Garcia and Bailey: Hour 3, 5-18

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Thursday, May 18th

Hour 3  


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But Garcia. Sears sleek. Concern. Why. Hit man is going on his force. Energy drink okay that's that's a thing right so you know I just heard that a cease it cause often make you give me a monster energy's fourth and one today. Heart or drawn some amount of reality and I am not a NASCAR driver in the series. Get it through and their plan on you know there's no longer and we're going yeah finally yeah always is trying to I don't think what I'm actually worried about your health right now. Op I'm not guess how you have during the day I said well. Most people don't have any right to the yeah some people have worn it on average you might have you know more than do those things some people might have more like to try to get smaller too is a problem. I'm just worried right now because or drones twice your size he's normal like eight to ten. You used your butt to put a limit on what Fedora sighs door has about your buddies are in the red block hours sixty to guide is that all there's a moderate zero. Sugars it OK okay. The dornin thanks but he's not gain a pound I can talk about half fat diet and whatnot are hard to explain I'm. I have heard like Thomas Lily by house felt it men's look a little note. Mostly clear that this election on is that businesses are still showing through towards their. Back obviously isn't welcome back up what I I think it's really funny don't call your problem here. I don't know that that polo that he has on that horse is protruding mutual site I guess. I can't wait that's a full hour 130 segment have a lot of it here I would like the world according to Fred again I realize that frank has been telling you the last couple days and hit meant like does it must segment but if you have questions I encourage it as close I'll take 1 today at 6 am and on the mind. Everything UN now. A lot out of Africa yeah I yeah I think we all know what goes like you're strong remotely sensitive issue Paula stuff that's that's a great question. Yeah we'll find out let me now. There was a text to right in the buildings that are text line that's truly not healthy. So it is truly an old style I mean I did those that are really good job weaning off these suckers you've. For it and two hours so much is at the weekend last night had a great time out it was only limited to show honestly I was really surprised I love his music. But I wasn't sure relatively little an idol and because in one gospel people a belt to south phases named able to south phases name. Us and yet that's his real name he goes by the weekend little short story real quick he what he left home as a teenager. Was always supposed to be for three days which was the weekend never came back had to call himself the weekend hello Andy no END. The week and and I know I was I was surprised it was that good today. Show live his music is great I don't gonna translate get a full and any song every song no lip syncing is better. Short story awesome spam document. I appreciate that Dalai Lama I'm on the music guys saw that kind of stuff I appreciate I'm I'm gonna blame cause however black when I hit man's heart explodes over and I. You heard me out a contributor James Taylor already have laws you need to hear mr. because a different text or just wrote an assist some high school just died of caffeine overdose from drinking energy drinks Mountain Dew and a lot say within a two hour time for him yet too much so that man who got initiator which had a major routes maybe don't do that are all now you're responsible for this I. I know I I know I'm sorry when do we let us I'm not worried about his hardest I he's just gonna shoot through and I. You might want to I can't tell the exit for the second there road are just chased a five hour or where the Red Bull so so you're getting you're gonna addicted to to get him up like Farley the odds I'm not addicted double because like last night and he's having their own. I am now moderate remodel or rumor that he's ever thought of their eyes. I'm at a point now where I'm so I'm not all I realize I'm 31 but I'm I'm getting up there were things sort of feel different and used to. And I feel like after two softball games lesson that I got a fight was an actual grizzly they're like that's how the lower half of my body feels this morning so I'm working and dragon and I and I need a little bit. But for monsters and I couldn't even handle that I couldn't hear about our analyst does accounts in the call you. Yeah. I'm really enjoyed it too much copy energy drink doesn't do that today. May think and I guess there is older denser fitness and guess what this world of drills like AOL and I don't know. Do you need to get your testosterone levels checked at the load he sent who's the noisy I don't I don't. You do more squats were introduced want to bust open all the assistance dog. No templates in your legs does into more squash that's off we got some great sex coming in by the way also on the hornets. Hum pretty great orders discussion there before the break we got into about what the warrants will do you should do there with the eleventh overall pick. And I say trade. Church who. Tricked everybody okay there you go now we're getting somewhere trade everybody are on this team you just lobbed a grenade over the spectrum center is so let's start over except for kemba that's what gee that's not starting over I don't and that's a problem right I mean everyone else do we have the people want. There are some pieces and I think someday they'll be good fits elsewhere all right give back into like a third seems out there that they have a lot of other priests around and they could use a defender like him cagey there are pieces that you can use a little bit and show for the Batum maybe I don't know I'm just I'm tossing it out there are real as a contracts. Are all that's but too much brutal necessarily. What do San Antonio have they have the torn some them pick so yeah we're not trade with them that's who consume we don't fit well wealth other than that you know I am KG. You know people are trading for a guy's gonna play a role in the come off the bench and in play defense. Agree we gotta he's a great defender right well owns their new insert little last year we're gonna text to running in just a thought should we be opposed to the idea for a dollar and body healed. Alex if you prospects and I think we can benefit more trading for young talent. Yeah I don't mind that you know getting some. In some guys have been only year tomb we are going out there and just getting younger in general but more athletic. You know how I mean when you look at the Carolina Panthers normally use a football analogy in that isn't necessarily applied to this this hornets team but. Only when you look at the hole that the the Panthers on this in the secondary and in the defense you know a couple of years ago we say they're slow their old. Are they can't run they can't catch a neat thing down into the leg sorted out there where I got young players to be fast now this year's little different. You know they brought some old players back yet but they'd improve their team speed. Right the horse either improve their team that's what this is a I when you look at the teams that are client. And you look at the way out again and again this is all other than kemba they're not very athletic. No they're not gonna say they're still. As someone who grew up watching the ACC in ACC country as someone who's covered the ACC for five years. I know that comforts inside and out along the ACC as a matter of fact we're hoping to and I think we will talk wood Johnson offered on the show next week. I'm excited about that. Nothing about the prospect of drafting Justin Jackson or Luca nor should excite you resorts that. Nothing about it it's not a referendum on those two players so much as it does not address their problem doors are good players are well established teams I think so too. Justin Jackson is very athletic Justin Jackson defended his ass off in the NCAA tournament. Just Jackson's offensive game improved dramatically over the course of the past 1218 months there's no denying those things. But it doesn't change the fact that the opinion of most scouts. And the opinion remote entry into most educated basketball fans is that. Justin Jackson might be a great six man someday Justin Jackson can have a solid NBA career just a Jackson is not going change the fortunes of your franchise blue canard is certainly not going to do. And here's the problem Kyle you know once you get past its seventh. You know maybe even six I'm not sure you know Johnson Isaacs gonna do that either that's not new news we know that yet but once you get past six guys you know you're gonna have those same types of players that your talked about so. In order to get impact if you're looking to do it through the draft you know acquire assets and we've done that. You know I the problem is we went through all this right then the hornets need. For being relevant. Superseded. Their need for being. Well that long term and they did it may tenant in my opinion. They went mountain. They traded some no monolith that got other players but certainly pretty good for one year they're going to be the exceeds seven seed they make the playoffs is that what your goal list. There's there's one guy frank and I almonds derail your your real when they're there's one guy that brought him up yesterday and more than I read about a more than I go back and watch what YouTube clips and things got. I'll be honest with you I have the utmost respect for Leonard Hamilton and and boys on a Florida State winning big time before at a football school it's not easy to do so the Charlotte. Seminal club drug to listen and pay attention for second. If there's one guy in that range that I think could actually help the Charlotte hornets and what they need a guy who complain on both fans can be the athletic rebounder and shot blocker slashed and president Jonathan Isaac 610611. Doesn't have a ton of of games under his ability put like 32 college dressed mourners write this guy can do on both ends of the floor and he's malleable he's got room to grow. Okay he's got room to evolve and develop that's got to look at Jesse importers can get that kid eleven okay that could work. I'm not disagreeing with you might be different it's not a lot but you were good here's the problem. Don't go back what five years ago. And they try to convince us in the same thing an argument with Bismack Biyombo the big Mac and have a kind of still just we just know that I know that we can sure way to salute we know that we know that now we don't know this didn't shoot the MBA well OK but then there -- pretty he's proven he's really really shot the ball really well to college okay well I was so you don't lose sometimes it doesn't translate into the Ambien I think you can both agree on that our brands you know just the atlas is Malone is something that this team is starving for so. I don't have a problem with that by the way. You know but you know biz was that guy to hornets fan underdog about the bonus fans but you're trying to sell us on that. You know this guys from Africa he's our he's unproven talent he's untapped. No we had to tell me to stop you know when he was testing because he was you know blow on the socks off of everything he could shoot but he was gonna develop. Right and you know that's just take chances with sometimes you know I think this guys a little bit more polished than what beaten biz MacKey was when he came in. You know but right now shoot I'd pay. Andre tomorrow and get his back on your just the outlets is Malone to add it to be somewhat of a rim protector and so bring some toughness. I'm not saying he's gonna be the answer to all of our questions. But we don't have anybody that looks like that. I agree and we got some great text coming in right now by the way my Jonathan Eisen deal also is predicated on this. Jonathan Isaac is sort of there's some fluidity and where he plays on the floor. But a few of the hornets and you draft in my Jonathan Isaac he has to know day one he's a stretch for these are small forward za three. He's four and maybe a stressful would definitely four he's got the size he needs to get the weight room like yesterday but he's got all the skills and we got a bunch of questions coming in some some really cool. Potential moves that the hornets at some of these listeners have suggested I wanna get to those and we come back Panthers talked this hour's well all want to get to a Garcia and bailing on WS Lindsay. Imagine this everyone's coming over for the cookout later but insects and invaded your yard by the thousands. Youth that you didn't. Sync again. Think M drill. Andrew quick kill works fast just like the name says in fact Andrew quick kill liquids were in minutes and kill over 500 insects. Now all you have to worry about is running out for. 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Your own organize train with me Elmo now throughout their drive around trying to find some lunch and be safe be healthy do not pound energy drinks because and in some horror stories and all out there and don't be afraid to bring in that luncheon by. If you have any extras has had a shows and trail mix in my throat yeah. We look to each man. Omar Dario he loves to eat much he loves to point out how much the rest of us love to eat two everyday it's got to tell you look at how much you eat like Schwartz war seriously what do you million sock goes bad ass like yeah. There's simply didn't ever everybody sees this frank doesn't quite a little bit frazzled and put down some food to slow to welcome back by the left Garcia Baylor. And Doug coming up and a couple of minutes we've got some tickets through the all star race and race entry into the road to races nationwide tour. We're gonna give those away as we go to our next break your a couple of minutes but we got some great stuff on the building surtax on next segment of one a dive into the Carolina Panthers stuff but. A lot of good stuff. A little excellent excellent. Gave sends us great sex is a look at the hornets could find an athletic freak that was good enough to play aligned place kicker and backup quarterback maybe Michigan a look at her. I heard frank or not you're for your Frankel of discipline master Malta and here for you forgot scratch golfer shot. Cannot monitor this is discussing this at an all I do is hit bombs on the softball field a we've yet to see that. The people call in and testify that. Actors like Schwartz did there or a Paula Duca. We'll do our current U of Paula Duca like that like your. Now he could he had a crush on me the hook kids they that you're gonna grudge British humor and run that by him before you tell or to tell you don't yeah don't tell you that. Is much better looking than you might be that mermaids are not climb indeed pretty. Again should going to soap opera that's a good look to pull their kids on that now has dual we're non secure my sexuality an appearance on DePaula Duca looks like a soap I'll pursue sees him what does mister Graham saying and always sang in connection makes more sense of yours either that or like an Italian love song guy that that's that's that rhetoric their key can be on Broadway sing an Italian noticing that but those guys are impeccable shape are the Broadway singers impeccable sit there. Anyone's Dexter writes and what what it takes to get Paul George here this year's pick next year's first rounder plus in KG. You want Paul George so I don't think so why and here's why right I mean can we not great on the town obviously that's a no brainer but for how long. I am I know young guys and I don't necessarily want the Phoenix Suns dollar or Philadelphia 76ers. Which you can grow with young talent and develop a core I think Cody still fixes fits in that it's a described. Right but we need other better play with others you can't have so many one way players I think for bigs in the MBA right now they'll suffice. But both those guys suffice. A bomb but you need scores arms are in is this another against NIC Batum you know personally. But athletically speaking you really did adult. May sixteen they can barely dug wears you plus easy play to Jersey played three he's Justin miss his amiss fit you know athletically. You know in this league are he had he does a lot of great things passes the ball has great vision he has a decent shot in all those things. But athletically speaking you know if you're looking to run if you're what style does he fit he fits a very established team. You know that's going to be able to go out there and play half court offense and he's gonna give you what you get Asia. But that's it inning basis so where does he fit in with the policy doesn't doesn't fit. Dexter writes in really quickly I'm almost in the same name but it's a similar suggestion. OK trade bitumen in KG our first round pick for Carmelo Anthony ran in for a year ended up more of those long term contracts that's all well and good except colorless Carmelo and Oakland no trade clause in his contract for Carmelo is gonna veto any trade is oral. OK let's say Carmelo was available. That puts us right DH spot again we're still dog chasing its tail. Or get out of that cycle. So even give me something good war I'm gonna have the body healed I think is a great answer. No I mean it's so I don't I don't know if he's necessarily the guy but somebody like that right not necessarily buddies killed. But I don't have a player that has potential to grow. Let's go back to Paul George thing for a second you know are let's say I don't know I don't whether you Paul George and Indiana does not appear to be a long term marriage. There are a lot of folks out there that think more this wouldn't this be fun and lakers should trade the number two overall draft pick to Indiana to get told George that stupid I'd non discreet and decide if there's a school of thought out whether Laker fans let's just let's fantasize for second let's say OK you trade this year's pick mixture stricken and KG Indiana you get Paul George. There's a combination of Kemba Walker told George to resolve what is it it's. What are you win or how far does that take. Paul George Cody Zeller and Kemba Walker yet though Kaminsky in their two is absolute dog that's thuggery so he's a full assault on the bench doesn't come. You still need somebody else at that Kim. You know create. The polls I guess would be that guy that was cap space does that leave you to instill fill out the bench I don't know I don't on the map haven't crunched the numbers are we're we're going off Chicago's going to be a shooter Paul. It would because nobody else is touched the ball I don't know if you work to them with the kemba he can shoot but he's not issued her yeah I I kemba is a guy you know to me that has to create. To score right he's either gonna score he's gonna ditch. Right and I mean obviously that's what any point guard does what he's a score first mentality point guard right and there's certain different types and you look at. Our Chris Paul is going to be a pass first new type of point guard. I think Chris Paul works more awareness. No Paul George and kemba does. So I I will look somebody who's going to be a better knock down shooter in on the outside that still has the ability you know to blow by somebody if you're running out on them. Text or rights and wouldn't Blake Griffin be worth trading for. I can't say the word no enough stops the next question Lilly yes I can't say the word no to that question enough to ask I'm I've never been I'll Blake Griffin I like him. Funny funny guy great pitch man big time athletic ability nice NBA player and we works hard. Imagine him running the pick and rolls to the Cody Zeller Blake Griffin doesn't solve your problems is a French us. Imagine him running now he can win a championship with him what you're gonna be relevant. Imagine him running the pick and roll estimate Cody Zeller. It's a no brainer. Well absolutely you do particularly if you're giving me a binary choice between two reseller or Blake Griffin ultimately Chris what are you doing something better than that suggestion that. OK I just didn't like them into the Paul George thing I think we'll be back and I'd want to for George and then Blake grip every every week he's better player I don't disagree with that but does he fit here with kemba because that's what your building around. It's better. I think Blake Griffin it's better than this for kemba the ball Georgia OK but why is so but again it's a similar combination to tie real LeBron and not talk about still some talking about the understand you do due to the Yang in the yanked yeah it's a it's a similar mash of abilities tendencies still says whatever you wanna call it kemba and and Paul George is akin to tie real brought. That seems to work just fought again you're you're looking at this in terms of them know about what is the fine ability and ends you know how they're gonna affect the game and that doesn't make match to me kinda carries combo guard he plays point guard or combo guards simply for Jim writes we agree on that yup our LeBron James is a small forward. If you wanna pay him is something that we started just. He's a lot he's a whole lot of stuff. All sorts to a much lesser degree to celebrate in a superstar caliber player. Is a whole lot so the combination is comparable that's a talking what would you win more games with I guess is what we have to ask ourselves right if you would you win more games with. Where is. It was kemba and and George are we doing more games with Blake Griffin and Kemba Walker they could surround whoever you wanna around them. I think it's more with I think you win more games with kemba and Blake Griffin the new with Paul drew one of the text to that agrees theory says Blake Griffin's a better fit for charlatan told George adding Blake Griffin makes the horn as the third best team in the east actually don't agree that second sentence but double o's better. Would still be better. Members still going to still you're still going Cleveland Boston who. There's a whole anti social you think the addition of Blake Griffin takes the hornets from what the eleventh best team in the east today affirmed resting easy to tell me also Waltz I half. Doors to all have. Batum. Who also have with that right I guess about and that's important it's who are you give up to get him that's right that's so that that didn't get the right decision adding Blake Griffin can't just say juices say that idea I. Definitely got his start right you can't do that you're not gonna go out there and be become the third best team now you know with just because they got Blake Griffin Campbell walkers so I had to know my pieces around that but. I think the potential to get there. With the pieces that we have right now would be very. It would be very beneficial to be that third seed text direction Blake Griffin does nothing but don't if we could if just not true all loyal try to foods decipher the rest of the Arista is sometimes couldn't help the clips always driven if he couldn't Nelson as I have seven labeled an hour so we know what is it about it. It Blake Griffin does nothing but don't you think if he couldn't help the clips when there's no way and Kelly don't plus. Plus she sought to her too much he has heard a lot well yeah that may series he's working on his jump shot put in this is the Eastern Conference not the Western Conference bill. You know I think that's that's a big factor into this. I think you're gonna see. A migration from the Western Conference to the Eastern Conference they're not as we move forward because you know if the Golden State Warriors are gonna keep that group together. In spurs aren't going anywhere is why you still have a Houston there I mean of who we gonna be better that. All right so you're gonna see some of those better players come to a network it's come to a conference at my have a better chance of competing. With or against you know LeBron once he's gone it was going to be LeBron but you don't have the same type of the talented teams there as you have here help you ask me any player who wouldn't get on the hardest that would have I would love to take right now. Other than LeBron or you know the obvious quite as Anthony Davis Anthony did result stores right now but there and anybody. But you know we're not get Anthony Davis of us it was a moot point. Death. Gonna stay on time. 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Get tickets now live nation dot com. We explore more and David Blaine dot com. 102560. At WNBA season. He's now we have. Do you think she's an amazing new technology that lets you hear 1025 WS pentium stereo on the of them die. 10256. Yeah WFANC. I. I. It's not funny right there. Well the funniest thing I think I heard a little is not a funny man. I make an emergency trip to the bathroom during the break there it's called a power down I can tell us I don't I don't know what's gonna shoot that much man. Because it appreciate your pet markets. Like I don't care what I was gonna ruin anybody's once you get there so imposes these drawers down. All the way to the ground to. And the toilets overflowing knows that those other sluggers like a league the base of the talk about your daughter pulling around my feet on the third floor. And I'd like spread out solar cells that is a flood doing on the back all right that's the excuse I look. What I've been this honest only alive I have not enough because you clogged the toilet. Although I would tell you voted that I emotion and none whatsoever matter I site CNET as an achievement I didn't I didn't do that. So his locker over his parents right now what's the bottom of whom frank not legal you on the consummate professional and I'm gonna continue to rock the show. We do it now. Three I. I just sort of cements here ever again the child and Garcia always comes out on the I don't just tell me there's a segment and talk about it while. Seems series Garcia has regulatory none whatsoever great story after all clear front that. Brought here. Purposes. Dan. All right anyway so I want to talk to printers it is after all the panthers' zone. And one quick reminder we are alive tomorrow at the Sheraton downtown uptown and never gonna have some fun with touchdown club. The B legend speaker series Dan Reeves who's going to be there we're gonna hang out with the old ball coach not that old ball coach Dan Reeves tomorrow. And we're gonna have some form whatsoever if you got a chance to bouncy this by all means do that. Carolina printers. And hence it all the offseason things a little bit slow. Today little sometimes we have things to talk about sometimes we don't and I don't want to force the issue there's nothing to interest you talk about it talk about the Panthers even though were Charlie. But I was just a scrolling back and forth across. Aside this morning and I saw a list. Ranking back him quarterbacks in the NFL in hand. And I I guy got a big kick out of us are really did. Because according to SI dot com Derek Anderson. Is the fourteenth best. Back to quarter. I knew you'd that would that would end. That would irritate your little bit. I doesn't irritate me I think whoever wrote this is an idiot. That's all I mean does it I'm not gonna have a feeling you know if that's what this guy thanks Micah I think Derek Anderson is much better in the fourteenth best backup quarterback. Are you I think Derek Anderson probably play for a lot of teams. The nom in our nominee games going on to exit game changer. You don't think he's a franchise quarterbacks are not over selling Derek Anderson but Dirk has some very good quarterback and you know there was no point during elegant passing through Lester couldn't read the box well okay well you can point to those games. You know I'm not I'm not sure with the game plan was going into it but. Now he's he's more athletic than people give him credit for. He's typically not gonna make mistakes even though I think last year he got little. They're complacent with his preparation and you're on and maybe sometimes the rust. You know that that he had them make excuses for now as a backup quarterbacks was do what he's done his job most the time. And I hit a passing he threw an interception in the red zone against the bucks here and I was right there and that in reds owner and wondering are you just don't throw that into the into the stands. You know as an experienced backup quarterback that he's supposed to be. You know but he try to make a play he threw to Greg Olsen and miss the the safety undercut them and you know picked him the ball off for us is the Panthers when they gamma Oakland north in the air from means much but he's also won some games you know that's. You know he's been put in position to do. Yet about we're gonna Tex coming in the middle excellent excellent series just. You know news is slow you talked about the best back of course manages these laughing about it elegant said medlock. I'm not gonna force the conversation if there's nothing to talk about when I was looking this morning and don't they had Derek Anderson elect its fifth or fourth to 6 am going to whatever it's debatable but that's. There respecting an ever fourteenth let's listen to some of these names haven't OK did the number one rated. Back to quarterback on this list right now and Jimmy draw employee went. Which I understand but even that I don't know that I necessarily believe because we've not seen enough from him to have Capra neck on on this list as a back covers his start none of it is on a roster. Okay there's a roster so. He's not on the slow speed all original list of guys that aside put as I don't give credit Al are all. I don't even you know about back to grow up low because he's younger mom you know he won some games are what 31. You know I know he's playing the patriots but I guy I would argue that Derek Anderson we went through one for the patriots is well. You know with that roster and and what they're asking him to do. You know this could be a completely different look. As far as players in position to to be successful this year than we've hadn't inning in a couple of years you know there's not many quarterbacks it would had success with. You know 280 pound tight end that plays wide receiver you know trying to one more run on route that can't get in shape to get back in a two minute offense. OK let me ask you this. Reframe it this way. Because you you reminded me of this this morning and I think it's it's not the be all end all but it's a story point. A man named either thirteen quarterbacks. They're listed ahead of a Derek Anderson on this list Jimmy drop below one Matt Moore the dolphins took. February as far as three to have the combination of Trevor Ximian impacts a much. Is one of those guys will store one more. Art is I know those axial look artificial additive is listed on the moto they're number four Colt McCoy Washington Redskins off. Number five the Shawn Watson Texans. Number six AJ McCarron dangles. Number seven some combination of TJ Yates Kordell Jones an agent Peter Menem buffalo Harold John and myself are no. Eight and number eight. Either mistress you or Mike Glenn and his Chicago. Nine Chad Henne jaguars. Ten geno Smith giants eleven Drew Stanton cardinals twelfth. Another three wake nomination Kevin Hogan brought DOS while Da'Sean ties with the browns. And then finally the thirteenth player on this list before Derek Anderson Chase Daniel of the new of the New Orleans Saints. All right did did anybody that I just list right there ever Pro Bowl under the belt. It is you know the short answers no I'm single now right. So again as much as I love to Shawn Watson is a prospect is as a player and that he's going to be playing very well in this league for a long long time. What is the criteria for this I was an athletic says some resilient. Is it just pure back up is that every. You know you have guys have never even played a game in the NFL and I don't care where they are drafted here here's a little snippet to tell you what it is. Ari says a reminder of the hypothetical used to determine the stand next. The starting quarterback goes down with a freak injury an early reports offer no Simon is imminent return which team's next man up. As both the short term poised to steady the ship in a hurry and the intermediate term potential to grow into the role. OK so there isn't there you go I mean that's gonna put some of those younger players in front of Derek Anderson because of the second part of that equation. You know but as far as intermediate and been able to ready to you know go out there wanna game at their garrisons going to be near the top. He takes up you know near top five I mean I understand drop below. 230 he's proven that he can play well he's proven that he belongs in this list right right it doesn't necessarily mean he's going do you start but he's definitely. You know I think has more upside then there garrison and also bumped them up probably handle the more I play the schism at this age. You'll be placed the patriots. You know we star get into. You know. Guys like. Glenn and I mean Jesse Derek Ayers and he's my Garnett. I'm my during the same time the body frame Dublin is a little bit younger. But it's you know. I think Derek Anderson could start for a lot of these teams and managed the game very well enough he's gonna be a franchise quarterback like I said but. You know if you if you tell me you know where I'd rank him it would probably be somewhere. 56 as far as backup quarterbacks go for the intermediate. Cut. Text to right sent stop trying to make something out of Derek Anderson. Your opinion if there is your opinion of him. Is based solely off the two games he won in the 2015 season I was hurt he didn't win. Either of those games for the Panthers he simply managed the game. While Jay student enough to get the W against a mediocre bucks dinner to think DA could start for an NFL team right now is flat out laughable. He's starting for seven teams I mentioned in my now the jets start right today the bills. The jaguars. Airs. The players he could go to but he's ready of Glenn and he would start today over a bed and absolutely mom. A seal around you learn connection grounds I did not mention the browns but that would be another one. Redskins overcome now now now now and he's Kirk cousins better. A much better. Rams as it today yes absolutely you start Buick Open the other than golf today. Now golf as the reason why they put immense that's six right there. That's simply does not review and then now obviously when I think of all the team jaguars overboard said the jaguars I said the jaguars as one of those teams. You know but just to sit there and think that Derek Anderson can't play. In managing the game is easy this guy's an idiot or just a no football Norm Coleman idiot idiot but. You know I am not just I just don't know you don't know game. Mean on that's what it means that position Brett you know and that's a tough thing to do. To manage a game and go out there and and put your team in position to not lose a game and utilize your vast weapons. Judge Jonathan Stewart was a big factor in those games for the trans there's no doubt about it the defense played a factor in those gains were Derek Anderson you know. They're gonna ask him to go out there and do a ton but when he made plays he made plays out absolutely. It's a few more sex and wanna get too when we come back and also wanna talk about this Kelvin Benjamin article with the Panthers dot com your take on it you know is it inspiring isn't just. It already rural look what Kelvin Benjamin is doing peace or is it they had damage control he's not that fat please stop saying it kind of peace talk about that next on WS since it. Again. Oh Kroger here in my sales rep just gave me this copy for my pillow but I don't need it my pillow is changed my life it's gonna change jurors and for years I couldn't get to sleep come up and down all night I toss I turn just trying to get in the right position to get some rest I would stack 23 multiple pillows throw off the bed NFL my pillow and my sleep trouble is over my tossing and turning his -- I'm getting deep. 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Things are little to slow right now the NBA playoffs African terrible and so does not blood going on but I did this list interest and and we are some pretty passionate opinions about what chef and I think leadership majority to blow up the entire building. Germans is Derek Anderson is the most overrated backup quarterback I've ever seen in relation to the definition of the role. Other role in the back to quarterback is to manage the game and not turn the ball low. Look at Derek Anderson's numbers he's one of the most turnover prone quarterbacks in the NFL back up present starter. I just take an entire body of work are you saying 74 picks number check these numbers on looked. He says 74 to 674 turnovers sixty touchdowns. And only one Goodyear is life. And all redress this I don't care says these numbers due out of the league when your black. Kordell Stewart brought this up prefer to Aaron Brooks a few years ago on ESPN which I had not thought of it that way into a broader up. A we know Anderson could not stored for any of those teenager named. Because he's not that quarterback that went to the Pro Bowl seven years ago and hasn't been since then side note Vince Young won rookie of the year in better numbers and why isn't she in the league Dennis who shouted. Vince Young is in the league because he scored a ten on his wonder load test. I don't care what color he is if you can't comprehend. Or if you can't go out there and make adjustments he can't process you're not gonna play. At criticism take you a certain point in this league the eventually have to be able to break down and read defenses period out of your black white orange were so we. Text right there from chairman has just it's race baiting is what it is I can't stand techs like that and regardless of what color Derek Anderson I don't care what color is. If you don't play that we evaluate talent is not based on your skin color are contrary to his belief is based on your talent ability to process and make place. Nine if you're turning the ball over in which dom I'm looking for the numbers. You know on his on his side games played last year was five or in his as a backup excuse me and he's I'm trying to. Figure out these numbers here it's careers games played 73 he's completed 54 says that that's not very good sways back up seven. Should be in the WW week like I'm Manila long Trevor laws that don't play one hell of a deal. And pro wrestler you really want. Plays held a character is a great shape in our seven I would pursue a career pro wrestler. But doesn't that until you leave the persona as a song point. But let's do something else their second dole and they were talking on before the break I disagree with something you said if you're using their campuses about the Tyrod Taylor that's ridiculous. But. Look I hear what you're saying out there are seven. I don't necessarily going to be these the second half of that attacks but I do understand your point and accuracy sake. I realize you do this for dramatic purposes frank those young scored sixteen on his wanna listen to refer anybody wants Texans are well lacks just the you know well actually guy's gonna come at some point sixty. Well yeah they go to regulation what was moment I don't I don't care you know and again for the name is or what the color risk. It's what you're capable of handling as a quarterback and as you can't process and you know or break down to read those defenses you're not going to be able to play but but again. Just in to quickly go back to this list to be a short time you're going to our number for a minute. I look at this list. And undisputed Anderson's four I I'm I'm not does the president of the Derek Anderson fan club by any stretch or drink I just looked just listen I thought. Really Chase Daniel I doubt it. Geno Smith not so much. I don't know who shot cardinal Jones are you kidding me TJ Yates. Shawn Watson I think has much more ability monopoly game yet Saudi put him on the list. And I just I thought the list was a little bit hyperbolic I seriously you think this guy Promos the fourteenth us back to Italy with some of these names Adam and I just thought that was little interest. I'm I'm I'm still looking at the when you look at for a look at the numbers here in 20152014. As Derek Anderson as a backup quarterback in 2015. But probably his most significant years since no dummy you're the Panthers. You know where he came from the cardinals were an awful year. In and if when we play with the Arizona Cardinals. He was off he had seven touchdowns to interceptions as you know back up he started nine games I think was Carson Palmer got hurt that year. You know you see in a sideline laughing and now but as a backup right EO here for the Carolina Panthers. In 2015. He played and three games. He's been starting any of a much and I don't know murmur of that was writer at the cameras to couple games early. But he's completed 66% of his passes maybe Kim got her later in the season and played in some of those games or not but. He had zero touchdowns zero interceptions. You know sacked and zero times it's. Is 66 point 7% completion 2014. He started in two games. He threw five touchdown zero and attach sit there is there interceptions at a 105 quarterback rating so 20142015. He's above ninety something percent quarterback rating last year in 67 point six. In the two games that he played and started and didn't play very well. He had two touchdowns five interceptions now admitted against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You know he came off the bench and in major problem we've done a whole lot more he was a fit. You know he was 53 attempts just completed 67% of his passes. Com so when you look at stats you're gonna compile those stats. You know he's an average quarterbacks why he's a backup that's why that's why is that starting somewhere but if you saw those numbers against some of those guys I'm Tonya. In on some of those other teams are gonna take you guy just because of you know his experience and B album set guys up and put him in position and the leadership that you're gonna have an all those those those. And what I can begin to evaluate that but you start meant to happen in five with five teams in this in this league right now if you're go to put him in those teams. It was a wise regular monies make it Angela and Matt broker we are where we got shorts under but only your thoughts on this what are your thoughts India. Our own K guys out as they were audited or write it last year and then it was not. That ranking says. I don't I'll tell you gotta go back games it. It dropped down a little bit now I'll let your will presented before but maybe they've won it Derek and reverse. Well CBS sports. I think it got it back up I mean I wouldn't say the best. Yes Jim got out Rockwell out there but the com. You know I don't think the tepid need to look elsewhere I mean you could certainly do a whole lot worse for your backup quarterback situation. Down this advertisement. I think that's exactly right I'm not calling him the best thing since sliced bread he's a very bright competent backup end. You know somebody you can count on wind you know cam gets hurt if Kim gets hurt. Does he fit this system the same style cam does I don't know we'll see. You know with what I'm in no holds the lead to believe you're with some of the types of players we have here now with you know getting. You know a guy like Chris McCaffrey or they'll say in some of the other players that we have. You know you reveal so short intermediate passes and you better be able to complete them and I think that with DA those type suppliers in the office are gonna run. I think. Lasting tax we're going to a break here text rights and granted DA didn't have a good you're last your but I wouldn't want half the guys ahead of him at quarterback for a Sunbelt team must are you guys Jim goes down right that's opponents exits from cal. On the other side. Ordered a total distilled and Benjamin's story over Panthers dot com eight college maverick John immense ill. An orgy three all currently on the same roster technically speaking we'll tell you about that next on Garcia and Bailey WS Wednesday.