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Friday, June 16th

Frank and Kyle are live from the Charlotte Touchdown Club, talking US Open, Louisville, and Draymond.  


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But Garcia. Welcome bit of its Garcia and daily lives. From the Sheridan here in uptown the bronco and occurs due touchdown club once again how to get out with you ought to Friday aboard we have a hell of a show to wrap up the week. Welcome bit follow us on Twitter at child really W weapons the at break Garcia's 65. And you could find to show act Garcia and Bailey 7045709. 610. You can call was there or sexist they're all the building severed sex line like I said huge show ahead. We are on location for the second consecutive day and against the water today for the touchdown club luncheon isn't on other. The 55 pro bowler at current. Executive vice president of the National Football League Troy Vincent who will join us coming up at about 11:45. This morning but it's not destroy Vincent today. We've got Steven Wilks the Panthers defensive coordinator we've got. Glory seeker 2016 National League rookie of the year and Major League Baseball all star and his good Apple's latest you'll join us on the show Christa pillow. Major League Baseball insider from SB nation and our digital power to fox 46 will be brought about an hour so. We are loaded today we're taking your phone calls or text the entire deal as per usual. But if you can get out your hang out with a we'd certainly love to see you're 70457096. Dead. Frank I guess we're talking about press conferences and and Cam Newton in the Christian the cap for this morning right. Well that came right out the gate you know with the Newt take in any anytime camp says something does something and it's going to be polarizing and now as we pointed out on the other hand off that it's just going to be on nor those things in situations where the light camera you don't like cam and that's what you're gonna get your feelings towards and you know that's the way it feels like with you people that are that that they have a problem that in a Christian cap and have a problem with that if the team doesn't have a problem. That why should we that's what I was thinking this morning would have where when I first became aware of this it's that. You know first Bolick is that a second ago when I was watching the lakers Celtics started the thirtieth just the other night you were call after the yum. After the pistons lost to the so she and that the Eastern Conference finals rising Thomas throws the ball away birds steals attentiveness Johnson is the lay up. In a post game press conference Dennis Rodman makes a comment that if if Larry Bird were only. If you were black player that he'd be just another pretty good basketball player at sort of the reporters Budweiser Thompson that aide did as Robin just said this. Well how do you feel about this right it's a there was the whole album there's the whole dust of the controversy and eventually. Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas Stewart joint press conference together were Larry Bird looks at everybody out thirties that look. If I don't care about this you shouldn't either to stop okay. That's that's how I feel about this right up Christian McCaffery clearly does not care about this so why do what we've us care about the newest house attract. See other day it was able to see you know this team in the dynamics with that Munich at the scam get to the people's skin absolutely yes. You know whether it's all his own teammates or you know that the his opponents. From is that a good thing or bad thing I don't know but I mean. I don't know if you heard a fraternity you know in college you but you know we get along with everybody but you know what you have to learn how to do. Yet to learn how to live with the yellow how to get along you have to learn how to get along the right the same dynamic takes place in the locker room on a football field. Are you on a baseball team there's going to be guys that you don't necessarily care for off the field and what they do and in other going to be by themselves and they're going to be you know go on and do their thing it as long as you're winning football games. In your committed to winning games and you're giving a 110%. When you're out yeah on the football field. And they he you're doing your job you don't want that's what two people care about because everybody's going to be a little bit different. And you're you're you're gonna have your beliefs and what you think and in your politics in your religion and I'm gonna have mine and there's going to be some guys that you know go around and they love to go out to strip clubs. Others and the other guys a loved it just go home after after work right now the dealt with practice other guys are gonna love to hang out with each other. Everybody's gonna be a little bit different in that locker room incident did do weirdest it's the beauty of the best dynamic that you can. It'll be around because it teaches you how to deal with other people and how do respect what they are who they are. This team I can tell you is tight. They care about each other day they want to win. You know they're focused. There's competitiveness. You know but I like Brothers they fight too bright they don't get along always. They're competitive. And you don't want one and when those things go way everybody shaken hands it was big of Derek Anderson to come over captain more of the good cap tomorrow on the other day it's a point we're good man. You know if if I need to apologize iPods it was a bigger man and you know that's sometimes you know warts you know mature let veteran leaders. You know have to take that role you know wee bit where in relationships right would always get along with our spouse right and sometimes you have to say I'm sorry. Is part of that may be yet the sick those things. Right and you may not always agree with that wouldn't give me. And you may not think you did anything wrong but in order to you know move forward you have to do those things if Christian McCaffery. Doesn't have a problem which I've not heard him say I can't believe cam stole my thunder you know when he came in there and end you made it about him. Then why should we. But we do. And we do all the time. You know I can get it and why and why do you have blog that we think that we have to tell you why we think that we have control on what goes on there we should. We should know everything that goes on in that locker room you don't want that's what social media. Has done you know to us as fans we think we have a say we don't we don't have a say what takes place in those press conferences if it doesn't bother them why does it bother you the only thing that we should care about when it comes to these athletes. Who cares what they do off the field I don't care what tiger do what does with his personal life. I'd I'm not gonna be friends with Tiger Woods. I care about what Tiger Woods does when he goes out there and he's kicking everybody's ass on a golf course is like an eight foot putts to win major championships that's what I care about I don't care what he does I don't care what kind of person he has. You know I don't care I'm not gonna teach my kids Stewart two to cherish and into worship these guys right there don't worship other things in their point two. You know hopefully you're whatever that is for you you're you're you're gonna you're gonna have that impact on your son as a dad. Or as of a mother right those are the things that are should be ample not with these guys are doing off their personal life who cares as long as they're not commit crimes. Then that's all that should matter I just I sought this Morgan I wasn't even aware of it honestly insular back to discuss talking about it. And I saw it I said. Oh compare last night on the as I guess it you know was an issue. You know with what Morgan Fogarty and you know they thought that cam was potentially still in Christa McCaffery stunned earned his moment and OK I don't think Chris McCaffery that egocentric right and what he's not that he's a rookie. And yeah this camp was messing around with a rookie listen I tell you what I know this for a fact. You know does get on training tables and a rook he's gonna be on the training table getting ready to get his ankle stake in Viacom and as a veteran you know what I'm gonna do it up get our Brooke. My turn that you got to wager it's called part of you're paying your dues. Right and then if that rookie has a big problem with that you know what he's gonna make a stink about it in your disrespect to me antibody. You win yeah it's all about you'd go ahead you know I'm not gonna make that big a deal about it and some most guys won't but he eventually you know the internal workings of the team is gonna take that over and that guy's going to be either ostracized or you know he's to be put in his place. I just got a chuckle out of that because anyone who saw that and and was open arms and it looked. It would it was a veteran the quarterback you noted joked around with the rookie Tim likes attention we know that that's not a surprise I just I don't there's there's not there's knows they're there when I look at this it is just nothing bear. That's surprising that's newsworthy but here we are talking about it. And I mean look I understand why it's Charlotte it's June. We're all starving for football CNN's candy and it's Cam Newton I understand how the the ingredients came together for radio topic on this thing but still. You just got to shake your head in wonder. How will we dictator you know over there are other things to talk about right now not taught obviously but we have other things dog. Yeah I mean how how the Chris McCaffery look at practice you know that he you're gonna have Steve Wilkes on how do you stop a guy like that at least have a guy like can't get a 12 punch. You know what that might have been cams way of dissent Adelson welcomed the NFL wrote yup you know so I mean again. If you don't like him if you if you think that you know he's he's he likes attention you're right. He does most guys do especially what threw it at that level you have to have an ego to get to that point. In some guys are gonna be a little bit more. You know subdued when it comes that and and don't come across differently camp comes across as brash arrogant cocky you know those types of things to a lot of people. So if that's the case then you know you don't think that that's just another move from him. If it doesn't then you're gonna think that I love my quarterback he's just having fun OK text on the buildings that are tags like from shed Isa dudes at one NFL practice and people act like campaign just very centers a couple of world FF a a that's a great debt testify to that it had a party. Steve from what I would've been better honestly it was you get a drift Christian was up they're talking and you know because they were the compression shorts and camera one up behind him and dance now yeah I that would have been you know probably. A lot funny or may become across differently but you know can't knock the rookie out and I hit listen Brooke this is my team. On this at star here. You know I know you're the first round and everybody is talking about your good looking dude but yanked me right right and you know that's is that here for that yet you've been here for a day this is my team and yet that was kind of you know the alpha male and I don't come out there and stepping up on the send it know your role. Steve from Winston sailed to exit the buildings that are sex line if this his people Loftus Whipple training camp when Christian gets the rookie treatment they'll lose their month's job. Did that that may happen that it I mean an end and if I get I mean if if this biology than good luck god I don't know what yeah I mean a really. You know Ryan again and I care about what Kim's gonna do I hope camp. You know is paying attention out there you know some guys get ready differently than others Kyle as well some guys prepared differently some guys need that energy that talk. You know to that brought our brought to get them going right in that might just be Cam Newton. You know what to practice the other day you know what he did he wasn't in the huddle with the guys in inner cut and up but. You know he was doing it his way in guys learn how to deal with his way. Right as long as he's going out there and like I said he's committed to winning. On he's given a 110%. He's focused and paying attention of the details you know when it comes down to it then that's all that really matters a front repaired of their problem with. The way cam acts then why should we if Thomas Davis doesn't have a problem with Cam Newton the way he acts and why Shreve Christian McCaffery. Doesn't have a probably can't Max why should week. 70457. Or 96 then feel free to chime in college there or Texas there on the buildings that are sex line more on the other side. Some papers talked look to get into we're gonna save a lot of that relate Iran as Steve Wilkes. The defensive coordinator of York Carolina Panthers will join to show Troy Vincent exec VP of the NFL is here you'll join us 1145. Corey seeger NL a rookie of the year and 4016. And an all star who by the way criminally. Is second in NL voting right now for the shortstop position behind Joseph Sacco sort. I was talking to Dodgers yesterday when is it they're gonna record our forces at all by the what you please tell people to get all one vote for choreograph. The cuts it's an absolute crime disguise not leading the NL shortstop votes right now you can ask for a selfish. Through your autograph yeah drew fire when I see you can I have a self did you mail me all the had a shot at. There was a personalized message out yup I ask that question yesterday and by the way it was overwhelming response. Remand code violations so these verses autograph self he's one. A by a landslide fears of a bigger part of what do you were the king of mischaracterized. It because nobody said it they have they have got a little bit not until I don't offer the longer you have frank for what to do much now. He does not even seem like it jock sniffer to the professional left a business after a liar I guess that it amounted to hoist a woman I'm sure I'll go except for our coach or receiver got big deficit that separate buy this shortstop for the got much I'll mail yet what my doctors when you gotta have already got it up at 704570. Not this extent live from the share worded it up Donna Brock go to Gore's two touchdown club. I got to Friday at Garcia but it. It sucks and then you got your team can be mean you're you're you're not put it is what it is just got a phone system. You know I'm glad to be you know. And that was boosted the have we talk about though being held out of Carolina camp campers minicamp and and it equated rule wanted to real fun to be a little bit silly we're gonna talk Detroit offense that the executive VP of the NFL coming up later. We'll bring that up we'll figure out you know what the plan is because Christian McCaffery. Because Stanford was still in school he couldn't practice even though a lot of heat wasn't in school so back out there yesterday and you noted back out with the team in Spartanburg trading tips coming up about six weeks from now so looking forward to that really quickly before we get back into the conversation. We've got you were 2017. Golf season pass enjoy one round of golf at six Charlotte premier golf courses. For just 95 bucks it decode Mobil's seventeen at checked out and get an additional 10% off. Doubled the debt my perks mobile lap or visit W weapons he dot com and click to get my perks to buy your. That's not I don't know if Cramer mountain is a part of that package you know Kyle but if it's not it should be because I played there yesterday and I must tell you what I've never played the course before it's a hidden gem it's his ties can be. But they keep the course immaculate they have great facilities. Play with frank Kaminsky has us all and Joseph moss and you know Jeff and deeper. And we had a great time oh Franco does it's a very posted a video Kabul that is them playing golf east literally talking trash to frank Kaminsky. As that it got through talking track illness due to do that got tons if he if he can shoot threes like it's a golf ball he'd be all pro. No doubt about it me he can turn it off the tee now I would call him a good putter went com a bad weather. But he's probably the most clutch putter in the group yesterday. I I also posted quarterly knocked it about a 35 photo. To tie us on a hole which save them a little bit of corn but but you know listen he was he was a great dude enjoyed it's my time out there with him but. Again going back to Kramer mountain it's dig jam. You know right direct down the road just us sort of guessed Tony there really literally pal you walk you get out of the the exit there and you make that right as you're born torch camera mount it's like you went back fifty years in time. You know the cobblestone roads and it's just that it's a great little place to be have a chance to get out there and play a highly recommend it. It's very reasonable the guys that there will treat you like or a king in it's just a great at great great little track a little hidden gem largest outside Charlotte. All right 70457. Or 96 to him about great checks coming in and one from a a text or who writes on his question. Has there been a superstar quarterback more criticized by his own fan base in Cam Newton Super Bowl appearance MVP and heading toward a hall of fame. I don't I was actually gonna ask you something similar for a bit of good they did it in your lifetime have you ever seen someone. As criticized as polarizing within the confines of his own famous. That's a great question not the kind of you know go to the archives to thank the guys that have been like cam on there have been criticized in. If I'm sure there's some that it you know I'm just not come to mind right now but. You know that there's never gonna do anything right you may be captain nick. You know but he's not nearly as good as him. He's not the number one overall pick but you know with with where cam is in what he's. You know were aware his status is as far as the NFL goes in number one overall pick you know he's. You know I've Julius Peppers I guess would be a very good one on you know with what the guy and that they reckon that he's put out there in the amount of the sacks he gets because. He makes things look so easy so. You know I talked I think pat is a really good one and a buck and I and you are the players know that. He has all the ability in the world and at times looks like he's low thing because we know what he's capable of when he goes you know full speed but I think. Not nearly to the degree that cam is because a different positions but Julius Peppers poster so we're pretty criticized. Emporia and and and it's it's sad because just put out is already been neat what can work. Par tick up and do it yeah yeah I mean and eight years in Chicago that guy was crucified for everything. He can do nothing right Eagles the Eagles and and CJ pitched game gives hurt. And still is criticized city. It was like he couldn't but he might support guy right Baltimore usually put clothes on an honest I didn't know the one that if you're gonna go Jay Cutler I'll I'll you know of one up view I guess or. Lisa you know make an equivalent is. Eli Manning yeah no you Eli Manning up and you are right for a long time because you know guys want to Super Bowls you know he has one of the best completion percentage but they're in the NFL. Nobody's criticized because he's you know fall peony looks like go below this line and Jay Cutler in the way that you books and you know the way that he actually you know come off the side line looks like he doesn't give a damn. Is that blank stare that nobody you know appears there are what's sad is in can't realize you can't realize defense should be criticized. Can't stats. Are ridiculous any business or herbal you know I would do so bit. They can't do anything right west burst alert. Kind of criticism you know puts his demeanor you know you know Tony and I didn't set out to be here so every single subject you know the comparison not necessarily with players but with things in celebrations. Right some guys don't like celebration some guys want it to be about the team that don't want it to be about the individual so. You know they're gonna look at people or teams or that that rule of celebrating his say it's ridiculous. The game should be played a certain way and everybody should be no celebrating together and it should be about the individual. I in a team sport. Other people are just I love it it's great entertainment and I can't wait to watch it I can't wait for Steve Smith next celebration or Chad Ochocinco what he's gonna you do that so it's just a matter of preference on. How you root for these guys but you're right you know Jay Cutler. It was probably very compare a ball you don't want to Cam Newton for their own fan day what have we got back to back techsters on the buildings that are tax line who wrote industry Donovan McNabb and I thought that was great one. Yup Eagles fans were the cautious with their appetites. Remember they booed when they when he made depict the dog they blew them off the stage road down a bit and I blew. You know and the guy do nothing but take him what to three state NFC championship games. I don't know if he's going to be a hall of Famer I he may be couldn't won the big one. I don't should Tokyo came over there and have people are gonna talk about how that was disruptive to Donovan McNabb and you know whose team it was at setter abut. You know that's my quarterback in the you know whether it's in you could probably throw Tony Romo and that that makes it well you love armor you pay them and there's a handful of guys you can't think about and the funny thing is it they'll play the same position the only guy can really think about. You know because of his potential in his ability is Julius Peppers I'm sure. If you go to Texas. Right and you root for the Texans. Agitating Carney would fall under that category Brodeur the Texan fan because. The potential that yet but you're talking about a handful of guys because you expect them to walk on water. In carry the torch for your entire organization. And you forget that they're human. They have personalities. They're gonna make mistakes and yeah then I was gonna like you know I was gonna like what they view somebody wrote in on the on the build accident tech's largest now peppers criticisms are different though camp's criticisms come down to a smile or chewing go -- it notes -- dump it feels like they can't right now in North End you know that's probably a fault that we all have our guests a little bit today and I you can make your because I do think that you know college for being honest. That race comes into this. Although an annual leave with the you'd be naive and ignorant not to think that that's a part of some people's criticism when it comes to camp. He's a good look at black guy with a great smile that was the play the position of quarterback to have a lot of finally exits and slightly differently than a lot of definitely do and that rubs people the wrong way and you know you can call what you want but you know absolutely. There is a facet an issue that some people have you know with that and people can deny all they want a and we hear it. On the colors that we can go through warrants and people that. You are gonna defend him and an end you can draw more you can draw the line on on who calls and to defend Gammon who dropped calls and to criticize camp. You know whether it's fair or not that's you know what we deal with on a daily basis I'm just telling yet on keeping it real and that's the way this I've been here three months and you knocked it right away yeah there's a very clear lines some times where you can see who's on what side and just really come from output at that point 70457. Oneida sixty quickly before stepson to sneak a phone call and and they'll let's bring Jess into the fold to more adjust our your. Are doing great overshadowed. I think we're persist that. Listen only KM issued and I agree with you totally that slot chain club and. So you brief break it up there about a picked. Depth locals put it back total for a second I love to hear what he has to say because I you know I do I I do think this is worth talking about in and you know I don't know I reform talk about all day I know we got a lot of great things to get into it but it's good competition is good conversation Oca let's try to get a Jess is up for ridicule works out I just think we got a good connection event derided it. I've taken nearly a certain. Lives not just want to say real quick are in total agreement about actually am. Dislike for him his mind boggling to me and another thing I want to say not as king of just performed extremely well real. If you look at what he does for the community and he's such a great guy. I mean age eight doesn't do any thing all the field to win the heiress you know show all under the fans I mean. He's always doing cheered you word came going to visit so more and coming cheese art district great quarterbacks. He's a great person and dole. NF stale. They're very incredible yes I would me the other day on here. I'll admit when he first got here may be held in a little bit but I think we are so do fortunate is pepper fans. I have Cam Newton on our team and it's think he's a wonderful I think he's a great quarterback. And you know I'll lock key slacker. Are very good teams need gas would swear her in. Just want to put deploy again and say make huge can't supporter and they were so lucky to have you here. Thanks desperation about it yeah look it he's the courage the first bona fide superstar you know at that position. Two to play in the city and so as a result of it people are very protective of him and that's that's not strange it's it's natural I think in a lot of ways. Others may be immune from criticism you know how many times has Charlotte ever had the face of anything. You know I mean you may be go back to the early hornets with grandma mom you know Larry Johnson and anybody in the O'Neal and Alonzo right. You that that first Charlotte team really in you can make an argument that. That Larry you know Graham Omar was you know the face or part of the the big part of the NBA and I feel that you you look at it right now with what we have you know Cam Newton. Is a part in May be potentially gonna be the face of the NFL he's MVP. I you know you can we're gonna talk about you know obviously Tom Brady in that category but he's a quarterback that's played the position extremely well. He's done everything that you know this team is asked. We'd like to be them you know it didn't like to have him be more efficient throwing the ball who wouldn't yeah I think he'd even agree with that but. He wins differently as long as he's winning hand it over to look at his record and we're gonna look back and say well gosh just appreciate what we have been. Stop breaking the guy down every single time but you know I just going to be a matter of what you like what you put. Like pals were protective put I I'll use another word neurotic big discreet Chinese toll in seven years ago right and you know he's gonna be great. He could see it he's played he's played. Wonderful football and they of this boy and there's Northern Iraq with. They look up one day and they hated the next little wanna do they want to do it as a kid that. Does appeal to toy for a while putting share right to become neurotic wit de sol let them let the toy. Ethan but just relax with the guy every Tyson that happens you don't not a freak out every time something. Happens with a guy wouldn't be a child's TV show or this thing McCaffery but the duty. All right all I know is this it rattled Johnny boy I'm glad it and come over your house the I think that's what they had gathered of that conversation to run at that kept a lot of kids who went out but out of big scared about the other hand of my son planned to get advantage it over there just staring at this ring like it's my precious natural overlook the thoughts on drugs. Under the carpet. Of it if it's extra ready get a bears spent now living in Charlotte a feel for camp. I was one of the few supporters of Cutler he was not the caliber of camp. Appreciate you appreciate him while you can't that's indicative of the buildings that are taxed like appreciate that nick we gotta talk to get into were a little bit late on the other side of snap judgment Garcia Villa. 32132. On. You know at 35 some ideas I've had a lot of faith in the NCAA. And have reacted that way accordingly as head basketball coach in the belief in the rules of Thornton. In recent. Past they've made some group in great adjustments. To the rules that have helped players along the way I feel metal like everybody he had not always there and just. Unfair us. Over the tops of severe. But I've lost my personal have lost a lot of faith in the NCAA everything that stood for for the last 35 years. With what they just did. Can't anyone break out. I mean how long supply yeah. Some government saying that. Horrible things I. He has lost faith. In the NCAA frank says he's lost faith I think in the NCAA. Because the NCAA came down hard on little heart issue is what I'm gonna say actually yeah four years' probation. That they've they've lost are eventually when this thing is also done. They'll have forfeited winds that were James participated in by any ineligible players drive so it to Rick Pitino pour Rick potato. Thought was bored of fourteen coaches. To win multiple national championships. When he asked to forfeit his what do thirteen national championships which looked pretty much certain at this point he will no longer be a member of that exclusive club so poor. Poor Rick potato. Is disappointed and has lost faith. In the NCAA. Nevermind the fact that Rick Pitino. Is not Bobby Petrino in that the trio. Has about 85 scholarship guys plus a whole what coaches and GAs and all sorts of other people who look after it to be in charge of an all time perfect you know that's what roughly thirteen players. Got a couple that coaches to be in Georgia but most. OK and so he's been claiming for a long long time that he knew nothing. About what Andre McGee was doing at mobile with this up the escort service coming into service recruits when they were on their on campus visits. And Rick Pitino is he's just not that Canada. He didn't know he would not have ever sanction that sort of thing never would have approved that sort of thing and how dare anyone suggest otherwise right. What a crock of crap it always has been and it always will be eight total load. Oh crap it anybody else to run for some media members who say well I actually believe that the team noted noted that looks like you go right ahead go on believing that a what you want to. But a wise man when this story broke a couple of years ago asked me one thing David teel. Who is indeed an ACC sports writers out there. He looked at ABC tile. Is it worse to a known or not to know because I'm not really sure. That's a great that's a great point you know Kyle because I think that. You know a lot of times coaches will use that as their defense how my supposed to know well this the reason why you make seven million dollars a year. You're responsible for the umbrella that your organization falls under is a post you know what you're supposed to ignorance is not an excuse. Right in you may have not known but what is worse not knowing when you only have thirteen guys. And that's what you're responsible for or you know knowing and not sane thing about it and it's a great you know take away from that. Yeah I've seen coaches a lot. Do what you do just don't tell me about it right that's not an excuse again that's just his bat. If as a coach you were asking for plausible deny ability it's no better than actually knowing. And anyone who argues otherwise is probably just the global cardinal spent quite frankly that's all this boils down to the coast. You don't. If if you're looking at Andre McGee honestly and saying you do what you have to do to get these recruits your heart just don't wanna know about it that's not okay. Sorry it's not it's it's not a proper way to approach recruiting. At the division one level you're supposed to have your finger and your imprint on everything that that school does when it comes to recruiting basketball you're responsible that's right and you may have not known. But you're responsible and we've seen that with which Davis we've seen that with Don games we've seen that with other teams that you know we've seen it would Joseph Paterno. Cry maybe you didn't know a joke but that's shame on you for not knowing. Well not only that in a paternal situation I've heard that parallel drawn a couple of conflict you just sit there a second ago. You know just like that the team a situation which we both understand it. At the Penn State situation is demonstrably exponential we are you know when are we comparing the two yeah or anybody jumps down our throats all on the on the buildings that protects water elsewhere we totally understand that. But again it's this. If it's this claiming ignorance to protect yourself that this just drives me up. The wall all right pitino who looked at their their reports that a personal recruit said what he was a global practice one day. That he heard a different assistant coach. Yell out to the team of your dragon asked today we knew you because you're out there with a stripper last night OK people that organization that. And so for us to sit around for Ted at the head man didn't have any idea what was going on that's fine we can willfully bury our heads in the sand. If you want to but they you have to ask yourself the simple question. Is it worse to a node or not to a vote and to be both of marble fence and but potato being who he is winning the way that he does. He saved himself yet again it if it could have been proven. If you can't be proven maybe dour sometime in the future on not confident that will happen that he knew any thing. That it is it's an obvious viable threats how much. Track record that factor into this as well because that has to be factored into it a delusion talk about guys in their past. And they're checkered past they've earned that they've earned that ever that that. You know that. That reputation right rude potato has earned that reputation you know for some of the actions he's done so we're not gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. If this was his first offense in this program has been cleaned. And nothing has been you know going on in. Now he's lived you know perfectly clean life that us is kept out that the spotlight and just one championships. Would probably be saying you know one. Maybe he didn't know but because there's a pass we're not gonna give that we're not we give that path. Thought but the did what showed today and to hear Rick Pitino once against the front of the camera. And grandstand and two to claim ignorance and to say it to have the audacity to say that he is disappointed. In the NCAA. Is what some are quite classic classic court case of deflection well that's exactly what he's doing it's just a classic Rick Pitino yeah that's right that's what this will set the resides the job and he's winning championships he's a great salesman 7045709. 610. The heavy thoughts on mobile had a so called sort text us on the buildings that are tech slide. He's given his five games and ACC play slap on the wrist right slap on the wrist there's so much so recruiting restrictions. Of course they're gonna vacate those games between 20102014. To which ineligible players so participated. And you know if you take that at its word at its base that means they will then forfeit their 2013 national championship which you know it's. Who won the championship. Well officially no one there ought not do you keep saying officially we all know who won the chant ass they get it out who won the championship officially know how can you. Keep saying that the we all know they're not taken money back. They do you not given a rings back they're still celebrating and it. And in lecture Gordon though Henry in getting the money back from the hookers and strippers. You know that that's it yeah. If it happened and we all know who's responsible for Clinton and who won that championship I'm guessing that what he's probably been spent on press on nails and hair spray long ago. If you thought you mean they don't use up my progressive for college that. The eruption detail I've been pulled in my entire life I've shell occasionally go to a if you do have a lot of audience so it's like now if the I'm one of our friends nominee epithet. Could tell me about this thanks a. Oh we got some great texts and calls over the right now and though we're gonna get to those don't forget 1115. Chuck Howard fox 46 big gala to it was a matter of fact a chuck Howard fox 46 Steve Wilkes Panthers defensive coordinator at 1130. Troy Vincent the guest of honor today executive VP of the NFL he'll be with us at 1145. Quick a quick leader board a US open a leaderboard update Rickie Fowler teed off today at 236. PM is still in the lead at seven under. Paul Casey at six under through before I got Fleetwood Harmon and kept a don't be surprised if kept a makes a run. Woo Kim wise and burger read Mcguirk told tied out with four under. Our reads did teeing off at three Fleetwood Harmon kept all around 230. Looks like Fowler and kept are in the same group so keep an eye on that group by is probably the featured group with the afternoon but we'll keep you posted on. A lot of that leading up to that dream on grain went at LeBron James at the warriors parade yesterday that audio skillet of Mexico wanna hear this it's Garcia and it. It's. Back. It was. Almost as there's room. What you do is an important. We're prejudice and so it's okay. Whatever the solution that's perfect. It's Oz got my ear during the break there it is so we're gonna play neighbors rap song coming up by the break and is that if I don't get this right. He's gonna pull mine out what was that a good mostly white cards okay I think that. But it adds into that I'll I'll look forward to file if I don't get this right all defective equipment. Mac Miller. Liked no I don't know all my good news white card revoked. Oh. Adds to enter the march. It's like you're a player White House yeah actually you certainly don't look I did tricky. I don't know but I didn't know that was. Obviously got to go back and study some not to have a positive effect about a few uncle for make him look that welcome back. It's Garcia Bailey life ms. Sheridan and opts out of Brock what occurs to touchdown club guest of honor today the NFL's executive VP. We got Troy Vincent in the house five time pro bowler he's gonna Jonas and about an hour 45 minutes or not chuck Howard off 461130. Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Welch and then on down the line we go in the fourth Al workers to tell a Major League Baseball insider at a cap things off the 130. Opened the world according to flight back a segment that's how important this is we've got the course digger. Charlotte native should take Annapolis native for those who did that touchy about that sort of think Annapolis native. And the Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop 2016. NL rookie of the year an all star. Accorsi usually join us at talks in baseball so big show ahead excited to be here once again on Friday. Mr. Rocco a couple of do a tremendous job putting this event together great memorabilia. All sorts of great stuff the luncheons going to be awesome last time we were out here Dan Reeves. Was your tell it all sorts of great stories and I had a great time I get out with him so if you can get out here anytime during the speaker series throughout the summer. Highly recommend that you do that because I believe the next one up is what Stephen A Smith and Eric. Whether we're further goes to don't have Stephen A Smith got so what it can't it's pretty soon. Coming up in July and also hold the Panthers luncheon is great to pre season Panthers launch in. At just tables here with although with all the people and you get east it was at the player. And then wrote coach repairs speaks. Couple players speak as opposed to by nick Nixon and also. By James Oki our very own over the T cell. Really really fun time here at a show called the great that rob has to do this for years and were very very proud to partner with the financial. I'm just glad they give a Sandra. There's an and feed a I think it's a drop and diets on drop them that's that I got that I got a guy dislike the bucket industry and a stable I did someone get somebody to be admissible as a diet on drafts I had a packed up. FF appreciate it thank you so public remark grade to go to LeBron yesterday in the and then a lot of it speech that I'm Kansas I'm a law that cut the ultimate trash talker but it was is simply to frank that would look -- a big -- thing but when when he literally the last week that I'm not that LeBron fan I'm just really glad I don't I don't ever do I don't root for LeBron you're almost as bad as like no I like to argue what the how great the guy is and you're watching greatly disliked dangled the bronze -- over young man there aren't enough and then on nine and both times and I've got on the ticket itself be with LeBron yet you want to you take yourself with a bronze docs that yeah. Who would you set up putts I did I was graphic at Atlanta as grand children listening tile I topics of Michigan school right now I'd vote no usage and right I don't have kids are forgiven those things happen anymore. If it gets a got to develop that of wood off I was I love the audio religious you've never played for a super senior started this super team did move. People do not like LeBron James say young and I've I like the fact that there's a rivalry brewing in. You know people you look at two you know what LeBron does and you know he's the face of the MB anyway the other guy the guys get jealous of that and they wanna knock him off the pedestal. And you know that's what the judge Golden State Warriors were able to do this year and you know you look dream are great because he's gonna tell you what you think send in though those are the types of guys that you know interviewers either dead media members go to. You know run put the market funds under because they're gonna give you something and I he gave us something and you know that's that's awesome. I like the fact that. You know there is that contention there and you know hopefully we can see that for years to come. 7045709. But you wanna call a sort time and on the building surtax lob would love to hear from you again we are loaded coming up here and our number two. Chuck Howard fox 46. Steve will stamp of defensive coordinator Troy Vincent NFL VP. Can't wait talked to all three of those guys especially Steve wolf the talk about the you know what this type of defense is gonna look like this upcoming year how might look a little bit different with the Sean McDermott now in buffalo where where's it going to be the same we're gonna be a little bit different. He's surely die. Through and through Steve looks like bush all the high school where that state plates marina bowl here in Charlotte and and he is queen city through and through so he's. It is time in the guys on the do you really as guys on the date page gives the guys on the defense respect him and I feel like they're gonna play hard for him and you know Ron Rivera as well. Are you see the relationship that he has with these with his players and you know they expect a lot they expect block from the defense and I felt like you know when you start looking around. The NFL it's going to be one of the better defense is you know in the league you'll escape piquant. You know go out there and get to you know his 6789 sacks Charles Johnson contributes. You get so my youth that some of these young players stepping up and you know yes or he had our quarterbacks our secondary into that they're gonna have a little bit more time you'd get after the pass and I think these guys gonna come from a so well again great conversations that would appear in our number two if you wanna get in there to play a top of that throughout the course of the show 7045709. To sixteen and Albert to all the way it's Garcia Bailey W offensive.