BLOG: Mac's all-time top five Panthers players

The Mac Attack
July 17, 2017 - 8:26 am

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Kudos to Scott Fowler of The Observer for the idea. He did his own top 20

It has led to spirited discussions on The Mac Attack. 

Here are my five best Panthers ever.

1) Julius Peppers- Apologies to Smitty, but Pep has a 100 percent chance of being a Hall of Famer. 

He is 4th all time in sacks and he averaged over 10 sacks a year with the Panthers. 

He would seal the edge too against the run and would make "how did he do that" splash plays over and over.  

Might be the most freakish talent ever to play for Carolina (and that includes Cam).

2) Steve Smith-  No way anyone else can be in the top 2 spots. 

Smitty is the fan's choice for #1 and I don't blame you. 

He averaged over 1000 yards a year in his 12 healthy seasons with Carolina (taking out 2004). 

His Triple Crown year in 2005 is one of the best Panther years ever.

And his fire and fight was off the charts.

3) Luke Kuechly-  4 Pro Bowls in 5 years. 

Rookie of the year. 

Defensive Player of the Year. 

He is the best MLB in the game every season. 

If he can stay healthy, I think he ends up the best Panther ever.

4) Cam Newton- His MVP year was the best Panther season ever by an individual player. 

He was the best player in the game. 

And that 2015 team is the best Panther team ever. 

I believe Cam is the best dual threat QB ever and he is the most dynamic athlete in QC sports history.

5) Ryan Kalil- This spot is a real debate. 

Olsen, TD, Mills, Greene all warrant consideration. 

I will go with one of the most underrated Panthers ever. 

Kalil has been the leader of the offensive line for years now. 

He has had 7 seasons where he has played 12 games or more and he has been a Pro Bowler in 5 of those. 

He is one of the best Centers in the game every year.


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