Probably because that's what you do when he dunks like every basket as adults almost a ban. Three of thirteen outside to paint not many post was just very rural to very role player it's gonna take time and I'm not saying that I have. You know the day she takes somebody bone that's rat because we've done that before haven't link. Taking guys because they're more ready to play. But you gotta go out there and get who you think it's going to be the best NBA player I'm not saying he can't take someone that's small that's an upside. Yeah I agree. Let's try to give a general Bob Graham a professional manner not try to Kolb and that beyond our broad cabinet. Didn't sound right Troy Kentucky's sand. Says MacKey selling ban short. He's going to be a rug and be sober and toughness to the hornets and from what I hear you all say. The hornet's decent softness inside others though there's no doubt they need toughness there's no doubt but is it worse the number eleven pick overall when you get a big exact Collins. Who is way more skilled a better shot blocker. But if Sosa beat his energy defense guy. But he's not a great shot blocker. But exact Collison four blocks every forty minutes last year so to meet Jack tells us post moves accounts from three point land. Shut team effort to percent last year albeit a limited sample like to me if I'd rather have skills. Then just a rugged bull in the China shop and by the way does the bullet shot to shot stuff war against NBA bigs as much as didn't college bound. I doubt I'll I would doubt that idols go to to follow what he's not. He's not really 610250. It's a slight dip for second talkie that's what he's illicit acts come behind or licensed 469240. We six point 93 quarters there's a lot needed here your data does your docket in the quarter and stared in us. And all it does matter and hey now. What would you do our daughter of any dollars and bought what did you do bam it's gonna get short corner and sees a game of inches and punch. Yes they're just like your new down. And they're everywhere around the corner is is there ever Wear RO nods. I hardly know what impression that it sounds ugly that Alpa chino in order on any given this tell us you know I think it's because it's debatable when I do that it's debatable if it's good enough for people even know what it is it is available to do what Mantilla Blumenthal. I don't know sodomy goes on 70457096. And I can see once again there's no way MC's agree with me on a draft is there what's up man city. I love who we now. Program recovery. All the crowd. Veco they know what more more or we would say that yeah reap what you go to do we board Fortier. Restored we have got me ordered threat triggered short book or are you could not get a grip people all look well. They dropped job where do you would you doubt at all. Book achieved all of their authority. Now I I agree albeit they did you block building. What do not go shoot a real old got so we're we're building. And the beautiful but look bill. Put forward Devin Booker plays Austin probably not the elbow although there are about problems don't or are there. So now want to hear that they don't have to big uptick moved all all. I mean for you got a good read just prove they could have bought old bitty issue orders. Could be the blob built people I got me where they were told. Donovan will be outfitted toward him up short we fixed through. Here you go low warm pretty political bill people blockbuster. TV gore journal poll short short. Court order for these street to port do you have a Little League low. Yeah it looks legit question there's no doubt about it all the is these six very little. Is he sixty measure 636 stood to come bark. Don and exercise Selig gets try to take away rich I don't know like John do at the that was 62 with a 610 wing span check check check it out police 63 wood to 610 wing span that's what I thought it was but there's no doubt that's a legitimate question. Questions about all these guys I mean there are questions about guys in the top UN draft. Much less and eleven and draft in one drafted people speak was like it. Narrator ten person drastic story with a 663 exactly what the sixth and then winced a sort of thought on why it's only change is only an inch mounting. Let's see here a lot of people side with Bono on the shooter. Beat two of just what NC said our Martin says we always pass on the shooter Devin Booker is another one bone is all over you get a guy that can still adopt from outside. So you get a lot of support in that respect we go to Don who says I'm dumber I think to mark from Estonia I think was the quote Don what's the problems that. What I did say that. I read that you saw my right there through it. Not then bam the answer but here that they would not let that limits in Kentucky guard heavy team right now. Italy Purdue's 32 bigs where they feature now look outcry Anthony Downs. And if you get up out of that it's only been dollar and I think if you look at 'cause you some the other guys that come out guy. Willie coincided Kamal the last couple years they've been more than Serb shall bull. Dick man once they've been able to get out so their own so I think you're you're so in short good. We're using Digg had their limited by where they play and the system I don't you're saying if there's no. There's no we didn't get a fair look bone and his ability shoot the ball went damn says there's I've been shooting since I was twelve years old I just that's not what they asked me to do it Kentucky. With that said he was three of thirteen outside the paint liked it it wasn't great results the limited sample. He did not down thirteen and 25 threes yesterday's work out but again that's not guarded by anyone I mean. We've seen before where guys have skills and in college or just on this show Kelly I think Davis wasn't asked to shoot a bone but. But Nancy Davis was a guard for a while there are high school until he had a huge growth. Here's the team that the authority to talk to in the draft for two several reasons Portland has three picks in the first where. There's been talk that Portland wants to get out of avidly connects Portland also has interest in Bennett. So why wouldn't you offer may be eleven deport went and say give us fifteen. It's wanting LE a double to pitch in the first round Portland to get ban met and whenever and wherever they wanna do then you get fifteen it's 18. If you caught the couple last. Would you rather have two picks rather than 'cause I'm ready to strap tire. But to me the NBA is all about you only got limited roster spots the NBA enemies all about getting the best players the NFL. You can certainly make an argument bone that the quantity. Is the most important thing but the browns in the draft of the patriots do in the draft routinely. The NBA. Are already wondering if eleven is going to be a good enough player to make a difference and you drop down to fifteen minutes world. What would you however would you rather have the hammer fifteen and twenty I would rather take like Donovan missed a land compensated if I don't want any part of bandied around my point was a beauty is a way to trade report on and get two picks. In the top point I would you're not enamored of any guy particular eleven. When I drop down four spots and maybe they become ours they're fifteen that's another discussion it's interesting would you rather trade upper back. I would rather trade up you know a small leak monkeys they're on the board nine or something like I would rather trade bonus then trade back. Because to me is just a very skeptical of players that are drafted. Sees teens when he misleading you throw the hornets and our ports could take a gem it's winning. It is don't view us as its nineteen that we know that yeah I mean dam damaged some mark dresses there too warning that bad and I scenario that. Portland wop bam I'm just saying that if he got fifteen it's wanna give you get. Tim Howard and bam if you're if you're a bandstand YE a yearly net a draft of eleven is is an argument. All right Mac it W concede that dumb we come back we're bringing in Spencer Percy queen city don't slog to get his two cents. What the horn should do know he's got a strong opinion it sounds like about bail until Lawrence as well you're here that next.