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BLOG: Mac's Charlotte Sports Thoughts

The Mac Attack
May 19, 2017 - 10:01 am

My wife tells me that I spend too much time thinking about sports.  But, hey lets put that to some good use.  Here are some local sports thoughts.

1) Hornets must consider Justin Jackson- I certainly haven't finalized my thoughts on the ultimate pick at #11.  But, JJ has to be in the mix.  He is a 2-way player so he would help the Hornets at both ends of the floor.  He wouldn't be a liability at one end like many of the guys on the roster (MKG, Batum and Frank come to mind).  At best he eventually replaces MKG as the starter at SF. At, worst, he is a more well-rounded wing off the bench than Jeremy Lamb.

2) Junior All-Star win would be epic- Dale Earnhardt Jr races in is final All-Star event this weekend.  I am certainly not predicting he will win.  The 88 team has struggled mightily this year and when they run well, bad luck gets them.  But, it would be an amazing story if the racing icon could win Saturday at his home track.  It would make book end All Star wins because Junior won the race in his rookie year in 2000.

3) Panthers Defense has to hold it down early-  I am jacked up like many of you about the Panthers offense.  But, the more I think about it, I am sure their best football will be later in the year.  They have new weapons and new plays and formations to trot out there so it could take some time. Plus, Cam is trying to get healthy again and he won't have any pre-camp work with the new players in the new offense.  The defense might have to win some games early in the year.

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