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Monday, June 19th

Garica and Bailey discuss Kaepernicks controversial tweet.


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But Garcia. Silly child Braylon. Frank Garcia. And now the hit man he has relieved and Osbourne on a Monday morning Osborne Sonoma then gets up way before the rooster crows. So he's gonna catch himself the NAFTA memo so Brooke I was riveted. My. Our short topic but the Phelps yeah don't add vs beast just a big goal moneymaker stunt I mean. The shark. Cruise's has six miles per hour right okay. It puts in high gear Eagles so suck it just blows them away. How long does it take for the shark to start using assaults as jerky. I seriously doubt I did. LSI Macau's role Milledge so this is pretty jacked to sort this gonna become like turkeys can be tough to do to swallow men like Osama joked he really just. Like Tony hit us up on Twitter he says they are Tony oh sources. Phelps is having a midlife crisis okay well. Thought I hope not he's my age man I hope that's not evidence of America's got him pretty soon and I just don't get liquids and we'll find out about the logistics I guess you can implement an Olympic size swimming pool. Because the shark like way this tale one time he's going to be at the end it'll be over there and like Jessica logo won't go cruising speed for the shark is the same as Michael Phelps stock speed but if you dangles in chum like francs about things and Golan job. Who's a fan who's the best wrestler and wrestling today now hold on a minute are we talking real wrestler photographs yeah. Yeah overall littered Denny did do the best wrestler I don't know who's the best but I don't see our senior Russell pig. I think date yet knowing you're tied up you look at big loosen the last man standing. I wanna see her really well Rick flair vs. Okay yeah that's already back but to raise about whatever razorbacks members is based. I. Bright idea to put. That although there owls on the ground dialect there's a good to our members is beast there and vs beast Ted Cruz vs Hillary. Who know little money can. It looks like them unsentimental. Encampment has so imagine yeah it was nothing I have Hillary won't ask you a little. There's an excellent segue into a dumpster. Most folks will oh interprets those big political gamble I'm gonna talk about it's a suck it up butter cups the college I predict I'm pretty. What he tweeted over the weekend. And in response to be full and the cast steel rolling over Minneapolis on Friday. People that don't know explained the situation with what happened on the ruling is that as best you can OK what are they were there the police sauce from Minnesota hum who is of Hispanic descent as I understand it. Bomb was found not guilty in the shooting death of full and Lucas still was found to be justified in the actions that were taken so dollar cap for nick and others responded on quarter. And cap predict who did something that that left me just scratching my head because our I have defended Collins cabinet before. But in the wake of that that ruling after tweeting a you know heartfelt condolences to the families and and what over the first three was. The second post said quote a system that perpetually condones the killing of people without consequence doesn't need to be revised it needs to be dismantled and quote. But it's not just the tweet with it he included picture side by side images. Of the store of a police officer's badge next to the store only runaway slave patrol. And basically the implication is that some you know he's saying that did did the 21 in the senate. And that though law enforcement the badge evolved from the runaway slave patrol. Very incendiary tweak other polarizing tweed and look I if you know me by now do we know for a couple months I shy away from political discussions if there if their productive I welcome them for a lot of youth you know how much I hate stick to sports guy if you're going to be stick to sports guy to save the text between you're just wasting your top. If we find something to be worthy of conversation we're gonna have a if you really wanna be an executive producer plug the damn job. Because right now we're just gonna have a discussion and the only thing really pretty piqued my interest this morning. Was did this guy I know all along. But his football career was over. Did he care that his football career was over is he just putting this in the hands of the NFL and on the owners. And allowing the NFL and its ownership to retire him instead of him doing it himself I. I don't know I I I can't speak for calling cap for nick I I can say this though. You know as far as sports go knowing how a lot of money in the bank. Knowing you have a bigger calling you feel like you have a bigger calling right maybe this is what he's calling is right I'm not sure this is his platform. In his venue to go out there and have a calling. You know whether it's religion or our race are you fill in the blank or whatever you know is discussion it might be. You know some guys just feel like it might neither calling and football secondary. You know but with that. I don't could you talked about this a lot you've talked about how many guys that you knew or still no. Who aren't in love with the game of football they're just big strong fast and really good at it and it provides an incredible living for them and their families. But it's not their passion they do it because their skills right. Yeah that mean there's that he didn't go do me any sport help tennis Serena Williams she's admitted it just like tennis says she's she's not. Passionate about tennis she's passionate about fashion. If she can imagine how good she would be issues passionate about what she didn't and what you don't pay the bills. Yeah sometimes pays the bills is that what you're passionate S and I'm not sure why you know he. Puts on himself for this calling because maybe he's tired but I don't know again I'm not Colin cabinet not pretending to be remembered I'm not the data Walken issues. All right but what I'm saying is that. You don't wish that you have every right to do that and I don't think people are going to judge you based on that but it's. The owners in the NFL I think if were all honest. Black ball calling kaput because of this he's a guy that's gonna stand up. You know against something and a lot of times when you're part of something you know especially a team they want guys fall in line not stand up against. And it's you know whether it's fair or unfair. This is the decision that calling Capra kiss chose to you know go out there and take this is his his stance and I don't know if this. I don't think there's gonna help them you know get a job in the NFL. But I do you know so you know those are what you look at when you know you're making these decisions but. Those Kyle sometimes you don't football something you do right. There isn't there's a bigger thing out there for some of these guys and maybe this is it for calling cabinet and if it is and I applaud him for. Right because he's given up something and that it's you know he didn't was pretty good debt and made a lot of money at. So you know for that I I applaud him in and say LS I just wish he was a little bit more. I guess first on you know what they won so ignorant to some of the things that he's saying I think what he's trying to get across if you look at the message. It's probably a fair statement fur you know maybe the way he's feeling. Let me ask you this and I am asking this to everybody out there listening right now because I have been both supportive of and critical of college effort throughout this entire ordeal I I like people with conviction OK I don't have to agree with you but I like people with passion and conviction. Who care about thinks we'll take a stand again we don't always agree. But I like people like that. And I have said simultaneously that I I appreciate the fact that capita is putting his money where his mouth is. Donating through charitable organizations and of being part of the solution in certain instances while at the same time. You know what he came out wearing the Castro shirt and the pink socks I thought well that was miscalculated that was 88. A bad move disrespectful move in a dirt move whatever you wanna call it it's okay. Tutu have a nuanced discussion white collar Catholic to agree with certain things to disagree with others. This and and see this is a prime example right here we have a text or writing and our guys you can't ever understand it I see nothing wrong with Fort Collins said he is making a stand to many of so many of us in the black community feel the same way and stand by what he said. I appreciate you taking the time to send that in. I'm wiped out. Always have been and so as far as I know I always will be in I'm in no way. Yeah I think that's probably the way this is gonna work from moving forward so there are certain things that that I that won't allow me to see from your perspective I'm fully aware of that now openly admitted Arnold bet I can't put myself in your shoes until lot of those same experiences so I won't pretend to be able to. But I do like hearing about it I do like you're about perspectives I do like having good discussions because I think that's the only way we can be productive about this stuff. Frank I try to approach this thing this morning from a football perspective first and foremost is this guy distort the NFL retire him let's warlords are. You're right Kyle and you. I agree with everything you just said and what the Dextre rode in as well but right after that has anything that he is that is untrue that history the police badges are gone. What bothers me. Is that the 1%. Or the 2%. You know of the law forces being thrown under the bus because of some of the situations that have happened 98%. You know of police officers are pretty good. And they're not one around and doing it committing crimes those guys Charleston you can have your take on that he was wrong he's going to jail for. There are here own backyard and Charlotte you know you have your own opinion on what took place but I think they're two different ones and you have to look at each one individually. Right what took place in Saint Louis or what's taken place you know where this you know is is at this happened. I hate the fact that you put everybody under the same umbrella. You know because it's not all police officers it's not all the badge that's not what about represents. You know and are there bad people that work underneath that umbrella of the badge absolutely. You know there's bad people and every profession unfortunately. But would that mean the majority of what you're taking place and taken away from this for. For me again I I just go back to both things can exist are not mutually exclusive right. There can be. You know bad police officers doing bad things giving the majority of bad name. And at the same time we can also admit and understand that institutional racism goes very much still exist and where in the year 2070. Like those things are not mutually exclusive both of those things are true absolutely there are bad cops out there an institutional racism is live at saw I look at what Kelly Catherine did I just thought okay. I I I understand you know you're you're drawn attention to your cause you are are putting the spotlight on what UC. As inequality that still remains in 2017. And how communities are policed and to help people are treated so I ask myself. But to what ends does this points allow you. To maintain the platform that you have. To continue to help people in the way that you more because let's make no mistake about it Colin Capp predicts money and he is donating to these organizations and and the money that he's giving up to help people that's that's that's. That's action but that's him doing the things that people been calling for him to do that Tim you know allowing these organizations to continue to fight for what's right. So it's been a sincere you want to continue to work and okay. Don't need the resources to continue doing that work you know dozen dozen and NFL salary allow you to get this asking the question. There's a continuing to article million dollars a year put you in a position continually to keep helping these people. And if that's what you need large tweeting things like this when you already can't find a job I just I don't questions. For some I you know I I think the argument would be for some you know that would be a not an avenue to to go down. You know but it's you have for others it's taken a stand and saying oh I'm going to give up and sacrifice yeah. I'm willing to give up a sacrifice the millions for what I believe it don't we don't and clip we don't. We get on. You know the duke football player that. You know one out there and Tillman for fruit fruit for giving up the sacrifice week we Panama on the back and say you know what Pat Tillman bets on the right yeah our troops we don't we don't. Get on him in and execute him or not. You know criticize him excuse me we don't criticize him for you know the decision he made actually we pat him on the back we've all the muck and say he's a hero bright. Right so for college cap for next. You know he's making the same type a stance is just different. Even though he's given the same thing so first for you to say that you have an avenue to go out there and once fighting for your country. And making that sacrifice and another one's institutional racism as were pointing out but. You know there's still the same. Type a sacrificing your given the same thing and putting that aside for something greater and you know that's what I and defending you know either side. I'm just pulling those things out here. My question is Colin can't predict outside of the football player fused not abuse the play no more in the NFL. Is his stature. Big enough snow to continually of treats to continue to raise money and awareness. After he is out of football that's a question and that's why I doubt it that's why ask a question Al brought up. The two Linear annual salary to get for being a productive football player helps you do this. Why put that at risk when you can still get your point across in other way and that they and that really got it and it's why ask the question because Bill Russell has staying power bill Bill Russell has cachet eleven time NBA champion NBA bar Boston Celtics. A hall of Famer Jim Brown. Hall of Famer phenomena Mohammed Ali. Or do with the greatest of all time in his respective sports and then there's telling Catholic right that did this once these things is not like the others. I agree with his cause my as the big Sox are not standing for man's lands them on fortunately you can't minus that. You know that's all part of it. Our that's all part of what he's decided to do. And you know again I wish he would educate himself a little bit more if he was gonna be the wanna take this stance and maybe this is creating the discussion and the cut topic for change I'm not sure I. And all day I'll throw this out there are 7045709. To sixty and frank I wanna lower on us going and we want more perspectives on this call Louis. Talked to us was cheaper respectful what's doing his belt I am I gonna shy away from the discussion 70457. Or 9060 and I just don't know what the end is I don't know what to what to what end. These means will achieve 70457. Or 96 tend more the other side it's Garcia bailout. And I'll burn this album of this region there's like. Ellison this thing about three times. Over the weekend staples is the wellness fantastic. Dude if you haven't heard check it out volume one volume two weeks later this year so look me in a country shock jock. We'll do that for second welcome back it's Garcia and Bailey writer WS Lindsay. Hanging out with you on a Monday great sex come again tweets as well we're talking about college Africa and again I can't stress this enough flight. I know some of you out there and love these conversations you find of value in the master we. And some beyond their to stick to sports because if your stick to sports guy just don't even bother man because we don't you want just part of this conversation quite frankly so we just come back a little while because the stick to sports guy honestly. Has very little to offer most in most of these. Discussions anyway stick sports guys not open to any sort of discussion or new ideas so stick to sports guy cannot typically go away. You are just goes restrict the fall line seals bring him big Mac who wants to discuss Cabral quick big Mac was under Del Rio. Tightrope quite outdoors and did bad break I archaeologists Baird how about. Our Japanese platform and what he's barely and I collect bears really say I agree about the police beer modern day slaves got to vote. I think that big a problem layers. Is that a problem where. Jeopardy having an opinion at all I mean he obviously you go in and out would be an NFL quarterback if he's good enough built spotted the so look good but doing it. Didn't know what you also go but the problem is is a all the dead wanna pick the fare but everything up all the old saying because the quote unquote. My apartment block well and there's been no not no evidence of that. Always thought people may have a negative opinion ever affect their bottom line instead of the prop. I'm Persia the folk called you back thank you both you response you know arm. I don't necessarily disagree. You know with what he said you know Kyle. You know the system I think is. There's some problems with that and I think it's broken that go as far as to say it's broke but there's some problems and real problems need to be addressed. You know in the NFL how do you tell somebody in their house how to run their house. You don't you don't you know of playing in the NFL guys is not. If true it's not it's it's a privilege it's not a it's not a must you have to play in the NFL there's a lot of other things you do that mantra there's a reason why the NFL has incorporated these anti trust laws could not to come forth to compete there have to cut them a political death threats the rules don't apply to them when it comes to work. No for the most part. Yeah unless they go to judge must go to the court system is that what you see him in federal systems all the time and I'm not. Unfortunately I'll may have the first two met Smart enough to know all the rules and all the laws when it comes to that. And I'm trying to have a conversation here based on you know what's right what's wrong and I think is wrong the cabinet doesn't have a job in the NFL if he's good enough to play. The answer is yes I do I think that it's a long stance you know and if that's the reasoning then so be it. I think there's there's the Emmitt the NFL is one of the biggest hypocrites out there I mean the first two minute. Bit. There are examples of guys were doing this I think well and and not putting their own. Careers in jeopardy like Doug Baldwin out of Seattle this guy's one of the most he's before most activist in pro sports Doug Baldwin. It is is Smart he's very strategic keys tactically does this thing really really well. You don't get this kind of stuff from dog mauled it and I'm not not saying that cat that I should be the one to tell cap how to do anything. But my question again is to look at some of the great athlete slash activists social activist wrote the history of professional sports. As you go back to Bill Russell Mohammed Ali Jim Brown even LeBron James in modern day and you think. OK if cap critic wants to make a significant impact in society or impact as LeBron James may well this if you want to make a significant impact in society. Why is he cutting himself off at the knees financially. And making it more difficult for it to continue to do the kind of work to be so clearly wants to do he's allowing the NFL to retire him he's taking the choice out of his hands and there's already enough question as to whether or not he's going to be side at any point this season but he goes out and tweaks this and he just gives these these franchises more and more ammo. I did that that was incendiary that was polarizing well what he did there it was attention grabbing but was it productive I would argue that it's not. What what. Has he done. Up to this point do you say did you say at what with what he said and what he's stood for did you think that he was gonna do the job in the NFL this year or ever again. Did you think that Colin captain nick was heading. I did I do I thought I did hassle or this I did I just thought this I think I still fight the last that we bought just about. What he's passing on almost. Some questionable criticized I still don't leave the country and that wasn't in training camp injury and he signed as a third stringer F you know. A sack. And you wanted to write about that we'll never know now because it runs before this now I don't I think there's a shot either into our version with the quarterbacks and the level player of the quarterbacks that were being signed in this league. In a coach sitting there and blatantly telling us to our face that he's good enough to start. In this league. And then you let them walk out the door and signed Joey maggot don't have Austin Davis Austin Davis Austin Davis to your squad over Colin cannot predict what is that telling everybody says get a job than what they just did exactly what a stone so he's not do the job even when there's Andrew or not he was not get another job. If you know that that's good course that you're headed towards. What does Colin Capra that cap to lose. A student is almost like a few more phone calls for the remiss for Angeles go to the woods so Bonnie appreciate. I'm good at. Outdoor yeah. I'll ride mellowed out a comment about an article that lets us. Don't know how it is you know got a bit on the coast and it goes you know it's the mother taught them that they're at the substantive. I picked a good good you know don't have a lot of people do that you know you have a lot of cement your platinum partner iron and you know let's. Don't want it but it's not just like people not just that you know without some luck. But what the climate there might nobody bit yesterday where it's good that's why I thought. I understand at all knows this fire. Did not state that numerical you know at duke are open at both the China make our air and without a riot that. Lee second day you know all of the net a bit away you know I don't understand that part of that that's on the sale last comic out there and they're. I thanks there was I appreciate it meant it's not the stance that I the issuance and I don't he's he's look at which we have one of our older black blisters on several weeks back. We're talking about cap he jumped all over me about a discussion that we had and we had a great long drawn out back and forth by the end that we had eight. An agreement a respect for one another and and we both under story of the was coming straight. Nobody pointed out to me that so look you know captain because there's a Pat Tillman Scotland in a comparison earlier and to some people they think how could you compare the two. We can you compare them by saying each is fighting for what they believe right. Right you don't have to agree with what they believe in each is fighting for what they believe they're both giving something not. That has them making a lot of money pat summit walked away from million dollar contract. And that's what may be in essence what camper next door right there and look camps fighting on on behalf of what he sees as a massive disparity a massive injustice in our judiciary system in the way the minorities are policed and and the way that that the law treats them and that is his belief that this is passion that's what he's fighting for. I'm just wondering about the football side of things a little bit. And I think that's a fair question to ask 7045709. 1 o'clock 150 aborted talks in draft so excited about that through so a lot more to get to keep a writer Garcia inviolate. Welcome back Garcia and Bailey here on Monday hit us up 7045709. Call us there or sexist they're on the building sooner tax line. Our brokerage may once fifteen and we have a Guinness is a last minute this is smarter college basketball news Lordi draft talk nice at 115 we'll take it back up. And gauge your rap on today. With the latest round the hornets in the NBA draft let's do this is the right to the phone lines we got so Dion who wants to chime in on the scala Kemper a discussion and if you missed it telling capita tweeted a photo. A police officer's badge juxtaposed to radio refugee slate patrol drives from the eighteen hundreds and a tweet below it that and I'm paraphrasing said that he system. This broken should not be revised to should be dismantled his got the lot of folks up in arms over the weekend and look it's frank and I didn't come into the show this morning wanna talk about the politics a much of this says Joyce if your college cap predict or you just. Allowing the NFL to retire you because have a hard time believing anybody signing him after this let's go to Dion and I just on steel what's about a. Thank you so much Craig McCaw I absolutely cowboy fan Tony Romo Hologic and I think auto. Call with Colin captain accused received. On expressed her. It's gone bad the black community is going through such a long talk. This issue that was there when you're in a position like there's there is a certain low level of critical thinking there has been given. Quarterback the provincial corporate oh lord part of it is. Critical bulletin also real quickly. What you can rate. All statements are gushing dribble and make big statements like that without stepping back. Calming down during your thoughts until the first week alone discrete things could filter political blog as a lot of people very. Our president concluded. Can't get himself straight because if you told on Twitter and the whole world so just no insult comments didn't think that would be walked back. Well if I'm all Opel for Altria. Then I have a prospect bet a large polyps doubles will be critical critical thinking and there's a process and the book but when you do to pop opera but now. And don't do off taught. People to vote on a complex situation like quickly so we thought. And I'm not gonna have very much euphoria. That much because word got recruited Kamal call have a great week. I judicious Daryn well unfortunately you know you have other players you know that have the same kind of track record may be in different situations and amen give you an example. You know when Greg Hardy and yet these people are gonna go out there and sign him and he's at a track record of you know doing things the wrong way and not be named to critically think and only plays defensive line the quarterback and that was beyond its. You know premise of you know this argument for him was it that that position. I don't know if that's not the accurate way of two that the white owners aren't you know going out there and hiring calling capping Kazan a critical thinker. I think that's what he was pointer I just a damaged employee and honestly I mean it's not it's his it's his opinion obviously. And is just another point I just don't know if that's the only reason why. Right I get it but I knew he was talking about there's the personality traits that. Organ has been organizations look for a quarterback you know and any guy who's attempted by tweets I don't know I I get the logic of muscling guys and I again I don't think that just comes from quarterback you know having been in the locker room myself I know that when people stand up. Against. You know the owner the coach it becomes what in subordinate right that's the way that it is looked upon. In the united I want you does when I say do this I don't want to ask why. Are I want you say how high bright bright here's think. To to make something abundantly clear because we're we're not gonna do this for too much longer but you know frank and I. We agree on a lot of their sweet fundamentally disagree on elements of this discussion. But there's one thing we both absolutely agree on and that's that on the one hand we understand were caps coming from a some of this for the profit motive and the prison system is problematic. You know we understand the the inequality and and how communities are police sometimes we understand. That he has a beef. Withheld the the the institutional racism in certain cities. Is is worse in some places than it is in others are all those things we understand while at the same time indulging the absolute truth that the overwhelming number of law enforcement officers are good people out there trying to do their jobs just go home to their fan was at the end of the day those two things are not mutually exclusive what frank and I are curious about. Is it cap pretty close to continue to be a difference maker in this world why cut yourself fault but the knees financially by essentially running yourself not only giving yourself zero tries to ever be employed again. I think he understood or maybe he was to the point where are you realize that I Mardy out leaked and and that very well to be it that's what we're asking because I'm just I'm just fascinated by the attitude. And positioning he's adopted here. Because again he's not she's not to Russell he's not Jim Brown he's not Mohammed Ali just know that he's not LeBron James you're asking the question does he have staying power with what his decision what and I think you dispatcher and not really honestly I I just I have a guy do question that was the right back to the phones let's get Matt in here. That was a bloody hell yeah. And that. They know they just blow school off. White police officer. Would almost twenty years in congress are out front I think I have a so corporate Britain oh just a little bit you raised in Charlotte. In. It's important for water bottle. Think police shoot unarmed black men and there's an epidemic that we made some sound on the other hand. Institutional racism to a bit complacent. And I it it it sickens me and Peter good you know people don't understand the level of frustration. That good cop Phil went back prospect or they do it's course company goes. Like the protest other populate the wave of protest of what we get it mr. crusher just oh there but applied to another owner like if you want to Witten. Wanna keep them out of Tea Party player could have done a whole lot worse that it could help my. I would take it. To lose then we're losing Matt that's our look let him go no yeah but I think I I think you know he's absolutely 100% right you know that. You know the yeah the frustration that has to be there from the people that are doing at the right way. Has got to be through the roof I do feel like sometimes it's overblown from the media's aspect of it we've seen that happen much at times to. The reality of it is it's still a problem is still an issue in his as Matt pointed out needs to be addressed. You know discard cabinet have the staying power is the question that you've thrown out there is a great question because the answer is Woolsey. My teacher pay it right we absolutely will soon. I attempt to get your thoughts are kept. Attempt. That's not. Tim ran away that's our Kyra. 7045709. 610 and believe me we're we're gonna get all this just a minute or to talk about most things a draft talk petty coming up in our number four and the world according to frank good. I just don't know. We we see a lot of mass lead actress guys who made big time differences in the world guys who made very very productive positive change. In their communities and and in a lot of ways. I just don't know that I've ever seen anything quite like this and we've also seen guys kind of ride the fence a little bit and stay away from those these types of issues yep absolutely rose to one more here John Walsh to get a job with somebody Howard. Manner that it won't let you know I do well which results. Are out there there's there's. You know. Unbearably self center the public relations they are they're cops out there. I grew up a lot of good cop that was. Amid towards me and I are looked out. But it ain't there are no good cop what were elected city of the black men are within those group got us standout. And they call those bad cops say it though batted it out of course. Because what we see it that we continue to see if you've got this Jews or those bad cop. So. Maybe here and I don't like people like not stand that. You know there may not follow my bed but the good one what you got to do about the bat. It doesn't it covering up everything they do bad. Thanks John appreciate the local and I think that's obviously where there needs to be an adjustment you know may be in on that side to you have. More stringent policies in order to be a police officer. I think that's where the system you know is failing right now if we're gonna sit and talk about you know the the politics with this. That you could absolutely look at and say that there needs to be. A background check there needs to be you know more work done there needs to be stricter. Rules you know there needs to be different things but it's still impossible to predict. You know what every person is going to do in those situations and what you've been in those situations. You know I if you have you have children at home they're counting on you coming home data seal when you get back for more you have a wife that means you. Right you've made commitments and promises. And you'll also committed to. You know your duty bright and sometimes those are there's there's that. You know there's that that that tension there with what would you do in that situation in unless you've been in the situation I don't know I don't know what they're doing a situation under better one right and that's not to suggest that whatever decision to make is good to make is the right one it's that's it. I just have a hard time. I I have a hard time all I know is this copy the judge to welcome it when somebody tells you what to do. You have a tough time of listening. You all may I know this from oh you know I told about yeah I know you do you have a good time listening de listing so much is. I can be adversarial with authorities OK I know that Obama so you know that about yourself. Where does that stand where is that stopped. You know but at what point does become dangerous at what point are you. Are you putting yourself out there to do you realize of a police officer walks up to says stop what do you do. If you haven't done anything wrong guess what you gonna do. You're gonna stop you know listen if there's nothing to hide what are you gonna do everything that is said now there's some bad boys officers out there knowing that. You know I have to be all or let my child be aware of those situations. It doesn't mean it's right and it doesn't make it right. But I'm more about your life and if you want to be around for us and do raise children to grow old. You need to listen at those times to do exactly what's being said period. Anything else you got 7045709. I feel like. I don't like coming out of the same as the first voice being heard quite a shock collar I need to watch in between these threats. I got to you've focused on coming back to that segment. Due to revenue spirited debate all the yeah I like it. But man it's hard to focus in here first. This five mideast Foreman a bracelet until you we're not we we disagree on some things on the street vehemently but I mean when we walked out here it's cool was not a big deal is. The level it's not a big deal man but this is one of those times 70 just got so let's hope not this extent. I promised job before the break there that if you have more calls and text that we would take him and so we are certainly gonna do that also topped. And Darman Freddy wants to get in here. And no discuss the Jeffords situation for a moment against a door for an hour before. Pretty much all hordes Strauss talking squeeze some other stuff them a lot of basketball now remember for a brilliant rodeo somebody know or your. You got to go to law. I think he's got all associate scientist I say my piece on Thomas well. Well OK charter car can make you sir are so lucky if he understood that Syria and exceeded in history sort of Libya is this not a shot. As of press and I do want to let you know so he probably is literally he retired because. He's forcing air ultimately. It is. Amaze you people who go to breed you know you can it was more bullet. Who just remove the bias army base but it still has no way to tell me they didn't play or effects. There are right you. So this color restore and so it should stay inside and boy Leo and Julie. You know you just live I don't know how to Qaeda and the police chased out of respect older. Let there are other edit so you know other Assad lead so we need to force yeah and that edit so it must hurt those that problem at all my eight. They came into the kitchen wheelchair still you know this guy he didn't jump the media. She did everything right here in the vote to edit it and you looked at. So extraordinary. Future in addition you may. Who's really responsible it's you know and hey if we lose this thought they've got they've consistently. So he didn't say literally more than 2% better got arrested this fast. Garcia deal or that are out of picture I don't know mobile and orange are charged. It's bigger orders are saying they're okay if they really just a waste issue to court order statement the family anybody else. Basically go out there or permit. I Friday Greg copper cinema. Amid I'd look. I just want thoughtful responses I've that's all I appreciate Freddy's that was a everything at them and obviously that's his opinion died I grew out of what he said. And it's unfortunate Euro 100% right Freddie that yet to have that talk but unfortunately you know we don't live in a fair world. And you know that's just the fact of it in I have kids I have two sons and you know even at that those talks with them as a dad. In qalqilya and hopefully you have you know many children that your blessed which is most of their experts was on the what I've usually whatever your decision as you put them on your mommy know you you're gonna have to have the decision someday with them as well just got it too big kids running around them discusses every day. After the show before the show these two kids or others in the studio. How big I've discussion. This is one of those cases Kyle or you just post about your top yeah brightness is more dominant and had to overgrown kid and his status as an umbrella every damn day when sick man over here is tell me. How to live our lives then you know that that's when you know that sometimes don't listen to battle out already today you wanna follow Miley are. I I just. Again Bob Miley thought on this was and it wasn't about what we didn't come into this with a political agenda and not like to know frank and I. We agree on some things we disagree as at least politically so there was there was going to be a unified front politically in a discussion that we're gonna have we just were both kind of wondering. You know. I had an NBA especially if he's not Kim Newton bright soul he needs. These cutting himself off at the knees a little bit if you ask me. In a Freddy says he just assume that he he being college Africa knew all along with the NFL's going to be retiring Jim so we can just go and do this because it would make a difference and maybe that's. So yeah that's the same argument or dissent and discussion I had visit. You you've gone through these teams in the you've heard your coaches tell you that this is. You know where you should be as a starting quarterback in this league but yet you are you getting other guys did you never heard of signed before you left and right what is that telling. Still argue that the NFL has discarded you sort of sent. And you know it's their right it's those owners you know right to be able to do is it fair no it's not fair. Don't say you mean. It. That's what the stance that they decided to take whether it's right wrong or different I mean that's where you're going in until somebody. How to run their business you know and intones that guy and as long as there's no laws against it which there's not did you not commitment. Well proving it can be problematic you know and in the east especially in the stay in AG when you think you've proven something. You know if they're alternative facts out there are 7045709. 610 again mobile try to take those calls most recent exit you have them. A we got a big hour for coming up we got hit men in studio with us who was not privy to the first two hours a draft talk he was listening. But he wasn't in on that saw wanna talk a bit more about the draft. What the hornets might do what makes sense at eleven and even 41 cannot look I know that we we sit around talking all the time about how much value and you really find the number eleven there are examples out there doesn't come franchise type players. At number eleven but I think you could actually were some of these names are toss and around maybe finding dine the second round who could help fuel the bench eventually and and we talked about Monty Morris earlier war listeners saw. Just about 20/20 five minutes ago 01 assured his name right to good suggestion. He was Phillips who said Doug Josh heart at 41 out of Villanova so. I I think that could be someone they're gonna help him out he's like I like him I like debt selection afforded a right it's a lot of nova games in a big east DePaul fanned. I like Josh Hartnett as he did you really solid pitches forty want to die so he can he likened him to Malcolm broad and I mean that's that's going to be tough guys. Who ticket 41. For this team is gonna have no bears don't know what totally disagree because you get. Better if this is a deep draft UK. Some guys that these are the dream agrees the world that to you better frank Welker was the faucet I think eleven or fourteen doesn't matter the point is. You got to date guys that you bleed to beat guys like debt and in the NBA with only two picks most the time. Both pitchers super important we seem to says as being Bob get ported fans are the last what ten years and I've been together. We see in these second honors college students is a his back preamble at this time night comedies of why it was a top ten pick but nobody was under the second pick of these the these you know I don't. The second pick up of this total we're we're talking about citizens when the reporters had several picks in the first round and the site. Parallels to the number 41 pick in the drill a second round guys means something frank day you got to do to depend Joseph the main players give me water. If what my tell why my brow and three time I shoot an ice free the first drop picky about the money did you got it it. But he's just taken a packed insect around me what you do women not only their first blossom until someone else suggested Josh art or Dylan Brooks out of organ of 41 so. What did you a member but I get a starter party to get them big time contributor Richard cricket you could want and you could get and I Skiles the bench so don't look I don't great sixth minute and some and his team. Has. Now so we'll look at it does WP 16 man is that the senate candidate or did want to tune in right now Chris monstrous monster college basketball news NBA draft perfect that's coming up to 115 our force on the way it's Garcia Bailey W lessons are.